Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Homeland, Once, Revenge, NCIS, Bones, Carrie, TVD and More

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Question: Watching the Carrie and Quinn scene at the end of Homeland‘s Season 3 finale has me wondering — are they going to be a thing next season? —Fyeah
Ausiello: I put that exact question to showrunner Alex Gansa on Monday and he didn’t rule it out. “I think if there is romantic energy between them it’s at a very nascent state,” he said. “Carrie’s emotions have been engaged elsewhere, so it’s unclear how she feels about him. I think it’s pretty clear how he feels about her. But whether Carrie Mathison is going to be emotionally available for a romantic entanglement is another question entirely.”

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Question: Would love to know if Mandy Patinkin will remain a series regular for Season 4 of Homeland. —Nicole
Ausiello: He will. As Gansa all but confirmed to me, Carrie will likely recruit Saul (now a private contractor) to work with her in Istanbul. “As she mentioned to Sen. Lockhart, she gets to choose her own people,” the EP noted. “So Quinn, Fara… Virgil and possibly Max may come along with her. We get to bring some of our familiar faces overseas.”

Question: I’ll literally take anything you can tease that’s coming up on Bones. Pretty please? —Amelia
Ausiello: The show is adding a new male squintern to the rotation in 2014. “He’s someone who came to the country seeking asylum,” shares exec producer Stephen Nathan of the to-be-cast role. “He was a very, very prominent forensic anthropologist in his own country, but [in the U.S.] he’s a student because he has to get his degree again. He has to work his way up to a position that he already occupied for many years. He feels that he’s Brennan’s equal, but Brennan really doesn’t feel the same.” His country of origin? “He’s not from the Middle East,” Nathan allows. “He defected from this hemisphere. So that’s something that everyone should be able to narrow down.” (Sorry, I was terrible at geometry.)

Question: Any scoop yet on a McGee-centric episode of NCIS? –Barb
Ausiello: Let’s see if this qualifies: In the first episode back from the holiday break, titled “Kill Chain” and airing Jan. 7, McGee’s girlfriend “Delilah gets really involved in the case, and her and McGee’s relationship moves along a bit further,” show boss Gary Glasberg shares. Of actress Margo Harshman’s latest encore, he adds, “I’ve been thrilled to have her and we’ve got some exciting things planned for her and that relationship continuing this season. It feels real to us and we’re having a good time with it.”

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Question: Do you have any good Jeff/Annie spoilers for the upcoming season of Community? —Alex
Ausiello: Nothing that involves heavy petting (or even light petting), and that seems to be by design. “Overall, it’s been a less romance-heavy season,” Gillian Jacobs tells us. “It’s more about each of us having adventures together or in pairs, but not as much romance.” That said, in Episode 2, Annie takes measures to be “closer” to (or keep an eye on?) Jeff, while Episode 3 reveals that, in certain situations, she calls Jeff her “uncle.”

Question: Originals scoop, please? —Mary
Ausiello: Wondering what’s happening with Tyler in Marcel’s “prison”? Answers — and a possible way out for the hybrid — are coming. “We’re definitely going to see what’s going on in the garden,” previews exec producer Michael Narducci. “Tyler is not the only one who’s buried in there. … When we come back in the New Year, you’re going to see Rebekah have some perspective on what that location is, and how she might be able to use that to her advantage.” As for the future of the locked-up Mystic Falls resident, Narducci hints that “my friends at the Vampire Diaries office would really very much love to see Michael Trevino make a return. It stands to reason, logically, that somehow we’re going to address the issue of how does Tyler get out of that garden.”

Question: How much longer will I have to watch Nashville‘s Deacon be with Megan (or anyone who’s not Rayna)? –Jen
I think you’re going to like what showrunner Dee Johnson recently said on the subject. After allowing that lawyer Megan has “been good for him” and that Rayna’s ex “is working really hard to be healthy emotionally,” Johnson noted, “We can’t ignore the fact that Deacon and Rayna are connected in the deepest possible way. No matter what we do, that’s always going to be an undercurrent.”

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Question: Can you use your considerable pull in the industry to make sure that Nick is shirtless and running on a treadmill on Grimm a lot more in the future? Thanks. –Ryan
Would that I could, but this’ll have to do instead: In the second half of the NBC drama’s season, Nick will “have to go from being the student to being the teacher,” executive producer David Greenwalt says. “He’ll be passing on some of the information he’s learned – but we can’t tell you to whom.”

