Scandal Post Mortem: Bellamy Young on Mellie's Sexy 'Game Changer' and Matchmaking for Olivia

Scandal Mellie Love InterestABC’s Scandal at long last resumed Season 3 with an episode that threw a huge curve ball at Fitz’s already tough bid for reelection, welcomed Olivia back to the campaign trail, pushed Quinn to a new extreme and reignited the Liv/Jake spark (if only just for show).

But wait, there’s more: As the hour closed, the First Lady found herself blushing as we learned that Fitz’s new running mate, Governor Andrew Nichols, has long been — and still is — carrying a torch for The One That Got Away. Bellamy Young spoke with TVLine about Mellie’s secret admirer, playing wingman for arch rival Olivia and how Team Grant will deal with the Sally sitch.

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TVLINE | Someone’s got a crush on Mellie….
[Laughs] It’s kind of nice, right? Somebody being nice to Mellie… It feels weird. But it feels good. I can’t say it’s a bad thing.

TVLINE | And it’s about time, right?
It’s nice. After years and years of never a kind word… sometimes a human word but seldom a loving word… it’s certainly startling and definitely moving to have someone look at you with their whole heart and open eyes. It’s a game changer.

TVLINE | What was your reaction when you found out that Mr. Jon Tenney was going to be for you?
I adore Jon Tenney, so I was thrilled. And getting to be on set with him has proven to be a daily joy. He works so hard and makes me feel so safe… A great actor and a great guy. I’m a lucky girl.

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TVLINE | What are you able to reveal about Andrew’s past with Mellie?
I can tell you that you’re going to enjoy next week’s episode, because you will get a lot more information not just about me and Andrew but also about Andrew in general. could get some flashback-y storytelling goodness. There’s a lot to learn and it’s all fun. We did some reshoots on that, so I’m excited to learn about it with you and see how that all turned out.

TVLINE | Will we learn the reason for their break-up? Was it scandalous or a simple, “It’s not you, it’s me”?
It’s so interesting that you assume that we were together for a break-up…. I’d be interested to talk about that after next week!

TVLINE | Oh, maybe it was an unrequited pining…?
Mmmmmmm…. You’re going to find some other shady stuff about him, too.

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TVLINE | Are you excited to play a wanted, desired Mellie?
What I’m excited about is that you get to see another piece of her. You don’t get to see just angry diatribing Mellie. You get to wonder, “Can she allow kindness? Is she causing the dynamic in her marriage, can she not allow herself to be loved?” Because not everyone can. It’s a very scary thing to risk yourself like that, to open your heart and really be seen by someone. It’ll be fun to watch her fail at that, but sort of crawl forward, if she can. For me the quote that comes to mind is William Blake’s, “We are here to learn to endure the beams of love,” because I feel like that’s where Mellie is now. But it’s also going to be fun because we’ll see the kids [son Jerry, daughter Karen] later on, so we’ll meet her as a mother. I am so deeply grateful to have a job at all, and to have a job this great, but also to have a job where I keep finding these full other gorgeous dimensions about this person I’m living a parallel life with. So yes, to have someone look at Mellie with love in their eyes is… [Sighs] instantaneously transformative.

TVLINE | I’ll just put this out there: If Andrew were to make an overture, one could forgive Mellie for obliging herself.
[Laughs] That’s very kind, Matt. Some would forgive, some wouldn’t. I’m literally on the edge of my seat to see how the Gladiators feel about Andrew. I’ve got to work tonight, but we’ve got Jon on Twitter…. I’m so excited to see all the reactions. Especially next week. Next week… you get more.KERRY WASHINGTON, BELLAMY YOUNG

TVLINE | I have to imagine another favorite scene from the premiere was Mellie handing Olivia a list of potential suitors, as if it’s a menu.
I was being thoughtful! I really tried to cover all the bases, so something would be there, so she would find someone. Mellie didn’t just pull these names out of air, they’re great men! It’s a great list. Mellie doesn’t do anything halfway.

