Vampire Diaries Recap: Spirited Away

Vampire Diaries Katherine DiesLadies and gentlemen, Katherine Pierce has finally left the building. But where, exactly, has she gone?

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“I guess this is how our love story ends,” Katherine cooed to Stefan on this week’s Vampire Diaries, mere seconds before her one true love plunged the dagger into “her” body, releasing Kat’s spirit once and for all. Her final words to Damon, on the other hand, packed a little more bite. She “apologized” (my air quotes, not hers) for giving his life “passion, drive and desire” and for teaching him how to love, to which he thanked her… by promising to see her in hell.

So is that where Katherine was whisked off to after Bonnie failed to pass her through to the other side? Hell? It was an exit unlike any we’ve ever seen on TVD before, as Kat was literally dragged out of the church by an unseen force, then — unless my eyes deceived me — propelled into the air.

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Now, let’s break down the rest of this devastating episode, shall we?

YOUR LOVE IS MY DRUG | But Katherine didn’t leave us without a little parting gift. Before returning to Chez Salvatore to say goodbye to Nadia (more on that later), she injected Elena’s body with Dr. Wes’ new-and-improved virus, which is even more powerful thanks to the addition of werewolf venom. So even though Elena is back among the living (so to speak), she’s also a vampire-fiending maniac. That should be fun!

GOODNIGHT, NADIA | You don’t always realize how much you care about a character until they’re suddenly killed off, as was the case with Nadia this week. In a very Rose-esque sendoff, Katherine entered her daughter’s mind and filled it with happy thoughts, as she took her last breath. I’m glad Matty Blue Blue got a chance to forgive her for everything she did to him, too. Nadia wasn’t a bad person; her only real fault was being born Katherine’s daughter.

CAROLINE BITES BACK | Tired of Tyler slut-shaming her every five minutes — and, honestly, who isn’t? — Caroline finally stood up to her ex. “Yes, I slept with Klaus, but after you walked away from me,” she reminded him. “Get over it or get out of my life. I’m done feeling guilty.” Would it be too ’90s of me to say, “You go, girl”? Because this speech was a long time coming.

WITCHY WOMAN | In order to track down Katherine, Bonnie enlisted the help of Liv — that pretty young witch with the golden curls — who could not have been more thirsty for Jeremy. At one point, she literally told him he has pretty eyes, and I got so embarrassed on her behalf. (I’m thinking of throwing a party so I can introduce Liv to my good friend Subtlety.) I foresee more trouble from her in the coming weeks.

THE DOCTOR IS OUT? | We didn’t get official confirmation, but is Dr. Wes dead? I can’t imagine he survived Damon’s little game of Operation (which is so not how Hasbro intended it to be played, by the way.) I know his Travelers are still going to be wreaking havoc on the Mystic Falls gang, but I assume they’ll be doing so without their golden-haired leader.

What do you make of Katherine’s strange goodbye, Vampire Diaries fans? Are you glad Caroline finally stood up to Tyler? And seriously, what is up with Liv? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below.

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  1. nateddog says:

    Wonder if we’ll ever learn what that was that took Kat away. At first I thought it was Bonnie doing it

    • Andy Swift says:

      I’d love to find out. I have a sneaking suspicion we’ll see Katherine again (maybe as an angel?) I’ve learned not to rule out anything on this show.

      • Lore says:

        Actually is Elena who becomes an angel in the books after she is killed being vampire, but we know with this writters

        • Chantall says:

          Yippppeee! That bitch katherine deserves to die …i mean all she wants is control she hates elena so much than why would she get into the body of a person she hates take her friends try to live her life .how pathetic can one be? Bye bitch bye!

    • john madison says:

      I think it’s Markos. He’s the next major villain coming up in episode 17. He’s the leader of the Travellers. Also there’s going to be a new doppelganger, a Silas or Amara one.

    • Mary Kate says:

      Pretty sure she just went to a kind of Hell.

    • sil says:

      Check out the interview with Caroline Dries over at TV Guide – Katherine has gone to “hell” and has definitely left the building. :(

      • B says:

        That’s so nonsense. Katherine is a product of Klause’s madness. And Katherine is the FIRST supernatural being that’s been sent to hell on Bonnie’s watch? That’s very hard to believe, especially after how humanized she’s been this season (literally and figuratively).

