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Glee Rachel Santana SpoilersIs a Glee duo splitting up? What’s the 411 on an “intense” Once Upon a Time romance? Has a Revolution ‘ship sunk? Will Arrow‘s Canary save her sis? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

PHOTO | Glee‘s ‘Epic’ New Poster Touts New Night (and New York Focus?)

I need scoop on the Glee “Frenemies” episode (airing Tuesday, Feb. 25). Please tell me Rachel and Santana come out as better friends by the end of it. —Miwako
I would if I could… but I can’t. Not only does their little Funny Girl imbroglio turn violent, but it will significantly alter their current living situation

Rumor has it that this season of Glee will have only 19 episodes. Please give me a good week and tell me that this isn’t true. —Vinicius
Brace yourself, because you’re about to have the Best. Week. Ever: It isn’t true. Season 5 will have 22 eps.

I can’t believe Revolution‘s Charlie hooked up with Connor! There’s no way I imagined the chemistry between her and Monroe. Does this mean there’s no hope for Charloe now? –Rosie
“Never give up hope,” executive producer Rockne S. O’Bannon responds. “Sure, Charlie and Connor are a natural hook-up. But there’s no denying that Charlie and Monroe have history. And certainly that’s on Monroe’s mind. Stay tuned.”

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Not sure if I’m the only one, but I can’t stop thinking about when Once Upon a Time‘s Regina is going to meet her true love (aka, Robin Hood). I’d like some inside info. –Diana
Already, I scooped for you that the OTLs “soul mates” will finally come face to face in the second episode back, airing March 16. But here’s a little something new, from cocreator Eddy Kitsis: “They meet under interesting circumstances – heightened, intense circumstances — as one does on our show.”

Arrow is on fire! In TVLine’s January 9 interview, Stephen Amell teased an Oliver/Laurel encounter unlike one we’ve ever seen before on the show. Any idea which scene he was referring to, or if it has even aired yet? –Joanne
The aforementioned “encounter unlike one that we’ve ever seen” has not yet aired.

Do you have any scoop on Arrow? –Ashley
The “Birds of Prey” episode airing March 26 finds The Huntress “consumed by this vengeance that she has for her father,” says EP Andrew Kreisberg, and as such she is now all but rid of her Helena identity and looking “very haggard.” When she goes to dispatch with Daddy dearest once and for all, “Laurel gets caught in the crossfire,” prompting Canary to fly to the rescue. “It’s a fun episode in that you get a lot of Laurel with the Canary, not realizing that it’s Sara,” says Kreisberg. “It’s really an episode about Sara realizing where she’s at in her evolution as a hero.”

What is the name of the song played at the end of this week’s Arrow? –Mary Lou
That was “Silhouette” by Active Child (feat. Ellie Goulding).

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I really, really need some Pretty Little Liars scoop — possibly on the game changing season 4B finale.—Jon
The finale is titled “A is for Answers” and that’s precisely what fans will get. Some of the biggest questions y’all have been asking since Season 1 will be answered by none other than Alison D, in the flesh, as she finally (finally!) reveals intimate details of what happened the night she went missing.

Will we see Jane’s Airstream in any upcoming episodes of The Mentalist? –Laura
As a matter of fact, you will see a lot of the airstream in the first episode back (airing March 9). He even goes on a mini road trip related to that week’s case — with one of the law enforcement ladies in his life riding shotgun.

My favorite character from Graceland Season 1 was Abby, and it’s killing me that I don’t know if she’s going to be in Season 2 or not. I would really appreciated any news you have. –Sonja
While Mike Warren will have plenty to deal with on the romantic front in Season 2, a source says that at this point in time it’s only “possible” that Abby will resurface.

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How long will Scotty be sticking around on Suits? I think Harvey is better off without her (and with Donna!) –Kellie
She’d better be sticking around, seeing as the midseason premiere finds her grappling with a half-million dollar buy-in to join the firm.

While I appreciated getting two new episodes this week, I’m still itching for more Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Do you have anything for me? –Michelle
You know how we just saw Boyle hit it off with Vivian (guest star Marilu Henner) at Captain Holt’s birthday party? Well, next week Jake must intervene before his colleague goes “Full Boyle” on her – as in a full-court press of romance that has scared away many a potential love interest in the past. Needless to say, Jake has his work cut out for him.

Do you know how many episodes are ordered for New Girl this season? –Kassie
You shall get 23 total – meaning, eight left to go.

It is time on NCIS for Rule 38: NCIS Ratings Drop Without Ziva“Your case, your lead.” Will we see Tony DiNozzo in the lead again? –Ann
Cross your fingers, because you just might get something resembling a Tony-centric Season 11 finale. As show boss Gary Glasberg told me at TCA, “I’d really like to focus on and come up with something for the season finale that has a strong Tony element to it – in fact, we’re about to sit down and talk about that.”

