Teen Wolf's Dylan O'Brien on Stiles' Love Life, Allison's Death and the Season Finale 'Sacrifice'

Teen Wolf Season Finale SpoilersIt’s been a hell of a year for Stiles on Teen Wolf — he’s spent the better half of Season 3 possessed by a killer Japanese spirit — and tonight’s finale (MTV, 10/9c) might just prove to be his most harrowing hour yet.

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Dylan O’Brien spoke with TVLine about Stiles’ dark turn in Season 3B, the affects of Allison’s death — on himself as well as his character — and what the future might hold for Stiles’ love life.

TVLINE | Stiles has been unrecognizable this season. How have you handled that huge shift?
It’s been incredible. I mean, I still can’t get over the fact that I’ve gotten to be on a show for a few years now — my whole acting career, literally — and that I’ve gotten to play a character that provides so much humor. And then to get an arc like this, and to do it with my family — I’ve been working with these people for the last four years of my life, and [they’re] really close to my heart — has been the best experience I could ask for as an actor.

TVLINE | Is this something you asked for, or did they just kind of throw it at you?
I wouldn’t say they threw it at me, but there was never really a discussion. The first time it came up was this one night when I sent an e-mail to [executive producer Jeff Davis] with some random thought like, “Hey, it could be really cool to go evil with Scott.” And he e-mailed me back immediately, saying, “It’s funny that you said that, because we were already planning to go evil with you.” My immediate thought was, “Whoa, really?” I was sort of nervous and not sure what to expect, but also so game to do it.

TVLINE | I have to say, you carried it well. I think everybody was really impressed.
I really cared about it. It was a huge challenge for me, and I was scared at first. I’ve never even tried something like this. But you have to just go for it, and that’s why I love acting; it’s made me face my fears and try things I’d normally be too uncomfortable to try. It’s therapeutic.

TVLINE | After so much dark material all season, what could possibly be left for Stiles in the finale?
Well, the void spirit is getting stronger, and with that, the real Stiles gets weaker. He’s essentially fading, so it’s mostly about that for Stiles. His priority is to kill the Nogitsune, and he’d rather die than continue to be responsible for so much destruction. At the same time, they still have no idea how to kill it, so…

Teen Wolf Allison's DeathTVLINE | As long as Stiles doesn’t die, I’ll be OK. I can’t handle another death after Allison.
That got me, man. That totally got me. That scene was incredible to watch. It was one thing when I first found out Crystal was leaving, which was really difficult on a personal level, but then to film it and see it was an entirely different experience. That made it so real.

TVLINE | How did Crystal Reed break that news to everyone?
She sent the cast a really long, thought-out e-mail. Then the next day, we all talked to her in person about it. That was beginning to mid-season, and it was such a trip to find out.

TVLINE | With only one episode left, how will Allison’s death reshape everyone’s motivations?
These kids have gotten almost good in these situations; they’re used to this terrifying life. But [Allison’s death] scared them. This was the first time they’ve lost one of their own. And Allison’s death affects Stiles, specifically, because he can’t help but feel responsible for it. And the only way to stop the Nogitsune, as far as he knows, is for him to die. Her death, and what it does to Stiles, is kind of the last straw. He’s now fully committed to sacrifice himself.

TVLINE | Yikes. Let’s shift gears to happier things, like Stiles’ love life. Where does his heart lie right now?
Right now, Lydia is the girl for him. He’s always been in love with her and she has such a big place in his heart. She’s made it clear that she doesn’t love him back, and I think he’s gotten to a good place with that. He’s comfortable with loving her from a distance; he doesn’t need to force her to love him back. Ultimately, he just wants her to be happy. He’s growing a lot — especially this season — as he transitions from a teenager to a young adult, where he understands he can’t control how other people feel. She can still have a special place in his heart. It’s not all or nothing.

teen-wolf-malia-stiles-blogTVLINE | And Malia?
She’s probably the only person who actually made him feel good this season, with everything he’s been going through. I think they share a lot of things, innocence mostly. They’re cute together. Obviously there hasn’t been much between them this season — she’s going to play more into next season. The finale is very much a Stiles-Lydia finale. You see the connection, which is what I love about them. They haven’t had a real relationship, but they care about each other.

TVLINE | Is Malia in the finale? We haven’t seen her since that magical night at Eichen House.
I don’t believe she’s in the finale, but she is a Season 4 regular, so she’ll become a part of the pack. The finale really has more to do with getting rid of the spirit.

TVLINE | There was also that throwaway line earlier in 3B where Caitlin asks Stiles if he likes guys — and he pauses. Did that mean anything?
That was nothing, really. Stiles isn’t gay, and he knows that, but what I love about him is that he’s even open to reacting that way to a question. He doesn’t have to jump into a defensive thing; he’s just so honest. He’s clearly not gay — I’ve never thought the character was — but he also looks at people as people. He doesn’t associate gay and not gay, but he knows he likes girls. [Laughs] It definitely created a whole thing, though.

TVLINE | I recently asked Tyler Posey about his thoughts on ‘Sterek.’ How do you feel about that particular ship?
[Laughs] I saw that. People were calling him homophobic, which is crazy. In the past, anytime I’ve spoken about [Sterek], I feel like it’s come out wrong. And I think he was more reacting to that idea, that we’re constantly asked about it. But it is a big thing, and we support it. We support everything the fans like, and however they love the show is how they love the show. We love that, and Tyler also feels that way, there’s no doubt about it. There’s no better person in the world than that guy. He’s the best.

Teen Wolf fans, let’s hear your thoughts: How do you hope Season 3 will end? Have you enjoyed Stiles’ dark turn? And which girl person truly owns his heart? Drop a comment and let us know.

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  1. Ally Oop says:

    I was so sad about Alison’ death but it was well-written. I hope we can get back the lovably hilarious Stiles back next season.

  2. Ashley says:

    Sterek fans really embody that stereotype about rapid teenage girls being crazy fans.

    • Pseudo Not Found says:

      It’s a minority who make us look bad. It was quite surprising to heard about those means things that were said about him, because all the Sterek fans that I know love Scott and all the others characters. Also, there are boys who ship Sterek too…

      • plushie says:

        must be nice. since all i ever see from sterek fans are them being the worst when it comes to scott and tyler posey. if they aren’t just outright ignoring scott’s character then they are twisting everything he does to push sterek to the forefront of fandom conversation. which sucks because fandom should be fun but sterek fans have made teen wolf fandom spaces a truly horrible place to be if you aren’t cow towing to the almighty ship. not to mention the terrible stuff they’ve said about any non-derek shaped character that gets close to stiles. or the fact that 90% of sterek fans completely ignore that the main relationship dynamics that are not stiles and derek.
        it’s shame cause i wanted to enjoy the ship since it’s so big in fandom but too many of the people i’ve come across have been terrible so i just sorta feel like i smelled something rotten every time i see the word sterek.

        • Pseudo Not Found says:

          Well, you must have come across the worst part of the Sterek community. And like I said it’s a minority. Most of the Sterek fans ship Stiles with other people, allydia, scallison… (and Derek with happiness XD)
          I’m sorry that you had bad experiences with this though. It’s awful to have a show spoiled like this.
          However, that’s always weird to hear people saying that Sterek fans don’t like Scott or Tyler Posey because in most of the Sterek fanfictions, the fanart, the commentaries after each episode, Scott is always there. He is pictured as the BFF (and really, he is like a puppy. I don’t get people who could hate him).
          I think the problem is that the minority of the stupid fans who posted insulting letters, who criticize everything are those who are the most heard. Some Sterek fans made a wonderful book as a gift for the actors and no one talked about this. People who were spreading info for Tyler Poser’s birthday were mostly Sterek fans and no one talked about this. Some people who make the awesome fanart that are posted on the Facebook page of Teen Wolf are Sterek fans. And I can assure you that they would never say anything bad against any characters (other than the evil Peter hahaha) or against the actors.

          • plushie says:

            again. must be nice to live in that nice bubble, cause i haven’t met a sterek fan yet that hasn’t been horrible and made me wish i hadn’t tried in the first place :/

          • Nikki J. says:

            I thank you so much for these words! I was wondering lately, if I’m only one who is NOT a hater to everything what is going on on the show. In reaction on what was said, I don’t really like Malia’s character – but that has nothing to do with Sterek. I just don’t like her (yet), but I’m ready to give her a shot in season 4. Also, even though I’m Sterek shipper, I love Scott and Tyler Posey! He’s such a sweetie :) Don’t forget that original idea was Scott = main character. He still is, mostly. I like everything about Teen Wolf, love the cast and I don’t HATE any ship. Well, whatever will happen on the show, we have our little(not so little) fandom universe where we can have what WE want. But I understand, why is Jeff (and writers and whoever else) backing off a little. I assume the world, as it is today, is not ready for such a thing. But that’s okay. It has to be natural. And why doesn’t anyone asks, how it makes feel Tyler (Hoechlin) or Dylan? Almost the whole cast is more or less supporting Sterek – and that’s more, than any other fandom can say! (Look at what is happening with Supernatural – well, I don’t really know this show, but I heard, that cast of SN isn’t that open to gay-ships…) That’s one more reason why I love this show. I constantly hear from other people, that Teen Wolf is stupid. It’s not. It maybe isn’t the best show in the world (yet!)… But I love not just a storyline, characters… everything about Teen Wolf ON the TV-screen. I love the cast (they really are like a family), videos from cons, that lovely things that fans are making… Those OFF TV-screen things… that’s what makes this show even more special. And now, after 3 seasons, I can say that Teen Wolf is getting better (what is, again, something not every TV show can say, it’s often the other way around). If I face the ‘haters’ everyday, then I consider myself a ‘lover’ :) So, again: Whatever happens on the show, whoever dies, whoever hooks up with someone I don’t like, if Sterek scenes will be or not (but realy, please, at least something…), I-Will-Not-Stop-Watching-Teen-Wolf-just-because-of-it. Which is probably more, than others (sterek shippers or not) can say. I heard and read things like: ‘If Stiles/Allison/Derek/Lydia/anyone-else dies, I’m done with Teen Wolf!!!’. How can a true fan say something like this? :( Well, yeah. I was crying hard over Allison’s death and I already miss Crystal a lot… but you know what? Show must go on … Especially when it’s such a good show!

        • I couldn’t agree with you more, sometimes the fans of this show proves to be extremely hostile to the non-mainstream-believer. I’m a great fan of sterek my self, but it always makes me cringe every time I see an offensive tumblr post that stated how much they hate a certain character.

          Though I do believe there are other positive fans out there, but I still cant stop from helping that these aggressive fans to chime down a little (or a lot, seriously..)

          It’s a bit frustrating as well with how they don’t respect Jeff Davis’ amazing plot twist. Sure there are plot holes and everything, but I can still follow the story and don’t have problems with it. It’s basically half the fun of it, to guess the holes in the plots and everything..