Question: Has the death from your Oct. 17 Blind Item already occurred on-screen? —Daisy
Ausiello: Yes.

Question: You told us that another horseman is coming to Sleepy Hollow, and I want to know which one it is. –Ann
When TVLine chatted with executive producer Roberto Orci and asked that very question, he replied, “This means war.” So… can he tell us which one it is? “I just did,” the sly series co-creator responded. (Maybe that’s what Moloch meant in last week’s episode when he warned, “When you know my meaning, war will take form”?)

Question: Belle is one of my favorites on Once Upon A Time and I’m really disappointed in how little we’ve seen of her in the first half of Season 3. Please tell me she’ll have a bigger role in the second half! Will she at least have her own -centric episode? —Tara
Ausiello: I’m going to venture yes on getting a new Belle flashback, seeing as for Episode 15 the show is casting an “uppity,” “know-it-all” servant who must, repeat must, have a French accent. The character also is named “Lawrence,” which, I must observe, starts with the same letter as “Lumiere.”

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Question: Two Once Upon a Time questions, pretty please! Rumple can’t really be dead, right? And is the Wicked Witch really the Black Fairy? –Ashley
Ausiello: Second things first: Sources say it’s unlikely that Rebecca Mader’s iconic villainess is also the Black Fairy who got name-checked in the midseason finale. As for Rumplestiltskin’s fate, I’ll remind you of what the Once creators told us a few weeks back, as they measured their words carefully. “To the Rumbellers out there, we hope that you enjoy what we have in store. In the second half of the season, they are going to be in the same world for an extended period of time,” Adam Horowitz said. Eddy Kitsis then added, “The second half of the season will further explore their relationship – in whatever state that is.” Sounds alive-ish to me, right…?

Question: I’m loving Barry Allen on Arrow. Will we see him again in later episodes? –J
Ausiello: Although Allen’s originally planned third appearance, in Episode 20, has been scrapped in favor of filming an actual pilot for The Flash, EP Andrew Kreisberg says, “What happened in Central City at the end of [the fall finale] was certainly big news,” as the STAR Labs particle accelerator went haywire and ultimately zapped Barry unconscious. Kreisberg though stops short of guaranteeing an on-screen Arrow mention, explaining, “Right now, we’re focusing hard on writing the Flash pilot and breaking the rest of the season of Arrow. But hopefully there will be some synchronicity between the two [shows], in anticipation of getting to see more of Grant [Gustin] and The Flash.”

Question: With ABC’s Mixology now wrapped for the season and with New Directions short a few members, is there any chance of getting a little Sugar in Glee‘s 100th episode? —Matt
Ausiello: Vanessa Lengies hasn’t been approached so, as of now, it’s going to be Sugar-free.

Question: Revenge has had such a turnaround this season. It is good again! I need some scoop…I can’t wait until January! —Kelsey
Ausiello: This Just In: Margaux’s billionaire media-magnate father is Hamptons-bound. The oft-referred-to-but-never-seen character, whose five-episode arc kicks off this spring, is being described as a cross between Rupert Murdoch and Cary Grant. And he apparently has unfinished business swith the Graysons. “He has a competitive history with Conrad and a deep-rooted sexual tension with Victoria,” reads the casting notice, which calls for an actor in his 50s.

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Question: What’s ahead for Bonnie as an anchor on The Vampire Diaries? —Renee
Ausiello: Big trouble, warns executive producer Caroline Dries. “Part of her personality now is that she carries this cross,” says the EP. And while she seems to be managing every dead supernatural being passing through her now, those unexpected “visitors” may “become an issue for her,” teases Dries. The ex-witch’s relationship with Jeremy will face some challenges, too. “No relationship on this show is safe for too long. They’re going to hit some speedbumps.”

Question: I’m loving the new season of The Carrie Diaries so far! Got any scoop on what’s coming up? —Julius
Ausiello: Survey says, “Neigh!” In other words, watch for a buck-naked Samantha on horseback in Episode 2.10 — airing January 10. Yes indeed, the future public-relations guru scores a job as Lady Godiva at a hot gay bar — resulting in some unexpected jealousy from none other than Larissa. The same episode will find Carrie stoked for a Valentine’s Day dinner with Sebastian — that is until he uses their reservation for an important business meeting. Cue strongly worded journal entry from our titular heroine in 5, 4, 3, 2…

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  1. Tulpe says:

    Megan (Nashville) needs to go away.

