Reign Stars Dish About Clarissa's Revenge, Bash's Aspirations and Wetsuit (?) Woes

Reign Season 2 Spoilers Torrance Coombs Megan FollowsIf Reign‘s Catherine had known the turn this week’s episode (The CW, Thursday 9/8c) would take, she might not have been so quick to call her daughter Clarissa a “freak” at their last meeting.

In Queen C’s defense, she was otherwise occupied (trying to kill Mary via poison bath) and had never before seen her disfigured, presumed-dead firstborn (whom almost everyone thought was a ghost) in the flesh.

But shadow-dweller Clarissa isn’t cutting Mom much slack: This week, she nabs Catherine and Henry’s younger children and makes for the woods. Mary and Sebastian get pulled into the hunt to find Francis’ siblings, and the whole thing turns into a race to find the royal kiddies before they meet a terrible fate.

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“Francis and Charles and Henry – the other children – are [Catherine’s] with Henry,” star Megan Follows tells TVLine. “They are the royal bloodline. They are what secures her power” – making it even more imperative that they’re brought back to court alive.

And you’ll remember that the court is in upheaval, thanks to plans to legitimize Bash. Star Torrance Coombs says that Bash is warming up to the idea of being France’s next ruler – but probably not for the right reasons. “He doesn’t want to be king, but he’s like, ‘If being king means I get Mary, then I’ll go for it.'”

Read on for scoop on what’s ahead, including Follows dishing on Henry’s hurt feelings, Coombs handicapping Bash’s chances in the ping-pong game for Mary’s heart and one of them telling a story that involves a location shoot, a wetsuit and some tightly crossed legs.

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ALL’S UNFAIR IN LOVE AND WAR | Remember how hot it was when Catherine and Henry went at it in the last episode? Yeah, don’t expect too much of that in the near future, thanks to the king’s tender feelings. “He’s a hypocrite, but he’s very hurt by the revelation that, in fact, I had been adulterous,” Follows says. “His pride, his ego is very wounded.” Wait a minute, aren’t we talking about a man who has mistresses flitting about the castle? “I know it,” she adds wryly. “Trust me, it’s quite an interesting world. The rules do not apply equally.”

MOMS KNOW EVERYTHING | Catherine may have had no idea that her daughter was alive, but Follows had an inkling something might be up – even before she read the script. “Once we knew – which I thought was great – that [Clarissa] was grounded in a real being, that this ‘castle ghost’ was actually something real, hmm. Let’s just say I had a mother’s instinct,” she says.

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IS MARY THE CAUSE OF ALL OF BASH’S PROBLEMS? | Probably not, Coombs says, bringing up his character’s disdain for the blood sacrifices in the woods. “He thinks that’s a load of crap and he’s trying to stop it, so that was always going to get him into trouble. But what gets him into extra trouble is because of his feelings for Mary. They go after her, so he has to bring everybody else into it, too.”

AND EVEN IF SHE IS, HE’S COOL WITH IT | “It’s tricky, because the thing that he’s been pining after” — that would be the young queen herself — “since the beginning is now available to him, but not fully emotionally available just yet,” Coombs says. And when he considers that taking Mary up on her marriage offer might also save Francis’ life? “He’s game.”

WHERE IS THE PRINCE, ANYWAY? | Don’t worry, Frary ‘shippers: Francis will be back on the scene soon. “He finds out his mom’s going to be executed and he can’t abide that, so he has to come back and save her,” Coombs says.

YOU’VE GOTTA KNOW WHEN TO HOLD IT | So, about that wetsuit story: Coombs was forced to wear one under his costume to stay warm during a chilly recent location shoot. Pros: He wouldn’t die of hypothermia while dressed in 16th-century garb. Cons: It left a hell of a mark, and there was no easy way to remove the skintight rubber suit when nature called. “So they bring in a big old bag of adult diapers [and say], ‘So this is the best solution we could come up with.’ I said, ‘I think I’ll hold it.” And he did. All day.

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