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SquallHas NCIS‘ Tony found a way to keep Ziva in his life? Is Arrow setting its sights on an awaited backstory? What is Shameless Sheila up to? Will Warehouse 13‘s swan song satisfy? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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Curious minds want to know: NCIS‘ Tony recently mentioned having to care for a second goldfish. We know what he named his original fish. Are we safe to assume what he named his new one? –Cheryl
You would be safe, indeed! “If you’ve got Kate on one side of the bowl, it’s only logical who’s on the other side…,” show boss Gary Glasberg teases. “You can guess what the other goldfish’s name is.” Rhymes with… Viva?

Now that Emma has a different set of memories on Once Upon a Time, I am dying to know who Christopher Gorham is playing. Can you give me anything on this? – Jacquelyn
When last I spoke to the Once creators, they said that everything and anything they wanted out there on Gorham’s role was out there – meaning, basically nothing. But they did read the knee-jerk theory I posted… and, well, pretty much dismissed it. “Your speculation was very interesting, and we did enjoy it,” Eddy Kitsis allowed. “And we reserve the right to use it at a later date!”

When will the final episodes of Warehouse 13 air? –Karen
Syfy has yet to lock in a premiere date for the farewell fun, but whenever it does arrive, it sounds worth the wait. Saul Rubinek tells me fans can look forward to “a very poignant six episodes” which will, at the very least, further explore the apparent Bond between the warehouse and the Donovan family.

Why was Carrie on such good terms with Lockhart at the end of Homeland finale? He’s the man who (indirectly) let Brody die, and we’ve seen how crazy Carrie gets when it comes to Brody. —Laura
Alex Gansa responds: “Carrie had to make a choice. Is she going to continue to do what she loves to do, which is be an intelligence officer, or is she going to hold her anger and feelings of betrayal against the man who is now sitting in the chair that is going to determine where her career goes. That’s one of the reasons for the four-monthy time break. And that was, frankly, one of the things that we were trying to go with was, ‘OMG, Carrie is OK with all of this. How is that possible?’ Well, Carrie is a pragmatist. This is job a calling to her. And although [Brody’s death] was incredibly painful, she… was able to move on from that and decide that her career was more important than holding a grudge.”

Avid Brazilian reader here. I’d like to know if you have some scoop about my favorite show, Shameless. 1) How will the writers keep Sheila in the storyline, assuming she’ll stay at all? 2) Is there a romantic interest for Fiona now that Jimmy is dead? –Caio
Sheila is definitely still around, make no mistake — and now that she has no one to care for at home, she takes to cleaning the Gallaghers’ house. Your second question was addressed in our Winter TV Spoiler-palooza.

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Arrow fans know nothing about Felicity. She has no backstory or anything! Please tell me we will learn more about her soon? –Corinne
“Soon” might be pushing it, if only because Arrow has much on its plate right now, as its rogues gallery ever expands. “We have known for a long time what Felicity’s background is, where she came from and who her parents are,” showrunner Andrew Kreisberg told me. “But it could be such a big story that it’s something that we might hold off on. In a rare display of, ‘Oh, that might be too much,’ we might have to wait on that.”

Whatever happened to Rizzoli & Isles? Ever since one of their castmates committed suicide, it seems, there were no more new episodes after that? Did the show got cancelled, or is it just off season? If so, when does new season start? –Nett
R&I went on a pre-planned fall hiatus shortly after Young’s tragic passing. Season 4 resumes on Tuesday, Feb. 25 at 9/8c, with the last of Young’s apeparances as Detective Barry Frost.

Anything good to share regarding Stef and Lena from ABC Family’s The Fosters (returning Jan. 13)? I know they’re dealing with the Callie crisis when the show returns, but I’m more interested in them as a couple and individuals. –Jennifer
I am told that newlyweds Stef and Lena will have only a short bit of post-marital bliss before they discover that Callie has run away. This season, the couple will have to deal with Stef returning to work post-shooting, a family tragedy, and Lena will surprise Stef – and herself – with some new feelings that arise. How will the two navigate all this chaos and change as a married couple?

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Root has been going on about how “something big is coming” in basically every episode of Person of Interest this season. Is it to do with the double machines and Control, or is it something else entirely? –Bradley
EP Greg Plageman hinted at the “big” threat in our Winter Preview special. And when I ran the question by Michael Emerson, he claimed to be unsure of Root’s meaning, “but that line from her made my hair stand on end, because she clearly knows things that we don’t know,” the actor said. “She’s a confidante in the Machine in a way that no one else is, so I’m sure Mr Finch lays awake at night wondering what the heck she meant.” Might Team Machine see some value in what Root has to offer, as they brave this greater fight? “Mr. Finch is warming to her, a bit,” Emerson allowed. “She’s proven certain things, and it’s not all bad. But it’s all crazy.’

What’s going on with Unforgettable? There doesn’t seem to be any return airdate that I can find. –Lindsey
As previously reported here, CBS is apparently saving the rest of the Season 2 run for a rainy day. And thus far on the network’s drama front, it’s been blue skies. So, nothing new to report.

Got any scoop on Justified? –Jen
Amy Smart’s social worker character is no stranger to hunky lawmen, so she makes it crystal clear, soon after meeting Raylan, that they are not going to end up in bed together. Which, dollars to donuts, means they are going to end up in bed together. I’ll also say that Dewey Crowe fans (and I know there are many) are in for a treat – he seems to have a fun (meaning comically woeful) storyline ahead.

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On Beauty and the Beast, to what extent (if any) will Gabe’s feelings for Catherine bother Vincent? –Mac
From what I have seen thus far, Vincent hasn’t picked up on his potential rival’s scent, yet – being busy fighting to stay alive and all. But given how the winter premiere ends for Cat and Gabe, it’s probably just a matter of time.

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