Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Past, Present, Suture

PAUL JAMES, JERRIKA HINTON, ELLEN POMPEO“She does not look happy,” April says to Jackson the first time she sees her monster-in-law in this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, “We Gotta Get Out of This Place.” But, by the end of the episode, it’s the newlyweds wearing the stricken expressions, not Catherine — and she isn’t even to blame. Read on. I’ll explain.

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ON SECOND THOUGHT… | When Jackson argues that it’s inappropriate of Catherine to immediately hit April with a postnup — most people say hello first — Mama Avery fires back that “what’s inappropriate is, the engagement was 15 minutes at a rest stop on the turnpike.” (Score one for Mama.) Regardless, if it will calm Catherine down, April is perfectly happy to sign the document. Which, unfortunately, only averts one crisis. “Now,” Catherine suggests, “let’s talk about the children.” Avery heirs, it turns out, begin attending Avery Foundation board meetings at 15. They go away to boarding school. They are pro-choice. None of which April and Jackson discussed — or even thought about — before eloping and none of which sits well with the bride. So, before most couples would even be back from their honeymoons, these two have gone from the wedding to marital strife!

AGE BEFORE DUTY? | Although Catherine spends most of her time dishing out unappetizing food for thought to April and Jackson, she’s really visiting for Richard’s birthday. He could use his lady love’s support, too, as his day begins with Owen bumming him out by handing him papers suggesting that he consider retiring. (Ouch.) At least his day ends well: After removing from a patient’s abdomen the twin brother that he absorbed, Richard is not only treated to a surprise party that’s only kind of a surprise, he’s asked by Owen to become the director of the residency program. “I’ll think about it,” he says in a way that suggests, “The answer’s yes.”

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YOURS, MINE AND OURS | After Callie lawyers up in order to prevent Derek from monopolizing the sensors that she’s been using in their research for his brain-mapping project, it gets — as one would expect — majorly tense between them. “There’s a reason you feel terrible,” she says. “It’s ’cause [cutting off my research is] the wrong thing to do, and you know it.” Since she’s right on both counts, he eventually teams up with her to convince the Washington bigwigs — “bullies,” he labels them with a Post-It — that her work is just as important as his. He even goes so far as to quit when they balk at allowing him and Callie to share the equipment. Upshot: As Callie puts it, “We overthrew the government today!”

MAKING THE ROUNDS | Once Alex explains to Jo that he wants her to sign HR’s “love contract” for no more complicated reason than “I want to kiss you when I want to kiss you,” she gets over her fear that the agreement is the “kiss of death” and affixes her Jane Hancock. Meredith welcomes her new bioengineer, Eric, by forbidding him (at first) from using her printer and making Stephanie baby-sit him as he reads up on her project. Cristina refuses to allow Shane’s patient, a pregnant teenager, into her conduit trials for children. And, even after Cristina signs Owen up for internet dating, she’s still the woman with whom he wants to leave Richard’s birthday party!

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Will Jackson wind up agreeing to raise their theoretical children April’s way, or will she agree to bring them up his way? Hit the comments!