    • Shanag says:

      And she better take Luke Wheeler with her!

    • Bee says:

      really? i don’t mind. i think nashville is one of those shows that’s done a really good job of keeping the obviously-end-game-couple apart and not having an insufferable 3rd player mixed in. rayna and deacon can’t get back together for real so soon, and so they have their nice interactions every now and then and megan is a nice, non-annoying relationship in the meantime.

      • Shanag says:

        That women basically interrupt EVERY single interaction between Rayna and Deacon. I also don’t want them back together so soon..they got so many thing to figure out first, but will love to see more of them interacting in other areas without interruption like in writing music, co-parenting and whatever. The show is starting to do more of it and I love it. They just need to stop tip-toeing around each other…
        Megan I don’t mind but Luke annoys me as a romantic partner for Rayna. He’s so full of himself that I keep waiting for her to just kick his ass already. If Liam wants to come for another visit, won’t complain :)

    • dude says:

      She’s a pretty harmless character.

      • JJ says:

        For now. I feel like they’re going to have to do something with her, otherwise what’s the point of him dating her all season? So far she’s seemed like a useless character which makes me think that by the end of the season either he’ll propose to her as a catalyst for Rayna realizing that she really could lose him forever, or they’ll go the soapier route and have her betray him in some way so it reinforces that Deacon and Rayna can really only trust each other.

        • Shanag says:

          All I can say is, they better not get a puppy together. That will not end well, as the poor vet learned :)

          Think that Megan is another example of a stable women who is “really good for him”. Her presence, and the fact she doesn’t get sucked in into all his drama really helped him gain his confidence. I go with the propose theory don’t think she’ll betray him. Another possibility is she will leave him. Megan said she’s not intimated by Rayna but that’s only because she saw them when they were at their worse and doing their best “to save themselves” and stay away. If they become close again, as parents, friends and music collaberators…and it seems like that’s the general direction, not sure she’ll remain so calm, but since she seem to be a really grwon up confident women, think she just might leave.

  2. mayiread says:

    So the blind item was about Damien Lewis, then?

    • hello says:

      Must have been, it fits the blind item perfectly

      • Soopah Soopah Soopah says:

        Then where is the new project announcement? I thought they said the morning after?

        • Evan says:

          He just did an interview with EW saying that he wouldn’t want to do another TV project this year, meaning it’s not him, I’m assuming.

          • E says:

            In the blind item post it said the new project is super secret; he would have to say he’s not doing any other projects if he was asked about it. As for there not being any big announcement it’s possible production or something got delayed. I really think the blind item was Brody.

          • dude says:

            @E, It was super secret because they couldn’t announce the casting because that would reveal who dies. My guess is he WAS attached to another project and then either was recast or decided against it and dropped out.

    • So who thinks Brody is really dead??? I think he will show up next season in Istanbul. I think they just did the displayed hanging to throw everyone off. They never snapped neck, just choked him, he will be revived.

    • Kvivik says:

      I’m ticked that Ausiello didn’t confirm it was brody/damien lewis.

  3. Cass says:

    What is this I see? Not one but TWO items referring to OUAT’s Rumbelle? {keels over in shock} Thank you!

  4. So the Blind Item death is who__?

  5. Allie says:

    So who IS the answer to the blind item? They said they would be announcing the new project the morning after his on screen death, I haven’t seen any big announcements recently…

  6. Sam says:

    Blind item? I’m guessing he can’t say who it is until their new show is revealed but c’mon!

    • DarkDefender says:

      I say it’s Simon Cowell.. He should kill the entire show with him. No more XFactor.. He can start up a boy band competition where he puts all the group together to try and prove he can do better than one direction and that god awful restless road. The can call it: the pooch factor.. Maybe get some background singing dogs that can be trained to not over power the singing for the actual group (looking at you RR & FH)..

  7. F.R. says:

    So there’s a confirmation that the death happened on screen, why not reveal which actor it was?

    The item said: “So the scribe has graciously agreed to keep his script — and his stealth casting coup — under wraps until the morning after the character meets his end.”