    • Ingrid says:

      My best friend and i have an insane theory about what happened to katherine. this theory is based on another theory. what if dobbelgangers are reborn once they die. we all know that the universe made the dobbelgangers to have a version of silas and amara that can die, so dobbelgangers have appeared all over history, and the dobbelgangers fall in love with each other every time. my theory is that once the dobbelgangers die they are reborn. so 500 years ago when katherine was made a vampire she didn’t die properly and could therefor not be reborn. and i believe this i true because klaus have been hunting her ever since. so if a dobbelganger was born between katherine and elena, then klaus would know. katherine met steffan in 1864. katherine is still on the run, but she is safe from klaus during this period, so the universe made it so that she would met her “true love” during this time. but then steffan is made an vampire (preventing him from dying properly) and steffan believes that katherine died in the thumb. so here is where my theory does not add up. steffan meets elena (another dobbelganger of amara). and i believe that elena was created by the universe to be the one complication that keeps the dobbelgangers from being with each other (like damon is supposed to be). who better to keep the dobbelgangers from each other than yet another dobbelganger. now the one thing that got me thinking about this is that some people seem to believe that katherine was sent to hell. and i thought KARMA. and then karma reminded me of rebirth. and if the writhers really wanted her gone, why not let her over to the other side. so my best friend said: “you wait and see, soon she wil be born in mystic falls”. so we both thought that jeremy and bonnie will probably get pregnant (keeping the dobbelgangers within the Gilbert family. but then the obvious occured to us. there is already someone pregnant within the franchise. HAYLEY, and klaus is the father. now what says karma more than having the man who has been hunting you for the last 500 years as your father.

      • ClaireC says:

        This theory is brilliant! Mad, but brilliant! The only thing is, we know that the hybrid baby is a girl but if Klaus and Hayley do infact have a doppleganger baby then we wouldn’t find out if she looked like Amara, Katherine and Elena until she was older. In an interview at comic con Julie Plec mentions that the species of the baby would related to Klaus and Hayley’s human routes and since they were both born with the werewolf gene then I would think that the baby would be born a werewolf and not a hybrid. Bonnie also said that you can’t be two supernatural things at once so the baby would have to be either a werewolf OR a doggleganger which sucks because this theory would be so interesting! Hopefully the writers can work a way of making this happen, and knowing this show, its probably possible!

        • Cherub says:

          just as a side note…aren’t (weren’t) Katherine and Elena both vampires and dopplegangers?? and Silas was a vampire and still psychic (a witch/warlock)…so there’s tiny holes in that theory they can work around…

    • Sabrina Bletscoe says:

      Im sure Katherine was dragged off to hell there

  2. Annabelle says:

    That was so boring. And why is Kat more deserving of hell than every other person who has dies?

    Also, Caroline is just awful. She slept with the guy who killed Tyler’s mother and he needs to get over it? Um, how about no. She’s such an entitled egomaniac. Why would Tyler even want to be in her life anymore? She sucks.

    • Mari says:

      I don’t think we’ve definitely seen the last of Katherine–and I’m not so sure it was hell she was dragged off to. Is it possible it’s more traveler/witch badness? They’re going to need a villain, and that could just be the set-up for whatever’s going to come after them next.

    • Andy Swift says:

      That’s the thing… It could be hell OR heaven. As for Caroline, I think it’s more about people making mistakes. God knows everyone has forgiven Damon a million times.

      • Annabelle says:

        But the thing is Tyler wasn’t even trying to be in Caroline’s life and he copped a “deal with it!” speech. Caroline is the one trying to force the issue, Tyler told her just last week he wasn’t cool with her after she kept refusing to leave him alone. The only reason he was there is because she called everyone over to help them rescue Elena.

        • Meredith says:

          Let’s review the conversation Damon and Tyler had in the cell bc Damon nailed it on the head. Tyler has zero reason for sticking around Mystic Falls; he has no family left there, is not attending college nearby, is not working anywhere and yet he sticks around. Surely it’s not for his friendship w/ Matt and he’s not really that close with anyone else in the group. He’s either doing it because he wants to torture Caroline or bc he’s still in love with her. Either way he’s trying to be in her life.

