Reign's Amy Brenneman Talks Royal Wedding Drama and the Arrival of Mary's Mother

Reign Wedding SpoilersHappy Royal Wedding Day! Tonight’s Reign (9/8c, The CW) features the moment we’ve all been waiting for, as Mary is forced to finally choose between Francis and Bash — and yes, one of them does put a ring on it.

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And while Mary’s choice is sure to upset approximately half of the fandom, there is one thing we can all get excited about: the arrival of Mary’s mother Marie de Guise, played by Private Practice‘s Amy Brenneman. The first thing you’ll notice, Brenneman tells TVLine, is that it’s almost as if Marie — being of the Enlightenment mentality, versus that of Medieval tradition — comes from an entirely different world.

“I give Catherine endless guff because she listens to fortune tellers,” Brenneman says with a laugh. “I just can’t believe that a woman in her position is so gullible. … It’s like, you’ve gotta be kidding me!”

That said, it’s not fair to call Marie and Catherine enemies, either. It’s far more complicated than that.

“They [clash], but they really like each other, too,” Brenneman insists. “That was something I was so happy to see, because there are so few women in their positions. They’re old friends; they’re almost sisterly in terms of how they grate on each other. So I think we clash, but we also really are more on the same side than not.”

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In fact, Marie often seems more comfortable with Catherine than she does with Mary, having not seen her daughter for many years, and barely knowing her in the first place. Brenneman says executive producer Laurie McCarthy captured the mother-daughter duo’s “formality” and “awkwardness” in her script.

reign-marie“It was a different parenting moment when parents were less openly affectionate, and also, we haven’t been in the same place,” she says of their behavior. “There’s a real longing. You get a real [sense of that] on Mary’s side, like, ‘I wish we had more time together.’ You feel that on Marie’s side, too, but because she’s regent to her country, she has to slam that piece shut a little bit. But they’ve missed each other.”

Brenneman also says Marie understands her daughter’s desire to marry a man she loves, rather than merely someone she’s ‘supposed’ to, as Marie married James V for similar reasons. (FYI, Brenneman really did her homework for this role!)

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And what would the mother of a royal bride be without a knock-out dress for the ceremony?

“It was all awesome,” Brenneman says of Marie’s ensemble for the big day. “I’m in this strapless, blue ball gown that’s a modern — I think Oscar de la Renta — ball gown, but then [the designer] put in this really funky — almost like a motorcycle — Alexander McQueen belt. So it’s period, but it’s really funky and great. … You know, I had a love-hate thing with the corset. It was mostly hate.”

As for what she did in her downtime?

“You can’t really lay down because of all of the pins and ornaments in your hair,” Brenneman lamented. “So you’re just kind of sitting, doing Candy Crush.”

(Ah, just like the royals of yore.)

Reign fans, vote for your brother of choice below, then drop a comment with your hopes for the big wedding episode.

Additional reporting by Kimberly Roots.

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  1. Amy Brenneman looks so comtemporary in that first picture. I doesn’t come off as a period look.

    • dude says:

      Wait till you see Mary’s dress. It looks more modern than Kate Middleton’s. I love this show but sometimes when I see the outfits I’m like “for real?”

      • A.Rae says:

        Amen… That’s one of the tip offs that led me to not watch this show. I can handle playing with history, but this kind of lack of period detail seems like they shouldn’t have even bothered to frame this as a historical drama…

        • Lucy8B says:

          Really? It always bothers me when people say their ‘last straw’ is the costumes. Forget the amazing writing, acting, and overall production of thrilling historical fiction, let’s harp on how the collars aren’t high enough. What I love about the costumes AND THE MUSIC, it that it gives us a modern context about how it FELT to be in those situations at that time. The modern pieces are totems that can connect us to what their going through with relation to how it would feel today.

  2. spindae2 says:

    This episode is worth watching just cause Amy is appearing but the episode seems overall powerful. Looking forward to it.

  3. dude says:

    It aired in Canada last night. AMAZING episode but Amy was the worst part of it. I think she was trying so hard to keep her weak English accent in check that she found it hard to act around. Megan Follows kind of schools her in their scene.

  4. Tee says:

    It’s pretty obvious that she’s gonna marry Francis because she seems happy with Bash right now, and that seems to be how the writers enjoy writing her love life. I’m getting tired of it already because it’s so back and forth in such a short amount of time.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if after they get married, they start to warm up for 1-2 episodes max then she finds out Lola is pregnant or something.

  5. shuayb says:

    Nah Amy was good. I think this will v the most tweeted ep.

  6. meah says:

    LOVED this EP!!it was soo good,I was tense all through.Am happy the people I ship ended up together.the show has a good thing going with the people who wed,there’s no use for a crappy love triangle.
    Lola had better not be pregnant!

  7. Teeny Bikini says:

    I heart Amy. Brings the show to a whole new level of me. Can’t wait.

  8. Kim says:

    Here’s a spoiler, Mary loses her head. Literally. This show makes me crazy. They have no concept of history or the reality of Mary Stuart.

    • TL says:

      It’s just a TV show…calm down. If we all got upset over the creative license used in Hollywood, we wouldn’t have anything to watch. Or if you care that much, go watch History Channel…wait, they do it too, but I still love you VIKINGS!

  9. Koi says:

    Watching historical fantasy can be fun – but I worry there are viewers out there who think there’s anything even remotely accurate about the depiction of the sixteenth century, or about the life of Mary Queen of Scots. I was willing to accept the absurd ball gown and even the made-up love triangle, but when the writer (and/or Brenneman) of this article started to talk about Mary of Guise’s “enlightenment” mind set I felt like ignorance might have just been given too much space here.I mean, you’re referring to a cultural shift that won’t happen for another two hundred years!

  10. Lucy8B says:

    OMG can’t wait for tonight! Mary loves Francis. But Marie de Guise is going to be a force of nature. I am a huge Amy Brenneman fan and I can’t wait to see her knock this out of the park!!!

  11. Tee says:

    Only reason why she has this role is because her husband is the producer!

  12. Paris lopes says:

    I just got done watching reign and I hated it now I don’t want 2 watch it anymore I thought Mary and Bash made a cute couple but Mary had 2 chose Frances I’m going 2 tell everyone I now not 2 watch reign anymore I wanted Mary 2 marry Bash I’m do mad I hope this show gets cancelled

  13. Paris lopes says:

    Hated this episode I wanted Mary 2 marry Bash but no she had 2 marry Frances so I’m never going 2 watch this show again and I’m going 2 tell everyone I now not 2 watch it

  14. Paris lopes says:

    I’m never going 2 watch this show again in tell Mary and Bash get married and I’m going 2 make sure everyone I now won’t watch it ether I hope this show gets canclled I thought Mary and Bash made a very cute couple but no she had 2 marry Frances
    I hate this show

  15. amy says:

    Im guessin’ Lola is pregnant