Is This Bachelor a Bit Serial Killer-y? Did Liars Cheat? Is Castle Song Wrong? And More TV Qs!

Tessa Virtue Scott Moir Meryl Davis Charlie WhiteWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including House of Cards, Downton Abbey, Girls and Criminal Minds!

But first, some Olympics-related musings:

1 | If we never ever again hear about Bob Costas’ infecty eyes, will it still be too soon?

2 | Don’t you kinda hope Lifetime is developing a movie-of-the-week inspired by the rivalry between Canadian ice dance team Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir and their American nemeses Meryl Davis and Charlie White?

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3 | Could NBC’s Christin Cooper — the reporter who broke down Olympian Bode Miller with incessant talk of his dead brother — learn something from watching Inside the Actors Studio host James Lipton invite Amy Adams to discuss, and then step away from the topic of, Phillip Seymour Hoffman?

Back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Hoc4 | SPOILER ALERT: In House of Cards‘ second episode, wasn’t it odd that no one — Lucas especially — thought to rewind the surveillance video to see what Zoe was doing before tragedy struck? The footage clearly would’ve shown her not only having a conversation with (an albeit hidden) someone, but then chasing after that person seconds before you-know-what!

5 | Even though we kinda knew it was coming, wasn’t it still thrilling as s— to see The Walking Dead’s Carol show up just in time to stop Lizzie from smothering Judith? save Lizzie and Mika from a walker? But when will TV writers/directors learn that nobody wants to hear a baby crying for minutes on end, no matter the dramatic purpose? Just give us an on-screen caption: “Baby cries.”

6 | Given Shosh’s tenuous connection to the group on Girls — she’s the only college student in the bunch, after all — should we expect her to stop girls-beach-house-season-3-hbohanging with Hannah & Co. altogether after dropping brutally drunken truths during “Beach House”? Or should Lena Dunham actually utilize Zosia Mamet’s character as a “Greek chorus” of sorts, popping up to serve intermittent meta take-downs like, “Seriously, I have never met anyone else who thinks their own life is so f–king fascinating. I wanted to fall asleep in my own vomit all day listening to you talk about how you bruise more easily than other people.”? And finally, was Dunhma’s teeny green bikini wickedly bold or just aggressively distracting?

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7 | How awesome was it that Downton Abbey blueblood Mary’s primary objection to Rose’s engagement wasn’t that Jack is black but that she only wanted to marry him to scandalize her mother?

8 | Who wins the prison battle: Orange Is the New Black or Shameless?

9 | TVLine reader M.E. asks of this week’s Castle: “I know the song was used in ‘Always’ and has significance for fans, but would you want to see Rick and Kate dancing at the wedding to these ‘In My Veins’ lyrics?”

10 | On Almost Human, did Kennex and Stahl’s goth-esque undercover costumes make you long for the time Alias‘ Syd and Vaughn went incognito at the German S&M club?

11 | How on Earth did The Following‘s Ryan make it from Manhattan to Stratford, Conn., by car on a weeknight — on the highly congested I-95, we must assume — almost as quickly as Gisele’s MetroNorth train did?

The Bachelor12 | Doesn’t The Bachelor‘s Juan Pablo look and sound just slightly serial killer-y whenever he’s repeatedly whispering “look at me” and wiping away one of his harem members’ tears (which kinda seems to happen a lot this season)?

13 | Anyone else feeling Jimmy Kimmel/Matt Damon “rivalry” fatigue? Has Kimmel heard of the phrase, “Going to the well too often”?

14 | Once again, we “get” corporate synergy (ugh!), but could Jimmy Fallon’s first couple of Tonight Shows have maybe dialed down the Olympics hullabaloo by about, oh, 75 percent? It was hard to tell where the games ended and the talk show began. And who appreciated the moment where Fallon invited Jerry Seinfeld “to the couch” after his stand-up bit — akin to how Johnny Carson famously first did with Seinfeld more than 30 years ago?

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Switched at Birth15 | Are you Switched at Birth diehard Bay/Emmett ‘shippers coming around to Bay and the super sweet Tank?

