The X Factor Top 6 Results Recap: Did the Right Two Acts Go Home This Week?

X-Factor-Top-6-Results-recap“Wow! I gotta say — at this stage of the competition, all the results are a shock. And we still have one more act to lose tonight,” exclaimed a breathless Mario Lopez a mere 15 minutes into tonight’s The X Factor Top 6 results telecast.

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Typically, the hostbot’s dramatic proclamations carry about as much weight as the sneeze of a freshly hatched baby robin. But in this case, yeah, the episode’s initial elimination was a doozy — enough to send Kelly “The GIF Factor” Rowland into an extended jaw-dropped, eyes-popped frenzy of “Oh no, America ditn’t!” theatrics.

I could stall here and tell you about performances by Emblem3 (“Excruciating!” – and Little Mix (“A hoot and a holler — I kinda fancy these ladies!”), but instead let’s get right to the results, shall we?

First Act to Go Home (aka the Week’s Lowest Vote-Getter)
Ellona Santiago

Apparently, the judges’ enthusiastic accolades for the teenage vocalist’s covers of “Applause” and “If I Were a Boy” didn’t translate into votes. (My theory: Mentor Demi’s choice of hypersexualized outfits for a singer so young probably made the average U.S. couch potato a wee bit uncomfortable. Also, Ellona’s vocals simply weren’t as on-point as the powers-that-be wanted us to believe.)

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“I guess I didn’t give the strongest performance last night,” said the shellshocked contestant, before being hastily ushered from the stage. (Chin up, girl, it shoulda been Rion or Restless Road in your position!)

A little while later, producers cut to the remaining five acts, standing backstage, where chipper moppet Rion revealed her sanguine agenda: “It’s crazy because I love Ellona with all my heart, and it’s sad to see her go. But I also have to think positively, like, now I’m one step closer.”

The deep-voiced one from Restless Road played it much more savvy, offering his love and condolences to his fallen comrade, then shutting his pie hole. After that…more results!

Sent to Safety (“IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER!” — Mario, once more with no feeling)
Restless Road
Alex & Sierra
Jeff Gutt

Singing for Survival
Rion Paige: Miranda Lambert’s “The House That Built Me” — Grade: C- | Holy age-inappropriateness, Batman! Why was a 13-year-old singing from the perspective of a grown-ass woman visiting her childhood home and reflecting on how her youthful experiences shaped her adult outlook? That aside, Rion’s vocal was (as it usually is) hit or miss — with instances of lovely clarity, and also slides off pitch that bordered on wince-inducing. Not her best work.
Carlito Olivero: Usher’s “You Make Me Wanna” — Grade: B- | Also not a stellar vocal, but at least Paulina correctly identified him in her intro, and at least the hard-working Chicago kid worked the stage and embraced the role of conflicted playboy. I heard worse during last month’s AMAs, if I’m being dead honest.

Rion: “I love music, and I’m just here to share my story and share God!”
Carlito: “To God, all the glory, we praise him when we win, we praise him when we lose.” (Side note: How would God feel about Carlito’s video for “Rain“? OK, OK, my casting of the first stone means I’m going directly to hell, without passing go or collecting $200.)

Voting Breakdown
Demi: Votes to send home Carlito
Paulina: Votes to send home Rion
Kelly: Votes to send home Rion
Simon: Votes to send home Rion


Ouch, tough night for Demi! But at least Paulina pronounced Rion’s name correctly, for once. Hey, it’s something.

Your turn! What did you think of X Factor Top 6 results? Who won the US/UK battle: Emblem3 or Little Mix? Sound off down in the comments! And for all my reality TV recaps, news, exclusives and videos, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. This is the worst Top 4 I’ve ever seen. Also, that video of Carlito singing Rain is hilarious.

    • LB says:

      Ewww. I just watched Carlito’s video.

    • trev says:

      Excuse you! Jeff Gutt has been pretty stellar and Alex & Sierra have consistently been amazing.

    • Robbie says:

      My Ideal top 4 would’ve been Alex and Sierra, Khaya Cohen, Lillie Mcloud and James Kenney.

