Teen Wolf EP on Kate's 'Agenda,' Danny's Twist, Isaac's Exit and More Season 4 Scoop

teen-wolf-finale-blogStill recovering from last night’s Teen Wolf finale? Of course you are, it was absolutely insane. Fortunately, TVLine got executive producer Jeff Davis on the line to answer our burning questions, including what we can expect from Aunt Kate and who will be hooking up with whom when Season 4 begins June 23.

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TVLINE | Let’s start with Kate’s return. How long did you know she’d be coming back?
That was planned in Season 1, I’m not kidding. They asked me how much I wanted to see of [Kate’s] wound, and I said, “I only want to see the claw marks. It has to be very specific. She needs deep claw marks in her neck.” They wanted the death to be bigger, and I was like, “No! Trust me on this!” It’s really fun to be able to plant something like that so early and have it pay off, like, 40 episodes later. We actually planned to bring her back much sooner, but they kept renewing Wipeout, so that made it difficult to schedule her. And at that time we were doing the resurrection of Peter, and I felt like it’d be too many resurrections at once.

teen-wolf-finale-kateTVLINE | What’s up with her skin? She looks like a scary Avatar.
It’s a blue-ish pattern, yes. The patterns and spots are very specific. I won’t say what she is exactly, but she’s definitely a were creature, so I think people can look it up and probably figure things out themselves.

TVLINE | Will she be a friend or a foe?
Well, she’s going to be a foe to many people, but you’ll be surprised to see who she aligns herself with. She definitely has an agenda, and one of those agendas is to survive at all costs. She still considers herself an argent — and a hunter.

TVLINE | And then there’s Danny. Does he know everything?!
Oh, you’ll find out. That twist was partly a nod to The Lost Boys, and one of my favorite lines in that movie comes at the end: “One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach … all the damn vampires.” There was always a question of whether or not we’d turn Danny into something, or if he’d know about it but choose to stay out of the supernatural goings-on in order to survive. I can imagine his house is just lined with mountain ash.

TVLINE | I’m glad Malia is finally going to stick around next season.
So are we! We signed her up pretty late, so we were iffy on it up until we wrote the last episode. Her scenes, where she returned to school, hadn’t even been planned yet, and I was on the phone with the network being like, “Did we sign her up? Am I writing her into the finale?” But it eventually worked out and we’re really happy about it. We were only able to plant a few seeds this season, but we’ll have plenty of time to explore her character. [Shelley Hennig] is a phenomenal person, she’s up for anything and I hope people are really going to like Malia.

TVLINE | We already know Stiles does. What’s their relationship going to be like?
You’ll have to wait to see where they are in the first episode, but I’ll definitely say that Malia complicates things, both romantically and in the pack. Scott is going to accept her into his pack, and her relationship with Peter is going to become a major complication as well.

TVLINE | What about poor Derek? His women always end up dead or evil or both. Will that change?
It may. Hoechlin is really good at romance on-screen, and we know that he loves it, so we’re going to try for it. We’ve got a lot of ideas and we’re spinning a few threads at the beginning of the fourth season, so we’ll see how it goes.

teen-wolf-finale-twinsTVLINE | Aiden was last night’s big death. Why kill him off, rather than send him out of town with his brother?
It was a creative decision. We debated it quite a bit in the writers’ room, and we decided it was just a powerful story. His goal was to prove, both to Lydia and to himself, that he could be one of the good guys and fight for a cause. So he fought… and he died. We knew that Charlie and Max were going off to do [HBO’s The Leftovers], which we’re really proud of them for. I said to Max before the script went out, “Sorry, man, I have to kill you. It’s just too good.” And they loved doing the scene. It was difficult, emotionally, but it was really good stuff on screen. It was so emotionally charged.

