Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Grey's, Walking Dead, Once, Reign, Dallas, Nashville, P'hood and More

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Question: Got anything on a The Walking Dead? —Ashley
Ausiello: Not only does the Feb. 9 midseason premiere — titled “After” — further open a window to Michonne’s past, it also kinda serves as Carl’s official coming-of-age episode. And trust me when I say that you’ll never again think about discounting Chandler Riggs as just a good “kid actor” — his work here is exceptional.

VIDEO | New Walking Dead Promo Warns, ‘Don’t Look Back’

Question: I’m waiting for Season 5 of Justified to kick into high gear — it does kick into high gear soon, yes? —Bruce
Ausiello: This week’s episode certainly takes things up a notch. Not only do we get our first big Boyd-Raylan scene, but a recurring character bites the dust and Buffy vet-turned-Emmy-winning scribe Danny Strong pops up as a lecherous prison guard who takes an interest in Ava.

Question: Now that Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo are set for another two years on Grey’s Anatomy, how long until we hear about the rest of the originals (and Sara Ramirez)!? —Brian
Ausiello: We should know by the end of February. I’ll bet my entire Smurf collection — including Gargamel’s Castle — that they’ll all be back (sans Sandra Oh, of course).

Question: Any Grey’s Anatomy scoop for the second half of the season? Maybe something on Jolex? —Kath
Ausiello: Jo and Alex will face off against a common enemy when the show returns on Feb. 27. “In the first episode back, which picks up right after the wedding, you see Jo being kind of a rock for Alex because he’s furious about what Shane has done to his dad,” explains Camilla Luddington. “He’s distraught by it. And she’s there for him. And she’s also ready to go [toe-to-toe] with Shane. She hates Shane. She’s not for him staying at the hospital. So you see her get closer to Alex through that.”

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Question: Nashville scoop, please! —Karen
Ausiello: The Season 2 finale will be considerably more subtle than Season 1’s much-maligned, over-the-top, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink cliffhanger. “I would imagine we would not go out with a car wreck or anything like that,” series creator Callie Khouri assures me. “We’re not going to have an explosion. Nothing like that. Whatever fireworks we go out on this season will be all emotional.”

Question: I miss Nashville‘s Juliette and Rayna being in a story together. Any chance they will be again? –Larry
Ausiello: In a word (or two): “Ohhhh, yeah,” Khouri promises. Without detailing what the show has on tap, she adds, “They have such great chemistry together that their roads will always converge somewhere.” Meanwhile, EP Dee Johnson notes that the singers enjoy “a very strange relationship, because Juliette totally admires Rayna — though she would never say that to her face — and Rayna has been down the road that Juliette is on currently. So they will always be crossing paths.”

Question: What is the Wicked Witch’s problem with Regina on Once Upon a Time? Is it a personal vengeance or something else? —Ana
Ausiello: The fourth episode back, “It’s Not Easy Being Green,” will shed light on the origin of Rebecca Mader’s character — possibly including her beef with the Evil Queen. “She’s got a whole backstory and mythology,” says series cocreator Adam Horowitz. “We used the original [L. Frank Baum] book as a jumping-off point, and then spun her in a hopefully unique, Once Upon a Time way.” But rest assured that when Wicked meets and/or reunites with Evil, “There are sparks that fly,” Horowitz warns.

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Question: Please tell me Episode 10 was not the series finale of Dracula! —Mary
Ausiello: Sorry, Mary, but the Prince of Darkness is down for the count.

Question: Help! I’m in dire need of some Reign scoop (there may even be a friendship bracelet in it for you)! With Mary’s new plan to marry Bash (and promos have shown them kiss), will Francis move on with a new lady? And how will Mary deal?! I need scoop on this love triangle ASAP. —Julia
Ausiello: Mary never forgets she’s queen, executive producer Laurie McCarthy tells TVLine. As such, she says, Mary’s “attraction for somebody can only go so far – until she believes that it can go further, and then it might be surprising what happens between the two of them.” And you’ll remember, Mary went as far as sleeping with Francis when she thought they were going to be husband and wife; now that she’s registering for china with Bash (whom she’s already kissed), it’s a safe bet to think things are going to steam up for the pair. BONUS SPOILER: “Things will come to a terrible head” for one of the show’s couples later this season, McCarthy adds.