          Sometimes I feel bad with those aggressive fans.. but then I remember how they make me feel insecure with my non-mainstream preference. so yeah…

      • aaniki says:

        not minority, my friend

        • Holly says:

          Uhhh YES minority, my friend!

          I’m a Sterek shipper and i love Scott! All my friends that ship Sterek also love Scott. All the people i follow on Tumblr, that ship Sterek, love Scott! 90% of the Sterek fanfiction i read, Scott is a big part of the story and it’s in a POSITIVE way!

          I’m tired of the lies from anti-Sterek fans. Stop generalizing Sterek fans just because a few are stupid. Trust me, it’s not just Sterek fans. I can’t even tell you how many ignorant Stydia fans have left me disgusting messages on Tumblr – filled with homophobic slurs, calling me all sorts of nasty names, TELLING ME TO KILL MYSELF.

    • Wow, you are really vile. Generalising thousands of fans (many of whom are adult, in their twenties, like me, and identify as queer) who thought that this was a show that might treat a popular slash pairing a little differently. It’s one thing being supportive of fans, it’s quite another for the show runner to outright state they’ve long considered Stiles character as bisexual, that they could be convinced on Sterek, and that the relationship of Stydia is an overused dangerously sexist Nice Guy trope that promotes perseverance. Any woman who’s been on the end of that in real life will tell you it’s NOT romantic and seeing that onscreen all the time is belittling and taking away our agency. So thank you very much for being a big part of the problem why these awful sexist stereotypes and homophobia in media continue. You should be very proud of yourself.

      • M. says:

        I love how you say Stydia is dangerous but you’re promoting a minor dating a much older man. Congrats on your selective memory. Sterek is not going to happen, the fans are 10 minutes short of cray. And the only people to blame for believing it was ever going to happen are you rude and delusional lot. BYE.

        • It’s funny how people like you always raise age gap issues when it comes to homosexual pairings or older women/younger men (I remember this was another huge issue on a series that featured a much older woman in her forties with a young 17 yr old man), but you so casually overlook the thousands of couples in everything from rom-coms, but most particularly supernatural shows, featuring older men with younger women. I absolutely understand if people don’t like Sterek for whatever reason. What disgusts me is the common hypocrisy and thinly veiled homophobia and sexism. You use strawman arguments and throw the word delusional around, but you never seem to stop and question why you think it’s delusional for a homosexual or lesbian relationship to become canon. People have hope because they want change from the current norm you’re obviously so mired in. You call that hope delusional and hey, maybe it is, but god that is so, SO sad.

          • Jen says:

            Sterek has had, what, 4 or 5 scenes, MAX, one-on-one in the entire series? Please correct me if i’m wrong, but most of the scenes between those two have been apparent about their dislike of each other. (except for maybe that one scene in last week’s episode? or the week before?) And I mean dislike to the point of threatening physical harm on one another. What part of that is romantic? How is Derek threatening to rip Stiles’ throat out with his teeth romantic? Laying on top of each other while paralyzed by kanima venom? Seems to me like that is more taking their agency away and forcing them into a situation, rather than allowing it to genuinely happen. I’m sorry, if you point out the problematic aspects of Stydia you have to face the problematic aspects of Sterek, as well, which is, IMHO, way more violent and dangerous than Stydia. I honestly have no issue with the characters of Stiles or Derek identifying as homosexual–I just don’t see those two working as a couple. Yeah, there’s a thin line between love and hate but I just see NO love there. And you said you “thought this show might treat a popular slash pairing a little differently”–how is that NOT problematic for the showrunners to queerbait just to please the fandom and not follow through? I think you should be more mad about the showrunners’ queerbaiting, just saying.

        • Tiaan Jonker says:

          much older man? In season 1 Stiles says they use to be in school together? So at most it can be four years?

    • Josh says:

      Teen Wolf fandom is turning into Supernatural 2.0. Shippers never learn.

    • Donnie says:

      I agree 100%.

  3. yawn says:

    Stiles and Lydia is so cliche and I don’t know why they keep trying to push it so much.

    • Pseudo Not Found says:

      I agree! I think Stiles and Lydia would be so great as best friend. Lydia is too fantastic to be in relationship right now and it would be absurd in regard if what she undergo in the last episode, and before with Jackson. It’s too soon for her to have a new love interest.

    • hannah says:

      bc they belong together. duh.

    • DL says:

      Completely agree. I really hope they decide to let Stiles move on and pursue something with Malia in season 4. I thought their chemistry was electric, whereas he and Lydia have always just had a friend vibe. Stalia, please!

    • The thing is, we keep throwing this word “cliche” around when we talk about Stiles and Lydia as a potential romance, but it’s much more problematic than that. It’s the story of the underdog who’s in love with a girl who in O’brien’s own words does not feel the same way about him. These stories, this romance, is entirely the guy’s – we’re made to feel sorry for him, to empathise with him; the female character’s view isn’t important. She’s reduced to object to be achieved. Stiles and Lydia’s relationship is definitely improving, but any romance would only result in Stiles achieving his “ten year plan”. And for women like myself, that’s a massive issue, particularly for women like myself who have dealt with sexual abuse, unwanted attention or the kind of men who think perseverance is romantic because media teaches them all the time that it is. I think people are entitled to ship what they want in fandom, but on the show Stydia is a terrible idea because these storylines have very real repercussions and effects on people. I have come across an alarming number of fans who have slated Lydia for not giving into Stiles. This isn’t an attitude we should be encouraging.

      • Radha says:

        Yeah, but it’s not the media’s responsibility to censor a show 24/7 to make everyone happy. I see what you are saying, but for most of us? A guy who is a decent person who has a crush on you for years ISN’T triggering or problematic. It’s problematic for those who have had a bad experience with that. And I think, a lot of the time, people mix up what is truly something triggering with something that is meant to be innocent. I think people start to use those situations as crutches.

        And before I am yelled at, I am in no way belittling people’s fears and traumatic experiences. I am just pointing out that not everything in the media can adhere to how everyone sees things. For example, I am terrified of spiders. TERRIFED. Legit phobia going on here. I had a traumatic experience with said large spider as a child.

        What do I see everywhere in the media? Spiders. In movies. In TV shows randomly. And this is all nowhere CLOSE to Halloween. Do I expect people to stop showing spiders in their shows and movies? Do I expect them to not write about them in their books? No. I don’t. I accept that I have triggers in my life regarding this fear and I try to cope and move on.

        For people who have been sexually abused…that is hugely unfortunate. But let’s say you were attacked by a guy wearing a blue shirt. And from that day on, all men in blue shirts trigger a panic response etc? Are you going to freak out on every guy wearing a blue shirt? Or yell at them for wearing one?

        I see this issue about Stiles and Lydia all the time that he is practically a stalker. And yet…you can’t help the way you feel about someone–even if they don’t love you back. And you cannot tell me that a girl who only thinks of a guy as a friend, can NEVER one day look at him and realize she’s in love. It happens all the time. Stiles has NEVER pressured Lydia into loving him back. Point out to me where he has demanded she love him back? Was it in season One? Two? This season? Where were the scenes where he was making inappropriate and lewd comments to Lydia? Where was the time he actually asked her out–which would have been wrong since she had a boyfriend, and also in season 2 when she was still not over said boyfriend–and she told Stiles “No. I will never go out with you.” ? Man… I must be watching a completely different show.

        Having a crush on someone for years is not creepy. What would be creepy is if you had a crush on them for years and got angry when they were with other people. Stalked them. Hung around outside their homes. Gave them the bad touch. Kidnapped them. Hurt their loved ones. Made a shrine to them etc. etc. Liking a girl for years and becoming her friend is not weird or creepy. Even if she ended up returning his feelings would not be weird or creepy. The only way it’s become weird or creepy is by people like you who like to twist something innocent into something weird and creepy. Not every situation between two people is something trigger-y. Not everything represents rape and misogynistic ideals and sexism. OMG.

        But where are the people–the ones who complain about Stiles’ apparent creepiness–where are they when it’s time to talk about what was truly unhealthy? Which was Jackson and Lydia’s emotionally abusive relationship?

        *crickets* Nothing? Nothing at all. Okay, so it’s just Stiles that people have a problem with. Good to know. But all those issues with Stiles melt away, however, when people DEMAND to pair him up with Derek. Suddenly, Stiles is no longer a creepy person when he’s not paired with a woman.

        Excuse me while I roll my eyes.

        I get wanting representation on a show. Actually no I don’t. Because I just watch tv to be entertained. I don’t need representation on a show and I am a black female. I don’t need to watch a show with a black female doing awesome things for me to enjoy said show.

        • cassey says:

          Bless. This needs to be copied and pasted throughout the internet. Thank you for saying (in a much more eloquent manner than I ever could) everything that I have ever thought about this fandom.

        • Nick says:

          Finally a reasonable comment. Kudos to you!

        • Carly says:

          Stiles is not a bad person for wanting Lydia. However, Stiles getting to be with Lydia just because he wants her is reducing Lydia – a strong, smart, opinionated, caring woman, into nothing more that a trophy. And that is a problem. Because her whole agenda gets erased just because he wanted her for years.
          I found that crush to be funny in S1. And his acceptance of her choices for most part was pretty mature. And when push came to show he respected her decission when it mattered which still doesn’t change the fact he tried to emotianlly manipulate her just because he didn’t want to lose her? For her to get hirt? It may be an understandable reaction but it doesn’t make his behaviour OK.
          In3A, Lydia was making decissions for her self. She was developing a friendship with Stiles. Stiles seemed to understand how good they work as friends. It made both the characters better.
          In 3B a lot of it seemed to dissapear just so they can push his crush in the forefront again, turning Lydia into a boy-crazy damsel in distress. And that is such a shame on so many levels.
          Because obviously mena nd women can’t be friends. Female character is nothing if she isn’t someone love interst. And if you are persistent enough she will just giv in.
          I understand that you watch TV to be entertained. I think most people do. I just hope you understand that a lot of people simply don’t find this type of stories entertaining and it has very little to do with bad experience.
          And the fact that you don’t understand the need for representation – not only of diverse sexualities but also of strong female characters that are allowed to stand on their own, is simply sad.

          • Radha says:

            Yes, Men and women CAN be just friends and I agree that not every man and woman union should be a romantic one. But what I would like to know is why it HAS to be Stiles and Lydia on this show that needs to be the “lead by example”? Why not Scott and Allison? Or Lydia and Jackson? Why does it have to be Stiles and Lydia? I really would just love it if people just admitted that they just don’t want those two together. Stop hiding behind “It’s triggering!” or “It’s creepy!” No it’s not. Just admit you do not like those two characters together.