    The morning after has passed.

    • Choco says:

      I think it’s gotta be Damian Lewis. Did any other “name” actor’s character die so far this season?

      • F.R. says:

        Also, in an interview with Damian Lewis, he said nothing about a new TV project, except joking about maybe him being cast as an American on Downton Abbey. He said he hasn’t received any calls. Maybe he’s not the blind item after all.

        There have been major deaths on The Walking Dead, Boardwalk Empire and Sons of Anarchy. Some names are ‘famous’ only from those respective shows (unlike Damian). However, on Sons of Anarchy, there was a death of a character played by an actor even bigger than Damian.

        Conspiracy theorists might suggest that Ausiello is just waiting for any actor whose character died in the past 2 months to be cast in a new pilot and then claim he was the blind item (though it would need to be someone who died on-screen after October 18, on a show not on ABC/CBS/NBC, and he has to be cast on a show from an “up-and-coming producer/writer”. I don’t personally believe that’s the case though, time will tell.

      • Gilda says:

        It sounds like Rumplestilsken is alive from the above quotes, but you never real know with tv writers. So hypothetically it could be Robert Carlyle. I’d call him a big-time actor.

      • lilyyy85 says:

        Either that or Tara from SOA. But guessing it was Brody.

  8. SaraW says:

    If they don’t cast Yanic Truesdale, aka Michel on “Gilmore Girls,” in the role of Lawrence for OUAT, I’m going to be severely disappointed.

  9. uh huh says:

    Re: Sleepy Hollow: Seeing as one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse is literally WAR, there’s nothing “sly” about that answer!
    And yes, that’s what Moloch meant. But the big question about he said was “What did he mean about a saint’s name?” Two saint’s names currently on the show: Luke, and Francis.

  10. Gilda says:

    So the blind item is almost certainly Damien Lewis, yes? Unless the Once creators are exaggerating Rumple’s presence and it’s Robert Carlyle?

    • Gilda says:

      Nope, wait, it’s not an ABC show. K, it must be Damien.

    • Whatever says:

      In an EW interview with Damien Lewis today when he was ask ,
      What was next ? he said “I’m about to go work with Werner Herzog, [the film] Queen of the Desert, with Nicole Kidman, James Franco, Robert Pattinson and myself. We’re going to shoot that in Morocco in January. After that, we’ll see.”

      And when ask If he would do ANOTHER TV show he said
      “Yeah, absolutely. If the material is good. It’s LESS LIKELY I’ll jump right back into a TV show this year.”
      Doesn’t sound like Damien Lewis has a TV pilot planned.

      • S. says:

        There’s not much time left in 2013 and they wouldn’t be starting anything midseason 2014 that he’d be getting into as that would’ve already been announced. Obviously he could shoot a pilot in the spring and be on a show in the fall. It’s both “next year” literally and the next tv season. He’s not talking about being off tv til Dec 2014.

  11. Kim R says:

    I’m wondering about the new Sec/Nav and Gibbs. There is a spark there that would be nice to see develop, in my opinion. :)

  12. Cat says:

    omg omg I love Carrie and Quinn. Hopefully the show will do them right cuz I really wanna see this relationship happen.

    • Sparky says:

      I’m so sad Brody’s dead and that finale didn’t do their relationship justice. Some acknowledgement of everything that has happened to the both of them. Something more than what we got. RIP Brody!!!

      • DMac says:

        I’m not, it drove me insane how some viewers tried to make this about their “epic” love story. This is a show about spy’s and the rest become a drag on the stories.

    • HereThere says:

      Nah, Quinn just sees Carrie like a stupid little sister that needs protection from herself.

  13. Shanag says:

    Think that the Nashville news, which basically say what we all know-that Rayna and Deacon love each other and that anyone who try to engage in any romantic relationship with either one of them will find him/herself with a broken heart (or a puppy), are the best news I’ve read about them since the season started. That says a lot about the power of this love story and also of the fact, that we -the fans- suffered so much with this story, that we’ll basically take anything at this point.

    • JJ says:

      That is sad that we’re willing to take any positive sign, because this “spoiler” basically says nothing, and really doesn’t answer the question. It just says that even if they’re dating other people for the remainder of the series they’ll always love each other on the inside.

