Castle Recap: The Hunt Is (Back) On

Castle Recap Rick's Father ReturnsThis week on ABC’s Castle, Rick reunited with the secret agent father he barely knows, and thus was faced a dire dilemma: Should he introduce his fiance to her future father-in-law?

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THE CASE | When mild-mannered record store clerk Ted Rollins is found murdered in a conspicuously tony apartment, the trail of clues (Thanks, Tory-babes! Back off, Epso!) leads to Ted’s “hobby” as a hacker. And just before he got killed, Ted had accessed the server of a high-powered banking firm headed by Anderson Cross — aka Jackson Hunt, Rick’s father. But just as Caskett arrive at Cross’ office, Hunt phones his son to ask for secrecy when they meet, warning, “Lives are at stake” — and Rick complies.

As Cross confirms that his server was hacked, Kate can’t shake why this guy seems so familiar. Later, Rick sneaks off to rendezvous with his father in the park, where Hunt leans on his boy for intel on the investigation. Rick at first balks, but when Hunt warns that “a storm is coming” and more could die, he shares. Before running off, Hunt reveals that he knows of his son’s engagement, because while he may not be the best dad, he does keep tabs.

Back at the precinct, surveillance cam footage of the amusement park where Ted was killed suggests that Anderson Cross was behind it, sending Rick — who has already been visibly distracted and slow with his usual wise-cracks — into panicky cover-up mode. But when RySpo check out the banking ofifce, it has vanished. It then dawns on Kate why Cross looks familiar — he matches the sketch of the person of interest during Alexis’ kidnapping. She asks Rick if he recognizes the guy from Paris — revealing to us that Rick never read her in on all of that adventure — and he deflects, claiming he’ll run the sketch by Alexis.

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At the loft with his mother, Castle opens up about Hunt’s return and frets that he is being played. Martha urges him to lean on the people he can truly trust — such as Katherine. Their chat is cut short when a gunshot, bleeding Hunt knocks at the door. Hunt walks Rick through the bullet extraction and then sets out to sew himself up when Kate comes a-knocking. But Rick will keep his love in the dark no more, and tells her, “The man in the sketches, there’s something you should know about him — he’s your future father-in-law” — and Kate is gobsmacked-slash-furious to see “Anderson Cross” laid up in the loft.

Kate’s anxious to haul him in, but Hunt warns this “spitfire” that she’ll do no such thing, not if she wants answers about Rollins’ murder. He explains how a mole dubbed Gemini hacked the CIA’s list of deep cover operatives and is poised to sell it to the Iranians (as evidenced by an Iranian coin that had been in CIA asset Rollins’ shoe). The exchange will take place at the public library, but with Hunt in no condition to go, Kate offers to offer backup. So she and Rick hijack the wi-fi signal at the library and grab the file before Gemini can. But while Kate goes to track the wi-fi source, Rick is approached by gun-toting Gemini and led to the basement. That’s when Hunt, having given Martha the slip, stabs and shoots dead Gemini. (“That was the mission,” he explains. “That’s what I do.”) The dead body goes missing, but the gun left behind helps close the NYPD’s case.

After Rick and Kate realize that Hunt moved Rollins’ body to land the case in their jurisdiction and thus pull them into helping him, especially after his cover was blown, Rick second-guesses his father’s intentions yet again. (Even Dad’s embrace was but a plot to plant a GPS tracker on his kin.) “I keep making the mistake, thinking he’s family,” Rick laments. To Kate, he declares: “You are my family.” He then ends their wedding date debate by declaring September as the perfect time, his book tour be damned. Back at the loft, Martha shares that Hunt, for all his faults, gave her two great gifts: first Rick, and now closure. “Think we”ll ever see him again?” And we see Hunt on the street below.

THE CASKETT | Hell, we got a wedding date (or at least month), so the question becomes: Will “September” come early in the May season finale, or might said finale take place in “real time” and somehow leave us wondering if vows will actually be traded come fall? I also audibly LOL’d when Rick failed to launch into a conspiracy theory at Kate’s prompting, instead offering a sane POV. And yes, yes, I’ll say it before one of y’all does: Butt grab. But for the fellas out there: Did you know Beckett is flexible and can lift her…?

THE QUOTABLES | “Pull the slug out, but do me a favor: Try not to make my nose light up”…. “Dont get emotional. Now’s not the time.” “Really? It’s been about 40 years. When is the time?”… “Sounds like a case of Weekend at Bernie’s gone wrong. Wait, that would mean there’s a case of Weekend at Bernie’s gone right”… “Is it me or does [Sarah Grace] look like Esposito?”

What did you think of Papa Castle’s encore?

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  1. skrable2 says:

    It has now been 8 full episodes since this “engaged couple” shared a kiss, other than on the forehead. No one is asking for a sex scene; but perhaps something that reminds the viewers that while they are planning a wedding, they actually also love each other.

  2. RBA says:

    I will like to take credit for this, but I saw this on twitter…

    Castle. Stop kissing her in her head! That’s not your sister!

    • skrable2 says:


      Here’s a weekly question, Matt: Why don’t Castle and Beckett act as though they’re actually in love?

      • Just one thing says:

        Why should Matt get this question? Why should the actors and creator and writers and grips and PAs be bombarded with questions like this? It’s not like we’re ever going to get a straight answer on it. And it’s likely not going to change.

    • Karen says:

      This! Things are getting really awkward between the two. That forehead kiss was terrible. I hate how the show is killing nathan/stana’s chemistry- they’ve killed it so much that they’re really awkward now. It’s painful to watch, and I’m a diehard Caskett fan :(

      • Just one thing says:

        Why are people always so quick to blame “the show?” I don’t get it…

        • Eridapo says:

          Have you seen other shows on ABC. They don’t mind showing couples “doing it”. Also Nathan and Stana have shown in other roles that they don’t mind doing love scenes, so that leaves the blame on Marlowe and crew…

          • Just one thing says:

            Meh, I don’t think the issue is as black and white as people are making it out to be. I think there are layers to that creative decision, and placing blame or demanding answers isn’t going to make them suddenly embrace the sexy times.
            If they were going to embrace it full-on, they would have done so already. In fact, I wonder if the more people demand it – and the ways IN WHICH they demand it — cements the notion that they’ll never go as far as people want.

          • RBA says:

            Come on did you see the early season’s… Ellie Monroe, Deep Fry Twinkie…. If they can did it back then with other actresses, why not now…

          • Just one thing says:

            Yes. Good question. And good luck getting a direct answer. :P

          • Kim says:

            Ellie Monroe and Meredith aren’t Kate. Castle’s relationship with Kate is much deeper than the dalliances he had with Ellie Monroe and Meredith. And I think what they’re trying to show is the difference between them. There’s much more to the Kate/Castle relationship than them having sex for the sake of having sex (like with Ellie and Meredith). For Kate and Castle’s relationship it’s about the little things, the deeper moments, how they’ve grown. Would amping up the affection be a bad thing? No. I definitely wouldn’t mind it. But I also enjoy the little moments. This isn’t Grey’s Anatomy or Scandal. They couldn’t be more different for a number of reasons. I don’t understand the need to compare them at all. Or how they can be compared.

