Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Good Wife, Scandal, HIMYM, Sleepy Hollow, Following, Once and More

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Question: Is Scandal incorporating Kerry Washington’s pregnancy into the show? I hope not. I can’t see Olivia running around after a kid.—Mark
Ausiello: Shonda Rhimes apparently agrees with you. Although ABC declined to comment, I’m hearing there are no plans to further complicate Olivia’s love life with a toddler.

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Question: Please share any spoilers you gathered from How I Met Your Mother‘s 200th Episode celebration. —Babar
Ausiello: Marshall’s about to meet her! “I’m shooting an episode as we speak where I may have my first scenes with The Mother,” Jason Segel playfully teased to TVLine’s Vlada Gelman at said 200th soiree. “The [scenes] are incredibly charming. Look, I have to get along with her — I’m Ted’s best friend! They really nailed that aspect of it in a way that I didn’t anticipate. They did something really smart in the scenes, in that Marshall and she are kind of peas in a pod, which I think is just brilliant.”

Question: Please tell me The Good Wife‘s Kalinda is not going to spend the whole season without a plot of her own? She’s my favorite character. —Cris
Ausiello: Kalinda is not going to spend the whole season without a plot of her own. In fact, in Sunday’s alternately suspenseful, heartbreaking, and hilarious 100th episode, Archie Panjabi’s leather-booted, short-skirted sleuth gets arrested, has sex and is asked out on a date (and not by the person she has sex with!).

Question: Any good Will/Alicia moments in The Good Wife‘s 100th episode? —@Angeliiiiique via Twitter
Ausiello: Oh, yes. As we previously reported, the hour is peppered with flashbacks from that brief period of time when Will and Alicia were riding the sex train together. The (graphic) footage serves to illuminate a present-day legal skirmish involving former LG client Matthew Ashbaugh (John Noble), and calls into question the nature of Alicia’s relationship with the deceased millionaire. The ensuing courtroom showdown between the now-battling exes ranks among the most intense Good Wife sequences to date. Bonus Scoop: The opening shot of the episode was so cleverly felicityexecuted I literally stood up in front of my computer and applauded. True story.

Question: Arrow is one of my Wednesday night addictions. Please tell me we won’t be waiting much longer for Olicity action to happen. –Katie
Ausiello: Oh, you’ll be waiting until at the very least 2014, seeing as in the next new episode (airing Dec. 4), Felicity finds herself a kindred spirit (and dance partner?) in visiting Arrow fanboy/wannabe CSI Barry Allen — who’ll be given a very good (yet very bad) reason to stick around for the fall finale airing Dec. 11.

Question: Any Vampire Diaries scoop? —Chery
Ausiello: Now that Damon’s Augustine past has been revealed, get ready for some “really cool flashbacks” in the Dec. 5 episode, teases Ian Somerhalder, who describes the glimpses as “brutal” and “crazy.” They’re so nuts, in fact, that his co-star Nina Dobrev could barely get through them! “It was disgusting,” she says of the scenes. “I’m not good at that kind of stuff and I hated watching it. I’ll probably have to close my eyes when I watch it on TV.”

Question: Nikita scoop ASAP, please? —Luli
Ausiello: The series finale will have you going “Ahhh…” as opposed to “WTF?!?!” Per cast member Lyndsy Fonseca, the Dec. 27 capper doesn’t end with a “big cliffhanger or anything, but it does [leave you] wondering what will happen with certain things.”

JENNIFER MORRISON, COLIN O'DONOGHUEQuestion: I was wondering if you had any scoop on Emma and Hook’s relationship on Once Upon a Time? –Laura
Ausiello: Once cocreator Eddy Kitsis told Matt Mitovich that with Henry’s life now on the line more than ever, Emma will be squarely focused on the dire present, with no thought given to her romantic future. Hook and Neal, meanwhile — sharing as they do a quite complicated past of their own — will arrive at some sort of agreement in the Dec. 8 episode. Says Kitsis, “You’ll see how they’re going to deal with each other and with Emma in, I think, a surprising way.”

Question: Will we get to see in the next half of this season of Once Upon a Time how Regina adopted Henry and how she raised him? — abz
Ausiello: Hmm, your subscription to the Daily Mirror must have lapsed, because that bit of backstory will be revealed this Sunday, and it’s at least a two-hanky affair, as Mayor Mills struggles to bond with her procured bambino. But what you may find surprising is who almost adopted wee Henry instead.