      • Shanag says:

        Yes, it is sad and frustrating. To be honest, I don’t want them back together yet, but I do want them to give it more room because it’s not enough that we know there is always that pull between them, we need to see it more. That’s why I’m most excited for them writing songs together. For these 2 it’s the most intimate thing to do…show, don’t let me down! :)

  14. malikb says:

    It’s pretty safe to say the item was about Damian Lewis, he’s the only actor who fits the description.
    As for this new project/pilot, maybe there are legals issues that prevents any announcement, or maybe the producter is finnaly pitching it to networks and can’t say it yet.

  15. Stephanie says:

    What are Homeland’s showrunners thinking? The emotional investments and ‘energy’ they’ve invested in Quinn should have NO romantic strings attached. After the spite of the Twitterverse was spat upon them through all of season 2…and all of season 3… they still haven’t learned their lesson? Le sigh.

  16. sara says:

    Too bad about more Rumbelle. They’ve fumbled that relationship and Belle’s character so badly that even Snowing are superior at this point.

  17. Bones i love you, but why says:

    Why are they adding another character to Bones!!! They already have so many males squints. And this one sounds like Oliver Wells, I hate Oliver Wells. I’m so mad!!!!! >:(

  18. Linds says:

    I know it’s completely banana pants but wouldn’t it be amazing to have Robert Redford play Margaux’s dad on Revenge?! A girl can dream, right?

  19. Tara says:

    Thanks for answering my question about Belle on OUAT. I really hope 15 is her centric!

  20. Cory says:

    I nominate Eric Dane for the Revenge role! Or Pierce Brosnan if you can get him.

  21. Liz says:

    Annie calls Jeff her Uncle in Community? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard. I’m so tired of them ruining Jeff and Annie.

    • S. says:

      I’m tired of Jeff/Annie, period. It’s creepy. Sure she’s early 20s as a character now, but she was a teenager when she met Jeff. I’ve never understood that ‘ship. The weird thing is Alison and Gillian are almost the exact same age, months apart so you’d think both would seem wrong paired with Joel but that’s not the case. It’s just creepy with Annie because she’s 10 yrs younger than Britta. Playing closer to Britta’s age (2 years younger than Jeff on the show) is less weird. Joel and Alison in other roles would bother me less. They’ve got chemistry as actors but I really don’t need to see the characters together.

      • DarkDefender says:

        Jeff + Annie = hotness (if they’d ever followed through with it)

      • Patrick says:

        I always like Britta and Jeff. She tries hard, but often fails. He never really tries, but is so cool and successful. I thought they were a great long term pair. The Jeff and Annie thing was just creepy to me. She doesn’t really like Jeff. She likes the idea of Jeff, and she wants to change him. He likes her body.

        • Kameron Cruz says:

          That’s completely false, and Harmon himself has even talked about how Annie has romantic feelings for Jeff. Otherwise, all their cute moments together would be completely pointless. And if you think Jeff just likes her for her body, you must have stopped watching the show after season 1. She repeatedly brings out the best in him, and Jeff even comments on that.

          • Casey says:

            Apparently you didn’t watch Virtual Systems Analysis. Annie comes right out and says she’s not in love with Jeff.

  22. DanielleZ says:

    Thanks for the Homeland scoop. I hope to see more of Carrie and Quinn and it would be great if Vigil, Fara, and Max also join her in Istanbul. Happy to hear Saul will continue to be part of the show. There’s a Chia Pet with your name on it for Christmas, Michael, if you reveal the blind item. How about it?

  23. Azerty says:

    I prefer Carrie and Quinn as best friends. That last scene didn’t give me romantic vibe but great friendship, like the guy taking care of his pregnant left alone best friends.

    As for Revenge I don’t if he can speak french and I really don’t care about Margaux but I would love to see John Schneider as Margaux’s father.

  24. A says:

    I really hope the show goes there with Carrie/Quinn. He’d be good, as he has her best interests in mind and has nothing but respect for her. I’d like for it to be something that happens slowly though, something that develops out of a deep friendship. I can’t wait to see Carrie, Quinn, and hopefully Virgil, Fara, and Max all working together.

  25. K. says:

    On Vampire Diaries I would really like to see Bonnie and Jeremy split up! I just don’t like them together… I’m probably the only one but I’d like to see her and Damon mix it up together, could be interesting!