          • D. says:

            No one is asking for sex scenes but since they are supposed to be an engaged and very much in love couple they should at the very least kiss once in a while and that is not happening. It is like they don’t want to touch each other.

          • Audry says:

            Comparing earlier seasons with this season, the main difference is….Nathan’s weight problem. He was perfectly fine doing those scenes in season one and two because he was in wayyyy better shape. Remember in season 5’s premiere where he basically was covering his man boobs throughout the whole the-morning-after scene???

            Watching the scene where they were trying to pull the bullet out of Hunt made me realize how much more in shape Brolin is than Nathan. Wow.

          • Kim says:

            Not to be a stickler, but yeah, they kind of are asking for sex scenes. At least some of the comments above mine are suggesting it by mentioning other ABC shows that show sex scenes and saying that Nathan and Stana have done them in other projects. Unless I’m misreading those comments. Which is entirely possible considering it’s after 2am here. Is everyone asking for sex scenes? No. But in this case, I think some people are.

          • RBA says:

            You know the “ask for the world” in the hopes we get a darn kiss… You know have Castle at least get to first base because so far he is not even in the ballpark.

          • Dory says:

            I was a newbie when I sawiesies the Ellie Meridith sex scenes. Thought they were very unflattering to Rick. The ladies are certainly attractive but really the least attractive of the other support ladies. I don’t feel I’d like that type of scene between Rick and Kate but agree a little more affection even a cuddle would be nice. I also think Tori is fine in the role she plays.

    • Apples says:

      I loved. I thought that was really sweet. I don’t see them behaving like siblings but like an adult couple in love. I think their chemistry and interactions are spot on.

    • diya says:

      Haha! good one….Can anyone here once and for all confirm is the lack of chemistry between Nathan and Stana is because of personal issues with each other or is this a result of Andrew being a bit prudish and teasing Caskett fans. i don’t think its ABC as they have other dramas which have steamier scenes. If Matt or anyone at TVline could shed some light on this. Because every CASTLE article is followed by comments and arguments concerning the same

  3. martina says:

    My guess is that the wedding will actually take place in real September, leaving us with a juicy cliffhanger at the end of this season. On the other hand, am I the only one enjoying Tory more and more each episode? Make her a regular and give her a storyline, please.

  4. c-mo says:

    Loved the entire “Operation” scene, the dialoge was fantastic! Terence Paul Winter again delivers a great episode.

  5. Db says:

    Good episode. One of the best this season but would it be too much to ask that an engaged and in love couple have an actual kiss between once in a while? If Marlowe is smart he won’t drag this out till next season.

  6. morgan says:

    Tori is useless.

  7. woodyinho says:

    This dad as a spy plot is horrible.

  8. mary says:

    Terrence Paul Winter is the best Castle writer, great episode. Kate’s happy face in the end is just priceless.

  9. Marine says:

    I just can’t stand Tori’s character…and even if she’s only a secondary character…she ruins the show for me. I really don’t enjoy episodes anymore everytime I see her. I have nothing against the lovely actress, I’m sorry I just don’t get the character and why we see her that much. To me this season is ruined because of her.

    • skrable2 says:

      It hasn’t been a banner season for any number of reasons … but a tertiary character is waaaaay down the list

    • echox860 says:

      A barely there character ruins the show for you? That’s thr stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Talk about complaining just for the sake of complaining

  10. Emma says:

    I love Terrence Paul Winter’s episodes. This was no exception. It was fun, had some really witty moments that I’ve been missing..I’d give it a 9.9. Only made better if we had gotten a realistic kiss on the mouth..engaged couples are still very sexy right? What’s up with C&B being so tame?

    • Maria says:

      Not just engaged couples…some of us old married folks still kiss and hug each other!! I mean, even my in-laws (who celebrated their 47th anniversary last month) are more affectionate than Castle and Beckett…

  11. James D says:

    Great episode. Love James Brolin and enjoy the character a lot. Ordinarily I’d agree with people about the kissing but for some reason it didn’t really bother me tonight, with that said moving forward AM really needs to stop playing footsie with us fans i understand creating tension for a big moment down the line, but these two are about to get married they really need to start acting like it. screw the being professional at work thing i don’t think any of us are asking her to mount him right in the middle of the precinct but a little tenderness and a kiss or two in the break room isn’t so much to ask. I wish AM understood that by doing so doesn’t cheapen the drama or the sense of realism with the two it strengthens it. that’s my opinion anyway.

    • Carolina says:

      And speaking of the “being professional at work thing,” Kate had no problems kissing Demming in the office, or showing affection with (gag) Josh. While I’m not clamoring for a sex scene a la Deep Fried Twinkie, it would be lovely to see a little affection between the characters. Even when Kate stays over, they always show them waking up fully clothed. What the heck? I do think that Marlowe is shooting himself in the foot here. Stana was absolutely correct when she said that two characters can be involved in a relationship and still be “spicy” but apparently, Marlowe didn’t get that memo. As far as Stana and Nathan not getting along, I know nothing about that. Stana could have sexual chemistry with a fence post, Nathan, I honestly don’t know. I do know that he was totally against pairing these two characters up, so maybe that’s part of the problem, but once again, I don’t know. All I know is I’m a dyed in the wool Caskett shipper and I’m just not feeling the love.

      • Stormy says:

        Not showing Nathan with his shirt off may have something to do with the fact that you’d expect a weight label with safe handling instructions on him. Like the honeymoon scene between Bates and Anna on Downton Abbey, that was not attractive. Nathan is just too rotund to look good naked. JMO

      • EL says:

        All you have to do is replace Castle and Beckett with Booth and Brennan and you have exactly the same complaints about Bones. What is it with season 6, showrunners and these types of shows? Somehow they revert to 1955 public behavior. It’s as if they’ve decided that having brought a couple together, sex is suddenly off the table. And by sex I mean PDA’s. Beckett and Castle had a number of great love scenes in the episode in the Hamptons. Why not now?

    • Kathie Menker says:

      It wasn’t as bad as TV Guide made it out to be. I think it was about right, in the context of his behavior in the kidnapping episode. I enjoyed it. As for the lack of bedroom scenes, I will say there were more last season. But I would wouldn’t like too much, either. The way they look at each other is almost as good as seeing them in bed, lol,but a little more heat would be good.
      The reason Kate had no problem kissing Demming or Josh was they weren’t co-workers. Now they are keeping it professional at work per Gates’ request.
      I never heard that Nathan was against pairing them up–very unrealistic, not to mention frustrating for the fans. The days of the Moonlighting jinx are long gone. I still cry every time I watch the scene where she stands dripping wet at his door and says, “You. I want you”. I also cry at the episode where she is standing on the bomb and they face the possibiity if blowing up together.
      I will always love this show.