Question: Any chance we’ll be seeing the Jabberwock on Once Upon a Time in Wonderland? I just can’t imagine Alice in Wonderland without it. —Estee
Ausiello: And there won’t be an Alice in Wonderland without it. “You will see the Jabberwock” in the second half of the season, Eddy Kitsis promises.

Question: Any Psych dish would be greatly appreciated! –Amy
psych-musicalAusiello: We’ve watched the two-hour musical episode airing Sunday, Dec. 15, and to say it’s a crowd-pleaser is akin to saying Gus likes Pluto. Some of the songs are more memorable than others (namely, Lassie’s tango-tempoed ode to evidence), Ally Sheedy steals scene after scene as the ever off-kilter Yang, and if you listen closely, guest star Barry Bostwick will drop a Rocky Horror reference on you.

Question: Do you know if or when Heather Morris will be returning to Glee? Or any other Glee scoop?  –Abi
Ausiello: I recently addressed the Heather/Brittany issue, so I come to you bearing “other Glee scoop.” Series vet Jayma Mays tells us that in a couple weeks she’ll be shooting her penultimate Season 5 appearance, in an episode that, she has been told, features “good stuff” for Emma. “From what I understand, it’s a really good episode for her and for Will,” the Millers costar adds, “so they’re telling me to be excited!”

Question: On The Mentalist, I have one lingering question I hope you can get answered: Will the coded message the Van Pelt found in Bertram’s storage locker come up again anytime soon? —Andrew
Ausiello: Yes, it will. Sometime soon.

Question: I read on Twitter that Stephanie Jacobsen is joining Revenge – any deets on her role? —Nick
Ausiello: The Melrose Place alum is playing a woman from Aiden’s past (and presumably the latest thorn in Emily’s side) in a multi-episode arc.

Question: Any scoop on Sleepy Hollow? –Meg
Ausiello: As if the Fox drama’s first season hasn’t been scary enough, executive producer Ken Olin tells TVLine that Ichabod and Abbie will be in even more trouble before the freshman run comes to a close: Another horseman of the apocalypse will be introduced in an upcoming episode. Bonus Scoop: George Washington — as in the first POTUS — will make his first significant showing before the season wraps on Jan. 20.

renard's ringQuestion: Are we ever going to find out why Renard wears a wedding ring on Grimm? –Audra
Ausiello: “I think we’ll get around to it,” Sasha Roiz tells TVLine, though what he adds will likely stoke voracious fans’ curiosity rather than satiating it. “Many things and many storylines have never made it onto the screen. So the things that have been conceived, especially in Season 1 for all our characters, that are actually on the editing [room] floor are remarkable. You’d be amazed at the storylines that we had.” But back to the ring… “For now, we keep it,” Roiz says. “And I’m sure we’ll find a really interesting way to explain it.” 

Question: Is Covert Affairs going to show us how Danielle (Anne Dudek) reacts to Annie being alive next season? —Janet
Ausiello: You’re assuming Annie loops in her loved ones. While exec producer Chris Ord confirms that the issue of Annie’s sis “needs to be addressed” in Season 5, he hints that she may “consider not telling her family” at all. (Um, isn’t that what Facebook is for?)

Question: What can you tell me about The Following Season 2? –Mike
Ausiello: Ryan Hardy is movin’ on up in the world! Or, at least, in New York City: He’s got a swank Upper West Side apartment (in the skyyyyyyyy), having left his Brooklyn loft and its bad memories behind. “Obviously, after the horror I experienced in that apartment, I felt the need to move,” Kevin Bacon reports, laughing. Specifically, Hardy’s new digs are located at 82nd Street and Broadway, adjacent to Central Park. “It’s a good neighborhood. I run in the park,” Bacon adds. “I’m feeling fine.”

Question: I know Natalie Zea will be on Season 2 of The Following, but please tell me she survived that crazy bitch’s attack in the finale! –Erin
Ausiello: (Spoiler Alert: The news is not heartening.) “What happened to Claire is absolutely tragic and horrible,” Bacon said during a set visit. “When you see the first episode of Season 2, you’ll see that Ryan has lost everything that he feels for and cares deeply about. It could not have gone worse.”

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