    • cas says:

      Awful idea! There has to be some line drawn eventually.

      • Dandrea Dean says:

        Not that I’m a Bamon shipper but why does the line always be drawn at Bonnie? Elena certainty crosses the line and could care less about crossing it, so has Damon as well as other characters on this show who have crossed the line season after season, So why does the line always have to drawn at Bonnie? If anyone deserves to be a little selfish it’s Bonnie. I’m not sure i would like a romantic relationship between Damon and Bonnie but/ i do want to grow closer as friends, Damon respects Bonnie more than he admits.

    • Hmmmm says:

      You’re not alone. I think they have chemistry and it could be an interesting relationship as well. However, many people here disagree and resort to name calling when this is discussed.

      • K. says:

        I know a lot a people disagree but how much Elena/Damon, Stefan/Elena and then back to Damon/Elena then Stefan can we stand…….Plus I’d like to see Damon with someone different…

    • Sara says:

      I agree. I thought Jeremy had better chemistry with both Vicki & Anna than he does Bonnie. Bonnie doesn’t get enough screen time and her character hasn’t been properly developed since Season 2. Jeremy at this point just seems to be there. He no longer has his own story-line or his own life and he only hangs out with Elena’s boyfriends/ex-boyfriends.

  26. Trenton says:

    I wonder if it, Blind Item/Damien Lewis, is regarding HBO. They tend to have their shows fill certain genres and have balance. Sopranos…. Boardwalk and Sex and the City…Girls. True Blood is coming to an end, I wonder if they have a hyper reality show in the wings to replace TB.

  27. barbara says:

    on bones what happened to finn. they should bring him back

  28. The Real Amanda Clarke says:

    YES! So excited to hear that Margaux’s father is being introduced in Revenge, I had a suspicion he would seeing as he’s been mentioned quite a lot. I adore Margaux and anything that keeps her around and gives her an actual storyline (other than being Jack’s love interest) is good by me. Now, which awesome francophone actor could they cast to play him?

  29. Angela says:

    “Uncle”, eh? How very odd. Romantic or not, though, always happy to see more interaction between Jeff and Annie.

  30. Bubbles526 says:

    I’m *not* looking forward to McGee and Delilah’s relationship progressing. She’s B-b-b-BORING and McGee should focus on Abby! C’mon…with no Tiva we need some fun!

    • as524 says:

      McGee and Abby got their time at the beginning of the series…they dated, it didn’t work and now they are good friends. done & over – past time for them both to move on

      • I don’t personally agree with the view that if a two TV characters once dated and didn’t stay together, they can’t/shouldn’t try again.

        But I agree that with Abby and McGee NCIS went past the point where the getting back together story would organically and believably work or these two characters.
        As for Delilah – she’s lovely and all. I like her. But there is ZERO chemistry between her and McGee – no idea if the actors are directed to act it that way, or there’s it’s just that way. But yeah, even though we’ve heard and will see their relationship move forward stage by stage [step by step], I don’t feel it.

        With Breena and Jimmy, who are a secondary couple, and kind of secondary characters on the show [like Ryan and Jenny from Castle from example], I feel the story. Their relationship is also shown rarely on screen, but who, as you pointed out, have a great relationship that has progressed nicely and believably, I feel the chemistry and connection. But somehow with McGee and Delilah, unless the rest of the season brings improvement, it’s not ‘believable’. I see them meeting, starting dating, moving in together, getting engaged, and all, but it doesn’t feel like they’re in it.

        OK, perhaps I’m too blinded by the fact that I am 99% certain that Delilah is meant to be a temporary character. So the idea of her and McGee taking their relationship to a certain point on screen, and then it not working out, makes me kinda upset. I really hate that they’re writing it all this way.

        Also… just like for me the show missed the point of McAbby getting back together, in my eyes they also missed the point of the characters moving on. All of this would have worked a season ago somehow still. But not anymore. Not after season 9-10. But then again, I’m not a TV writer, nor the general US TV audience, so my little voice means nothing, as it’s not majority and what the makers and majority believe is working and great.

  31. SLS says:

    Bones does NOT need another male intern. There are a zillion of them, some of whom are fabulous and some of whom are terrible, but there is only 1 (fairly terrible) female intern. Seriously people. There are more female anthro grad students then you are giving them credit for.

