Did Sleepy Hollow Gobsmack You? Revenge Does Dallas? Is Carrie Mixing Messages? And More Qs!

BonesWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Bones, Sherlock, The Mindy Project and Parenthood!

1 | Is anyone worried that Bones‘ Wendell might elect to (gulp) end his suffering early…?

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2 | On The Carrie Diaries, how is it that Maggie’s relationship with police officer Simon was portrayed as dangerous and inappropriate, but her new love affair with an equally adult Army officer is being written as all dreamy and romantic?

3 | Do you agree that the Screen Actors Guild Awards’ little “…and I’m an actor” speeches are a hidden gem of awards season? And between Julie Bowen’s nod to Modern Family castmate Sofia Vergara’s beloved “boobs” and Rita Moreno’s zany Lifetime Achievement Award speech, are the SAG Awards slowly encroaching on the Globes for Most Lubricated Accolades?

Revenge4 | Are Revenge‘s Daniel and Emily giving you a J.R.-and-Sue-Ellen-at-their-nastiest vibe ever since (some of) her lies were revealed and he drunkenly shot her? That said, did Daniel go too far with that one-liner about sterilizing her? 

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5 | What was the point of Downton Abbey reintroducing the upwardly-mobile-in-a-lowdown-dirty-strumpet sorta way Edna if she was just going to be sent packing as quickly as she’d moved in?

6 | Can Sherlock‘s Mrs. Hudson please never let go of her belief that Holmes and Watson are a romantic couple?

7 | Did finding out what Barney does for a living on How I Met Your Mother serve as a sobering reminder that the end is very near?

8 | Seriously, did anyone out there come anywhere close to predicting the Sleepy Hollow finale’s Henry Parrish double-bombshell? (Yeah, didn’t think so.) But two quibbles: Wouldn’t the clearly visible “tracks” that George Washington’s hidden casket wound up sliding out on been a big clue to its location? And did the “Previously on…” segment take a little of the surprise out of Crane using his eidetic memory to recreate Washington’s map?

VIDEO | Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Finale — Tom Mison on Abbie’s Choice

The Mindy Project9 | What romanticized version of an airplane did The Mindy Project book travel on, with its glossy, Apple Store-like rear galley cabinetry, the unattended beverage cart and a liberal roaming-during-turbulence policy?

10 | Can New Girl at some point just give us 27 minutes of persnickety Schmidt teaching Cece how to mix (and not mix) drinks? (But couldn’t the newbie bartender just have looked up any unfamiliar recipes on her smartphone?)

11 | Doesn’t it seem like a missed opportunity that Fox hasn’t paired Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Enlisted as time slot companions?

12 | Ugh, did Justified‘s Boyd really fall for the “Show me your tattoos” trick? Also: Does Candy do the same “ice” trick that Kate Beckett does?

Chicago Fire13 | OK, Chicago Fire‘s Casey doesn’t want to tell girlfriend Gabby what’s going on. But why won’t he just see a doctor? And on that note, how long before we get Chicago M.D.?

14 | Is there a show currently on TV more disturbing than My Strange Addiction?

15 | Really? Arrow‘s Roy asks Thea to lend Sin one of her “slutty” outfits, to dress as a hooker, and she responds with not even a snide remark? But seeing Slade decked out in his mod Deathstroke gear made up for it, yes?

16 | Did Revolution nail the casting of Monroe’s son too well? They’re almost hard to quickly tell apart — save for Connor’s incongruously dandy fashion sense.

17 | When did George’s facial hair on Suburgatory go from scruffy to downright unkempt? (Should we take the bedraggledness as a sign of him reeling from his breakup with Dallas?)

18 | Which was greater — the smile that Modern Family‘s Haley gave you by repeatedly one-upping the ‘rents, or the damp eyes Jay gave you with his goodbye to Shorty?

19 | Would The Michael J. Fox Show be even 10 percent more watchable if they dropped the wholly egregious, Modern Family-like “video diaries”?

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20 | Which Vampire Diaries blast from the past did you love the most?

21 | When did Parenthood‘s Camille become rather insufferable? (Oh, sorry — “insopportabile,” as they say in Italy.) And now Kristina might start a school? We didn’t imagine Adam tearing up the $2 million napkin two years ago, did we?