Question: Loved the Sleepy Hollow finale. Anything you can share on Season 2? —Richard
Ausiello: Now that Katrina is part of the modern world, expect an increased presence for Mrs. Crane when the Fox drama returns. “She was trapped in Purgatory, [so] there were limitations to how she could be involved in our stories,” co-creator Alex Kurtzman says. “Now that she’s been freed from that place, she’s going to have a whole bunch of new stories to come.”

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Question: I’ll take any Big Bang Theory  scoop you’re willing to throw my way. —Alexandra
Even though the promos for this week’s Star Wars-centric episode have been focusing solely on James Earl Jones’ appearance, I’m told that Carrie Fisher will definitely be joining him in the installment, as we first reported.

Question: I’m dying for some Dallas scoop! Mainly about my favorite bad girl Emma Ryland, but I’ll take anything! –Allison
Ausiello: Picking up a mere 12 hours after the finale, the Season 3 premiere finds your very bad girl having lots and lots and lots of sex with John Ross. (Like, to the point that you wonder if they’ll ever stop.) But during the times she does come up for air, she helps Pamela plan her wedding to John Ross (awkward!) and, in Episode 2, gets knocked down a peg by the father she put behind bars.

Question: Do you think Mandy on The Following is going to be Joe’s new apprentice? Sure seemed like it from last night’s episode. –Walt
Ausiello: It’s possible, especially after Tiffany Boone told us that next week’s installment “will definitely be a shocking episode for Mandy” and that the hour will spend time exploring Mandy’s relationship with her mom, Carrie Preston’s Judy. “You’ll see the fractures in their relationship and what they’re going to do about that going forward,” Boone teases.

Question: Any scoop on who Paget Brewster is playing in this Thursday’s Community? —Theresa
Ausiello: The Criminal Minds vet guest stars as “an angry IT lady whose office is the [Greendale] basement — and she doesn’t have a parking spot,” Brewster tells us. “Jonathan Banks and Alison Brie (as Hickey and Annie) come to me to finagle a favor, and it becomes this ‘quid pro quo’ situation where I then try to get something out of them.”

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Question: Please tell me Kristina isn’t going to open up an Asperger’s school on Parenthood. I’m willing to cut my favorite show a lot of slack — I was one of the few who didn’t hate the mayor storyline! — but this is beyond preposterous. —Jim
Ausiello: She’s getting her school, and we have Julia to thank for that. Yep, Joel’s estranged wife kicks some legal ass to get the necessary approvals to make it happen — and she may get some ass as her reward. To be more specific, Julia hits it off with the school’s potential headmaster, a handsome educator by the name of Evan.

Question: The preview for this week’s Sherlock finale pointed to to romance for Holmes. Can you shed any light? Also, assuming you’ve seen it, is Episode 3 as good (or better) than 1 and 2?—Kerri
Ausiello: Without giving too much away — which in the case of PBS’ bloody brilliant detective yarn, would be kind of criminal — that bit of nuzzling you spied between Sherlock and saucy bridesmaid Janine (Yasmine Akram) was definitely real — and not some kind of dream sequence or fantasy. But just because there’s giggling and splashing coming from the bathroom of 221B (!) doesn’t mean you should be setting your DVR for The Incredibly True Adventures of Sherlock in Love. Not yet, anyway. As for how Episode 3.3 stacks up against 3.1 and 3.2? While “His Final Vow” has fewer funny zingers than “The Empty Hearse” and “The Sign of Three,” it more than makes up for it in terms of mind-blowing twists and genuine suspense. Watch it live.

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  1. F.R. says:

    Remember the blind item about a popular actor cast in some secret pilot? good times…

  2. Kampa says:

    The last episode of Sherlock is the best of the season (and the darkest)!!

    • gdv says:

      I LOVED episode 2. Amazing! I hope Cumberbatch qualifies for some Emmy or Golden Globe love—he deserves it.

      • Kampa says:

        I TOTALLY agree! Both him and Martin Freeman have done an amazing job during this season.

      • rowan77 says:

        While I enjoyed the comedy of the second episode, it was a little too Mary-centered. They set her up well in the first episode, but she’s too much into John and Sherlock’s everyday interactions right off the bat. It’s too much setting up for episode three (which I watched in the UK and it was AMAZING!), and that was unnecessary. They don’t just foreshadow – they beat you over the head with it. So the second episode was not a favorite, but the third one is wonderfully action packed with lovely twists and turns. Much better.

        • betsy says:

          Cumberbatch was tremendous in episode 2 of this season. A tour de force. Also there’s lots of juciy sceens for him in episode 3. Its not to be missed. Lars is so scary in it.

