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How I Met Your Mother SpoilersWhy did How I Met Your Mother‘s Ted decide to tell his tale? Will Five-0‘s Chin mix business with pleasure? How does a Founding Father figure into Sleepy Hollow‘s finale? Is Bones chasing a ghost? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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Please share any spoilers you have from How I Met Your Mother‘s 200th episode celebrations. – Babar
Episode 200 aka “How Your Mother Met Me” will show what Cristin Milioti’s character has been up to all these years, “intersecting” her path at times with familiar past storylines. “It’s a fun little ‘Disneyland tour’ through the series, from the perspective of someone outside the group,” EP Carter Bays shared at the CBS sitcom’s final TCA panel. “It’s very emotional, and we could not have done this with any other actress.” (Carter also said that “some fun trickery” was used to drop The Mother into past episodes.)

Do you have any spoilers for How I Met Your Mother? –Shari
“There’s an episode coming up about the fact that Robin’s mom hasn’t come to the wedding — and Lily really, really wants Robin to be upset about it,” EP Craig Thomas shares. “Lily thinks Robin needs this emotional catharsis about this fact.” And speaking of mothers: By the series’ end, we will learn that there is a specific reason why Adult Ted chose the time he did to tell the kids about how he met you-know-who.

Since The Mother is played by Tony nominee Cristin Milioti, any chance we’ll hear her sing on HIMYM? Especially given that she is the lead singer of the wedding band. –Vanessa
“There’s a lot of live music coming up,” is all EP Bays would say on that topic. Added Thomas: “Stay tuned!”

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Any scoop on the next bunch of Hawaii Five-0 episodes? –clarlee
Episode 18 finds Chin and Jerry attending their high school reunion, where a murder takes place — and in the course of solving it, a flirty, man-hungry classmate will set her sights on Chin.

Matt, could you please give us a spoiler about Brooklyn Nine-Nine? –Kendall
Previously on TVLine.com, we told you who will be playing Holt’s husband. Now, here’s why we’ll meet his mate. “Holt’s birthday party is coming up and everybody just fails” while attending it, Melissa Fumero shares with a laugh. Among the  agendas in play as the 99ers visit the boss’ “amazing” house: “Amy really wants to take advantage of the fact that she’s in Holt’s personal space, because she believes there’s information there that will help her in her quest to bond with Holt. And she is so mistaken!”

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What can the cast tease about Bones‘ ongoing Ghost Killer arc? –Rachel
Cast shmast. EP Hart Hanson tells me, “The Ghost Killer plays heavily through the end of this season. But does this killer exist, or is it the one last paranoia that Pelant left behind? That is the question. And is that the world’s best camouflage, that this person might not exist?”

Do you have anything new on Bones‘ Dr. Sweets? –Ed
In a manner of speaking, yes. Just hear Hart Hanson out. “When we get an official pick-up [for Season 10], we’re going to know one way to go [storyline-wise]. And if we don’t get a pick-up and it’s the last season — which I don’t think will happen, but you have to ready for anything — we have another way to go. That’s not necessarily applying to Sweets, but anyone‘s future could be in flux.”

Do you have any final Sleepy Hollow teasers, maybe about the George Washington twist? –Gianna
I asked the gorgeous Nicole Beharie about the discovery that the premiere POTUS apparently lived beyond his official expiration date, and all she would say is that many characters “find themselves intimately involved, somehow, in the season finale” airing Monday. “They’re interconnected in a very complex way — and that includes George Washington. That reveal that he wrote this letter to Ichabod after he died? The finale is the culmination of them trying to figure out where he was and what it all means.”

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I am really into Reign on The CW. Any scoop? –Niki
A new queen is coming! Casting is underway for the recurring role of Penelope, a twentysomething kitchen servant who becomes “queen for a day” when she finds a bean in a slice of cake – as part of a yearly tradition at the castle. When Catherine assigns Penelope a little “job” in exchange for better treatment, the 24-hour royal uses that opportunity to get what she wants.