TVLINE | If Liv does allow herself to be squired, is it safe to say Mellie would make it well-known to everyone — especially Fitz?
[Coyly] I think it benefits the campaign, don’t you? [Laughs] Sure, maybe it’ll upset Fitz, maybe it’s a little bit for Mellie, but mostly it’s alll for the campaign.

TVLINE | Lastly, what are we going to do about Sally Langston? Running for president after killing her husband in cold blood? The chutzpah!
The chutzpah! That’s cajones. She is going to be a thorn in our side, a snake in our garden and all those joyous metaphors we love to throw around. We will have to deal with her, and we will — by any means necessary and by different means on any given day. Because that little Leo she’s got running her campaign? He’s slippery! That Paul Adelstein…. I love that character so much. He has some lines coming up that bring me so much joy. Those two will zig and zag and keep us on our toes, but we have Olivia, and Mellie is grateful for that, because Olivia is the best.

TVLINE | I can’t imagine what could derail Sally now. The played the Teenage Daughter’s Abortion card, the carousing husbad is dead, the murder thing would bury Cyrus…. She has no Achilles heel left.
Don’t understate us, Matt. We’ve always got one more card up our sleeve!

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  1. kara says:

    I ship it! Mellie deserves love 2

  2. David4 says:

    I love this show, I hated this episode. It felt like it was just off, like it wasn’t the same show as when we left them in the fall.

    And Oliver Pope was so strong and now is such a weak person, it’s disgusting and a shame.

    I still love the first lady but she shouldn’t have an affair currently. Oliver Pope in the preview telling her to knock it off was so funny.

  3. Alichat says:

    Good lord that White House is becoming crowded and terribly, terribly twisted. And what in the world was Cyrus thinking in directing what’s-his-name to Rowan??

  4. ronnie says:

    She needs to get an Emmy! Just amazing work every episode!!

  5. Lara says:

    I am so over Fitz being a whiny man child.Olivia needs to stop having a personality transplant every time he makes moon eyes at her. They were so good in the first season. But get it Mellie. He is a stone fox.

    • Adriana G says:

      I’m so over Fitz and Olivia all together. Might be the fact that the actress is really doing a splendid job, but I’m totally rooting for Mellie to have a piece of happiness, too, to have some to love HER and only her.

      • Mary says:

        Totally agree with you, on both things! I´m also way over Olivia/Fitz (maybe because I never routed for them in first place) and I always liked Mellie – IMO the better acted caracther in the show (kudos to Bellamy Young)!

      • Ali says:

        I agree I always fast foward the “Olitz” scenes they’re so boring I like her with Jake because with Jake she’s still Olivia and has’nt lost every ounce of personality-shes still snarky and sarcastic. Kerry and Scott have a lot more chemistry on screen then Kerry and Tony

        • Lee says:

          ROFL – someone needs some eyeglasses. There is no chemistry between Olivia and Jake. Scott Foley stands out in this cast as a boring emotionless actor.

          Yes, Fitz and Olivia are frustrating but at least they have chemistry and make that relationship look passionate.

        • Elizabeth says:

          no, no chemistry between Jake and Olivia and SCott foley is a weak actor . Please . the Olivia and Fitz story is the show. Jake is a weak character. and I really do not understand it ?

        • Patrick says:

          I think you should watch another show, Because Olivia and Fitz are the show even you do not like them. but this is what it is. . because Olivia and Fitz are not boring . If you undertand the show ,the essence of the Show is base on this forbidden love. .

        • Lara says:

          Ali: Scott and Kerry have no chemistry, zero chemistry . sorry but the chemistry with tony and Kerry is off screen and strong . Jake is so boring and a weak character.

      • JRock says:

        Her piece of happiness does not rest with Fitz. I am looking forward to what you people who talked about the sanctity of marriage being the reason why Fitz should not be with Liv have to say about Mellie and her man.

