Ratings: Reign, Community, Parenthood and Shonda Shows Rise, Idol Dips

community-325With Big Bang Theory sitting the bench, NBC’s Community this Thursday surged 28 percent in total audience and rose a tenth in the demo, drawing 3.5 million viewers and a 1.1 rating (per finals).

Leading out of that, the officially renewed Parks and Recreation (3.1 mil/1.2) rose 15 percent in audience but was flat in the demo. And coming out of a Hollywood Game Night repeat, bubble drama Parenthood (4.2 mil/1.3) added some eyeballs and a tenth the demo.

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Over on ABC, Wonderland (3.8 mil/0.8) gained 19 percent in audience yet matched last week’s series low demo, while Grey’s Anatomy (8 mil/2.4) and Scandal (8.9 mil/2.9) both ticked up 8 percent and a tenth.

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The CW’s Vampire Diaries (2.24 mil/1.1) inched up in viewers and ticked up a tenth, while Reign (1.64 mil/0.7) rose 10 and 40 percent.

Elsewhere, Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen (5.3 mil/1.8) and American Idol (8.4 mil/2.0) both dipped two tenths, while CBS’ hoops coverage averaged 3.6 mil and a 1.1 from 8 to 11 pm.

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  1. Lou says:

    Grey’s was great last night and after a lackluster first half to the season, it’s finally starting to feel like the old Grey’s again.

    • Shuayb says:

      I agree! Yesterdays ep was reminescent of ‘old’ greys! I do take issue with lackluster! This season has been great and very good. Everything that has happened is very organic. I cant wait for the rest of the season…

  2. I don’t get it. If people have the choice, why watch Big Bang live and Community later? I watch both and the choice is easy and yet the opposite of what the Nielsen ragamuffins choose. It’s like, choosing between a burger with and without cheese. Go with the cheese, damn it.

  3. sportyspice says:

    I woudnt read too much into that COMMUNITY surge. It’s only due to the basketball pre-emption of BBT. Nerds don’t watch sports so they had very few options last night. Let’s hope NBC doesnt misread these #s as enough for a renewal. Put a fork in it — it’s so overdone.

    • Sports fans ARE nerds. They’re just very different kinds of nerds. The kind that paint their face and put on a costume for a game instead of a day of LARPing.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Yes, ergo the first seven words of the story, “With Big Bang Theory sitting the bench…”

    • Meg says:

      Why so angry about Community’s ratings? It’s only TV.

    • Angela says:

      Actually, plenty of nerds are also sports fans. But way to go with a lame stereotype.
      And we won’t even get into your thoughts about a renewal.

    • john says:

      If you don’t like it don’t watch it. Never understood how people can’t grasp that simple concept plus what that other person said, its television so chill.

  4. sarah says:

    All my shows gained viewers!
    I really hope NBC renews Parenthood! Also would like to see Community back too.

  5. e says:

    i haven’t felt particularly fuzzy towards parenthood this season, and just last week i told my husband i would be fine if it wasn’t renewed, but last night was FANTASTIC (aside from the annoying amber/drew storyline). it reminded me of the parenthood i know and love. if they keep that momentum up the rest of the season, i will definitely miss it if not renewed.

    • tp says:

      I ff through most of the Amber/Drew stuff. That Natalie chick is irking my soul though!! I wish they would let the Hank and Sarah thing go. Their time has passed. Normally Christina gets on my nerves how she babies Max but I knew she should have gone on that field trip. I cried when they talked on the way home. I wanted to kick that kids ass for them!

      • e says:

        the car scene wrecked me. while kristina/max always do a great job, adam was the one who really got me this time… he felt like such a helpless dad, and it broke my heart. also, the victor/joel scene ruined me too. you just feel how much he loves that kid (something i have never felt from julia), and i love the fact that he took the time to really explain and show victor that he will always be his family.