16 | For The Fosters fans, did you think just for a second that it was Jude’s friend Connor who was leaving the birthday treats for him?

17 | Did anything on TV this week telegraph “doing your own thing” more than Elaine Stritch’s unabashed F-bomb drop on Tuesday’s Today show — which East Coast viewers saw without a bleep?

18 | Were you relieved to learn that Ezra isn’t “A” on Pretty Little Liars, or do you feel cheated for having been misled all season?

19 | How does Criminal Minds manage to creep us out for 52 minutes with a severely twisted pair of horndogs-of-a-certain age, and then cap the episode with an adorable double-date for Morgan and Garcia? And Derek and Savannah are pretty damn flawless, aren’t they?

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20Qs-PattysDiner20 | Kinda random, huh, that a Patty’s Diner figured into both Criminal Minds and CSI this Thursday? 

21 | If Nigel Lythgoe were still exec-producing American Idol, what odds would you place on both Spencer Lloyd and Marrialle Sellars scoring Season 13 Wild Cards? Speaking of which, did it take you a few seconds to process that J.Lo was bequeathing hers to C.J. Harris and not the teen heartthrob who elicited screams of delight from all the sorority girls in the audience?

22 | Whether or not you dug Cee Lo’s wacky outfits and commentary, won’t The Voice be a more competitive place if NBC hires a replacement who has a better grasp on how to get the best out of his/her contestants? And while we’re on the subject, shouldn’t that replacement be the one and only Cher?

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23 | No, really — ABC is developing an alien-invasion drama pilot with the title The Visitors? As in V, which stood for Visitors? (And barely lasted one two seasons?) Has our history with TV extraterrestrials taught us nothing?

24 | Anybody else exhibiting symptoms of The Good Wife withdrawal?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Et al says:

    12. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn Juan Pablo is a serial killer. He’s certainly more pervert than past bachelors.

  2. I was beyond excited to see Kennex in guyliner. That guy is too freakin’ gorgeous! And the New Zealand accent sent me over the edge!!!

    • Boston2AZ says:

      Because they’ve been on my DVR, I’ve had the chance to watch Almost Human and SHIELD back to back the past couple of weeks. Almost Human is just better in every aspect – better characters, better plots, better writing, more interesting subplots. I don’t know why it hasn’t gotten more positive publicity.

    • Angela says:

      New Zealand accents are very sexy *Nods*. This is a fact :D.

  3. Wouter says:

    8. Orange is the New Black ofcourse. We didn;t get to see much of Fiona in prison.
    15. I love Emmett, but tank is just too cute!
    18. Cheated, I’ll watch the season finale and then i’m don with PLL. It’s just getting too ridiculous. They’ll probably show us in Season 5 that Caleb or Paige is A and the whole cycle starts again…

    • Hannah says:

      Ella and some other parents are A. They just want to teach a lesson to their daughter: in the end it’s just a excruciatingly long cautionary tale.

  4. uh huh says:

    11. It’s not COMPLETELY impossible. I once missed a Metro North train in New Haven and was able to hop in my car and beat it to Stamford, and get on there. It all depends on whether the train is a local or not.

  5. l says:

    When did we learn that Ezra wasn’t “A”? He still could be… I wasn’t buying his “i’m writing a book” story.

    • Brandy says:

      Same here.

      • Leslie says:

        Ezra could still be A actually. I don’t believe much of what he says anymore. I already suspected he had hooked up with Allison before he admitted it. It was still creepy to hear him say it though. Okay, maybe I am just too old for this show. Lol, it’s beginning to drag out imo.

    • Mary says:

      Agreed! I didn’t feel like we learned Ezra wasn’t A by this. Doesn’t explain anything that he was writing a book. What about all those video feeds in the creepy basement of that cabin?!

      • DJ says:

        I’m with you – the “easy” excuse for the basement video feeds would be for the book’s sake, but when the “easy” answer correct on PLL?

    • Magically Suspicious says:

      Thank you. I really thought I missed something big. I haven’t ruled him out at all.

    • Ugh says:

      Actually I think Marlene King did say in an interview with E Online after Tuesdays episode that Ezra is not A. This show is getting so ridiculous! Also why was there no question about why there was an operating ski lift in the middle of the woods when there was no snow?