            And, it’s not that I don’t understand the need for it…it’s just that to the level it goes to…that’s when I don’t. If you are trying to identify with a character on tv because of race, sexuality, religion, gender or creed, that’s fine. But I simply just do not see putting that much of yourself in a fictional character. If you think that’s perfectly natural, then so be it. But I think it gets to be a little too disturbing. And dependent.

            Stand on your OWN and be recognized for the individual that you are. You shouldn’t be putting all your hopes and fears and dreams onto a fictional character. I’m not saying don’t love the characters on tv or identify with them. But when it comes to people feeling like they don’t matter because a character’s life doesn’t parallel completely with theirs…than that is what I find mind boggling.

            You don’t think that I’d like POC to be represented better in the media? Or women? Or men? Any subject matter of delicate nature? Sure I do. But at the same time? I suffer from high blood pressure. And I simply will not allow misrepresentation to alter my health and life and cause me stress because it’s not done properly. It is not that serious. If other people think it’s this serious, have at it. Sit there and be miserable 24/7 because people aren’t handling topics the way you’d like them to. Why do you care what they think? Be your own person.

            I am also not saying don’t voice your opinions about things that upset you, but there is voicing an opinion and then there’s fighting a war with people that you will most likely NEVER win against. I am saying that a lot of the time, it’s not worth all the misery that people inflict upon themselves. And when watching TV gets to be miserable, then why continue? What is the point?

            As I was discussing al this with my best friend, she said it best. “All these people griping every minute? Just makes you not even want to watch the show. Or discuss it online. They just take all the joy out of the fandom.”

            I think she’s right.

        • Holly says:

          Uhhhh hold on just a second, how about before you go applauding Stiles because he “has NEVER pressured Lydia into loving him back” or “demanded she love him back” that in no way means Stiles hasn’t pressured Lydia in other ways, as well as making other demands to her

          1.) Constantly inserting yourself in someones life, even when they have a significant other and/or make it clear they are uninterested, IS A FORM OF PRESSURING THEM! Think about it in these simple terms – A guy asks you out and you tell him, with no hesitations or doubts, that you are not interested. He then proceeds to make sure to be around you on a daily basis, always making you aware of his presence, flirting with you, complimenting you regularly, getting you gifts, etc. – Are you honestly telling me you wouldn’t feel slightly like you were being pressured?

          2.) While we’re still on the subject of pressures & demands – let’s take a look at episode 1×11 shall we? Lydia is roped in to going to the dance with Stiles, by Allison yes, but nonetheless Lydia is PRESSURED to be with Stiles against her wishes. Now cut to the dance, Stiles asks Lydia to dance and she turns him down. Rather than respect her decision, he IMMEDIATELY demands that she get up and dance with him, sits there and gives her a speech about how he knows her, blah blah blah, DANCE WITH ME!

          3.) Now lets talk about the most problematic scene for Stiles & Lydia – one that you very clearly “forgot” while you attempted to brush off the very problematic issues for Stydia! STILES ALMOST RAPED, OR AT THE VERY LEAST, SEXUALLY ASSAULTED LYDIA. Yes, i said he almost raped/assaulted her and i will stand by this statement. There is no other “interpretation” of a 16 year old guy, who very much knows the difference between right and wrong, attempting to engage in ANY form of sexual activity with an intoxicated young woman, one who couldn’t even realize “what’s a Stiles?” let alone sit up and have a coherent conversation or in any way give legitimate consent. Aside from the fact that Lydia was very much emotionally traumatized from seeing the “mountain lion” [aka Peter] at the video store, and Stiles was there to take advantage of her messed up frame of mind and try to wheedle out information… it was clear to anyone with even the smallest bit of sense – Lydia was pretty much high off her ass! She had clearly taken quite a bit of pain medicine and was barely even functioning. For Stiles to even CONSIDER getting physical with Lydia is just plain disgusting… the fact that he was actually pressing forward, ONLY STOPPING BECAUSE SHE SAID “JACKSON”? That is horrible, not to mention scary.

          I don’t think Stiles is a bad guy, i really don’t. He’s one of my favorite characters tbh! But his behaviors towards Lydia, especially in S1 & S2… it’s just very disconcerting and i feel like ignoring that kind of stuff, it can be harmful.

        • Anna says:

          Oh my gosh….. this is everything I’ve ever wanted to say to the Sterek fandom/Stydia haters. I hope you don’t mind if I save this to y computer and use it as a reference when I try to explain this type of stuff to other people!! This was an awesome comment, finally someone who thinks reasonably!!!!!!!!!! Bless you!!

    • craz fangirl says:

      you literally just read my mind

    • Linda says:

      As opposed to the writers trying to shove Stalia down our throats?

  4. MK says:

    A Stiles and Lydia finale? Yes, please!

    • team stilia says:

      closure for stydia. Yes, please

      • Linda says:

        An end to the crappy, horribly written relationship between Stiles and Malia, please!

        • yinloveyang says:

          Stop the wars, please :))) Guys I know that there are people who could take this show and it’s characters and stories seriously but they would do the same with different tv show/movie/storyline/whatever so just like/love whatever you want and let the others do the same, please :))

  5. cassey says:

    Yay for Stiles and Lydia in the finale! Can’t wait for season 4. The introduction of Malia seemed a bit rushed this year, so I’m glad that she’s sticking around for seaosn 4.

    • STILES says:

      I like that stiles and lydia’s relationship might grow, but I think they should stay friends. The are a lot better as friends and its not awkward cause they friends. And having him chase her for god knows how mush longer is too much for stiles. When is enough enough. he needs to move on. I liked stydia at first, but after a while I just got exhausted with him getting no where. let him be free and move on.

    • yumyums226 says:

      they could have a moment and then decide to be just friends. You know, like closure for his feelings for her. I could be wrong. nothing wrong with stydia, but stilia is better for him

      • em says:

        Malia? They just met. With Allison out of the picture, wonder if they’ll use her as a love interest for Isaac (if anyone)?

  6. kara says:

    I just want Allison back!!!!!! If that jerk Peter can come back then there has to be hope for Allison down the line if the actress wants to come back.

  7. k says:

    his response to the question about the “throw-away comment” really irked me. of course, he knows his character better than everyone (maybe minus jeff davis) so i’m just throwing this out there, but just because he likes girls doesn’t mean he can’t like guys AS WELL. you don’t have to be one or the other – bisexuality is a thing, dude.

    • Pseudo Not Found says:

      And pansexuality too. We’re not some kind of unicorn who just exist in legends.

    • em says:

      Why do people put so much focus on this issue? Just because certain fans want Stiles to be bisexual does not mean that he is. Being a straight guy is also a thing, dude.

      • Saer says:

        Because we haven’t seen like millions of straight, white dudes on TV.

        • cassey says:

          But he IS straight. I mean, that’s the way that the writers have chosen to write him. If you want to see more LGBT characters on TV, why not fight to have more shows created about those characters, instead of hijacking an existing character and giving the creators crap for writing THEIR character the way that they intended to? It just feels so counter-intuitive to be forcing a sexual orientation on a character/ the writers. There are, like, millions of straight dudes on TV. So therefore, Stiles cannot be straight too? Is there a quota? I don’t understand this logic.

          • Teri says:

            Completely agreed. Of course, there is a substantial amount of queer baiting with promotion etc, however it was all innocent at first and kind of playing up to what fans seemed to be interested in at the time. Throwing the dog a bone so to speak. however, the problem is that the dog went rabid. (I am in no way stating that ALL sterek shippers are like that, but the nastiest shout the loudest) and when cast etc are getting threats, and Dylan and Tyler H are being constantly bombarded with questions, and images etc, its out of hand. I mean, I’d feel very weird if someone photoshopped me naked with one of my friends, male or female. Hence Tyler P’s reaction. I think the cast must get very fed up with a completely non-canon relationship, and I mean COMPLETELY, being the main subject of conversation, constantly. I feel sorry for Shelley in this, the hate she gets is disgusting.
            i just find it incredible that people who fight for LGBT rights and equality can’t accept the existence of a straight character who can act a bit camp and maybe have the odd bi-curious moment. But no, he ponders the question “do you like guys?” for a second because he legitimately thinks about it, and fans are screaming, SEE, HE’S BI, HE’S GAY, HE MUST BE !!! .. its like the opposite of what the problem used to be. Now, if you don’t think Stiles is gay/bi then you must be homophobic because he so obviously is because the fans say so. It’s BS.

      • OK says:

        Because there’s very little representation of bisexual people on TV, especially bisexual guys. It would be a nice storyline for Stiles, especially after all of his asking Danny if gay guys find him hot, pausing to think after being asked if he likes guys, etc. — it’d be cool to see him come to terms with it, and it would fit his character.

      • I’m sorry, “being a straight guy is also a thing”? Are you kidding me? Do a quick count of the number of queer male and female main characters on tv compared to straight men. Also consider Jeff Davis, the show runner, has stated several times that they have considered Stiles has being bisexual. Also consider that they brought in a previously described lesbian character to make out with Stiles for that one scene, and tell me again why you think it’s wrong for people to be hugely upset here.

        • em says:

          Jeff Davis has stated that they have considered Stiles being bisexual? I really don’t think he has. I know the bi population is underrepresented, but I just think people are blowing this way out of proportion.

    • dude says:

      But he’s not bi-sexual. That’s the point.

      • k says:

        i wasn’t saying that, though – i’m saying the brush over bisexuality is what bothers me. the comment on the show was asking if he likes guys AS WELL AS girls, not just asking if he likes guys. i’d just appreciate the distinction, nobody is asking for stiles to be gay. but then what do i know

        • M. says:

          I don’t know what the difference is between him saying he doesn’t like guys and he isn’t bi. It’s the same thing. Calm down.

      • OK says:

        Actually, he only says Stiles isn’t gay. So he could still be bisexual!

      • M says:

        the point is that Jeff Davis pandered to it, knowing what representation means to the queer community, used it to promote the show and then backtracked on it. All bad enough when straight showrunners pull that crap; but when a lgbt one does, it’s absolutely spitting in the face of his own.

    • enuff said says:

      Not everything is about a persons sexuality.This show is about werewolves and other things supernatural. MOVE ON-GET A HOBBY!

      • M says:

        Gosh golly, why I never thought about it that way, OMG you’ve changed my whole world view. *SHOCK*.

        Here’s a thing you’re missing: when you’re bi/gay/asexual, you don’t HAVE the option of moving on. It’s *who you are*. You can’t move on from your very own identity. Representation matters. You know why Mae Jemison became an astronaut? Why Whoopi Goldberg became an actress? Because Nichelle Nichols did Star Trek. In little Whoopi’s own words “there’s a black lady on tv and she’s nobody’s maid”

        We *NEED* more bi/gay/asexual/poc main characters. There is a massive, massive absence of them on tv so telling those people ‘get over it, get a hobby’ you’re telling them that they really don’t matter. Who they are is irrelevant and they should just shut up and get out of your way.