When will we see more Schmidt/Cece action on New Girl? –Andy
Apparently not any time too soon. Hannah Simone came up empty on that scoop front when I saw her at Fox’s TCA soiree. Instead, she offered up this preview: “A great episode is coming up where Nick can’t be at the bar, so Cece has to work with the manager, played by Ben Falcone, and that is really funny, because he’s a little tough on her! All while Cece is trying to do her best at a job she’s not very good at.”

Any new NCIS scoop from the TCAs? –Cheryl
My So-Called Life‘s Bess Armstrong is set to guest-star in Episode 250, though aparently not as the new lady in DiNozzo Sr.’s life. “The woman in his life plays as a bit of a mystery,” show boss Gary Glasberg tells me. “It’s coming, but it’s not cast yet.”

I am needing/obsessing over/wanting scoop on Justified‘s Raylan and Winona, please! –Marisa
I asked series boss Graham Yost to confirm why Raylan didn’t pay his baby momma a visit while in Florida — even with everyone urging him to! — and he explained, “I think he’s afraid, and he doesn’t know why he’s afraid. And that’s something we’ll get into over the season, as much as Raylan’s willing to get into anything like that. But the simple answer is: Look at who his father was. That brings up a lot of concerns about what kind of father you will be.” As for whether we’ll see Winona and child again this season, Yost said that is TBD. “The plan was yes, but plans change.”

On Elementary, will Watson’s online dating project deliver her any romance? –Melinda
EP Robert Doherty says that’s “a little hard to predict at the moment,” in part because the one decent-ish date she got out of it was played by an actor who has since relocated to the West Coast. “But as everyone now knows, Joan and Mycroft have something of a history,” Doherty reminds, “and that may be something we revisit as we get into the end run for this season.”

While Despereaux and Ives fought in slow motion in the Psych premiere, a song played. Could you tell me the name of the song?—Peter
The tune was “Big Beatoff,” by Chris Child.

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I’ve noticed on Castle that nothing has been mentioned lately about Rick writing. Are we ever going to hear anything about the Nikki Heat novels again? –Melissa
Ooh, you may like (a little bit) the video sneak peek I’m posting Friday….

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  1. stevie says:

    so the mother really is dead or dying in the end??

    • Christina says:

      Worried about the same thing! SUCH a morbid end to the series though.

    • ZisforZombie says:

      Toats thought she would be dead after Ted was tearing up in the episode “The Time Travelers.” It makes a lot of sense.

      • drewm987 says:

        I’ve been thinking about this episode because it ends with Ted saying he’d do anything for that “extra” time with her and the ending of that episode had such a depressing feel to it….

        It’ll really suck of that’s true… That Ted or the Mother is dying etc..

        But wait… If that’s true would the kids have had the reaction in the season premiere? like

        ” You talk too much”

      • Sam says:

        Or he was sad he didn’t meet her 45 days sooner, case that who Ted is

    • Sara says:

      I was thinking the same thing! I think that would totally ruin the series!

      • John 1138 says:

        It certainly would ruin any chance I’d ever watch a rebroadcast in syndication and I expect I’m not alone.

        NOT a fan of funerals!

        But then again: on the day of their mother’s funeral (or close to it) Ted decides to chronicle every hookup he banged in the tri-state area? Yeah there’s an in-memorium talk for the ages…. Or. Not.

    • Citizen of the Internet says:

      Maybe she’s having another kid?

    • Tookie Clothespin says:

      Everybody is freaking out with the thought that the mother is dying or dead. Has anybody ever floated the idea that it’s Ted that’s dying and he wants to tell his kids his version of his life story before he passes? Just a thought.

  2. Andrew says:

    “By the series’ end, we will learn that there is a specific reason why Adult Ted chose the time he did to tell the kids about how he met you-know-who.”

    I hope it’s not because the Mother is dead now…

  3. spindae2 says:

    Nice scoop on HIMYM and Reign. But did CBS give an answeres about the possible charmed remake??

  4. Apples says:

    The way they’ve ruined Schmidt/Cece in favor of the awful Nick/Jess pairing is the reason I no longer watch New Girl

    • hannah says:

      schmidt/cece has nothing to do with nick/jess other than the fact their a group of friends.

    • Lecholls says:

      Schmidt and Cece never could trust each other. It had nothing to do with Nick and Jess. Also, Cece and Schimdt have been so much more interesting in the last couple of episodes now that they aren’t pining over each other anymore.