        • Mandizee says:

          I, personally, feel that Olivia and Fitz bring out the worst in each other now. He becomes a whiny, petulant child who doesn’t like anyone else touching his toy, and Olivia’s IQ drops to 40 maybe less. It has nothing to do with the ‘sanctity of marriage.’ I honestly believe that Fitz shouldn’t be with Mellie either, and Jake is all wrong for Olivia as well (At this point it would also end up like being in a relationship with her dad which… ew. Not that Jake would turn out like him… but the parallels are there). That being said I do see the chemistry that Olitz have and totally get why people ship them. Perhaps if Shonda switches up the cycle of their relationship I could totally get invested in it again. I just want Mellie to have someone that loves her and brings out a side that we haven’t seen. I also am intrigued on what is going to happen when the President’s children become part of the story. Hopefully Shonda doesn’t disappoint, and hopefully Olivia and Fitz will get better.. but right now… it is a lot of eyerolling.

      • TeamOlivia says:

        I don’t think Mellie will so lucky. She is the ultimate villain in victim’s clothing. This guy will use her to pursue his agenda, and she will allow herself to be used in order to pursue hers. It’s her pattern…

      • Luis says:

        The show is call SCANDA AND a name love story the name is Scandal. Olivia and Fitz are scandalous. Please stop say you over them. Olivia and Fitz are the Scandal.

  6. Mary says:

    I missed about 10 minutes. Who was the kid that was kidnapped?

  7. Overthinking says:

    HaHa love Papa Eli he just speaks his mind no sugar coating. I wish his character would be a main character on the show. But I will enjoy his guest appearances as long as they last. I don’t like when we focus on the scandals at the WH so Harrison story is a breath of fresh air and a nice distraction from the campaign trail.

    • MiaB says:

      I rewatched his diatribe about ten times in a row last night. Liv had that look on her face like, “Daddy, you’re so mean to me!” I love Joe Morton.

      • Cheyenne says:

        That diatribe sounded real bad-ass but it was a huge tactical error and I was surprised he went off like that. I thought he had more sense but evidently he hasn’t learned anything. Rowan tries to act like he is still the baddest MF on the block but he has nothing to back it up with any more. He doesn’t have the resources of B613 at his disposal and the only friend he seems to have left is Leo Bergen. And common sense should have told him that you never, ever, ever let your enemy know you’re out to get him. Forewarned is forearmed. Now all Olivia has to do is tell Fitz her father is planning to kill him or have him killed, and Fitz can use whatever resources he wants (FBI, CIA, Secret Service or the armed forces) to have Rowan disappear without a trace into a landfill.

  8. Dee Dee says:

    Well, I like Mellie as much as the next Scandal fan, but can we get a recap that’s about more than her? What about James and the fact that he’s completely turned on Cyrus? What’s up with Harrison and this new woman? Do we like this Fitz/Olivia/Jake triangle idea? These are the things that I found interesting this week.

    • Lena says:

      Looks like this is turning into the Mellie show. People on another site were talking about how much screen time the character Mellie is now getting compared to the other characters. I wish the writers would bring Season 1 Olivia back as well.

    • JRock says:

      There is no Fitz/Liv/Jake angle. I honestly do not understand why Shonda is continuing to push this nonsense.
      I’m getting a bit tired of Scandal. The episodes are not grabbing me anymore.

      • Lyn12 says:

        Know what you mean. For me, the trouble is that the show has crossed over from wild/sexy/edgy all the way into utterly, laughably ridiculous. I mean, The Walking Dead is more realistic!

        • Bitsy says:

          I agree. When Fitz forced that kiss on Olivia after the whole “door open, door closed’ nonsense I just rolled my eyes. This show is getting so absurd. I used to love it so much and now I am debating checking out. I love me some Mellie though, so I am going to try to stick around.

    • Norma says:

      This Olivia/Fitz/Jake is so stupid. I really do not understand the Jake story an I believe Jake is half-brother of Fitz . As we know Shonda, maybe Jake is Verna and big Jerry son’s. There is so many players now on Scandal ,it is time for someone to died. I think Cyrrus will died at the end of the of season 3 .