      • Carolina says:

        As far as Nathan never wanting them to be paired up, just Google some of his interviews. There are a number of videos on YouTube where he says that he doesn’t want them to be “together”. Stana on the other hand has been a tried and true shipper since day one.

        As far as the end scene of Always, I don’t think I will ever get tired of watching it. That’s the kind of thing I miss though. We never were really shown anything other than a kiss, but there was so much feeling, passion in that kiss. I don’t need to see them groping each other like a couple of teens in heat, I just want to see more than a fatherly kiss on the head. Marlowe has seriously dropped the ball on this.

        Off now to YouTube to watch the afore mentioned scene again.

  12. Db says:

    What ever happened to that romantic season Marlowe promised this as going to be at the start of this season? 8 EPISODES WITHOUT A KISS between a supposedly in love and engaged couple who are planing on getting married. Look more like friends discussing someone else’s wedding plans. This is not organic and certainly NOT realistic. Not talking sex scenes but Marlowe needs to stop being a prude and start showing a real couple while he still has a show to show them on.

    • Just one thing says:

      So… is the general consensus that Marlowe & Co. are purposely withholding Castle/Beckett kisses, because… why? They’re afraid of sex? They managed to write it in earlier in the series’ existence without any issues.

      • Eridapo says:

        Yes…. We know it is not ABC (See Scandal, Grey’s, Killer Women, and even the Bachelor). Nathan and Stana don’t mind (see OLTL, Firefly, and For Lovers Only). The guilty party is Marlowe (too prudish for a show at Ten))

        • D. says:

          Yes there is no longer a Moonlighting Curse it has become the Marlowe Curse. How to destroy a show but putting the leads together and then refusing to actually show them together. Marlowe is either a first class prude or has no idea how to write intimacy and romance, in either case he should be letting someone else with that experience now take over the show before it becomes too late if it isn’t already. It is far and away way past the time to keep playing the tired will they won’t BS game that he so enjoys playing. He has fallen into the same hole that HH fell into and that is that he has forgotten that the show is for the entertainment of the fans ( the ones who actually pay his and everyone else’s salary) and not for his own aggrandizement

          • Just one thing says:

            So… the show posts unexpected gains in total viewership and the prime demo in its sixth season after always being treated like ABC’s step-cousin… but because Marlowe doesn’t show more sex in the network’s only veteran crime procedural… he should be replaced?
            Um, wow. No offense, but I guess it’s a good thing fans aren’t network or studio execs, eh?

          • D. says:

            No one is talking sex. Just talking the normal things that couples do. Hold hands, hug, walk arm in arm, freaking kiss once in a while. These are the normal things that loving couples , especially engaged , couples do. That is what folks are talking about. Not talking about sex scenes. And in actual fact go back and look at the demo ratings because it has been steadily declining and please do not start spouting off about the live + 7 numbers because they have nothing to do with renewal or cancelation figures they are set dressing only, it is the C + 3 number which is the most important and runs close to the live number and it is barely holding steady to last year right now.

          • eridapo says:

            When you consider that other than the Blacklist it had no real competition. Last year and the year before that, Castle was going up against not just one show but two (H50, Smash, Revolution). When you look at the ratings for those years whenever Castle went up just against one of those shows (due to other being a repeat) the ratings were in line with this year. You also have to admit that the Casting on DWTS this fall was much better than it was on the previous two years…

          • Kim says:

            Again, people are talking about sex scenes. When they compare Castle to other shows on ABC that have done sex scenes, without mentioning doing “couple-y” things, then those people are talking about doing sex scenes. You might not be talking about it. But other people are.

          • Just one thing says:

            All I know is, you and another poster were calling for Marlowe’s ousting because he’s not doing what you’d prefer he do in the romance/intimacy department. And yes, as Kim said, comparing the show to other series with sex scenes is, by virtue of sheer logic, asking for sex scenes.
            Tonight, Beckett smacked Castle’s ass, he kissed her on the forehead twice, she leaned into his personal space while they were chatting… All of it seemed quite deliberately written/blocked to accomplish what many fans have complained about: to establish intimacy. If you’re NOT asking for sex scenes, then those things fall into the intimacy category.
            Why don’t they kiss on the lips? I have no freaking idea. But I don’t think Marlowe & Co. lay awake at night clutching their pearls over Castle and Beckett kissing “properly.” As I’ve said before, I think it comes down to actor preference. Simple as that.

          • Kim says:

            JOT – Thank you. You said everything I wanted to say. And you said it much better. I would’ve been much more snarky. :) And thanks for agreeing with me. I honestly thought that maybe I was losing my mind since more than one commenter stated that no one is asking for sex scenes. I thought I was misreading the comments and projecting or something. Good to know that at least of the moment, I’m not going insane. :)

          • D. says:

            Yes a few are talking sex scenes but for most aren’t , they are only asking for normal couple things. As for ratings Blacklist is a powerhouse and now Intelligence has every indication of it being one as well. I really and truly do enjoy the show, I only have one real issue and that is the lack of intimacy and passion that is being shown by the leads and that is laid at Marlowes and the Networks feet. Out of all the networks ABC is known as the one to maintain a tight leash on its shows and show runners. Before a script goes to film it must to the network for approval before it goes to being shot . So it is not all Marlowes fault but he is the show runner so he is the one that gets the blame. This show really and truly has so much potential to run far longer one more season as it boasts more success than many other shows on TV now. It really and truly would not take much to tweak the show but it baffles the mind when so many folks complain about the same thing and nothing gets done. Hopefully he will have a wakeup call and make changes.

          • RBA says:

            At D. I agree with your posts. What most people want to see is the passion and the intimacy that would be common in newly engage couples on the way to the altar. As someone else mention we went 8 episodes with not even a kiss between the two, and there have been episodes where they barely touch (not even a pad on the back).

            Sometimes you can show passion without even getting bed scenes. Think the hand holding from last year.

            Recently I been on a Farscape kick and I watch the last 3 season’s of Smallville. If you want to see what I mean by intimacy and passion Utube videos of John and Aeryn or Lois and Clark (Clois). They had those moments were a small look or a knowing smile could melt the tv..

        • RBA says:

          I nominate Rockne O’Bannon of Farscape. The way John and Aeryn were portrayed as a couple together is what Castle is lacking. Even Booth and Brennan are now more romantic and passionate than Caskett.

    • KC says:

      Realistic? I have worked with several couples that were engaged/married/in a relationship and I even worked with my significant other for 5 years. I have not myself nor seen any of those couples kiss at work. It would be unprofessional and inappropriate, especially if the boss (Gates) directly forbode it when on the job. All this kissing = chemistry bs is getting tired. I see plenty of chemistry between the leads and couldn’t tell you after an episode if they kissed or not during the episode let alone how many episodes they went without kissing. There are so many other things I enjoy about the show, a lack of kissing does not distract from my enjoyment of the show at all.
      Here’s a game all you kissing fans can play: every time you think the leads should kiss, you kiss your husband/wife/significate other/dog/etc. Take my word for it, it’s much more enjoyable than watching fictional characters kiss.

