Nashville Recap: Who's Your Daddy (Gonna Kill Next)?

Nashville Season 2 RecapAvery is the charming leading man? Deacon is a total jerk? Zoey straightens her curls? Lamar (maybe) gets what’s coming to him? Gunnar – Gunnar?! – is the voice of reason?

Welcome to this week’s Nashville, where everything is so upside-down bananapants, even Rayna has a semi-bad hair day. That said, the episode was a very strong lead-in to the show’s upcoming break. So let’s review the major developments of “Too Far Gone.”

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HIDE AND BLEAK | A buzzing iPhone opens the episode, which finds Juliette and Avery in bed at his place. Ju’s got tons of missed calls and texts, but she doesn’t care: Overnight, she seems to have resigned herself to being Avery’s live-in lover/interior decorator for the rest of her life. Sounding a bell he’ll chime several times during the hour, Avery tells her she can’t hide from the world forever – but she’s sure gonna try, diving under the covers and slithering off the bed when Deacon knocks at the door.  (Note to Nashville: Please give Hayden Panettiere more opportunities for physical comedy. She’s good at it.)

Deke, who doesn’t realize Juliette’s there, asks Avery to engineer his Live From the Bluebird EP, which he’s set to record later that week. Avery happily says yes, and – after Deacon leaves — Juliette joins in the celebration… until she realizes that Avery’s album duties mean he’ll have to leave the apartment.

So bored housewife Juliette spends her time watching Fellini films and, after Emily tracks her down, swapping out Avery’s bachelor furniture for some sleek, white pieces. (Does the girl never drink red wine?) Her new boyfriend is less than pleased with the upgraded couch, bed, chairs and “foofy pillows.” “Those. Pillows. Are. UNISEX!” she growls as she rips off her apron (ha!), but he cuts her tantrum short with a gentle reminder that only she can “change the conversation” about her image.

DADDY DID IT | Rayna rocks a red leather-and-lace dress (pretty awesome) and a seriously misguided updo (what is that piece falling down on the side? It’s like 3 a.m. afterprom all up in here) at the shoot for the “This Time” video. Tandy shows up but is twitchy when her sis mentions a welcome home party for Lamar, and when their dad finally makes it home from the clink, Tandy can barely look at him. She’s all, “Oh hey, I have that thing at that place very busy yes bye” and skedaddles; later, she confesses to Rayna that she was the government’s star witness and that she helped Lamar’s prosecution in part because she’d learned he was involved in their mother’s death.

Rayna doesn’t believe her at first, but Tandy (on her way to move out) leaves the private eye’s file with the redhead… who beats it to Lamar’s house and demands he cough up the truth. (It doesn’t help that earlier, Teddy dropped by his old house and told Ray that her dad was behind the shooting that killed Peggy.)

Lamar tearfully relates that the night Rayna and Tandy’s mom was going to leave him for Watty, he got in the car and chased her down the road. She drove too fast because he was on her tail, then crashed and flipped over the embankment. When he got to her, she was already dead, and he panicked and went to Louisville as planned. He wants a fresh start with everything in the open; Rayna wants to know if he “try to murder the father of my children?” Lamar doesn’t deny it, and she leaves him with a warning never to approach her or the kids again.

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BUH-BYE, BRENT | Will’s having trouble picking songs to record on his album, which is going to drop the same day as Rayna’s. Really, Edgehill? Your big strategy to unseat the First Lady of Country Music is the first disc from a relatively unknown talent who’s opened for a couple of big names? Has anyone checked to make sure Jeff isn’t really an escapee from a mental institution for really, really smug crazy people?

Gunnar has what he thinks is the perfect ballad for his roomie to record, but the lyrics hit a little too close to home for the still conflicted Will, and he refuses. Later, after Gunnar witnesses the iciness between Brent and Will, he notes that “Anybody in a 10-ft. radius can tell there’s something going on between you two.” Will, honey? If ever there were a wake-up call that you’re not being slick, it’s that Gunnar noticed how awkwardly/hostilely you handled a two-second conversation with your ex/current/whatever.

Poor Will knows he’s got to do something, so he asks Jeff if he can be assigned to another Edgehill rep. Jeff says he’ll become Will’s new liaison (danger, Will Lexington!) and consequently fires Brent. Gunnar gets wind of this and can’t believe his pal thinks getting rid of “one guy” will solve his problems. “Dude, you tried to kiss me!” he sputters. (Funny and true, coming from Gunnar? The only way I know I’m not dreaming this is that neither of the boys are in their undies.)