22 | How many “Woe is me” farewell tours does Jay Leno get, exactly?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mel says:

    Re: Parenthood – Camille has been insopportabile all season. And I had the same thought about the school. I mean, what can’t Adam & Kristina do? Jees.

  2. wordsmith says:

    2) Because Maggie’s soldier boy doesn’t have a fiance. Also, she may or may not be underage anymore?

  3. Samantha says:

    6.) YES YES YES Mrs Hudson is so fab. “Live and let live.”
    8.) Stunned. Great plot twist(s). And as a rule, super old and specific “Previously ons” always ruin what could be great twists.

  4. Deion says:

    4. It was perfect. IT should help the stragglers over the “Daniel is a creep” hump.
    20. Always Alaric. Julie Plec needs to find a way to bring back Matt Davis. He was the soul of that show.

    • EJ386 says:

      I would love Alaric back… luckely the actor sometimes stops by on CSI but not nearly enough. He is clearly an example of compelling writing and talent

  5. 1. yes, yes I am
    3. Again, Yes
    4. They went a bit far with that line but I an assuming they are going for broke trying to put an end to all the emily/daniel shippers once and for all.
    5. It was utterly pointless and I don’t care one bit as long as that evil little wench is gone. She tried to hurt Anna which marks her as a kill in my book.

  6. Jake says:

    #4: Daniel has become such a ridiculously unlikeable character. He’s not even a fun character to watch. He’s not a good villain either.

    #19: This has been one of my problems from the very beginning with MJF show.

  7. wordsmith says:

    13) They are totally setting up Chicago Med – they clearly name-checked the suspiciously generic-named hospital and have started establishing characters who work there. I’m waiting for the hints about Chicago Law next.

  8. wordsmith says:

    20) Klaus and the other Originals I was expecting, ditto Tyler. Having Jenna and John pop up (though not really) was a nice twist, but Ric and Vicky were the real standouts. Totally unexpected and beautifully executed. That whole scene was kind of perfect.

  9. catherine says:

    No, no on Wendell, he is young, great shape, excellent chance he’ll recover and inspire us along the way.

  10. Elyse says:

    5 | What was the point of Downton Abbey reintroducing the upwardly-mobile-in-a-lowdown-dirty-strumpet sorta way Edna if she was just going to be sent packing as quickly as she’d moved in?

    Shes gotta be coming back right?

    13 | OK, Chicago Fire‘s Casey doesn’t want to tell girlfriend Gabby what’s going on. But why won’t he just see a doctor? And on that note, how long before we get Chicago M.D.?

    I’d watch it #noshame

    16 | Did Revolution nail the casting of Monroe’s son too well? They’re almost hard to quickly tell apart — save for Connor’s incongruously dandy fashion sense.

    Monroe and his eye candy son are the only reasons I still watch.

    • scooby says:

      I think Edna was there to be all rapey with Branson to bookend that theme (also brings up the standard of men vs. women being raped), and she was also there to make him feel worse about deserving to be in the family. If he hooks up with a lady’s maid (although it wasn’t with consent clearly) it makes Tom worry that he’ll make the family ashamed of him–more than he already fears they are. He’s such a good guy he thinks he, the victim, is the one who did her wrong. Poor Tom. I figure it also gave Fellowes time to get Thomas into Cora’s good graces for the Nanny West situation so he could have more of a right to suggest a replacement. I think if he’d done it before, he’d seem a little impertinent and maybe they wouldn’t be entirely comfortable with trusting Thomas’ word. This way, he’s built that trust up a little more. Edna’s bought that storyline time.

      • Elyse says:

        So I’ve been wondering lately… Since Branson is kind of part of the family now IF he were to remarry would it need to be another Lady? Someone in his same current “social class”? Growing up in the US I’m pretty ignorant to how it all works/worked!

    • A says:

      “Monroe and his eye candy son are the only reasons I still watch.” – ME TOO

  11. dude says:

    20. I know it’s not a “blast from the past” perse as she’s currently on The Originals. But I was happiest to see Rebekah included jut because she’s my favourite and I wasn’t sure they would invite her. I was probably most surprised about Vicki although I’m sad Anna didn’t get an appearance as well.