  9. Ethel says:

    I will stand in line for Jon Tenney(Andrew) if Mellie does not want him.

  10. MiaB says:

    Last night’s episode was just what was needed. The last three episodes of Season 3, Part 1 weren’t up to the standard. This episode was Scandal finding it’s footing again. Love the new, non-crazy storylines (no blood or wrist chewing!). Jon Tenney is going to be awesome as Fitz’s new running mate. I loved him on The Closer, and he and Bellamy Young seem to have great chemistry. Olitz is getting on my nerves. They’re whiny and annoying, and I’d love for them both to disappear to Vermont to be the mayor/make jam so we can watch a show about Mellie and her shenanigans. The big twist about Adnan Salif was pretty awesome. Didn’t see it coming that Adnan was a woman Harrison was involved with. Can’t wait to see where that goes. And poor Quinn, she was looking out that window longing for her old friends and not the poor man’s Huck she’s currently involved with.

    • herman1959 says:

      MiaB, I’m in complete agreement on every point, and have to reiterate that Jon Tenney, as the new guy, stepped up like he had been on the show the entire time! I’m looking forward to seeing him every week. But, I noticed you made no mention of James. I’m still not buying that he is ultimately working against Cyrus, he knew David couldn’t use that recording, and I think he is just playing along to get information on what David knows. Everyone – please discuss!

      Overall, I enjoyed the episode and I thought it measured up to the hype.

      • MiaB says:

        James is so wishy washy when it comes to Cyrus, that it’s hard to tell. I think he means it, for now, that he wants to bring “the monster” down, but check back in a week or two.

        • Cheyenne says:

          You did notice, or didn’t you, that he bugged Cyrus’s office? He wired the photo frame with the baby picture.

          • herman1959 says:

            Yes, I know, but the point I was making is that the recording that he made was of no use to David because no one gave consent to be recorded and no admitted to anything. Again, I think James would have realized that if he listened to the tape (and we know he did) before handing it over to David.
            Let’s wait and see, but I’ll bet David is trying to run some “double-agent” game.

    • TeamOlivia says:

      I don’t think we should be disarmed by Ms Salif’s gender. I would be more afraid of what she’s going to do than Deadbeatdaddy Pope. On another note, glad to see Harrison is getting some. IMO, he’s the most handsome man on the show, but ifirst is under-recognized.

  11. telltale says:

    That was another great episode, with fine performances by Kerry Washington and Joe Morton and a well played performance by Cyrus’s husband.

  12. BriDeSi says:

    I’m a big Fitz and Liv fan. Some ppl just belong together. Shonda has done a good job of making us dislike Mellies character but she redeemed her with the backstory at the beginning of the season. I want Mellie to have love but I don’t believe that the person to truly love her anymore is Fitz. I know I’m going to like her with John Tenney’s character. Interested to see the chemistry develop between the two of them.

    • kara says:

      I’ve never disliked Mellie’s character. From the start I felt for her and knew despite her tough girl act she was broken inside.

  13. Kat Aston says:

    Great episode, I love Joe Morton & Kerry Washington’s heart to heart talks, I can’t wait until her mother returns. As for Olivia and Fitz, I like many other fans want them together, whether it’s in secret or out in the open. I like when they are working together as a team. Maybe it’s me, but this guy for Mellie does not live up to any other guy on the show, especially Fitz. He’s just a scrub, but if that’s who they want to be her new love interest I’m all for it. Everyone can have who they are truly in love with, because Fitz and Olivia will always love each other. This needs to happen ABC, no more pulling them apart, they have stood up to all of the obstacles in their relationship and the majority of fans want them together. As for Jake, I like him and he’s very handsome, but I cannot see Olivia with any other guy.
    Pregnancy looks very good on Kerry Washington, her full face look so pretty. I thought after she became pregnant her popularity would drop off, but its 2014 and she’s gone from the, “it girl,” to the “it mom to be.” This actress, along with this entire show has done so much for diversity on network television. Now other networks are taking notice, with having other women and men of color as leading actors/actresses in their drama series. I’m very excited about Shondaland’s new program, “How to get away with murder,” and also Fox’s “Empire,” with Terrence Howard as the leading man. Bravo to ABC and Shondaland, with the long success of Greys Anatomy, and now Scandal, along with all other drama series yet to come.