TVLINE | Same question about Crystal Reed. With so much advanced knowledge of her departure, why kill her, rather than send her away?
We’d debated it many different ways, actually. The show is growing up, and it’s just like what they did on The Good Wife; it’s shocking and it changes the show. Death happens and everyone else is left behind. It spins the characters and the story in new directions. To be honest, we struggled to think of a reason why Allison would leave Beacon Hills. This was more true to her character. She’s not the kind of person who would just say, “OK, guys, I’m out of here. Take care.” It was a powerful, painful moment. And to be honest, if we’d known Colton [Haynes] was going to leave after Season 2, I’m not so sure he would have survived. I have the utmost respect for Crystal, who sat me down and told me she was ready to move on and try new things. I’m proud of her and feel very fortunate to have had an actress like that.

TVLINE | Anyone else we might not see back in Season 4?
Daniel Sharman, actually, may not be returning for Season 4. He came to me shortly after Crystal; he was waffling about it. We’d actually convinced him to do Season 3B — I think he was holding out on that as well. He told me he wanted to try other things, maybe do a movie, and I said, “OK, if we can’t convince you to stay, you tell me where it should go.” And he just said, “Please don’t kill me off!” So, there’s a possibility Isaac will return, but we don’t know for sure.

Teen Wolf fans, what do you hope to see in Season 4? Drop a comment with your thoughts on our Q&A with Davis below.

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  1. Daisy says:

    I never really liked Kate so while I really liked the surprise ending, I wasn’t thrilled with the knowledge that she’d be returning.

    I love Isaac so I really, really hope he returns.

    • Jarrett says:

      Stiles should of got turn into a wearwolf not fair, he would of been ah good new wearwolve memeber of the team, and scott should of turn him.

      • jozo113 says:

        I’d rather see him become an emissary.

        • SaraAnn says:

          I’d rather Stiles became an emissary as well because i think, personally, that it fits his character a lot. Being a werewolf may change him a little a i definitely want him to stay the same, but have, like, a badass power.

          • danny says:

            if anything i think styles should have some part of the kitsune left behind in his subconscious that way allowying hime to tap into/change the power into something more that best suits him but he cannot learn to controll it untill he gets help off the vet thus putting him on the path to become an emissary at the same time learning what kate really is through study of his own messed up body and what potential supernatural being he may become

          • Yasmine says:


      • ture but if stiles was a weare wolf hed be a boring one because he knows everything already

      • Dolly luv tyler posey says:

        I luv stiles the way he is i think if he is a warewolf he might be serious and if he don’t, who will handle a crazy warewolf. But the way he is, is really nice, funny and awesome

      • Dolly luv tyler posey says:

        @dollyjohannes/twitter I was saying the same thing first but then i realize he would be serious and we will definately miss who he was. so i like him just the way he is. I love tyler posey so very much so so so much i cant even explain it.

      • Yasmine says:

        I agree

    • AR says:

      I hope Isaac comes back too. And yeah, I’m not excited about Kate coming back at all. Ugh.

    • farrah says:

      I hope Isaac comes back too!

    • Rach says:

      I totally agree great ending but why did it have to be Kate?? I really can’t stand her and I love Isaac, hope he doesn’t leave :/

      • chamila says:

        I’m gutted that Daniel Sharman’s not in season 4. I hope hec omes back. Maybe in season 5 and I HATE Kate. I’m not going to enjoy seeing her in the new season.

    • Margie De.... says:

      Kate is kinda odd in every thing, but I was ssssoooo sad when Alison was killed I cried and I was mad she is not coming back. But I keep saying to myself that she could come back because if Kate did and she was a mordail why can’t Alison, right? Also I think that if stiles is still the same it would be fine because we still need humer in the show and a character that is not super nateral to make the wait so much better if he does turn into some thing speechless! Also killing a twin at the end was definetly some thing to see! Because how he died and lideyia knowing that some thing bad did just happen to her love was haert warming!

  2. Dan says:

    I love this show but they have the hardest time holding onto actors….

    • reccer says:

      You must not watch Once Upon a Time. lol

      • Jess says:

        Once Upon a Time is a different story because the only main characters they’ve lost are Red and Graham. And Graham’s death was planned since the beginning. All the other regulars and recurring characters have remained so far.

  3. willeggert says:

    I was really wondering if Kira(Arden Cho) is going to be back next season? I liked her character, but it seemed to be purely based on the Nogitsune storyline.