Though Will later sings Gunnar’s soul-laid-bare song in the dark in his room – and Chris Carmack absolutely slays it – he warns his friend not to get too excited: “You’re the only one who’s ever gonna hear me sing it.”

HIGH THERE | Scarlett is in about five minutes total of the episode. (Not a complaint.) She’s high for 4:30 of those minutes. (Also not a complaint.) She nearly sleeps through an appearance in Rayna’s video – I loved Bucky’s disturbed double-take when he gets a look at her red eyes and general state of dishevel – but pops a pill and winds up nailing the cameo. And though several characters remark on how oddly she’s acting – including when she’s ultra-nice to Zoey at The Bluebird – I say let’s just enjoy this pleasant hanglide ride until its inevitable crash, shall we?

BLUEBIRD BLUES | Deacon’s pumped for his Bluebird show… until he surprises Megan at her office and sees her holding hands with Teddy. There is some context – he’s mad that Lamar’s free, she’s got a soft spot for victims of tragedy – but Deacon’s not wrong when he feels like there’s something more going on there. Still, it doesn’t mean he has to act like such a Season 1 Avery about it. He gets nasty real fast, the term “savior complex” is tossed off, and she (rightfully) asks him to leave. I don’t care how hot you are, Deke – that’s the second time you’ve turned mean with little provocation, and I wouldn’t blame Megan if she leaves for good.

Of course, though, she doesn’t. Deacon makes an apologetic phone call, and she shows up at his Bluebird show in time to tell him she’s dropped the Teddy-related case and to hear him dedicate “Keep Coming Back” to her. Also in attendance: Juliette, who hangs out in the mix with Avery and later muses that she wants to record with him again.

JUST DESSERTS? | Our answer to the “Who’ll die?” tease may be answered when Lamar visits Teddy’s office, and the younger man reveals that Tandy – and not himself – was the secret star witness helping the feds. The news literally breaks Lamar, who grabs at his chest and collapses, begging Teddy, “Help me.” Sorry, Lamar, Teddy would prefer not to. So instead, he watches his daughters’ grandfather pass out (and die?) on his expensive office rug.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think about the episode? Do you care about Zoey straightening her hair and wanting to be a backup singer? Can you believe we’ve gone for two weeks without Scarlett wearing any type of braid? Now that you’ve witnessed it, are you, too, shocked by how much you love Juliette and Avery as a couple? Sound off in the comments!


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  1. andrea says:

    What I so do not love is Deacon and Megan.

    There just is no chemistry, and the relationship is odd. They have virtually nothing in common, and they define boring!

    • Shira says:

      Oh, don’t get me started on that. And the song? If you listen to the lyrics its a Deacon and Rayna song all the way!! There is no way the Megan inspired ANY of those lyrics. Oh, enough with her and Luke and all those insignificant others.

    • dlferriola says:

      So agree with you because Deacon & Rayana’s chemistry rocks not with the lawyer. She is too stuffy and they just do not fit. She fits with Teddy so much better.

  2. JJ says:

    Good riddance to Lamar, though this was probably his best episode, and I kind of loved the look in Teddy’s eye when he was watching him die. I know Deacon dedicated that song to Megan, but am I the only one who thought it sounded like he wrote it for Rayna with all the “keep coming back” lines? Oh, and Scarlett was a lot more interesting high.

    • Shira says:

      Dont think there isanyone who DID Deacon wrote the song to Megan. It is totally about Rayna and I’m still pissed. It is one thing we need to suffer Megan and Luke but at least that they give us tbe music to tell the truth…and about Lamar, love how the show kill off one by one all its weak links. Good job Nashvilke writers and keep it up :-)

  3. C says:

    Poor, poor Brent. I get Will is struggling, but I hate that he continues to take it out on Brent, who has been nothing but a friend and, like he said, his biggest supporter at the label. This better not be the last we see of Derek Krantz. Maybe Rayna can hire Brent!

  4. the girl says:

    Juliette and Avery are the first TV couple I have ever found myself seriously shipping. I love them. They are everything right now.

  5. Jillian says:

    Hopefully Nashville’s next death is Teddy.

  6. pmill says:

    Juliette : (whispers) I’m not here
    Avery : OK
    (Avery opens the door)
    Deacon : Mr. Barkley !
    Avery : Deacon !
    (Juliette with horror on her face, jumps under the sheet)

    Was I the only one who laughed like an idiot at that one ? :)

    Well, I REALLY hope the show will get a third season – and we all know that thanks to syndication that would pretty much seal the deal for a fourth, as well – because it snuck up on me in the last few months. It is a ridiculously enjoyable hour of television every week. Great actors, great music and apart from a few questionable storylines, great writing, as well. I love how they write strong women (Rayna, Juliette) and I think Hayden Panettiere in particular gets excellent material on a regular basis.