    • Mary says:

      Why would her popularity decline because she’s pregnant?

    • lolita says:

      I know that a lot of you love Olivia’s dad I cannot stand him he makes me so mad about the way he talks to her. He didn’t want her with Edison he doesn’t want her with Fitz. But he sent Jake to sleep with her. He is sick. He only cares about the republic and being able to lord it over everybody. He has never sounded like a father that loves his child and I believe if she gets in his way he’ll take her out. He is so busy putting Fitz down,well what about him? He gave the order to shoot the plane down and he kept Liv’s mama hid to make sure he covered hiss behind. I’m sorry I really detest him and I will be glad when he’s gone. At least Fitz loves Liv that’s more than I can say for him. I hope he winds up in the hole. Maybe Liv’s mama will take him out.

      • JRock says:

        I was a Scandal fan from day one- Heck I was a Scandal fan the moment I read of the show. But I have to say Scandal is begging to lose me.

        I have no interest in seeing Mellie being the center of the show – The character is not strong enough to carry it off.

        I have no interest in seeing Fitz and Mellie’s children. If I want to see teen angst I would go watch Disney. This is an adult show – No children please!

        It is time something be done with OLITZ – this back and forth nonsense is so last year – it ain’t funny. Either together or apart.

        More of Sally and More of Charlie please –

        Give Abby a man with whom there is some chemistry. There is none with David.

        That was ridiculous nonsense with the long incarcerated mama. Give me a break!

        Give James and Cyrus a bigger bed.

        How come Liv makes so much money and lives in a one bed room apartment. At least make it a two bed room apartment or something.

        Enough with trying to force some sort of love triangle with Jake. It should be apparent that there’s nothing there.

  14. Lee says:

    Mellie cheated since she was involved with Andrew 12 years ago. That would be way before Olivia came on the scene. Who is really the whore now?

    Jake is going to turn out to be a bad guy since no one is good on this show. So all of you who are rooting for him are going to be very disappointed.

    BTW Jake with all his whining is weaker than Fitz. Jake did not earn the job of Command. It was given to him on a silver platter by the Fitz who has saved his life multiple times alright. Jake is the worst spy ever even Huck could do a better job.
    Olivia is using him as a beard to get who she really wants and love Fitz. Jake is going to turn ugly when he is frustrated.

    I think Fitz is playing everyone and knows about Mellie and Andrew which is why he was insistence of having Andrew as his running mate. Fitz is playing a long game con. He knows Mellie and Andrew will restart their affair and he will have ammunition to get out of his marriage.

    James and David are playing with fire going after monsters. One of them likely James will end up dead.

    Joe Morton is great and is playing Papa Pope to perfection.

    I have to disagree and say Mellie is the most boring character on this show with her constant whining about her cheating husband but hanging on to be First Lady which is not a meaningful position. I would appreciation her more if she actually DID something that worked instead of constantly ranting and just sitting on her bored ass in the White House. Sally Langston has more guts than Mellie when it comes to making political moves. Mellie needs to get a divorce and start her much talked about political career although she has done noting to show how she’ll get it.

    YAY! Harrison finally has a back story and it will be hot.

  15. DiverKlein says:

    I don’t think i can watch this show anymore. Its gotten almost as bad as Revenge.

    I am SOO sick of the whiny, petulant, tantrum throwing pathetic piece of crap of a president. I was over it at season one, but it just keeps getting worse. He’s a bully..and worse, a childish bully. Waaa sally hurt me i’m gonna sit at my desk, get drunk and pout. Really? this is presedential behavior? and ENOUGH with the olivia nonense already.