    • I Heart Damon Salvatore says:

      Agreed. There’s too much not making sense. I think “I was writing a book” was just Ezra’s A cover.

  6. jami1331 says:

    10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Meg says:

    I’ve been expecting the “Ezra isn’t really A” twist since he was “revealed” as A.

  8. Blacklister No.134 says:

    1- I could probably replace Bob Costas and any of the other NBC talking heads with my Katniss Everdeen standee and it would be more entertaining than whatever drivel comes out of the NBC people.
    3- See above.

  9. Steven says:

    I wish Garcia and Kevin would get back together. If only just to have Nicholas Brendon back on TV more frequently.

  10. Kida says:

    9. I was completely thrown that they chose “In My Veins” as “the song”. I love the song very much, adore it actually, and thought the placement of it in “Always” was absolutely perfect. Hearing it now, it’s almost too hard to bear because it was such a sad moment and it brings up all those feelings of sadness and angst again. I would never associate it with a wedding where everything is hopeful and full of joy. It just doesn’t work. They got this one as wrong as the dress.

    • Smiley says:

      ITA with you. I hate this as a wedding song almost as much as her dress. That song should have been kept for the emotional turmoil that was Always and not tainted by overuse!! ( mind you I had “At Last” for the first dance at my wedding ironically enough LOL! )

      • lupe says:

        They didn’t say that In my veins was going to be their wedding song. They just said that they like it. Probably they will pick another one like the venue

    • LL624 says:

      I didn’t think of it as an angsty sad moment at all. It was the moment Beckett finally decided to be with the man she can’t get out of her veins. And when they get married she’s going to be with him forever (hopefully).

    • Hannah says:

      “In my veins” is the song of Miranda Bailey’s cry and despair because she can’t save Dr. Charles Percy that is bleeding to death after having being shot in season 6 finale of Grey’s, which happened 2 years before “Always”. These people are sick.

      • Rich Abey says:

        Well Castle doesn’t care in what context songs were used in other shows. Besides “In my veins” isn’t that bad a choice..after all Kate & Rick love it, and that’s all that should matter to us fans.

    • missteff says:

      I too was thrown by the song, but I think that it fits them, to me it both sad and happy… it!

  11. Kida says:

    4. I thought the exact same thing but you know, pull at the thread…

  12. Dani says:

    I think In My Veins symbolizes Beckett’s darkest time and how she realized in that pivotal moment in Always, that Castle was that “glimpse of sunlight” (cheesefest i know, but check the lyrics) she needed and there was no fighting it anymore, she couldn’t deny it. i think it represents /that/ moment. Of course their entire relationship once they actually got together was more about the fluff than the ~darkness, but i do very much think it’s their song. and what if no one else understands why they’re dancing to this particularly gloomy song, THEY KNOW.

    • Jackie says:

      I completely agree!

      • c-mo says:

        Me too! What says Caskett more than “You’re in my veins, And I cannot get you out…”. This song completely shows, lyrically, that they are truly each other’s better half.

        • missteff says:

          exactly said. I didn’t see that song coming but fits them to a “t” and it made me cry….made the moment (s) too real…..I love this show! can’t wait for more surprises….

    • Rich Abey says:

      Exactly. Besides Kate & Rick didn’t know that the song was used in “Always”, which is most common argument used by a lot of fans. Even if they did they would still prefer the song choice as it marks a pivotal moment in their lives. A moment that led to their union. A moment that is the cornerstone of the marriage in which the song is to be used.
      So yes the lyrics of the song “In my veins” are more than appropriate to dance to at their wedding..

      • Carolina says:

        I don’t care if Caskett dances their first dance to In my veins while she wears that hideous dress. I just want them to be able to make it through the ceremony to the first dance. I still have the sneaking suspicion that AM has no intentions of giving us fans a wedding which is sad because I would love to hear their vows to each other.

  13. Winter says:

    15. While I still prefer Bay with Emmett, I like Tank a lot. Way more than I ever liked Ty at least.

    • EJ386 says:

      I like Tank but she isn’t in love… at least it doesn’t seem like it. Like Emmet best, but Ty and Bay was also amusing.