  12. meah says:

    Sleepy Hollow had the best reveal,no one I knew guessed that reveal and that’s a testament of how good the show is
    On Revenge can Daniel die already?

  13. Allison P says:

    20. It was a pleasant surprise to see so many people pop up on the 100th episode! Shows that even those actors who are gone are not forgotten.

  14. Jon says:

    Re: Parenthood
    Camille has become a terrible person. We never actually see her do anything for anyone else, and yet she’s always demanding people to change for her. It’s upsetting. We were given 0 reason to like her in the beginning and now she’s just downright unlike able.

    • Ames says:

      Well we are to understand that she raised all those children so I would say maybe it is her time to have a life now. Retirement is supposed to be about enjoying your life after you work for so may years and after watching her insane children grow up maybe she needs a break

      • Cassandra says:

        I agree. I’m sad that she wants to get rid of the house, but Camille has given up so much of her time for her family, she deserves to have time to make herself happy, If anyone has become insufferable to me its Joel. I’m still dumbfounded that he wants to divorce his wife because they disagreed on how to handle Victor’s school situation and that she allowed Ed to kiss her. I understand feeling betrayed by the latter, but he has made no effort in talking to her about any of it. Even before he found out about the kiss, the most he’s spoken to her is when he’s been drunk.

        • Saabgirlatx says:

          Agree-and again, why isn’t someone recapping this show!!
          Charter school will be awesome and set up by May. Crosby will take the house. Not sure Camille will find her painting oasis in a condo, but it is the Bay Area. Joel needs to take Victor and ride off into the sunset, they way they have written him. I’m all for Julia and Ed at this point. Bummed we have to wait a whole month again!!!

        • Meredith says:

          Yeah, Joel is just the worst. I hope he follows through with the divorce just so the show can be rid of him.

        • tp says:

          I’m so glad I’m not the only who feels like Joel is being a jerk. He is completely overreacting. Did he forget about the mom that kissed him? Camille is not being insufferable. They just had different ideas about what retirement was going to be like. Zeeke is just being an ass. Making fun of stuff just because he doesn’t agree or understand it. He’s too old for that. With Crosby and Julia stopping by becuase they needed to come “home” is gonna make Camille not want to sell the house.

          • fangirl says:

            Re: Joel “being a jerk”
            You cannot be serious. He supported his wife when she had a career, handled the kids, the household and her long hours without complaint. Now that the tables are turned, he should be able to expect the same from her. But Julia simply can’t hack it. She should have told him a long time ago that her being at home isn’t working out. She came running to him, interrupting meetings, demanding that he drop everything and focus on her. Did you forget that she jeopardized his job? Her emotional relationship with Ed was only the last straw. We all know that it wasn’t just a kiss. Remember how she listened to Ed’s message over and over? Joel’s not dumb. And he sure as hell isn’t a jerk.

            Re: Camille
            Right now, there’s no possible scenario in which Zeke’s and Camille’s marriage survives. Selling the house is not the issue at all. She wants a completely different lifestyle in which she isn’t a housewife, mom and granny anymore. She wants to be the artiste Camille who once in a while floats in for a visit and talks endlessly about her travels and her art. But what about Zeek, where exactly does he fit in? As we saw in this episode, she can paint and he can work on his car right there, in the house. The kids can visit. So why move? Zeke has to decide if he’s fine with living a much lonelier life (with Camille gone a lot) or if he would rather give her up and find himself a partner who shares his vision/lifestyle.

  15. e says:

    11: someone mentioned it earlier in the week, but brooklyn 99 and enlisted would be AWESOME timeslot companions… i am in the camp that they set enlisted up for an early death by placing it on fridays as a brand new show… but since watching it, i feel like it’s a likable, heartwarming comedy that deserves a better chance, and the quirky ensemble casts and “gruffer” atmospheres would pair SO well together. my husband and i used to LOVE new girl, but since it’s quality has considerably tanked this season, b99 and enlisted are the two shows we now watch together and love. i’d hate to see enlisted get cancelled because it wasn’t given a fair shake!

  16. Isobel says:

    Arrow I think Thea thinks Sin is gay by a comment she says afterwards.

    • Kira says:

      I think so too. The bigger question is why does it seem wrong to NOT portray a young woman as a crazy, jealous girlfriend? I’m proud of Thea for being secure not only in herself but also in Roy and Sin to not even worry about it.