      • Mara says:

        This is the first time I totally agree with you. Tyler acts like he has done everything right so far. Lets not forget that he walked away from her and went after Klaus and tried to kill his unborn child but yet caroline is the worst? sSuch double standards. Yes, Caroline slept with klaus but she was single at that time and again other characters who have done far worse things are easily forgiven and yet when a Caroline does something it gets rubbed in her face the whole time. Damon has abused and raped Caroline yet he gets to be with Elena and everyone should support them. Elena killed Kol and with him thousands of vampires and no one judges her. and Caroline has NOT hurt anyone with her actions, yes she hurt Tyler emotionally but he did hurt her far too much over the past, when he wanted to become the alpha and free the hybrids he demanded Caroline’s support without questions and she did it, when he failed and had his break down it was Caroline who was there for him. and yet, after everything he still walked away from her to chose his own needs (revenge over Klaus) Caroline was never put first by him and I am so happy that she finally told him off!

    • Mari says:

      Oops–forgot to include that parts of it _were_ boring. Really? We needed all that Nadia background? I get that some of it was to soften up Katherine’s grinchy little heart, but we had to see it? Nadia was just not that interesting, and I find it bizarre that she’s obsessed with finding out why Katherine “abandoned” her, when that was one of the few times Katherine was blameless. Nadia was smart enough to track Katherine down (which Klaus had serious, serious, issues doing, back when he was still really smart) but not smart enough to track down and process the information that Katherine didn’t exactly leave her on someone’s porch with a snarky little note?

      I could understand her wanting to meet Katherine–just not the “you abandoned me” thing.

    • Jaiden says:

      We’ll why shouldn’t she? What does Tyler’s mom dying had to do with her sleeping with klaus? They aren’t dating anymore so what does that have to do with her. Tyler is just jealous of klaus

  3. iMember says:

    I never read the books but isn’t this sort of like how Klause was killed in the series? Dragged away by ghosts. Either way, loved Katherine’s death! A character of her greatness deserves a great death.

  4. Jake says:

    I figured since she was denied getting into purgatory that she was just dragged into Hell since she clearly wouldnt be moving on to Heaven. It seems like they might revisit it though especially considering Bonnies reaction.

    • Andy Swift says:

      Yeah, we definitely haven’t seen the last of her.

      • Mara says:

        Actually we did, Caroline Dries gave an interview and said that Katherine was sucked into a ‘dark world’ and that she gone for good.

        • Matt Rose says:

          you say that but Seth MacFarlane said “Brian is dead and never coming back” then TWO EPISODES LATER Brian comes back. whos to say Caroline Dries hasnt taken a leaf out of that book?

    • Karla says:

      what’s funny is that in the beginning of the series they said there was no Heaven or Hell for supernaturals. Just the Otherside, where they all go. These stupid writers keep contradicting themselves. They should’ve just made Katherine runaway instead of killing her. They might need her when their viewers start realizing how bad this show has gotten.

  5. Trazy1218 says:

    Maybe doppelgängers go somewhere else,who knows but I have a feeling we will be seeing Katherine again.And I really liked Nadia,I was kinda hoping she hung around.And as for Matt I completely fell in love with him 2nite.

  6. Pati says:

    I didn’t watch it yet but it sounds really boring, the show is not fun anymore, the story lines this season are so terrible. Katherine was becoming so annoying, instead of fun and sassy. I hope Nadia and Wes are dead for real, they didn’t bring anything fun to the show, as much as people hated on Klaus he was the best Villan this show had, they need another Villan

  7. Bobklause says:

    Interesting end. Hope this isn’t the last we see of Katherine. She is BY FAR the best character on the show. Also, the new doppleganger will be a Stefan.

  8. anna says:

    Caroline is the opposite of self-centered. Everyone on this show kills people (Tyler just killed Nadia!) and sleeps with inappropriate people/murderers (remember when Matt ran away with Rebekah after she killed Elena, or when Stefan slept with Katherine?) without any consequences, but Caroline gets so much judgement from Tyler. Understand why but she should still be able to fight back.