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Can you give us anything at all on Syfy’s Helix? –Tanya
When Voyager alum Jeri Ryan debuts on Feb. 14 as one of Hatake’s corporate benefactors, a much darker secret about Arctic Biosystems and the true purpose of the virus will come to light. Also: Balleseros is headed for a surprising arc that will lead him to make unlikely alliances… outside of the base.

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  1. lorena says:

    Please kick Santana out of the loft!

    • dumb glee says:

      No please make sure Pezberry get back on good terms so we can keep the loft as it is. The NY 3 in the loft is the only thing glee has going for it now days. NY is already going to go down hill with Blam we don;t need the best pats to be separated now.

      • Mena says:

        I love the the bantering trio flatmates. I will dread the day when Blaine comes to town.

        • R says:

          They’re annoying as hell. Can’t wait for more people to join them in NY, Blam especially.

          • bleesucks says:

            Opp mixed you sentence is wrong I’ll fix it. Blam especially are annoying as hell. Can’t wait for more people to join them in NY like Mercedes or Artie anyone but Blam.

    • No Blee!! says:

      No!!! I don’t want Blarren in the loft. He’ll totally take over every story line – like he did to ruin McKinley. The only good part of Glee has been NYC with Kurt, Santana and Rachel. Please, keep the loft with those three.

      • ekcnuca says:

        I think Kurtcheltana was fun for a while. But… I got tired.

        • what says:

          How we hardly saw it. We hardly saw anything NY. Waht was tiring was Blam.

          • bop says:

            god i hate blam but kurcheltana is worse. i like santana but im so over her being horrible or not talking to rachel and kurt for three seasons then showing up “KURT AND RACHEL ARE MY FAMILY!!” kurcheltana is the most contrived friendship on the show and no one believes it

          • Angela says:

            @bop: I dunno, I buy it. After a tragedy like the whole thing with Finn, and now that they’re not in high school anymore, it’s not exactly out of the realm of possibility that they would’ve reevaluated some of their former attitudes towards each other and matured enough to get along a lot better. Especially now that they’re all in New York-you lean on whomever you can out there. Maybe “family” isn’t the best way to describe their interaction, but do I believe them as good friends now? Yes.
            And besides, whether they’re getting along or fighting, it’s still fun to watch them interact with each other.

          • u says:

            @Angela if she would have reevaluated and really felt they were family, especially like you say after finn’s passing, why would she go after her friend’s broadway dream when she is the one who is probably grieving the most and should have something good to hold on to? she is a horrible person.

          • Angela says:

            @u: Actually, I’m not a fan of the understudy idea for that very reason-because I think it would fly in the face of whatever friendship has built up between Santana and Rachel thus far. I don’t like the idea of them being split apart like this, because I think they were well on their way to forming a really good friendship, if they weren’t already there. To say nothing of the fact that Santana suddenly deciding to want to understudy for something she’s never shown any interest in up to now makes no sense (and I know, I know, this IS “Glee” we’re talking about).
            Having said that, though, I’m willing to wait and see how this storyline is handled beyond that episode before I make any permanent conclusions from it. I know it says in this article that they’ll be at odds over this, but who knows, maybe we’ll find out the reason why Santana wanted to do this and maybe she and Rachel will have a moment to talk about it and reconcile or something. The show seems to have made it seem like Santana has been trying to change her ways, but “old habits die hard”, as they say, so this could be an example of her struggling to change her behavior or something.
            Or maybe none of that will happen. Maybe this will prove they’re just not meant to be friends, and so be it. All I know is, up to now, they have managed to make their friendship believable to me. And I do hope that whatever happens with them when the show returns, they can eventually work it out. I fully respect the opinion of those who can’t trust Santana-I won’t deny that she’s given us ample reasons not to. Just that I tend to disagree with some of the sentiments about her, is all, and I just think people should be careful not to speak for everyone with their comments about what they think of a character.

      • S says:

        Aw, I’m so sorry “No Blee!”, I guess you missed the episode where Kurt and Blaine got engaged to be married. Blaine (I don’t know who this “Blarren” is you speak of) will be in NY with his fiance as he should.

    • Miza says:

      Fingers crossed. The fact that they want us to pretend she even has a chance at the Funny Girl role is bad enough but I’m so tired of her lame one liners and horrible attitude being shoved in everywhere. She’s not funny, she’s not useful, she’s just annoying.

      • Sandy says:

        I so agree with it! The only thing Santana is good at is being a heartless bitch. I hope she moves out of the loft and disappeares forever!

      • CB2 says:

        Fanny Brice can be ‘sweet as pie and tough as leather.” Santana is only one of these things. They are really reaching to pull Santana into more of the plot by making her Rachel’s understudy. Urgh

        • Angela says:

          Heh, very true. I can’t argue with others’ thoughts about the understudy idea…it doesn’t really make sense as a storyline.