    • EJ386 says:

      yes and she didn’t know her outfit was to dress as a hooker, Roy said it was for a first date…

    • Danyelle says:

      Maybe I read it wrong but I thought the point is that Roy asked Thea for one of the SLUTTY outfits from her closet and she took no offence?

  17. Rotasevian says:

    20: My favorite was also my most frustrating, just bring Alaric back permanently

  18. Kim R says:

    1. No. I think Wendall will fight.
    18. Modern Family was great and but the Jay saying good-bye to his buddy choked me up.
    21. Parenthood is one of my favorite shows but Kristina starting a school just went over the top for me. Really? I’m glad Zeek had an “ah ha” moment concerning Camille and her sacrifice over the years. I know this wasn’t mentioned but I hope Joel either stops this moving out thing or admit that he doesn’t want to be married anymore because his actions are way too much for what actually happened.
    My 2 cents. :D

  19. sarah says:

    Parenthood: I know Camille is right there with Joel in characters they have ruined this season.
    TVD: I loved them all but I will say Becky.
    Chicago MD would be great. CSI and Law and Order have done spinoffs so it is not crazy for them to do so!

  20. Beth says:

    13. I think the bleeding out of the ear will finally push Casey to see someone. Either way I don’t want it to break them up! They have great chemistry and I want little Dawsey babies :)

  21. #20 – Alaric was my favorite and it was good to see him back. And how can they tease us with some Caroline & Klaus action!?

    • Rotasevian says:

      I noticed that Klaus made no promises that she wouldn’t follow him to New Orleans, I have a feeling that Caroline will end up on The Originals. Even her little comment about “She’s in college” felt more to me like she was trying to convince herself. I think they’ll use the rest of this season to wrap up her storylines and then switch her to the other show, Her getting there and finding out he has a child will make for some interesting reactions too.

      • Ally Oop says:

        I don’t know if VD can afford to lose more characters. VD hasn’t been very good this year and I think part of it is because of the absence of Klaus and Rebecca. Not all just part. I also would have rather seen Katherine as a human for a long time rather than this stupid dying of old age storyline. And the whole Silas impersonatibg Stephen story arc was too short. Generally every storytelling decision on the show for two years has been awful. It’s a shame because the first 3 seasons were really great. When Elena became a vampire things had the potential to be even better but then that whole Damon as her site and she not having free will around him really ruined things.

  22. Dan says:

    I’ve always liked Camille on “Parenthood” and still do! After years of raising kids and supporting her family she just wants them to support her back as she goes after her own aspirations. I like that she didn’t let Zeke hold her back from going on the trip of a lifetime…

    And re: Maggie’s new man on “The Carrie Diaries”, I agree with others on here. When she first started getting with the cop guy, she was only 16 AND he had a fiance. I’m assuming she’s 18 now (they’re graduating high school in a few weeks), and the guy isn’t a cheater…

    • Saabgirlatx says:

      I think she did say she was 18- that’s how she could enlist. Maggie needs a good story for a change. I hope hope hope we get another season of this show.

  23. jenferner8 says:

    #5-Edna should have stayed gone! I have never liked her, last season was bad, this season I absolutely despised her. I don’t mean I loved to hate her, that honor belongs to Thomas whom despite his antics I still like. What happen to Anna was bad enough but what Edna did to Tom almost sickened me more.
    #8-I believe it’s possible the reason for the “previously on” would be more about reminding the viewer of the seemingly little things that would be important to finale. I must say I was more surprised that Abbie herself seemed to have forgotten about Icha-babe’s memory. What I didn’t quite see coming was the literal sign that Jenny found. I realy hope she survived to become regular cast member. She had great chemistry with Abbie’s boss.
    #16-I just said something very similar to a friend. Whoever found and cast the actor deserves a medal, steller casting! Now there’s a third hot guy to watch!

    • Katherine215 says:

      #16 I LOVE the casting of Monroe’s son. On top of just being really attractive, he’s a strong/interesting enough actor not to get overshadowed by Miles, Rachel, and Monroe. I’m really looking forward to some Charlie/Connor scenes. As someone who is bored to death with Jason and kind of creeped out by the chemistry Charlie had with Monroe, I’m hoping those two give me a couple to root for.