    • Michael says:

      Jess/Nick is not awful. I’ll admit at the beginning of the season they were a little “too much.” But now, in the more recent episodes, they are actually starting to look like a great couple. I LOVE them together. As for Cece/Schmidt, I too feel that their relationship was mishandled a bit this season (so far) but I feel positive that they’ll rekindle their romance towards the end of the season.

  5. hols says:

    Beharie is a such a wooden actress.The actress playing jenny on sleepy Hollow is a much better actress.

  6. Mary G says:

    You know, we’ve always assumed it was the mom who was dying. What if it is Ted?

    • Jerry says:

      I guess it’s possible he is dying and this is his last act. Either way it’s depressing but I can see it happening.

  7. Dee says:

    Ugh. Guess that means Alison isn’t going anywhere anytime soon on Justified. If they’re just going to have Raylan see his kid on Skype for a few seconds the entire season, then why make him a father at all?

  8. Fernanda says:

    “And speaking of mothers: By the series’ end, we will learn that there is a specific reason why Adult Ted chose the time he did to tell the kids about how he met you-know-who.”.. ———–
    there are my theories (this is all my mind, no spoilers)
    1. because they’re going to celebrate another anniversary of their marriage
    2. one of the kids are in love and this the way that Ted tells about his romantic Life until he met his true love
    3. They are divorced. The kids finally will know the whole story and they help their dad to get back to their mother
    4. SHE IS DEAD.. SHE IS DEAD… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I know, this could be so sad, but a great way to end a show about the journey to find the true love in Ted’s life. Ted already said He will always love her and beyond

  9. EL says:

    Re Bones: Stephen Nathan has already said that we’ve seen the Ghost Killer. So what exactly does Hanson mean or have the two not talked?

    Re Elementary: The showrunners were adamant about respecting the original relationships, viz a viz Sherlock and Watson. I am unaware that John Watson ever slept with Mycroft. Why introduce that if you are respecting the original?

    • soundscene says:

      Because the original relationship they’re sticking to is between Sherlock and Watson. Those two will not enter a romantic relationship. The showrunners never said anything about respecting the original relationships between ancillary characters (otherwise, Moriarty and Irene Adler wouldn’t be the same person; I don’t recall Sherlock sleeping with Moriarty in the books).

  10. Kendall says:

    I’m calling it now that Tony Sr.’s new lady friend is the elusive ex-Mrs. Gibbs #2. As if it weren’t already weird enough that Gibbs shares an ex with Fornell.

    • John 1138 says:

      But then Tony wouldn’t have to investigate her would he? (and would he even dare if she were a Gibbs’ ex?). And the teaser’s so far have been that he does as I read them anyway.

  11. “By the series’ end, we will learn that there is a specific reason why Adult Ted chose the time he did to tell the kids about how he met you-know-who.”

    She died, or they’re divorcing, lol. JK

    • soundscene says:

      Look at the above comments. A lot of people don’t think it’s a joke, although I’m not sure this type of half-hour comedy would end on such a depressing note. It’s one thing for a show like The Wonder Years to reveal that Kevin’s Dad died two years after the last episode was supposed to take place (that was a dramedy), but that type of reveal is off-putting for a laugh-track-style comedy (especially where the character that dies off is one that the series has been working its way up to meeting its entire run, and basically signifies “happiness” for the main character). Now, I could be wrong–HIMYM’s producers could pull something like that and kill Ted or the mother. I just think it would be an extremely dumb ending to a comedy sitcom.

  12. bitsy says:

    Is Yost really serious?? No Winona at all this season? Why make Raylan a father if we’re never going to see the kid. And Allison doesn’t hold a candle to Winona. There’s NO chemistry there.

    • Marc says:

      Apparently, the producers are determined to throw a blonde bimbo who is nothing but a poor man’s Winona in Raylan’s way every season to meet the “love-interest” criteria. Everybody knows that Winona is the love of Raylan’s life, it’s been said a million times, why didn’t they try to get Natalie Zea as a regular from season one before the Following snapped her up is beyond me. Everytime Winona and Raylan are together, they are phenomenal. She already admitted to loving him and knowing that he would protect her and their baby with his life, she acted the role of a great partner to him on a number of occasions so why be contrary about it now by saying that its just too hard for them to be together. That’s my only gripe with this show, a slovenly blonde who irritates me every season.