    • Kait says:

      Yes! She posted on her Instagram today that she’s been filming season 4 since February

      • T k says:

        That stinks. I got so bored with Kira and was hoping she wouldn’t be coming back. Either way, I sure hope they don’t try to slide her into Allison’s spot. She and Scott do not work well as a couple at all.

        • lia says:

          Yeah, I don’t like kira either. She looks old to be teen and high school student

          • Jess says:

            kuria evan though she isn’t really in the in that season very much she kind of pretty and I think her and scott don’t make a good couple Alison and Scott make a better and cuter couple

        • Britney says:

          Dream on….Kira and Scott are perfect….she’s pretty,talented and bad…..ok

  4. Meg says:

    I am still gutted from Allison’s death. Not sure I will watch the next season but we’ll see.

    • James says:

      I feel the same way. Already the finale felt off without her. I want to say I will keep watching but I just don’t know.

  5. Jo says:

    Still gutted about Allison, and I am going to miss the twins / Isaac. I’m pleased that Daniel/Isaac can still return at some point. I can’t wait to see next season though, even if it’s just to get my next Dylan fix.

  6. guy says:

    “We’d debated it many different ways, actually. The show is growing up, and it’s just like what they did on The Good Wife…” LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! Also the shade at Colton Hayes tho!

    • Levi says:

      Colton Hayes moved on because he got offered a better deal from the TV show ‘Arrow’! Which is also another great show. I would like to know why Scott, the so called “True Alpha” is weaker then that big black Omega wolf with blue eyes when Scott’s an alpha!!! LOL (forgot his name haha) & what else can Scott “The True Alpha” do different to other ordinary Alphas like knowing when a wolf is “wolf hearing” lol. Thanks.

  7. S says:

    WE VERY MUCH LIKE MALIA, JEFF! I’m so excited to see what’s in store for her in S4 with the pack and the Hale’s…it’s gonna be a long wait until June! She brings such a fresh presence to things and hope we see her around a ton!

  8. dude says:

    Sounds like there’s still bad blood over Colton Haynes leaving. I’m glad Isaac is leaving because his character honestly adds nothing to the series and it’s been boring to see them try to wedge him into storylines.

    • I don’t think there is bad blood over Colton Haynes, maybe Jeff Davis believes that some characters (like Allison Stiles etc) can’t juste leave Beacon Hills and everyone behind.

      • CBWBDK1 says:

        Clearly you can’t read between the lines. He obviously is angry with colton about not telling him in advance he was going to leave the show.

        • Ally says:

          If I am right, season 3A was supposed to be centered around Colton’s character and the writers had already written the script for it to so his leaving was very last minute that they had to change the key points for 3A.

          • Joe says:

            You’re right. The Alpha Pack was originally going to be in Beacon Hills because of something to do with the Kanima and Jackson’s parents. You can find that info in interviews. Since the “True Alpha” thing hadn’t been mentioned prior to season 3 I tend to think that was written to replace the Jackson storyline. People mention the red flash in Scott’s eyes in season one but I think that was intended to be a subtle hint that Scott was already an Alpha of sorts, which Derek says outright in season 2.

            Oh, and I guarantee they’re pissed at Colton Haynes for leaving like he did. They offered him more cash than all the other regulars to get him to stay and he wouldn’t. It’s very bad form to leave without notice in the industry, especially when you’re in the middle of an arc. They didn’t even bring him back to do a cameo or something like Gage Golightly and they probably could have. They bring actors in and pay them for a day all the time for things like this. My guess is they talked about it but decided he wasn’t worth it. I don’t blame them.

    • Elyse says:

      I got the same feeling. Not sure he meant it to come off that way… but it did!