    • tp says:

      I agree. Tank is a very likeable sweet guy. I think he’ll be good for her. I prefer Emmet too but I guess they just can’t get pass all that other stuff just yet.

    • Katie says:

      Yeah, agreed. I LOVE Emmett and Bay, but I do like Tank a lot more than I thought I would, and I don’t mind the two of them together until Bemmett can move past their problems. And I’ve never liked Ty, so.

    • DJ says:

      Tank certainly offers fewer complications and genuinely cares for Bay, and at this point, I fear Bemmett would be one continuous circle – until Bay truly gets over Emmett/Simone, they’ll never have a chance.

    • Anna says:

      Tank is straight up sweetheart, and they are cute together, but I don’t think I will ever actually want Bay and Emmett to be with either people. They are clearly going to end up together – they just can’t stop being in love with each other.

  14. Pablo Botero says:

    23. V actually lasted 2 seasons but maybe not with the best rating… but some alien shows have been successful like Falling Skies so maybe is not a bad idea, I just wish good luck to Star Crossed ’cause I loveeed the pilot
    18. I don’t know if we should believe in that silly explanation he gave to Aria… that’s the thing about PLL, you don’t know who can be trusted

  15. Re: CASTLE’S Wedding Song…..What happened to the musical genius ROBERT DUNCAN of the show??? He could compose one that is original, like he did with the
    CASKETT theme, make it it truly memorable and lasting for the CASTLE Fandom even
    After the Series ends.Title maybe: “. I WANT YOU ALWAYS” !!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. April says:

    #19 – I thought it was a bit out of place myself. At the end of the episode I actually said outloud “Did a show about serial killers actually try to do a Valentines Day episode? WTF?!?”

    • missteff says:

      you got that right, I didn’t understand that at all….I wouldn’t be jumping to go out just after what I saw-not a real romantic scene.

  17. spindae2 says:

    Marlene King messed deeply with us. Why couldn’t they let Ezra just be mad? Everything else is just a huge mess.

  18. Jessica says:

    #8: OITNB wins…at everything. Period.

  19. Alex says:

    19 – I didn’t think the ending to Criminal Minds was adorable at all. I’m kind of sick and tired of those two characters always having to be in each others business.

    • Dalia says:

      You aren’t the only one. We see so little of their private lives as it is. I don’t mind that we only get small glimpses of their life outside of work as long as when we do it really is OUTSIDE of work. They took what could have been a nice Garcia moment and turned it into the Morgan and Babygirl show…again.

    • missteff says:

      I didn’t really like it, when we see these characters “outside” lives, they don’t have to always be with each other-again.

  20. Deena says:

    18–I don’t think Ezra’s explanation cleared him from being A or being on Team A. Especially with that creepy conversation with Mona. Then again, all PLL does is make you think it’s someone and then it’s totally not. Maybe they will keep it as Ezra as some kind of switch up to confuse us. Wait, I think I just confused myself…

    • abz says:

      if Ezra doesn’t turn out to be A, it will be way more annoying than the whole Toby fakeout. I also didn’t think the explanation cleared him of it. The explanation was BS and I’m sure there is more to it. Mona and Ezra. It had to be Mona at the zoo in the wig. He probably made her do it because he was keeping tabs on Aria especially after that slip up about Spencer and noticed with his spying that Aria was on her way to his cabin. Plus, spying on them with cameras in his cabin, at the apartment, etc. Yeah, all that was because he’s writing a book? I don’t buy it. I think he definitely wanted her to find that story. I mean the guy removed all his spyware computer stuff but left a story like that lying around?
      PLL is honestly so tiring. Just endlessly dragging things out. I mean that whole black and white episode was so pointless. Its only purpose was for Spencer to realize that one thing about the diary pages.

  21. Emma says:

    I actually love “In my veins” for Castle and Beckett. It represents their relationship as a whole. Everything they’ve been through, to get them where they are..

  22. Smiley says:

    9 – I wouldn’t worry. We’ve already seen the dress, we’ve already heard the song. I very much doubt we’ll see either of them again!! No way the wedding is taking place like the characters expect if at all!