      • Kasey says:

        I LOVE the casting. Am wondering how the Charlie/Connor/Monroe dynamic will play out. I really like the chemistry between Charlie and Monroe (the right kinda creepy:)) but I think there is a lot of interesting ways it can go. Great last few episodes as well.

      • jenferner8 says:

        My problem is I have never liked Charlie or her mom. And don’t get me started on Kim Raver, that’ll take to damn long. Charlie always acts like a brat and Rachel is awful alpha female. The only regular female I could really ever stand was the woman Miles knew from before, I can’t remember her name but she’s the one they killed off last season finale. I do see chemistry between Charlie and Bass and it creeps me out. I hope the show didn’t add Connor just to pair him up with Charlie. That being said, I usualy dvr show and fastforward everything except Miles and Bass yet somehow I’m able to know almost exactly what’s going on.

  24. Katherine215 says:

    Me, too! But, I have a hard time thinking of Walter as a bad guy. Though, a very small, shallow part of me is glad that he won’t have a “new” family to replace his Fringe family.

    • Pat says:

      Wendell at first had opted out to do the treatments for his cancer. He just wanted to take off and see the world, knowing that his chances to survive this are low. He then had a change of heart and decided to stay and fight it. So it does not sound like he would do something stupid, like ending his life. I am sadden by the fact that the writers & producers have taken this wonderful character in this tragic direction. I hope that Wendell survives, but if he does not we are going to be following the slow death of this character and that really is sad. I still have not gotten over Vincent’s death, even though it was a couple of years ago.

      • Leslie says:

        I still miss Vincent. I adore Wendell though. He is the most average
        Squint and one of the most likeable. I hope he miraculously survives. His death would make for a heartbreaking episode just like Vincent’s did though.

        • Forget Vincent, I still miss Zach. I like a few of the replacement squinterns but none of them compare to the effortless chemistry that Zach Addy had. Apparently being an intern is the equivalent of a red shirt on Bones and none of us should get attached.

          • MP says:

            I agree with you about Zach. Bones hasn’t been the same for me since he left.

          • Accept (unfortunately) Daisy. It feels like no matter how frequently she “leaves”, like a bad penny, she always turns back up again. Honestly I’ll admit that if she was in Wendell’s place (or had been in Vincent’s) I wouldn’t care one iota.

          • Jennifer says:

            Yes, I have never been fond of Daisy and her shrill voice, she was to “Jan Brady” to tolerate. I stopped watch shortly after the season premiere where she and Bones were in some foreign country (I think) and for some reason Daisy stripped down to her underwear. This was in first 5 minutes of show and upon seeing Daisy (before she stripped) my first thought was “you gotta be f***kin’ kidding me!” All I remember about the episode was Cam needed the team together to help save her job. I hated Daisy and Sweets together, I wasn’t crazy about Sweets when he started on show but I’d loved Freaks and Geeks so eventually he grew on me. But he deserves so much better then Daisy.

    • Katherine215 says:

      I swear I replied to a comment here but I don’t know where it went…? Something about being glad John Noble was sticking around. Weird.

  25. Alichat says:

    1) I hope not. He’s my favorite squint.
    3) The Oscars should take notes….
    4) Yes….that line just demonstrated what an awful person he really is.
    5) To bore viewers to tears.
    8) I did find it surprising that Abbie didn’t remember his eidetic memory considering they’ve utilized it quite a lot. I expected her to make him promise that he not draw it out from memory after it was burned.
    17) Maybe….I find it distracting.
    22) Ugh. Pathetic.

  26. dq18 says:

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one wondering about the “older man” scenario with Maggie on CD. One would assume with his position of authority, he’s not straight out of boot camp so there has to be a little bit of a gap. I guess it isn’t supposed to be skeevy because he isn’t engaged, best friends with her older brother, and working for her father? Really, though, when she went all “I was pushing you away so I wouldn’t sleep with you…” I felt like if she really was GROWING as a character she would have told him about the pregnancy and almost dying. Let me be clear, I don’t think she is obliged to tell him or that she “owes” him anything…just that if she wants to have an honest relationship and she really is growing, it would be adult to have that conversation and let someone in on her real emotions. We haven’t seen much of an aftermath to that, other than that of the relationship coming out.