      • Jax4ever says:

        Jeff Davis is a bit of a d bag. If any of you can recall he stated that Colton didn’t know if he were going to live or die until the very last minute. Therefore, if Colton thought he might not be back for season three, he was right to look for another job instead of waiting for Jeff to say oh, we want you back at the last minute. Now he’s on a bigger network, bigger show and he’s working in his first movie with the Rock. The movie will not be winning any oscars, but it’s a step in the right direction. If Jeff Davis is upset, he should only be upset with himself, for playing games and stringing Colton, his agent and manager on. #It’sJeffDavisfaultthatColtonleft

        • Dolly says:

          I think colton was a little sellfish leaving like he did. I dont wanna judge anyway he might have his own reason. I love u all. follow me on twitter @dollyjohannes and guys i luv tyler posey so very much so so….. much. check out my room it really feels like he is there with all those PICs on the wall : )

    • Katie says:

      Actually No his they don’t wedge his character in the show. He’s a main person because he loved Allison(Crystal Reed) and his character was also in some plot twists and he helped save Boyd and Cora. So dude learn your facts

    • Brea says:

      Actually Isaac brings a lot to the series. He is just as important as the other characters. And how is he boring?

  9. Fernando says:

    Can Danny please be a series regular for season 4, they really under use him when he can be just a great part if the show if he is used more

    • alistaircrane says:

      I agree! He’s been with the show since the very beginning. Make him a regular!

      • James says:

        Ugh, I hope not. I don’t like his character at all. He’s fine in the background for a few minutes but he would make a terrible main character.

      • prince says:

        i a more concerned about what will danny be adding to the series a wild know it all guy like deaton or someone with a darkness in him

    • Alexis says:

      No. I Looooove Danny,and I rather him get a little more screen time than he gets too, but I really don’t want him to become a series regular. It takes away from his character and he is a better side character anyway.

  10. Alia says:

    Wait a minute…no Isaac? That’s a bummer. I’m on the fence about whether to keep watching, and that’s definitely a point against it.

  11. Eliza says:

    I thought Dylan O’Brien did some amazing work this season with Evil Stiles. He’s a very talented actor, for sure.
    With the deaths this season, I realized that the main pull for me with this show is Scott, Stiles and Derek (Plus, I really love Tyler Posey and Dylan’s real-life BFF friendship).
    But I do like Issac (and Daniel Sharman) a lot too. So, I would be sad to see him go.

  12. kukuluz says:

    what I really like about this show are the “grown-ups”, parents, peter, deaton… they are really interesting to watch, especially papa argent and papa stiles – i really fell for them lately. peter is the sneaky bastard behind, but its fun to watch, i really love his scenes, always wondering what he´s up to. also deaton! guy that knows everything.. i relly hope that season 4 wil be more “relaxing” or something. no more dying please! twins scene was heartbreaking

    • Mick says:

      I was saying this to somebody else recently. Teen Wolf does a great job of utilizing the adult cast in a way a show like Roswell didn’t.

      • James says:

        While a lot of the parents on Roswell played only minor roles, Sherriff Valenti was awesome and a parent who played a big part.

    • lacey sheridan says:

      Agreed!! Everyone I know mentions it; the adults behave like real people rather than the village idiots they usually are in teen shows. Did anyone NOT get it when Stiles said, “I can’t lose both my parents”? The adults create a nice balance and depth for the show and I’m glad to hear they’re not being written out/killed off in s4. It always plays strange for me: how did these wet brains all produce these super bright, creative and responsible kids?

  13. DavidSask says:

    Not huge on Kate return but will see how story goes and how long is there for!

  14. Dominique says:

    i’m really upset that daniel won’t be around for season 4. isaac is my favorite and i feel like we’ve lost a lot, too many, characters this season.
    not excited about kate argent coming back. i never liked her and i think he hales need a rest from everyon who are trying to kill them.
    as long as they\re slowly bringing malia to the central story, i’m good with her sticking around. if their plan is to shove her down our throats, however, because they need a new female character now that allison is gone, then i’ll pass. never been a fan of new characters getting all the screentime.

    aiden’s death REALLY made me cry, much more than allison’s, actually. i think it’s because of how natural max and charlie are with each other. i can imagine it didn’t take much for charlie to act that scene and pretend like his brother was dying. very beautifully done.

    • Sam says:

      I totally agree. But right now I already feel like Stalia is being forced and I don’t know what to think about Malia. Her character has so many plot holes and she only been on screen like three times and she’s already a regular. And Isaac was my fave on the show too. I’m not too hyped on Kate return in tbh. Recycling of Villas gets annoying.