    • missteff says:

      didn’t care for the dress at all……the song was both sad and happy (I loved it) and I don’t worry about them…..I think we will see them differently as time goes on too

  23. Daisy says:

    I, for one, could do with all the Damon/Kimmel rivalry fun they’re willing to give us.

  24. Jackie says:

    9 – I love In My Veins…..totally represents their journey, and the chorus is the best part. It’s not any worse of a wedding song, lyric-wise, than “Every Breath You Take” which was used at thousands of real-life weddings in the 80’s and 90’s….talk about the ultimate stalker song! (I love the song, btw, just not as a wedding song, ha!)

    • c-mo says:

      Or how about “I Will Always Love You”. I can’t tell you how many times I heard that at a wedding…it’s a good-bye song for crying out loud! I love “In My Veins” and think it’s perfect for them.

    • missteff says:

      I love that song too, and even “I will always love you.” but they are over used…..I think that “in my veins” was the perfect fit for the two of them. to me the song was both sad and happy-that’s how they always were (to me). loved the pick.

  25. Amy says:

    How is Ezra not A? Did I totally miss that last episode??

  26. Katherine215 says:

    #2 – I believe there is (was?) a Canadian reality show about Virtue and Moir and them preparing for Sochi.

  27. Kim R says:

    12. YES! So creepy. It makes me talk back to my TV.
    13. YES! Enough. This joke has been told too many times. It is not funny anymore.
    24. YES!!!! :)

  28. KR says:

    I still think Ezra is A or on the A team. How else would he have known the details about Spencer thinking she saw Toby’s body in the woods? If he really is just writing a book, it would make no sense for him to know that, and I think it was thrown out there for a reason. Also, Mona looked kind of scared of him when they talked in the restaurant and she said she couldn’t help him anymore.

  29. Kerry says:

    As much as I like Emmett.. I am really loving Bay and Tank more…. Their chemistry is much better and that make’s such a big difference….

  30. A says:

    18) I am pretty sure he is still A. Why would he need Mona? Why would he need the crazy technology? Why would he stalk like a total creeper?
    22) Please let Usher be the permanent replacement! He is my favorite judge. He is so devoted to his team and gives them quality advise.

  31. Dalia says:

    I personally think the entire concept of The Bachelor is creepy.

  32. Saabgirlatx says:

    #24. Yeessss! And on that note, TVline, TGW needs a regular recap here, pretty please!!!

  33. Lena says:

    18 – it was so obvious Ezra wasn’t going to be A. i’m so sick of ‘oh this person’s A, oh no actually they’re not’ crap.

  34. Allen says:

    I’m not sure we’ve completely cleared Ezra as A quite yet, although I can see it heading down that path. Plus as someone pointed out above, we still have to think it’s Paige, then Caleb…then we’ll circle back to Melissa again, then to Toby, Wren, Cece, Jenna, etc etc etc ad nauseum

  35. Jules says:

    PLL: I feel cheated, but not because Ezra is now revealed not to be A (or is he?) but because the excuse was such a bad one. I mean, really, in order to write a book he has to have a live camera feed of his apartment entrance? And Aria just believing the book story…

  36. Tom Charles says:

    23 | No, really — ABC is developing an alien-invasion drama pilot with the title The Visitors? As in V, which stood for Visitors? (And barely lasted one season?) Has our history with TV extraterrestrials taught us nothing?
    There are those of us that want to see them.

    • Katherine215 says:

      Well, sure, lots of people want to see those kinds of shows. That doesn’t mean we don’t have a history of similarly named show(s) about aliens not doing too well. Why they aren’t calling that show something else is the big mystery.

  37. DAG says:

    #5 – That’s exactly why they showed the baby crying – no one wants to hear it but walkers? And, then you could see why Tyreese was so thrilled to see Carol – Thank God! Someone who can get this baby to shut up without suffocating her. (Not this time, Psycho Lizzie.)

  38. 18-I think unsurprised, is probably the best way to describe is. And annoyed, I mean come on, they already did this with Toby last season.