        • SKE says:

          Glee doesn’t know what to do with Santana. She is talented. She has a job. But, to include her more into the show she has to be more into whatever scenes they are going to write for her. So she will be Rachel’s understudy. I guess, like Mercedes was as equal as Rachel was in he musical Mercedes tried out for.

    • Jess says:

      lol shut up

    • tonilost says:

      does anyone care that Belisaros is still alive? oh and kick Santana out, he’s a grub.

    • Gift says:

      Glee season 4&5 have been huge disappointments and Santana is the best thing they have left. They must keep her.

  2. Tara says:

    I don’t understand the idea that Charlie and Monroe should hook up on Revolution….I get that their is chemistry, but at the end of the day this man KILLED her brother, kept her mother as a hostage, killed (by his order) her father, and essentially messed up her whole life…if they make it happen, it will be ridiculous.

    • Maureen says:

      Not to forget she just slept with his son. Please writers, do NOT go there…you will only loose your most faithful viewers. This is not a soap opera and cheapening the story line with the so called Charloe not get you new viewers but will kill the show for many

      • Katherine215 says:

        Ugh, yes to both of you. I found their chemistry weird for all the reasons you listed, never mind the fact that I really like Conner and want to see them develop his character with Charlie. Plus, Monroe is old enough to be her father. Just don’t even go there, Revolution.

        • Big Mike says:

          This is a show that started with a worldwide blackout, and now we have eleventy trillion microscopic robots setting people on fire and healing others, while a group of people let loose a genetically engineered virus. And you all think the big problem with the show is the romantic archs?!?

          It’s like each week they allow a new batch of writers to write an episode, not letting them in on anything else about the show.

          • Katherine215 says:

            I actually don’t think there’s a problem with the show. I like it very much, and I’ve enjoyed the fact that the storyline has moved quite a bit.

          • Thank you for pointing that out.

            “Mini robots that set people on fire are totally believable but Charlie having sex with Monroe will ruin the show for me!”

            Seriously? You can overlook everything else that’s wrong with the show, but the sex is what will make you drop it? Are you for real?

        • V says:

          That comment from O’Bannon just sounds like a way to try to keep Charloe shippers interested in watching the rest of the season, and I don’t think the show will go there(unless the writers/producers are really that desperate). Monroe is probably just going to apologize to Charlie. Anyway, I really hope they DON’T try to hook Charlie up with Monroe. It would completely turn me off from watching. He held her mother captive and had her tortured and he was partially responsible for the deaths of her brother and father. Monroe doing horrible things to Charlie’s family is show canon, no matter how much some shippers wish it wasn’t or try to excuse it. Charlie would be weak and pathetic if she decided to get involved with Monroe. I love Monroe as a character, but I don’t want to see Charlie in a relationship with him.

          • Sandy Prater says:

            I’m a Charloe shipper, yet I completely agree with you about that comment from O’Bannon being just a carrot on a string. Nothing I’ve seen since episode 10 ’til now shows a romantic development. If anything, it’s going the other way. Don’t get me wrong. I haven’t come across many fans of this ‘ship that wanted anything other than a real slow burn (we’re talking a season or two before anything serious even happened), but even the smallest fire needs some sort of spark, and the writers seemed to have worked really hard to snuff this one out. They keep putting him in some sort of paternal role now…even their relationship has turned into some sort of weird Miles/Charlie/Season 1 thing. Nothing kills romance quicker than giving it daddy overtones.

            Even the comment is uber vague. History? The only history is that she’s tried to kill him, and he’s saved her. If he’d commented on chemistry, on his admiration for her spirit, on their great working partnership…any of those things…I’d feel some sort of hope. But history? That’s the only thing that doesn’t lead something more. Sorry Rockne, this ‘shipper ain’t buying it. We’ll just have to get our kicks from fanfics.

          • the CHARLOE dynamic has made this season. Given it juice. Whether or not that is a string by Rockne S. O’Bannon or not, it’s very real chemistry and it’s got legs. THey’d be pretty ridiculous NOT to play into that. THey’re all sizzle those two. I’m so for it.

      • Sandy Prater says:

        Hate to break it to you, but the most faithful viewers really don’t care if Charlie sleeps with Monroe or with Connor…it’s the die-hard scifi geeks that make up the core. Oh, and those who are really strong Billy Burke or David Lyons fans. By insisting that piles of fans will leave b/c of an unpopular hookup, you’re actually the one who is dropping this show down to soap-opera levels. And I don’t say this with malice. I say this as someone who did the same…I stopped watching after the show did NOT go with Charloe. However, in my case, I didn’t transform the show. I’ve always thought the execution was weak. The “rescue of the week” was getting on my nerves too. It was ONLY the chemistry between the two that intrigued me.