  9. 80s says:

    I like Tyler just as much as the next person who does not like Tyler, but he did not “slut-shame” Caroline. He is not shaming her because she desires sex or seeks sexual pleasure; he’s upset with her because she slept with KLAUS. There’s a difference. Let’s not misuse important terms.

    • jerrired says:

      I was about to comment the same thing. I actually like Tyler, but I think Caroline had a great point about everyone doing something bad. However, Caroline has been the one forcing it not Tyler. but anyway, my point was, I don’t think “slut-shaming” is the appropriate terminology to use here. And no offense to you, Andy, but I wish people would stop using it to describe Tyler’s behavior with Caroline. He doesn’t want to be around Caroline because she committed the ultimate betrayal in his eyes. Even if she merely told Klaus, she loved him, i think he would be just as angry. Because in his mind it’s like by sleeping with Klaus, she said what he did to Tyler’s mom is okay. It has nothing to do with the fact that Caroline had sex with another guy, and has all to do with having sex with the one guy who took away his one last tie to happiness and humanity.

    • Mary Kate says:

      Exactly! I understand why Tyler’s upset at Caroline, I wouldn’t call it slut-shaming either. Really don’t get all of the Tyler hate, and this is coming from someone who loves Caroline, too.

    • Eliza says:

      Didnt Tyler sleep with Matt’s mom….

      • rarefied says:

        Wait, are you saying that you think Tyler making out with Matt’s mom (who they were setting up to be a succubus at that point, which they later decided to retcon) is even comparable with Caroline actually sleeping with the guy who MURDERED Tyler’s mom?

      • qwerty says:

        I don’t think that’s relevant to the “slut-shaming” Caroline argument.

  10. Robert says:

    I wonder about Bonnie’s reaction to what happened to Katherine, she did not seem surprise when Katherine was dragged away. Is it possible there exist another world other then the one Bonnie’s ancestor created?

    • ejdax37 says:

      Yes there is the “OTHER SIDE” is only for supernatural people. Regular old humans go some where else. The original thought was that Qetsiyah (or Tessa) turned Amara human then killed her, then she put up the “Other Side” to catch all supernatural beings. The trick was that even if Silas killed himself to be with Amara he would be trapped with Qetsiyah and unable to pass on to where ever Amara was. Of course she further twisted the knife by making Amara the anchor. I don’t know if they have ever said that doppelgangers are supernatural in their own right or not, but Katherine was turned human before the hopped into Elena so might that be an explanation of why she didn’t go to the “Other Side

      • Ladyskadi says:

        Yes dopplegangers are Supernaturals as Elena killd Rick so The ring can bring him back and jeremy s ring didnt work on elena as she was dopple. btw why only Kat should go to the dark side ? what about thomb vamps or kol ? or so many others ????

      • Karla says:

        if Katherine’s spirit was human. Bonnie wouldn’t have seen her.

  11. Buceta says:

    Great, we lost Katherine and now we need to endure more of Damon and Elena’s awkward “chemistry” and their gross relationship. This season only gets worse.Yes, they cheapen death on the show and they pick one of their best characters to demonstrate that stakes can be high. Pure bullshi*. Plus more Dullena, ugh. The show I once liked so much is in a downward spiral, clearly. The ratings are proof of it.

    • Hannah says:

      damon and elena’s relationship isn’t bad at all? and neither is the show. would you rather it stopped completely and we’d have no vampire diaries at all?

  12. Feri says:

    Oh yeah I’m so glad Caroline stood up for Tyler but I’m sad for Katherine also I really likedher character

  13. Babybop says:

    But… But… Why couldn’t we have killed off Elena and kept Katherine? I hope she comes back.

  14. Life disco says:

    Oh, i so feel bad about Nadia dying. Katherine is not dead (Thank God) i really hope she wont be dead. Caroline does not deserve to be with tyler because she’ve always been the one to go on with their relationship. *Check out* caroline loved tyler too much, but he never loved her enough. Besides if he he have’nt choose revenge over caroline, she wouldn’t hav slept with klaus. He choosed revenge revealing that he doesnt care that much about her. Come on Steroline (stefan & Caroline) time for your friendship to move forward *wink* if stefan is to move on, he deserve to be with someone better, like Caroline

    • Dmac says:

      No, no, no Stefan and Caroline’s friendship is the only good thing about this show anymore. I am tired of shippers trying to put people together and it needs to stop. We had an all out social media assault from the D/E fans and we are now stuck with the most boring season of TVD ever…enough.