  39. Angela says:

    #1: Seriously. I haven’t even been watching the Olympics and I’ve heard more than enough about the Costas eye thing. We get it. Move on, people.
    #12: Only seen clips of “The Bachelor” on “The Soup”, but LMAO…oh, my god, you’re right, he does. Course, then again, I’ve personally always found competitions like this incredibly sleazy and creepy as it is, so…
    #19: Ha, good question! I like that they can balance that stuff, though-the story was definitely weird and creepy, but the ending was really sweet and made me smile. And YES, Morgan and Savannah are a gorgeous couple. Also, LOL at the “Patty’s Diner” thing-I don’t watch “CSI”, so I didn’t see that! That’s funny :D.
    #21: It would not have surprised me one bit to see Spencer go through in that version of the show. I kinda missed Jennifer’s announcement-was otherwise distracted at the moment with something-but I can imagine that was quite the unexpected scene.

    • DJ says:

      I disagree with #21 – even with Nigel at the helm, I find it hard to believe that Harry would go along with Spencer and/or Marialle in the Top 13. (I could imagine Harry pulling the ol’ switcheroo – agreeing to it off-camera before changing at the last minute.)
      ……… Although, Harry probably wouldn’t have this job if Nigel we still at AI, would he? Damn, maybe I agree after all!!! :(

  40. Jared says:

    Pretty Little Liars has been all over the place that I don’t even care who A is at this point. So over this show im officially giving it up.

  41. Tee says:

    18. I figured that’s the route they were going to go with Ezra, especially after Toby, even though his level of creep was not explained away at all. I’m so over that show. The progress they make in revealing any “mystery” is negligible. And generally I want to smack the Liars for being so snooped on and yet not even attempting to be stealthy at all. Let’s just talk about A near open windows and in public places, and leave our stuff out in the open or unattended everywhere we go.

  42. LL624 says:

    6) Shoshana is the dumbest and most annoying girl on Girls. I think THEY should stop hanging with HER, not the other way around.
    9) I highly doubt we’ll even get to see the first dance at the Caskett wedding so it doesn’t really matter. It was just cute to choose that as “their” song. It was the moment that finallystarted started their relationship.
    16) No.

  43. A.B. says:

    4. Video looked kind of blurry so I don’t think you could tell she was having a conversation but if it was rewound even further back would it show someone else going back there before she arrived or was that someone smart enough to find a blind spot? Questions answered with questions.

  44. b says:

    I’m glad Ezra isn’t A. However if he isn’t A or on the A team then why was he working with MonA?

  45. cjeffery7 says:

    2 – I hope more that Scott & Tessa get together at the end, and Meryl & Charlie are revealed to be the first successful human cyborg experiment.

  46. erin says:

    8. Shameless. Oh my god. That scene was heartbreaking. I love OITNB but I wasn’t attached to Piper until well after she was already in prison. Watching Fiona being processed was heartbreaking.

  47. cjeffery7 says:

    5 – lol. i know right? i was by myself and felt like such an idiot for reacting SO HARD to her return.
    10 – when am i NOT longing for EVERY incognito scene from Alias?

  48. Matt says:

    Good wife, when you come back to me?!?!?!

  49. Claire says:

    2. Not really, no. Because it doesn’t really seem super dramatic in real life- they’re rivals, yes, because they’re the best in the world, but they’ve also said on numerous occasions that they’re quite good friends, too. Lifetime/insert other cheesy cable network here would just make it some lame melodrama. (And congrats to both pairs on superb performances throughout the Olympics!)

    9. Yeah, maybe not the best choice for wedding lyrics, but still, that’s the song that will always be associated with “Caskett”, so I think it was right.

    • missteff says:

      9.) I think that was the whole point of the song…..I don’t know to me that song fits-both sad and happy something that their journey has always been. I love it.

  50. IMHO says:

    3.Absolutely,Mr.Lipton is a classy guy.
    Unfortunately the folks at NBC reporter included think that what they did to Bode Miller was just fine. It was horrible .
    5. LOVE that “Baby Cries” suggestion. I was so happy to see Carol talk about great timing.
    How creepy is that Lizzy kid smothering Judith ?
    She has to be the person who was dissecting the rats at the prison and feeding he walkers.