      • Harriet Harris says:

        I agree with you about about Alex and Sierra and Khaya Cohen. The fact is that the others are just average and the mentors really blew it. with the ones with most talent. Ellona was talented but most of her vocals were screaming and totally off key. I think Demi blew it as a mentor by trying to clone her into a wanna be Beyonce. Simon was right in calling her a wind-up puppet. The best vocalist was Khaya but giving her Let It Be to sing was ridiculous. Demi blew it for her too.
        These mentors think that screeching high notes will give their contestants the edge but the votes show not. Jeff’s performance of Elton John was actually his best because it showed the most sincereity and omph.

        • Stacie says:

          My question is Does the Ends Justify The Means? Let’s say Alex and Sierra win, or even Jeff Gutt(who is decent enough), does the fact that this was a terrible season with nearly 90% of the contestants really bad justify the winner? I stopped watching the show 2 weeks ago, and just fast forward to the eliminations. The performances and the hype and the nonsense the judges say is too much. This is a badly produced show, and even if the winner is deserved I don’t think it takes away from the fact that it’s been a very poor season.

          • HTGR says:

            Yeah I’m not so sure.
            It is really odd that it looks like A&S might win and that it might actually arguably have the best of the season winning (a rare thing indeed IMO on these shows) and yet OTOH pretty much every single other voting decision up to that point will have been horrendous, week after week, getting to that point.
            So it feels like a largely wasted season and yet…. it might actually have (arguably) one of the best actually win it. Of course if they don’t win at this point and if Jeff doesn’t either then…. wow it’ll have been a mess from start to finish.

      • Ben says:

        I’d put in Jeff instead of James, and I’d agree.

  2. Kaba says:

    Ellona is bound to win?
    Cute. Lmfao
    Poor Demi. First judge out. Got Adam Levine’d

    • Blair says:

      You mean CeeLo’d…Adam still has his whole team lol.

      • Lokie says:

        No. She got Adam Levine’d.
        Two acts in one night.
        Only Adam’s had that happen to him since the new formatting.

        • CA says:

          Lol, yup that happened in S3 & S4 to Adam. But I’m glad Adam still has 3 right now b/c they’re actually all awesome.

          • Lokie says:

            I can easily see it happening to him in the semi-finals.
            Cole is too well loved and Jacquie has just as impressive a following as Tessanne.
            This should be an intriguing next week.

  3. MAB says:

    I am shocked that Elona went home first. She was not my favorite by any means but she was stronger than Rion and Carlito. This has been a very shocking season as far as eliminations.

  4. laurabaptista says:

    LITTLE MIX <3 they were great. hopefully america warms up to them

    • HTGR says:

      I’m getting the feeling that perhaps the contestants from the UK versions might be better on average. Leona Lewis showed off quite the voice when she came over here. Little Mix seem pretty polished compared to most US XF. etc. People who have seen both appear to say that the UK shows keep it smaller scale and more real, maybe that is why?

      • Laura says:

        uhm, that is not true. the productions on xfactor uk are totally over the top as well. look up Little Mix on xfactor, they had everything

        • HTGR says:

          I’m sure you are right, I was just guessing based upon some comments I read here where people were saying it was better and a lot different but I guess I guessed wrong. Do they focus on back story stuff as much?

      • I’ve been torrenting the UK show this season. It seems that even the talent there has gone down, but Sam Bailey could still outsing anyone on the US show. I have no idea why the X Factor USA is so incredibly bad at picking talent.

  5. Poohbear says:

    Yeah for Jeff Gutt!!

  6. Jamie says:

    Michael, if you have time you should definitely check out some of Little Mix’s stuff. Here’s a link to some of their acapella performances. In my opinion much better than a lot of acts on the us version.

  7. Jamie says:

    YAY for Little Mix love. They are one of the most talented X Factor, and reality show alums ever.

    It’s kinda sad when you see how great they are and think about how much potential X Factor USA once had.

    Anyway, absolutely incredible performance.

    • will says:

      I watch X-Factor UK and I always wondered why they won their season. They were definitely not the most talented, but then when it comes to these shows that isn’t really a surprise. At least they found commercial success and they do have chops.

      • Lokie says:

        Watched their season. If they didn’t win the only other sensible winner was Misha B.
        They were great that season.

        • will says:

          Misha was fantastic, but I would have taken Sophie Habibis or Janet Devlin over Little Mix as well. I wasn’t a huge Janet fan but Sophie’s voice was just sublime, and she was far and away my favorite.