  27. RJ says:

    About Monroe and his son–yes it’s good casting…BUT hard to tell them apart? How about one is blonde and one has dark hair–LOL.

  28. cjeffery7 says:

    3. yeah. and they take a lot less longer too! though i wont begrudge the beauty and comedy that are tina and amy.
    5. so branson can pull his own “Mr Pamuk.” he’ll fall in love with a girl but say OH WOE IS ME I MUST TELL YOU SOMETHING ABOUT MY SORDID PAST
    9. touche.
    21. YES! i get what they’re trying to do, but its coming off as more annoying than enlightened.

  29. DavidSask says:

    ON Hollywood Game Night premier can someone please let us know why Beth Behrs thought it was acceptable to have her hair like Pebbles, and Jason Alexander with the hair plugs, wtf? No one could take either of you seriously!

  30. 6. Mrs. Hudson will never give up hope.
    11. Yes. B99 and Enlisted should go together.
    12. Boyd seems sexy lady he will fall of anything.
    19. Maybe I am wrong on this, if I am someone correct me. But I thought the whole looking at the camera thing was for the daughters school project from the first episode. The assignment that seems to go on and on. IF and there is a big IF there is a second season they really need to drop that and make sure Anne Heche never comes near the show. There are several things that show can do better but those are at the top of the list. Sorry for ranting.

  31. Sara says:

    “That said, did Daniel go too far with that one-liner about sterilizing her? ”
    ^^^ Yes. 100%. That still makes me cringe. I’m not offended very easily but I found that insanely offensive to the point where I didn’t even want to hear him say it, and I don’t want to see it on the “previously on…” segment.

  32. Jake says:

    Daniel is one of my favorite characters on revenge but they really need to change direction here because I really hate where it’s going.

  33. Leslie says:

    4. Daniel was way out of line though I am wondering if am the only person who thinks little enough of Emily to wonder if she had it coming? She wanted revenge and I get it but she is out of control imo.

  34. Angela says:

    #8: Totally knocked me for a loop. As for the other questions, I was so caught up in all the craziness that was going on (and in the case of the “Previously on…” thing, so excited to see the finale), that I didn’t really pay that much attention to those clues.
    #14: I’ve only seen clips of that show on “The Soup”. From what I have seen, though, it’s…unusual. To say the very least. I think “Hoarders” might take the “most disturbing” crown, actually-that show just looks downright depressing.
    #22: Heh. Good question. My favorite late night programming isn’t affected by any of the late night switching around, thank goodness, as I watch Craig Ferguson. But I do sincerely hope that when Jay’s last show rolls around, that’s it, he’s officially done and off doing whatever else. ‘Cause I really don’t think anyone wants to go through this tango with Jay AGAIN in a year or two.

  35. Tom Charles says:

    9 | What romanticized version of an airplane did The Mindy Project book travel on, with its glossy, Apple Store-like rear galley cabinetry, the unattended beverage cart and a liberal roaming-during-turbulence policy?
    Sometimes reality such as that takes a backseat to story.
    11 | Doesn’t it seem like a missed opportunity that Fox hasn’t paired Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Enlisted as time slot companions?
    In the (likely) event that Dads is canceled, and the other two are picked up, that might just happen. Throw Enlisted in and Fox has a strong night of comedy if they remember that short of stealic the NCIS shows from CBS, they are NEVER going to get monster numbers up against those shows.
    17 | When did George’s facial hair on Suburgatory go from scruffy to downright unkempt? (Should we take the bedraggledness as a sign of him reeling from his breakup with Dallas?)
    It can be a fineline between scruffy and unkempt.
    19 | Would The Michael J. Fox Show be even 10 percent more watchable if they dropped the wholly egregious, Modern Family-like “video diaries”?
    *Raises hand* Ok, um….why is the Office clone Modern Family getting credit for the talking heads? THIS IS MY PROBLEM WITH THAT SHOW! The Office clone Modern Family is a decent show don’t get me wrong, but what really is it doing that’s so original? And I’m not even saying that The Office is original or anything, I’m just pointing out that in reality, the shows aren’t that different. The Office clone Modern Family just happens to be blessed with a phenomenal cast and good writers.

