Reign Boss Dishes on Mary's Return to the Castle, Royal Wrath and the Possibility of a Little Prince

Reign Season 1 Spoilers What a short, strange trip it’s been.

Mary and Bash’s frantic flight from the castle abruptly ends in Reign‘s winter premiere (The CW, Thursday 9/8c), when the young queen and her betrothed’s bastard brother are forcibly returned to court.

Still, excecutive producer Laurie McCarthy tells TVLine, Mary remains determined to save both her fiancée and his sibling, who’s in hot water for accompanying her on her sojourn.

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“Sebastian is really no more than a subject. He lives at the whim of the king’s favor,” McCarthy says. “So she goes with Sebastian back to court to help protect him from the wrath of Henry – his wrath is pretty intense.”

Once there, though, she’ll also have to face Francis’ questions about why she so abruptly broke their engagement and ran away – after all, as McCarthy notes, the long-promised couple not only slept together in the previous episode, “They were in love.”

“The complication now is that Catherine and Mary both believe in Nostradamus’ prophecy,” she adds. And though he’ll find out about the portent in Thursday’s installment, Francis “doesn’t buy it at all” and will pressure Mary to marry him the way they’d planned.

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But don’t underestimate our girl’s ability to get her way, especially when her beloved’s life depends on it. During the hour, “She’ll very cleverly do an enormous move that could potentially forever change her relationship with Francis,” McCarthy previews.

And this move will have the added benefit or drawback (depending on your allegiances) of costing Catherine everything, which causes the infuriated monarch to respond in typical, devastating fashion. In other words, “She’ll make a really brutal attempt on [Mary’s] life.”

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But let’s go back to the sex for a sec: During their post-coital pillow talk, Francis voiced his hopes that a little Francis had taken root in Mary’s belly. Might Mary be pregnant sometime in the near future?

“Yes, we’re thinking about it,” McCarthy says carefully. “It was something he would genuinely hope for and that would give them some leverage to force the marriage, [but] it turns out they don’t even need to do that because of the prophecies.”

She adds: “Anyway, you’ll see.”


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  1. Dani says:

    Francis and Mary are everything.
    Can’t stand Bash one bit.

    • Anna says:

      francis and mary need to be together!!!!

    • Eugenia says:

      I agree. Mary and Francis are meant to be together. Bash should be with someone else. Francis should be King of France because he wants to be King and he’ll be a better fit.

    • Mary says:

      I totally agree! The last two episodes #10 & #11 Suck. Francis and Mary should be together. Mary is a true queen and Francis is a true king. Bash cant even come close to the noble and fair king Francis will be. And it really hacks me off how Mary proclaimed her undying love for Francis but couldn’t wait to fall into Bashs arms. It truly undermined her character for me. And now they are screwing with Francis character putting some stupid affair with Lola. Come on its turned completely into a daytime soap opera. Wait they will kill Catherine and she will come back to life 6 or 7 times. Come on, I like a little upset here and there but this is ridiculous. I am losing interest fast. I happened to love the brothers story sticking together and working together. I will never believe reconciliation. Cant stand Bash, he stabs his brother in the back over and over. The character has become a puppy dog following Mary around. So disappointed!!! Even if Mary and Francis get together now their marriage will be riddled with doubt and resentment. I guess I’m a romantic, I was hoping for a love story without that, overcoming obstacles of their kingdoms would be enough. Sorry for ranting … been saving up I guess. I hope Mary is pregnant with Francis baby but their love story is ruined for me!

    • Emily Morrissette says:

      amen! mary and francis were engaged and in love. and bash just needs to leave. hes ruining the plans of an alliance that could save scottland.. at least francis was trained and bred to run a country! bash is just some boy who was lucky to be living in the castle. he has no idea what hes doing and cound destroy france and scottland. if she ends up with bash i will be severely upset.

      • Michelle says:

        Francis may seem to be the better choice but can you trust one to be a true and right king if he can’t seem to be a true and rightful partner. Claiming to love Mary and accepting without a fight her choice of not marrying him and then sleeping with her lady in waiting Lola, is not exactly what I would call a romantic story. Bash can be groomed to be a just king but you can’t teach loyalty, which Francis clearly does not have, you either have it or you don’t. Bash has clearly shown he can be loyal and that he really loves Mary.