  15. Ulrika says:

    I just agree with all the previous comments. I grown to love Katherine, her life made her that way and she’ve been through so much more than poor elena who always is getting saved by damon and stefan and all her friends. Katherine had no one, and thats the reason why she had to be manipulative and cold because others treated her that way, and still she loved stefan.. No I think I’m done with this show now that both Katherine and her daughter Nadia is gone. Especially if they just put Katherine “to hell”. I mean really? After all, no one there is better than Katherine, Damon is (in my opinion) worse. Still they all love Damon. But Katherine? Just throw her to hell and save the day. No thanks Vampire Diaries if thats the case I’m not interested in this show anymore I’m sorry to say cause I have followed the show since the beginning..

  16. sls says:

    Sad to see Katherine go (if she’s really gone). But unless they were going to do more with her character and stop having her make stupid un-Katherine-like decisions then I would rather see he swept off into the night or into hell or wherever.

    • Jenny says:

      YES..they completely ruined Katherine in my opinion…should have killed her off in the 100th ep…..tonight’s send off was just pathetic.

  17. Radha says:

    Yeah, Andy, I didn’t appreciate your choice of words in regards to Tyler and Caroline either. I also resent half the fandom also using those words. Tyler is PISSED because Caroline slept with the psychopath who KILLED his mother. I don’t care what any of you Tyler haters say, but I don’t blame him for being enraged about it. It’s not like Caroline slept with Jesse, the poor dead college guy. She slept with the murdering lunatic Original who killed Tyler and robbed him of the human part of himself–so Tyler will never be able to have kids with anyone EVER. Then Klaus killed his mother–The last remaining family member Tyler had left. I’m sure, because Klaus did it, then that makes it okay. Did people cheer Klaus on, when he killed poor Carol Lockwood or something?

    So the fact that people say Tyler’s slut shaming Caroline infuriates me. I, too, am pissed off that this stupid Klaus/Caroline crap was even encouraged. If the show writers have some kind of hate for Michael Trevino, then please, for the love of God, let the poor actor go so he can do something else. I’d rather that than they continue to bounce him around because they made him a werewolf and can’t fit him into a show about vampires. I started out not liking Tyler first season, but then ended up warming up to him in season 2– onwards. I liked his friendship with Caroline and I loved their romance even more. I cannot understand why people actually enjoyed the Klaus/Caroline dynamic because I can’t stand Klaus. In any way, shape or form. Both Klaus and Tyler have done bad things, just like Damon and pretty much everyone else on the show as well. So why do people prefer insane Klaus for Caroline over Tyler? Whose bright idea was that to “hook” them up?

    But anyway. You guys can keep saying that Tyler is slut shaming Caroline, but I don’t agree. And I’d LOVE for one of the staff on this site to actually, when interviewing one of the show writers, instead of questioning them about the stupid played out triangle all the time? Ask them why they hate Michael Trevino and the character of Tyler so much. Because to me, he’s continually shafted. And I would like to know why.

    • Anna says:

      Preach! Even if he hadn’t dated her, I don’t know a lot of people who would have forgiven a close friend for sleeping with their mother’s killer who happens to be a sociopath. The very fact that everyone has forgiven Elena for loving Damon the psychopath who actually killed her brother, is irrelevant. Elena IS NOT a role model (chuckles).

    • Meredith says:

      Your logic about Tyler never being able to have kids is totally flawed. He’s a hybrid just like Klaus and in case you missed it Klaus knocked up Hayley. The wolf part of him that still lives allows him to have kids.

      • Radha says:

        Um, Meredith? Klaus was able to father a child BECAUSE HE’S AN ORIGINAL hybrid. They said themselves that it isn’t possible.

        • ClaireC says:

          When we saw Tyler in the originals he told Marcel and his nightwalkers that when Klaus broke the sun and moon curse, his werewolf side trumped his vampire side, meaning he could father children. The other originals can’t, obviously.

