How I Met Your Mother Recap: So, So Many Blasts From the Past -- Plus: A Big First!

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 RecapLest you think How I Met Your Mother was going to skip over the good parts of Ted and The Mother’s relationship, Monday night’s episode delivered another milestone in their romance.

And bonus: If you ever wondered what happened to Zoey, The Blitz, Janet, Kevin and more, we’ve got answers — thanks to the best, continuous one-shot recap!

Let’s review the highlights from “Gary Blauman”:

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WHO’S GOT BUTTERFLIES? | The episode begins Wednesday at 8 pm, three days after the wedding. It’s time for Ted and The Mother’s first date, which is full of the requisite awkward/cute banter and a horrible dining choice (Scottish-Mexican fusion). Instead of going inside the restaurant, The Mother suggests they go somewhere else. But it’s not so easy to do without a reservation, Ted argues as they walk and he launches into the story of Gary Blauman (more on that later).

Along the way, they spot her ex, the one whose proposal she just turned down four days ago. That makes The Mother realize she’s in a weird place and not quite ready to date, so Ted takes her back home. “I guess this is where I leave you,” he says, and you can tell he’s crushed about possibly losing this girl forever. Nine years ago, he would have made an impassioned speech and scared her off, but now, Future Ted tells us, he knows it’s all going to work out. He turns and leaves — but then The Mother calls him back! “Oh, thank God,” he says under his breath. And proving to be a woman who knows what she wants, she goes in for the kiss. She invites him to keep walking with her, but he just stands there staring at her, so she asks what he’s doing. “Remembering this,” he replies. Swoon!

THE CURLY FRY | Gary Blauman (SNL‘s Taran Killam, aka Cobie Smulders’ real-life hubby) shows up at the wedding, but Robin doesn’t remember him RSVP-ing. Code red! Marshall takes charge, promising to find a seat for him. Things get complicated as everyone starts to reveal why they either hate or love Gary. Ted believes the guy tried to steal a girl he was hitting on with Teddy Roosevelt factoids. William Zabka loves him because Gary appreciates his poetry. James reveals that Gary is the guy with whom he cheated on Tom. (Ted’s delighted to learn he was the prize during the Teddy Roosevelt-off.) But as sad as James’ reason for disliking Gary is, Barney’s is the best: He ate one of his accidental curly fries. How dare he?!

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MORE BUTTERFLIES! | Meanwhile, Lily is pro Gary. When she and Marshall were broken up, she listened to a lot of Sugar Ray and almost got an embarrassing tattoo of the singer. But thanks to Gary, she stopped at half a butterfly, which is a lot better than Marshall having to stare at the full tattoo every time they have sex on his birthday, she points out.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW | When Gary initially leaves the wedding, the gang realizes that they might never see him again and that people don’t stay in touch. When you find someone you want to keep around, do something, Future Ted says. Then he reveals that he kept tabs on people and so begins an amazing parade of returning (and mostly unannounced) guest stars as we see their futures. Ready?

Carl is still working at the bar alongside his son; Jeanette (Saturday Night Live alum Abby Elliott) was convicted of sending jars of urine to Val Kilmer — not that one — and was mandated to see Robin’s ex, Kevin (House‘s Kal Penn), who hit it off with the nutso; Ranjit has his own limo service; Patrice got a radio show; Zabka became an award-winning poet; Zoey (Once Upon a Time‘s Jennifer Morrison) is still fighting for her causes; Scooter (Neil Patrick Harris’ fiancé, David Burtka) married Lily’s doppelganger; The Blitz (Lost‘s Jorge Garcia) kicked the gambling habit — just before losing a jackpot; James and Tom got back together; Sandy (Alyson Hannigan’s husband/Angel alum Alexis Denisof) went on to report and be his usual inappropriate self in Russia; and Blah Blah (Suits‘ Abigail Spencer) got a name! (It’s Carol, FYI.) And that was all filmed in one continuous shot, so major props to director Pam Fryman and the folks who had to coordinate all those schedules.

HIMYM fans, what did you think of The Mother and Ted’s first date? Which blast from the past was your favorite?

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  1. Wondering says:

    Anyone else bummed that Robin is calling for relationship advice about Barney ?