    • Maxy says:

      I’m sorry but I do not agree with you…for me it would be ridiculous if the Charloe not happen!!!! I do not understand when people take it too seriously as well as a TV show.

      • Pia says:

        I completely agree. I do think Charloe should happen! Charloe fans are also faithful viewers and I certainly would not stop watching after the Connor hookup (which I found terribly boring). Hopefully the writers can right that wrong. Revolution is a great show. Love all the actors and the plot thus far. This pairing would add to an already good show. If you plan to leave because of a Charloe possibility then you were never really a fan.

        • Fio says:

          I can get past the age difference because I think these two would make a great pairing with a good storyline. They have an amazing chemistry on screen – you can’t deny that. Hopefully the writers are creative enough to make this happen. The guilt and struggle Monroe would go through wanting to be with someone that should be off limits. Charlie being attracted to a man that she has hated for so long. Monroe’s back-story has made it easier for me to see him in a different light. Charlie’s character has changed so much in season 2. She has become a more hard and cynical Charlie. C’mon the crazy that would ensue once Miles and Rachel found out – Makes for great TV as long as the writers don’t put in a cheesy love triangle. Plus I would love more Miles and Monroe screen time as well!

          • ktg says:

            ITA. A Bass/Charlie relationship could add some depth and growth to both of their characters. And it would be so fun watching Miles and Rachel come to terms with it. It would also be the most watchable storyline on the show since last season.

          • Sean W says:

            THIS! Completely agree and am really excited by the possibilities of it. I can understand some viewers questioning it, but their chemistry is great and the complexities and moral questions of it could be done really well on this show. I do appreciate how Revolution develops characters overtime, and with realistic arcs, rather than just throwing character development overboard each week.

        • Maureen says:

          The Charloe idea became a bad idea after the writers hooked her up with Connor. There is an unwritten law that you don’t sleep with the son and the father…even a TV show should not go there. The writers already made the Rachel/Miles story unbelievable and inconsistant..don’t repeat that mistake. What makes Revolution so special is that so far they don’t need sex and scandals to sell a good story.

          • Katie says:

            Revolution has already broken a ton of rules, what’s one more? At least this one would use the onscreen chemistry between the actors. Bring on the Charloe!

          • Ally Oop says:

            TV has gone much more taboo. Ever hear of a little story called Flowers in the Attic? That was way way worse.

      • Lyla says:

        YES to Charlie and Monroe pairing. They’re interesting to watch. I always think Charlie romance either with Jason or Connor is terribly boring.

    • Chris says:

      TBH, all of the romantic entanglements on the show have been pretty ridiculous (i.e. Miles and Rachel). I’ve kind of come to expect anything in the romance department. Besides, Charlie and Monroe have some mad chemistry. I’m not exactly rooting for anything romantic to happen there, but if it did, I don’t think I’d mind. I just hope they continue to share scenes. They’re fun to watch.

      • JJ says:

        Monroe and Charlie DO have mad chemistry. It would certainly spark the show if they went there.

        • Fles says:

          Undeniable chemistry!!! Love if Monroe and Charlie would go down. Make it happen!

        • Ally Oop says:

          I’m in full agreement. It’s so completely crazy but it would be complete fireworks if those two got together. However, if the writers go there, they need to do it slowly and believably. Maybe only a small moment here or there. Enough for us to hold out hope. Love when both are in scenes together.

          • Sandy Prater says:

            Agreed. Slow burn is best, though I’d have liked her to be diverted by anyone but Connor (his character just gets on my nerves…whiny brat). Still, we may not have all that much time left to see this ship come to port. If the ratings don’t improve, I doubt Revolution will get another season. I wish they’d get their act together with regards to the storyline and do some research into fan wants/complaints. Lots of fans have been complaining that every single episode is about a capture and rescue. And what happens in the last ep we just had? TWO captures awaiting rescues. Good grief. It’s like they’re deliberately trying to sink this show.

    • Ric Fule says:

      Yes. Charlie and Monroe is something that should NEVER happen. As was Charlie/Connor, but THAT ship has sailed. Now they just need to sink it. And just think, once she gets back to Rachel and Miles, she’ll have JASON to deal with as well.
      Speaking of which. Exactly WHAT is Neville’s game plan? Is he actually going to attempt to kill Monroe? Is he going to coerce Miles and company to join forces in an attempted coup? {He can’t say that they have his wife prisoner, since he told Miles that the Patriots “killed his wife.” Some third option?