  8. Jim Welker says:


    • ben says:

      Alex and Sierra, while they don’t have the greatest voices on the planet, are FAR from average musicians. It is their musicianship which sends their act skyrocketing. They truly get it, in a way many musicians never do.

      • Lda says:

        Alex and Sierra both have strong voices, and both can lead. Great blend together, and I haven’t heard a pitch problem yet. Talent is more than screaming a loud, high note or over-sexualizing yourself. Sometimes it’s the soft nuances, artful exchanges, song choice, and chemistry. These two belong together. As a couple they can’t be beat.

        • Ben says:

          @Lda – musicianship is the soft nuances, artful exchanges, song choice and chemistry. Having a “strong” voice, though, does require them to be on pitch always (which they haven’t) and does require them to be able to do it while having a large vocal and dynamic range, which they don’t.
          The good thing is, the quality of a voice is all but irrelevant in the industry. Much too much is made of it, especially whether or not people are always on pitch. If people are off pitch a lot, its a problem, but the odd note here and there is just fine. Alex and Sierra’s voices are interesting enough, they match with what they do with the music, and its their musicianship that matters.

          • LL says:

            Ben, I agree with most of what you are saying, except for your definition of a “strong” voice. I can’t think of one performer who is “always” on pitch. Truthfully, is there any singer out there who doesn’t hit an occasional bad note when singing live?

    • the danger says:

      Alex and Sierra are clearly superior to Ellona. Anyone with ears can hear that. Maybe you should not fixate on your week one prediction and form judgments based on the entire season. Ellona wasn’t bad, she was very good, but she was clearly inferior to A&S, and probably Jeff too.

      • MC says:

        Jeff had a good night on Wednesday. I was impressed with him. It will be interesting to see if he can challenge Alex & Sierra for the title.

      • will says:

        Definitely not Jeff. He’s really a subpar rock voice. He’s fine now that the better voices in the competition are gone, but put him up against Chris Cornell or even David Cook and he’d get his butt handed to him.

        • Annette says:

          ITA. I am a huge David Cook fan and find myself constantly comparing Jeff’s performances to those of the masterful AI run of DC and they always fall short. He isn’t bad but he isn’t Cook (heck, nobody has measured up to him since AI7 in any singing competition).

      • Justin P says:

        I COMPLETELY agree with you danger. Alex and Sierra are FAR superior to anyone in this competion. Their creativity with their arrangements is something I haven’t seen in any singing competiton to date. There is definitely a gap in the market for them, as there really aren’t many guy/girl duos out there. (OK Of Monsters and Men, I guess you can count Lady Antelbellum too right?) lol…but I do feel like this finally will be the year that the champion has great success. Melanie and Tate did nothing with their titles, so let’s just hope that A&S win this. If it comes down to the most talented act winning, there is no doubt these 2 will win. Everyone just VOTE. Nothing is a done deal in these shows

    • MC says:

      It has been a terrible season. I gotta agree with you there. Ellona is such a sweet kid. I wish her the best. Watch some of her YouTube videos (if you haven’t already) and she displays such a great combination of talent and heart. I admit her voice wasn’t always on point, but sometimes the appeal of a singer/performer goes beyond note-by-note analysis of her vocals. I’ll watch the remaining episodes just for Kelly Rowland and, of course, the outrageous Paulina.

      • LB says:

        I think Ellona is going to have a tough time in the music business because she’ll be competing with all the young singers Disney and Nickelondeon continually crank out. These girls also have youth, looks, personality, stage presence, and average vocal ability. They start out as actresses on one of the channels’ tween shows, and once they get lots of fans, they are pushed into the singing business. So, not only is the market fairly saturated, but Ellona won’t have the financial backing or the built in fan base that these other girls have.

        • MC says:

          Okay, but it will be a difficult assignment for ANY young female pop singer to make it in the buisness. This is true whether you’re talking about Carly Rose (who is anything but average), Jessica Sanchez or Ellona Santiago. Ellona needs a few more vocal lessons, but I think she’s already slightly above average. Ellona also has a certain vulnerability and sincerity that makes her very appealing. The saturation of the marketplace is what forces pop singers, such as Miley Cyrus, to indulge in scandalous and preposterous antics. The vast majority of aspiring pop singers won’t make it. We all have to decide who is worth our time and whether artistic integrity will be a factor in that decision.

