Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Mentalist, Parks, Grey's, Vamp Diaries, Bones, Veronica Mars and More

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Question: I’m dying for scoop on this week’s Callie-centric Grey’s Anatomy. What can you tell us about the Calzona flashbacks? —Ashley
Ausiello: I can tell you the episode isn’t flashing back too far. According to Sara Ramirez, the hour revisits a specific window of time after Arizona’s amputation but before their recent split — and offers an “important glimpse into what they were going through at that time that we may not have seen on camera last season.” BTW, my full Ramirez Q&A is live — and it’s a must-watch.

Question: Purdy, purdy please any scoop on The Mentalist. —Erin
Ausiello: If you thought, as some did (I’m looking at you, Mitovich!), that last week’s episode-ending explosion was some sort of neatly orchestrated diversion technique, oh how wrong you are. No, as this coming Sunday’s episode opens, there are bodies (and, gulp, body parts) to be found, while a frantic Lisbon places her trust in perhaps the worst person possible.

Question: Is Chris Pratt coming back to Parks and Recreation soon? I miss Andy. —Sam
Ausiello: He’s officially back in the show’s 100th episode on Jan. 9  — but don’t expect much from him out of the gate. Producers opted to ease Pratt (who was off in London shooting Guardians of the Galaxy) back into the show — much to the actor’s relief. “They thought, ‘What’s the best way to [reintroduce] Chris, who’s coming home Tuesday at midnight and goes back to work at 6 am on Wednesday?’ And they said, ‘Let’s just make him really tired.’ How very thoughtful of them to write that in,” Pratt tells us. “So, there’s an episode where Andy just has jet lag the whole [time]. He can’t get on his schedule, so halfway through conversations he falls asleep. Easiest work I’ve ever done.”

EpisodeQuestion: Brody’s been nearly MIA this season on Homeland. Will we ever see him again!? —Gretchen
Ausiello: You absolutely will see him again.

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Question: It’s so great to have a new Whedon show on the air! Please, please, with a Smurf on top can I have some Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. scoop? —Amy
Ausiello: The show will be stepping foot inside the famed S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy, where preternaturally brilliant youths are groomed to be potential agents. My theory: This will be a flashback episode that shows how Agent Coulson entered S.H.I.E.L.D.’s ranks.

Question: Vampire Diaries scoop, please! —Tina
Ausiello: This Thursday’s episode contains a sequence exec producer Julie Plec is dubbing “the triple-banger,” as it features “not just one, not just two, but three Nina Dobrevs all in one scene” — via the actress’ doppelganger repertoire of Elena, Katherine and Amara. “It’s one of my favorite scenes of the entire season — and the last couple seasons.” Perhaps anticipating the inevitable comparisons to a certain BBC America cult hit, Plec adds, “I saw Orphan Black. It’s amazing. But Nina has been doing that for four years. I want to give Nina her due.”

Question: I tried last week and I’ll try again. I need some Reign scoop! I’ve looked everywhere for spoilers and sneak peeks and nothing, they’re being too silent. Any scoop on Olivia (like how long she’ll stay)? You’d be my TV spoiler hero. —Julia
Ausiello: When Olivia (played by Yael Grobglas) surfaces this Thursday, she puts on quite an act when she first returns to court (under dire if questionable circumstances). To say that she shakes things up is a royal understatement, and from what I’m hearing, she’ll be making mayhem for a good while.

Question: I’m just gonna go ahead and ask: Is Zoe the new supreme on American Horror Story: Coven? —Nidia
CovenAusiello: She certainly gives off some very Supreme-like vibes in this week’s episode, much of which focuses on her uphill battle to resurrect Madison (hint: a Ouija Board is involved). The hour also exposes a surprising alliance and features a guest appearance by Pelant himself, Bones‘ Andrew Leeds.