    • Sandy Prater says:

      I don’t think it’s unusual in the slightest. Literature and the arts have always been filled with characters like this. Beauty and the Beast is one of the most beloved stories of all time. And what’s it about? A horrific monster that takes a man prisoner and only sets him free after he blackmails the guy’s daughter into swapping places with him. Phantom of the Opera…how many female fans were really rooting for Raoul in that? And while General Monroe did do horrible things to Rachel, I understand that the show changed dynamics in Season 2 and don’t take Season 1 as pure canon. They messed up a lot that Season (hence the changes). Monroe was too 2-dimensional and a caricature of a “bad guy.” It was only Lyons phenom acting that brought forth empathy…yes, empathy…and likeability for Sebastien Monroe. And he did not kill Ben or Danny. Danny ran out and got himself killed in a skirmish. Ben was a result of Neville losing control of the situation in Charlie’s town. Though to be honest, both were more victims of bad writing than anything else. Charlie and Monroe are my Kate and Petruchio, my Beatrice and Benedick, my Walter and Hildy. It’s a common theme. I understand if people don’t like it, but I am surprised at the statements that find this pairing (and those who ship them) a surprise. It’s a popular archetype in literature and in countless cultures. And it’s not just confined to the classics either. Romance novels, comic books, other tv series…there’s a ton of pairings whose central core is antagonistic.

  3. aa says:

    Yeah, Glee! Pit some women against each other! That isn’t awful or anything!

    • ft says:

      I am sure some white boy will fix it.

      • dude says:

        And those white boys will be Kurt and Blaine! Cause they’re perfect and that was sarcasm.

        • Olivia says:

          You forgot Sam, the straight white able-bodied male hero. He’ll probably put some fruit loops on the floor between Rachel and Santana to help them reunite while Klaine and Artie sing Lady and the Tramp’s Bella Notte encore.

        • jazzcolfer says:

          Please, leave Kurt out of this. Just the fact that he always gt some flack for being on the girl’s team from time to time shows you that he isn’t your average sexist character like many others.

  4. This should be exciting for Tony on NCIS…..been a while since we’ve seen him in charge. And I love ‘Take Charge’ Tony. :) Thank you, Matt, for the NCIS scoop.

  5. Rachel says:

    Dear god why would you want Santana out of the loft? So Rachel can live with Klaine?

    • god no says:

      Dear god that is exactly what people with taste don’t want. Why do you want Rachel to have to be bored to death with the most boring couple ever to couple? Rachel and Kurt are fine but Blaine urggggggggggggg.

      • SKE says:

        I totally agree. When I read that Glee going NY centric, then I remembered, Blaine was going. This will not be enjoyable for me. Season 4 was ruined by Blee. I’ve had my fill of him. I want to see only Rachel, Kurt and Santana for a long while. If Blaine has to be there then he can be an occasional character from time to time. I would like for Blaine to go to Cambridge U. Tina be at Brown would be occasional. Artie at the Arts U would be occasional. Quinn at Yale would occasional. Mercedes could be occasional as well. So could Brittany from MIT. Please NO Sam.

      • jazzcolfer says:


    • Rose says:

      Maybe because it`s the most contrived friendship on the show. She was always mean and hateful towards Rachel and Kurt ( as well as towards everybody else ) and now she`s their best friend? And Rachel won`t live with Klaine: Artie, Sam and probably Tina and Mercedes will be there too.

      • Sez says:

        Whoever cast Santana as an potential understudy for Fanny Brice needs to look at the character again. Fanny isn’t supposed to be conventionally beautiful and is very clearly Jewish (I’m sure there would be so many better casting possibilities, probably from the ones who auditioned with Rachel for a start).
        I’ve nothing against the actresses on Glee but having Santana be cast as an understudy for Rachel is so unbelievable for so many reasons (it took Rachel so much hard work to get cast and yet Santana can just find an in like that? Santana never seemed interested in Broadway. Santana has no theatrical training/learning like Rachel does she just has a bad commercial under her belt and we’re supposed to believe that would get her noticed? etc.) it’s ridiculously contrived it’s laughable, totally just so they can pit Rachel against her and have an opportunity for insulting one-liners.

  6. Maki says:

    Thank you for the great scoop! Even though you didn’t answer my The100 epiyode question ;-)

  7. Louise says:

    Thanks for the OUAT scoop. Robin Hood and Regina is one 3b story I’m excited for.

  8. Jagdeep says:

    Can’t wait for some Outlaw Queen!

  9. Leny1 says:

    Thx Matt

    I really liked Graceland, that was coz i didnt give it a go straight away lol… but looking forward to Season 2

    I am intrigued to see Robin/Regina…. i always felt these two would meet in Enchanted Forest, coz thats where true love couples have met so far and emphasis at…. Charming/Snow, Rumbelle, and also Emma/Hook … yes they met in EF and story structure between them and their journey is so similar to the other couples (and you know the things u do – choose, fight, find etc). And i also think and believes that Robin and Regina will meet, connect over something and go a mini journey pretty much like Snowing, Rumbelle and Captain Swan did… thats how they have started it.