    • Ted Sutton says:

      I don’t read posts in all caps, and I’m not alone.

    • Clement says:

      Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

  9. rdpatrus says:

    The show’s about Alex and Sierra from now on.

  10. Tess says:

    Ellona’s elimination wasn’t all that shocking if you saw the ITunes rankings – she was the lowest seller of the top 6. Granted this isn’t The Voice where sales equate to votes, but if someone’s willing to buy the song they’re more willing to spend time voting for the contestant than say those of us who just pop on a blog and vote in a poll. Carlito and Rion being in the sing off was pretty expected based on where they were selling on ITunes too. In fact, based on the sales figures, Carlito’s going to have to deliver a Fifth Harmony “Anything Can Happen”-esque performance next week to get into the finals.

    Side note: I love Little Mix and I was thrilled they got to do the US show, but why couldn’t they give them a pre-performance hype up video like Emblem 3 got? I mean, who wouldn’t have preferred that over Mario asking Rion and Carlito to essentially beg the judges to keep them?

    • Kaba says:

      Little Mix doesn’t need all the extra bull to prove they’re superior than any act that has walked the Xfactor US stage this season so far.

    • iamjsm says:

      I was suprised Little Mix didn’t get an intro either. Also, bummed they did a shortened version of their song. But they did a million times better than Emblem 3.

  11. Jim Welker says:


    • the danger says:

      Agreed Carlito in the top 4 is a joke over Ellona

    • Idolhead Ed says:

      Speaking of Carlito, did you guys know he was in the boy band Menudo for two years? I think had the public known that he’d been gone weeks ago. I mean anyone this mediocre with that experience shouldn’t even try out.

  12. Jim Welker says:


  13. greysfan says:

    IMO this just proves how stupid America is voting the 2 best acts out of the competition. All i will say is this is ridiculous. I’m pretty angry right now and lets leave it at that.

  14. Lena says:

    The groups own this year!! I completely agree with sending Ellona home. I’ve never been fond of common, airy voices. EXTREMELY airy… Rion doesn’t even deserve brig mentioned. Alex and Sierra are amazing and have good stage chemistry to boot(: I’m not a huge country fan but I’m pretty fond of Reckless Road too. I hope America votes on talent and not on looks… Fat chance though -.-

  15. Lena says:

    Overall I agree with the final four no matter how angry I am that certain people weren’t sent home much sooner

  16. Beth says:

    It should’ve been Rion & Carlito sent home, so sorry to Ellona. Although some of her dancing was distasteful for a girl her age, she’s dancing like Miley and still a few years younger. Ellona was not a good role model for young girls, and Rion is a better one. Maybe that’s why she got the votes.

    • Mary says:

      In your opinion maybe, but this is the Xfactor not lets put our moral judgement on contestants. This is a singing, entertainment show therefore should be judged in that way. Sorry Rion doesn’t have the voice yet or the appeal, she was voted on back story.

  17. Jillian says:

    There is definitely a conspiracy against Demi’s categories. Last season, that one really good girl got voted off real quick and she was Demi’s most talented act (not Paige or Cece, the other one) and now Khaya and Ellona get the boot undeserving. Rion deserved to go home weeks ago so no big deal there, but Ellona was one of the best last night and her rendition of Applause made that song bearable. If Alex& sierra don’t win then this contest is completely fixed. Tate should not have won last year either. Then again, the winners on this show get outshone by acts that got eliminated (Fifth Harmony last season, Chris Rene season 1) so maybe they shouldn’t win.

    • Kaba says:

      That’s silly logic to go by to be frank.
      I get tired of the “the people that go home early get more shine”
      Why don’t we focus on this show actually generating an actual winner that can do anything first and foremost then worry about the bits on the side. I feel like the Voice has more of a chance of developing a worthwhile singer at this point. Granted, Simon Cowell is SHOVELING piles of money from his bank account into essentially forcing 5th Harmony and Emblem 3 in the limelight.
      So they’ll probably have a good breakout moment sooner….but a Voice contestant will just be much more genuine honestly.

      • Jillian says:

        The Voice hasn’t produced a viable winner yet or many acts that were non winners to be frank. While it may be the most popular singing reality show at the moment, it has yet to do much in the music world. Obviously American Idol reigns supreme in producing viable winners and losers, but between the UK and US X Factor, they have produced much more notable talent than the voice has it’s entire run.