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Question: Any update on a possible fourth season of Body of Proof? Really miss that show. —Gale
Ausiello: It’s dead. Finished. Cooked. Kaput. Over. “Sorry to disappoint some, but Body of Proof will not be resurrected,” leading lady Dana Delany tweeted Tuesday. “May [Megan] rest in peace.”

Question: When next you speak to the Bones people, could you ask them if Hodgins is ever going to get the money that got stolen from him by Pelant? —Mike
Ausiello: Bones PEOPLE? Those hard-working “people” have names. Show some respect, sir! “Hodgins won’t be getting his family money back,” responds Bones Person Stephen Nathan. “He’s going to be earning his keep the way the rest of the world does.  That doesn’t mean, of course, that he and Angela can’t become wealthy again through good hard work.”

Question: What can you tease about the upcoming Bones episodes that isn’t out there yet? —Cassidy
Ausiello: How about this? (Technically, yes, it’s out there — but only for about a day! And you might’ve missed it! Why am I screaming?!) Not good enough? Let’s see… Stephen Nathan of Bones People fame reveals that the upcoming David Boreanaz-helmed episode is a take on the 2012 doc Searching for Sugar Man and revolves around the “murder of an anonymous singer [played by Charlie Worsham] who we learn a lot more about as we uncover this case.”

Question: Your gut was telling you we’d hear about a renewal of Hell On Wheels by the end of last week. What happened? Was your gut wrong?  —JoAnn
Ausiello: No. My gut is still getting used to the new iOS 7 calendar app so its sense of timing is all screwed up. My gut meant to say mindywe should have word by the end of this week. Thanks for circling back.

Question: I’ll take any spoilers you have on The Mindy Project! —Magali
Ausiello: If you, like pretty much the entire TVLine staff (especially Meg Masters), adored Dr. Lahiri’s pastor/DJ ex-fiance Casey (played by Anders Holm) and were mildly devastated to see him go, we’ve got good news straight from Mindy Kaling herself: “You’re going to be very happy because he is going to resurface.”

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Question: Is Carol leaving the show for good? Or is Carol leaving the show to star in the Walking Dead spin-off? —Brian
Ausiello: You have not seen the last of Carol.

Question: This week’s Person of Interest looks nuts. Any scoop? —Joel
Ausiello: It is indeed nuts. The last two minutes will send you on a roller-coaster of emotions, all leading up to a big bad declaring in the final seconds, “[Spoiler] dies tonight.”

Question: Oh, Michael, you handsome man you, could you be sweet and maybe give me some scoop on The Originals? —Christina
Ausiello: The war between Klaus and Marcel will come to a head right around Nov. 26. “Episode 8 is cards-on-the-table time,” confirms Joseph Morgan. “There’s going to be no more skirting around the issue. The first hint of it was in Episode 5 when we were sitting at the bar and Klaus said, ‘If I had an all-powerful teenage witch, you’d want to know how I got her as well.’ And Marcel said, ‘And I’d want to take her from you just like you do from me.’ And that was it.” (And thanks, Chrissy, for the kind words about my face. Much appreciated.)

heather morrisQuestion: Do you know anything about Heather Morris’ return to Glee? Will we see her this season? —Elisa
Ausiello: A Glee insider confirms the fairly obvious: There are no plans for Brittany to return.

Question: Veronica Mars! So, I know it’s technically a movie, but wasn’t it initially one of the best television series ever? I was wondering if you could tell us anything new about the film? —Cherie
Ausiello: Good news. I ran your query past the AA judges and they’re going to allow it on the grounds that — direct quote here — “it’s effin Veronica Mars, bitches!” According to Chris Lowell, when we meet up with Piz 10 years later, he “has a job that you’d expect from somebody who was working in radio in college” and (major spoiler alert unless you’ve seen all the photos and read all the stories) “[he’s] still freakin’ banging Kristen Bell!” But for how much longer will he be banging making love to Kristen Bell Veronica? “At the beginning [of the movie], at least,” Lowell clarifies. “We’ll see what happens.”

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