      • TVObsessed says:

        Nicely stated. I am a die-hard shipper across the board and I LOVE Castle and Beckett. I also think, as always been the case, show their intimacy through glances, smiles, etc. without the kissing. Would a kiss without interruption be nice once in a while? Sure, but I don’t think not having a lot of physical moments impacts the show’s entertainment value for both the shippers and folks who like humor in a show about cops, robbers,spies and the such. :-)

        In any event, I LOVE this show and Caskett . . .

  13. Heat says:

    The Caskett front was GREAT, but the Spy Daddy front = no. What’s even the whole point in bringing him back other than have him meet Martha and Kate? He doesn’t even talk to them that much or answer any dying question. No. Just no. Giving Castle a spy daddy is already ridiculous plot, and it doesn’t help that he doesn’t even have purpose.

  14. Karen says:

    Again Caskett is boring and predictable… we didnt even get a bloody kiss. And before people tell me to stop watching because I’m being critical, sorry but how can you continue to support this chaste, stale couple… the chemistry they used to have is no more. Marlowe’s killed it and Stana/Nathan are super awkward together. I dont know what the hell is happening but someone needs to do something. Every single week it’s the same old garbage and I’m tired of it. I love this show so much and it breaks my heart to see what Caskett has become :(

    • Just one thing says:

      I find Castle and Beckett compelling characters and I still buy their relationship, in spite of the actors’ lack of consistent physical chemistry. And I think many do, too. I also don’t think Marlowe “killed” anything.
      I understand being frustrated, but there are many, many other great and entertaining things about the show without Castle and Beckett making out, kissing, undressing, etc. Would more physicality help sell that they’re a couple who plans to only have sex with each other for the rest of their lives? Sure. But I don’t think it’s going to happen.

      • RBA says:

        Name something compelling this season… The show has been misfiring since the disastrous ending arc of season 5…. Since “Still” IMO there have been only two memorable episodes.

        • Just one thing says:

          I think that’s a matter of opinion. I’ve generally found this season to be entertaining, particularly if I stop waiting for it to reach MY expectations from a character development standpoint. I liked the DC arc, even if I thought it was dropped far, FAR too abruptly.
          I’ve liked the standalone episodes like “Time Will Tell” and “The Good, The Bad…,” and I’ve enjoyed the last two episodes, even when they aren’t totally plausible. There’s plenty I know that I bitch about, but the series is still fun to watch. But that’s just me.

          • Kim says:

            JOT – I totally agree with you. I’ve agreed with everything you’ve posted thus far in this comment section, I just didn’t want to comment on every single one of your comments.


            I know I’m probably going to get skewered for this, but I don’t understand the compulsion that drives people to watch a TV show that isn’t entertaining them. I’ve stopped watching shows because I stopped liking them. Life is too short to torture yourself. If you only find two episodes out of sixteen or more to be compelling or memorable, why put yourself through continuing to watch? This episode, in my opinion, had so much to offer. If the one thing you want to see, and haven’t seen in however many episodes, is the only thing driving you to watch, then why watch? I thought the episode was great. Hit all the marks for me. But that’s just my opinion. I’m not focused on one single problem or issue. I’m open to enjoying everything. Yeah, I’ve complained about certain things regarding the show. We all have at one point or another. But if the lack of chemistry or whatever is affecting someone’s ability to enjoy the show on the whole, then maybe it’s time to find something else that does entertain them. I’m not trying to be mean. I just honestly don’t understand.

          • Just one thing says:

            Hey, Kim! Yeah, personally, there’s far too much quality scripted television out there for me to waste my time with a series that isn’t doing it for me. But I understand trying to stick through the frustration out of loyalty. (I was pretty damn annoyed at the end of last season, but I had hoped things would improve. For me, they did.)
            Here’s my “unsolicited advice.” I don’t know how this is going to read, but oh well… Basically, I think the best thing to do is manage one’s expectations. The people behind the show, from top to bottom, are clearly good people who enjoy working on Castle. Many have gone out of their way – truly above and beyond – to interact with fans online and in-person. This is not a series comprised of a-holes. They’re not TRYING to piss people off. In fact, it seems like they do a helluva job trying to keep their core audience happy, from casual viewers to “super fans.”
            Do I wish the show would delve deeper into character issues? Yes. But the show has a formula that’s evolved from years of stringent beliefs that crime procedurals should go heavier on the case than the character development. That formula has shifted across all networks over the last several years, but the formula and the 42-minute time constraint means that they really don’t have a lot of time/space to explore things that I would personally prefer to see.
            Knowing that this relatively successful formula LIKELY won’t be altered any time soon – if ever, before the series concludes – I embrace what the show has to offer: Fun, quirky characters in an ensemble full of chemistry, who solve a relatively interesting case each week with their own unique flair.
            Each week, I’m personally able to appreciate Castle for what it is, because I manage my expectations – thanks to the last two seasons’ established storytelling pattern. Basically, they’ve operated in a certain fashion for 40 episodes, and it’s unlikely they’re going to veer off that track.
            I’m not saying it’ll work for everyone, but it’s helped me let some things go over the last few months.

  15. Just one thing says:

    I wasn’t prepared to particularly like Hunt/Cross, since Brolin’s pre-episode interview was basically the most self-serving thing I’ve read this year (2014 is young, of course). But I’m glad they went dark with him.
    It added an element to Castle and Martha’s existing dynamic and created tension, without seeming forced. There’s always been a mystery about the guy, and they did a good job of bringing about closure for both characters – while still leaving it open-ended. Though, since I’m sure Vince Gilligan will be calling Brolin tomorrow, it’s unclear whether Brolin will be free…
    As for the romantic connection, an attempt was at least made to demonstrate the oft-talked about physicality between them, and that’s enough for me. It didn’t come off as weird or awkward, as too many of their past attempts have, which is always a win.
    Part of me really wanted Beckett to either comfort or defend Castle, but verbalizing isn’t really her way. She rarely comes out at says it; her engaging in the “incredibly illegal” mission, despite her best judgment works for me. Plus, I mean, she kind of owes Castle after all these years of chasing her own parent-related demons.
    The lying… wasn’t ideal, but it was his dad. And yeah, Kate let him off easy (as did the audience, I’m guessing), but I’m willing to let that go. He told her eventually and realized his mistake in the end.
    A solid, interesting episode. Add Terence Paul Winter to the list of “preferred Castle writers,” please.

    • DarkDefender says:

      But wouldn’t it also be fun if Martha was walking out of the loft, shuts the door and you hear Castle yell Apples! From the bedroom… Or have Kate walk out to get a bottle of water from the kitchen with handcuffs on? Wouldn’t need to see the “sex” scene, but the implication would be a hoot.