        • Lokie says:

          I really am not aware of the much more notable talent considering none of them are relevant from Xfactor aside from Emblem 3 and 5th Harmony who’re being shoved down our throats.
          Still, I’m patiently waiting for Rachel Crow and Drew’s careers to skyrocket.
          I’ve seen more impressive and notable talent on The Voice overall.

  18. Bozena says:

    And I’m happy for Jeff Gutt he is a star of xfactor.

  19. Ginger Snap says:

    So the only girl left is Sierra? Interesting.

  20. Joanna McPhatter says:

    I thought Little Mix was great and just wished they were allowed to perform without the dancers. They were very distracting but worse was the camera angles constantly shifting with too many overhead shots which has been and is the most irritating thing when I’m trying to watch all of the performances and the contestants. I really enjoyed Alex and
    Sierra the most. This season has been an improvement talent wise. And regarding Emblem 3, I thought they were okay except for the way they held their microphones. Actually the way all of them hold their microphones, directly in front of their
    mouths obscuring their lips,(Emblem 3 was the worst) but it’s something that none of the
    judges/coaches critique them on not just this show but The Voice and American Idol too. I would think that one of the first things a judge/coach would tell them is that the concert audience as well as the television viewer wants to see the performers entire face in order to “connect” with them. I know it’s common now among today’s stars and that’s why I wished
    they would try to get older performers such as Gladys Knight or Diana Ross to coach them.

  21. Chablis says:

    Ugh again.

  22. Jim Welker says:

    Matt! I have picked contestants early on in every talent show and have never picked a person who placed less than 3rd place, until now! And this dates back to original Star Search! I call that a judge of talent! In any event, the voting is rigged and I have given PROOF in many of X Factor posts on this sight! So, no matter…IT’S ALL BS! A&S HAVE AVERAGE VOICES AND ARE AVERAGE MUSICIANS…..BOTTOM LINE! As previously stated, that luvy duvy bull is so boring! Even if they win, they will go nowhere, watch and see!

  23. Jim Welker says:

    And that rotten Simon, picking Carlito to advance because it may be his last chance! He isn’t old! What a cop out, as usual!

  24. Alan Dvorkis says:

    This is the only X Factor out of New Zealand, Uk and Australia that has had double eliminations weekly. In many ways, we are fortunate for that format, as we are not burdened with Restless Road, Rions manipulative backdrop and her love of the Lord and unrelenting inane comments from a mostly inept group of judges. Glad to bring some positivity during the holiday season.

  25. Jim Welker says:

    I do have to admit, Ellona wore outfits not suited for a 17 year old, especially on yesterday’s firzt song! Why not bring out the whip and chains and get it over with! That Demi is a GENIUS!

  26. Britt says:

    It sucks that Ellona went home, but it wasn’t a surprise. The groups and Jeff are really popular so I knew who the bottom 3 would be. I like Carlito and A&S more than Jeff and Restless Road, but I figure Carlito will be next.
    I didn’t know Emblem3 had music and now I can see why. They are terrible. I am team Little Mix and like the UK X Factor people better than those on this show.

  27. HTGR says:

    Ugh the voting on this show this season has got to be the single worst on any of these shows ever. Yeah there is the early shock every few years on most or the one mid-late shock almost every year and so on but usually it’s not too crazy from the start and certainly not every single week from the very beginning, but man this show has not had a single week, not one, not even at the very start when it should’ve been easy, where the results were not either a half complete joke or a total joke. How the heck did Ellona come in sixth out of sixth after last night???

  28. HTGR says:

    Maybe the audience is simply too small and fragmented at this point and the country/Middle America thing is huge and toss in the unlimited voting and unless you fit some demo perfectly you are a goner.

    • Mary says:

      This and the fact that people for whatever reason have picked who they are voting for. It is obvious that Ellona did not have a big following. I thought she would of out lasted Rion and Carlito, but I knew she would not be in the top. This show is such a joke that nothing surprises me. I am glad I didn’t waste my time watching the results.

  29. DavidSask says:

    Carlos is horrible, the worst! This whole season is awful, I hope it is the last!