        SO over the drew/natalie thing (that girl makes me crazy!), and amber and drew’s relationship has been CREEPING me out this season. while sarah doesn’t sway me one way or the other normally, her neediness is insensitive when hank is clearly trying to make progress in his life, and she’s keeping him on the hook like a little puppy, coming into his studio constantly and not leaving him alone. i love ray romano as hank, because it truly shows a completely different side to the actor, but i think they have exhausted their storyline at this point.

        • tp says:

          I felt the love from Julia for Victor when he needed to b put back. She was a wreck tying to figure out how to best handle it without hurting hi in the process. What is with that mom saying “we all unofficially agreed the kids wouldn’t get a cell phone until 6th grade” I almost yelled at the tv…raise your kids your way and I’ll raise mine my way. My kid needs a phone right now! I am so MAD at Joel. I can’t believe he’s going to go on a date with Peet. It might be just a work thing but it sure doesn’t look like it stays that way.

          ITA about Ray Romano showing a different side but it is time to go.

  6. Belle says:

    Woohoo, love my Reign!!!!!

  7. Coal says:

    I disagree with Greys being back to its old self. It was a coming of age story of 5 distinct interns brilliant and selfish Yang, damaged and heir to the throne Grey, abrasive and misunderstood Karev, punching above his weight O’Mailey, kind hearted yet competitive Stevens. While the Attending egomaniacs when it came to doing surgery and we loved them for that. And Bailey was a strict disciplinarian who ran a tight ship. Webber was the one everybody feared. Now everyone is all buddy buddy. Also when was the last time you were wowed by a Greys case ?

    • trainwreck says:

      true that.. Greys remains to be one of my Must-Watch tv shows but the way i used to anticipate in the earlier seasons – not anymore! I loved the dynamic u mentioned of 5 interns – which i keep saying, was the ESSENCE of the show.. now one intern is dead, one is MIA , one is about to be MIA (or God knows what).. Personally i was invested more in Izzex than i will ever be in Jolex (although i like Jo/Camilla) and Meredith is too occupied with her family now. Man i just realize while typing how much i miss old school greys! *rewatch marathon!*

  8. Claudia says:

    Actually the best games from Thursday ended up being mostly on the cable channels. Wonder what the cumulative ratings will be?

  9. Eric7740 says:

    I hate to say this, but watching Greys last night, I felt as if I was watching out of habit. I’ll stick with Greys till the end, but secretly I was hoping they were going to call season 10 the end. Scandal was AMAZING!!!! As was Parenthood, minus the Sarah/Hank stuff!

  10. Jen says:

    Wow! Idol actually fell below a 2.

  11. Name This Tune says:

    My guilty pleasure, Hell’s Kitchen, won its time slot.

  12. Parenthood was killer last night. As the mother of child with a serious learning disability, I sobbed. Like a baby. We’ve dealt with bullies this year and it was awful. Like Kristina I just held him and cried. Sydney & Victor’s reaction to Joel & Julia’s separation was also spot on. I also loved that they finally had Hank confront Sarah. Just sad that he caved in the end. The writers and actors seriously brought their A Game last night.

    So what’s taking so long NBC? Please renew this beauty and put us fans out of our misery!

  13. Ava says:

    Happy for Reign!

  14. Fernando says:

    Good for Reign, keeps proving that it isn’t Bueaty and the beast 2.0

  15. DavidSask says:

    I can’t stand the very annoying and whole song versions of 80’s tunes on Grey’s and for the rest of the year, ughh! Anyone else agree? Keep dying American Idol, hope Fox gets smart and gives it a final year and then puts it in its grave and gives us quality programming not reality!

  16. Justin Sturm says:

    Community had better rating when not up against BBT?
    Gee NBC, maybe you should give some of your shows a chance and maybe counter program huge hits. Put something opposite/different than BBT on at that time and move Community and Parks & Rec to a different night.
    Community has been sooooooo good this season.

  17. Forwardad says:

    The annoying Natalie will be gone soon. She’s signed to another pilot/tv show. And they bring back Drew old girlfriend, can’t remember her name , and she disappears into her house? What was the point of that storyline?