        • Ash says:

          Okay, this is a TV SHOW.

        • Eldergay says:

          “There is a massive, massive absence of them”… I love reading comments like this from teens or twentysomethings. Try watching TV in 1974 or 1984 or even 1994 and you’d see what a massive absence of gay characters looks like.

          • Becks says:

            Oh yes, because we’ve moved forward some we should just stop there. No need to continue moving forward at all. ~sarcasm~

      • WhyIsTeenWolfGettingSoBoringAndDumb says:

        Not everything is about a persons sexuality. <<< hahaHAHAHAH yeah…and that's why they make EVRY SINGLE FRIKKING CHARACTER in this SH*T show have a lover. (of course no homo…except that side character…what'shisnameDanny)

    • EJ386 says:

      I think his answer is very much in line with Stiles as a character on the show right now. He knows he isn’t gay because he likes girls, but he doesn’t shut down the idea of a man. He just doesn’t seem to have met a man who changes his view into “I also like a man or men”. I think he is someone who would expand his view on his sexuality when the right guy comes along. It isn’t like he falls for every girl he sees, Basically it has been Lydia for over ten years. The murdered girl and the bi-girl had both availability as their biggest asset, same could probably be said for Malia.
      Bisexuality doesn’t have to be a 50/50-thing, maybe it is mostly women and sometimes men. Like Dylan says Stiles looks at people as people. That could be an extra confirmation of Stiles possible bisexual future, but the guy is young, there is no reason why he would need to define himself right now.

      • Jaydee says:

        I agree with you on that. It’s also important to note that Dylan O’Brien isn’t a writer on the show. If he had said “Stiles is not gay, but he might be bi and he might like guys in the future” that would definitely cause an uproar among the fans and create expectations that he has no right to create. He didn’t write the character and as far as he knows, as familiar as he is with the character, which is way more than any fans could be, one thing is for certain; Stiles is not gay! That is all.

  8. PA says:

    Okay so if Stiles isn’t ever going to bisexual or be any other sexuality except straight, can we stop with the hints at him being bisexual then? Just stop hinting at things like that and stop baiting the fans. =/ JD has hinted at it before at cons, and there’s the occasional hint in the show, and that gets fans’ hopes up. Kind of a low blow to just come out and say “these hints don’t mean anything.” I don’t really want Stiles to end up with Malia or Lydia, either. I feel like he and Lydia are better off as friends, and the way the whole Stalia thing started in the first place has me a little squicked out.

    • Pseudo Not Found says:

      How Stalia happened was so gross. I think it could have been normal like with Paige but here, they barely knew each other, they did it in a creepy place, it was totally random…
      I really find this insulting, hinting that he could be bisexual and then denied everything. It’s like they did with Danny: “a gay character! But… you will never saw him!”

      • PA says:

        Yeah, I didn’t like how Stalia happened either. JD claims that this is a progressive show in terms of representation but really? Having a gay background character doesn’t really count, in my opinion. Maybe if Danny was made a main character it would be better, which is why so many fans wanted Stiles to be bi. He’s a main character, he’s seen a lot more than Danny is. It would be great for representation. And then the scene with Caitlin, they literally took a character who was originally lesbian and made her bisexual to make out with a straight guy. Now having confirmation that all of these hints at stiles being bi are nothing? That is insulting.

        • Jake says:

          Not sure if you saw the August 4 “Wolf Watch”, but Dylan is at it again.. They were playing a game where they were IDing “romantic lines” from the show (who said them and to whom) and one of the lines was Stiles’ asking to kiss Scott, so of COURSE Dylan just HAD to jump in and make sure that he announced that Stiles was “just kidding” and that wasn’t really a “romantic” scene AT ALL.. Honestly, at this point I’m getting real tired of Posey and O’Brien’s bull$#!t..

          • Tina says:

            Except Stiles and Scott are best friends, Stiles calls him is brother at one point, and this was a complete joke. Of all.the scenes to be mad at you really picked the wrong one.

  9. Glad to see malia as a regular next season

  10. Ash says:

    Here for Malia being a regular next season. Not here for more of the basic white bread Stiles/Lydia nonsense. Really not here for confirmation that the Stiles/Caitlin conversation was the queer-batiest queerbating to have have ever queerbaited. If Stiles is straight then crap like that needs to stop. No more coy “he might like boys too” jokes. No more lulzy scenes with Danny. No more “am I attractive to dudes” jokes.

    • Why? What’s wrong with having a character who actually takes a question like that under serious consideration instead of giving it the typical knee-jerk “eww, gay cooties” reaction? Even if he is simply bi-curious, wondering what it would be like, there are not enough open-minded characters like that out there, in TV, and these people do exist in RL. What’s wrong with them being represented too?

      • Meg says:

        Just my opinion here, but in a world without much homophobia — which is supposedly what Jeff Davis is trying to create with Teen Wolf — I think having a straight, white guy character who’s “open minded” about sexuality isn’t something that needs “representing”. The whole cast of characters should be open minded about sexuality. That’s (ideally) what happens when people aren’t homophobic.

        An actual bisexual main character who is developed, on the other hand… A bisexual character who is sympathetic to the audience and whom the writers have taken the time to love and flesh out… That’s what needs representing. And that’s exactly what’s being teased and (ultimately) denied to the audience.

        And this is why the concerns about queer-baiting are legitimate. This article has essentially confirmed that this is exactly what the show is doing.

      • It’s a problem if they’re being represented at the cost of characters who are actually queer, rather than simply curious. Not to mention, 3 whole seasons of hints? If he’s simply bi-curious, bring it up and resolve it in one episode. Don’t bait the fans.

      • M says:

        TV is FULL of ‘openminded’ straight guys. Name 5 bisexual characters currently on television right now. I can’t. Representation matters, but the dead last thing we need more of is representation for straight white guys.

  11. So… basically, we’ve had three seasons of hints that Stiles might be bi, for nothing. We were told that Derek went to a gay bar, for nothing. The video of Tyler and Dylan on a ship being used as enticement for fans to vote meant nothing. (“Vote or we’ll sink this ship!” Remember that?)

    Instead, we get a sex scene between Stiles WHILE HE’S DRUGGED and a girl who punched him a few hours earlier in the basement of a MENTAL ASYLUM played for “true romance!”

    We get Danny (one of the two reoccurring queer characters – wow, such diversity! much represent!) being written almost entirely out of the show, despite the fact that fans love him. How many lines has he had this season?

    We also get Posey calling the biggest ship on the show “weird, bizarre & twisted,” despite the fact that we’ve had three seasons of the TW media team playing it up for attention. Oh, but it’s totally the fans’ fault. Okay, sure.

    Great. Thanks, guys. So glad Sterek fans banded together to raise thousands of dollars in this show’s name. Good to see you care about us as much as we care(d) about you.

    I am queer, and I am angry, and I am absolutely done with this show.

    • Yes, it’s the fans’ fault how they reacted to Posey’s comment. He is entitled to his opinion even if you don’t agree with it – and considering he mentioned it would be interesting to explore that side of Scott and Stiles’ relationship and/or Scott’s sexuality, calling him homophobic is bonkers. And yes, it’s the fans’ fault when they tweet him death threats and wish he would get raped. Sterek fanatics in all their glory.

      • Mike R. says:

        Posey was fare from wrong, the wording was unfortunate, but he is far from homophobic, and given this interview I would argue he is no worse than Dylan, if not better. Sterek would be gross if it would to become canon, not only in season 1-3a were many of the so called Sterek abusive in nature, but there is also a gross age gap that would have to be addressed if it were to go canon, which would take away from the so called great queer representation, Sterek fans argue when saying Sterek should go canon, now Stanny would have been great representation, Sterek, not so much.

        • LiLu says:

          Did you know that Derek is supposed to be 19? :) yes it’s a huge gap there, all of 3 years. Same as I got with my boyfriend. Totally disgusting ^^

          • Mike R. says:

            But he is not, he was originally supposed to be 19, but he is now somewhere in his mid-20( presumably 25), which would make their relationship problematic.

        • LiLu says:

          It’s never said how old he is. He could still be 19. And I wouldn’t believe anything JD says on a single comment, he switches his opinion a lot. As in, A LOT. There’s no proof that he’s in his twentys.

          • Mike R. says:

            There is also zero proof he is 19, he could be 19, all we know given what we’ve seen on the show he could be anywhere between 19-25.

        • S. says:

          How is it a gross age difference when Kira’s mother is 850 years older then her father? In real life people often are with people who are 5-15 years different, nothing wrong with it.

          • Mike R. says:

            I think that’s weird too, it is not the years, 10 years from now when Stiles is 26-7, and Derek is 35ish is one thing, right now Stiles cannot legally consent in California( where the show is located), so yes it is gross in my eyes. Ship and let ship, but the age difference is literally the least of the ships problems yet you focus on that instead of the gross abusive tendencies between the characters since season 1, it has only been since this season that Derek has been nice to Stiles, the two characters despised each other in season 1-2 and Derek physically hurt Stiles on multiple occasions, yet you guys call those Sterek moments.

        • B says:

          Posey might not be homophobic, but his word choice was. Those are terms and sentiments regularly used to describe same sex relationships and using them to describe a same sex ship was incredibly insensitive. Easily understood how it happened, but yeah, still way over the line. As for the rest of your comment, that’s been deconstructed by multiple sources so many times as to be ridiculous to try doing it again.

      • PA says:

        I would like to say that there were no threats or anything of the sort found directed at Posey after that happened. In fact, fans came together and said “whatever you do, do not send Posey any hate.” The tags on twitter and tumblr were checked and searched, and aside from one comment, there were no threats. Posey’s mother tweeted something about it, and we think she misunderstood the tweets that a single person was sending out to other fans. That person was telling other fans, fans who had not sent any hate, to die because they had negative opinions of Posey and his acting or his looks. We think she mistook that person’s tweets at fans as tweets at Posey, tell him to die. Many people have searched the tags, and the result is the same. If there were as many threats as fans say there were, then they must have been deleted pretty quickly.

      • You might want to check your facts. The death threats sent to Posey on twitter were in fact overly dramatic Posey fangirls. They were also confused with the many death threats sent to sterek fans. Posey is entitled to his opinion, but as a professional actor in this business it’s his duty to present his opinions regarding controversial issues in a way that won’t offend the fanbase. Remember PR is a big part of the job, you can’t just mouth off about something a fanbase is so attached to because your job in interviews is representing the show. Furthermore, his choice of words was very offensive to the queer community – words that have been used to describe homosexuality in a negative way for many years. I understand it was not his intention, but he’s an adult and a professional and like anyone else should be held accountable for reacting so rashly.