          • rowan77 says:

            Agreed. The acting is superlative throughout by all, including Amanda Abbington – it’s the writing of ep 2 that hurts it. The bar for this show’s writing has been set high, so when they don’t clear it (which happens once a season), it disappoints.

    • iammusic says:

      Oh man, the finale is EPIC. Cannot wait to see reactions.

  3. OMG thank you so much for the Reign scoop!!! I love Mary and Bash, I’m so excited!!

  4. good-morning-inthemorning says:

    wait what? Julia/Joel are like actually dunzo? That is some spoiler.
    I’m just curious about the Matt Lauria/Ryan York spoiler pre his swan-song episode cause I keep hoping the spoiler was meant for later episodes. So please can somebody enlighten me by saying Ryan will be back.
    That being said, I don’t like any of the storylines the writers come up with for Kristina/Monica Potter. Maybe the cancer should come back even though it sounds bad but that was actually a good story for Kristina and especially Monica Potter to show her acting skills

    • Amanda says:

      I don’t have a problem with the new school storyline(except for the Julia part). In the real world, things like that only happen when parents fight for their children.
      There is another episode dealing with Ryan. Doesn’t necessarily mean he will appear in it though.

      • Carla Krae says:

        Agreed. Parents have opened schools when the neighborhood doesn’t serve their needs many times in real life. You have to do what you have to do.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I don’t have a problem with the school storyline. As incredibly annoying as I find the Max character, the way his parents are dealing with his problems feels very true to life and touches a nerve for me. I have a child who doesn’t really fit into any particular place at school (she does not not have Autism/Asperger’s)….neither regular classes OR special ed are right for her. Almost all private schools are designed to help already bright kids from wealthy families get into the best colleges, so I completely understand wanting to set up a school that would work best for your child.

      As for Joel/Julia, now this storyline feels really forced. They have never been my favorite couple. There was something about Joel that always felt very one-dimensional to me… a cardboard cut out “good guy.” And now everything about him is anxious and confused. I just don’t get what they are doing with this.

    • Phil says:

      I didn’t hate the mayor storyline either, but love the school idea! Monica Potter is the best actress on this show and I am thrilled that they have decided to use her to lead some storylines! I think she was robbed of an Emmy this past year!

  5. Amy says:

    I am not amused that this Joel/Julia thing doesn’t have an end in sight. Not amused at all. The storyline, while realistic in nature, is so poorly constructed (no pun intended) – it’s like Joel had a personality transplant.

    • MandaJ says:

      Totally agree. Joel has always been so patient and caring and forgiving. It is so out of character for him to be so black/white on this. I hate seeing their marriage crumble. :(

    • tp says:

      Yeah, Joel has really overreacted to the whole thing. Imagine if Julia had actually been having an affair. It’s not unrealistic for Julia and Ed to become friends because they were the only ones on the committee. Julia was having a hard time coping with her new role at home and Joel was too busy at work to help or listen. A kiss does not an affair make. Or else he would have been labeled an adulterer back when he kissed that mom.

      • Laura says:

        I agree. One of things that has really bothered me about this season is how recent episodes have seemingly forgotten Joel’s share of wrong doing. Julia may have crossed a line, but Joel was distant and unsupportive through Julia’s struggles at home. I never understand his comparison between his stay at home time and her experience as for the majority of his time they had only one child and Julia is dealing with the addition of an adopted son who is struggling. It’s sad to watch Julia beat herself up and I hope in coming episodes she gets her voice back and can get to a place where she recognizes their marital issues are absolutely a two-way-street.

    • flutiefan says:

      spot on. who is this Joel?

      makes me wonder if Julia is right that he’s reacting out of his own guilt…

    • schu says:

      I’m watching past seasons on dvd again and it’s actually pretty amazing how much one can forget, I think because there are so many characters in this show and its so easy to get consumed in the current stories and forget about past ones. But I had completely forgotten about the character Raquel that was flirty with Joel way back in season one, and although Joel stopped it and told Julia about it, it’s easy to see how tensions grew from way back then. Not to mention a TON of times with Julia wasn’t valuing Joel as the stay at home dad and when he first started going back to work how inflexible she was about it. They’ve actually always had issues, but they were always still pretty hot and heavy, and I think once that burned out the real problems came to the surface. Still bummed about it though…

      • Ann says:

        Yes, there was tension but they were able to talk about it. What I don’t understand is how Joel all of a sudden changed his entire personality. It seems like he has lost all his communication skills all of a sudden so the way they are handling this marriage crisis seem so untrue to the characters and the dynamic we saw so far

    • Ari says:

      I’ve been saying Joel had a personality transplant for weeks. They need to get him a brain scan because I think he might have a tumor or something. What else could possibly explain his sudden drastic turn in personality.