    • Tynesha jones says:

      I want Mary to get pregnant with Francis baby and Lola and Mary both be pregnant with his child and see how marys relationship with Lola changes in a good way or bad and Francis support Lola but is right there beside his wife even though they in this situation

  2. Tessa says:

    Mary and Bash are everything.
    Can’t stand Francis one bit.

  3. M. says:

    Watched this in canada last night. Poor Francis, man.

  4. l says:

    We know from the history books that Francis and Mary do get married… they shouldn’t run from that..

  5. Elyse says:

    Francis <3

  6. Cat says:

    There was a great piece in EW about the Reign writers neglecting Bash as a character. He has very few lines, is given no back story, and is rarely involved in castle life. Doesn’t make for a compelling love ‘triangle’ when one of those parties is underwritten. Here’s hoping they can spice it up and give Torrance Coombs something to do!

  7. Maki says:

    I love both couples. Currently Mary is more pulling towards Francis and I love how much he loves her. Kudos to Toby for a great and convincing performance. Bash on the other hand is something like her BFF they have a connection and she feels free infront of Bash and can let go, be less stuck up.
    Saw some sneak peeks this should be an interesting episode.

  8. Brooke says:

    They’re just pushing the limits of history without actually changing anything. I think we all know it’s Francis and Mary that wed.

    • Katherine215 says:

      Sure, but it doesn’t mean that she can’t be in love with Bash while marrying Francis. I like her with both of them though, so I’m interested to see the path they take to marrying Mary and Francis.
      Also, I just love Leith and Greer. Can’t see them getting a happy ending, but I really hope they keep up that storyline.

  9. Mercy says:

    Francis and Mary CAN”T have a baby. I freaking hate them, WTF? Is it a love triangle show or a Frary show? Just HUGE NO! Where that will leave Mash? I’m not going to watch Reign with frarys bay, just eeeewwww

    • Katherine215 says:

      Um, the people these characters are based on actually married and had a child. I think they’re playing a bit with history, but there’s no way they can actually change that tidbit.

      • Sintia says:

        They never had a child, never.

      • Lore says:

        No, they didnt have a child, he was 13, she was 15, and when he died, they didnt have any children, she had a boy, one who became the next king of England with another man

      • Katherine215 says:

        Oh, shoot, my bad. I don’t know what I was thinking there, other than apparently confusing Mary’s husbands.

        • gdv says:

          Doesn’t mean she can’t get pregnant with Francis and have a miscarriage. That happened a lot back then.

          • tp says:

            I never considered a miscarriage. When the ep MaCarthy said they’re still considering having Mary be pregnant I was thinking how when her and Francis didn’t have kids.

    • Lainey says:

      This isn’t TVD which is actually based on a book on two brothers fighting over a girl. These are actual real life people who existed, Francis and Mary actually got married and he died after two years of ruling, and Bash never existed but I think they put him in to make things complicated for Francis and Mary just like with Olivia.

      • BusyBody says:

        The real Mary Queen of Scots lived a life that was a lot more interesting than what is portrayed in this television show. I wish that the writers would either stick to the historical facts or rename the girl, Princess TwinkleStar so that there is no confusion about this being a work of fiction.

  10. Carla says:

    Mary and Bash always.

  11. Beth says:

    OK this is just ridiculous to argue with Mash fans. I’m sure they are sleeping with their sister’s boyfriends or the other way around. I could care less. #TeamFrancis

  12. Roa says:

    Team Bash all the way, we most definitely don’t need Frary baby!

  13. Lainey says:

    Still trying to figure out why Bash likes Mary but whatever I think its pretty clear the story is Francis and Mary whom I enjoy together better, they have passionate chemistry which I don’t really see with the other two. Putting a baby in there would complicate things.

    • tp says:

      That is what I don’t understand either. Bash has no history with Mary and other than seeing her that first day chasing Sterling into the woods. What made him like her? Francis has a past connection with her. I love their, Francis and Mary, misguided attempts at trying to protect each other. Bash is great and who can resist those intense stares he has but I want him to find aother chick. Also is anyone ever going to question wth happened to Olivia? I’m glad the conniving hussie is gone but dang is no one going to at least ask what happened to her? Even to ask her why she didn’t open the passage way for Mary and her ladies.

  14. Sintia says:

    Oh GOD, please no. We need Bash and Mary, not Frary baby. It must be a joke.

