Teen Wolf Recap: Death Is Here

Teen Wolf Allison DiesThe penultimate episode of Teen Wolf Season 3 began with the search for Lydia, but by the end of the hour, Scott and his pack had much bigger problems to worry about — like where they’re going to bury their friend.

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That’s right, folks, this week’s episode finally delivered the major death MTV has been promising/taunting us with for weeks — and just as the commercials promised, not a single viewer was prepared. Allison ended up being the much-hyped victim, as a sneaky Oni spirit shanked her from the side during the massive melee at Eichen House.

And just to make Allison’s death even more heartbreaking, she took her final breath in Scott’s arms. “It’s perfect,” she said. “I’m in the arms of my first love. The first person I’ve ever loved. The person I’ve always loved. I love you … Scott McCall.”

Cue the tears, cue the heartache, cue the therapy bills. Cue all of it. I will never recover from this unspeakable tragedy.

(Side note: TVLine readers almost guessed it right!)

CLOSE ENCOUNTERS | I’ve got to hand it to Jeff Davis; the man knows how to build suspense and fake us out. There were at least two points in the episode where I swore I knew who was going to die — first the twins after they were shot in the woods, then Isaac as the Oni spirits were picking him apart like several Andys at a buffet — and boy, was I wrong. (That said, I would have been A-OK if the twins had ended up six feet under. Sorry!)

ALLISAAC, ONE LAST TIME | Before her untimely death, Allison had an uncomfortable — albeit strangely adorable — conversation with Isaac about whether or not he was actually himself when they had sex two nights prior. It was a sweet moment for the couple, made especially bittersweet knowing it was basically their last. Of course, Allison’s final moments with Scott pretty much took a dump on all things “Allisaac,” so… does it really matter?

PAPA McCALL DON’T PREACH | In the midst of the chaos, Scott and his dad found a quiet moment for a nice father-son chat. And by “nice,” I mean Papa McCall recalled the time he got too drunk and let Baby Scott fall down the stairs and land on his head. Scott tried to make things better by pointing out other places he landed on his head as a young boy, which kind of made his dad feel less terrible — until Scott read him the riot act about coming and going whenever he pleases. Maybe there’s hope for them after all!

(Lastly, I know I didn’t even mention Stiles in this recap, but is that really who you care about right now? ALLISON. IS. DEAD. Get your priorities straight, people!)

Teen Wolf fans, are you OK with Allison’s death, or did you have another victim in mind? Drop your thoughts about this week’s episode in the comments section below.

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