  16. David4 says:

    I really hope that they realize September is just too far away and get married in May. However I can see them ending May sweeps, but it’s September in the show, with their wedding day and something goes horribly wrong. then next season, aka real September.

    Anyways best episode of the season.

  17. lauri5567 says:

    September wedding indicates to me that it will be the season premier. I’m thinking there will be a time jump during the season finale.
    I was surprised Kate remembered him from Alexis’s kidnapping though that case should stick out to her. Also, I was surprised at how much Espo was flirting with Tory.
    As for Hunt/Cross, I liked Rick’s comment about 40 years. I think it did give Martha and Rick some closure.
    I knew the homeless guy was involved from your review last week that uninvolved actors don’t speak.

  18. DarkDefender says:

    I thought it was great. Love Brolin. Love that Hunt is in a huge grey area between good & bad. Love the Caskett talk of bedroom gymnastics, the butt grab and wedding date (month) set. I’ll be happy to wait for next season to see the wedding (guarantees renewal, right?) :D

    I don’t need to see them rolling in the hay, to know –>

    I also seem to remember the network asking them to dial down the chemistry in the pilot.. And I feel like the “kissing agenda” has something to do with that. This isn’t Bones and Booth.. Katic and Fillion can burn it up like a porno when allowed to heat up a scene.. I can only imagine what those two would have been able to do #ifcastlewentcable

    • Weary says:

      You may be right about the porno but why can’t we see even normal affection!!!! You mentioned Brennan and Booth and they kiss every episode – just every day “I love you” kisses and they also say I love you all the time. That’s what some of us want, the normal every day intimacy that a couple should have. Never would have thought B&B would be a more loving romantic couple than Caskett but here we are *sigh*

      • Stormy says:

        I see zero chemistry between Brennan & Booth. Brennan is the quintessential ice cube. A corpse would exude more warmth. Maybe it’s just that I find ED unconvincing as an actress.
        As for Caskett, I’m beginning to feel that NF is bored and wants out of the show.

      • DarkDefender says:

        B&B and C&B are completely different characters in every way. Their relationships are apples and oranges. Plus there have been few sex scenes on Bones (one was a dream/coma and we didn’t even see them have sex, let alone kiss when she got pregnant) and they seem awkward a lot to me.

        Caskett are doing what adults close to 40 do in a relationship.. They are not teenagers. And just because it happens off camera doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen…

        And it’s Network, not cable. <– explains a lot.

  19. Eryn says:

    Overall I’d give this episode a 7/10. I don’t like Brolin as an actor so him being on the show did nothing for me either time that we’ve seen him. The story, IMO, was solid, but the spy thing is a bit overdone.
    I really enjoyed seeing more of Martha than usual, that was a nice change of pace. The closure she and Castle got about the estranged Hunt/Cross character was needed, now hopefully they’ll let that storyline go and focus on Bracken and 3XK.
    I liked the Tori character at first, but she seems kind of pointless now. Since when do detectives need a random person to search the internet for them? And Espo needs to stop flirting with her. I think Lanie could/would kick her a$$.
    The wedding! *squeeee* I’ve been guessing it would be next season for a while now and I’m so happy that the decision was finally made. I don’t think we’ve ever seen Beckett get that excited! If we get cheated and don’t get to see at least part of the actual wedding (I would even settle for flashbacks if they get married before the premiere, as long as they’re done well) I’ll be livid!
    Bring on next week! Better yet, bring on next season!

    • Lori says:

      I’m with you here. Brolin is really not an actor. Each character he plays is the same, or rather he makes them the same. Try checking out his stuff on West Wing or even Roseanne, different lines and they’re suppose to be very different, but he plays them all the same. I think he is just a bore.

      As for the rest of it, they asked me to buy into things that were just silly – really Beckett? Putting Espisito on speaker? – Daddy was shot and still bleeding, but he could move the body without a trace in a matter of moments?

      But Castle often asks that of fans, so I go along. I enjoyed the Caskett scenes a lot. And glad Martha (Susan Sullivan) finally got some meaty stuff to do.

    • Kelly says:

      Eryn I agree with most of your comment. I LOVE seeing more of the Martha character . . . she’s one of the few that can go toe-to-toe with Castle. The end scene was wonderful!

  20. skrable2 says:

    For the zillionth time, no one is asking for a sex scene. Some fans are simply asking for a kiss, just one. It has been 8 episodes since they’ve shown one.

    • Kim says:

      Some people are mentioning that Castle did sex scenes in earlier seasons and they’re wondering why they aren’t doing them now. So, yeah. Not everyone is asking for a sex scene. You might not be asking for one. But some people seem to be based on their comments.

    • Francine says:

      Yes, like Kim said- many ARE asking for a sex scene. You may not be, but some are. To be honest, when Caskett do kiss, there are just as many people STILL unhappy. The scene was too dark, Beckett was the only one into it, etc… Basically the show can’t win either way. I for one think they’ve established for quite some time what kind of relationship they were going to be showing. You either like it or you don’t, but I don’t think its likely to change. There may be those that want more kissing, but there are also many of us who love the relationship the way it is.

  21. Audry says:

    I gotta say, I couldn’t care less for a kiss in every episode. I just need some physicality. The butt grab and head kiss is enough for me (no more handshakes in the precinct!) and last ep’s tendor hug. Caskett is making me really happy.

  22. tstephen51 says:

    Tori haters – she’s still loads better than Pi right??

    I miss Alexis

    • Jenni says:

      The dead frog I found in my garden this morning is a hell of a lot better than Pi. (And Alexis). I’d be happy to never see either on Castle again. Sadly from spoilers this isn’t going to happen.

      My issue with the Alexis/Pi ridiculousness (which was massively contrived and cliched crap), and to some extent the same with Tori, is that those characters have eaten up screen time I would much rather have been used for Lanie or Gates and especially Martha. We saw this episode that when Martha is written well (and not the insane rubbish of earlier this season of “Never naysay Alexis in ANYTHING, Richard!) she is quite possibly the glue of the entire show. She is immense and really beautifully played by Susan. Her scenes with Brolin we’re amazing. Subtle and powerful all at the same time. And while I agree with other posters that Brolin was a giant ass in his pre-episode interview, he has fabulous chemistry with both Susan and Nathan – although as others have said, I put that down to their talents rather than his.

      I want more Martha, the strong, clever, badass single mom. Not secondary or tertiary characters that I either loathe the sight of or wonder what the hell is their point.

  23. Emma says:

    Like someone has previously mentioned, it would not take much to tweak the show just a tiny bit and have wonderful results. I could see Castle running longer than 7 seasons and most definitely higher ratings if they would just quit being so tame in the romance dept. Not full blown sex scenes Kim, ;) but just a little more intimacy and sauciness. Definitely more of the awesome Caskett banter we got tonight too..,,but this is jmho..

