Post Mortem: Revenge Boss on Why [Spoiler] Shot Emily - Plus, Scoop on that Memory Twist, Victoria's Upper Hand, Aiden's Past and More

Revenge Why Daniel Shot EmilyIf you’ve yet to watch Sunday’s Revenge, avert your eyes now. Spoilers ahead!

Since the start of Revenge‘s third season, we’ve known that we would eventually get to see a twice-shot Emily Grayson, née Thorne, plummet off of a yacht to a (theoretically) watery grave — but the identity of the trigger-puller has remained a secret… until now!

On Sunday, ABC’s primetime sudser revealed that the person packing the pistol is none other than… our scheming leading lady’s new hubby, Daniel!

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That’s right, a drunk and disgruntled Danny Boy — who, having just learned that his beloved ex, Sarah, has tried to take her own life — overhears Victoria and Emily discussing the latter’s fake pregnancy, then confronts his betrothed over her incessant lies and, without hesitation, retrieves the loaded gun she has nearby as a means of faking her death. She immediately apologizes, but it’s (way) too little, (way) too late: He’s already shot her. Twice.

When a very-much-alive Emily doesn’t meet Aiden at their planned rendezvous point, he and Jack — who’s come to say (another, better) goodbye to his childhood sweetheart — happen upon her bloody, discarded wedding gown. Daniel, meanwhile, watches his missus float away and returns to the party as if nothing has happened.

At a recent press conference, Revenge boss Sunil Nayar discussed the near-fatal twist, revealing why the show chose Daniel as the shooter and what’s next for an amnesiac (!) Emily. The EP also previewed Victoria’s next move now that she (for once!) has the upper hand on her daughter-in-law, and multiple “amazing cliffhangers” ahead.

QUESTION | Talk about the decision to make Daniel the shooter.
We played around with lots of different options… We had about three different people that we were really seriously considering and then tried to make it work… We just wanted to do the one that’s the juiciest and that ultimately changes the show as much as possible. We wanted to almost paint ourselves into a corner where you think, “How on Earth are they going to get out of this?!” because we’ve established so many realities that we can’t deny are true now. I think that we found elegant ways out of these problems that really give us tons more story going into the back half of the season.

QUESTION | Who else was under consideration to pull the trigger?
We toyed with so many different people. There was a time that we played out what if it was Aiden who shot her, and then we realized that that just would seem so incongruous with the couple that we know them as. So even to try to think about getting him to that point didn’t really work. We obviously toyed with the idea of Victoria shooting her, because it’s so delicious and wonderful, and then we had Lydia coming back… So we teed up everybody we could think of as the shooter and just saw which had the best prize when it happened and the best dramatic merit coming out of it, and Daniel really was the answer to that question each time we looked at it.

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QUESTION | How will Daniel’s actions impact him in the episodes to come?
He’s tormented by the nature of what he’s done. You even get a sense after he shot her, there’s this flicker of regret. He [committed] a brash act. He’s been completely betrayed. It’s not like you don’t understand the impulse to do it. Carrying through with the act was the big moment for Daniel. He will have to wrestle with the demons of what that means and wrestle with the fact that now, he’s learned the truth about this woman that he’s given his heart over to back and forth over the last couple of years. You’re going to see a real transformation in him. There’s a regret that will come from it initially, but then it will grow into a strength, a hardening in Daniel Grayson, because the person he trusted the most has really upended the nature of that trust. It’s going to be a great journey we’re going to put him on.

QUESTION | How did Josh Bowman react to the shooter twist?
He was blown away… Once we knew were doing the storyline, we thought, “We have to talk to Josh before anybody,” because from his acting standpoint, we wanted to give him as much time to prepare for it and make sure he was nuancing his performance as he got up to it. He was obviously very concerned, because it’s a big move, and we kept assuring him, “We’re going to get you to an emotional place where we’re going to believe that you did it,” and hopefully all you guys [watching] actually believed that he got there. I think he did. He did a fabulous job, but he was knocked out that he was going to be the shooter. But also, in a very legitimate way, we wanted to make sure we were going to attend to the nature of his character going forward, and it wasn’t going to be for simply sensational [effect] like, “Holy moly, I can’t believe it’s Daniel”; it actually informs his character going forward, and the dynamic between Emily and all of the Graysons. With his input, we really got to the right place for it, and you’ll see where we get to going forward.

QUESTION | Speaking of Josh, what are your thoughts on him recently saying he wanted to be killed off the show this season?
Josh had gotten himself into a space, because he knew he was doing this storyline, that some of the darkness was in [his remarks] in a way. He had just such a commitment to where his character was going that he, in his mind, just let it go to the nth degree. When he was just talking to [the reporter], he let his imagination get away from him a little bit, just because he was living in the darkest place his character’s ever going to be. Coming out of it, anybody could die on Revenge at any time, so it wasn’t an insane thing to say, but we love Josh and obviously we have plans for his character.

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QUESTION | Has Emily really lost her memory, as the promo for January’s episodes suggests?
She has at the moment lost her memory of all of it, and you’ll see how we play out the amnesia storyline. Because obviously, it’s quite the soap opera trope. [But] what we’ve done with it is [do it] the way that Revenge would do it: in a way that’s extremely satisfying… We wanted to do it, but in the way that the show is capable of doing things, where you never know who’s telling the truth at any given moment. So, we play with the amnesia idea in many different ways, from the first episode back, that you’ll be happy about.

QUESTION | That said, how will an investigation into Emily’s shooting play out?
There are a couple different people who become primary suspects. Obviously, Emily’s not a benefit to them in the nature of the investigation, but they will have evidence on the boat that they’re pursuing, and then they’ll have photo evidence of what Margaux is doing on the boat, so that Voulez is primary in the investigation, and again, in classic Revenge style, you’ll see how one person becomes a real suspect, and then it shifts over to someone else’s focus.