    For this show to survive, Old Commands prediction MUST come true. Fitz needs to die in a hail of bullets. Bloodier the better. Cyrus and Sally need to go to Jail. Heck, make mellie president for next season and get back to what the show was SUPPOSED to be about. SCANDALS

  16. Ange says:

    I did not like how Millie appeared on this high horse knowing she has skeletons. The more that is revealed, the more it seems as if Olivia/Fitz is Millie’s karma. What she did in that entire café scene was disgraceful and in poor taste. She makes the choice to stay with Fitz for the glory it brings her and does not mince words when reminding people/Olivia of it.

    • JRock says:

      Olivia/Fitz is not Mellie’s Karma. The universe is not that interested in Mellie. Mellie needs to find a love of her own. Let Fitz go so that he can be with the love of his life.
      Her hankering behind this man is pathetic and demeaning. Enough already!

    • TeamOlivia says:

      The next time I hear the word ‘whore’ on this show, it better be coming from Olivia’s mouth to MrsMellieIsleptwithyourdaddy’s ears.

      • Nina says:

        Uh… Mellie was RAPED. Mellie didn’t willingly sleep with Fitz’s father. That was ABUNDANTLY clear… JFC… Faith in humanity depleting.

        • Karen B says:

          Mellie was not raped. She needed some amunition to get Fitz’s father out if the picture b/c Fitz was not man enough to tell his father to take a hike. The father had complete control over Fitz and after Mellie slept with him she took over where the father left off in controlling Fitz.

          • Nina says:

            What fantasy planet are you Olitz shippers from? She used a traumatic event to her advantage because it was the only thing that would work. She didn’t sleep with him willingly. FFS. Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to people with tunnel vision.

          • herman1959 says:

            WHAT? Please take another look at that episode (#307, Everything’s Coming Up Mellie). You can see it on Hulu Plus, but hurry because it expires in 2 days.

  17. monieet says:

    Millie does keep it interesting. Look forward to the new storyline.

  18. raven64 says:

    Bellamy Young says we will find out some other shady things about Andrew. I already figured out there was some secret when Olivia told Fitz during their oval office fight her gut was saying he is a bad choice for VP. Basically thats Shonda speak for, watch what happens next!! Lol

  19. Sara says:

    I overall enjoyed yesterday’s show. Thought it was head and shoulders above most of the other season 3 episodes. Unlike those other episodes, I could rewatch this one again.

  20. Euvee says:

    I love Mellie when she is Maleficent Millicent & hate her when she is simpering, love scorned Melody. There I was, tickled to see Mellie receive and give love while still being her evil self BUT after reading certain comments here, I genuinely cannot wait for the Presidential divorce (even though I enjoy conniving Mellie and her brilliant portrayal by BY).

  21. Maryann says:

    I absolutely detest Joe Morton’s character as Olivia’s father. He really has lost all sense of proportion. What I want to know is why Olivia didn’t tell Fitz and/or Jake that he is now planning an “accident” for Fitz?

    • Cheyenne says:

      Next week’s preview shows her warning Fitz that her father is out to get him. But I’m pretty sure Fitz already knows that. He knows how dangerous Rowan is.

      • herman1959 says:

        Yes, Rowan is not to be messed with, and there are so many others looking to take someone out that someone HAS to turn up dead by the end of the season. I was hoping for no more blood.

    • lolita says:

      thank you for agreeing with me because I simply despise Liv’s father. He is so hateful and he feels he must be God almighty. I will be so happy when he is out of the show. I dislike so much that I will get away from my tv until he is gone.

  22. clearhaven says:

    I’ve never hated Mellie, was just indifferent. It was towards the end of season1 I started liking her and tried to see why she was always so manipulative. Fitz dad raping her said it all.