    • Kim says:

      I guess I sounded a bit crazy repeating myself, huh? In my defense, it was after 2am and I have some obscure pet peeves. ;)


      My point, that I clearly failed to make, was that people can’t say that no one wants a sex scene or is talking about sex scenes when three comments above theirs someone is asking for/talking about a sex scene. I’m just a bit of a stickler for people stating their own opinions and not trying to speak on behalf of everyone. Especially when what they’re saying isn’t actually true based on other comments. If that makes sense. I should stop talking about this before I dig myself a hole the size of the Grand Canyon. I didn’t mean to sound harsh or mean or like I was belittling someone’s opinion. And if I came across that way, I am sincerely sorry. I’ve been skewered a few times based on my opinion before. I would ever intentionally do that to someone else.


      Moving right along, let me categorically state that I do not want a sex scene. Having said that, I wouldn’t mind more intimacy, sauciness, and banter. I’ve been happy with their relationship. I’ve enjoyed the little nuggets and moments the audience has been given. But that doesn’t mean I would turn down the possibility of more. I just don’t think a sex scene is necessary. All the other cute couple-y things can happen, though. I enjoy watching those play out.

  24. lame says:

    I genuinely like this season, I think the expectations for some fans was off the carts and that’s why there are these complaints of disappointment. I understand the fact that there isn’t at least one kiss on the lips per episode[lol] is a downer, but these are the people who follow the incredibly affection tweets between MilMar. The only way AWM & Co will satisfy these fans is to do a reboot of the opening scene of ” always buy retail”. The problem then would be that fans will be clamoring for a reboot of the reboot.

    • lame says:

      What’s with the Tory bashing, would you prefer a Sully return? These are secondary characters, why on earth do you care? I don’t get the reason for all the bitching.

  25. Peevesie says:

    OMG people enough with it already!. EVery single episode I come here and see that instead of commenting on the episode story or acting all I hear is “KISS!KISS!KISS!KISS!”. Are you guys in high school?

    Have you guys even been watching the same show as me for 6 seasons? Because castle always has be a teasing show and not an in your face one as far as intimacy is considered. When the kisses happen, when prelude to sex scenes happen they are always important. There has never been a single one which isn’t coming from culmination of the story episode or from plot necessity. All other intimacy comes like today, with snuggling while setting a date, hugs, butt grabs, chaste office kisses(have you guys forgotten that they can’t make out in the office???).

    Again, why would you watch crime procedural for sex scenes or make out scenes? Grey’s anatomy(which I love by the way) has plenty of them. And you do know there is a lot of internet servers devoted to the same right? because this show hasn’t ever disappointed me because I know what show I am watching

    On another note, I liked today’s episode but its never going to be a top ten I guess. There wasn’t enough twisting and turning. But I like how Kate backed castle up despite her mountain sized misgivings. and you also realise how invested she was in alexis’s case. enough that after an year the image is still fresh in her mind. And castle was so so uncomfortable lying to Kate.

    “Doesn’t she look a little like espisito?”

    Lastly, are they building to a Esposito cheating on Lanie thing??

  26. Mary says:

    I usually like reading other people comments, but today I gave up after 4 or 5 – why? Because I´m sick and tired of, week after week, reading the same complaints about kisses or more exactly lack of them! And because I´m sure that at some point, when a kiss comes, the complaints will be one or all of these: “not enough light”, “lack of passion”, “NF looks bored”, “it´s always Kate initiating it”, bla, bla, bla!
    So, if you ask me wich of these scenes I would pick if given the chance:
    – a kiss scene / a sexy but grab, a hint at their intimacy with the “flexible” quote, the playfull banter with the wedding date (yeah, we had all of that in one scene), I definetly would pick the second option, by far!:) And, just to be clear, I like the kiss scenes, I just don´t feel the need to see one every episode, and surely don´t go counting how many episodes passed without one:)
    Now, I really enjoyed the episode and tought it was plausible the way they made Castle´s dad.
    And there was another thing that really worked in this episode for me – one of the few complaints I sometimes have with the show is its continuity issues – and after last week´s emotional episode with Ryan´s daughter birth I feared there would be no mention of it this week (particulary with the episode order change) and THAT would have bothered me – so I was pleasantly surprised with the showing photos scene!:)

    • Francine says:

      Yes, I had to stop reading them too. People keep mentioning the lack of kissing to show how their is no intimacy with Caskett. But since when does kissing automatically show intimacy? It can show sexual intimacy, but deep AND meaningful intimacy is way more than any kissing or sex scene can show. Those little looks, the snarky comments, the subtle touching… In my opinion, those show far greater hints of the love these two share. It’s actually why I love the show much. It’s different in the way they show an adult relationship and its what keeps me coming back week after week.

      • Just one thing says:

        I agree, Francine. The subtlety of their relationship, even after dating and being engaged, sells it enough for me.
        Since people are comparing shows, I actually buy Castle and Beckett’s relationship more than any of the other drama pairings on ABC (except MerDer), because there’s a history there. No, they don’t attack each other and rip their clothes off. But there’s a deeper element to their relationship that seems longer-lasting.

    • Samantha says:

      Can I just say if the same things are being said .. could there be a point to them?
      At this point its glaring, which is why people are noticing. Ive seen these complaints on message boards, twitter, facebook, tumblr, & here. Everyone isn’t telling the same lie.

  27. Apples says:

    Wow, so much hate over a lack of a kiss when I thought that was one of the most intimate, adorable Caskett eps filled with great flirty banter, wedding talk and love. I thought it was fantastic. Papa Castle was suitably dark and grey, and Martha was great, I’ve really missed her. She had fantastic scenes with Castle, C/B and “Hunt”. I think Terence Paul Winter might write the best Caskett-banter episodes…
    I also think we’ll get the wedding in the season finale, with the time skip just before though we might get it early next season too.
    Fantastic season. Hope Marlowe and co keep it up.

    • Boiler says:

      Apples totally agree!!. They seem to have great chemistry to me and there is certainly banter that indicates their feelings for each other. Are many of these people complaining the same who complained about the lack of sex scene on Bones. C’mon people! If that is your complaint on the show something wrong

    • Barb says:

      I knew as soon as the eppie ended the whiners would be in full force about the lack of kissing. The banter between the two was great this week. As long they have that, I’m good. They will never be anything like Hart to Hart and I accepted that a long time ago.

      It was also one of the better episodes and am totally not missing Alexis at this point. She just no longer fits anywhere. It was also good that there was closure between Hunt (whatever his real name is) and Martha.

    • Samantha says:

      I loved this episode, personally. I don’t think the discussion of lack of kisses is based solely on this episode but just an episode in a string of many. JMO

  28. leigh says:

    I must be the most boring person in the world. I don’t see any issues with the intimacy, although for a split second I did ask my husband if those were stunt doubles when Beckett grabbed Castle’s butt. I guess because I watch the show for all its elements (the relationships, the mystery, etc.) I don’t think there is too little intimacy. They essentially work together. They keep it professional. If you watch Castle initiates the work kisses (even if they are kisses on the forehead) where Beckett is more affectionate at home. I have never walked into a police station and seen people engaged in romantic actions. Since most of the action takes place at work I expect this. It seems real to me. And I appreciate this. And people are actually counting how many episodes between kisses? Huh…

    Anyway, I enjoyed the episode. And as for Tori…i think her character has more to do with things than we think. It will play out as the rest of the season goes on. Just a guess

  29. J.Norman says:

    Overall I thought that the episode was pretty good.