  13. amindamazed says:

    OMG all the NO NO NO NO NO in the world to Watson + Mycroft. It was a literally unbelievable flop as a retcon and bringing it up again unless it’s to explain it never actually happened (my dearest wish) won’t help.

    • jenferner8 says:

      I agree! I am so grossed out by the mere thought that they may have slept together (which I really hope they didn’t). They’d be ok as friends, maybe, I think but anything else and an intervention may be in order.

  14. Teag says:

    Love how there’s 3 questions about HIMYM. Thanks for those. Nervous about the Mother being dead or near-dead in 2030 though.

  15. Angela says:

    So Abbie’s suspicions about Washington and the date are apparently proven true, then :D. Very intrigued to see how that will all play out next week-I love the crazy, random connections they can come up with on the show.

  16. Tom Charles says:

    Seriously, gonna be really upset if The Girl with the Yellow Umbrella is dead.

  17. Ryan says:

    Telling the kids about all of his previous girlfriends is weird….telling it after The Mother died would be pretty twisted. It’ll be a reason like why he bought her a yellow umbrella for a present or something like that.

    • jj says:

      And the kids don’t look like they are grieving. They mostly look annoyed. Also, the joke early on about meeting their mom at a strip club would be highly inappropriate if she had just died.

  18. Mareesa says:

    Not having Natalie Zea on is just dumb. So many storylines can come of her, Raylan, and their baby. Come on.

    • Jan says:

      So agree. He is different than Arlo in so many important ways and seemed so pleased abt becoming a father. Now he is fooling around and ignoring his baby. He is chicken in the ways that really count. I have found that my interest in his character and the whole show is waning.

      • Dee says:

        I think they figured it would be a stretch to have her pregnant for another season, so this is their way of not having to deal with. Oh, he’s afraid!? Whose not afraid of being a new parent? Raylan is just coming off as a coward and kind of sleazy. I don’t care how many gunfights who wins or charismatically avoids.

    • Francine says:

      I don’t know- it may not be pleasant to see, but I think it kind of goes with Raylan’s character. We know he’s a loner and he has a lot of issues. Remember when Winona told him she thinks he’s the angriest person she knows? Maybe he’s afraid of what kind of impact that will have on his daughter- plus the impact his kind of life will bring on her. Andhe doesn’t want to be like Arlo, but when you have a parent like that… you always have that fear that you’re doomed to live and act the same way… No matter how much you try not to. I really think its all just a part of finally seeing Raylan grow up. We haven’t seen him change much as a character over the seasons. This show had never let me down so hopefully this will all lead to a good resolution.

  19. Arnell says:

    Team Winona! I hope to see Natalie this season!

  20. Ryan says:

    Any news on Haven? Emily Rose had a tweet yesterday about tomorrow…

  21. Lindsey says:

    I’m excited by the Brooklyn Nine-Nine spoiler.

  22. Sam says:

    Well I be looking forward to Watson and Mycroft, might be fun to see how its all played out.

  23. I think it’s hilarious that it is even asked if The Mother will sing on the show. She’s a wedding singer. I would dang hope they’d have music at Barney and Robin’s wedding. With the dance they did at Ted’s friend’s wedding let alone this being their own wedding, there best be an amazing dance sequence. THAT should have been asked!

    Why is there a revolving door of managers at Nick’s bar? Last manager was Odette.

  24. JJ says:

    My opinion on HIMYM? The mother has been dead. For a long time- years. Ted his telling the story now because he is going to marry Robin. That’s whywhy he’s telling the story, and they keep showing that Marshall doesn’t pay off the bet with Lily- because eventually Ted and Robin do end up together.

    • Ryan says:

      Would Ted still refer her to as ‘your aunt Robin’ during the story if he was going to marry her? It’d be odd to call their future step-mother ‘aunt Robin.’

    • Sam says:

      No way is she dead or is he going to marry Robin, that is dead. Marshall is just a dreamer.