    • Leny1 says:

      Another thing i find that they will meet lay the foundation/groundwork into them… and over the season have a few moments and full on season 4 we see a developing them… pretty much how i see worked with Emma/Hook structure (minus Colin breaking his leg)

    • Mari says:

      I don’t think the show writes their romances with a formula in mind that is repeated with every couple. In my experiences that is mostly an wishful thinking fan interpretation from those who want their couple to be “true love”. But if they do, I hope they don’t use it for Robin & Regina and they are allowed to be a unique couple and story. I don’t want them to be a mirror image of other stories and I want little to no similarities with Hook and Emma especially.

      • Leny1 says:

        This show is intentional with everything is shows and does, and structure so i think there will be some similarities in storytelling hence some parallels. and its not just that some want their couples to be together, for me its what IN THE SHOW and showing us thats why i mentioned the 3 main couples so far and how Robin and Regina will fit that trope and how its progressing, narrative.

        • Louise says:

          Actually, there is a whole damn lot on this show that is very much unintentional. There is one huge example for it in the online fandom, but many smaller ones to go along with it. And I think this idea that every couple has to be compared to Snowing as if they are the ultimate ideal or the molding pattern for everyone else is fandom based.
          Regina most certainly would hate to be compared to them in any way. ;) She doesn’t need to fit any tropes or standards that Snowing or Rumbelle have set and it would be a disservice to many characters, but definitely to Regina, to reduce them to that.

          • xav says:

            So true. I would hate for Regina and Robin to be anything like the other couples. I find them either horribly contrived and badly written or just plain boring. I don’t want any of that for Outlaw Queen.

        • xav says:

          It’s really not intentional though. There are many, many plotholes and the ‘parallels’ that a lot of fans draw are extremely weak.

  10. That’s great news about Tony on NCIS. He has been on the back bench for months now. Can’t wait to finally see him back in action.

  11. wrstlgirl says:

    Hopefully the Oliver/Laurel “encounter like we’ve never seen before” will be deadly :-) :-) I know, I know…..but a girl can dream can’t she??

    • Lena says:

      I wish. :)

    • Christina says:

      Terrible…but I can’t help but agree. If only because if Laurel dies then we hopefully get to keep Sara!

      • Luli says:

        I knoww!! Sara needs to become a regular, and even though I love Olicity I want Saliver to be endgame….

        • janean.comfort@gmail.com says:

          yeah I never worry about Oliver “hooking up” with any woman because I feel that it always ends badly…that being said, I don’t like Sara with Oliver (actually i probably won’t like anyone with Oliver because I expect it to end badly) but I am going to feel so bad when Felicity finds out! Is there any super hero/vigilante that actually has a successful relationship? I want Olicity to be the end game so bad!

  12. Karen says:

    So glad there will be 22 episodes this season! It would be a shame if they shortened the season just as they are finally making that much-needed move to full-time NY Glee. I’m looking forward to seeing Kurt and Rachel get more focus, and hopefully some nice Klaine scenes too!

  13. Trinity says:

    Santana Lopez she get her own apartment. No, Santana Lopez should get her own show. Now that would be a real comedy!

    • nope says:

      And would go down in flames in 2 weeks. Ryan Murphy would have no interest in it and he owns that chracter.

    • Janice says:

      No one cares about Santana. They didn’t even have her in the show for the majority of last season and she wasn’t missed. And now we’re stuck with them inserting Naya’s goat bleating voice in random plots that have nothing to do with her because they don’t care enough to write her her own stories.

      • Angela says:

        No one cares about Santana. They didn’t even have her in the show for the majority of last season and she wasn’t missed.
        Gee, I wasn’t aware you spoke for me and other “Glee” viewers!

      • Fill says:

        They care enough to make her plot device and the only lasting comedic character on the show. If she leaves I leave. They lose another target viewer.

    • Andy says:

      She definitely should! Then I wouldn`t have to watch her on my screan whenever I watch Glee! It would be a blessing because I like the rest of the characters who are going to be in NY.

    • Pipa says:

      Yes! I wouldn’t have to watch Glee anymore.

  14. haribo says:

    actually the news about Glee getting 22 episodes made my week so much worse

  15. Tonyfan Ncis says:

    Yes, I feel that we might get a Tony-centric finale because to me it seems likely that Michael Weatherly is unhappy in his role right now, and may be looking for something new. So the season finale may be us saying goodbye to Tony. -Thanks for the scoop!

  16. Jenna says:

    Lol if they’re moving Santana out of the loft to make room for the basic b*tch parade of Sam and Blaine.

  17. SD. says:

    So they’re kicking Santana out so we can ‘enjoy’ a Klaine/SamandRachel union? Joy of joys! And they wonder why no-one watches this show anymore.

  18. Guest says:

    Santana is leaving the loft. Now I am sure Naya Rivera is leaving Glee.