  18. May says:

    Ÿ̲̣̣̣̥ø̲̣̣̥u̶̲̥̅̊ forget hayley put tyler into this Klaus mess which made Klaus Kill carol. But can we blame caroline for having a connection with Klaus, hell yeah we know he’s a villian but we know he did helped in the show before…. I get that tyler in angry at caroline but everyone has done wrongs including tyler, I’ll just love it if they became friends again…..Matty blue eyes is the sweetest….

  19. Life disco says:

    To you RADHA- first of all, tyler liked himself as the hybrid than his werewolf form, remember when they were all about to find a cure, tyler said he does’nt give a rat ass about the cure. He said they will have to be turning into werewolf all full month. Secondly if tyler have’nt unsired klaus’s hybrid and tried to kill him (For No Reason) klaus would’nt have been enraged to kill his mom. He breaked his own sire bon, yet klaus didnt take any action. He even send some of his hybrids to be his bodyguard, yet he still tried to kill him.
    Im not a fan of klaus or something, but tyler deserved everything he got. Beside if he have’nt choose revenge over caroline, klaus would’nt have slept wit caroline. ITS ALL TYLER’S FAULT

    • Radha says:

      How old are you? Because I totally got a “So there” vibe in your response.

      Tyler tried to un-sire Klaus’ hybrids because Klaus is INSANE and wanted to build a hybrid army “so he wouldn’t be alone”. Yet–Klaus has his entire FAMILY and continually daggers them and shoves them in their coffins when the mood strikes him. If he’s so lonely, why not try to bond with your family instead of MAKING one? Tyler didn’t force the hybrids to turn on Klaus. They turned of their own free will and wanted to be rid of the sire bond with Klaus–which is their right. Who wants to be tied to someone they didn’t ask to be tied to? Tyler promised to protect them and HAYLEY is the one who ended up screwing up that entire plan in order to fulfill her own ulterior motives. She didn’t have to tell Klaus anything of what was going on. She did it to serve her own purpose.

      And I “love” your logic. So because Tyler tried to end a madman’s megalomaniac journey into starting some kind of hybrid vs. vampire WAR, that justifies him killing Tyler’s mother? That means that Tyler should what? Hand Klaus a fruit basket and thank him for doing that? You are obviously a Klaus supporter, and I’d respect your opinion a lot more if you just came out with: “I know he’s a creepy sadist Original vampire, but I just love to root for him!” rather than the illogical reasons you just came up with.

  20. Jenny says:

    Vampire Diaries this season is just the worst…..lazy predictable writing. But I just watch out of loyalty…hope it gets better.

    I was offended as a viewer when they didn’t kill Katherine the first time, it was a fantastic 100th ep until they decided to keep her around in Elena’s body. To me this was a perfect time to kill her off.

    Tonight, I did feel for Nadia for the first time ever, but again the whole Katherine thing became such a joke, I didn’t care as deeply as the writers prob wanted you to.

    I’m just relieved Elena’s back. It’ll be interesting to see her and Damon both with a virus, obviously Elena’s far worse with the addition of wolf venom. Stefan’s gonna have his hands full…..

    Oh and Katherine must have gone to hell, she totally deserves it but yeah what was the criteria for going there? Surely other supernatural beings have done just as bad as she did and passed right on over.

  21. Life disco says:

    @ you JENNY Im a fan of katherine, and she doesnt deserve to die. Think about it, a girl who was driven away by her family, she met some people who pretend to like her YET the wanna kill her. She escaped, all her family dies and no one in the world care to help her except elijah, who wil be willingly to hand her over to klaus. Katherine did what she had to to survive. Years and years of taking care of yourself, sure u will learn how to manipulate others to take care of your self. KATHERINE DOES NOT DESERVE TO DIE

  22. Life disco says:

    @ you JENNY…… Im a fan of katherine, and she doesnt deserve to die. Think about it, a girl who was driven away by her family, she met some people who pretend to like her YET the wanna kill her. She escaped, all her family dies and no one in the world care to help her except elijah, who wil be willingly to hand her over to klaus. Katherine did what she had to to survive. Years and years of taking care of yourself, sure u will learn how to manipulate others to take care of your self. KATHERINE DOES NOT DESERVE TO DIE

  23. catch&release says:

    Caroline’s forehead is so HUGE!!! That’s all I can concentrate on when she speaks, I don’t even remember what she’s says half the time.

