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Post Mortem: Sleepy Hollow Co-Creators on Jeremy's Big Reveal, Who's Dead, Who's On Their Way to Town and What Katrina Saw

Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Post Mortem And now, Sleepy Hollow fans, we wait.

The Fox drama capped its freshman season Monday evening with a supersized episode that answered one huge question – who is the Second Horseman of the Apocalypse? – and posed a slew of new ones that won’t be answered until the series returns in the fall. [Spoiler alert: If you haven’t yet seen the finale, it’s probably a good idea to bail out now.]

Is Jenny dead? Who’ll save Abbie from Purgatory — and for that matter, Ichabod from his grave and Katrina from Headless Abraham? What’ll become of jail-bound Irving? And is there any way Andy could’ve survived Washington’s tomb coming down on his head?

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To ease the pain of the months-long wait until the Season 2 premiere, Sleepy co-creators/executive producers Len Wiseman and Alex Kurtzman gave TVLine some inside scoop on the finale… and what might lie ahead.

“For it to be embraced the way it’s been embraced has been such a pleasure,” Kurtzman says. “And I’m so glad to finally be able to talk about it!”

Read on for more about Henry’s true nature, possible new characters (hello, Mama Mills?), Katrina’s raised eyebrow and fist bumps left on the cutting-room floor.

TVLINE | Did you fear that fans would figure out Henry was Jeremy before that moment?
WISEMAN | I did… We were looking at the final cut and there was one shot, a look of suspicion on Katrina once she comes out of Purgatory and is introduced to Henry. She says, “Oh yes, you’re the Sin Eater.” And she has a look on her face when seeing him that something’s not quite right. I was worried about that one.
KURTZMAN | Terrified. Oh my God, we were so scared of that. We all spent an enormous amount of time figuring out how to best obscure that, and how to trick the audience. It’s funny because some of the references we saw today online were exactly the references we used as perfect embodiments of how to pull that off. The Sixth Sense and The Usual Suspects are pretty much the gold standard in “Holy s—t!” [Laughs] The genius of those movies is you don’t see it coming at all but of course, when you get there, it instantly makes sense… For the most part, everything Henry has been telling you from the minute you meet him is true… The whole time he’s talking about his father, he’s talking about Moloch. You just don’t realize he’s talking about Moloch. He says, “I was terrified of my power until my father came along and showed me how to use it.” That’s absolutely Moloch. And knowing that we were going down that road allowed us, from the beginning of the season, to plant those seeds and constantly make sure we were hiding the ball enough while being emotionally extremely honest with what was going on in the storytelling.

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TVLINE | How did Jeremy age underground?
WISEMAN | Well, he’s aged from getting out of the ground, as well. He’s continued to age from the time that he has awoken, as well. In terms of being the old man, I don’t have the exact time frame, but…

TVLINE | He didn’t pop out as John Noble, is what you’re trying to say?
WISEMAN | Exactly. He has existed in Sleepy Hollow, and he has been aging as that has been going on.

TVLINE | We saw the Headless Horseman show up at the end and hand the seal to Henry, who broke it. Are we to infer that the seal was given to him in exchange for handing over Katrina?
WISEMAN | It was the trade-off. He was not going to hand over the seal until he had gotten his deal, [which was] why he had agreed to do his part of it.

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TVLINE | In Purgatory, Abbie takes the protective amulet Katrina gives her and pushes it into Moloch’s skin to escape his grasp. Does that mean that she’s no longer protected?
WISEMAN | That’s correct.

TVLINE | Is Abbie stuck in the dollhouse in Purgatory?
KURTZMAN | She’s definitely stuck there. The question is, is she going to find her way out herself, or is somebody going to help her out? Abbie’s a pretty self-reliant person. I think she would have a very difficult time sitting in there reading the newspaper while she was waiting for someone to rescue her. Since there’s obviously no cell reception in hell, she’d have to read the newspaper. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Has there been any talk of  a new character coming on to help save the Cranes and Abbie?
WISEMAN | I don’t want to give away too much. But there’ll be another important character coming in the second season.

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TVLINE | Is there any possibility we’ll meet anyone from Abbie’s family in the next year?
KURTZMAN | Absolutely.

TVLINE | Her mom, perhaps?
KURTZMAN | Perhaps.

TVLINE | Can you give me anything on Jenny’s prognosis?
WISEMAN | I cannot.

TVLINE | How about Luke? He wasn’t mentioned when Irving’s superiors were talking about the murders at the cabin.
WISEMAN | Luke is also… He’s an unknown, I’ll leave it at that.

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TVLINE | I imagine Andy falls under that category, too? He’s probably not actually dead, given that a projectile through his skull couldn’t kill him.
WISEMAN | Andy might actually be dead. He also has the Enterprise to be on. [Laughs] [Note: John Cho plays Sulu in the new Star Trek films.]

TVLINE | Let’s talk about that goodbye at the church – it looked like Katrina noted how important that moment was to both Ichabod and Abbie. Was that me reading too much into that scene?
WISEMAN | No, not at all. Even with everything that’s going on, you’d still be a bit pissed. [Laughs] There’s going to be an issue. It’s something that is very real. He’s spent a lot of time with Abbie, creating this bond, and their relationship has been a very tricky one in terms of the emotions involved between the two of them. So that’s definitely something that Katrina’s going to wonder, “Where does that relationship lie?,” wouldn’t you think? Once you get past the “Thank you for saving me from Purgatory and thank you for saving me from the demons and from being dragged down to Hell, but can we please talk about that woman you were hugging?”
KURTZMAN | It was not an accident that you see her clock that moment. It’s the first time where she actually gets to see them together, to see what that dynamic is. And it’s obviously going to raise a lot of questions for her. That being said, Abbie and Crane, lots has been written and said about will they or won’t they? I think that they care for each for each other so deeply and the bond is so deep – and I think more than anything, that’s what Katrina is responding to, the fact that they do share something that he doesn’t share with his wife. And yet, Katrina is still his wife and Crane is a man who’s very much in love with his wife. It’s a complication but it isn’t necessarily, “Oh my God, he’s in love with another woman.”

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TVLINE | In the finale, you had a bunch of callouts to previous episodes – Yolanda, the fist bump – that seemed like a love letter to the fans. How did you choose which ones to include?
KURTZMAN | We are as addicted to our fans as the fans are addicted to the show. We pay a lot of attention to the moments they loved and the moments that resonated the most for everybody. The tricky thing is you want to tip your hat to those moments, but you don’t want it to just be a repeat of those moments. You want to bring something new to it.
WISEMAN | In fact the fist bump… Episode 5 is where she teaches him it. And we actually had put it in the closing of [the episode] when they found the hidden message in the bible from Washington. We actually shot a fist bump in that moment. He silently was like, “We’re awesome. We did it. We figured this out. Give it up,” and they did a fist bump right there, just quietly. It was really sweet, it was really nice. But it would take away from if we were going to use it as the one thing they could have between themselves in Purgatory. So we kept it for [the finale], but we did shoot it in the other one.

TVLINE | Did Ichabod buy more than one outfit at the reenactment?
WISEMAN | He did, indeed.