    • John 1138 says:

      So destroy the entire thing they’ve been building up this entire year, Robin and Barney’s marriage, along with killing off the OTHER big goal, The Mother, all to somehow shoehorn in what was discarded in the pilot?

      Unlikely in the extreme.

  25. deaht says:

    Cece gets her OWN plot for once? Cool!

  26. SouthernBelle says:

    Ugh, both the Alison and Raylan coupling and the fact that Raylan won’t see his baby really, really bother me. The interaction between Raylan and Alison just felt so out of character for Raylan, and I’m not a fan of her character. At all. I don’t understand why Lynette keeps getting dragged back into the show. She was a great character in season 2, but that’s it. The girl’s a great actress, but IMO there’s no reason for her to still be hanging around three seasons later. Kind of like Winn Duffy.

    As for Raylan and his baby, WTH. He’s always been the complete opposite of his father, and always such a standup gentleman. I like him with or without Wynona, but for Raylan to be avoiding his daughter just feels SO out of character. That being said, Justified is still one of the greatest shows.

    • Francine says:

      I like that they show Lynette. Raylan obviously has a soft spot for her and its nice to see that he still checks and cares about her well-being. Plus I think it ties into his storyline about the baby. He cares about Lynette so why is he not showing that same care towards his own daughter yet? Wynn Duffy though, I think it makes perfect sense for him to still be around. He’s in the drug biz and the show has always been about showing that world. Plus Jere Burns is an awesome actor! I posted above my thoughts on the baby situation and how I don’t think its as out there as some people seem to think. Raylan is all about taking care of the baddies but he’s always had issues of his own. That’s just my thoughts though, you’re certainly entitled to feel differently :)

      • SouthernBelle says:

        That’s a really interesting point about Raylan’s protective (somewhat paternal?) feelings for Loretta. That makes a lot of sense for keeping her around then, to show the contrast between his actions towards her as opposed to his own daughter.

        I think Jere Burns is terrific. My favorite Duffy moment will always be when Raylan threw the bullet at him and told him the next one would be coming faster. Ha! I’m just surprised that he shows up every season, for me he’s just a background character, yet he shows up every season.

        • Francine says:

          That WAS hilarious! And honestly I always thought he was meant to be a side character too. I was constantly surprised when he would randomly show up again and even more surprised when he was made a regular. He could have easily just remained in the background and it would work, but I think they really just love the guy. I hope the baby thing works out for the best though, I really do. This show is definitely smart and I don’t think they’d let Raylan end up a deadbeat dad. It’s not pleasant to watch but hopefully it will have a satisfying resolution.

  27. I still cant believe how perfect Cristin Milioti fits the role of the mother…whoever casted her really did an awesome job!!!

  28. Bob says:

    I’m going to love the reactions in March when HIMYM ends and BOTH of them are STILL ALIVE!!!! Good g-d you people are morbid with these death rumors. Why would the creators of the show go on and on, season after season, keeping everyone guessing who’s the mother, only to end it on what would be the worst ending to a comedy series, EVER??? And don’t start on me with ‘Roseanne’. By the end, it was a crap show and no one cared how it ended.

  29. Pat says:

    First of all we have spent so much energy not just on this comment site but also the other day trying to figure out if Ted’s wife has passed away and now others think it might be Ted who is dying. The producer’s of this show are either getting a big laugh out of all of this if they are even reading what we say or they are really cruel if any of this pans out. Now, to Bones. To the proucer’s of this show, please do not make the Ghost Killer a figment of Temperance’s imagination.I want to see this show go out with all the characters having full resolutions with their lives. So please, do not go down some rabbit hole and possibly damage a tremendous character who has been the heart of this show. One last thing, they are still not sure if this show will be picked up for next season?? I thought it was a for sure?

  30. Ryanne says:

    WTH Yost!! Winona was pregnant for 3 seasons, we see the baby once, and that may be it between her and Raylan until 2015? It feels like some kind of a mean joke. I hope it has something to do with not being able to work around Natalie’s schedule instead of them just throwing their hands up w/ the storyline and writing her and the baby out.

  31. Patrick Maloney says:

    I’m disappointed that Elementary’s plans for Joan has changed, however out of their control it was, but the Mycroft angle should be interesting