      • LiLu says:

        That’s so single minded of you!
        Not every Sterek-Shipper thinks like those idiots who send Posey death wishes!
        I like Tyler Posey, really honest to god like him and his character on the show.
        But I was shocked to hear him say something like this about Sterek. It kind of hurt to be called “weird, bizarre and twisted” just because I like the ship. I never insulted other ships and I would never tell Posey to die or something, because I’m a grown up who likes to read Sterek storys and who likes the idea of the two of them together. I’m content if they don’t get together for real in he show. I just like imagining it and I know that there are more Sterek-Shipper just like me. People who just like the fandom and would never call some other ship dumb or unneccisary. It’s not okay to point at every Sterek-Shipper and accuse them of hating Posey/Scott

    • WhyIsTeenWolfGettingSoBoringAndDumb says:

      A decent comment. Thank you!!

  12. Mike R. says:

    Gosh, the bisexual erasure is strong in this interview, not that I’m surprised that in the end it was just cruel queer baiting, but for Dylan to not even acknowledge bisexuality is frustrating, not that I ship Sterek in the abusive form that it is in canon, both characters would need to be Ooc for that relationship to make sense, but I was hoping for bi stiles, but now I know ever hint of it forward is just queer baiting.

  13. biffes says:

    honestly I don’t care who’s Stiles with as long as its not Malia (mal-bad in french btw). But even more important is that Stiles is alive and well.
    Though it saddens me how Sterek is pushed into the dirt

  14. Mika says:

    I still think that Lydia is the only one for stiles and in my opinion they have to be endgame (: The connection between them is just adorable and it’s beautiful how much they care about each other. :3

  15. Lexis says:

    Malia being part of the pack…lol.
    Allison dead…
    Caitlin brought back in the sake of …? Oh yeah nothing… so basically waste of screen time. Yay.
    Lydia spending a season of being Stiles love interest and scream queen.

    I’m a woman and I refuse to spend another year caring about this show. So not worth it.
    And I will be too disgust between Stalia and Stydia nonsense.
    Please even if I’m not going to stay to watch this aberration, I hope at least, the “let’s kill more women fest” will stop.
    Lydia never going to be romantically involve with Stiles because she never cared for him that way and shouldn’t push herself to be in a relationship with him because he was in love with her since childhood and “is the best for her because he loved her so much and she deserves it”. No. She don’t deserve this and she’s more than that…
    Malia. I don’t even want to go there.

    • Pseudo Not Found says:

      You said everything. But I think people who are fighting against friendzoning would happily watch this show. *irony*
      This show is now like every other show, with white heterosexuals characters dating women who have no real background and who are put behind to glorify the notion of “strong male”. I think Lydia will still be a BAMF but to make her date Stiles after what the nogitsune did to her would be totally insane (but yeah, rape culture).
      Congratulations to the Stydia fan though because your OTP is nearly happening (even if it’s like this) :)
      The whole things with Caitlin, with all the hints etc. disgust me. I don’t have any words for what they did, that’s just for business and nothing else.

      • The nogitsune and Stiles are completely different people. It may have been a copy of Stiles’ body but it was not his actions or choices that determined what the nogitsune did to her. Unlike earlier in the season, Stiles wasn’t even partly present or aware of his actions as he was in a different completely different location. It would be insane for her to have feelings for the nogitsune given what he did. I don’t think it’s insane for her to have feelings for the real Stiles.

        • R says:

          It’s not insane for her to have feelings for the real Stiles, but the fact remains that the Nogitsune looked and sounded like Stiles. That has to make her uncomfortable on some level, and I can’t imagine her jumping into a relationship with Stiles so soon after the Nogitsune stuff. It would take time for everyone, including Stiles, to get used to him being himself again. Because you know that the thing wearing his face isn’t him, but it looks like him, it sounds like him, it’s even acted like him at times. That’s unnerving, and a little traumatizing considering the Nogitsune’s goal was the death of everyone and knowing what it’s capable of and what it has already done. Doesn’t make a difference that Stiles and the Nogitsune are two separate beings. I would imagine that, if Davis wanted to explore and go in depth about the aftermath of Stiles being possessed, there would probably be times Scott or Lydia looked at Stiles and for a split second thought maybe it’s not Stiles, maybe it’s the Nogitsune, or have nightmares about Stiles being the nogitsune, or flashback to the moments where the Nogitsune was present. They would look at Stiles or think about him, and think “nogitsune.” Of course, that would be natural for them to think because they wouldn’t be used to Stiles being Stiles again, and there’s that underlying worry and thought of “maybe we didn’t get rid of the Nogitsune, maybe it’s still here,” but those thoughts wouldn’t last forever. Just takes some getting used to.

  16. Meg says:

    Wow. I’ve read a lot of varying things about Teen Wolf, but this is the first article that has made me legitimately want to stop watching it. For a show that claims to be progressive in its representation of LGBT issues, it sure is quick to pull the “no homo” card on one of its main characters.

    This pretty much just drove a stake into one of the biggest opportunities the show has ever had to promote bisexual representation. I’m kind of disappointed in O’Brien for continuing to propagate the misconception that people are either “gay” or “not gay.” As someone stated earlier, bisexuality is a thing.

    This show talks a big game when it comes to LGBT representation, but when all we get are a few minor characters who are undeveloped and expendable, it certainly fails to deliver.

    • passerby says:


    • Chris says:

      Completely agree with you.

      It’s not even about ‘oooh Sterek!’ it’s about 3 seasons of hints and innuendos of Stiles’ bisexuality and having it all turn out to be nothing. As a bisexual man guy that’s a fan of this show, it’s just sad and disheartening to me.

      • Meg says:

        Yes, I fell in love with this show for the creative potential it had and for the way it purported to treat certain subject matters, e.g. sexuality and gender roles. But after season 2 ended, it’s just been one series of disappointments after another. So much so that I seriously wondered if the show got completely new writers. So this is just the last straw for me.

        What’s most disappointing to me, though, is O’Brien’s complete mischaracterization of the term “gay.” It demonstrates that there is a fundamental lack of understanding about what it means to “like girls” or “like guys.” One does not necessarily preclude the other. What this says to me is that if the actor thinks this way, then what must the show’s writers/producers think?

    • This, absolutely. I’ve noticed a massive backlash at Sterek shippers here, but people aren’t throwing their toys out the pram and throwing a hissy fit because their not getting their way as regards shipping. It’s far more complex than that. It’s the number of female viewers who have said they don’t want Stydia to happen in canon because they’re sick of watching women in romance being treated like something to be achieved and persevered after (seriously, do you know how scary that can be? how big a role it plays in rape culture?). It’s the hypocrisy of people telling Sterek fans that the age gap between Derek and Stiles makes the relationship too problematic, when age gaps between older male/younger female characters (but note, not the other way around, or the woman will be labelled a cougar) are ridiculously common. It’s the way TPTB and other fans are so readily willing to erase the huge queer fanbase and ridicule the female fanbase by reducing it to a bunch of “queer fetishizing teenage fangirls”. You know where I and my queer friends found our forms of representation when we were at school getting beaten up for looking different/having a different sexuality? We went to FANDOM, because television gave us nothing and every day people told us we were “bizarre, weird, twisted”. Right now I’m just about as appalled at some of the comments posted here (the same old straw man arguments) as I am with the interview.

      • Meg says:

        To be honest, though, I don’t really care all that much about Sterek. It would be nice if it happened, and I get that it’s apparently some big popular thing, but I would be happy with any well-developed LGBTQ relationship amongst one of the main characters. I always thought it would be with Stiles simply because there have been so many deliberate hints at it since the show began. I honestly thought a Stiles/Danny relationship was something that would get explored at some point.

        One of the most biggest issues here is O’Brien completely sweeping the scene between Stiles and Caitlin under the rug. If it meant nothing, then why the hell was it filmed in the first place? It feels like the media team is trying to shame the part of its demographic that wants proper LGBT representation into shutting up and just giving the show ratings.

        You’re right. The response is appalling.

    • WhyIsTeenWolfGettingSoBoringAndDumb says:


      Frankly, I was pondering watching season 4.

      But this interview. THIS interview. Is the first honest thing I have heard about the creators/actors opinions.
      Now I know what to expect from Teen Wolf. Namely The SAME HETERONORMATIVE BORING CRAP like in a any other show!

      I kept watching Teen Wolf in hopes of some LGBT MAIN characters…DESPITE the horrible writing and special effects.
      All for nothing.

      Thanks to this interview I could finally decide: I won’t continue watching this show.

  17. passerby says:

    thank you for the OBVIOUS bisexual erasure. thank you for calling us nothing. now i can get back to the real life feeling confidence about my sexuality.

  18. lily says:

    Good to see that there are more people threatening to dump the show over a pairing that didn’t and was never going exist rather than its sexist writing and generally poor continuity. Good to see where the priorities are. Well, it’s okay. It’s not like hardcore Sterek fans on the internet contribute that much to the show’s ratings anyway

    • Pseudo Not Found says:

      You know that most of the Sterek fans knew that it would never happens, right? Most of the comments here are about the awful representation of the LGBT community.
      And I totally agree with you for the sexist part and the awful plot holes. This show was disappointing in so many ways.

    • Oh, trust me, I’m dropping the show for those reasons too. Unless the show decides to go with Scott & Lydia as a romantic pairing, I’ve completely given up hope of Lydia ending up in a healthy relationship with someone who respects her. Given the way Malia & Stiles appear to be played straight, I’ve also given up on any acknowledgment of the consent issues that TW is rife with.
      The verification of the show’s blatant queerbaiting, and Dylan’s shameless bi-erasure are simply the final nail in the coffin.

      • Nick says:

        You call Scott and Lydia a healthy relationship? That’s never gonna happen. How awful would it be for Scott to date his dead first love’s best friend? I really hope yours was a typo and you meant Stiles.

        • Nope, I meant Scott and Lydia. Stiles has viewed Lydia as an object and something to be obtained. Scott is the one character who has consistently treated women with respect, and Lydia has been constantly disrespected by other characters and the narrative. I think they’d bring out the best in each other.

          • Nick says:

            We must be watching different shows. Stiles has the utmost respect and admiration for Lydia, not just because he finds her beautiful, but because he finds her intelligent even more than he is. Did you forget about the scene where he says “one day you’ll get the Nobel for some amazing math discovery” and she corrects him saying “there’s no Nobel for math, it’s called Fields medal”?
            I think Stiles’s love for Lydia is deep and evolved from pure teenage lust to adult admiration and love. He feels intellectually challenged and deeply care about her.