QUESTION | What happens now that Victoria knows a little about who Emily is?
We wanted to set up things so that we have a greater knowledge of who Emily is going forward, and Emily will then slowly understand that the circumstances of what she can do are now drastically different also… Seeing this photograph is the catalyst that starts Victoria on a journey to really have something on Emily… VictoriaWeddingShe has no idea that she’s Amanda Clarke at this point in time, but she at least knows that this woman is not on the level and that some of her suspicions are actually correct, which gives Victoria a great engine going into the second half of the season. She now has the power in the relationship, which she hasn’t had obviously in the first half of the season.

QUESTION | And Emily still wants to take down Victoria?
She definitely still wants to take the Graysons down. That will never be a mission that leaves her, but again, with Victoria knowing who she is, and as we play things out coming back, she’s going to understand that the way that she has to go about this is going to be completely different than the way she’s done it in the past.

QUESTION | Will we see Emily quickly stripped of her Grayson name with an annulment?
It’s tricky. We looked into the rules of annulment in New York, and it requires, interestingly, a degree of fraud that has to be committed. Daniel actually has the grounds for annulment much more than Emily would at this point in time, but you’ll see coming into the next episodes that that’s actually not the best option for him at this point in time.

QUESTION | Emily’s humanity has been called into question quite a bit this season, particularly by those she cares for most. Will that continue to be explored post-shooting?
She’s a person who’s been created by circumstance, and so we’ve tried to explore in the first half of this season what her mission has turned her into in some ways. And then answering who shot her and why, we wanted, in the second half of the season, to really answer the humanity of Emily Thorne, to get back to the girl that was destroyed by what the Graysons did, to get back to the family that destroyed her. The examination of the first half of the season was, what are the merits of her mission, and what has it turned her into, and then post-shooting, it’ll be, who has she now become, and how does she see what her mission is and who she is with respect to it? It’s the real humanization of her you’re going to see in especially the next three episodes coming up.

QUESTION | Do Jack’s actions at the end of this episode signify a “reset” for him and Emily moving forward?
Yeah, we’ve had Jack really scrutinize the nature of who Emily is and what Emily’s doing, but he will come to see in the aftermath of the shooting that it’s really his ultimatum that’s led her to be in this position. There’s a bit of culpability that he has for it, so you’re going to start seeing the thaw between Emily and Jack as we get into the second half of the season… It’s a bit of a more equivalent relationship moving forward.

QUESTION | How will all of this impact Aiden?
There’s definitely still the triangle of Emily and Aiden and Jack, and Aiden’s definitely still in the picture. But his plans have obviously gone awry. His future’s just been upended, and Emily’s going to have to stay in the Hamptons for a little bit, so it’s confusing to him. There’s another great introduction into the nature of the Aiden backstory that takes him into the future that shakes things up between him and Emily, too.

QUESTION | Will Sara be back? And will we learn whether she actually tried to commit suicide?
Sara’s not gone yet… And you will find out in the episode back what actually happens to Sara.

QUESTION | And how long will Lydia be sticking around?
She’s sticking around for a little bit longer. She’ll play a big role in the episode back.

QUESTION | What’s next for Nolan and Patrick?
We always knew that we were going to bring back Victoria’s son and that he’d become a love interest for Nolan, and the two of them have been so great together. Frankly, what we’re going to do is we’re really going to put them through their paces when we come back. Happy relationships are all fine and dandy, but that’s not where this show thrives. Patrick, seeing that there’s this space between this painting that Nolan obviously bought from his mother, is going to have him call into question with whom his fidelities lie, and the answers are going to really cause a lot of great conflict in the Victoria/Patrick/Nolan triangle.

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QUESTION | What’s Charlotte’s journey in the second half of the season?
She will slowly come to see Emily in a different way, which is going to cause that rift between the sister that she’s always tried to get closer to. We want to give Charlotte a love interest in the second half of the season, because now that she is more of a woman, it’s time to acknowledge her as such. We have a way that we could do that that will also create more conflict in the world of Emily and Nolan also, but we want to keep her going, because she’s been fantastic this year, and we love our new Charlotte.

QUESTION | Will we continue to see takedowns of the week moving forward?
Definitely. We’re not going to get rid of the takedowns. We’ve done them sparingly and with the right impact when we do it. Again, now with this new Emily, we have a different sense of how a takedown is going to work, so we’re not giving them up completely.

QUESTION | Are there any major cliffhangers planned to conclude your three-episode run in January?
Oh, yeah. When you get to the end of that Episode 13, there are three, maybe four amazing cliffhangers that we’ve got built up that will carry you into March… Now that we’re past [the wedding], and we’re to the place where Daniel has shot Emily, where Victoria’s figured out who she is, where Patrick’s seen where the infinity box may be hidden, we can get into the more salaciously, revenge-y, interpersonal stuff now. [Our new] 10 pm [timeslot] will give us the opportunity to show you the darker colors of all the people.

QUESTION | Now that some of Emily’s secret is kind of out, is this the beginning of the end? How many more times can her revenge plans be thwarted?
What’s interesting is that there is so much story left to tell, surprisingly, and again, one of the things this episode is helping to do is to change the nature of how we can [tell that story]. But definitely, that is one of the things we’re talking about, that Emily needs a measure of success by season’s end, just so we understand that she is good at what she does. That’s one of the things that you can all know: We’re working… to make sure… you’re satisfied by the nature of what she’s doing as we get into Season 4.