  15. Marta says:

    Team Bash all the way, enough with Frary already. Isn’t wedding enough for them?

  16. Cindy says:

    I think keeping the triangle going will keep things more interesting…a baby only secures Mary and Francis’ wedding to take place sooner!!! Give the ladies in waiting a little more airtime with some interesting enter-mingling story :) I will miss Aylee, she was my favorite – Kenna has become a cry baby; Lola is boring and Greer has potential with the baker at least. I would have loved to see Aylee be Catherine’s “spy” with Mary and Aylee conspiring together to feed false information to Catherine, that could have proven to be quite funny!!! As long as we get a Season 2 pick up I am a happy, happy person!!!!

    • tp says:

      Poor Aylee. I will miss her too. Kenna is just getting on my nerves. Lola left a sour taste in my mouth after she blamed Mary for Colin. I’m hoping I can like her again. I really like Greer. Honestly I would like to see Greer and Bash together. But since he’s not titled I guess that wouldn’t work. I like Leith but honestly that relationship is doomed. Unless Mary can give Leith a title but can she do that?

    • b says:

      Not if they plan on making Bash legitimate. Then a baby would complicate things with Bash and Mary who are now the next queen and king. Congratulations to all the BASH fans. You got your wish. You destroyed Mary and Francis and made this show even more stupid.

    • Jenn says:

      They could have Mary get pregnant and not sure of who the father is. That would certainly spice up the triangle and give Catherine alot of ammunition against the marriage.

  17. Caitlin says:

    I want Bash and Mary baby <3 They are both gorgeous.

  18. Guest says:

    A baby Frary would be the best thing ever!!

  19. Bobbi says:

    Yet, in the end, Elizabeth I still beheads Mary…

  20. Missie says:

    NOOO, Frary don’t need baby they are boring enough.

  21. Alisha says:

    We love Bash and Mary. I’m not here for the Frary Show. BOO.

  22. Saili says:

    Gah, we want Mary and Bash already, is it too much to ask????

  23. october says:

    Mary and Francis for ever !!!!!

  24. Isobel says:

    There won’t actually be a baby, Mary didn’t have a child with Francis in history

  25. Jess 2014 says:

    If Mary has a baby it better be from Bash. Bash loves her and has never hurt her. Francis on the other hand can be a real jerk.. he slept with other people…. Bash all the way! please let them get married

  26. Lola says:

    Francis and Mary all the way they are soooo cute I’m depressed after this episode:( stupid bash

  27. An says:

    Francis and Maty, I hope she’s pregnant and she realizes that no matter what the future holds her heart belongs to Francis. They have a sweet love! I like Lola and Bash together.

  28. Ginny Nelson says:

    Just tossing my opinion out here, TEAM FRANCIS! I like Bash with the girl who lost her bf in the first few episodes…. the one Catherine had beheaded…

    • alana says:

      I completely agree with you…TEAM FRANCIS all the way!! P.s..i’m just throwing it out there, but I absolutely hate it, when people fuse couple names together. Its repulsively annoying, like mash and frary..urgh!! I absolutely hate it!

  29. ingrid says:

    NOOOO i do not like mary and bash together. if mary really loves francis she will marry him and yes there is a prophecy that if francis and mary wed he will die but i think he would rather die being married to her than die without her and his crown. TEAME FRANCIS!!!

  30. Chesha says:

    kinda funny reading everyone’s comments… yes Mary queen of Scots is a really person and so is Francis who died from an ear condition after 17 months of being King, and Bash was never in the story ..Thou his father was with a Diane de Poitiers.. how ever my point is this is a show, if they where to follow the real story (yes as someone said Mary is beheaded in the end anyways).. but there wouldn’t be much of a show and maybe 2 or 3 seasons if they stayed with the real event… just like other shows such as Vampire diaries who didn’t even stay with the book story line… TV shows always changed the lines to keep the seasons coming and give everyone a good TV Drama that we all fall in love with to watch … (just my thoughts)

  31. K. says:

    Do hope they keep a little bit with the history because Mary and Francis was married for over 2 years before he die’s….Love those two together!

  32. Bryony says:

    Seriously? Do people not do their history? Mary had ONE son James VI of Scotland who became James I of ENGLAND. Mary had NO CHILDREN with FRANCIS!

  33. Emily says:

    It’s possible that the baby will be the future James I of England and Scots. Laurie said Mary will have another love interest. It’s probably Lord Darnley.