      • CJ says:

        I totally agree. It has been difficult to muddle through that storyline because I find it so unbelievable and untrue to the characters. This is NOT the Joel we have known for years. Something does not add up.

        • Herman1959 says:

          I agree with everyone about Joel’s “personality transplant”; the change was so fast and so total. It makes me wonder if the writers are setting us up for the character to leave the show. Also, I’m ok with the idea of Kristina starting a school, but it just came up so fast. She was having a conversation with her husband about lack of school choice and jumps to “let’s start a school!” Just like that – hmmmm.

  6. Robert says:

    I am glad that it looks like Katrina will have a stronger role next season on Sleepy Hollow. I am hoping that we will get her orgins story as to how she became a witch.

    • lori says:

      The character needs more screen time with Ichabod thats for sure. Its such a shame the actress is so poor. Its not fair on Tom Mison to have to work with such a terrible actress.

      • Helen says:

        What I want from season 2
        1. More screen time for Tom Mison with John Noble with maybe an opportunity for Noble to show some remorse for his treatment of Ichabod. After all Ichabod never knew he existed.
        2. More on Icabod’s parents and his backstory in the UK and as a spy and soldier.
        3. Ichabod working with the Masons in present day Sleepy Hollow. I want him to have a chance to train up to be even more of a fighter. More sword fighting, pistol shooting etc. He’s very hot doing that.
        4. Ichabod and Katrina to split up (the actress is awful). So we have a chance for Ichabod to have a short term love story with another actress before the eventual Ichabbie. I don’t want Ichabod moping around alone for many series while Abbie gets all the love action.
        5. Maybe some way for Ichabod and Abbie to travel through time. If purgatory exists why the heck can’t some spell send them into different time periods. Ichabod could be Fox’s very own Dr Who.
        6. I DONT want Ichabod being all weak and listless when Abbie gets all the kick ass moments. The show is currently far too one sided. Its just heavy handed writing.
        7. I DONT want Ichabod just being moody and irritable. The character was great at the start of the series but as the show went on he just ended up a moaning mouth piece.

        • Herman1959 says:

          Wow Helen, you don’t want much do you? Just kidding; let’s hope the writers start working now to “fix” the Katrina character. Speaking of “fixing” – four more weeks until the return of Scandal!

        • Angie says:

          Maybe you should watch Katia in another show before you label her as poor. She did a fine job in The BAnshee Chapter and has gotten good reviews for her performance. Remember she is playing Katrina, a woman from the 18th century. She won’t be all loud and in your face like Abbie from modern day is.

    • Angela says:

      Agreed. I was hoping that they’d be able to expand on her a little more, so it’s great to know that’s going to be the case. Between that and the news about Lyndie and Noble joining the cast full time, I’m even more excited for and curious about next season now!
      As for other shows, I’m looking forward to Paget showing up on “Community” on Thursday. Should be fun :D.

    • k maher says:

      But Katrina is not free–she was carried away by Headless. Will she be rescued again–or show some initiative? Anyway, we heard her promise Abbie that she would switch places again so Abbie could leave Purgatory. Will she renege on that promise? Or will Abbie succeed in extricating herself–which Katrina couldn’t do for 200 years?

      Most of the Sleepy Hollow cast go that extra measure. Katia, alas, does not.

  7. neha says:

    I’m surprised that Ed is just going to disappear from Julia’s life. I would have thought that they would give it a go now that she’s separated!

    • liz says:

      I don’t think Julia would try and make a relationship with Ed; she still has hope Joel will come back to her and if she starts a relationship with the man he accused her of being attracted to…..well that just looks really bad.

    • LC says:

      I’m not surprised the Ed appears to be fading into the background, but the news of Julia exploring a relationship with this new headmaster is a bit of a surprise. I’m not sure I like the idea of Julia moving on so quickly.