  36. DarkDefender says:

    #12 – I bet her knowing all Boyd’s tattoos will later bite him in the ass.. Either with the Po Po or with Ava.

    As for the “ice cube trick” I bet Beckett does it better .. Way better.

  37. Ram510 says:

    11) Fox really missed a great combo with Enlisted and Brooklyn 99.
    18) I feel Jay (and Luke) have been bright spots on Modern Family. This season has been a little sleepy and mundane but still solid enough

  38. Britta Unfiltered says:

    3. I actually don’t agree. I hate those I’m an actor things because the actors always look so awkward doing them, and they seem so forced. Thank goodness for Tony Hale though, pulling out the laughs. Ditto for Julia Louis-Dreyfuss and Bryan Cranston acceptance speeches. I loved Rita Moreno’s speech, but I really could do without people joking about Sofia Vergara’s boobs. I’m sick of it. I really wish people would stop feeding the egomaniac machine that is Sofia Vergara.
    Speaking of Modern Family, I have a question. How is Hailey old enough to be drinking cocktails with her parents in restaurants? She just graduated high school a year and a half ago. That puts her at 19, 20 at the absolute oldest. And she didn’t even get carded by the waiter??
    6. Ha.
    12. I don’t think he fell for it. I think he knew exactly what was going on and wanted to be a little naughty. He had a moment before he took off his shirt where he thought about it and what it all meant. He knew.
    19. I’ve been saying that since September! :)

  39. Phil says:

    REVENGE: Daniel is a jerk, but I have wanted Emily and Jack to be end game since day one! This season has been awesome for me and this feuding element has made it even better! That line was in fact too far, but I agree that it was probably in there to break away at the Emily and Daniel fan base!

  40. liz says:

    Camille has been fabulous this season. For the first time ever, she’s doing something for herself. Maybe you, and the other commentors, are uncomfortable with a grandmother deciding that she doesn’t want to be taking care of people anymore but wants to live and do something for herself. We should be less uncomfortable with women NOT sacrificing who they are and what they want; we’re taught that all the time. Camille is badass for setting her foot down.

  41. JustJulie says:

    4) I just can’t figure why Emily is still living @ the house. Seriously, if she announced to the world that it was Lydia, what do the Grayson’s have to fear? It’s her word against his now.

    And since were on the topic of Revenge, I’m ready to enter a new phase in TV programming. One where the networks realized that these theme shows only have a limited shelf life so they go into it knowing it’s only going to be 5-6 seasons tops. That gives the writers time to plan a meaningful long arc for the viewers. I hate when a really good show starts to reek of that “we’re just making this crap up as we go along…” feeling-hello, I’m looking @ you Lost. :(

    • Birdy says:

      yes! More shows less episodes with limited seasons. Beginning, middle, end.
      Maybe mini specials every couple years for fan favorites.

  42. A says:

    7) I LOVED it! It was Legen…… wait for it…….
    11) Totally
    16) Gosh I love that show and I really like the Connor/Monroe storyline…. actually I just like any Monroe storyline. I can’t wait for next weeks episode- it looks so good with Connor, Charlie, and Monroe all together

  43. A says:

    16) I keep asking but I’m never given any scoop on Revolution. Makes me nervous that it is getting canceled and therefore there is no scoop to report

  44. Melody Paris says:

    I have a question, how many times is Supernatural going to use that same farm house?

  45. Ally Oop says:

    On Revolution, as great as last week’s episode was, I really wanted Charlie and Conner to meet. I waited all episode and nothing. Next week it should hopefully happen so long as Conner doesn’t get killed (I doubt it but this is Revolution we are talking about here). And as much as I am anticipating a possible relationship between Conner and Charlie, as crazy as it sounds, I am still a big Charlie/Monroe shipper. I wonder just how this whole story will play out. Dangbabbit I want this show to get renewed.

  46. mia says:

    Enlisted should totally be on Tuesday!!! It’s a bright spot on the midseason and deserved better than Friday night!!!

  47. angie says:

    Love Alaric! Bring him back already (a la Bonnie). Also, I might be in the minority here, but I like VD without the originals. It was good for a while but it makes sense for them to have their own show. Elijah is by far my favorite original. I find Klaus quite annoying at times, like a petulant child.