  34. Brittany says:


  35. Loeney says:

    Bash and Mary is ridiculous it hurts my heart watching them,i totally find more pleasure in seeing her and Francis together all the way.

    • Eugenia says:

      I agree with you. Bash is not fit to be a King, and he doesn’t even want to be King. Bash should get back to his life as a peasant.

  36. Eugenia says:

    I want Francis to come back. Bash shouldn’t be King. I want Mary and Francis to get married and Francis to be King.

  37. Kiren says:

    Mary and Bash are it for me!

  38. Mary and Bash are awesome together. I love the Mary and Bash storyline every epoisde gets better and better.

    • Judith says:

      I absolutely agree. Since Mary and Bash storyline has began to develop the show is just getting better! Francis and Mary are too predictable and rather boring IMO, of course.

      • Michelle says:

        Mary and Bash have a genuine love, not forced or pushed aside as easily as Francis had done in the past. Francis may seem to love Mary but wait till the next girl comes along that will catch his interest.

  39. Greta says:

    Francis and Mary are perfect to each other! It will be such a dissapointment if Mary and Bash get married…

  40. Zara says:

    Bash.. my mind stops here <3

  41. Neva says:

    Just thinking…Spoiler Alert…Bash turns out not to be the King’s bastard son but agreed with Diane early on to raise him as his own because of their pagan family history, and she wanted a royal life for them (due to her jealousy of never becoming Queen and of Catherine’s life). Bash and Mary get married (joke on her – because he felt blackmailed by a teenaged girl and changing family line) and they find out before leaving for the honeymoon/trip to France to rule with her king (the King forged papers for show and tell moment) in tow. Bash was influenced by his mother that he should be king due to him being the oldest son. He in turned convinced Mary or at least put it in her head to offer his legitimacy as he knew what she had planned. He was also influenced by his mother that this would get him the women he wanted. Francis return married to pregnant Olivia.

  42. shari eberson says:

    Im so disappointed! Mary and Bash? No way! If the show continues this way i’ll have to stop watching.

  43. Judith says:

    Bash is Mary’s perfect choice in her own words and in my heart. He challenges her to do things she never thought she could do, he makes her grow and live intensely, Bash respects her. Francis loves her and also loves his mistresses … Francis is more like his father. Mary&Bash.

    • Michelle says:

      I totally agree with Judith. Mary and Bash is my choice. Bash will be faithful and has proven it but Francis had been with others. Just in the short time of leaving Mary with Bash he’s already been with her friend Lola. Plus Bash is definitely more handsome than Francis.

  44. Anita says:

    I am so rooting for Catherine, I love her one lines and sassiness! As of last episode I am so annoyed with Mary thinking she is the ruler over everything and everyone in the kingdom…uh hello you there as a guest until you’re married off!! Maybe people would stop trying to kill you if you would stop trying to act the queen. Team Catherine for now.

    • Michelle says:

      Mary and Bash have a genuine love, not forced or pushed aside as easily as Francis had done in the past. Francis may seem to love Mary but wait till the next girl comes along that will catch his interest.

    • Michelle says:

      I do feel bad for Catherine. She genuinely loves her children, and to not be with them has to be torture.

  45. Huynh says:

    Honestly, I feel that Bash should have married Mary. But others can argue with my opinion. The producer and directors are doing a great job with this show, they want us of course to be hanging from the edge of our seats excited and anxious to see the result. They put Bash in the show for a reason, to heat things up. I wonder what will happen next? What will Clarissa do in the next episode ? This Is An Awesome Show!:) Hope everyone Enjoys!!

    – H.V.

  46. Huynh says:

    Im definitely Team Sebastian & Mary . ~ H.V.

  47. FrancisandMary says:

    I see much more chemistry between Francis and Mary than Sebastian and Mary. However, I do like Sebastian so I hope his story with Kenna grows and that the writers make them fall in love!

  48. Deb Clark says:

    I’m having difficulty after hearing that Beauty and the Beast is going off the air, I awaited that show in anxious anticipation , and I couldn’t think of anything else. I really don’t care about the rights and wrongs of their clothing styles, although I get a kick out of tthose who do.

  49. Deb Clark says:

    I didn’t care for Bash at first, but his behavior changed so much towards Mary in a good way that it almost made me kind of love Bash too.