    • Cathe says:

      And that she didn’t seem excited to marry him last week when her mom asked her…

      Barney being Barney, can’t really be surprised about that. Maybe it was just to bear Robin scream at Patrice (which is a male first name in french, isn’t it in english ? Anyway) again.

    • sd says:

      I liked it and lets be honest getting married doesn’t mean Barney turns into the worlds greatest listener.

      • Goodbye Universe Guy says:

        Which might be a clue as to what is coming in the finale’. Barney is not a great listener, and that’s cool, that’s not his style; so when Robin needs to talk to someone for advice and help, whose phone is going to ring?

        • Meghan says:

          Patrice’s! ;D

          • Goodbye Universe Guy says:

            Good point , when all else fails, I guess there’s always Patrice. Very good – you made me smile! ;)


    • CountryQueen says:

      I think getting married is freaking her out as she didn’t think she would get married, and the fact that she is marrying Barney just freaks her out more. But they’ll end up happily ever after. :)

      • Goodbye Universe Guy says:


        Everything is going to fine – B&R are going to be fine, L&M are going to be fine, T&tM are going to be fine. The question will be, can the six of them deal with the ‘dynamic’ that has/is/and will exist **between** the couples, particular T&R. When you have long term friendships, there are responsibilities, expectations, promises that have been made over the years that are not easy to severe, or even desired to be severed. Marriage doesn’t always change that – not with these types of close friendships. It is almost ‘cradle-to-grave’ type brother-sister relationships, except with the ‘relationship/love’ factor added on – it can get complicated.

        Ted said it just last night in ‘Garry Bauman’ episode –

        “When you find someone you want to keep around, you do something about it.”

        That T comment was with reference to the Mother, but one could argue, (at the very least), T & R have been making that wager between themselves over and over again for years. If they really wanted (could?) get away from each other, they would… but they don’t – maybe they just can’t.

        R will need to call T from time to time when she needs some help or advice, and we know T will answer that phone when it rings. He has to, he needs to, he wants to — after all, it’s Robin. Marrying someone else won’t (can’t?) change that. Thank goodness Ted marriage an angel, who is very wise and has already experienced a terrible loss. That future dynamic will be something I suspect CT/CT will explore in the finale.

        Maybe that is why Ted is explaining his story of how he met their mother to the kids. Maybe at the age the kids are now at in 2030, they are starting to ask questions about this dynamic between their parents, their aunt Lily and uncle Marshall, and their wild/crazy aunt Robin and uncle Barney. Maybe Ted is trying to explain all that to them – how this all came to be.

  2. Cathe says:

    The ending of this episode was PERFECT, with all those characters from the show, seeing their future and what seemed to be Ted and the mother’s first date.

    This season, for me, is average over all but tonight was one of the very good ones. I feel like this show needs to end but with endings like this one, a small part of me want it to continue. I’m gonna be sad when it will end in 2 weeks.

    • C.I.L.O says:

      You said it way better than I could’ve said it.

    • Daphne says:

      I was definitely screaming with joy during that ending… while tearing up, haha! We can really feel that this is the end…

    • joe says:

      this episode once again proves the trend thats been going on all season. The episodes that have the mother in them are ten times better than the ones without

      • Brooke says:

        Indeed. This season has been a bunch of major highs (the eps with the Mother) and major lows in the worst-episodes-ever sort of way (the ones without the Mother). They really, really should have milked the Mother’s regular cast member status way more than they did.

      • jen says:

        Agreed. At this point I still feel like we’ve had to endure more of daphne than we’ve gotten to see of the mother, with her regular cast member status she should have been in every episode

  3. Yes Wondering…that made me sad too.

  4. KT8711 says:

    Jeanette, not Janet.

  5. TJ says:

    It took me a minute but the line by Zabka, “that’s not my move. Sweep the leg and put in a a bloody bag is my move” is from his character on Karate Kid. I Loled.

  6. Kyle says:

    This is nitpicking, but in “The Chain of Screaming” (season 3), Barney mentions that Blauman died. Ugh, I need to just enjoy the episodes that are left instead of dissecting them.

  7. Camila says:

    “… so major props to director Pam Fryman and the folks who had to coordinate all those schedules.”

    Major Props *salute*

  8. steven says:

    Lily mentioned that Sugar Ray’s Fly is her breakup song, but Fly is not a breakup song.