  7. Carla Krae says:

    Loved tonight’s ep. Yes, high-Scarlett is amusing. And in fast-forward.
    Lamar’s heart attack was pretty much what I expected to happen when he and Teddy were yelling at each other. I think Teddy might have helped a little bit if Peggy wasn’t dead, but not now!
    Preview for the eps coming looks great.

  8. detailslater says:

    Is it too much to ask that Scarlett is the one who dies?

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  10. Babygate says:

    I am seriously loving the turn this season is taking. I hated Will last season but I am loving his tortured persona now. And his singing is pretty great. I love, love Juliette and Avery together. This is what I wanted since the end of last season. I hope they make it through the end of the show because they are perfect together. I love the way he gets her and supports her while being totally unimpressed by her money. Loving Gunner with this new girl. He seems more settled. Bye, bye Lamar. You will not he missed. Now, all we need is a lot less Teddy and we will really be on the right track. This was one of the best episodes of the season. And the music is getting much better in the last few weeks. The beginning of the season was pretty disastrous in that department but they are turning it around. Now I can finally go back to buying the new tracks.

  11. GeoDiva says:

    Nashville is really hitting it’s stride! Love that Scarlet is going to crash and burn, JuJu and Avery are the best, Will is heartbreaking, Gunner is no longer gloomy and they shipped Layla off to LA! Plus I like Zoe now (maybe its the hair?). Keep it up Nashville!

  12. I wish I could share the same enthusiasm for this ep.
    -Loved the Juliette/Avery moments. From her hiding under the blankets and slinking off the bed to his wise words of advice, this pairing is really winning me over. I’m sure another shoe will drop soon.
    -Scarlet. With the childish behavior she’s been displaying over the last few months… the whole pill thing is just a big yawn. I feel like the writers pushed her too far for too long, so I have no interest in what happens to her now. Will it be fun to see her crash? Yes. But then we’ll have months of her baby doll eyed blinking while she recovers. This doesn’t interest me in the slightest.
    -Lamar. If he is dead… unfeeling. I would feel bad for Maddie and Daphne- but Rayna has Luke’s big strong arms to fall back into. Yes, that’s sarcasm. As for Teddy- how can I find ANY sympathy for this man? His wife (who had a tiny body frame) was supposedly 7 months pregnant, still wearing the same size pre-pregnancy, supposedly had a miscarriage in the bathroom, and tells you that the doctor did want her to come in at least to get checked afterwards? If you are THAT stupid, how can I feel anything for you now? I think Forrest Gump would have been able to figure that out! Teddy annoyed me before, he still feels like a waste of my screen time now.
    -Zoey she was in this ep? New hairdo or not. Boring character. She’s not done anything for me. We’re more than 1/2 through this season. If you haven’t sparked my interest yet, I don’t think you’re going to.
    -Will While I understand he’s conflicted about who he is vs. this image he feels he needs to portray, don’t go blaming everyone else for YOUR issues. Brent didn’t force himself on Will. It was a mutual attraction that Will chose to act on. So to lash out and cause Brent to lose his job was unfair and childish.
    -Megan and Deacon I think they’re 0 chemistry just dropped to -5. So I guess we’re going to alternate weeks: This week we’ll shove Rayna/Luke down your throat, the next week Deacon/Megan. I’m sorry, but I AM NOT GOING TO LIKE THESE PSUEDO COUPLES! You have GOLD with Deacon/Rayna. Absolute, pure gold. And with the ratings the show is getting, you need some gold. Being a huge fan of the show “Castle”, maybe I’m just spoiled by having the main couple in a mature, adult relationship that is working. The days of playing the “will they or won’t they game” are long gone. And most recently, it’s come to bite shows in their butts. (Can we say NCIS?) It feels like it’s lazy writing for this couple to be put onscreen together every once in a while. “Let’s just throw some crumbs to the fans”. There are so many obstacles Deacon and Rayna would/could face as a couple, they certainly wouldn’t be boring. I miss the old days of seeing their magic onstage together too. The show just isn’t the same without them. So no, I’m not going to like Luke, and no I’m not going to like Megan. What I would like is for the writers to grow some “boy parts” and start working Deacon and Rayna together again. Show me that the faith I have put in this show since day 1 was warranted. Last night I began contemplating playing games on my computer while the ep was on. When my interest starts waning during an ep that’s leading us into a break, there’s a big problem. :/

    • JJ says:

      I so agree with you. I’m so tired of will they/won’t they, and that only worked on Castle for a couple of seasons because they were still “together” in every episode. You can’t have will they/won’t they if you don’t have the characters interact every week. The less Rayna and Deacon are together on screen the less interested I become in this show. I’m just about at the not caring anymore phase and erasing it from my DVR. Big fail on the writers’ part. Though Avery and Juliette were super cute this episode.