      • poor Isaac says:

        scuse me! teen wolf just got to its climax. this sh*t is intense man, not stupid. Also are you forgeting about the twins. Lydia has a fling with one of them. No one has mentioned Isaac. Poor him. He watched Alison die right infront of him. Also in someone elses arms. Who knows, if Malia is going to be a regular character then maybe something might happen between Isaac and Malia (I will be so mad if that happens though because I’mn a huge Stilia shipper. Go Stilia

    • People are threatening to dump the show for a number of reasons. I’m personally not here for a horrendously sexist Nice Guy romance with Stydia, or the queerbaiting in the media regarding Sterek, or the blatant No Homo scene with Stiles and Caitlin, or the exclusion of Danny, our canonical gay character, or the number of female characters who have been bumped off, or the fact that non-con has been dealt with fairly well except when it comes to Derek, which has been horrific (particularly the romanticising of Dennifer, which has only recently been confirmed as dubious consent) …seriously, need I go on? I’ve remained very positive about TW for a long time, but this interview shows just how completely not with the times they are, and how very very little the understand the fans. They view us much like you appear to, as young rabid fangirls desperate for a slash pairing. That attitude is something we desperately need to erase.

      • Carly says:

        If I could I woudl post a standing ovation gif here.
        I can’t so les’t pretend I did.
        Thank you for wording what saddens and angers me about this show so much better than I ever could.

      • lily says:

        Nobody cares Starkiller (obviously). If you’re going to stop watching, stop watching.

        • Lena says:

          Obviously you care enough to be bugged by their comments and respond to them. Just ignore them and their comments if you really don’t care. This stuff is up for debate and discussion, so just leave them alone if they wanna keep saying “i’m gonna stop watching.”

  19. Joanna says:

    all the show ever did this season is trying to steer away from anything Sterek. But the thing is, one of the reasons Sterek is so strong is because the other relationships are weak and boring. So no Derek/Stiles interaction won’t lead to people paying more attention to the other stuff that they already find boring. Learn how to write proper relationships showrunners, or hire a writer good with romance who can edit your scripts.
    Also, I don’t know how to reconcile “We support everything the fans like” with “Sterek is weird, bizarre and twisted”. I think it just means: “We wish fans would drop Sterek but still create buzz for the show”. Also, of course, if fans are not nice enough with Scott/Posey, it’s not the fans’ fault. It,s the showrunners’. Focus the show around him if you think he’s worthy of more fans’ attention.

    • Pseudo Not Found says:

      As a Sterek fan, I will stop you right there : the other relationship in this show aren’t weak and boring and everyone has the right to ship whatever he wants. The romance between Scott and Allison was really good too. And there’s so much other ship! Allydia, Stydia, Melissa x the Sheriff, Jallydia… And so much more!
      You are ruining the image of the Sterek fans. To be honest, it’s because of people like you that we’re seen as “stupid teenage girls”.

      • Joanna says:

        I’m not even a shipper and even less a “stupid teenage girl” thanks for the insult. I just see that almost no one have any interest in those other ships. Because they’re boring and badly written. I watch a ton of other shows and they all have multiple ships that people are passionate about. Just go on AO3 to see how much people are into those other ships you mention. And as I said, I’m not even a shipper.

        • Kelly-Anne says:

          Congrats, you are exactly the type of sterek fan that gives the fandom a bad name. The other pairings are not boring or badly written just because YOU are not interested. If you are not a teenage girl, this is even more embarrassing. Lots of people are passionate about all of the other ships. The problem is that the sterek fandom is soo loud and overbearing that it may look like to you that the others are small. But I think you are lying, because if you don’t like them and think they are so poorly written, how would you know what the figures are like on AO3? Sterek isn’t even the only popular m/m ship. Ever heard of Scisaac?
          Fun fact: there is sterek fic is written by people who admit to never having watched the show. The just like the actors looks. Hardly a good measurement for sterek being better because passion or whatever. I wonder how you think a relationship between a teen and adult who has been violent to each other would be better written than the relationships we see so far.

  20. Ash says:

    That was legitimately the most blatant “no homo” I have ever seen.

  21. GKC says:

    Seriously? So the point in changing Caitlin’s sexuality was…?! Basically Jeff has been queerbaiting fans with the hints to Stiles’ bisexuality. So much for wider representation.
    And the Malia thing is wrong on every level. She PUNCHED him but because she’s a female, that’s okay? It is not romantic to have two patients suffering from mental health issues appear to sleep together, and is completely unrealistic for her to even be behaving like an actual teenager when she’s supposedly not had any human contact for half her life.
    Stydia is so ridiculously cliche, and it annoys me that Jeff has only thought about putting Lydia with Stiles because his original plan of having her with Jackson was ruined. It’s also unfair to Lydia’s character to reduce her to a love interest yet again, even if she’ll be finding out about her banshee powers next season, because the primary focus will probably end up being relationships instead of the storyline!

  22. I have been defending TW vehemently lately, but I think this is maybe the last straw even for me. I was very upset that they brought back a character who had been originally described by the show runner as lesbian (one of two lesbians in the show, and the only one not to be killed off in the same episode she appeared), only to make her bisexual for a make out sesh with Stiles. But after watching the scene, I figured that perhaps Jeff Davis had added that otherwise inexplicably unnecessary scene for a reason – that he planned to make good on his previous claims that Stiles is possibly bisexual. So as much as I was miffed that Caitlin’s lesbian sexuality was scrapped, and alongside it some positive lesbian representation, at least it would be for a positive reason, right? Now this article says no. In fact, worse. It says that scene, where Stiles appears to pause and consider her ‘do you like boys?’ question, was actually the biggest No Homo moment of the series. Even after years of fans being very vocal about how anti-queerbaiting we are, how sick of homosexuality being used as the butt of a joke ala BBC’s Sherlock, Teen Wolf actually thought it was appropriate to bring back a lesbian character, turn her sexuality to bisexual and all for the reason of make a “lol no homo” joke? This is disgusting. And what’s worse, O’brien, who once said this of the Stydia relationship: “Lydia is Stiles’ obsession, but I don’t think Stiles and Lydia would work.” Lydia is his obsession, his ten year plan. It is a horribly sexist romance, if indeed it is to turn out to be a romance. I’m not going to get started on Malia because I think the most people are far from sold on her. As for Sterek, people have been convinced all season long that there has been a reason Stiles and Derek haven’t shared a single scene (other than Nogitsune!Stiles throwing Derek around a bit). Maybe now we have our answer. I’m disappointed. I’m disappointed in the show, in O’brien, in Posey, in the way the PR has handled this whole mess. There has been a lot of grumbling about TW from 3a to 3b, but I still had very high hopes and respect for the show. But I think that’s it for me and a great many people. I can only speak for myself, but I won’t be around for the finale tonight and I certainly won’t be around for S4.

    • Meg says:

      I hear you. I was so excited to watch the finale, but now I just don’t think I can stomach turning on the TV tonight. Maybe one day we’ll get a show that actually treats LGBT issues as something more than “that thing we have to acknowledge sometimes because — look — we’re progressive, lol.”

      • Morgan says:

        Than You that commment Its on the money. Everyone needs to start investing time into the GAY AND LESBIAN FILMS FESTIVALS and stop worrying about shows that give a little hint of bi, pan, trans, lesbian and gay lifestyle. Support it in your city that you live in like Cities like Philly, NYC and Miami having been doing this for almost to 20yrs. People you have to look at movies like HELLBENT and BUGCRUSH(short film) rent them. Visit www. TLAVIDEO.com AND WOLFVIDEOS.(EDUCATE YOURSELF) There several problems with TEEN WOLF show but who cares its ENTERTAINMENT not real life.(ITS CALLED RATINGS) When gay and lesbian films were done in the mid 90’s almost every film had a tragic ending. Its gotten much BETTER. The funny part about STEREK is JEFF gave it to you its not main characters, but the Danny and one the twins ( WEREWOLF AND A YOUNG MAN ).

    • Chris says:

      Slow clap.

      Completely agree with you on everything. Except I will be watching the finale tonight just in case something shocking and amazing actually happens to renew my lost faith in the show.

    • Nick says:

      I think you kinda went overboard and over thinking with that. Yes, they’re playing with Stiles possible bisexuality. He may be bi-curious and he surely looks like it. But that’s how teenagers are, some teenagers are not sure about their sexuality, and sexuality itself is a fluid thing, which may change during life. All the ranting as to why they made a lesbian character turn bisexual… she’s a teenage girl, do you really think that she could not change her mind and try boys too? I think that if they wanted to play with Stiles’s bisexuality and have someone ask him if he likes boys too, it makes total sense to have a not-straight character ask him. And how would that be a No-homo moment? And how would homosexuality be the butt of a joke in Sherlock??
      Just as Dylan said “Stiles is not gay” instead that “Stiles is not into boys” makes me think that we haven’t seen the last of it. TBH I think we will eventually get some boy on boy romance for Stiles even if eventually he should end up with Lydia. Not just because he cares about her, but because the two are made for each other. Both are smart, clever, individuals and clearly enjoy each other’s intellectual stimulation. Moreover, Lydia is growing up from her high-school-pretty-girl attitude of dating the alpha-male stud: she was Jackson’s girlfriend, then she’s been dating the twin, then she’s been hooking up with the twin…
      I haven’t read the interview where Tyler speaks bad about Sterek. I can imagine he’s said that… but I doubt he’s homophobic. First of all because the whole shop is about accepting diversities, and moreover Tyler’s grown up in California and in a business where plenty of people are members of the LGBTQ community. He could be just annoyed by all the crazy fans about Sterek, a couple that’s just been in fandom’s mind but never in the creator’s mind: while we had hints at Stiles’s bisexuality, what we know for sure is that he loves Lydia, was ready to get at it with his childhood friend in the cellar before the was murdered by the Darach, and had sex (maybe just intercourse) with Malia. Clearly he’s still into girls. Similarly for Derek, even if it was hinted that he went to a gay bar, what we know for sure is that he loved this young girl when he was a teen (and he had to kill her) and then he dated the Darach. Not a very lucky love-life, but doesn’t mean he’s into boys. Moreover there has never-ever been a hint of romance or flirting between Stiles and Derek, so I can imagine Tyler being pissed when he’s asked this question for the 1000th time.

      • PA says:

        Well for one, Hoechlin wasn’t the one who commented on sterek in that interview, it was Posey, and two, that question wasn’t even directed at Posey. If Posey doesn’t want to talk about Sterek, he shouldn’t answer a question very obviously not meant for him. Watch the interview, the interviewer is asking Hoechlin, not Posey. Homosexuality has been the butt of a joke in BBC’s Sherlock. The show runners of that show have admitted to queer-baiting. ” Yes, they’re playing with Stiles possible bisexuality.” <— that's the problem. That right there is the whole problem. That is why so many fans are angry. It's called queer-baiting. They're dangling the possibility of Stiles being bisexual over the fans' heads, many of whom in this fandom are queer themselves and would love to see a main character be queer. Maybe it's a poor choice of wording on O'brien's part, but calling that scene, that little moment of what was seemingly realization on Stiles' part, nothing is harsh.

