Scandal Recap: I'm Friends With the Monster

Scandal Recap Sally Kills Husband DanielThis week on ABC’s Scandal, Quinn was pressed to tell the tooth, Cyrus’ honeypot trap stung someone unexpectedly hard and Olivia’s mother of a reunion stirred up an explosive memory.

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QUINNTERROGATION | Wise to Quinn’s alliance with Charlie, Huck binds and gags her in the name of offering a “friends and family” discount on his torture skills. “I’m so sorry,” he sorta-apologizes, “because I’m going to enjoy this,” marring her “fresh, new and soft” skin (and licking her temple for good measure). Quinn is briefly saved by the Ma Bell when Olivia rings Huck to say that her mother is alive. Before he rushes off, Huck decides, “What the hell, we have time for one” and goes to pluck a molar using pliers…. Later, Charlie finds Quinn a bound and bloody mess and cleans her up — and beseeches her not to sob. (“That’s against the rules,” akin to as in baseball, I guess.) “A few teeth are nothing. So you don’t eat steak anymore!” When Quinn laments that Huck, her “only person,” hurt her, Charlie counters, “You have me” — and with that cue, she drops towel and they do the B-613 boink. (More on this story in a bit.)

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RENT BOY, OH BOY… | James can’t sleep, “wired” as he is from getting Daniel Douglas “to go deep.” And it’s all a seething Cyrus can do to keep from exploding. Meanwhile, Sally meets with Leo Bergen, who asserts that for her to unseat Fitz, she’ll need to abandon the Christian conservatives and come out as pro-choice or “lose, lose, lose.” Shortly after Sally loops the hubby in on the timetable (she’s announcing tomorrow) and commends him on his “discipline,” Daniel confronts James about the feature he’s writing, urging him not to reveal his “despicable temptation.” Later, Cyrus rushes home, thinking that James is there to finish his business with Daniel “quick and dirty,” only to find his husband alone. Cy reveals what he knows — “You had sex with him!” — and James asks: That was your plan all along, no? Or did he not follow the right “rent boy” script? “Why would you pimp out your own husband?! Like a cheap whore?!” James roars. After dressing down Cyrus for being “a gay man going out of his way to shame a gay man,” James reveals his want: divorce.

Sally meanwhile reveals her want to Fitz: the Oval Office. That she’s merely taking his advice to “climb through” the window of opportunity. Fitz warns Sally she is exacting political suicide for both of them, and that he will make her pay for it every day of their lives. Fitz then calls Cyrus on the carpet: “My back’s now got a Sally shiv in it you may as well have handed her!” Mellie, gleaning what Cyrus set in motion with James, reassures, “It won’t break you”  — then echoes Fitz’s charge to “see it through.”

Shaken, Cyrus proceeds to blackmail Sally with the photos of Daniel — but she pretty much shrugs them off. “You know you won’t release these and destroy your husband and your immoral future together,” she scoffs. “The plan backfired. You lost.” But as the hour closes, Daniel is the one who lost –– his life, at Sally’s hand. “Cyrus, I have committed a sin,” she repents over the phone.

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MONSTER MASH | As OPA tries to process GUILLERMO DIAZthe news that Olivia’s mother is alive — “You can’t show up with Dead Momma Pope and expect us to fall in line!” — Maya spells it out for everyone. To paraphrase: “I found out my husband was a monster, so I stole some of his files and was on my way to blow the whistle when Eli caught me and put me in a prison.” After Jake and Huck quickly excise from her a B-613 tracking chip, they all flee the safe house and plot to get her out of the country. Rowan meanwhile declares “threat level midnight” (oooh!) and charges his men to “hunt them down.” In a fleeting moment of quiet, Maya relates to Olivia the story she had in her head all these years — that her daughter was married to a dentist named Ray, with a son named Sam. Instead, she observes, Liv isn’t as happy as she hoped, that she’s too much like her father — a comparison Olivia doesn’t care for at all.

Jake visits Fitz, knowing that Liv’s mother will never be safe as long as Rowan is alive, but Fitz balks on OKing the hit, saying he’d need Liv’s permission to pop her pop. This sends Jake into a rant about how post-Remington he got “sucked into the wake” of Fitz’s “political destiny,” enslaved to B-613 while Fitz ascended to the highest office on handshakes. “Get off your ass and give me the assets I need,” Jake asks, but Fitz stands firm, retorting: “You wanna be her hero. Word to the wise — she doesn’t need one.