  30. HTGR says:

    “My theory: Mentor Demi’s choice of hypersexualized outfits for a singer so young probably made the average U.S. couch potato a wee bit uncomfortable.”
    Actually that was my theory for why you gave her a C+ haha and have been down on her a great deal since the beginning. What good does it do to bring this up and react in shock over the voters actions when you seem to have done the very same thing yourself in this particular instance? Her first performance had more stage presence and, I’m pretty sure, more hit notes than her second, but you trashed her first performance way more and gave it a lower grade.
    And didn’t you actually go all C+ on Sasha last season on The Voice ever after that early slinky performance? I’ve read that even Haley got hated on this blog at first sight and for the first few shows too. I wonder if she isn’t the only one to ever have been amazing enough to have overcome (and overcome is putting it mildly haha) the early slinky factor on this blog haha. I’m probably way off-base though and making something out of almost nothing in this more general regard though.
    Anyway, not that Ellona was perfect last night, but the same and more could be said about some others…. perhaps too many moms watching and voting and the slinky automatically brings out the defensive* and that means less votes (yes, certainly not in everyone and maybe not to a huge degree, but just a little shift this way or that can make all the difference when it comes to voting especially since she was female and pop and not male and country and maybe didn’t have much margin of error) and then add on top that she might be the same age as their daughters and that they don’t wanna think about that and there goes a few more votes and then add on top that Middle America seems to be the largest demographic for these shows (remember how they had Scotty play all horrified at Lady Gaga and worked the Middle America angle back on AI? and that was play, because later on it was revealed elsewhere that his horror was basically all faked up to play for votes from what I recall, don’t say he wasn’t smart and savvy) and might particularly not go for that just in general and then there goes a couple more votes and then there Ellona goes???
    But then again it might simply be far more or even entirely that she didn’t fit into one of the mega-strong voting categories and with low viewership and unlimited voting that might spell eventual doom for anyone.
    (*see the recent NYT science article for just how real the whole defensive/catty thing can be in certain circumstances (on a side note they also found that the whole sexual double standards thing, which often gets blamed on men, appears, in the recent western world, to actually be a product born far more out of female than male reaction)

  31. darcy the slutty twin says:

    Too bad Ellona went home. I liked that she seemed to enjoy performing, was fiercely determined and had a good voice. She gave it her all every time and I respect that. I am looking to Alex and Jock from Restless Road to continue providing the eye candy.

  32. Nina says:

    Instead of Ellona, it should have been Carlito.

  33. John Anthony says:

    Ask Rolling Stone about this loser Carlito? He’s a professional loser already off his two year stint with a professional band which Simon hid from the public. Now we’re left with another half talented Simon group. Simon will try and push them off on the public through his record label – again!! Jeff Gutt – a loser last year and no better this year. Last, and certainly not much better, a very poor imitation of Sonny & Cher in Alex & Sierra. Rolling Stone said you might as well throw them all in a hat and pick one now and end this show – now!!! I couldn’t agree more. The Voice is the same. Cole and Chin are a couple of professionals who already have been rejected by the public. Jackie Lee screeches like a cat with it’s tail being stepped on when high notes come along. Will should be in a band where his vocals could be somewhat drowned out and the last performer who had to be saved by text. Talk about two wasted seasons!!!

    • Lokie says:

      I seriously want to take a look into everyones mind on the slezak end of TVline and find out what the hell “screeching” means to them. Because everyone calls everything screeching, screaming, etc. As though these aren’t qualities that past show contestants didn’t display. I’m pretty sure it’s called “belting”

      • HTGR says:

        If you like the contestant it’s belting, if you have something against them, it’s screeching. ;)

        • Lokie says:

          I don’t have any grand interest in Jacquie any more than the rest of the people on the show still.
          I just don’t hear this “screeching” that idiots rave on about.

      • If someone doesn’t sing like Doris Day, it’s “screeching.” But not everyone sings like Doris Day, some people sing like Steven Tyler. People need to get with the times and give critiques that make sense.

    • Mr Snow Man says:

      You’re right on Mr. Rico, Sauve, Lover is a total loser! What’s funny is that most people don’t know that Carlito was on an MTV talent search to become a member of Menudo…which he won…and was a member of for 2 whole years!!!!!! He couldn’t make it work then, he won’t be able to make it work now.