        Also, Stiles being in love with Lydia and Derek not having much luck with women doesn't mean they're straight, either. Despite O'brien's response, it's still entirely possible for either one of them to be bisexual. It's a totally heteronormative thing to assume that just because Derek and Stiles have only shown interest in women, they're just straight. It's a strawman argument to use in defending their heterosexuality as well, especially in Stiles' case because Jeff Davis himself has dropped hints at multiple before that Stiles could very well be bisexual. Now if what Dylan said is just his opinion on the subject or whether he's just saying what Davis is too afraid to say or doesn't want to say, it's all on JD whether or not Stiles turns out to really be bisexual, and if—and this is a huge, ginormous if here, Sterek ever happens.

        What some of us fans want more than anything right now is for the show to just be honest. If a character isn't queer, we want them to stop baiting us, and to stop baiting us with a ship that most of us have long since accepted will most likely never become canon.

        • Nick says:

          I never said Hoechlin commented on Sterek, I said Tyler, which is also Posey’s first name. I did not know that the question was not for him, but still believe that he can answer questions about a show where he portrays the main character.

          Can you bring evidence of this “Homosexuality has been the butt of a joke in BBC’s Sherlock. The show runners of that show have admitted to queer-baiting. ” ? I watched the entire 3 seasons and, being a gay male myself, I never once felt disrespected nor humiliated.

          I think you missed the whole point of my comment. What I’m saying is that the writers are playing with Stiles bisexuality exactly because they’re portraying a young bi-curious teenage guy, who apparently likes girls but every once in a while finds himself wondering whether he also likes dudes or not. You want the writers to stop this personal journey of Stiles by either having him have a gay experience, thereby labeling him officially bisexual, or stop putting him in awkward situation, hence labeling him as straight. But reality, life, is not that simple. Many teenagers are curious and struggle with themselves for years before trying something out with the same sex. Just because you want a main character to be queer (and that’d be great, agreed) doesn’t mean that if the writers play around with it, it’s because they are “queer-baiting”: they’re just representing one aspect of real life.

          Nowhere in my comment I said it’s impossible for Stiles or Derek to be bisexual, or that they are straight. On the contrary I said that I expect to eventually see some boy on boy romance for Stiles. But according to the evidences presented on the show, the most reasonable conclusion is that they are straight… or perhaps Stiles is bi-curious. Sterek shippers want to see them together and that’s totally legit since we’re talking about fiction, but they can’t really believe that it’s a logical development of the two characters, both because they appears to be more into women than into men and because they don’t really seem to like each other…

  23. GKC says:

    So basically the point in bringing back Caitlin was…?! Jeff has basically been queerbaiting with his hints at stiles’ bisexuality only to completely ignore it.
    And the whole Malia thing was so wrong. She PUNCHED him, but because she’s a female, it’s okay?! How does it make any sense whatsoever to have two patients with mental health issues to make out/sleep together? Also, why on earth is Malia acting like an actual teenager when she’s spent half her life without any human contact?
    One of the problems with stydia is that it is ridiculously cliche. It’s annoying that jeff has only been so forceful with the pairing because his original idea of having Lydia with Jackson was ruined. I seriously feel like this will reduce her character to being a love interest yet again because even though they’ll be looking into her banshee powers next season, it’ll probably end up being more about relationships anyway.
    Can we not just have characters be on their own for once? I’d hope that they’d be more caught up with mourning Allison!

  24. yaaaassss says:

    Stydia all the way, hands down, forever & ever. What’s so special about them is that they are growing up together, but yet apart from being in a romantic relationship. They definitely care about eachother and I love seeing them just grow. And no matter who they date in the future, they will always have a special place in their heart for one another. That’s whats beautiful about stydia. They don’t have to be together now, but maybe later on when their friendship grows more.

    • lol says:

      friendly reminder all 3 seasons took place over the span of a year. the previous eight or so years stiles was in love with lydia, lydia didn’t have a clue who he was. she didn’t even know he existed. so no, they didn’t grow up together. it’s not beautiful. she deserves better than a boy who looks at her like something to achieve.

  25. Fernando says:

    Danny should be a series regular for season 4 not malia

    • PA says:

      You know honestly, you would think Danny would be a series regular, or even a main character by now. JD doesn’t want to make one of his main characters queer? Then bring Danny into the main cast. Having a background character that is queer hasn’t been doing a whole lot of good for representation when that character is just that—a background character that is hardly ever seen.

  26. Carly says:

    tiles and Lydia have an amazing friendship developing. The fact that even Dylan insist on her being the one for Stiles, still is just so sickening. I get that you don’t just turn off your feelings so easily but I felt like in 3A we moved from his worship to him actually appriciating her as a human being and her being more than a pretty face and a thing to won over. Them getting together would be a reason to quit the show for me. Cold turkey.

    Malia being a series regular is another thing on the rapidly growing list of things that make me want to drop this show like a hot potato. I don’t care about her and even less about her forced and creepy connection with Stiles. Or Peter. They can both go away for all that I care. (I would miss Ian and his sass but Peter has overstayed his welcome.)

    Stiles doesn’t like guys because he isn’t gay? Really Dylan? How about bisexual? Pansexual? Or simply bi-curious?

    I want to stick with this show and like it for the couple of awesome characters and the great writing that is unfortunately occuring less and less frequently but it is as though after Season 2 they decided they are established enough and they can just do whatever and the fans will eat it up because someone is shirtless or witty or sarcastic or has puppy dog eyes or is suppposed to be amazing even though he is clearly not. I’m sick of being used.

    This show is turning into Glee right in front of my eyes. They talk the talk but they don’t walk the walk. They pretend they are amazing and progressive and so very daring but it is just smoke and mirrors. And the sad thing is, they had the potential. They just decided to throw it away. Or maybe they never really planned on realizing the potential.

  27. Ally Oop says:

    Stiles with Lydia all the way! This is actually the first time I heard of Sterek and I don’t get what created Sterek shippers. When has there even been a hint of it on the show? It boggles my mind.

    • A says:

      What created Sterek shippers? S’pretty easy, several scenes of them looking very intensely at each other, or that time when Stiles finished Dereks thought of the difference between werewolves and the kanima being: werewolves ain’t abominations. The look Derek gives him afterwards? Yo, if Stiles were a girl everybody would be seeing it. Some of the most interesting relationships throughout history have been prickly and filled with banter at the start. But yeah, I’m sorta done with people asking ‘what started it?’ a look, a glance, a touch, but you don’t see it, ‘cuz they’re both men, and way too popular of a ship. If people can ship Stalia, why not Sterek.

      • May says:

        Don’t you know? We’re not supposed to ship two heterosexual guys together. It’s gross and fetishizing because they’re guys, and one is underage! (Never mind that you are correct that if Stiles were a girl, everyone would see it. No one would question it, and if Stiles’ being underage was ever brought up, people would say, “oh but age is just a number!” Sterek would probably be canon by now, and almost no one would have a problem with it. But Stiles isn’t a girl, so of course it’s a huge problem.)

        • Radha says:

          @ LOL:So you’re saying that anytime someone makes a “10 year plan” then that’s creepy and somehow offensive? People make goals all the time in their lives. “By this date I will have gotten into law school.” and “By the 23rd I’m going to gather my courage and ask that cute barista guy out already.”

          Just because Stiles said he has a 10 year plan to get Lydia to fall in love with him, all of a sudden this is something horrible. Somehow he only sees her as a trophy.

          *rolls eyes*

          @ May and A: I actually used to ship Sterek until I saw how psychotic some of the fans were. It’s one thing to ship and there’s another to completely change the events on the show to fit some deluded idealistic world where Stiles and Derek are in love. They do banter and I do find it hot and there is nothing wrong with shipping two men together. But to sit there and be all seriously going “They are meant to be!” when all they’ve had are a few scenes together is ridiculous. Stiles jumping into the pool after Derek was squee worthy, but honestly? He’d have jumped in for Scott, Erica, Lydia, the neighbor’s dog etc. Because he’s a nice person and wouldn’t want anyone to die. It’s not because he loves Derek.

          So I get shipping Sterek, it’s the delusional and irrational aggression and fervor that I have a problem with.

          If Stiles was actually bisexual, I see him getting together with SCOTT. Not Derek. Scott is the one he actually has background development and history with. Close moments and scenes that make you want to cry. They would do anything for each other. Yet…a few ambiguous looks and a few scenes and everyone jumps on the Sterek ship in a serious manner? I get shipping them, but I would never say that I shipped them seriously. Scott and Stiles would be a much better slash pairing in my opinion. And I multi ship. So if Stydia cannot happen, then I’d be on the Sciles train. If Jeff goes the Sterek route it will not make sense story wise, and it will only be because the fans bullied him into it.

          I do not watch this show for the SHIPS. I watch for the characters and I am getting more and more irritated with people who act like the fandom lives or dies on them. That sense of arrogance is disturbing in my opinion. And anyone who thinks with that sense of entitlement should not be awarded for that.

          Does the show queerbait? Sure it does! But that is business. It has always been business and it will remain so long after we are all gone. That is how the media markets their shows and films. They appeal to audiences–by whatever means necessary. It’s all in the marketing game. The idea that people don’t understand this and get so offended for every little thing just makes me shake my head.

  28. Wade says:

    Extremely excited for the finale tonight. Dylan’s work (and everyone else’s for that matter) has made for a great ride this season. As a gay man, I thought he conducted himself with the same composure and thoughtfulness he always does, and I am no more or less of a Stiles fan right now just because he turned out not to be bisexual. It would have been great if the show went there but just because it didn’t won’t turn me away. That’s just not who is character is, glad it got cleared up.

  29. Hmm says:

    Reading all the comments on this article has reinforced exactly why people consistently side-eye the Teen Wolf fandom. The sole focus of this show should not be on one character’s sexuality, and the fact that so many spend so much time and energy arguing about it – with the actors, writers and fans – is baffling to me. If you are watching solely for the purpose of debating Stiles’ sexuality, you are missing so many wonderful things about the show. Aren’t ya’ll exhausted?

    • Taylor says:

      Huh, well, the thing is a lot of us aren’t just focused on his sexuality? Like, I get what you’re saying, because I do see quite a few fans displaying that sort of focus toward the show, but most of us are just really upset with the queer-baiting. That’s why there are so many angry comments. We know there are lots of wonderful things about the show, and we love those things, but many fans, fans who are queer themselves, identify with Stiles and would be ecstatic if it was explicit that Stiles is bisexual. We don’t watch solely for debating Stiles sexuality, but when an actor, writer, producer, or show official comes out and says something like, that the throw away comment was nothing, fans will get angry and upset because it confirms their worst fear—they’re being queer-baited.

  30. salvadordiazb says:

    Reblogged this on Salvadordiazb's Blog.