When Abby’s appeal to David to get Maya off the no-fly list fails, Liv makes the call — to Fitz, to talk about “jam and Vermont and kids.” But Fitz knows what she really needs, now. “Consider it handled,” he declares before ringing the Pentagon. Liv’s next stop is an airfield, where Maya is to board a military plane to Hong Kong and slip past Customs. With Abby’s push, Liv gives her mother a hug before what very well may be their final goodbye. But as Maya boards the plane, Olivia’s memory is triggered, and she recalls a phone call to the house after Maya left for the doomed Global flight — a strange man asking for “Marie.” Liv calls Huck, confirming that the “made up” terrorist name Rowan put on the no-fly alert was also “Marie.” Olivia realizes, “My father was trying to protect me this whole time. He’s not the monster. She is.” Huck says they thus have a new problem — in that, we learn, he covertly assigned Quinn to get a meeting with Rowan for the purpose of killing the B-613 boss/Liv’s father with a lethal syringe, which she is about to do as we… wait for next week’s fall finale.

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  1. Dee says:

    HNGHHHHHH. This episode was so good, I can’t even. Words don’t even. This

    I wonder if her mom really DID do those things though, or if Marie was a cover name she was using to rat out her husband?? Perhaps Eli knew that name and knew that it would make Olivia question her… omg… too intense!

  2. TVPeong says:

    What is going on with Huck and Quinn? I can’t believe I used to ship them.

    • Mary says:

      I agree. I don’t believe that Huck would do that to her. They were friends. I think if Huck knew she was tricked into killing that guard he may have been more understanding.

      • Mommasqwirl says:

        I have a feeling that Huck and Quinn are in this together to get her close to B613. They would have to act all cold all the time because they would know that B613 could see everything that they would do. I think she let Huck hurt her so that Charlie and B613 would trust her with information.

        • ejdax37 says:

          I think Huck is just one messed up SOB.

          • jains says:

            Mommasquirl has a very interesting theory. After all they were just teeth. Think of what we all imagined he would do when we saw the previews for this show. It is all relative. I still stand by Huck wanting to get rid of his addiction, his drinking the whiskey. Deep down Huck has a real sweetness, ok, way, way deep down but I think he has been trying to get to that, temptations come up as with any addiction, anger over being in the hole, etc, etc. Yes Huck and Quinn together to infiltrate B613. She just doesn’t know about their partnership yet and Huck didn’t want any B613 members to know his plan so he tortured Quinn to throw them off. We will see Huck’s redemption.

        • Mary says:

          Interesting. I hope you are right.

  3. TVPeong says:

    Poor Sally Langston

  4. ren says:

    maybe i’m slow but i don’t get the “marie/maya” name twist… can someone please explain what the twist was?

    • Gigi says:

      The person that called the house after Mama Pope left asked for Marie. And Marie is the name Eli put on the no-fly list. So they would have us believe that the crimes listed for Marie are not made up but were actually committed by Mama Pope/Maya/Marie.

  5. Morgan says:

    It was obvious that Mama Pope was dirty. I was disappointed Huck didn’t finish Quinn off. I’m sick of her. However, I thought her acting this episode was the best so far in the series. Waiting to see what Khandi Alexander has up her sleeve as Mama Pope. Seeing her do bad things will be awesome.

  6. the girl says:

    I knew Mama Pope was the bad guy. KNEW. IT. And definitely knew it as soon as they assumed she was telling the truth about what happened. But Sally killing her husband? Whoa nelly. Did NOT see that coming under any circumstances. Gotta say, also surprised that Cyrus didn’t leak those photos. I love knowing that there is a line he will not cross. I didn’t think that was possible. But we have to set up our sort of not so bad guys as being a little different from the real bad guys. So good for Cyrus.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I wonder if we have not seen the last of the photos. Why have Cy lie to James about not ever showing them to Sally? Feels like they’ll somehow leak out — maybe to cast suspicion on James?

      • Crystal says:

        Or to set up Cyrus for the murder.

      • the girl says:

        Great point Matt, I wondered that too. That’s going to come back around to bite him, both of them. Framing James or Cyrus for Daniel’s murder may be the only way Sally can stay a contender in the election race. She can claim she didn’t know, she’s a victim, she can’t believe she was so betrayed… perhaps that’s why she called Cyrus after she killed Daniel.

      • echinachea says:

        Oh boy! Things get crazier every week. Please! No more molar yanking scenes! Too much detail for my sensitive self (especially re all things dental.). Which reminds me, I need to call my dentist:)

  7. Catelyn says:

    Sally was definitely the biggest shocker. And why did she call Cyrus? Wouldn’t he just rat her out siince they are enemies?

    • Chester says:

      He’s the fixer, and her problem is his.

    • GTS says:

      Also, it wouldn’t be good for the party to have the VP murder her husband (which might be a hate crime), even if she is running against the president.

    • Overthinking says:

      I think Sally as a way to “secure” her running as an independent will try to blackmail Cyrus. She will frame Cyrus for murdering her husband. She will leak the photos and say that she showed them to Cyrus who got mad and killed the guy that his husband (James) was having an affair with. If this come to pass, it will good TV a showdown between Cyrus and Sally is golden.

      • Kelly says:

        Wow. I think you are right. Kinda wished I hadn’t read the comments… Ah well, it will still be cool to see how it all plays out.