    Imagine, she got raped during the process of her trying to get Fitz dad to support him not just during the campaign – to be a father to him. Which he eventually did(the former. As for the latter their relationship was already beyond salvageable), although that required her to keep her assault as a weapon. Do you know what that means? She had loved Fitz so much she put his own happiness above hers, even if it cost her.

    Now imagine that same man that she did all that for, is now cheating on her, and rather happily infact. Really, seeing Mellie’s perspective makes you understand why she just desperately wants to stay in the white house, because of what happened to her in the past. Lets just say she wants to get a maximum value for her sacrifice.

    The real bitches are Fitz, and as much as I love her, Olivia. Cheating is wrong but then I understand that even if he did want a divorce, Mellie may not be ready to give up just yet(read previous paragraph again). *sigh*

    This show really shows you the circumstances of our actions, and how they could ripple into our future. Now everyone’s misdeeds are entangling and creating a crazy mess. Even Mellie may soon start cheating too *spits*

    But that’s what’s great about Scandal – the mess.

    I just hope it just doesn’t get TOO messy.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Hey, the messier, the better. How about Fitz knew all about Mellie and the guy he picked for VP all along, and is setting Mellie up? Like the SS catches them in the act and takes pictures so he can divorce her for adultery and marry Olivia? Messy enough?

      • clearhaven says:

        Wow. okay, now THAT is messy. But that would make Fitz a big hypocrite, and Olivia even accepting him after he does that really would really say ALOT about her character.

        Till then :)

  23. JRock says:

    Scandal has lost its way! It was on its way to being a very good show if not a great show but it has lost its way.
    The water shed moment when it lost its was breaking up OLITZ after:
    Liv’s: “If you want me earn me”
    Fitz’: “Watch me earn you”

    Such lines should have been left for final episode of the series perhaps. To split them after this, disappointed fans and made the series ridiculous. It has made fans cynical expecting a split round about the end of every season.

    Shonda tried recovering from her humungous misstep by having Fitz tell Mellie that his crawling back to her meant nothing. This fell flat because everyone had already seen him on his knees at the end of the season and most felt betrayed by this since it made no sense.

    This show was supposed to be about a fixer, fixing people’s scandals. Who cares about what’s going on at the White House if it does not translate to the fixer, fixing a scandal? I do not. I gather most people do not. The White House only has relevance to this show as it relates to the fixer.

    Now we have mama issues – as though the papa issues weren’t enough
    Now we are supposed to have kids issues…


    • Cheyenne says:

      Then STOP WATCHING IT!! You keep complaining about every facet of the show. Why watch a show you don’t like any more? Spare yourself and spare the rest of us your neverending rants.

      • herman1959 says:


      • A Rock says:

        Because it is time shows are made with a modicum of intelligence instead of pandering to the idiots that they seem to pander to of late.

        Because I refuse to suck at the teat of mediocrity as so many others do.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Then please find another show that fits your criteria of intelligence and let the rest of us enjoy this one. All you debbie downers are deluding yourselves trying to pretend you’re discerning critics. The perpetual whining gets old.

  24. Pascal says:

    I am so over Mellie, Jake and Quin. Harrison and Abby need a good story. I continue to enjoy the crazy couple Olivia and Fitz because this is why the show is call Scandal. .

  25. Lisbeth Nidavni says:

    I hope in season 4 we have a presidential divorce . because I am so tired of Melie and Fitz toxic couple. they need to divorce. Mellie need happiness with someone else. and I hope Olivia and Fitz can have a life. But they introduce the Jake character that is so unbelievable. I do even think he loves Olivia , When and where ?.

  26. Frida063 says:

    It is so funny now , people are bashing on Olivia and Fitz now . Kerry and Tony did a great job with Scandal and the show become more popular and now some people want Fitz to die and Jake to shine. The show is so popular because of Olivia and Fitz even if you do not like the infidelity and their love story . This is the one bold tv show ,I have never seen on Tv. Tony and Kerry have amazing and hot chemistry .