      As for the rest of the snippet, I’m one who enjoyed the mayoral race even though you knew from the beginning that Kristina couldn’t win. It was nice to see her do something for herself and getting her mojo back after the cancer. Although not a predictable storyline, I think that the school makes sense for Kristina. Her platform was education, she’s all about advocating for her special-needs child, and she’s become something of a community leader in the subject of difficult-to-place children. I’m very interested to see where this story line leads.

  8. JM says:

    I’m glad to hear that tonight’s episode takes things up a notch on Justified. However, with the history of the show, I am well aware that new characters sometimes need a bit of setup before the real action starts, so I just enjoy the ride.

  9. tp says:

    I’m so disappoited in the direction Reign is going in right now. I fear it’s going to go the way of Hart of Dixie for me. *sigh*

    • Lola says:

      Ugh I hope not. I really hope Mary and Francis are not ruined because of the Mash storyline.

    • Radha says:

      I agree. I cannot see how the writers are going to justify what Mary did to Francis in order to “save” him. I get she did it for love, but just because she has good intentions doesn’t mean it was RIGHT or that he should ever, ever forgive her. To me, the writers ruined their love for no good reason just to pander to Mary/Bash fans. Bash doesn’t exist at all! And his character, while I like him, is not that compelling enough to ruin Mary and Francis. I fear that this is the nail in the coffin for this show. I hope I’m wrong.

      • hannah says:

        lol. sorry but francis is the character that is not compelling or interesting. and saying bash doesn’t exist at all is pointless. the writers made it clear that this isn’t a history lesson.

    • Nicole says:

      I couldn’t agree more. I understand it is teen love but for Mary to constantly declare herself to Francis and to move on so easily actually sickens me. I was so excited about this show and I fear it will take a dive much like my beloved HOD.

  10. greysfan says:

    Thanks for the Grey’s scoop. Jo is the only new intern i like and she is so good for Alex. Camilla does a great job. I too hope Shane gets the boot. I’ve never liked his character even before all this stuff that went down with Brooks and now Alex’s dad.

  11. Cass says:

    Ugh, so much for Dallas being my fun popcorn show. John Ross and Pamela Rebecca were pretty much the perfect couple until the last few seconds of S2. I think I will just pretend the series ended there and move on.

    • Marc says:

      I’m hoping that the entire season isn’t about John Ross having sex with psycho Emma on every episode. The two just reek of sleaziness; however, Pamela is sure to find out and I cannot wait to see what she does to them both. I know whatever it is, they will BOTH deserve it. They make me cringe.

  12. Ryan says:

    So, Juliette is getting picked up by Rayna’s label right? RIGHT?!?!

    • Jill says:

      I’ve been thinking that for the past 2 episodes.

    • wordsmith says:

      That definitely seems like a direction they could be heading now.

    • MP says:

      I thought that, too. And won’t that be an interesting dynamic. I hope this show gets renewed for Season 3. If not, I hope they’ll be able to resolve their storylines in a way that makes fans happy.

      • Shira says:

        Love this direction and think we’ve all kinda been speculating about it for long time now. Rayna and Juliette are great together! They are funny and interesting to watch. I especially love the fact that as time went by they got away from the “All about Eve” stereotype. It’s not young vs old fighting over the same guy on the basis of personal rivalry or something. It’s two headstrong successful and complicated women striving for control, power and creative freedom that occasionally team up when their interests match and on other occasions can become professional (but not personal) rivals.

    • Shira says:

      I think there’s a good chance that might happen. Will love to watch Rayna and Juliette vs. Jeff and his BFF Luke Wheeler. If anyone can take down Edgehill it’s these two.
      Another possibility is that after Juliette recover from this crisis, she will want to create her own label to take full control over her career. In that case they can make some sort of allienc but they will be basically rivals that fight over musical talents…

      Now we just need Nashville to get a renewal for season 3 to keep exploring all the possibilities. Beside the fact the I love and enjoy the show will hate to see it end before its run its course creatively. Think we are very far from that point.

  13. Babybop says:

    I cannot wait for Walking Dead to come back… Every little bit I hear gets me more excited!!

  14. Lizzie says:

    Barf. So sick of Saint Kristina. Not looking forward to her starting Snowflake Academy for Max.

    • neha says:

      Yeah, I am a little annoyed that Kristina can now do EVERYTHING (become a mayor, open up a school) with zero experience or education in the fields.

