NCIS Boss Talks an Evil Encore, Four Returns, Bishop's Welcome and Casting New Orleans

NCIS Preview Bishop GibbsCBS’ NCIS resumes Season 11 tonight at 8/7c with the renewed threat of terrorist Benham Parsa, whose handiwork first targeted Gibbs’ team in the fall premiere. As part of TVLine’s midseason preview special, we invited showrunner Gary Glasberg to tease what’s ahead, address some concerns about the team’s newest player and weigh in on NCIS: New Orleans casting ideas.

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TVLINE | First, I have to comment on the “Devil’s Triad” episode featuring Diane Fornell’s return, which was funnier that two-thirds of the sitcoms on that week. And you’re doing this with the older members of the cast. Put Mark Harmon, Joe Spano and Melinda McGraw in a room together and they’re hilarious.
Yeah, they’re really good and they really enjoy working together. We know we can’t do that all the time, but it’s fun in between serious story lines to mix it up and have a good time. Mark Harmon has fun with it.

TVLINE | OK, because I was privately wondering as I watched these scenes — specifically when Gibbs gets uncomfortable because Tobias is talking about his sex life or naughty texts — if Mark enjoys all that or not.
No, he loves it. We’re 11 seasons into a show and it’s an opportunity to lighten it up for an episode and have some fun and see a different side of things. We recognize that it’s not a well that we can go to often, but once in a while it’s fun.

TVLINE | Will you be opening the second half of the season with some narrative momentum? Is it time to start zeroing in on a bigger through line?
Yes, and the Parsa story that we set up at the beginning of the year, the terrorist story, is going to all come back in a big way. Episode 12 is going to come out of the gate hot.

TVLINE | What are you doing with Hollis Mann in that episode?
Susanna Thompson is back as Hollis Mann on January 7 and she plays a big part in the investigation that’s going on, and then she has this huge backstory in these really terrific scenes with Harmon, with Gibbs. Their moments together are terrific, and apparently she had a great time coming back some 150 episodes later. I think that she wasn’t quite sure, after all this time, what we were going to have her doing, but she plays a really key role in how that story unfolds.

Devil's Triad

TVLINE | What all are you saying at this point about Episode 250 [which begins filming in late January]?
Well, you’ve got the return of DiNozzo Sr. [Robert Wagner] also did our 150th episode, which I didn’t even put together when we were planning it on the wall. There’s a new woman coming into the lives of the DiNozzo boys….

TVLINE | Tony Sr. has moved on?
Dad is spending time with someone, yeah, so it’ll be fun. We’re going to have a good time with it. [It brings] lots of questions and uncomfortable moments for Michael Weatherly[‘s character].

TVLINE | OK, because if the fans ever make one comment about the DiNozzo reunions, is that they’re always kind of huggy and there’s never much angst or any real issues.
This will be angst and lightness and fun and all the while, a crime going on at the same time.

TVLINE | One of our readers wanted to know if you will touch again on Tony and the support group he was going to….
That might come up again. Frank [Cardea] and George [Schenck] are actually going to write the 250th episode, so maybe in conjunction with that we can have some fun with that, since they’re the ones that brought it up to begin with [in the episode “Alibi”].

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TVLINE | Last summer, pre-season, you teased that you had something percolating regarding Ducky. Is that still in place?
I don’t know. Probably when I said that, I didn’t expect the season to unfold quite the way it did as it has so far. If that happens, it would probably be something that we do toward the end of the season. That’s what we’re figuring out right now. But in the immediate future, no.

TVLINE | Any other specific beats you want to talk up?
Well, in “Kill Chain,” Delilah gets really involved again, so Margo Harshman is coming back and McGee’s relationship moves along a little bit further. I’ve been thrilled to have her and we’ve got some exciting things planned for that relationship. It feels real to us, we’re having a good time with it and people love to have Margo around. Then Wendy Makkena, who played Kate’s sister, Dr. [Rachel] Cranston, comes back in Episode 13.

TVLINE | Who is she going to be shrinking?
She comes back as part of what happens with the Parsa story. She sort of checks in with everybody and has some interesting insight and even comments. She knows all about the history of that desk and who sat there, and she has a really lovely scene with Bishop.