QUESTION | So, you’re feeling good about the future of the series, renewalwise and whatnot?
We all feel very confident that there will be a fourth season of the show, and obviously, we’re already trying to think of that now. We all have a belief that the show could go on as long as we keep changing the parameters of what the show is. The show has legs to keep running for a long time, but obviously, we all hope, and I would imagine even at the network, too, that when the show is going to finish, that we have a chance to finish it correctly, because it would be so unfun for us and for the fans to to not have a resolution. So we definitely want to make sure this is a story that has an ending when it’s done.

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  1. Randy says:

    Revenge or how to screw up a good mid-season cliffhanger.

      • Stupid People says:

        Uhhhh. Did we watch the same show? Who else would have been a better shooter? Daniel was the right choice.

        • KevyB says:

          Besides the fact that it was totally out of character? It actually might have worked if Josh Bowman were a better actor. He needed to show impotent rage followed by impromptu action followed by shocked regret and he showed pretty much the same limited range of emotion he’s shown throughout the series. Which is proven by the stuff Sunil Nayar said above, that they “wanted to give him as much time to prepare for it and make sure he was nuancing his performance” and that “hopefully all you guys [watching] actually believed that he got there.” Uhhhh, we didn’t.

          • henninggirl says:

            The Sarah storyline never felt earned to me. Suddenly, this is the rando love of his life? Whom he never mentioned or talked to ever since one episode in the first season. So I’m supposed to believe this girl, who one episode previously refused to cheat with him, was so distraught she tried to kill herself? Um…..I don’t believe you and I don’t care, show.

          • KevyB says:

            The Sarah storyline probably also didn’t work due to the same issues with someone’s minimal acting skillz. Toss him in jail and throw away the key.

          • Ally Oop says:

            I never bought the Sarah storyline either. Sarah just seemed too weak and boring. I can’t understand how someone like Daniel could have fallen for her.

          • JoMarch says:

            Just what I was thinking. When the “Revenge Boss” (was he or she identified; must have missed it) claimed to have been thrilled with Josh Bowman’s performance, I nearly gagged. He was so one-note; I didn’t understand Daniel’s shooting of Emily, nor his reaction right afterward, unless Daniel is a sociopath, which I don’t think they conveyed him to be previously. And I agree with the commenters who felt the Sarah story-line was just thrown in. As far as annullment, I guess I missed that Emily Thorne is her legal name. If it isn’t and she’s just been using it, then the marriage is null anyway since the name on her marriage license is bogus. Of course, then all her financial transactions as Emily Thorne would be fraudulent, so I guess I’m just confused.

          • missannmcd says:

            I have to agree with Josh’s limited acting chops. Right after shooting Em he goes back into the room where the video is being played and then did a really bad acting job of looking drunk. He didn’t act drunk while shooting her. Lame.

        • Nosey says:

          I thought Daniel was the right choice, to me people who already had leverage over her (Nolan, Aiden, Jack, and now Lydia and Victoria) would have been the wrong choice. Those who know her true identity would only need to reveal it to the Graysons, then she is for sure dead, so there was no need for any of them to pull the trigger. Lydia and Victoria now have leverage and have no reason to pull the trigger. As far as the Sara story line, there was no closure in their relationship, so I understand why Daniel quickly turned to her. Besides Fauxmily was pulling away from him, it took her a long time to set a wedding date, plus she kissed Jack while they were engaged, and the final straw was the fake pregnancy (which it is possible she might have been but it maybe was not Daniel’s), I could see all the things building up. The conversation between Fauxmily and Victoria was enough to make him mad, and he had been drinking. Also, he has pulled the trigger (although not killed) on someone in every season, Tyler, Aiden, now Emily. Tyler and Aiden both said things to him indicating he should leave Emily. But his mother for the last two years has been telling him Fauxmily cannot be trusted, and I am sure he felt used. Based on things that lead up to this (including season 1 and season 2), Exodus episode makes since.

          • Natalie says:

            I think Daniel was the perfect choice. He has good reason to hate Emily. Shes dragging him and Charlotte through her revenge plan, manipulating them as much and she’s manipulating his parents, and he just found this out.
            As for the Sarah storyline, I totally agree with everyone who’s saying it’s rediculous, unbelievable, and just “thrown-in”.

        • Teresa says:

          I agree, wholeheartedly!!!!

        • I agree wholeheartedly!!

      • david says:

        what i found disappointing was that after a good first half of season this episode was mediocre until the last 5 min but you knew it was time to go. i feel like we came full circle after trying to forget last year since this was imo a bad episode

    • Sam says:

      So true. This whole Nolan (is he gay, or isn’t he) depending who is writing that season is getting tired. This year he is a full blown gay. Last year he was a full-blown heterosexual whose girlfriend was killed by a sinister force (which was eliminated late last season). There are a ton of inconsistancies on this show now that the lead producer went from David E Kelly to Sunil Nayar. Nayar is doing everything he can to keep this show afloat, but as Kelly knew, it was living on borrowed time so he quit before the show outstayed its welcome. Its ratings on the key catagory have dropped below 1.0 for the first time late in the first half of the season. It keeps that up, it will be saying “Good bye” for good by May, whether or not the Revenge is complete.

      • bibi says:

        Have you seriously never heard of being bisexual? The writers of the show shouldn’t have to spell it out for you. It’s a relatively common sexual orientation… -> it’s the ‘B’ in the LGBT acronym – and simply means you can be attracted to someone of either sex, based on their individual chemistry with the person, not their gender. How has no one else commented on this??

        • Lady Z says:

          I love how Nolan’s character is romantically and sexually real – and quite obviously Bisexual. I’m glad you pointed that out to the previous poster. :)

      • Don’t you remember in the first season when he was trying to take care of Tyler for Emily, that he told Tyler that he was about a 3 on the Kinsey Scale. Meaning he swings both ways. He goes where he’s attractions take him, no labels.