    “A is for Answers” and Allison talks. I have waiting to hear Allison’s version of the story since forever.

  19. Mel says:

    Yes! Please, don’t back down on this one, Gary Glasburg. A lot of DiNozzo fans have been hoping for Tony to finally get a key role in a finale arc. Tony hasn’t had a finale focus since S4’s Angel of Death, seven years ago. I really hope this happens. Thanks for the scoop, Matt!

  20. Kaycee says:

    If they kick Santana out and replace her with the god-awful duo that are Sam and Blaine, who are already the worst part of the show, then I’m done. She wasn’t on the New York promo banner and now this? I love Lea and Chris, but it’s Naya who brings the best comedy to the show (and Jane Lynch of course).

    • Erin says:

      LOL, some twisted comedy that is. Santana is one of the most annoying characters. I’m tired of her supposedly ‘funny’ insults. I’ll be so relieved if she leaves.

      • SKE says:

        We all have characters who turn the show for or against for all of us. I have mine. I adore Santana and would love for her to stay, even better, have her own show. She is so funny. I’d watch it, leave Glee in a nanosecond. The characters who were focused on season 4 ruined Glee for me.

    • Assume much? says:

      The others could bring comedy if the damn writers would write it. But nowhere in the answer does it even say anyone is moving out.

  21. lily says:

    I’m very excited for Robin Hood/Regina story. Can’t wait for them to meet.

  22. Lena says:

    Thanks Matt for the scoop, especially about Arrow. Love that show. :)

  23. I missed the Abby news. She didn’t do anything for me, to be honest. I’m much more interested in Paige, who seems to be the only housemate without skeletons in her closet. Hope we get to know her better this season.

  24. kevinjohn says:

    well i for one want Klaine living together. oh a ps Blarren is not a real person since Darren is Darren and Blaine is Blaine. so saying you don’t want Blarren moving in to loft is very dumb since Darren can’t since he is a real person and the loft is part of a tv show

  25. Andy says:

    Santana was sleeping on the couch. She had enough money to rent her own place but she blew it all, is what I’m getting.

  26. james says:

    I’m pretty sure “Blarren” can’t ruin the new york side since its already as boring as the whole show since the writters ruined the whole show

    • bleesucks says:

      Not saying NY is great but it sure was better than Lima and now that Blaine and Sam are in NY even that little bit is RUINED.

      • SKE says:

        I agree with you James and Bleesucks. season 4 I had my fill of Blaine and Sam. If they are to be in NY and Klaine will be “THE” couple Glee will be challenging to watch. Because, all I could stand was NY. Now, if Glee goes Friends-like with NY Glee with these characters, we will have to see how it goes.

  27. GleeNY says:

    I want Kurt and Blaine to live with Starchild

  28. it's been swell. says:

    I’m really excited about glee changing again. Sayonara Limaa.

  29. Maxy says:

    Thanks for Revolution!!!! I love Charlie and Bass….they are a GREAT potential couple.

  30. JoyAnne says:

    It will be good to see Tony being in charge for an episode. We know Gibbs trusts him.
    I’m not happy with how Bishop has behaved since she arrived on the scene. Thinks too much of herself and 2 guys paid with their lived. Well she is now officially a probie and I hope that is how Tony and McGee treat her. Look what Tony put McGee through.

  31. Z says:

    OH man, I am so excited for Regina and Robin. Bring it on.

  32. dude says:

    So Birds of Prey isn’t going to be the big, epic episode people think it will be?

  33. I pity the people who got to know Huntress from the current comics. They must think that she wants to kill Batman.

  34. Robin and Regina wtf ? I prefer swanqueen !

  35. kirads09 says:

    Thanks regarding – Helix. Every episode just keeps raising more and more questions! Yet somehow I am really enjoying it. Creepy cheerful elevator musak and all. :-)

  36. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for using the correct terminology in regards to Regina and Robin.

  37. John NYC says:

    ““encounter unlike one that we’ve ever seen””

    She slaps the snot out of him for, once again, bouncing her little sister? Girl’s been in training for something and this might very well be the outlet for all that gym rage… Oh sure Oliver could snap her like a twig: but his guilt will have him backpedaling until he hits a wall…

    Diggle might want to intervene but I suspect Felicity will warn him off with one of her looks.

    Can’t wait!


    Because little sis knows it’s the thing to do… lol

  38. Erin says:

    A truly Tony centric season finale? I’ll believe it when I see it. GG and co always tease big things for Tony and he winds up with being nothing but the humor moment or an accessory in some other characters big story.

  39. KC says:

    Great news that Glee will be the full 22 episodes. Maybe Rachel is the one who leaves – but it probably will be Santana. She can go live at MIT with Britt for all I care.

  40. Teag says:

    Thanks for the Helix stuff. Thought I was the only one watching.