Watch a sneak peek from NCIS‘ return, then read on for much more:

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TVLINE | Let’s talk for a moment about Bishop and what must have been a balancing act in introducing her. Because you want to establish that this gal knows her stuff, but as I even saw in “Devil’s Triad,” there arguably are moments where she kind of shows up Gibbs – and that can rub people the wrong way.
That’s interesting, because we certainly didn’t mean it that way. You want to prove to people that she’s an asset, that she’s valuable to the team. But she shouldn’t come across as disrespectful in any way. She’s very much a part of this group. She has a specific talent and a specific purpose and if it feels like she’s steering them in any way, that’s the last thing we want. If people are responding that way, then believe me, we hear it and we’ll do everything we can to make it not feel that way.

TVLINE | Are we going to see any chinks in her armor? She’s been relatively perfect for an untrained agent so far.
Actually, you’ve got something really significant coming up once we come back after the holidays. She’s got faults just like everybody else.

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TVLINE | Is it safe to say that Parsa will figure into your season finale?
No. But I would say that [sets in motion] a bit of a roller coaster ride for a good portion of the winter.

TVLINE | Do you know what your season finale is, then?
Actually, we just had a little meeting about it. We have a sense of where we’re heading but there’s a lot of work to do. And I have to write the two episodes of [the] New Orleans [spin-off pilot] before that.

TVLINE | When I reported on the roles you’re casting for New Orleans, I suggested Tom Welling (Smallville) for LaSalle and the readers went nuts. I also at one point tried to come up with a cast list that was all New Orleans-born actors, but I only got as far as Frederick Weller from In Plain Sight and Katherine LaNassa, who’s kind of busy over on Longmire.
I enjoyed that list. That was fun. I forwarded your article to our casting department and everybody said, “Yeah, those are all good.”

TVLINE | And then some fans say, “Bring back Joel Gretsch on the spin-off.” That Stan Burley could be one of the characters.
Well, that’s the fun part. I also saw a tweet from Diane Neal (who plays Agent Borin), saying how excited she is about New Orleans. All of those characters, they can all cycle through.

TVLINE | Even when I spoke to Rocky Carroll the other day, he was like, “I want to visit New Orleans.”
Well, he’s the director, so it’s very plausible and hopefully likely. I’m excited about the opportunities and as soon as we get the scripts done and we get deeper into casting and things start to happen, I’m happy to talk to you about it some more.

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  1. auntiemm says:

    Looking forward to the rest of the year especially who’s cast for New Orleans spinoff. I would really like to see the Borin character as part of that team.

  2. Braddock says:

    It’s nice to see that the team is still treating Bishop like an outsider by keeping the secret of ‘the one real wife’ from her and only saying Diane was the wife number 1. I’m sure that in time after Bishop is trusted by them they’ll let her in on the secret of Shannon and Kelly that’s like the dark secret that binds everyone together not just the team but Abby Ducky and Vance too.

    • jenferner8 says:

      “Dark secret”? Don’t know where you got that from, makes it sound like Gibbs offed Shannon and Kelly. I’m not saying you meant it to sound that way but it seems like odd way to describe it. I thought “wife number 1” referred to Diane having been married to both Gibbs and Fornell, thus “shared” wife number 1. Granted Gibbs doesn’t talk about Shannon and Kelly but it’s not exactly a skeleton in the closet. I never got the impression that the team was deliberately keeping it from Bishop, it’s just not seemed to have come up. Bringing Diane into picture wasn’t about Bishop learning her boss’ romantic/martial history so I’m not surprised it didn’t come up.

    • Mike Hammer says:

      The “writers” blew it. Whomever responsible for show running, missed this incredible continuity error— and as the quality of NCIS continues to diminish and the stupidity rises— they simply forgot Gibbs back story. The murder of his first wife and daughter is not a “dark secret” but public knowledge, often used by the writers in flashback.
      This bunch just screwed up, badly but not surprisingly.

  3. Mar says:

    The Ziva supporters are gonna use what you said to once again start crap.

  4. Dean says:

    The baby boilers/ Ziva crazies are gonna go off again.

