Does The 100 Have What It Takes to Survive?

The 100 Series PremiereNinety-seven years after a nuclear armageddon left Earth uninhabitable, 100 juvenile delinquents are sent back down to search for resources and secure the future existence of the entire human race. What could possibly go wrong?

As evidenced by the new drama The 100, which premiered March 19 on The CW, the answer is literally everything.

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From the moment the 100 98 step off their ship and experience nature for the first time, their excitement is palpable. It’s like watching Dorothy crossing into the technicolor land of Oz — only instead of witches and munchkins, this new terrain is crawling with far worse dangers. Like two-headed deer. And vicious sea beasts. And raging hormones.

Good-natured Clarke (Eliza Taylor) attempts to lead the group to salvation, but her best efforts are often thwarted by stowaway Bellamy (Bob Morley) and his sister Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos), who have their own ideas about how to survive.

And then there’s the kicker: Are the 100 actually alone on this seemingly barren planet? In the final moments of the premiere, poor Jasper (Being Erica‘s Devon Bostick) gets impaled by what appears to be a homemade javelin, sending his fellow convicts into an understandable panic.

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The 100 Series PremiereOf course, there’s also plenty of drama back on the ark, including the attempted assassination of Chancellor Jaha (Grey’s Anatomy‘s Isaiah Washington), the near execution of Clarke’s mom Abby (Person of Interest‘s Paige Turco) and the maniacal behavior of wannabe-chancellor Kane (Scandal‘s Henry Ian Cusick).

Undoubtedly one of The CW’s most ambitious projects this season, The 100 is certainly a gamble, but I believe it’s one that pays off. Not only does the pilot establish strong characters and high stakes, but the momentum builds with each subsequent episode as new dangers are introduced and the existing mysteries deepen.

You’ll find yourself caring about these characters without even realizing it; more importantly, you’ll find yourself imagining what you’d do in their position — and that‘s a scary thought.

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