    • Paula says:

      That’s probably why Ted says that she knows nothing about breakups.

    • Brooke says:

      That was part of the joke, Lily and Marshall have been together forever so Lily hasn’t experienced anywhere near the number of breakups Ted has. Therefore she doesn’t know what’s typical for a breakup song.

    • CountryQueen says:

      I knew a couple who’s song was “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin'” – always cracked me up when I would hear that. But yeah, it was a joke about Lily misunderstanding. Which is why we love Lily.

  9. Melanie says:

    The Mother and Ted’s scenes were perfect- however the story was just lame.
    Final be here!

  10. With the happy endings they’re giving peripheral characters, The Mother better live happily ever after, too. Maybe the sadness over the conversation from last week’s episode about mothers and daughters at weddings had to do with the fact that The Mother won’t be at her daughter’s wedding b/c the daughter ran away…she couldn’t take one more of Ted’s stories.

  11. Jay says:

    Alyson Hannigan got a Doppleganger. Evil Willow call back.

  12. Lauren says:

    Loved this whole episode. I’ve been hanging out to see Ted and the Mother’s first date, and we got all of those blasts from the past – including all of the married cast member’s partners! One of my favourites of the season. So great.

  13. Reed says:

    Great little episode. I sure hope they explain why Ted is in New York (and not Chicago) for the date with the Mother three days after the wedding, without the reason for it being something ludicrous like “she might be the one”.

  14. Hipper says:

    I know I’m greedy, but…. WHERE WAS VICTORIA!?!?!?!

    • alex says:

      Shes my fav of teds girfriends of course the mother is catching up fast!
      Drumroll Please was the first episode i ever watched of HIMYM. That ending kiss swoon there were parallels to that kiss and the kiss shown today. The “oh thank god” ted says

      • Paula says:

        Yes, I need to see Victoria one last time.

        • Teri says:

          My wild theory for the reason we didn’t see Victoria is the following: The mother does indeed die, the pictures they released of Robin and Ted in the future is a red herring and what it really means is Ted encourages Robin to work out he problems with Barney, and the reason Ted is telling the kids the story is to let them know how much the mother meant to him and always will on the eve he is marrying Victoria who he ran into and reunited with after the mother passes. It’s far out there but it would be just as satisfied with this end as I would if the mother lives.

          • Goodbye Universe Guy says:

            I like Victoria as well [Ashley Williams rocks!] – maybe she does the cake for Ted and The Mother wedding? That would be cool. A chance to see Victoria again with the gang!

            That may have to be in the HIMYM ‘reunion’ show in ten years [2024]! ;) [with a flash back to 2014 T & tM wedding]. I know no one in the cast and crew (at this point, they are I’m sure pretty worn out from the long series grind) will say they want to do a reunion show ten years from now, but you never know – if there was ever a comedy series that was built perfectly for a future reunion show, it is this one.

  15. Lulu says:

    Loved this episode so much…too sad to think there’s only two weeks left. I hope the Mother doesn’t die. If she’s the one who helps Robin recover from her pre-wedding panic attack (which, judging by the ‘End of the Aisle’ promo she will), wouldn’t it be a total b**** move for Robin to end-up with Ted? Barney would have never realized how much he loved Robin without the Mother and she probably wouldn’t have gone through marrying Barney without her too. Basically, Robin ending up with Ted will mean that she’s screwing over the person who practically changed her life. If this ‘Dead Mother’ Theory holds true and Robin ends up with Ted, then basically all that the Mother did, including meeting Ted, was pointless and just shows Ted’s kids (and the rest of us who’s been aboard this wagon for 9 years) that their mother wasn’t enough to get over Robin. It’s like Ted basically saying: “I loved your Mother for 17 years…it was good while it lasted, but now she’s dead, I realized that I loved Robin all this time”. I love this show and I wouldn’t want it to end the way its been speculated lately. After 9 years, the fans deserve a beautiful ending.

    • Patrick says:

      I think Barney will be the one to screw up that relationship, if it happens. He doesn’t listen, he is super selfish, and I have serious doubts about his ability to remain faithful. I know that the myth of the reformed bad boy is catnip for lots of folks, but in reality bad boys are usually just bad people. Who don’t change.