  15. GildedRose says:

    The funny thing about Sherlock Holmes is that there is a series of book by Laurie King where he actually does get married, very happily, to Mary Russell. I think there’s some 12 books so far. So why not allow romance in Sherlock’s life? I vote Molly! ;)

  16. Barbara says:

    Thanks for your thoughts on the other cast members and possibly signing contraction Greys. I had just written an email very similar to this one a little.earlier it was great to see the response already.

  17. Maria says:

    I HATE that the writers sabotaged John Ross and Pamela’s relationship for a cheap plot twist. After everything they’ve been through together, I find it hard to believe that he would be so despicable. Ugh, all of John Ross’ character development out the window for nothing.

    • Ally Oop says:

      Making John Ross the new JR was too predictable. For a while there I thought Christopher would have become the bad one and that would have been such a better twist.

  18. Pat says:

    Now that Katrina is out in the present time, I wonder if she will help free Abbie from purgatory or will she feel threaten by her because she happens to be close to Ichabod, so she might not be willing to help get her out of there. Also, interesting news on Julia hooking up with a new guy Evan. Sounds like her marriage could definitely be over, on Parenthood. Lastly, on Grey’s it sounds like Shane could be on his way out of the show.

  19. Ray says:

    “We used the original [L. Frank Baum] book as a jumping-off point, and then spun her in a hopefully unique, Once Upon a Time way.” – Adam Horowitz

    And by “unique OUAT way” he means totally predictable “surprise” family relationships. The WW will turn out to be Regina’s long lost half-sister by way of Cora and Rumple’s tryst. Mark my words.

  20. J. Carr says:

    I don’t think it’s out of character of unbelievable that Kristina would want to open a school. She’s a smart woman and undoubtedly knows it will be an uphill battle. I’m glad to hear that Julia will be helping her. I hope it gives Julia the spark she’s been missing since leaving her previous job. People rag on Joel a lot, but I don’t think he’s totally out of line. Julia has always been the decision maker, and that seems unfair. I don’t think they should divorce, but I think therapy would be very beneficial for both of them. I love the couple, but also understand that sometimes, it’s just too broken, regardless of the amount of love.

    • neha says:

      But, the thing is she HASN’T been the decision maker. She wanted them to reconsider adopting Victor, but Joel wanted to, so they did. She wanted to hold Victor back a year at the very start, but Joel didn’t want to, so they didn’t. I think that she’s used to being the working parent, but I wouldn’t say she’s worn the pants in that relationship.

  21. christine says:

    The Wicked Witch is going to be Cora and Rumple ‘ s child. Trust me

  22. dude says:

    Who likes Emma? Pamela Barnes all. the. way.

  23. A says:

    So if your question doesn’t get answered, should you send it in again or just assume there is no Revolution information to give and give up?

  24. kath says:

    Isn’t there any way to put Katrina back into purgatory? They have written her to be such a Mary Sue character (she saved Ichabod! She’s a witch! She’s the only one who knows how to save them! She introduced him to George Washington!) and the action comes to a screeching halt whenever she’s in a scene.

    Not to mention, now that she’s above ground, the shape for the season will be tirangular. And the humor of the Abbie/Ichabod scenes, which made the show for me, will be gone.

    I loved season 1 of Sleepy Hollow but I’m not looking forward to season 2.

    • Sam says:

      They promise more Katrina, instead of more Abbie and I’m here like, WHAT IS THIS FOOLISHNESS? Why don’t they understand her character has failed in every way? It’s too late to fix her. I don’t care about her.

  25. John 1138 says:

    I don’t see the Leftenant being out of action all that long.

  26. boblosan says:

    Are you saying that Dracula is cancelled? It’s just getting really good!

    • Day says:

      It is really good! The scorecard, though, just says long shot, not officially cancelled. So I guess we should try to have hope?

  27. Caroline says:

    Can’t wait for Once to come back!

  28. Shira says:

    Nashville c’mon, no more death in the finale? I’ve grown to love your little presents of killing off character we don’t love (RIP Peggy).

    Hope to see a Rayna and Deacon heart to heart and the revival of “Red lips White lies” tour!

    Well, whatever happens hope it’s just gonna be a season finale and not a series finale cause I need a season 3.

  29. Carla says:

    Love the Reign scoop. Mary and Francis are so boring, I really think Mary has more chemistry with Bash, plus their relationship is very interesting. I can’t wait to see them together.

  30. Alia says:

    Sleepy Hollow: I think Katrina is evil. She is only using Ichabod and now she got what she wants, be free.

  31. Rachel says:

    Thanks for the Grey’s scoop! Can’t wait to see how this plays out for Jolex, they have quickly become my favorite couple of the show.

