Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Reign, Under the Dome, Americans, Big Bang, Bones, S.H.I.E.L.D and More

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Question: I really want some scoop on Queen Mary’s lady-in-waiting Greer and kitchen boy Leith from Reign. —Vroni
Ausiello: Remember how Greer essentially said, “Aw, screw it” and decided to be with her lowborn hottie — Easy, right? Not so fast, says EP Brad Silberling. “She’s now going to still have to answer this challenge of, ‘Do I pick what is real love or do I essentially try to forward my family’s fortune?’ and that’s going to come into play with some interesting consequences, midway through the back half [of the season].” And those consequences just may involve another possible suitor, he adds. “You’ll see the two of them — and a potential triangle — begin to play out.”

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Question: Any plans for The Big Bang Theory to bring back Lucy? I’m still convinced she’s the one for Raj. —Kelly
Ausiello: No plans that I know of, but check this out: The show is casting the potentially recurring role of Yvette, a cute and somewhat surly veterinarian who ends up taking care of Raj’s dog Cinnamon. And this all goes down in next month’s Valentine’s episode. You thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’? Bonus Scoop: As we teased in our Winter Spoiler-palooza, comic/actor Brian Posehn reprises his role as Raj’s pal Burt in this Thursday’s episode. “Amy realizes that Burt has a crush on her,” reveals EP Steve Molaro. “And [Howard and Raj] help her navigate that.”

Question: Favorite new comedy and drama of 2014 so far — go!
Ausiello: Fox’s endlessly amusing Enlisted (bowing this Friday) and HBO’s grim, engrossing True Detective (bowing this Sunday). Top dramedy honors go to HBO’s rather good Looking. I’ve seen the first four episodes, and I’m anxiously awaiting the fifth.

Question: There’s no way that Ichabod’s son is really dead on Sleepy Hollow, right? –Jim
Ausiello: I’ll let series co-creator Roberto Orci field this one. “You know,” the cagey EP says, “When you’re dealing with God and the devil and that kind of thing, anything’s possible.” (For what it’s worth, I’d eat Ichabod’s dusty coat if Jeremy’s coven-stopped heart meant the end of that storyline.)

Question: I’ll get you 10 Diet Cokes if you can give me some scoop about what Prince is doing in the New Girl Super Bowl episode. —Kas
Ausiello: The gang attends a party at The Purple One’s crib, and he offers Jess some guidance on her relationship with Nick. Please make those DCs of the fountain variety, size large  — and don’t skimp on the ice (square cubes are preferable).

Question: Got anything on The Americans? —Amy
Ausiello: Nina and Stan’s next obstacle? Meryl Streep! The Greatest Actress of Our Time inadvertently drives a wedge between the star-crossed lovers in the Feb. 26 Season 2 premiere. And in what will prove to be the worst decision of her young life, junior detective Paige expands her investigation into her parents’ extracurricular activities beyond the laundry room.

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Question: I’m a bit late, but happy anniversary, TVLine! Congrats to all involved. Now, do you have any juicy Bones scoop you want to share? —Rachel
Ausiello: Thanks, Rachel! Sentiments that precede demands for scoop are truly the most meaningful. On the Bones front, EP Stephen Nathan shares that the storyline involving Hodgins and the loss of his fortune “continues in a very interesting and surprising way” later this season. Also, as we previously scooped, Pelant resurfaces in this Friday’s Ghost Killer-launching episode, and his sorta-resurrection has a “very immediate and personal” impact on Brennan, teases Nathan. “In an odd way, he’s the driving force behind Brennan’s obsession [with TGK].”

Question: What can you tell us about a new Veronica Mars series after the movie? —Hani
Ausiello: I can tell you to back away from the crack pipe before you hurt someone.

Question: Is there anything that you can tease about upcoming episodes of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. that may have some comic-book feeling to it? —Andy B.
Ausiello: Well, short of setting foot at the Avengers Academy, the ABC drama next week will pay its first visit to S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy (which, of course, we first told you about back in November). Describing the training facility, Clark Gregg told Matt Mitovich, “It’s almost as magical as Tahiti, like Hogwarts for young S.H.I.E.L.D. padawan.” Wait, did he just magnificently merge three geek universes?

Question: Is there going to be a Season 2 of Secret Circle? That show is my favorite. —Candice
Ausiello: I said back away from the crack pipe, Hani, not pass it to Candice.

Question: I am still heartbroken about the cancellation of Enlightened. Would you give me some scoop on my other favorite show, Banshee, to smooth the emotional pain I still endure? —Sascha
Ausiello: First off, I think it’s hilarious that you’re looking to Banshee to fill the Enlightened void in your life. Secondly, the following things transpire in Friday’s excellent Season 2 premiere: Sheriff Hood has sex with someone not named Carrie, a squirrel is among the episode’s many casualties (and, FWIW, the only one I was sad to see go), and, if this exclusive clip didn’t paint a clear enough picture, Zeljko Ivanek’s Racine is bonkers.

Question: How about some scoop on Elementary? It’s virtually ignored in AA. Will we learn more soon about what Mycroft is up to? —Matt
Ausiello: You’ll likely get some additional intel later this season, since Sherlock’s bro is slated to appear in four “of the last six or seven episodes,” confirms exec producer Rob Doherty, who suggests viewers shouldn’t assume the worst when it comes to his intentions toward Sherlock. “We certainly want people to be wondering what his true motives are. But no, I would never assume the worst. I would consider the worst as one of many possibilities.” Oooh, well played. Didn’t see that one coming.

Question: I’m beggin’ ya to give me anything on the new season of Shameless! –Kori
Ausiello: Fiona’s new boyfriend/boss Mike is going to get a taste of the Gallagher way early on in the new season (bowing this Sunday). As leading lady Emmy Rossum reminds us, “The Gallaghers’ default is lying as survival and lying to survive.” So when Fi gets into an road rage-fueled accident with the company car, she decides to lie about it instead of coming clean. “The car gets completely totaled,” Rossum previews. “She tells Mike that she has no idea what happened to the car. She said it must have happened when she was getting her food. Of course, it turns out that this is such an epic road rage battle that there’s actually a YouTube of it. Mike sees it and knows that she’s lying from the beginning. They get into a really big fight.”

Question: I’m worried about The Carrie Diaries. It’s so good this season but not enough people are watching. Does it have any shot at being renewed? —Jaime
Ausiello: Showrunner Amy B. Harris remains optimistic. In fact, she tells TVLine that despite the underappreciated drama’s relatively weak ratings, it’s “very much” in the running for Season 3. “We’re still doing unbelievably well with streaming and DVR numbers, and that’s what got us picked up last season,” Harris notes. “We feel like we have a ton of story left to tell for these characters — so, fingers crossed. And The CW loves the show.” To that end, the Season 2 closer is being written as a season, and not a series, finale. “We told the 13 [episodes] with the idea that the finale would launch us into an exciting Season 3,” the EP explains. “[And] if this is the last episode, the audience will have some satisfaction, I guess, but I’ve certainly written it so we’ll have a very exciting Season 3.”

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Question: Under the Dome Season 2 scoop? —Jim
Ausiello: This may strike you as odd, but the population of Chester’s Mill is about to spike. Season 2 will introduce three new characters, including Sam, a rugged gent better known to the locals as “the crazy drunk who lives alone in the woods” — and who harbors a family tie to a familiar face; Rebecca, a teacher in her 30s whom Big Jim beseeches to start back up the school, though not with the noblest of agendas; and, most curiously, a “new girl” in town (?!) who takes an avid interest in both Joe and Norrie.

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