    • Jax says:

      That’s the stupidest thing I ever heard. So if the mother does die you expect Ted to remain single for the rest of his life?!? It’s not like he would go out the day after the funeral and get her a ring. I’m sure there would be an appropriate time period in between. I’m not saying I think this will happen but if the mother does die and Robin and Barney break up for some reason, it actually makes logical sense that two long time friends would find comfort with each other.

  16. Hayes says:

    Aww. Loved that parade of guest stars. Love that they got Blah Blah back, Abigail Spencer has a higher profile now. Wish they found a way to get Nora in too, Nazanin Boniadi’s gotten much much bigger as well since the show.

  17. JW says:

    This season keeps getting better. It was a challenge to change things up as much as they did and I’ve enjoyed nearly all of it. So many surprise guests, clearly there’s a lot of affection for this show by the people who’ve filled these one-off roles. And they’ve done what they do best, these unabashedly sincere emotional moments like Ted and the Mother outside her door at the end of a date.

  18. Eric7740 says:

    OMG! Was anyone else crying at the end of the episode like I was??? I can’t believe we only have two weeks left!!!

    • iammusic says:

      I had no idea whether to laugh or cry through the whole panorama of the B, C, and D characters. Ended up with a weird combination of both. Then sobbed through the end and the promo.

  19. The person that swoops in and takes The Blitz’s machine, is that the same woman that did that to Phoebe on Friends?

  20. Quinn Mallory says:

    But what happened to that dental assistant played by Britney Spears? Asked no one ever.

  21. Goodbye Universe Guy says:

    A really nice episode … the surprise guests in that one continuous shot were great to see – Abigail Spencer/Carol! Who would have guessed – the blah, blah girl! [on Robins’ list of Ted’s top 5 worst girlfriends in ‘Sunrise’]. And we got to see Alison Hannigan’s other half one more time on the show – Sandy Rivers/Alexis Denisof. I’m sure it was great fun to get all those folks back together again for this episode.

    My favorite moment – Robin meeting Gary Blauman [Taran Killam] – I’m sure great fun for the two to get to work together in their scene.

    Well, we’re down to two weeks, one more 1/2 hour episode and then the one hour finale. I’m gonna miss this show terribly. We need to enjoy every minute now the rest of the way.

    Looks like Robin meets the Mother next week – take three deep breaths…

    CODE RED!!!

  22. David Metcalfe says:

    love seeing zoe again

  23. daci says:

    Is it possible that maybe Ted is dying in 2030???

  24. KT says:

    Maybe Ted is getting Alzheimer’s or something and has to tell the story before he forgets it.

  25. Funland says:

    I’ve read a few different recaps, and I’m surprised no one has mentioned that Table 27 was taking the log-flume ride at Tuckahoe Funland!

  26. Jonathan says:

    Blah Blah was definitely a digital insertion/green screen situation, but otherwise the “single shot” was pretty awesome.

  27. AndyOnTV says:

    I enjoyed teh episode, but how did not having a dinner reservation remind him of the story of Neil Blauman (which wasn’t really a story because it was only three days ago). You can stretch that no dinner reservation was being compared to not RSVPing to a wedding, but that’s poor form for one of Ted’s stories

  28. Dan says:

    Very nitpicky here, but 2 episodes ago, much to Lily’s chagrin, Robin was non-plussed about every potential wedding crisis. Now, Robin is all of a sudden freaking out about an unaccounted for guest? Is Robin emotional about this wedding or not?

    • jen says:

      I think this has to do with the conversation Robin had with her mom, I think we’re beginning to see the seeds of doubt that will lead to the scene ‘the bride wants to see the best man’

      • Mr Universe Guy says:

        ^ This. Next episode on this coming Monday – ‘End of the Isle’ …. this is the buildup to the Robin-Ted summit. A lot will be explained [and maybe the setup for their future rendezvous in 2024 (?) at that point. If nothing else, I think we will get to see Robin’s state of mind at that point. We saw Ted’s state of mind in ‘Sunrise’ – this next episode and that summit will Ted will help explain Robin’s state of mind as she becomes Mrs. Barney Stinson].

        Robin’s conversation with her mom has set this all in motion. CODE RED!!

    • smooshiest says:

      I was nonplussed about my wedding, too, up until the day. That morning, hubs almost forgot to bring the license, flowers were late, etc. That’s very realistic. Also, Robin’s not one to freak out normally; she may do inner-freak outs, but never as much as Lily and others, especially Ted.