  32. Dicie says:

    I am really not interested in Katrina having a bunch of new stories. With only 13 episodes a season I would prefer that they focus on Ichabod and Abbie followed by Jennie, Irving, and Henry/Jeremy.

    • Aprilcot says:

      You’re not the only one. I’m not an Ichabod/Abbie shipper, but their chemistry is undeniable. Katrina as a character is pretty dull and the actress who plays her not very compelling.

  33. Fen says:

    Last week’s episode may be the last Parenthood episode I watch. ALL of the story lines are annoying me at this point. The Bravermans vs. the public school system was the last straw. It was so one-sided and pandering that it left me feeling ill. Having been at thousands of IEP meetings I can say that the words “It wouldn’t be cost-effective” would never be used (at least not by anyone who would want to keep their job). I’m sure lots of parents have had bad experiences but the show totally vilified teachers and administrators as incompetent bureaucrats who don’t care about kids. Not to mention the stupidity of the Joel/Julia separation. Joel used to be one of my favorite characters and now they have totally ruined him. And then we have Camille and Zeke…ugh. I can’t even watch them anymore. I think I may be the only one totally annoyed by Sarah and Hank as well. I guess its time for me to move on. ;-)

    • laylagalise says:

      I love Parenthood, but the picture they paint of the IEP process was laughable at best. Usually there are several people at an IEP meeting– not just two. And the “solution” to make a school instead of just getting an advocate (which is what happens in the real world when parents feel their child’s needs aren’t being met 100%) is idiotic.

      Educators (99% of them) care about kids. There is no reason to become a teacher unless you care about kids (I just spent the night at school with kids who were stuck due to the weather/traffic– we wanted to stay until all our kids made it home). I’ve yet to see Parenthood show one teacher who sympathized with Max, which is unrealistic and insulting.

  34. Elyse says:

    “Julia hits it off with the school’s potential headmaster, a handsome educator by the name of Evan.”
    :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

  35. sarah says:

    Grey’s:Happy to here Alex does not like Shane, I can not stand him.
    Parenthood: I love the election story line and I think I will like the school storyline too!
    As much as I want Joel and Julia to work it out, they have made his character unbearable this season so if Julia gets attention from a hot guy then that is great!
    Nashville: By seasons end Rayna will have Juliette and Will on her label!

  36. IPF23 says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE kill off Carl on Walking Dead this season….

  37. r0ckmypants says:

    In terms of the Rayna/Juliette storyline, I can see Edgehill dropping Juliette in light of her most recent controversey and Highway 65 picking her up.

    • ren says:

      she should really sign gunnar too. i hope she does. also, i can see rayna taking will back & being supportive of having the first gay country star

  38. Donna says:

    I admit to not reading all of the replies, but as a parent of children on the autism spectrum, including one with Aspergers that does act in many ways like Max. I have to say a school dedicated to helping children achieve as much as they can while having Aspergers sounds like a dream come true. We have a great school system that works to help my children, but not all of our teachers understand Aspergers, and many don’t want to, and the other kids , most just see a weird child. I would love to have an opportunity for my kids to go to a school specializing in what they need. As for Joel, I think maybe his new boss gave him a labotomy.

  39. Sue says:

    You all know by now that the blind item is Ron Perlman, right?

  40. harmony says:

    It’s “His Last Vow” adapted from the story “His Last Bow” even though the plot of has more elements of “The Empty House” than “The Empty Hearse” did.

  41. Sarah says:

    I thought that Jimmy’s life was left cliffhanging at the end of the more recent episode. From the spoiler about Alex/Shane/Jo, I guess that Jimmy has died?

    The JEJ episode of TBBT was surreal and Carrie Fisher’s part was so funny!

  42. Roger says:

    I love Dallas but I do have a few suggestions/concerns. I think it is high time for Christopher to show an evil side and stop with this psycho John Ross/Emma sexcapade! Of course if Pamela finds out John Ross has been sleeping around am sure her wrath will be justified. What happened to Harris Ryland’s evil mother. Are we going to be seeing any more of her after Harris shipped her off somewhere? And I’m sure even from his Mexican prison cell Cliff Barnes is up to no good!!

  43. F.R. says:

    Still could have been a guess, though. Original blind item said the show had an up-and-coming “writer/producer”. The director is obviously experienced, and the writer (Ben Watkins) has worked on Burn Notice since 2007