    I took issue with one thing, though.

    That was how these supposedly invisible CIA operatives (e.g. the victim and Castles dad) manage to get themselves caught on the only surveillance camera at the amusement park.

    I mean they come walking right down the main thoroughfare to make it very convenience for the cops to identify them. Not very impressive for super secretive operatives

    Other than that show flaw, it was a good episode.

  30. Miss Rozie says:

    SO LOVED this episode. LOVED that Martha was so very heavily involved in it. Watched Susan Sullivan years ago on Another World – what a GREAT actress. LOVED when she gave her “unsolicited advice” to Rick & Kate about going to the courthouse to be married – she looked & sounded so exasperated, like she was so over hearing about a wedding date – lol! We have to have a very beautiful bride & a very handsome groom, I would be shocked if there was no huge wedding bash at the Hampton’s or anywhere else for that matter. I wish the writer’s of this show would have Kate & Rick have their relationship chats at home & not at the work place, the work place always seems to be the barrier between them & sometimes their private life always seems like unfinished business … case in point, the decision to marry in September. They started the conversation at Rick’s but then Rick announces to Kate that September will be when they will marry but he kisses her on the head like she was his daughter or sister …. I am not looking for sex scenes but wouldn’t cover my eyes if there were – lol – but imo, that is when they should have taken each other in their arms & kissed in agreement that September is the month in which they will be married. It was proven to Rick again, that the only one he really needs in life is Kate – certainly not tying to diminish the great relationship he has with Martha and/or Alexis. He has come to terms that his father will never be the dad he is yearning for, so he has now stopped looking for it. I think the writers are laying a great foundation for a marriage between Rick & Kate & they are not basing their relationship on sex. I just hope that when their wedding day arrives, Kate & Rick are not involved in a case where the wedding takes a major back seat – this couple is just as deserving of a great wedding day from start to finish as anyone else.

    I laughed when Rick took that swig of liquor before he pulled the bullet out of his father’s mid-section but when Rick handed the bottle over to Martha & she didn’t even wipe the bottle top first before SHE took a huge gulp, that’s when I REALLY laughed – they were both coming from two entirely different places over the same guy. My question though is Martha REALLY over Jackson Hunt? If that part of her life has had its closure why would she ask Rick “do you think we will ever see him again?” As long as the writers of this show make this continued storyline very believable, with zero cheesiness, oh please do keep bringing James Brolin back … I swooned over the guy when he portrayed Dr. Steven Kiley on the Dr. Marcus Welby M.D. show in the late 60’s/early 70’s & though he is older & silver hair has taken over, he is still very handsome not to mention still very suave. His character has a definite presence on this show – in a strange kind of way, Jackson Hunt is the patriarch of the family much the same way Martha Rodgers is the matriarch of the family. If Jackson didn’t care about either Rick, Martha & Alexis why else would he stare up longingly at Rick’s apartment window before leaving for parts unknown? We already know, by his own admission, that he has kept up with everything in & about Rick’s life while also knowing Martha has always been there for Rick & Alexis & now Katherine as Martha refers to Kate as – love it when Martha calls Kate, Katherine.

    Often times things aren’t always the way we want them to be but we need to see what we do have & that we should make the best of just that.

  31. Allie says:

    If you didn’t like the Castle/Beckett dynamics in this episode or felt there should have been more, stop watching. Now. Never watch again. You will never be satisfied. TP Winter writes the best episodes. Always the perfect balance of case, cast, and relationship moments.This one was no different.

    I don’t think we will get a traditional wedding. I think they will plan it, they will get close, but in the end it will go down as Martha alluded to, private ceremony by a judge. I would love if they would bring back Markway to do the nuptials. And they will definitely get hitched before September.

  32. Samantha says:

    Castle and Beckett lack intimacy. A kiss can be more intimate than a love scene so there is no excuse. I’m starting to believe that Marlowe wasn’t joking when he said these two don’t kiss bc they deserve privacy .. or some ridiculous statement like that.
    Nathan and Stana have amazing chemistry and its being wasted. Marlowe has turned these characters into a stereotypical old married couple and that’s the real shame.

    Castle waited 4 yrs to be with her and not a year into their relationship he’s already more interested in playing a video game than having sex w her. Her who’s naked save for his shirt & trying to get his attention? What BS!

    I don’t care what anyone says .. kisses are not a whole lot to ask of characters who are in love and engaged. Forehead kisses are sweet but not enough. Sorry, not sorry.

    • skrable2 says:

      Excellent post

    • Francine says:

      You’re perfectly entitled to feel that way. Personally, I think Caskett ooze chemistry and intimacy. And I really dont see why its bad to act like “an old married couple” anyway. Those are the most solid and deepest relationships. To be honest, I don’t ever need to see them kiss (beyond what we already get). It’s obvious to me they are in love and the subtle looks and touches speak volumes- much more than any kiss could ever show me. But you’re entitled to feel differently. Chemistry can be quite subjective anyway.

    • Francine says:

      Oh and I definately agree with the video game scene. That was obviously just part of the set up to have Beckett doubt Castle’s feelings for her, and it was lame. That whole storyline toward the end of last season was done very badly in my opinion. I don’t think that had anything to do with showing their lack of chemistry though. It was just out of character period and its one of my few complaints about the show. Sometimes they do things like this for obvious drama or they bring up something about a certain character and then forget it ever happened a few episodes later. I’ve made my peace with that though…

  33. lame says:

    My money is on an actual September wedding. That way the fans can go ape s–t over the summer and the ratings will be astronomical for next season’s opener. Not to mention huge for this season’s finale.

  34. Susan says:

    Very good episode -we enjoyed it! No criticisms here :)

  35. Rich Abey says:

    Awesome episode. Rick Castle Snr. is totally cool but deadly too. Having waited for a Martha-Jackson Hunt reunion since last season, it totally paid off to wait so long, with some awesome scenes between the two.
    Finally a date for the Caskett wedding…September! Just hope they manage to pop in Castle daddy at the wedding…at least discretely so that Ryspo doesn’t recognize him, but more so for the elephant in the room…3XK (so they can get rid of that bastard once and for all & pray this happens before they ruin the wedding!).

  36. kath says:

    I’ve really been enjoying the episodes since Castle and Beckett are a couple at last. By the end of the ‘will they/won’t they’, I was ready to throw in the towel.

    I’m okay with kissing, and okay with not kissing. What they are doing now seem like a real couple, and I assume they’re kissing behind closed doors anyway.

    More important is that each is willing to compromise for the other — Kate is less hard-ass and Castle is more supportive of her.