    • Serene says:

      I know. Ugh all the favorites are leaving. I really hope Isaac comes back Teen Wolf really isn’t the same without him. Or Allison

    • ana says:

      I wish isaac back, I do not think so ending with a good initial cast is agreeable to the fans. I believe that Crystal could have thought long and hard before deciding to leave the series. So at least do not take Isaac scene, because he’s gorgeous! For the rest are to be congratulated, I love the interpretation of Dylan O’Brien.

  15. rayj says:

    I would like to see vampires in yhe next season

    • Molz says:

      HECK NO! (`⊙~⊙`)<{why?!?!}
      There are WAY too many vampire/werewolf stories as it is. Part of why I love tw is because it doesnt have vampires! There is SO many more mythological creatures they could choose from! Personally I think they should do a season having Fenrir or Lycaon be a main villian. I was so thrilled when I heard that they were bringing in kitsune (one of my favorite creatures), and that turned out beautifully. You want vampires and werewolves? Watch the vampire diaries or true blood!

    • Marrissa says:

      watch twilight.

  16. Elyse says:

    Awww man! I hope Daniel changes his mind and decides to do season 4!

  17. Katie says:

    Wait what!!! Daniel isn’t going to do season 4!!!! I love him, he’s my favorite person out of the whole show!!! Please don’t kill him off so that he could come back later!!!!!

  18. Rebecca Parker says:

    Disappointed about Daniel leaving.

    With so many people leaving/asking to leave, makes me wonder what the working environment is like over there, tbh.

    • johnhelvete says:

      Based on the salary for Ashley Rickards (Awkward) in the annual list of TV’s highest paid stars on TV, MTV does not pay very well.

      • Bill says:

        No they don’t and I actually met one of the actresses from the show(won’t saw wich on here) and she stated as much. A reason Colton left too

    • Marrissa says:

      they just want a better opurtunity

      • Levi says:

        Can you please stop sending stuff to my email, or I will be forced to take this to the police and report everything! Just stop!

  19. MK says:

    Loving all of the Teen Wolf coverage, thanks TV Line! My hope for season 4 is more information about Lydia and banshees….and of course Stiles and Lydia! (Which Malia’s involvement makes me very nervous for)

  20. max fields says:

    Hope Scott comes into his powers wanna see him be the badass he’s a true alpha come on

  21. janean137 says:

    This explains why there are so many new characters for season 4! so many people left the show!

  22. Isaac might not come back? No. Chris has to adopt him!!!!

    • SaraAnn says:

      This is actually really interesting to me!!!! AWWWWWWW!! I dont know why but i think this would be great! Even though Isaac will prolly be like 18, i think Chris should totally adopt Isaac! Thanks for the idea!! :)

  23. Carlie says:

    Absolutely love the way the season ended! Allison’s death was very meaningful and perfect for her character. DO NOT LIKE MALIA although I really wanted to. Her and stiles just don’t seem like they should be together. Honestly I think she should go back to being a coyote. Stiles and Lydia FINALLY have a chance and I think everyone would be disappointed to see stydia not become a reality.

    • yellopeeps says:

      really excited for season 4. Cant wait to see all the romances like Stiles and Malia. At first I thought Stydia was meant to be, but then Malia came in and she changed my mind. Yay for Stiles he finally gets a girl. Plus Lydia needs time to recover from Aiden and she doesn’t like Stiles that way so there should be no problem there.CANT WAIT!!!

    • Angie says:

      Yeah, I’m not a fan of Stalia. I don’t like the way the relationship began either.

    • Sammy says:

      I really really just don’t like Stiles and Malia in a romantic relationship. I can’t see why they just can’t be friends. There was no chemistry, no development between the two at all. No Stalia.

  24. meah says:

    LMAO!!t thought I was the only one that noticed the colton shade!!!I don’t even still like colton on arrow.
    Still sad about the death of allison.I like kira but I feel she’s just a blatant replacement for crystal,and kira is not even half as fierce as allison.I mean she was asking lydia how the boys would deal with her own best friends death!No one even cared to know how lydia was feeling about the death.Generally the characters havnt really dealt with the death to my satisfaction.
    Have always loved shelley so am happy to know malia would stick around!
    Don’t care about kate argent

  25. feyynomenom says:

    love interest for derek? stiles. period.