    • I love Emily and ofcourse hate Victoria and chop off the old block charlotte I think sara knew exactly what she wss doing and will do anything 3 be eith Daniel even attempt suicide Nolan needs 2 be more careful who he brings in2 his bed.As 4 jack he will be their 4 Emily thry belongs 2gether.Aiden will end up finally leaving as he should anyway thats one girls opinion one girls revenge!!!!!!!!!.

  2. Samantha says:

    Mike Kelley created this show & he ruined it too. In my opinion it’s never recovered from the mess he created in season 2. I said I’d give the show until midseason finale to decide & I’ve decided .. I’m out. Everyone who still enjoys it .. well, enjoy. Truly.

    • Randy says:

      I’m agree

    • iMember says:

      I disagree completely!

      • Joanna Tricaso says:

        It never ends. It sucks you in and then sucks you in all over again. Its like a bad relationship that you keep going back to. People are going to get sick of it and stop watching. As someone who has stayed loyal to the show I urge them to put an end to it so viewers can feel satisfied and not bored and rolling their eyes every time because honestly fake pregnancies and amnesia are a thing for daytime soap operas that are completely a joke.

        • Stupid People says:

          you knew going into it that it was a soap opera, come on!

        • Dr. M says:

          I was going to come back until I saw the coming attractions with the amnesia bit. So, so, cheesy.

          • Terry says:

            Ya, more daytime drama incessant story lines. Amnesia?!? Lame!

          • David says:

            I love the show really, but I feel the comments shared here. The episode was kind of a let down, but I was still kind of ok with it since now Victoria knows something of her past and Daniel that will give them some power over Emily. But when they showed the preview of the next half of the season with the amnesia, that was a let down. I mean they nearly jumped the shark in Season 2 with Carrion and The Initiative but this is just lazy tella-novella day-time soap opera writing. I’ll still watch, to see how Ems gets out of this but the amnesia bit better be short-lived or it’ll be more than the Graysons swimming with the sharks.

          • Natalie says:

            Yes ugh.. amnesia is such a cheesy, cliche, and boring cop-out.

    • Leila J says:

      Agreed! :)

    • Amelia says:

      What do you want?

  3. nikki says:

    Why can’t Conrad and Victoria just really be together?

    Daniel is awesome.

  4. TV Gord says:

    “There ARE three, maybe four, amazing cliffhangers…”, Poor grammar bugs me at the best of times, but I particularly hate when a writer makes such basic mistakes.

    • GTS says:

      That’s what is written. Is that wrong?

    • Omega says:

      First off, that is what’s been written unless someone changed it. Secondly, it’s an interview. The writer is writing what was said. If they corrected grammar mistakes that the people speaking make, it wouldn’t be an accurate interview. Finally, as it is an interview, you are quoting a quote, and therefore need double quotations in your response. Get off your high horse.

      • Jax says:

        Actually, there is an editing term -[sic]- which is used after a copied or quoted word that appears odd or erroneous to show that the word is quoted exactly as it stands in the original. So even if the writer was quoting the person exactly she should have used [sic] to let us know.

    • I’m not an English native speaker, so what exactly is wrong with that sentence?

  5. iMember says:

    AMAZING AMAZING episode tonight and really insightful review. Thank you!! Can’t wait to see the aftermath of tonight’s episode. Soooo fantastic!

  6. Jake says:

    This has been a great season, I hope viewers catch up.not sure why the show returns jan 5 and will also go up against the golden globes. I really would prefer daniel and Emily together and the daniel of season one, I don’t want daniel to turn evil

    • Stupid People says:

      No, trust me, Daniel is better as evil. This nice guy bs is old. His character was getting really boring. He already has a goofy face.

  7. nateddog says:

    I say end it at season 5 & be done

    • JJM says:

      At a season 5? This show should be considered lucky it’s getting a season 4 due to it’s ratings. Thank your syndications Gods for that reason only.

  8. N says:

    Why tell all of that?

  9. Dani says:

    PATHETIC! There is NO ONE to root for on this show anymore. The magic the show had under Mike Kelly is clearly gone. The characters aren’t even gray anymore, they pretty much are all painted in black. The fall finale just added to that.
    And then you come back with an amnesia storyline? Go and watch the four Daytime soaps that are still around. Not even they do this crappy story-telling anymore. And they don’t do it for a reason.
    “We love our new Charlotte” and “We all feel very confident that there will be a fourth season of the show” are the most disturbing comments. I’m not sure that REVENGE will be around for another season. Who would looking at how bad the ratings have gotten? Guess only the show’s EP who feels so confident about the crap he’s creating.
    Daniel being the one that shoots Emily wasn’t that hard to figure out, seeing in what corner they are writing his character this season. Daniel was such an amazing character in the beginning. Very gray, thorn between good and bad.
    Amnesia, fake pregnancies and a bunch of bitches with no heroine around. That is what REVENGE has become in season three.
    I had hope. I still waited for the fall finale and hoped for improvement. I wished I would have forgotten about the show a couple of months ago.
    Anyway, congrats Sunil Nayar. Now I’m a proud member of those who ain’t watching anymore. Is already almost half of what REVENGE used to archive in ratings.

    • hannah says:

      why don’t you wait for the amnesia story to start before you JUDGE? And how else was Emily going to get Daniel to still marry her without faking a pregnancy? She needed to marry him for the plan. And newsflash, this is a primetime soap. And soaps never did crappy storytelling; and neither does Revenge.

