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Agents of SHIELD Casting Agent TriplettWho is S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s new agent? What mother of a twist does Parenthood have on tap? Can Scandal‘s Mellie “fix” Olivia? Will Five-0 leave someone breathless? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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You had mentioned that Episode 14 of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. would introduce two recurring characters. One of them seems to be Bill Paxton’s character, but what about the African-American role? Do you know who’s playing that, and if he is a Marvel character or not? –Andy B.
Andy, collect your 250 TVLine Power User Points (of no cash value but damn suitable for framing), because you led me to this casting scoop: B.J. Britt (One Tree Hill, Being Mary Jane) wound up scoring the role of Agent Triplett, an associate of Bill Paxton’s character who appears in the March 4 episode.

Do you have any spoilers yet on Covert Affairs’ next season? Missing my Annie and Auggie! –Debra
Are you sitting down? Good. Because the one thing I do know about Season 5 is that the USA series is casting a new series regular — “McQuaid,” a handsome, magnetic and charming Navy SEAL turned private contractor/billionaire. The guy’s got a questionable past, sure (don’t we all?), but that won’t keep him and Annie from striking an undeniable spark — one that could last all… season… long. Casting ideas?

Do you have any information about Parenthood, for when it returns at the end of February? –Joel
This won’t happen as soon as Feb. 27, but I can tell you that Matt Lauria is set to return as Ryan, in this season’s penultimate episode. And there’s a chance we could see him in the finale, too. What’s more, we’ll also meet Ryan’s mom, a “three Bloody Marys for breakfast” type who never has known how to be there for him in a motherly way.

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Can we get some spoiler-y hints for the 19th episode of Hawaii Five-0? I read somewhere that Danny gets hurt, and it’s killing me! –Sara
This won’t ease your anxiety much. Or at all. As the team investigates a tip about a guns deal going down inside a parking garage, a bomb implodes the entire structure – with some of Five-0 inside. One person is badly hurt, oxygen’s running low…. Yeah, it’s one of those situations.

I would love to hear anything Scandal-related, especially on the Fitz/Olivia/Mellie front. –Mandy
Fitz/Olivia/Mellie is precisely what you’ll get – though not in the best of ways – as the midseason premiere opens. (All told, “Olitz” fans can expect :-O :*-( and : D moments, though not in that order.) Oh, and the lunch date teased in this video? You can only imagine what Mellie proposes in the name of making a “respectable woman” out of her rival.

I wanna know if those squirrels on Banshee mean Siobhan’s gonna die in the finale, what Chayton is doing in the finale, if we’re ever going to see Nola again…. Anything will do! –Tea
Showrunner Greg Yaitanes offers this about the Season 2 finale, airing March 14: “When Cinemax saw it, one executive said: ‘This is the Banshee Red Wedding!'” Eep.

Have you got anything on the Reign episode “The Consummation”? Specifically, something Mary and Francis-related? –Bree
Do I have anything on “The Consummation” aka the March 6 episode I watched just this morning? Oh yes. Most simply said, a lot happens. For one, Nostradamus has a new vision that, as he puts it, “changes everything.” Also, news of a significant death sets in motion events that will force Mary to make an impossible decision, and pronto, all while her deliciously devious mum (Private Practice‘s Amy Brenneman) plays puppetmaster in a way that must even impress Catherine.

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At the end of Once Upon a Time’s midseason finale, why did Emma end up in New York City, Neal’s recent home, rather than Boston, her most recent place of residence outside of Storybrooke? –R.T.
Hook happens to raise that very issue in the March 9 midseason premiere – and Emma does have an explanation.

Can you give us a hint as to what Belle’s “plan” might be on Once Upon a Time? –Intarr
Belle’s plan to get the definitive 411 on Rumple is sparked by something she has come to realize about her man’s epic clash with Pan.

Can we get pictures, please, of the Once Upon a Time/puffy shirt contest…? –Monika
[Sigh] Yes. For the uninitiated: Back in December, I joked on Twitter about Prince Charming’s puffy shirt and how it must be true love if Snow puts up with it. Josh Dallas promptly challenged me to a “duel.” So when I’m on set last week, suddenly I hear his voice boom, “Mitovich, it’s on!” — and there Josh is, wearing the puffy shirt… and carrying a spare. And he wouldn’t interview until I had changed. The side-by-side is here, while the “action shot” is below.

I am a fan of Longmire and I want to know when and if it is coming back. This program has many fans and was very popular. So, what’s the problem? –Joann
There’s zero problem. Longmire was renewed back in November, and will return sometime this summer, being a summer series and all.

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Could you ask Stephen Amell which Arrow episode he is most excited for us to see? –Catarina
“It’s a tie,” he answered, “between the end of 14 (“Time of Death”), and Episode 15 (“The Promise”). The end of 14 is one of those, ‘Oh my God, why can’t it be next week already?!’ situations.”

It is a sad day for NCIS fans, with the passing of Ralph Waite, who plays Gibbs’ dad. Will his passing mean that Jackson Gibbs has passed away as well, and will the writers fit it into an episode? –Jessica
It’s a safe bet that NCIS will acknowledge Waite’s passing with a proper on-screen storyline. But remember, when last I spoke to show boss Gary Glasberg, he was already sketching out the season finale. So the likely issue is when they can accommodate such an important story beat. Thus, I ask you: If it means giving Waite his most proper due, would you be OK if the show held off until Season 12? UPDATE: Never mind!

Some Castle crew and cast members have hinted on Twitter that this season will have 23 episodes. Can you get us confirmation from ABC? –Rida
‘Tis hereby double-secret officially confirmed — 23 episodes it is! What I cannot confirm is that the “bonus” episode is a planted spin-off for Pi, Fruitarian P.I.

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Thanks for your awesome coverage of my favourite show Beauty and the Beast! Do you have scoop for Episode 16? With the title “About Last Night,” it seems it’ll be a sexy episode with VinCat getting together hopefully? –Stephanie
You mayyyyy be onto something. Airing March 10 as the winter finale, “About Last Night” will force VinCat to revisit a romantic destination from their past while Demi Moore watches Rob Lowe play softball. Hmm.

Do you have any intel you’re at liberty to share about the good Drs. Torres and Robbins over at Grey’s Anatomy? –Kirsten
This encounter is exactly as intense as it looks, the first steep drop in one roller coaster of an episode for the wives.

Do not cancel Betrayal. –Ruby
Oh, but I need for my fall TV prediction to at least partly come true!

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