      • Amberly says:

        STEREK! This just needs to be. Stop the little hints and obvious chemistry from the previous seasons and just DO IT! I was sadly disappointed by the lack of Stiles/Derek interaction this season. And really, just the lack of Derek interaction with most of the characters.

    • J J says:

      Hate to say it but If they ever did that it would ruin the show for a lot of people. I get the impression from interviews that neither actor is real excited about that all as well.

    • lacey sheridan says:

      WHAT!!??! Missed that completely. If they want a gay storyline,bring on Danny. He could use a steady guy and he is very likeable. Also, expanding a recurring role will help balance the ast.anew and recently departed cast.

    • SaraAnn says:

      STEREK 4EVER AND EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jax4ever says:

      That’s just dumb!

  26. jacob says:

    I would really like to see stiles as werewolf please that would be so awesome and I really like malia and Kate’s return was random but cool

  27. Azkaban says:

    I never liked Kate Argent either so not best pleased she is back. And Isaac I could give or take, too. But the twins! NOOOOOO! I shall miss both of them hugely.

  28. jacob says:

    I would really like to see stiles become a werewolf please and Scott be his alpha and I want to see Scott show off his true alpha skills and I really like Malia and Kate’s return was random but cool

  29. Scott says:

    Daniel Sharman and the Twins were not main cast. That would mean they’re on (heavy) recurring contracts – basically season by season. So they could leave with little warning, and the show could also drop them with equally little warning. Crystal Reed had to ask to leave because it meant breaking her contract. Its a somewhat different situation.

    As for Colton Haynes – the media at the time reported that the show wanted to reduce him from regular cast to recurring. Which meant they had to negotiate a new contract with him, and he wasn’t interested.

    Teen Wolf is fairly unique in having a small core cast and a lot of recurring characters. This approach results in a lot of changes. But its probably a lot cheaper than signing up 15 actors as main cast (which is what some network shows do).

    • lacey sheridan says:

      Totally unfair but….Colton Haynes strikes me as a narcissistic asshole. If he is actually Brother Theresa and rescues strays, then I apologize.

  30. Jon says:

    Isaac has to come back. Why not make him an honorary Argent? Daddy Argent needs a protegée.

    • Luke says:

      Isaac needs to stay and train under alisons dad an become an official badass! scott really needs to start using his alpha powers because its getting extremely boring seeing the main character get his butt kicked every two seconds especially to average werewolves! Peter needs to become an alpha at some point cuz he was a freaking badass as one. Derek gta stop gettin whooped cuz hes sick! Kira gotta stay really good character, an i felt alison had run her course tbh all she did was research. She was good in first two seasons but faded in second part of 3 rd. Stiles should keep on bein stiles! Never like kate was really annoyin hearin her scream c’mon! Repeatedly jus wish peter ripped her head soon as she got out car in season 1 lol. Defo stay away from vampires theres to many vampire shows teen wolf is refreshing simply becuz not any in and the creatures they do bring are amazing. Main point stop makin the werewoves get there asses kicked every single time til last episode there werewolfs for christ sake! Show there power!

  31. Liz says:

    Love that Kate is back. Easily my favourite character on this show. But they seriously need to work on their casting; actors that jump ship when stuff gets good – friggen hate them. Worked out so well for Rob Lowe and David Caruso.

  32. Em says:

    I have been expecting Kate’s return for a couple weeks now. They cast, producers , and each episode kept dropping little hints about what was to come. I was so glad when she showed back up, but I wonder what it will mean for the rest of the pack.

  33. Jess says:

    Ugh this is like Colton Haynes leaving all over again.. I will miss Daniel so much so so so so so much :'( I hope he returns… Does anyone know if Colton will return for one episode? People keep saying he is but it hasn’t happened yet :(

  34. Holly cameron says:

    So now that aidens dead is there going to be love for Lydia. Maybe one of the new characters?

    • cassidy says:

      Um yes STYDIA!!!!!!!!! I just want stiles to make lydia jealous with malia.first, then lydia will come to stiles.