      • Dani says:

        I’ve waited. I watched the entire 2nd season and the first half of season 3. In my opinion it didn’t get much better. It’s not like that’s the first episode I didn’t find entertaining. It’s the last in a very, very long list. ;)
        And newsflash, I know that it’s a primetime soap. I have known for more than two years. That’s why I fell in love with the show in the first place. Because it was a good written soap. However, soaps did crappy storytelling before.
        Fallon was kidnapped by aliens on THE COLBYS. DALLAS declared an entire season of their show a dream. Marlena was possessed by the devil on DAYS OF OUR LIVES and Erica’s baby was unaborted on ALL MY CHILDREN. Izzie had sex with a ghost on GREY’S ANATOMY. I say the list of crappy storytelling in soaps is a very long one. However, I love soaps. And I did love this show. It just feels completely out of place for me.
        As I said, I find no character to root for anymore. All males seem one-dimensional while all women appear to be bitches who throw lines at each other.
        For me, it sadly is a big disappointment. I looked forward to season three as a new beginning. Didn’t expect it to get even worse.

    • Leila J says:

      Preach, Dani, preach!!! I agree with you a thousand percent. Like you, I stuck around for the fall finale and hoped it would get better, even when they brought back that bitch Lydia, but now I am done. I feel like I got punked with tonight’s episode. My faith in this show has not been rewarded. My faith got trolled. From Sarah trying to kill herself to Daniel shooting Emily and then acting all nonchalant about it and then Patrick’s unnecessary return to inevitably wreak all manner of horse manure on Nolan’s life, I just can’t with this show anymore. Good luck to all who will stand by it and continue to watch it. That is your choice. Peace be with you. My remote is with me and it will not be tuning to ABC to watch Revenge any damn more.

      • Jenny says:

        Why so aggressive though? Lol.

      • Stupid People says:

        Then stop watching, b itch. Don’t let the door hit your fat a ss on the way out.

      • missannmcd says:

        ABC has gone to paid subscription status to make money on their stoopid shows now. That alone will kill their audience and shoot ratings down even further. Josh Bowelman’s acting is mediocre at best and the relationship between Icky Vicky and Patrick is just creepy! I have loved Emily Vancamp since her time on Brothers and Sisters but she alone cannot keep this show afloat. Sadly, it’s going down the toilet.

    • Nosey says:

      Wow I thought she was faking the amnesia since her plan did not work. It was hard for me to believe she came out of her wedding dress, then has amnesia. But I thought the finale was good b/c nothing went as planned

    • She only had amnesia for one episode for real, I’m sure she’ll fake it as long as she can. Daniel, has finally shown that he is a true Grayson and that he is no better than his parents, Patrick’s no better than his mother, the only one in that family worth saving is Charlotte, and if between Jack, Nolan, Aiden & Emily if she’s able, she’s going to stay that way, Safe & sound.

  10. WingsStef says:

    Looks like great stuff to come. Looking forward to more Revenge!

  11. Tv lover says:

    This show gives me so much anxiety in a good way. But poor Daniel seriously needs psychological help.

  12. Jess says:

    My theory is that the bullets were blanks,blood stains were dye packets, and the amnesia is fake. How else would you explain the preview with Emily grabbing onto the buoy out in the ocean with the wedding dress still on and then the wedding dress magically comes off and floats to shore?

    • Kristen says:

      That was my initial thought too, but Jack and Aiden looked legitimately surprised to see the blood on her dress. Also, depending on how long she’s floating in the ocean, she could possibly go into a coma or something and then lose her memory.

      • janet says:

        there were 2 bullet holes in her dress. they expected the blood (from the vitals she had it in) but not actual bullet holes..? why didnt they discuss the usage of blanks? too many uncontrolled mishaps can happen with live ammo.

    • Stupid People says:

      Your theory makes no logical sense.

    • Dr. M says:

      I’m pretty sure the grabbing buoy bit was the standard plot device of showing what ‘the plan’ is before it happens. Most heist films have something like that. They show visuals of the plot being described, imagined, whatever, and then the real event occurs and it can be different.

    • r0ckmypants says:

      “Magically comes off?” If Emily can swim, she can shed her dress. Good God.

      • Ray says:

        Logistically, an extremely fitted wedding gown would not just slip off. It probably would require an incredible amount of manpower to get into, and the same goes for getting out of it.

  13. Alichat says:

    “….we love our new Charlotte.”??? He does know he’s in a minority right? I’ve hated her character all season. This episode’s “shocking twist” was neither shocking or twisty. I’d have been genuinely surprised if Jack had shot her.

  14. My says:

    In the NYarea! there was “breaking new” as Patrick opens the drawer to see all the remotes. The next thing we see is Aiden and Jack seeing the dress. Can someone please tell what happened between those 2 scenes. Also didn’t see the coming attractions. Needed that too.

    • Kristen says:

      Patrick opened the drawer and found the remote that exposes the safe in the wall with Em’s infinity box, the one behind the painting.

      • maria says:

        yeah, because it makes a lot of sense that Nolan would leave the remote to his safe with all of Emily’s secrets, in a drawer with the rest of his remotes.. Use your head writers. Is he really that dumb?

    • Kristen says:

      YouTube “Revenge promo 3×11” and you’ll find the stuff for next episode.

  15. ngirl says:

    OMG. Pins and needles. I’m so anxious. Why must we wait? Revenge needs to be back now…not in a few weeks. I was so hoping that it wouldn’t be Daniel. But if that means that Emily can finally be happy with Jack or Aiden (while kicking Grayson a**) , then I’m all for the new Emily. I hope that she stomps a mud hole in Daniel’s crazy a**. I can’t stand Victoria and Lydia…or Charlotte for that matter. See you in January.