    • Lillian says:

      I think that the “baby” anything references should be dropped. It’s beyond offensive. As for the bunny boiler reference, I do think it’s reference to the movie and the “I’m not going to be ignored” aspect of the crazy antagonist. I’ll be disappointed if anyone I know uses it with another meaning. Let’s stop turning this dispute into ugly, personal attacks, please. Sorry, Matt. Don’t mean to stray too far off the subject,

    • BlacklisterNo.134 says:

      Talk about a new low. Calling anyone a baby/ bunny boilers is cyberbullying. It is pretty easy to use those insulting terms behind the safety of your computer screen but it is still wrong.

      • Shane Vendrell says:

        The Ziva fans are no diffrent many tweeted michael weatherly hoping his wife would miscarriage all cuz he wasn’t with Cote. It only shows how low and how callous Ziva fans will go in the name of Cote DePablo to the cast crew an viewers who don’t share their views. And honestly I wouldn’t put infant murdering past them.

        • Julie says:

          Wow…as a Ziva fan, it bothers me that some people would stoop so low as to say something so horrible and offensive about a real live person in the name of a fictional character. And that person or those people clearly have problems that go waaaayyy beyond the like or dislike of a fictional character on a television show. I really don’t understand why people are so freaking crazy when it comes to the like or dislike of the character. Why does it have to be one or the other? I always liked Ziva, could’ve gone either way on Tiva, and I wish she was still on the show. Put that doesn’t mean I’m going to dislike Bishop or any other character. My personal jury is still out on Bishop and at this point I could take her or leave her. But there are some crazies on here that HATED her immediately because it was apparently Emily Wickershams fault CdP wasn’t on the show anymore. Others LOVED her immediately because it meant Ziva was gone. I think both sides are full of crap and anyone that threatens someone or wishes someone dead, whether it’s Michael Weatherlts wife or baby or Cote de Pablo herself because of something on a tv show is in need of some serious mental help.

          • Julie says:

            Let me clarify….my response is not just as a Ziva fan, but as a fan of the show and as a mentally stable person that doesn’t wish people dead on a regular basis.

          • guest says:

            Amen! This is exactly the point I was trying to make too! Look, two sane Ziva fans! Will wonders never cease….

          • leia says:

            I like your post ,Julie very reasoned and sane thankyou

          • Lisa says:

            You are right, iam a big ziva fan myself, but that doesn’t mean i want Micheal’s baby dead, he didnt’t doe anything wrong! the people that said that need to go to the doctor! Emily isn’t guilty of anythuing, she just wanted to be part of NCIS she couldn’t know that she was going to be treated like this. I’m sorry for the behaviour of this fandom, some are really agressive ;) Ofcourse we all want Cote back but it went how it went and there’s not really anything we can do, wich makes us really said… That’s why we are bitchy sometimes,but i would never harm anybody! we’re reallly sorry Micheal W. x

        • jenferner8 says:

          Are you TRYING to be offense? Then you are no better then Dean. The terminology that gets used on some of these websites is horrible. Ziva fans are just that, fans. And those who can’t distinguish between Michael and Cote vs Tony and Ziva need to turn off the tv, there’s no “reality” there.

          • guest says:

            How is this comment offensive? There is truth to it. There is a small group that would hate whomever took Ziva’s place just as there is a small group that would love whomever took that place because it means that Ziva is gone. Calling both sides
            out on their respective crap is far different from calling all Ziva fans psychotic baby/
            bunny boilers. Surely you can tell the

        • BlacklisterNo.134 says:

          If anyone in the cast and their families is threatened I think you should report it to the police instead of calling an entire name offensive names. Most fans (in every single fandom) are normal people.

      • leia says:

        Yes I think that’s quite obnoxious too. If someone wants to be smart about this isn’t the line baggy bunny ala Tony in Frameup a little cuter at least. I know they’re really talking about Glenn Close boiling a bunny in the movie but I really don’t see what this has to do with Cote’s departure. I realize that the twitter verse was ripe with nastiness directed towards MW’s wife. Some pretty sick stuff too, but I’d like to think that those spewing at the time were just emotional, which is kinda sad too. Getting that over wrought over a TV show, that you’d wish ill on others. just sad. Just like slamming Pauley for wearing a shirt that had a direct Abby quote on it ” I love my job”. Or Mark Harmon for doing his job as executive producer and staying professional, and getting slammed by again overwrought emotional people. Oh but thats also bullying. WE either have to accept the rights of all to be occasionally vile or be prepared to face the same accusation when we run off the rails ourselves.