  41. Syl says:

    I really hope the Revolution writers aren’t just trolling. I would love to see Charlie with Monroe. They have crazy chemistry.

  42. Joe says:

    So done with OUAT and their white washing and hetero normative crap. Take your straight couples, lack of diversity and sexist male characters and shove them

  43. ktg says:

    I am so happy that Monroe and Charlie might get a chance on Revolution! There is no logic to any of the story lines anymore. The only thing that does make sense is a Monroe/Charlie relationship. Thanks for the info.

    • K. says:

      I agree I think their chemistry is great! For the people saying he’s a terrible person, he’s not the only one I think every person on that show has done bad/horrible things and that includes Charlie! I happen to like those two together…

  44. Debra says:

    Only on Glee would Santana ever be considered as an understudy on a play like Funny Girl. Naya doesn’t have the right voice for the songs and I shudder to think about how her version of Don’t Rain On My Parade is going to sound. It isn’t an easy song to sing for even Broadway trained singers.Or will it be so over produced that the viewers aren’t supposed to know the difference.

    • Sez says:

      Exactly, she would be so awful (and that’s not saying she has a terrible voice), terrible casting. So many other roles she could do well but they have to do this so she and Rachel can bicker again. Pathetic.

  45. Luli says:

    Sara needs to become a regular!!

  46. Stephanie says:

    I just don’t understand why everyone hates Blam. People keep saying they’re boring. This is Glee, they’re teenage boys. This isn’t Breaking Bad or The Sopranos. They’re gonna think about cute girls and boys and sing songs and try to graduate high school. They’re not gonna be out shooting people or selling meth. If that’s boring for you, don’t watch the show, don’t comment on it. Also, what’s so bad about their relationship? If your issue is that they interfere with Klaine, OKAY, but also keep in mind that Klaine is happily engaged. Blam is about acceptance and support and friendship, what is there to hate about this? I think people forget that glee is a comedy sometimes. If you dislike Sam and Blaine, then okay, focus on the characters you like, if you don’t like any of the characters don’t watch the show. I’m excited to see what’s coming up, there’s only a season and a half left, I can’t wait to see what happens!

    • jazzcolfer says:

      The thing is the show revolves around the boring characters, blam. yet, other characters, Kurt, Rachel and Santana aren’t considered boring by that many people and the people voted for them at the PCA so the show should focus on them. But, now the show might mess up the only dynamic people enjoyed, probably to add characters the GA, not their stan for sure, find boring. That is simple as that. The original glee club members are the ones that are the most appealing to people, not blam. But again and again, the show might use these characters the GA enjoy to force down our throat the two “dudes” most people find annoying. I really don’t understand why. They aren’t fans favorite like Kurt, Rachel and sanatan, and they’ll never have the popularity that the originals glee club members use to have when the show focused on them the first two seasons. People react strongly because the show keeps forcing blam when there are other characters that deserve the focus, the songs, and the storylines and the POV since they are more consistent and interesting and people voted and rooted for them.

      • Rylynn says:

        You know, people like to throw around the PCA win for Lea and Naya as though that’s it, that’s the deciding factor on who’s popular and what should be featured on the show. Do you want to know why they won? Because they were in an easy category with hardly any real competition. Klaine got 2 million votes on twitter compared to Lea/Naya with 500K. Darren also had more votes than them, and Blam was pretty comparable. But their categories were a lot tougher (and kudos to Chris for his win, but I guarantee that Darren was a close second). Nonetheless, the fact that Darren was nominated for three categories, which was *also* fan-voted on, says a lot. You may not like Blam or Blaine or whatever, but are you really gonna try and pretend that Darren is not a fan favourite? Get a freaking clue. You do not speak for the majority of people, and you are certainly not a part of the GA. Kurt and Rachel didn’t get a lot of focus last year because they were still trying to figure stuff out in NY and they’re not gonna focus on just two characters when the other 15 are in Lima. Kurcheltana is the “only dynamic people enjoy”. Just, LOL, dude.

    • Lyla says:

      I love Blam! They could get their own crazy storyline that don’t have to include hookups etc. But I don’t like Klaine. Just, nope. Don’t care about the other side of NY. lol.

  47. nlt says:

    Mentalist scoop – meh. And I’m sure it’s gonna be Kim shotgun – double meh.

  48. Tracy says:

    Of course they can’t have two girls on Glee that are good friends without cattiness and fighting. It’s like they could sense that people were starting to like Rachel and Santana and they couldn’t have their precious Blam being overtaken. Glee sucks

  49. J says:

    I’ll take any Mentalist scoop so thanks, Matt! Can’t wait to see that airstream.

  50. Amy says:

    thanks so much for the OUAT scoop Matt! Really looking forward to the rest of the season in March, the hiatus has been painful but your tidbits always help make it pass quicker. Looking forward to seeing what kind of dynamic develops with Regina and Hood.