  16. DavidSask says:

    I hope the amnesia is a fake-out as well a far superior story,if not that storyline will suck if is new plot device. If Emily got head trauma she must have hit the concrete buoy as not from shots to the gut!

  17. Revenge is not the solution of every problem.

  18. Lil says:

    Dude those writers should just watch season 1!!! You can’t go soaping revenge like this!! This show used to be so good! Now it’s just awful! And everyone has seriously mood swings!

  19. Asta says:

    In New York they broke in for breaking news right at the end! Couldn’t they have waited 5 minutes and done it during Betrayal???

  20. Davey says:

    People complaining about Revenge this season were never real fans. This season has been much better than the last. We all knew things weren’t going to go according to plan and I want to see how Emily is going to get out of this mess. I must admit I don’t care about Victoria having the upper hand. She should be dead by now.

    • Tahonia says:

      Just because it’s better than last season, (arguable) does not mean it’s quality is any good. Nolan is my only reason for watching this show. And there is not enough of his snark this year to make me happy.

    • j says:

      i have been a fan since the first show ..but this last episode was a let down..dont know if i will watch anymore..

  21. LJ365 says:

    “Oh wow, what an awesome finale and I can’t wait for it to return in January!!” — said my ass

  22. schu says:

    Loved the episode as usual with this whole season! I’ve been completely sucked into these outrageously crazy Hamptons’ socialites lives. It’s of course ridiculous at points, but anyone that isn’t entertained by it doesn’t appreciate some good juicy tv.

  23. lauren says:

    daniel being the shooter was so obvious. they have been destroying his character piece by piece for the last two seasons. it was bad enough that they made him completely unlikeable but then they brought this sarah storyline in out of nowhere just to invent a reason for him not to want to marry emily when the one consistent thing about his character throughout everything has been his love/devotion/borderline obsession with emily. season one was so great and now it’s just so dark and depressing.

  24. Naf says:

    We love Charlotte? Are you kidding me?? I hate her character now. I think she should know about the real Emily!! As in she is the real AMANDA. And help her out to destroy the Graysons! Then i might like her character! Just a thought!

    • Ally Oop says:

      What made me dislike Charlotte this year is how she turned on Emily. I can’t recall why. Can someone please remind me? I liked Charlotte again when she finally liked Emily again and I liked the scene they had together in the season finale. I hope Charlotte remembers that Emily said she loves her. However this interview says a rift happens between them. AGAIN?! Bloody hell, I thought we just got over that.

      • She told Emily That she caught Victoria with a young lover, who was actually her son Patrick. Emily told Victoria that Ashley was trying to Blackmail her over Victoria’s supposes affair. This got back to Charlotte. However, when Charlotte thought Emily was going to have Daniels baby, they buried the hatchet, & not in each other’s backs.

  25. Chris says:

    I hate the new Charlotte, even the old one, nothing to do with the actress— and I miss the daniel of season one, someone we can actually care about and root for, not the dark path that might come next. I love the show more than ever.

    Revenge should move to Tuesdays after 10 after dancing with the stars which should also move

  26. abz says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but I kinda don’t like the fact that he kept talking about how the shooter could have been all of these people. It kinda ruins it and makes it seem that they’re making it up as they go along without any planning ahead. After reading this, I started thinking what it would be like if someone else shot her. I remember reading an interview on TVLine with a couple months ago near the premiere when we first saw Emily getting shot and he was like we’re still deciding on who shot her. How do you decide to do something that big without knowing who did it and where you go from there? Anyways, I think this season has been a vast improvement on the last and I did enjoy the episode so looking forward for it to come back.

    • Tee says:

      Yep I was surprised/disappointed by that too, that more thought hadn’t been put into the big picture. Of course I guess that was obvious by the meandering and stretched out season 2.

    • Chris says:

      You obviously don’t know how writers room works, it’s just insight into their process.

    • Jirynka says:

      Agreed. It is disappinting. I sure don’t know “how writers room works”, but if this is the right way, I really don’t like it. I can appreciate when everything is thought through ahead and when you watching it again, you see all those hints and you are like “Omg, this is so clever!” and “How could I missed that?”, like in case of Sherlock f.e. I don’t believe that good writers are making stuff of this importence up in the process. It feels wrong. It feels like either way is good and it doesn’t really matter, we are just gonna pick one and say it is the best.

      • abz says:

        Exactly. I mean I have an idea of how the writer’s room works. I’ve seen it on a few TV show DVD bonus features, but of course I’m not a writer so I won’t know everything. I realize that they were giving insight into their process and of course they were toying with different ideas in there, but when they finally set on a plan, telling the readers/viewers how they didn’t really have any idea of who the shooter when they decided Emily was gonna get shot, is pretty discouraging and makes it seem like maybe their plans for the future arcs aren’t even definitive or have a clear direction to follow. I guess though we shouldn’t get too hard on them because they basically sort of had to reboot the show after the previous showrunner left and fix all the problems with last season.
        And yes I love those AHA moments when I watch an episode of a show or a finale and then read an interview with the showrunner and I end up thinking “WTF? That’s pretty awesome” or like you said “How could I have missed that?”.

        • Jirynka says:

          Yes. From the beginning we hear about Amanda’s masterplan. It would seems to me, we are heading toward some point. 1) If it doesn’t matter who shot her to get there, it’s weird. 2) This masterplan was dumb. We are heading in different direction now obviously, because there is lots of episodes ahead of us, but this wedding thing should have been what she had planned all these years, right? This wasn’t first-season-Amanda’s plan. It was naive, million things could have gone wrong, not just those in the show. Also, why she admited the photo? Clearly it wasn’t part of plan to Victoria to know she was right all along at the first place, so why be impulsive, reckless, that’s not her. Sadly I have more like “WTF? That’s pretty stupid” moments. 3) About cleanig the 2 season mess. I don’t think they fixed anything. Imho they are just ignoring it. Carrion, Initiative, so many loose ends and nobody cares. … I would prefer if she had masterplan which would blow my mind, she would take the Graysons down and we could finally move on to some next goal – destroying the Initiative and stuff. There is so many possibilities, but we are stuck.