  31. Taylor says:

    Well, not gonna lie, it is pretty disappointing to see Dylan call that scene nothing. I hope it was just his opinion though, and hopefully there’s still a chance for him to be bisexual. If Malia’s going be more involved next season, the writers better not turn this into some bs Stydia vs Stalia crap. I’m not a huge fan of either ship, tbh, but Lydia and Malia shouldn’t be pitted against each other and treated as trophy wives.

  32. I’m glad to see an interview from Dylan before the finale tonight given the impressive work he has been doing this second half of the season. I love his comment about the cast being like a family and it is one of the reasons I enjoy the show so much. On ship related things, I’m glad to see the finale will show more Stiles and Lydia. There has been a lot of growth to their relationship this season and I’m glad the finale will show more interactions between them. Regardless if you ship them as friends or romance, I think it’s important to see scenes between Stiles and those that he has stronger relationships with. I’ve enjoyed seeing the scenes with Stiles and his father, as well as Stiles and Scott.

  33. SwanQ says:

    The scene with Stiles and Malia was just plaint disgusting and made no sense whatsoever. Malia should have the mental developement of a child (!) and Stiles was traumatised because of the Nogitsune screwing with his mind. It wasn’t cute, it was a poor choice of writing and what was the point of it anyways? I hope she’s not pregnant, you know, having unprotected sex and all..

    I’m seriously disappointed with the direction the show has been taking. As a bisexual myself, I can’t say how tired and how hurt I am by the fact that bisexuality is constantly being used in a humerous way, because it’s oh-so-funny to make people believe that someone might be interested in their own gender, too. But wait, they’re actually straight! Because, we all know, bisexuality doesn’t actually exist. /s

    It’s even worse in TW because the idea of Stiles being bisexual (and even Sterek) was heavily hinted and promoted by the writers whenever polls and questions about the show came up, so those fans could vote for them and make TW even more known. Now it feels like they are just mocking them.

  34. Stilia cruise says:

    Tots excited for the episode tonight. I want to see Lydia and Stiles have a moment, but I also want Stiles’s chasing after her to stop. I hope they have a moment, but then it ends. Stiles will be free and can start over with love. Also, or is it just me, what about Isaac? There’s so much about shipping and other stuff, but what about him. He lost Alison so who does he end up with. I hope to god not Malia, but if they do end up and Stydia happens then I might be a little ok. Poor Isaac. I have a hunch that the new episode will begin with Alison’s funeral. That’s too much. R.I.P Alison. About Stilia and Stydia. I would prefer Stilia, but if Lydia his truly the one (which I seriously doubt) then I think I can get over it. Cant wait for season finale and what happens.

  35. what says:

    idk man i just want Stiles to take a break and focus on getting better after this whole nogitsune situation. tbh he isn’t in a good mental state to handle a romantic relationship. in general i think the show likes to play on the romance aspect for whatever reason but i was never really a fan of that (maybe bc it is a show on MTV and the supposed demographic is teenage girls?? idk). i vote on the development of more platonic relationships because imho we haven’t gotten to see that too much. i would argue the only solid and established friendship on the show is stiles and scott. but in general i kind of just want all the characters to take a nice day for themselves bc god knows they’ve been through the ringer this season.

  36. Mia says:

    “Allison’s Death” …

    Ty SO MUCH Andy Swift…

    son of the b…

  37. Michael says:

    good news that Shelley will become a regular on the show

  38. Me says:

    I respect all TW ships, but really what Dylan said doesn’t come as a shock to me. Not everyone that has chemistry needs to have a romantic relationship. Sure, Dylan and Tyler H have good chemistry on the scenes they had together, but that doesn’t make them canon or endgame. Stiles and Derek don’t even like each other, and it’s not one of those ‘hate you but want you but love you but hate you’ scenarios. They aren’t exactly friends, and they don’t share such a deep bond (as Stiles and Scott). But hey, if you want to ship it, that’s okay, but don’t tell me it came as a shock to you that they would never happen. I love gay characters on TV, Klaine is like… on my top 5 otps of all time! But what they have is a two-sided relationship, where they both know what they want and they love each other, and that’s what I love most about fictional relationship. But in Sterek’s case… well that didn’t happen. Both Stiles and Derek are heterosexual guys who don’t really like each other, let alone love each other. I think it’s okay to ship whatever you want (gosh go ship Melissa and Kira if you want) but you’ve got to admit that most of Sterek fans travel on the crazy side of the road. I love all DO/TH scenes together, they give me a good laugh, but when I found out Sterek was a big thing I couldn’t understand. I still get that WTF feeling every time I see a Sterek thing. Just to be clear, I don’t ship Stydia/Stalia or whatever the rest is called, nor am I a hater (most of my friends are gays) it just doesn’t make sense to me. It’s not a rule, you know… you don’t need to be a couple just because you have good chemistry.

  39. Audrey says:

    So the scene with Caitin was queer-baiting. Great. I was hoping the show would be classier than that but clearly not.

    Also I get that this is a show on MTV but is all this emphasis on romance really necessary? It’s not like any of these kids have more important things to deal with. (Like, hi, that whole exchange between Lydia and Kira in the finale was pretty tacky – way to complain about how you don’t know how to relate with your sort-of boyfriend over the death of his ex to her BEST FRIEND.) I’m just so disappointed in the writing this season. (The acting, from everyone, has been top-notch. The writing? NOPE. Jeff Davis is not a gift.)

  40. biffes says:

    Dylan doesn’t explicitly say Stiles isn’t bisexual. He says: “he knows he likes girls”. Maybe HE DOESN’T KNOW HE LIKES BOYS TOO hence the thinky face to Kaitlin’s question.

  41. falva says:

    Great! Malia is going to be a regular next season! :D They need to add more girls to the cast

  42. Courtney says:

    I want to see Malia become a bombastic character because of herself, not her romantic attachment to Stiles. Also, I want to see the repercussions of Stiles’ possession. I didn’t like the sudden hookup Stiles and Malia had in the basement of the Eichen house. It just didn’t feel quite realistic. Stiles was getting closer to being possessed again, and he barely knew Malia. Of course, Malia was probably extremely curious. She had been a coyote for such a long time! And, of course, Stiles is Stiles. I just wish their first encounter seemed more natural. None the less, I’m excited for season 4. I want to see the mental repercussions of this episode–Alison’s death, Stiles’ possession, etc–and also see some real chemistry between Stiles and Malia. I didn’t like the basement scene, but I think it will get better when I get to see who Malia is. This show needs more amazing female leads like Lydia. Just my two cents.

  43. Kacy Hostetter says:

    I Love This Show. I could never stop watching it. To be honest its kinda like a horrible Monday escape. I’m sad to say I’m not a Sterek shipper. But that doesn’t mean I hate the idea I respect other people’s opinions and I would never put them down for them. But I am a happy Stalia shipper. When asked why I would say because I’m a hopeless romantic and I think Stalia is really romantic. But like I said that is my opinion. I would never put somebody else down for their opinions, so please do not do that to me.

  44. sarah says:

    “We support everything the fans like, and however they love the show is how they love the show.”

    I know that everyone is up in arms about his comments on Stiles not being gay, but I think that this is the most important thing he said in the interview, and it’s really great. What TP said was totally douchey whether he meant it that way or not, and I like that Dylan tried to smooth that over. And I’m sure HE thinks he knows what TP meant and didn’t mean, and I respect that. But these are the kinds of comments that fans want to hear, the comments that will make them love the show more and want to support it. What TP said was unkind no matter how he meant it, and he’s not in a position to be unkind to anybody given how much love fans have given that show. Whether love for him or love for Sterek – it’s still love for the show and he should appreciate that. Anyway, thank you Dylan for being diplomatic!

    • Brumal says:

      Why should he be nice to trash fans that ignore him so they can scream about sterek? Fans are so gross sometimes that they would ignore him just to suck up to Dylan and ask about sterek. Some of them don’t give not one damn about the fact that this is his show. He is the lead, the story unfolds around him. Not some garbage ship that has had like 20 mins of interacting in this season alone and only gets trotted out to milk thirsty fans for publicity.

      He finally said what a lot of folks feel instead of sucking up to the dead weight in the fandom that does nothing but watch the show to make it all about their ship so they can make low res gifsets on tumblr and meta about howuch sexual tension was in that scene where Stiles walked by Derek.

  45. AnnabelLee says:

    This is ALL about audience. Forget representation or logic plots or meaningful characters or relationships. We’re being played and manipulated, as it always happens in TV… Sad thing, it’s still entertaining. Good thing, we can create our own free universe with fandom.

  46. Hailey says:


  47. Lisa says:

    Let’s all put Dylan O’Brien out to dry because he is expressing his opinion that a character he has portrayed for four years – who has been in love with a girl for ten years, got kissed by girls, groped by girls, girls, girls, girls – is straight.

    I would love to see them explore a bi-sexuality angle with Stiles but if that’s not something Jeff has put on the cards then that is not something Dylan is going to assume is happening.

    I don’t understand how everybody can be so negative about a show that is breaking those wall downs unlike any other teen-focused show just because it’s not doing what they want. It’s petulant and counterproductive.

  48. Jesse says:

    Trust me when I say I am totally cool about the Stiles character being gay. However, I still do ship Sterek. I will continue to because it’s not just that yeah, they’re attractive guys and well just but, but the entire way each of them plays into the others personality. I mean they both obviously care for each other, whether its friendly or more but I see and I hope others see how this season has really brought out kind of a bond that took a while to form through the other seasons. And their chemistry and everything is just crazy perfect too, I see more chemistry between him and Derek than him and Lydia. However I honestly do not think, if I were straight shipping him, that Lydia should become his girlfriend because I feel like given everything that it would become self destructive and if he were to go with a female persay that Malia would be the girl because while they haven’t experienced as much together as he and Lydia it’s more like a new building ground. He’s had to deal with so many loops and breaking moments with Lydia I think it’d all just tumble and that Malia is his better choice because they click better(not as good as Derek, but hey) and she hasn’t taken season after season to notice him, in fact she took less than that and she liked him even as the nogitsune was consuming him. And maybe Lydia did too but like I said, too much has been cracked with the two.

  49. Mikaila says:

    I’ve been waiting for stiles and Lydia to get together for a while now and when they kissed in season 3 my heart just melted. I also love stiles and Derek. I love how funny and sarcastic stiles is, and it’s cool that even though some people might consider him as just the sidekick hes cool with that. I like Derek because he is tough and not afraid of many things he still has a soft , nice, cool side of him.When Allison died i felt terrible. She has always been my favorite character. Although I will miss her, the scene of her death was well written. I also think it’s cool that Lydia is a banshee. I was a little bit confused at first though because Banshees are screaming ghosts and ghosts…well, they aren’t exactly allive. Either way i think it’s really cool and a great show. Teen wolf forever!

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