      This all being said, thought it was a great episode, no matter what happens. I’m definitely on team Mother-is-dead, but you never know, a whole twist could be coming. Whatever it is, I know I’ll be satisfied, because even with so many things over the years being inconsistent, this is the one part they wouldn’t change.

  29. Jessica says:

    Yeah that seemed like a very non-Robin like response.

  30. Nikki says:

    I loved the entire episode overall, but especially the ending with some of the most memorable guest stars and what the future held for those characters. I especially got a kick of Cobie Smulders, Alyson Hannigan, AND Neil Patrick Harris’ spouses all being involved in the same episode- that must have been a fun day on the set.

    I, unlike most, have really enjoyed the final season thus far. I’ve loved the introduction of The Mother and the casting and writing for her, I’ve loved all the nods to HIMYM’s running gags and history, the continuing string of returning guest stars, and the surprises along the way (I may have been the only one to be shocked by Lily’s pregnancy. LOL.).

    I’m very excited and depressed by the thought of the final coming in two weeks. I sincerely hope that Barney and Robin live happily ever after together because, despite their flaws, they were actually my favorite couple of the series. I am hoping that The Mother doesn’t die as I suspect she will (or Lily, for that matter!), because, if she does, I would be really pissed if I were the kids that Ted spent more time on silly anecdotes that featured his exes more than their deceased mother- even if it did lead to their meeting. While the HIMYM writers have always intertwined the emotional ups and downs of life, I hope they don’t end this, generally, fun series with a major death. I’d much prefer for The Mother to have a disease and be in surgery or on the mend and it end with a phone call saying she’s fine. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. :)

  31. jed17 says:

    Here’s my Bob Sagat/Full House Theory….hasn’t anyone ever wondered why the writer’s choose Bob Sagat as the voice of Future Ted? Why not just have Josh Radnour do the voiceovers for future Ted since it is still an adult Ted? I think it was planned since the beginning. It also confirms the mom is dead. I think Ted, in his own head, sounds like Bob Sagat….or the character he played in Full House. He imagines himself as that character since they lived through similar circumstances…..raising his 2 children as a single dad….with the help of his 2 male friends and 1 female friend. What do you think? Mind blown yet?

    • Sam says:

      think you are reading too much into things.

    • R.O.B. says:

      Someone else on here made a similar suggestion, but rather that it is some character, perhaps a lawyer, played by Bob Saget reading letters or something to the two kids – it was never Ted speaking (meaning maybe Ted is dead and the mother isn’t).

  32. NJMark says:

    Patrice got a “drive-time” radio show, and it’s an advice show? In no universe does that happen. Morning-drive is about traffic, news, weather, sports, and depending on the station format, some talk, celebrity gossip, wacky hijinks, or music.

    • Jonathan says:

      Kind of like how Ted became an architecture professor out of the blue with no background in education or certification. It’s a sitcom.

  33. Tanya says:

    Did anyone else feel like there was absolutely no chemistry when Ted and the mother kissed? It felt so awkward to watch.

    • Mr Universe Guy says:

      Sometimes that chemistry is just hard to capture. Sometimes it takes time to develop that, and JR and CM just didn’t have enough time.

      That’s what I think got the producers (CT/CB/PF) in a bit of a box (I think). The chemistry between Josh Radnor and Cobie Smulders is rare – it just works. They show up together on screen, and for whatever reason or cinema magic, it just works. I bet if they are asked about this, they’d say it too. It works. They have worked together for years now, with very tough scenes -Ted and Robin’s scenes are always going to be rough – that’s in the story, in the script.

      One could argue that most of the comedy comes from Lily, Marshall and Barney, and for Robin and Ted when they are not together. But other than season 2, most all Ted-Robin interactions have some form of drama to them – tough scenes, particularly in Season 7, 8 and 9. We’ve gotten spoiled without realizing it – that’s why so many fans keep holding onto the T&R concept – those two (Ted and Robin) work well together, and that’s a tribute to the fine work CS and JR do together.

  34. Jen says:

    I still wonder why they have Bob Saget doing the adult voice of Ted..maybe it’s nothing but I always found it kind of strange..

  35. says:

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