  24. Nicolodean says:

    I think Damon is so stupid… he killed the one person who could help him! Like who does that? at least wait for him to cure you first the kill him. Now you have also screwed up elen’a life because who is gonna cure her. I don’t think Katherine is really dead/ gone to hell because to me she is a survivor… she always finds a way. #More #immortal #than #klaus

  25. Life disco says:

    Nicolodean……you are right, damon should’nt have killed wes, but maybe he was considering the fact that at any moment, wes might get the upper hand. And beside he was full of revenge he does not even concentrate on anything. Maybe he thinks that if elena comes back, she would not love him anymore. SteRoline 4 ever (Stefan & Caroline)

    • Dmac says:

      Stop with the mixing of the names it is getting ridiculous and no to C/S their friendship is the only healthy sane and enjoyable relationship on this show

  26. janet says:

    damon is useless. stefan did basically everything to save elena. all he did was kill wes which did nothing to help elena. it was just a self centered vendetta. argh. i could not care less about damon’s road to recovery and codependency upon elena. How many episodes about that are forthcoming? katherine being dragged away was legit but it seems like something more befitting of a baddie like klaus.

  27. Life disco says:

    Yea janet. Its really clear that Damon is useless on these few episodes. Stefa is the one left hanging around, trying to save his brother, handling katherine, trying to bring elena back. Stefan Hero Hair On Action *Wink*

  28. Nini says:

    The locator spell that allowed them to find Nadias body was Damon’s idea :) so technically Damon did everything, find Nadias body AND kill the psycho that is Wes

  29. BrianR says:

    She’s gonna pop up in New Orleans as Celestes new host. You can’t get rid of a really great character ike Katherine.

  30. #queen says:

    KATHERINE WAS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. david says:

    Tyler is awful character and actor

  32. Life disco says:

    My gosh….guys, i think u are right. Maybe caleste did something to katherine’s body (considering katherine will want nothing more other than klaus’s death) but klaus + deadth = her death + all his sire line. But again bonnie was’nt surprise when katherine’s spirit was unable to pass, i think bonnie cooked up somthing. Lets just wait and see. . . . .

  33. Adam says:

    Katherine sucks. Caroline sucks. Damon sucks. Stefan has stopped sucking. The characters make no sense anymore. Everyone is just there to push the plot and be involved in a some sort of triangle/square/etc. etc.. Katherine’s speech was so idiotic. Hey Kat, ruining someone’s life and it just happening to turn out well for them doesn’t earn you ANY credit for their evolution. Seriously, what was that? “You’re all more interesting characters because of ME.” Yeah… no. If you wanna go into that dumb line of thinking, then it’s because of the writers. Ugh, I’m glad they just got rid of her. She stopped being fun a long time ago. Feel bad for Nadia, but you get what you ask for when you fall under the delusion that Katherine Peirce actually cares about you. Nothing but pain.

  34. Bassyy says:

    Katherine was a human when she traveled into Elena’s body which means when she got stabbed with the traveler’s knife she was then human again. Only supernatural people get to pass through to the other side….. Katherine better comeback

  35. JC says:

    Katherine is the best, I will miss her but if this is a permanent death then this was an awesome send-off. Her witty banter to each character before her death was just perfection. I love Kat but I think it would be best if she would just stay dead especially after that great send-off.

  36. AnnieM says:

    At this point, I think I’m just watching for Stefan. And Matt. Damon really needs to have a building dropped on him at this point. RIP ‘s to Katherine & Nadia. And BTW…was I the only one who thought it would have been a bit more effective for Matt to have worn the vervain bracelet somewhere less obvious – like, around his ankle, under his sock? :-D.