  37. Dan says:

    Great episode. Loved everything about it. Really distressed with personal attacks on Nathan’s weight. How disrespectful and childish. TV relationships don’t always have to be carnal. Castle is on ABC not HBO. Rick and Kate love each other, no question.

    • Dory says:

      I agree with this post. Kissing is great but for some reason the writers find it prudent not to overdo. SHRUG. I also agree on harping on castles weight he looks fine to me. I loved Susan Sullivans performance. A whole different Martha. A more serious and concerned Martha. She really conveyed how much she had been hurt by Hunt many years ago.

      • Miss Rozie says:

        Susan Sullivan was absolutely brilliant in last night’s episode … actually Susan Sullivan & James Brolin were terrific playing opposite each other. Definite chemistry between them & Jackson seemed interested in her. When he was at the piano & asked her if she still played & then told her he remembered she played My Funny Valentine” & he started to collapse, she went to him & put her head against the back of his & teared up. The banter between all three of them when Richard was about to pull a slug out of his father was funny – in fact, that entire scene from start to finish was absolutely hilarious. From the yellow gloves Martha & Richard wore, to Martha & Rick taking a swig of whiskey out of that bottle & a bit of playfulness on Jackson’s face instructing Richard how to remove the slug with that pair of pliers – I think a tip of the cap to his Dr. Steven Kiley days on Marcus Welby M.D. show years ago – the entire scene was just priceless. Unless the character of Jackson Hunt is not to return, I’m thinking it may not over between these two. She did ask Rick if he thought “they” would ever see him again. With their son getting married in September, who knows, they could have another day/night together – the mind can convince one of something but when it comes to the heart doing the same, I’m not at all so sure – just a thought ~

      • Dan says:

        Thanks, Dory. Your comments are on the mark too.

        • Dory says:

          Thx to also Dan I really enjoy your comments short and to the point. Hope you continue to post.Also Miss Rozie more in depth observations than mine

          • Miss Rozie says:

            Thanks Dory – unfortunately, no one will ever be able to describe me as short and to the point no matter what the subject – LOL!!!! – :-) and I thank you for the very nice compliment. I do believe you hit the nail right on the head with your comment about Martha. As I read all of the comments, so, so many have something to bring to the table for discussion. I watched this episode three times already and saw and/or heard something different each time. Monday’s show was very dramatic but lightened up in a couple of areas. Still not sure it’s over between these two – maybe in the end, when the show itself is leaving the airwaves, maybe we will find out that they had a relationship the entire time, not that kind of relationship, of course, but how does Jackson find out all he knows about Rick, Martha, Alexis? He can certainly find out but keeping in touch very privately with Martha could have been the real source … and who knows, maybe that’s my “soap opera” thinking cap screwed on a bit too tight!!! LOL!!! :-)

          • Dory says:

            Miss Rozie you are fine just the way you are.

          • Miss Rozie says:

            Thank you again ~

          • Dan says:

            Dory, I plan to stick around. Posted recently re: HIMYM too. Great worries there! Miss Rozie, enjoy your posts too. I am also amazed that I can be short and to the point! LOL

          • Miss Rozie says:

            Thank you for the nice words, Dan ~

          • Nelmar says:

            Good morning Dory, sorry this week I wasn’t able to post anything, I loved Monday’s eps. All actors performed wonderfully. Lots of tension! I haven’t seen Alexis, I believe the writers are having a hard time to reintroduce her character after the fiasco of the beginning of this season. Even though Alexis had (majority of times) small parts, at the end of the eps. she would appear and help dad with some good words and vice-versa. Unfortunately the writers tried to make her look too grown up too fast and honestly in my humble opinion IT DID NOT WORK, but this is my opinion. So now, how to bring her character back?
            Loved to read many posting here, and recognized some names from last year’s. Good job everyone, I see how people still love this series by the number of postings I see here. Happy Holiday everyone!

      • Dory says:

        Nelmar, I like to get back to you right away but I also had a hectic week. Busy w/work and a guy with a cold. CHICKEN SOUP TIME. Look forward to your opinion on Mondays ep. Should be a doozy.

        • Nelmar says:

          Dory, here too at home the cold attacked, my daughter was very sick also, but she is better now, with medication and lots of liquids but did not want chicken soup :) it has been warm here, we had a few days temp in the 80s, i have never seen a winter in calif this hot, so chicken soup wasn’t too appealing, however I really offered her to make it. I hope your guy is feeling better. Have a great long weekend, enjoy yr holiday, loved last monday’s eps. lets see this monday’s. take care, talk later.

          • Dory says:

            Thx Nelmar. Tony is better but what a baby boo like Rick when he broke his knee. I could really use a little Castle now. I look forward to Monday nite and posting with you & Rick and other fans. Stay well.

  38. barbara says:

    not everyone kisses 24hours a day. i think they doing just fine. i to luv martha luved her on darma and greg if anyone remembers that show. don’t care for james brolin as castle dad as i don’t really like him period

  39. Asta says:

    I loved how giddy Kate was when Rick said he’d clear his schedule in September. They do have sexy scenes but that’s not what the show is about and their chemistry is clearly there.

  40. CanYouAllNot says:

    For those complaining about Castle and Beckett not kissing/having sex, have you ever watched/followed the Mulder & Scully ship? It’s the mother of all ships and certainly one of the most (if not) compelling ship and we didn’t get kisses or sex scenes [not even one :'( lol ] until near the end of the show so seriously, keep complaining.

  41. amylnn says:

    X files is not Castle and I wish fans would respect the opinions of others. Caskett is lacking chemistry and I believe it is time to end the show after season 7. The passion or thrill is gone and the actors, especially Fillion look uninterested in making this show work with a couple in love. I see the ackwardness and they are bro and sis. I’d hate to throw Bones into this, but after watching seasons 8 and 9, that is an example of how professionals do couple scenes. Brennan almost dies after getting shot in season 8 and Booth could not stop showing affection for his lady. Castle almost does in Dreamworld and not one sign of affection from his lady ? That episode was sad and nothing has compensated from the last of chemistry so far this year. This is a huge problem that certain fans don’t want to see, because they want to defend this show no mater what. I AM a huge fan, but I have the right to complain just like anyone in America where the show is filmed. There is a problem with Caskett. Please listen Marlow and Company. Terrance Paul Winter is the only saving grace that can try to help matters, but he can’t do it alone.

  42. Ana Rubio says:

    The episode was great! so fun quotes and the sexy banter is so good, they are adorable.

  43. Kath says:

    I loved the episode and think this season has had some good episodes, especially the last few. I think N & S still have great chemistry, but like some others would like a really good kiss once in a while. The banter is always well written and enjoyable. Sex scenes? Not necessary, but a good lead up to what they are planning to do behind closed doors would be good. Then everyone can use their imaginations as to what is going to happen next. Love the show & have since episode 1 season 1!

  44. Au regard de Clash of Clans il reste impossible d’avoir des gemmes illimitées etant donné que certains web-site le typeface