Teen Wolf Death Watch: See Who's on the Chopping Block this Monday -- and Vote!

Teen Wolf fans, are you ready for the saddest Moonday ever? One of Beacon Hills’ best and brightest is about to find him/her/itself six feet under, so it’s time to place your bets.

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Monday’s episode (10/9c, MTV) will finally usher in the big death we’ve been promised/threatened with for months, and because no one is safe — well, almost no one — TVLine has broken down the potential victims in an easy-to-digest photo gallery.

The categories include “unlikely,” “possible,” “quite possible,” “extremely likely” and one very fortunate “not gonna happen.” Enjoy:


Now that you’ve seen your options, cast your vote below (you can choose more than one), then head to the comments section with more of your theories, fears, etc.