  37. Shine.. says:

    In my opinion, is it possible that any witches did some tricks to drag her to another place? Since some witches helped Katherine and her daugher and the doctor, I could predict these witches matters and might bring doctor or Katherine back….for any reasons…

  38. Life disco says:

    Yea SHINE, but remember, the witches that helped katherine and Nadia were travelers, and it was revealed that they were just manipulating them, they even killed one of them, so i guess it was’nt the travellers. It has to be Bonnie, she did something. She was not surprise when katherine was unable to ass eventhough she’s supernatural (doppelganger/traveller). Gosh i so love STEROLIE. when are they going to have their first kiss? (stefan and caroline)

  39. jOHANA says:

    Im DONE with this show! The only reason i still watched it was Katherine but now is just lame. Its all Delena crap.

  40. ClaireC says:

    Okay, I definitely remember Bonnie saying you can’t be two supernatural beings at once (hence why she couldn’t be a witch AND the anchor) so HOW AND WHY is/was Katherine a traveller and a doppleganger? This totally screws up a theory I had about Klaus’s hybrid baby. I know her father was a traveller and never allowed them to practice their magic, but she’s still a traveller by blood, so how can she be a doppleganger as well?? Either there is logic to this, or its a minor screw up by the writers that they thought would be unseen.

  41. Life disco says:

    Claire, bonnie cant practice magic because she’s dead. Remember “technically she’s a ghost that people can see and touch”. Do you think a ghost can practice magic? Katherine is a traveller through blood, so that makes her a complete traveler. And she is also a double of someone, which means she is a doppleganger. If you are thinking of someone can’t be two supernatural thing at the same time, remember Stefan is a doppelganger and a vampire, just that his blood is impure since he is a vampire

    • ClaireC says:

      Yes, but Stefan wasn’t born a vampire, he was born a doppleganger. Katherine was born a traveller AND a doppleganger? Just wondering because I was getting confused, but Bonnie said in the last episode that its obv possible…

  42. Mikael says:

    Katherine is my favorite character, and I’ll be really upset if this actually is the end for her. Are they not going to explain where she was dragged off to? Why has this not happened to anyone else who was evil? It’s probably just more lazy TVD writing. I just hope they don’t ruin The Originals the way they’ve ruined TVD.

    • suhaila says:

      i think doppelgangers should not be considered supernatural. its just means someone is a duplicate. when stefans human dopelganger was killed, he didnt pass through bonnie. because he is not super natural

  43. Life disco says:

    Everyone with the same quote “TVD IS RUINED”. I dont get it, they’ve done more than enough since season 1. Tell me, can you make up a movie as interesting as t.v.d? Let alone says its your creation. Guys give them a break, they show what they see fit. I dont blame them so far there’s a reason behind every thing they’ve done…….hope STEROLINE (Stefan & Caroline) finally hook up *wInK*

    • Adam says:

      TVD is based off a book. It is not their creation, it is their adaption. And yes, I could. The show started getting dumb in season 3.

  44. Hannah says:

    maybe damon turned Wes into a vampire?

  45. Chantall says:

    Im glad that bitch is dead!!

  46. Karla says:

    What I dont understand is how Elena came back. The Traveler girl put Elena’s soul into Katherine’s body. So the dagger shouldn’t have worked. That was the point of that entire scene. That’s why Katherine’s body was set on fire so that Elena would die and go to the Otherside. Nothing was supposed to happen when they stabbed Katherine because she had PERMANENT control of the body, the Traveler said so. The spell that they did wasnt the same as the one with Matt because Matt was still in his own body. Elena however was moved to Katherine’s. That’s why Elena is supposed to be dead and Katherine still alive. The dagger is only supposed to work if the two souls are in one body. That wasnt the case with Kat and Elena. It really bothered me how they just let that slide. The MF gang has too much luck when it comes to defeating their enemies. Elena always has to win. Watch. In no time they will have the cure (but oh no there’s only one, even though both Damon and Elena are probably going to be cured SOMEHOW) and they will defeat all the Travelers and then deal with the newbie witch and her brother and eventually defeat them too. They’ll throw in a lot of pointless drama and some romance and then voila! you have the end of this season and the beginning of the next.

  47. micheharvey says:

    MichWow I am sooooo Sad I am such and BIG FAN of KATHERINE I cried when she DiED I said self if her caracter is not returning I am never gonna watch ThE vAMPIRE DIARIES but not just that NADIA OmGOSH I CRIED so hard when she died left me speechless I got nothing else to say#Soooo SAD#

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