        • leia says:

          I’m going to reply to my own post to say I hope that of having to tolerate the occasional vile things that any of us might say that instead we start to employ our internal sensibilities, bite our tongues and shrug our shoulders instead, Just turn back, life’s short.

  5. I can’t wait to see 250 and definitely looking forward to the New Orleans spin off episodes.

  6. Shane Vendrell says:

    Classic Tony Dinozzo moment.

  7. BJ says:

    I don’t want to be intrigued by the NO spinoff, but with Mark and Gary at the helm, I’m really engaged in the idea.

  8. Patrick Maloney says:

    Benham’s return is the only thing that interests me

  9. Darlene says:

    Oh my gosh! Loved the preview. Tony is his hilarious self! And McGee was hilarious dreading Tony’s inevitable launch into movie related commentary. What a hoot. And Bishop is the perfect “straight man”. I can hardly stand the wait for tonight’s episode!!!

    • Alan says:

      i love how mcgee has developed over the years from the straight man for tonys bits to the “heard it all before, dont want to hear it again” man who gets just as many laughs from the bit as tony does. and bishop has been set up perfectly to be the new straight man given that she is still an outsider finding her way in the group dynamic and doesnt really have a clue about the stuff tony talks about. really great group dynamic in that scene.

      • Tory says:

        Really good point. McGees responses to Tony are as much the gag as the joke itself. Bishop makes a good straight man too as she is a little too serious yet. Season 11 is really great. I’ve been enjoying it as much as any of the seasons pre ALyiah.

  10. Lillian says:

    I think I may be the only one who doesn’t look forward to DiNozzo Sr.’s visits, mainly because while Sr. does his own, shady thing; Tony has to accept things as if he’s the one in the wrong. I am happy about them reaching their 250th episode, though!

    • Darlene says:

      I’m hoping NCIS surprises us and gives us as Michael Weatherly says, ‘a stab in the tear duct’ moment, where they go deeper into the weeds of the father/son relationship.

    • Julie says:

      I agree. I don’t really look forward to the DiNozzo Sr appearances either because it seems like they use it for comedic relief rather than delving into Tonys character some more. I think it could be a good opportunity to see why tony is the way he is (why he uses comedy/immaturity as a defense mechanism all the time) rather than having him being made to look like a fool when his father is around his friends. Although I did like it when Gibbss folded Dinozzo Sr that one time.

  11. Darlene says:

    Thanx, Matt. Two great NCIS articles in a row! I feel like a kid in a candy store! Of course, just like a kid, I’d like more NCIS candy, please!!!

  12. Me2 says:

    Wow!! All this NCIS goodness over the last few days. Thank you Matt and TVLine. I’m so excited about the new episodes coming up and NO getting and even Bishop making a mistake and the upcoming Jr/Sr angst and the return of Dr Kate’s Sister.
    So much to look forward to. Season 11 has been one of the best seasons in a very long time. Thank you to GG, the cast and the crew.

  13. sladewilson says:

    One I’m so glad about Hollis Mann returning. Out of Gibbs’ post Shannon loves, I liked her the best. I can’t see her leaving Arrow, but Harmon and Thompson’s chemistry was always on point (certainly tons better than his with both Sofer and Curtis) and I’m glad to see her back. As for Bishop, yes, please flaws – immediately. At least with both Kate and Ziva, the flaws were apparent early and often and used to further them along. Bishop’s seeming perfection is already wearing thin….

    • John 1138 says:

      That seeming perfection is a flaw in and of itself: book perfection versus messy reality.

      One of the more important things I expect the team to instruct her about.

    • Julie says:

      I disagree. Wasn’t a fan and hated how she always referred to her “superiors.” I can’t think of one potential match that I’ve liked for Gibbs except Jenny and potentially Borin. I liked the chemistry between Lauren Holly and Mark Harmon and the he he is try between Diane Neal and Mark Harmon. Least favorite was Hollis Mann and Jamie Lee Curtis’ character.

    • arial2 says:

      Never felt all that much chemistry between Gibbs and Mann (but like Susannah Thompson as an actor). Perhaps that reaction was because there was so much unspoken chemistry between Gibbs and Jenny Shepard that no other female character could compete.

  14. shar says:

    I love the Diane, Fornell, & Gibbs thing. It’s hilarious. I hope Diane will be in more episodes. Can’t wait to see Robert Waynger. I like Bishop. She is definitely different from Ziva. I still liked Kate the best.