  13. steven says:

    Well, Rayna did say that as far as she was concerned, both her parents are dead, and now they are.

  14. I loved last night’s’s a nice set up for the next few episodes. Unrelated, but am I the only one a little bummed that Deacon isn’t singing with Rayna on ‘This Time’? I know he’ll get writing credit, but for someone about to release a solo EP – it would be cool for him to get some attention before it releases.

  15. wrstlgirl says:

    Will was the best part of the the entire episode, the rest was terribly predicable. Maybe what Will did was predictable too but I’m way more interested in his story/struggle than I am anyone else’s right now.

    • Robert says:

      I agree I am hypnotized by Will’s storyline,I see the tragedy waiting to happen before he can be truly honest with himself and the people around him. I wish they had released the song Gunnar written for him because Chris Carmack sing the heck out of it!!! and the lyrics really was on point for the character.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        I agree, that song and Carmack’s performance was off the charts. I really think Layla will be the one to “out” Will, unfortunately I’m not sure Nashville is going to get a third season. I think it’s going to come down to the money they are making on the music because the ratings are terrible.

  16. Love me some Deacon! says:

    Deacon, you are singing to the wrong woman. Go away already, Megan. The only reason he has those outbursts of anger toward you are because you’re not acting they way Rayna does/did.

    It was so nice to see Lamar have a special moment with the girls before he keeled over. He was a bad man played by a great actor. Rayna isn’t in danger of his (current) shennanigans’s having an effect on her anymore, except for how she handles the revelations of the past.

    Will – awesome singing! Scarlet – hilarious! Gunnar – wow, way to get some insight for both your girl and your roomie. Zoe – straight hair was cute and made her more likeable, and glad the writers finally are trying to give her something to do. Avery – I’m starting to fall for him a little bit myself lately. Wow! He’s great in this relationship with Jule!

    The biggest shock of this episode was Rayna’s awful hair at that video shoot – so flat and just wrong, wrong, wrong!

    I love this show – I live for Wednesday nights!

  17. Avery and Juliette are the “young Rayna and Deacon”! I love them together.

    • Shira says:

      So that means he’s gonna start drinking and be her guitarist for the next 20 years while she’ll be married to a boring ass secretly raising their daugther?

  18. RUCookie says:

    Yes, I am enjoying Jul and Avery… and I enjoy Juliette’s relationship with her assistant as well. She tells Juliette the truth and seems to always spring to action. I love that she tracked her down!

    Am I the only one seriously unimpressed with Rayna’s video for her new single. That body controting she was doing in that red dress was hideous and that was some uninspired lip-synching. She has to do better than that! Scarlett was awesome in her cameo and will upstage Rayna in that video if it goes as we saw it.

    And Scarlett. Can someone please intervene before we have an addiction story? We already have one with Deacon. This is just stupid. I have always liked her and her voice. This season she regressed to a 3 year old… time to grow up and put on your big girl panties…

    As for Will – shame on him for getting his “friend” fired. We all saw that coming when he spoke with the Devil… and from the questions that guy was asking you just know Will’s closeted nature will not sit well with him.

  19. BJ says:

    So many feelings right now, I can’t even explain it. So I will just comment on the two characters I care about the most: Lamar and Will.
    I understand Will wanting to having Brent sent to the land of far, far away, but to me that is just like when I am on a low carb diet and I throw out all the cookies and cake mix; only to find that I have a box of chocolate stashed between some books on a bookshelf.
    The song that Gunnar wrote and Will sang was so beautiful and I hope one day he will be able to publicly sing it for a larger audience and not just Gunnar. (maybe I can’t stand Gunnar, but man that dude is a talented songwriter, truly gifted…still don’t like him :)
    Now to the only thing that made my blood pressure rise, the fate of the character I love the most (Lamar) is left to the mercy of someone I absolutely despise (Teddy). All I know is that Lamar had better not be dead and Teddy is still alive and kicking. No, just no!!! Yes, Lamar is the king of evil, he is the big bad of Nashville, but that is why I love him!! His death just cannot be!! Say it is not so!!! Seriously, say it!!! :(
    Anyway, thanks again for the awesome recap, Kim! You rocked it as always! :)

  20. Jen says:

    I am a HUGE Jonathan Jackson fan and was so disappointed in Season 1 with how his character was being portrayed. Avery has the best turn around for any character I’ve ever seen on TV. Shows you just how talented an actor he is.