    • LL says:

      John Anthony, it’s interesting how you cited only the portions of Rolling Stone’s review that fit with your own opinions. What you neglected to mention was Rolling Stone’s comment after the one about throwing the names of the remaining contestants in a hat and picking a winner at random. Rolling Stone went on to say that everyone left is embarrassingly bad, EXCEPT ALEX AND SIERRA, and “[c]an’t the show just hand [Alex and Sierra] the win and call it a season?” In fact, the title of the article is “‘X Factor’ Recap: Alex and Sierra Steal the Show.” So, while you are entitled to have your own opinion about A&S, it’s pretty sleazy to imply that Rolling Stone supports that opinion.

      • John Anthony says:

        Hi LL. Not sleazy at all since Rolling Stone magazine stated after the first show that A&S was a poor imiyation and surely haven’t changed their minds by saying they were the last act standing. Being the last act standing around much worse talent doesn’t make you some kind of future star it makes you just what Rolling Stone said, the last act standing so you might as well give it to them. They didn’t say A & S earned it. Myself, I do think they are the best of the rest! Embarrassingly bad was a little sleazy on Rolling Stone’s part if you want to go that route. The other acts are entertaining or you and I would not be watching the show, right? I do respect your opinion because we at least respect one another’s opinion and that makes for good critic. Have a very happy holiday!

        • LL says:

          John Anthony, sorry but I didn’t read the Rolling Stone review that criticized Alex and Sierra after the first episode. With respect to the most recent Rolling Stone review, however, they do state that Alex and Sierra’s rendition of “Say Something” was “…amazing, proving they are on a whole different level than anyone else in the competition. Confident, romantic, effortless…” Also, the magazine agrees with Simon that it was the best performance of the entire season. So, to me, it sounds like Rolling Stone has changed their tune and is not simply saying they are the only half-decent act left.

  34. jenilee says:

    Ohh myy god can they stop making the judges whose acts are in the save me vote. They do this whole song and dance about how its so difficult only to ::shocker:: choose to save their act. Omg. Its infuriating. We KNOW you are gonna save your own act.

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    So good to discover someone with a few genuine thoughts on
    this issue. Seriously.. thank you for starting this up.
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  36. jay says:

    I stopped watching X-Factor when Lillie McCloud was eliminated and now get my updates on-line. IMO the people that actually vote are from a small demographic that based their votes on how a contestant looks, not talent/voice. Having said that Alex & Sierra or Jeff Gutt should win but Restless Road (or should I said Toneless Road), will probably win. Overall this season, 90% of the contestants selected for the live performances have not been good and that was the fault of the judging. I don’t know how this show can be renewed for another season unless it gets rid of the current judges and bring in judges that are top performers in the music industry.

  37. ching says:


  38. I for one am a huge fan of Alex and Sierra, I will be voting for them :)

    • Judi Nichols says:

      After reading so many comments, it’s plain to see that I am the ONLY one that doesn’t like Alex and Sierra! From the beginning I never saw any talent in them, and that stupid hat Alex wears drives me nuts. I see absolutely no talent or “award winning” vocals, song choices, etc. As for Carlito, again I don’t see it as others do. And his constant whining about what a poor life he had, etc., is getting old. I don’t watch the show live…I record it and fast forward to the performances and the eliminations…all the rest of the show is boring, too many commercials, and “judges” that are idiots. Music today is strange to me. Lyrics are weird and I am constantly scratching my head as to why the contestants pick these “songs” as they do nothing to show off any talent they may have. Guess I’m just getting too old.

  39. Goddess says:

    I love Rion’s courage and determination, but Carlito is very talented and more marketable. Rion is 13. As she matures so will her vocals. I don’t think that we’ve seen the last of her.

  40. Goddess says:

    I love Rion’s story, but she is 13. I think that her voice will mature and that we have not seen the last of her. Carlito is very talented and highly marketable. In my opinion he really hit his stride toward the end of the show. Demi’s advice that he play to the ladies did the trick. He has the look and the X factor.

  41. waterbug says:

    I know there was some banter going on about the difference between “screeching” and “belting.” When my left eye twitch a couple of times uncontrollably on high notes–that is screeching…when I get goosebumps–that is belting. I experienced goosebumps once so far for the entire season on Lillie McCloud’s audition song only. On the other hand, my eye twitched every time Rion hit her high notes. So this is my indication. Nothing against Rion–she’s a sweet girl on camera.

  42. tems says:

    I feel sorry for Simon, the whole season 3 is crap from start to now