  15. Bran says:

    I love Tony, but can he killed off before they totally destroy his character, please? Sigh. I’m SO ****ing tired of the angst. They can’t let Tony be happy. Ever. And good lord, stop letting Frank Cardea & George Schenck write Tony-centric episodes, they’re the absolute worst Tony writers

    • Gotta disagree. I think Frank & George write the absolute best Tony. A confident, competent, mature man but still fun loving and with a lightness of spirit despite what he’s experienced in his life and seen in his job. I wish all the writers could write Tony as well as they do.

      • Alan says:

        i really enjoyed what they did with the men’s support group and how tony was so confident about the fact that he was going to one, normally on tv the guy would be embarrassed by it and try to hide it while tony came right out with it after having a little fun at mcgee’s expense earlier in the episode by making him guess at who was giving him the ride to the crime scene.

    • Mike Hammer says:

      AND stupid. The goofball Tony shtick just goes on and on and on. Nothing a .44 slug would not cure.

    • Guest says:

      Amen! Stop making Tony so stupid and imature.

  16. prish says:

    The husband says he would like to see her a little more conventional. He thinks it looks silly to sit on the desk, working the computer. He was one of the viewers that felt she was too bossy to Gibbs, however, he now feels she is learning and will learn her position. So, they must be correcting things on the show.

    • jenferner8 says:

      Emily addressed the sitting on the desk in recent article. It was something she did on a whim at audition (I think it was something she thought Bishop might do) and in keeping with Bishop’s quirks, the show added it. I actually prefer that to the odd food references, those seem out of place. The desk thing kind of makes sense, she was sitting on the floor with ipod on working the first time we see her, something I’ve done myself, I find it helps me focus better.

  17. annie brighton says:

    I don’t like Bishop, she is anoying. She is useless.
    The season 11 of NCIS is the worst… :'(

  18. Mel says:

    Matt, you rock! I love that you asked Glasburg questions the fans have been asking.
    I’m really hoping that the Senior ep has more than just humor and “uncomfortable” moments for Tony. Whenever Gary uses the word “fun”, which he does often, I start to get worried. Frank and George are hit and miss with Tony eps, but their two previous episodes this season, Under The Radar and Alibi, were really good, so I’ll keep hoping.
    I’m also glad that some of the fan concerns with Bishop were addressed to GG. I like the character, just hope they tweak her a bit to rub off that new toy shine and have her fit in a little better. Thanks for the interview!

  19. Esaul says:

    Devil’s Triad among the best episodes I’ve seen of NCIS. Had an apartment full of family, everyone cracked up laughing at the cast. Perfection! Glad I saved the episode for when I visited home over holidays. Thank you for that gift! :)

  20. Dreamrose says:

    I’d love to see Stan Burley show up on NCIS: NOLA – he’s got a long history with the mothership (he first appeared in season 1!), and Joel Gretsch has managed not to get his character killed thus far! The fact that Burley was trained by The Great Gibbs is a nice bonus.

  21. I keep seeing people talking about making Bishop fit in quickly, tweeking her and so forth. She fits in just fine for a new person on the team (Emily W seems to fit in just as well – such wonderful chemistry with everyone – such a lovely person). Bishop will learn and adjust just like anyone else does coming into a new workplace. The character has excellent opportunities for growth as she does so. I’m VERY impressed with how well they’ve done given the incredibly difficult circumstances they were faced with in needing to bring her in. Given the flatfooted start they were faced with, they’ve done a great job and things are proceeding very well.

    Bishop is good at what she does (and they’ve shown us how good she is, not just told us) or Gibbs wouldn’t have recruited her to be on his team. The show had to showcase her a bit so people could get to know her and her skillset. We’ve seen what she brings to the team and it’s good stuff – now we’ll likely, from what the interviews have been telling us, start seeing Gibbs, and the guys, working on her weaknesses to help bring her along to where she needs to be. I’m looking forward to seeing her get up to speed in a fairly realistic (as far as tv goes) manner.

    S11 is the finest season in many years. Keep doing what you’re doing, folks!