          • abz says:

            The thing is though, I blame this all on the Jack character. I feel like any plan that she would have had while most likely not running smoothly, because like you said there would have been a lot of episodes would have been better. They made him constantly criticize her and give her an ultimatum to end her revenge soon and if she didn’t he would reveal her truth. That’s why it’s all rushed and there wasn’t that feeling of the early season where we knew Emily had an ultimate plan in mind or plan(s) and she had things under control.
            I get what you’re saying about the loose ends, but for me the Initiative/Carrion/Padma storylines got so annoying, I let that go and for the most part have enjoyed the season. LOL to this day I still have no idea what the heck The Initiative was!
            I, too, was shocked when Emily just admitted she faked the pregnancy like that. I was honestly expecting her to have some explanation or comeback, but I guess her freezing up on the reveal from Victoria sheds a light on how poorly planned and rushed this mission was and how there were so many moving parts to it. It’s also pretty stupid how if Daniel was listening, then why didn’t he see or hear his mother being cut off and taken away by Aiden.

  27. abz says:

    Also, I am really not liking the fact that they are going the amnesia route. It would be better, if Emily is faking the amnesia from the minute she wakes up to mess with them.
    And while I still enjoy the show, I don’t see how it can continue for as long as he thinks it could without it getting annoying that her revengendas will probably never fully succeed till the end of the show.

    • Connie says:

      Even then it still might not succeed. :/

    • She only fakes it for the first episode because of a traumatic brain injury. Maiden was able to find her, but she was going into shock from hypothermia and blood loss, so he made sure the Captain of the boat found her and was forced to leave her there. The boys thought she was faking at first too, until Aiden tried to get her out of the Hospital and into a safe House and she freaked on him. The first thing that jogs her memory is Charlotte telling her that she was the strongest person she known and she had always wondered where she got that from. Emily tells her she got it from her father, David Clarke.

  28. I already saw the episode, but why put who shot Emily in the URL, when you exclude it in the headline? LMAO

  29. Am…friggin’…nesia?!?! You’ve got to be fu**ing kidding me. That’s the mid-finale payoff? What a let down. Daniel as the shooter was so obvious. LOL

  30. Tahonia says:

    Amnesia the cliche soap writers go to when they are out of any original idea. Now it just becomes camp. Aiden has lost his crazy, Nolan is unrecognizable, Victoria is still evil, but with a heart of bleeding gold for her son, Lydia arises from the dead. Lousy writing this year. Interesting creation of character in Margaux, and then they put her to no good use. Less than great season 2 has just jumped the shark in season 3.

    • Hermit says:

      And don’t forget the fake pregnancy BS, one of the worst soap cliches.

    • Jirynka says:

      I think Lydia is actually immortal. Or maybe we are dealing with her evil twin now. Her coming back just underline that feeling of nothing gets resolved. I mean how many times Amanda has to get her down? Nolan is kinda whiny, he used to be so cool. Aiden is boring, but I remember he was a badass. Jack is just annoying. Did Declan really had to die if it automaticaly leads to this Jack? Victoria’s smile just screams “punch me in the face”. It makes me so sad.

  31. Tahonia says:

    She gets shot in the gut, and then takes her dress off underwater? Oh, good grief!

  32. Et al says:

    The only people who are upset by tonight’s episode are obnoxious shippers. Quitting the show? Good riddance. Neilsen doesn’t measure ratings for people under 18 anyway.

  33. Jenny says:

    I enjoyed it!
    But my god can I just say all those unhappy with it, you all need to calm down lol. Just stop watching and carry on ;)

  34. aciel says:

    im surprised by all the negative comments gosh this episode was good who wouldn’ve expected daniel and plus it was action packed. well i guess people these days just don’t appreciate good shows anymore

  35. Stupid People says:

    Awesome episode! Daniel was the only person who could have been the shooter. It makes sense. I just want her to hook up with Jack. I hate Aidan and his mumble mouth full of marbles.

    • Amelia says:

      “mouth of marbles” made me lol. Amazing.

    • Sharleen says:

      I so agree with you about Aiden. I have been waiting for Jack and her to hook up since the beginning. I know a lot of people don’t seem to like him, but I do and always have. I really enjoyed this episode and can’t wait to see what happens next. I don’t mind the amnesia angle at all.

      I read all these negative comments about the writing on this show and it just surprises me. I think of some of the reality TV shows out there that are nothing more than one rich family after another trying to get richer and believing they are famous because they have a reality show. It seems like a new one pops up daily. For me that is boring TV and I would hate to see a show like Revenge get cancelled and another reality TV show take it’s place. I will stick by Revenge and hope it lasts a long time.

      • gems says:

        I agree, I love this show and wish it aired more then once weekly. I’m guessing that her amnesia is real but she will come out of it and plan her next move while pretending to still have no memory. I agree that there are some parts that aren’t as good (initiative) and that I’d like to see Charlotte and her become closer. I don’t dislike Daniel but wish he were a more assertive man. He seems to walk around a lot with his head in the clouds. I do like him and all the actors. They need to get rid of Aiden or have him get involved with someone else. In the long run I’d of course like to see Emily with Jack, but want to see a story line with her and Daniel making their marriage work. Nolan is great and I do hope he finds true happiness. Bravo to the writers on the show and Thank you for writing such an awesome show!!