      • Nello says:

        Agree wth yo

      • Maureen says:

        YASSS STYDIA! C’mon jeff!! Stiles and lydia have been amazing for eachother this whole time! And i still think malia is sketchy… I dont like her that much. I really do hope some how stydia becomes a “thing” expecially after how close stiles and lydia became in 3b. I hope!!! PLEASEEEE!!! No stalia. Stydia for lifeeeeee! XD c;

  35. Evan says:

    so what exactly is Kate now???

  36. Ally Oop says:

    Am I the only one who is still confused by how Peter was resurrected? I watched it but it still doesn’t make sense to me. As a result the character distracts me cause I think he shouldn’t be there.

  37. praa says:


  38. Julissa says:

    i hope Allison comes back just because she was a big part of the show. but theres not really a possibility for that to happen but still hope she comes back soon! & i didn’t really like isaac he’s just there and does nothing happy he’s leaving !

  39. Tina says:

    Okay so I know it’s their decision to leave but seriously their should have been a contract I don’t know why they would leave teen wolf, it’s such a great hit show and so many fans love TW but I’m seriously getting so fed up with so many people leaving I loved them all Colton, Allison, and Isaac I’m just seriously going to be so done with TW if Kira is going to be with Scott I just won’t like it and I will legit stop watching because TW is changing way too much but I think I’ll just be their for Scott, Stiles, Lydia, and Derek seriously that’s it ugh it’s so aggravating!

  40. dindin says:

    Well my thought is wow it Is true dont like Kate after what she did to Derrick and his family y did she come back dnt understand……….

  41. Alicia says:

    No. I don’t like change. I don’t want new actors no. Make Lydia and Stiles happen. Don’t let go of Isaac. Bring back Allison. Take me back to the start.

  42. Gwenn says:


  43. jesawesome says:

    Bring back Allison. Make Lydia find away to get her back. Scott and Allison need to end up together!! I like Kira but not as much as Scott and Allison!! I don’t like all the regulars are getting cutt off and all these new cast members are coming on. Id rather see the show end then replaced all the best characters!!

    • Charlie says:

      I hate seeing a bunch of new characters come in too. Ugh. Too many changes. We need to focus on the cast we had too.

  44. Since Dethan is now gone we need Sterek. Both those boys need some good lovin after everything & they would be great for each other!! Malia sry don’t think so. She can go for one of the new guys or maybe Isaac to make him stay. I think Lydia should just take a break on dating & focus on her friends & powers. Same goes for Scott. And I do believe Kira would respect that. Also as much as I would love to have Allison come back what about Erica & Boyd, did everyone forget about them?? I know they weren’t there since the beginning but they were still teenagers & Derek’s pack. Not to mention his sister Cora left again. It would be nice to have her come back as well as Jackson. They need a bigger pack to fight the Kate thing. Ok I’m done rambling for now.

  45. aunt_deen says:

    Scrolled through all the comments hoping that someone had figured out what kind of were-creature Kate is. Anyone have any ideas? Jeff says it’s something fans can look-up but I’m stumped.

    • CLB says:

      My guess is that she is going to be a vampire/werewolf hybrid.

      And to anyone suggesting that Sterek?! should happen. Hell no!! I have no problem with gay couples, but if that happens I will stop watching the show immediately. no no no!!

    • pascal says:

      kate is a were jaguar,and i think scott nd kira ar cute 2geda,bt i dnt like allison dead,it was heart felt,nd please isaac shuldnt leave,damn…i almost cried wen aiden died,nd scott shuld turn completely i mean nt jst the face and claws,i mean his entire body it wuld be awesome!!!

  46. Anne says:

    Could someone please ask Jeff what the H is going on with Peter, who declared himself the Alpha in season 3A and then just randomly shows up here and there in season 3B. I liked season 3, but it seems like the ball was dropped on several of the minor plots.

  47. Mike says:

    Kate is obviously a Beta version of a Demon Wolf like Deucalion was.

  48. Michelle says:

    Kate is a ware jaguar!!!!!!

  49. Becca says:

    I’m guessing were panther.