    • Mel says:

      I like Bishop, as well as Emily, a lot. And I have no issue with them gradually fitting her in better, which is more realistic. My only quibble is that she’s like the new toy. She’s the go-to agent for ideas and breaks in the case. And I happen to be quite fond of the old toys, who all have their own unique qualities. Even GG admitted they wanted to highlight her skills in order to giver her merit and explain why she’s on the team. Which I also understand. Actually I’m quite happy with the show and characters this season, Bishop included.

      • Me, too. The show needed to introduce her and they needed to do it quickly. Had they had lead time, I’m sure they would have had a much smoother introduction for her, but I think they did a great job with the time they had.

  22. guest says:

    I find it interesting that the people who dislike Ziva are usually the ones to mention her first in the comment section. Why do you enjoy inciting things for no reason? Nowhere in this article did GG mention Ziva, nor did the interviewer. Nowhere in the comment about Bishop being kept in the dark about Shannon, was Ziva mentioned. I didn’t even think about Ziva when I read that comment. I love Ziva. She was my favorite character. I am not a psychotic person though nor am I out of touch with reality. I respect Cote de Pablo and her decision to leave NCIS. I do not hold the rest of the cast or the producers or the heads of CBS responsible for her departure. I do not expect them to mourn her loss while refusing to do their jobs. That is all it is after all, a job. I would like to respond though to those who like to say it was a personal reason to think about it from this angle. If I do not feel valued by my employer and I am insulted by the pay I am offered, I can choose to leave my job. That would be a personal choice. A monetary reason can be a personal reason. I am not saying this is the truth in this situation. MW has stated that she left because she needed a break and it had nothing to do with money. Since they are very good friends, I would tend to believe this as the truth. Can we be in agreement that there are a small number of people on both sides of the Ziva debate that are responsible for the majority of the hateful, mean spirited comments that are continuously spewed on these pages? All one needs to do is look at the names following these posts to know that this is a fact. I would imagine that 95% of us are reasonable people who just want to watch a good show and read about it without the constant vitriol that is puked on these pages on a weekly basis. I take offense to being called a psychotic baby killer. If I am unreasonable in my supposed obsession and want in having a fictional character come back to a show what can those of you that are always slamming a fictional character and an actress that are no longer on a show be classified as? I posted this on another fan forum page a couple of weeks ago and I believe it applies to this also.

    This debate needs to come to an end. This is not a slam to either side. Just accept the fact that you will not change each other’s minds. What we all need to remember is this-just because someone says that they do not like Bishop does not automatically make them a Ziva Zealot or even a Ziva fan. One has nothing to do with the other. Why do people jump to conclusions when someone makes a negative comment against Bishop? I have read on these pages people calling others whiny Ziva fans when Ziva wasn’t even mentioned in the original comment. Quit putting words in other people’s mouths. I love Ziva but I really like Bishop. I would assume that there are those who disliked Ziva that really like Bishop and there are probably those who dislike both of them or love both of them. However, I do believe that the days of coming on these pages and lamenting the loss of Ziva/Cote needs to come to an end. I miss her dearly, but posting comments about how much I miss her isn’t going to change a thing. Cote de Pablo, for whatever reason, chose to move on. We, as her fans, need to respect that decision. We also need to remember that Emily Wickersham had nothing to do with this. She did not force Cote out. She is a young woman who is probably just excited to be a part of America’s #1 drama. So like Bishop or don’t, to each their own, but to post negative comments about the actress and her physical appearance are unnecessary. And for the love of God, can the negative comments against Cote/Ziva please come to an end? Those who dislike her should be happy. She is over, done with, gone. To constantly bring up her terrible characteristics and her supposed sins is tiring. Perhaps in the New Year we can all agree to just comment on the current episode and the characters that are still on the show. And really, can’t we all be a little nicer to one another? For just this one episode, I have read comments where people have called the other an idiot or have sworn at others just because they have a difference of opinion when it comes to the show or to a character on the show. Why can’t we all have our own opinion? This constant debate over who is a real fan needs to come to an end, too. Who are we to judge one another and deem who is worthy of being a fan? Obviously, we all have characters and aspects of the show that we like that are unique to us as individuals. Just because I love Ziva doesn’t mean I am any less of a fan than someone who loves Tony and vice versa. A little kindness towards others never hurt anyone. And please take this in the spirit that it is offered. I am not trying to tell anyone how they should feel or what they should believe. These are just suggestions from me on how we all can try a little harder to get along and value everyone’s opinion. Thanks.