    • Sara says:

      MTE. Daisy has been the only female intern for quite a while now. If we have to get another intern it should at least be a female one.

  32. Katie says:

    Entertainment Weekly just released an interview with Damian Lewis that said he had a film project starting in January and doesn’t see doing another tv show right away. Perhaps the tv project fell through…

  33. cjeffery7 says:

    hart hanson can tell me all day that there are 5+ regular/recurring female characters, but i’m still gonna complain that there apparently aren’t any other coming up the ranks. HOWEVER you’re not good at geometry…. BAAHAHAHAHAH

  34. Colleen S says:

    A comment about Bones that someone else brought up. What happened to Finn? Opie and Thurston need a scene together again. And Michael unless you were joking I think you mean geography not geometry. I do think we have to many male interns and could used another female in the mix. Unlike a lot of people I like Wells.

  35. Sara says:

    Why would Rebekah want Tyler out of the Garden? She’s the one who put him in there. The first thing he’d logically do if he got out would be to resume his suicide mission of killing Hayley.

  36. as524 says:

    Looking forward to glimpses of the McGee & Delilah relationship…I really like how GG shows them – the same he did with Palmer & Breena.
    No front burn team romance is definitely the way to go with this show

  37. Aeol says:

    Another male squintern on Bones…wow, Hanson is really breaking ground with that one!!

  38. Nick says:

    Haven’t watched Bones in a while, but i’ll throw a wild guess at the new intern provenience. I’ll say Cuba. It must be from this hemisphere, not from the Middle East, and a country where pathologists are good, but still not recognized by the US government.
    Moreover, unless I’m not wrong there’s no latino character on Bones and from a network-audience point of view it makes sense to try to make the show more appealing to such a large, growing demographics like latinos and hispanics.

    • Well, my guess would be that the new character is from Canada, cause that would be fun.
      But then again that’s not based on the spoiler clues. He’s probably from Greece, or somewhere east from US (Europe), but not middle east. But then again…that’s wild speculation.

      • Kathy says:

        He’s from this hemisphere, so that eliminates Europe and Asia. And he wouldn’t be seeking asylum from Canada. Cuba is the logical origination point because we don’t have diplomatic relations with them.

  39. LEP says:

    “Sorry, I’m not very good at geometry.” I think you mean, “geography”.

  40. marc says:

    Luv Nashville – fun show!

  41. I thought the blind item was Clay Morrow on Sons of Anarchy.

  42. chantal says:

    Would love to see the carrie x quinn relationship continue to build. Theyre both fantastic characters & would love to see them develop further. And agree, on a perfectly shallow level quinn is incredibly hot, incredibly sexy, annd damn, he needs to get it on with someone!

  43. 0974 says:

    I really think Gansa doesn’t want to have Peter Quinn and Carrie together as couple…or at least I hope so. That would be so out of charachter for Carrie….she would have to become another person, Quinn is too ordinary for her, that relatioship would never be something thrilling and compelling.

  44. b says:

    OUAT was so good this season and then we got that jumbled mess of a mid season finale. : (

  45. deina says:

    It`ll be very interesting to see Carrie/Quinn in a romantic way. Wonder if Carrie knows how Peter feels about her. Hope we`re going to find that soon in S4. I think that Carrie really needs someone like Peter in her life. Not only because her mental state, but because she deserves it after all she has been through. He`s inteligent, patient and gives her understanding. Can`t wait for the next season!

  46. drora says:

    Re Homeland: Ok, we love Saul coming back. But will he ever wonder into a little Ankara bar and sing for us, just one little song, please?!
    And my personal pet peeve – little Quinn, who used to be quite mighty. Just like in Gaslight or an Agatha Christie novel, the third season made him the right guy waiting in the wings for Carrie to open her eyes. I hear he is taking lessons in baby care as we speak.

  47. bluekirty says:

    I think someone needs to review their Disney’s Beauty and the Beast – uppity know-it-all sounds more like Cogsworth than the carefree Lumiere

  48. Meg says:

    OMG GEOGRAPHY! Not geometry!

  49. DavidSask says:

    Will Carrie Diaries get an ending or TV movie ending when it likely gets cancelled or have any chance or moving to another cable home?

  50. Shaun says:

    Maybe on Grimm we’ll finally get to meet another US based Grimm,or maybe he teaches Juliet more fighting and info.