  36. Sam says:

    I love this show but it honestly IS feeling like it needs to end. It’s just been getting dragged out so much. I want the show to stay on but rather than dragging things out they need to change the dynamic. Emily needs to get her revenge on the Graysons but that doesn’t mean the show has to end there. I think if they would have had Emily take down the Graysons and then move on to finding out about the Initiative everything would have worked out much better. The fact that the Initiative was revealed to be the true masterminds behind it all and that was Emilys main focus and then boom they’re gone and completely forgotten about was so weird. I hope Emily gets her takedown ASAP but then the show gets changed up. Like maybe she gets revenge on Victoria and Conrad for framing them succesfully for Daniel’s murder and Charlotte and Patrick believe it…at first. Thus gettting an ultimate revenge on the Graysons. The public would condemn them for mudering their child and more importantly their own children would hate them. But then maybe somehow Charlotte figures out it was Emily. And IDK I’m just riffing here some ideas. There could be a flashforward of sorts involved. Idk. The show needs new life. The boss here kept saying how all of this changed the show but all it did was give away part of Emily’s plan and make her weaker with challenges we can’t even really see her clean up. To me it seems like its the same old thing getting dragged out. I honestly hope this show can find some new life and get renewed. But if not, I hope it ends soon with enough notice for the writers to give it the ending it deserves.

    • Camille says:

      I agree with you, Sam. I have been a “Revenge” fan since the beginning but it hasn’t always been easy. :-) I’m exhausted by the UNLIKELY twists and turns and just want to see some kind of resolution for Emily/Amanda. That last episode left me wanting all those hours of watching returned to me. LOL

  37. maxisatroll123 says:

    people need to calm down about the amnesia storyline and wait how it plays out before making a judgement

  38. Brad says:

    Season 3 has been amazing. I couldn’t bare to finish season 2, but I legitimately get excited every Sunday now

  39. Amelia says:

    I hope ABC allows Revenge to end in a way that does not rush story lines. If it has to end that it ends next season so we get a longer road to Emily (and our resolutions).

  40. Jessy says:

    He wants the show to go on forever. Please NO! This show must have a good end. Emily must have her revenge. They can only get worse if they go on for other 2-3 seasons.

  41. Zkrr Ruiz says:

    am I the only one who is not going mad because of the amnesia thing? I really think it is mostly fake… I even thought the shot wounds were not real, I mean… how easily can you take that kind of dress off with those two holes in your stomach? it wouldn’t just fall off

    and everybody hates charlotte… maybe even charlotte hates herself! and that’s why she became such an annoying little b* ch since someone change her hair

  42. Liam says:

    Amnesia? Really? Revenge is really at a creative bottom. I can’t believe the same people who wrote season 1 also wrote season 2 and 3. Never have I seen a show go so bad so quick.

  43. For what it’s worth I loved the show. I know amnesia is played often in soap operas when the writers want to give the show a new direction or revive it so to speak, so I guess what’s coming next won’t be much of a surprise in terms of development. But still I’m looking forward to what comes next.

    Btw whatever happened with the Initiative (or what they are called)? They were never mentioned ever again this season. Being such a big part of the previous season’s storyline, it’s a bit weird to be completely out this season.

  44. Ellenz says:

    Ah revenge:
    I think it’s awesome mid season
    The creative writers I can’t wait to see how far they will go
    It’s too bad that they can’t satstify everyone
    I also agree that they should end the show @ the top
    Not then the rating are falling to bottom

  45. Diz says:

    Amnesia, really? What a joke. Unless she’s faking the amnesia to get more information I’ll hate it and don’t know if I even want to watch anymore.

  46. reyMar says:

    I’d like to see Sarah actually die and gone. Fake amnesia could be fun with playing with the Graysons. I find Daniel sophomoric, and stupid. I think Charlotte could be redeemed if she found out who Emily really was, and that they were sisters. . I’d like to see Patrick actually be some impostor. His scenes with Victoria are icky…

    Needless to say its a nighttime soap. Completely unrealistic –

  47. LaLa says:

    I have to admit. The amnesia storyline has intrigued me just enough to watch the show when it returns from the break. I particularly want to see how Aiden, Jack and Nolan handle Emily and her revengenda. I’m also interested in seeing how Daniel’s guilt plays out. Next season, however, is still up in the air for me.

    • Elouise says:

      I don’t mind the amnesia plot either. I’m interested to see what they do with it. Don’t care for it being used to prop Jack/Emily, but I like the idea of an identity crisis.

      • Emily says:

        Plus I mean Emily created this fake world to live in it is believable that she would forget, because it is hard to remember lies especially after a traumatic event.

    • sb says:

      Same for me. The amnesia storyline is intriguing, however it would be more interesting if she was faking it and we don’t find out until the last minute. I would also like to see more of Nolan back the way he was. And seriously would Nolan leave the remote to Emily’s things where it could be easily found?

  48. Colie says:

    Would’ve been so much better had Charlotte been the shooter, premise being she feels that Emily is ruining her family (not knowing that she is really her sister). To this point she’s just been like a groupie this season. What’s to love about that? I agree with the post above that the actor playing Daniel is one dimensional and just awful.
    Oh and amnesia, really? Zzzzzzzz

  49. Elouise says:

    The spin on Josh Bowman’s comments is the best part of this. He got so far into Daniel’s mindset he told a reporter he wanted off the show? LOL.

  50. Mari Bel says:

    Could somebody please explain to me how it makes sense that Daniel “heard everything” Emily told Victoria but couldn’t figure out she was cut off and taken away?