    • Julie says:

      Well said. It baffles me the vitriol that comes from both sides. I never see anything like that in comments about other shows.

    • Beautifully written. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Ted says:

      Wow, thank you whoever you are, you really spelled it out and hopefully those sniping at each other from the fringes will stop the endless debate and mean-spiritedness over CPD and Ziva. The show is what it is at the moment. The show at present doesn’t have its old spark, and the chemistry between older core team members and the newcomer just isn’t there yet. I think Emily Wickersham is a lovely and pleasant personality and a competent actress and she’s doing her best to work with the character she’s been given. If anyone’s to be faulted it’s the PTB for trying to hastily throw together a new character and force Ellie Bishop into the mix before the writers had it figured out. The whole thing could have been better planned and introduced at a better pace, I don’t there would have nearly as much skepticism about Bishop as a result.

      A few more thoughts, did anyone besides myself notice how similar Tuesday night’s episode resembled “Twilight” the last episode of season 2? Most of the show had a “been there, seen that” atmosphere, i.e., terrorists fly pilotless drones to wreak havoc and tragedy on team members and their friends? I thought we the audience deserved something better than dusted-off scripts.

    • Guest says:

      We are loved..we are one..we are how we treat each other when when the day is done. We are peace, we are war..we are how we treat each other and nothing more. NCIS ep Homesick 12-17-13

  23. megan says:

    I hope that is chosen Tom Welling, Tom would be perfect for the role of Agent LaSalle: muscular, charismatic and above all it is a great actor! In Parkland was fantastic as Agent Kellerman.

  24. John 1138 says:

    I’m still in favor of a somewhat different direction for the lead for NOLA: Salli Richardson-Whitfield. She took charge within Eureka, she could do so at a field office in NOLA.

    • csr says:

      good suggestion… or maybe Vanessa Williams.

    • Darlene says:

      I would love to see Salli on NOLA. She would be amazing. Do you see her playing her same character from NCIS? Interesting back story – FBI agent, turned lawyer, turned NCIS agent.

      • John 1138 says:

        As the show lineage (J.A.G., NCIS) is full of such character continuation why not? And with the F.B.I. backstory already in place her transition wouldn’t require a lot of “training” explanation I would expect. Also, yes, the different experience would add some interesting possible viewpoints for her character to bring to a plot line beyond “let’s blow it up”… LOL.

      • John 1138 says:

        Oh and her scenes with Gibbs were great, not Borin great but close, so the sneak pilot would have some extra firepower were there to be (as I expect there would be) scenes with the original NCIS crew….

  25. flootzavut says:

    The sneak peek had me in stitches :D Bishop was great as the straight man, and McGee’s reactions were priceless!

  26. as524 says:

    Loved the sneak peak & the details revealed by GG.

    absolutely thrilled with George & Frank writing ep 250…really hoping they don’t make the Tony/daddy D/woman romance angle only comedy.

    cautiously looking forward to ST returning as Hollis – was NOT a fan of her in her original run.

    Didn’t want to see another spin-off, quite honestly but thinking it’ll be a winner with MH behind it.
    agree with the idea of Burley in NO but please NO Borin – that’ll kill it…

  27. CBWBDK1 says:

    If they cast Tom Welling as the lead, i will definitely watch.

  28. cristin says:

    OH I’d love to see TOM WELLING as the agent LaSalle, a perfect role for Tom, it would be my last wish ………..!

  29. jj says:

    With respect to Bishop “She has a specific talent and a specific purpose”

    Yes her talent and purpose is annoyance. She can’t be killed fast enough.

    Hopefully NCIS New Orleans will stick. Was disappointed NCIS Red didn’t make it.

    • Dean says:

      Go murder a baby in the name of your goddess cote.

      • jj says:

        This has nothing to do with Cote. Not everyone that dislike Bishop is because of Ziva. Bishop adds no value to the team. She is being shoved down our throat. It has becomes The Bishop’s show. Thank Heavens there is still NCIS LA, a show with a real team, a team that respect their leader and a real female agent called Kensi.