    • rowan77 says:

      Me too! Big fan, and I was also disappointed in how his character was written. I never had a problem with Avery being a bad boy or a jerk, but he was very two-dimensional and one-note for the longest time last year – which was a real disservice to the actor, the story and the audience. Now they’ve rounded him out more as a person.

    • e says:

      i have to agree that i really disliked avery in season one, but the journey they took him on with becoming a diva and burning all of his masters has shaped him into what seems like the moral compass of the show.

      he’s so smart and grounded now, but not in an insincere way. as weird as it sounds, i wouldn’t mind if him and juliette just stayed together for the rest of the series, because not only do i love them together, i think that being together could provide interest and growth for both characters. juliette has had plenty of man drama in only two seasons, and not one of those relationships were significant enough to make me think they were worth it (other than to provide storylines and “lessons”). juliette is sassy and dramatic enough on her own, and i think portraying her as such, but with an anchor next to her like avery, could be a fascinating take on the character instead of constantly saddling her with romantic mishaps.

  21. Amie says:

    I thought this episode was awesome. This show is the perfect balance of soapy goodness (like Lamar having a heart attack while Teddy just stands there — shout out to General Hospital’s Edward and Tracy Quartermaine back in the day, plus Juliette getting caught in Avery’s bed is classic soap, too, although I expected Deacon to say “Tell Juliette hi for me, will ya?” on his way out, indicating he knew all the time she was there) with some really fine music. Will’s and Deacon’s songs were wonderful, and Rayna’s girls knocked it out of the park, as usual. I do want Juliette out of her spiral sooner rather than later, but this was fun, too, and she and Avery are magic together. I’m hoping she records her “Not Ready to Make Nice” song with Avery and it’s a huge crossover hit. And, of course, she gets picked up by Rayan’s label.

  22. kdb says:

    If Lamar dies do all of Rayna’s money worries go away? Lamar’s not arrested or indicted anymore, so I would think his assets aren’t frozen. If Rayna inherited his money, Highway 65 could get very interesting as a competitor to Edgehill.

    • JJ says:

      I was wondering that too, but maybe he left everything to Tandy…or Albert, or more likely put it in a trust for the girls.

  23. Juliette killed me.

    Juliette hiding under the sheets? Killed me. Juliette making toast? Killed me. Juliette foofying Avery’s place? Killed me.

    Hayden Panettiere just keeps stamping on the fact that she’s the true show-stealer in this cast.

  24. Erica says:

    Avery is now my favorite character. And I’m sick of the ominous music played every time Scarlett takes a pill, we get “troubles a brewin'”. I want that song Will was singing that Gunnar wrote for him, that was great!

    • Heather says:

      Seriously, how is this available to watch in video format at but not in the iTunes store, yet Deacon’s song about “Megan” (yeah right, Back to You —- uh, I think that’s for Rayna, but that’s another story) is there to buy.

  25. mel says:

    I am loving this show. The music and characters are growing and developing nicely. Love Avery & Juliette and I never thought I would say that. Rayna & Deacon are still my favorites, but avery/Juliette are a close second. Now just need to get rayna and Juliette back together!

  26. Amy H says:

    I was so hoping that the blowup Deacon had in Megan’s office was a lead-in to their breakup. And I’m sorry but that song at the Bluebird was so not for Megan — no matter what Deacon says. The sooner Deacon and Rayna are back together — even if just professionally for now — the better.
    Loving Avery and Juliette.
    This whole Scarlett pill thing doesn’t work for me. Not true to her character at all.
    Loved all the music this episode — but am I the only one who thinks the Deacon/Rayna version was MUCH better?

    • JJ says:

      Totally agree. I bought the song thinking it was the Chip and Connie version and was disappointed when I realized it was just Connie. It sounded sooo much better as a duet on the show.

  27. Sandra Bohannon says:

    The Connie/Chip version of This Time, was SO much better, and, obviously, the Bluebird song was about Rayna.

    Christina Chang is pretty, and she’s probably a lovely person, but, it’s hard to imagine a more blaah, pointless character than Megan, and she and Chip, simply have Zero chemistry.

    I agree, if it’s too soon (though I don’t think so), for Rayna and Deacon to reconnect, at least let them start down that road, by getting together, professionally. These alternate relationships, just don’t work, and they’re alienating viewers.

  28. V Lady says:

    I looked forward to seeing Powers Boothe every week. Didn’t like his character, but he was sure nice to look at, and that voice…Then they kill him off! Bummer! Sure hope he shows up on another show. We need more older sexy men on TV.

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