    • Tuesday's Child says:

      I agree completely!!! Please lose Bishop!! Don’t kill her, just make her go AWAY!! Diane Neal would work well with the team, what about her?? Why are they wasting time with this totally non-working character? I’m sure she’s a lovely person in real life, but she simply doesn’t fit in with the team. Her quirkiness is a distraction, and adds nothing to the story.

  30. BMF says:

    So Bishop was going toe to toe with Tony a few epis back with movie quotes, but she doesn’t know Skynet? Really writers?

    • John 1138 says:

      She knows “Oklahoma”, having been born and raised there. And heck all it would take beyond that is for her parents to be Rodgers and Hammerstein fans…

    • Alan says:

      those were quotes from oklahoma, you know because she is from oklahoma, its been clearly established that she doesnt really have much interest in pop culture outside of what has been told to her many times.

  31. Flo says:

    Don’t understand people being so upset about Ziva leaving. Respect CdP decision and move on. Really, how much longer could they keep the tension up, you need to shake things up to keep the show fresh. Like Bishop, actress came into a tough situation and has done a wonderful job. The character hasn’t upstaged Gibbs, don’t know where that came from. Bishop is a breath of fresh air the show needs, and could use more of, lik getting rid of McGee, who only got job because of his stepfather.

    • Darlene says:

      Whoa there! That’s my McGee you’re talkin’ about. However he landed on the show, I think Sean Murray (McGee) adds a lot. He’s been a good fit from day 1, imo.

  32. Michelle says:

    They should cast Josh Stewart from Criminal Minds in NCIS New Orleans.

  33. stephany says:

    OK to Tom Welling! give space to new actors such as Tom, bright and beautiful.

  34. L.R. Phillips says:

    Is NCIS becoming the “Bishop Knows Best” show?

  35. Zavit says:

    I am not watching NCIS as long as Bishop still there. Bye Bye NCIS

  36. Flo says:

    They should promote Tony and put him in charge of the NO team, time for him to grow up and advance in his job.

  37. Maryann says:

    I love Ellie Bishop, and find her totally delightful. The writers – and the actress – are doing a great job!

    Also, would love see Colin Hanks character again either on NCIS or NCIS-NO. He was just as good a fit on the show as Ellie Bishop, and the folks in charge of the show should definitely explore the possibility of having him come back, either as a recurring or even as a new regular.

  38. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    They should send that Bishop girl to that NCIS spin off! I finally watched last night’s ep. (the whole) hour and SORRY TO SAY that chick annoys the hell outta me!
    Abby and Mcgee are really GREAT together …….when this series ends i HOPE those two will end up with each other! I’m a big fan of this show but i couldn’t stand the sight of that Bishop girl.

  39. cherry says:

    Bishop is growing on me. After last nights show does any one think that Delilah is gone? Does any one know where Jimmy Palmer is? He has hardly been on this season.

  40. JC says:

    I just caught up with NCIS (including last night’s episode), and I still don’t really have a problem with Bishop. I think they’ve made a few mistakes with her (having her show up Gibbs, and show up Ducky and Palmer) but it’s not the disaster I feared. I was beyond skeptical about the character when they first started talking about her, but I like her so far, and I like how she’s fitting into the team. I was afraid of a lot of harassment and hazing from Tony and Tim, but it’s been good. I kind of liked seeing Hollis Mann again – she was one of the few women I’ve really liked with Gibbs – but unfortunately right now all I can see when I look at her is Moira Queen, so it was distracting. :)

  41. margot says:

    I hope the producers are listening to the advice of the fans: TOM WELLING!

  42. any possibility of throwing Jamie Lee Curtis (Dr. Samantha Ryan) back into the mix ????

  43. sandra says:

    The new shows with Bishop in them makes the rest of the team lacking there does not seem to be a unity as before. The show needs Ziva back so that Tony has someone to play off. Maybe Tony and Ziva could have a secret affair. Also need more of Abby. Bishop acts smarter than the rest. I have watched everi episode at least 10 time’s until this one with Bishop can’t watch it all the way

  44. Carole Greene says:

    I have to agree with Sandra. Just don’t think the “Bishop” character is right for NCIS show. The men act like 5 year olds around her and she is just too smart for anyone’s good. i can’t watch the shows either. Needs an older, more mature character, not a celery chomping kid sitting cross-legged on a desk.

  45. Dolores Richeson says:

    Wish you would use Tobias more, love he and Gibbs interaction.