    • Marc says:

      Sally is now back in the Grant fold. There is no way that Cyrus would let her resignation and intention to run as an independent become public.

  8. Dee says:

    A phone call 22 yrs ago with a man asking for Marie & a “no fly profile” with first name Marie means the profile is accurate? I think that’s a big leap and really took the wind out of this storyline in my opinion. Now Sally killing her husband? That’s a fantastic twist. Bring it!

    • GTS says:

      I agree, that’s a big jump. What if Maya used a fake name when she has going to report the B-613 news? Rowan probably realized she was using the name Marie, and thought that would be a good name to use on the FBI list, because the name would have an association with her face.

      • Shenel says:

        I loved the Maya/Marie twist. That was epic. I knew it had to be something else going on with mama pope. You don’t just get locked away for 22 years for attempting to spill some beans. And as for Sally, I feel bad for her. She never gets the good news! She has a sucky VP life. I can’t wait till next week

      • DeeKayTee says:

        Doubtful, I have said from day 1 that Mama Pope was the real baddie here. Eli may be a lot of things but in the end he is just doing his job. Which is to protect the world from terrorists. Maya/Marie’s claim that she was going to the press is false. He leads the worlds top spy organization. 1. that article would never see the light of day 2. what sane person would want to put that story out there when in reality what he is doing is protecting the country by being the one who can actually get his hands dirty. Its an awful job but someones gotta do it! 3. Why would she “just so happen to get on a plane with a bomb on it” get pulled off and then the plane still get shot down, if she were really just going to talk to a reporter? Mama Pope is totally a terrorist (plus it makes for better tv)

        • jaime says:

          ya, i just don’t get why he did those awful things to Huck, Jake, even Edison, and what he’s currently doing to Quinn. I don’t think they’re terrorists, right?

  9. C. says:

    Whoa did not see Sally killing Daniel. Honestly, the Sally/Daniel and James/Cyrus plot line has been the most surprising and interesting of the season. I also didn’t think Huck would really go through with Quinn’s torture. Oh! Olivia speaks Mandarin? Shocking and random. The mom terrorist story line is giving me obvious Alias vibes.

  10. Lp says:

    I love this show and race home to watch it are work every Thursday night. That said….I can’t be the only person who saw most of these plot twists coming can I? Honestly the two best parts of the episode for me in terms of actual surprises I didn’t see coming were these…one…fitz ripping Cyrus a new one for his inability to handle Sally….two…Sally killing Daniel. I saw Olivia’s mom being the terrorist three weeks ago when her father treated her with such hatred when he first went to see her. Someone locked away to protect a secret wouldn’t have been treated with such hatred. I also more than saw Quinn and Charlie coming and also Quinn negotiating with huck to win back his approval. As for James wanting a divorce? Really?! How could anyone NOT see that coming? I am interested to see how the sow moves forwa with Olivia’s father. I really like what that actor and that character brings to the show. There is a new storyline branch with him so often it keeps it interesting. Can’t wait for next week! Dreading the three month break in episodes tough:( I think abc will regret this move as they have very hit or miss success with new series. I will be interested to see if they resort to showing repeats of scandal or go ahead and bring back new episodes sooner than expected.

    • Alichat says:

      No you were not alone. I think the Sally moment, Fitz getting in in Cy’s face, and Cy’s total manic breakdown were the surprises. I mean, I knew Cy would be upset, but he shook worse than Katherine Hepburn at times. But I have to say, I’m disappointed in the ‘Mama Pope is the monster’ reveal. I would have liked it if she wasn’t the monster. If the twist was just simply that she found out about Rowan, stole some files, and he couldn’t bring himself to kill her. I feel like Liv’s last minute “OMG-I’m-wrong!” moments are becoming way too frequent for someone who’s supposed to be so stinking good at her job. The moment he loaded her to the No-Fly list as Marie, I expected that Huck would have figured out who she is.

      • Anthony Rock says:

        Scandal does have major holes you know. I mean major ones. but as long as you don’t think too long and hard about them, the show remains bearable.

        It’s it interesting that B6-13 is supposed to be so powerful and yet they couldn’t figure out who was the one selling secrets to foreign terroists? It had to be OPA to figure it out.

    • lauren says:

      I thought the olivia/rowan/maya(marie) storyline was super obvious too. I love scandal but this storyline thus far is a total ripoff from alias’ sidney/jack/laura(irina)

  11. Cheyenne says:

    I almost started to like Mellie in this episode. She was so obviously feeling Cyrus’s pain. Not that the SOB didn’t deserve it…

    • the girl says:

      Wasn’t it such poetic justice, after Cyrus insulted her by insisting that HIS husband would NEVER stoop as low as HER husband? I loved it. Mellie could have totally been a bitch but she showed mercy and compassion. She is amazing.

    • Maryann says:

      This is the first time I have felt any empathy for Mellie. So when did she go numb? When she married Fitz for political reasons? When Fitz’s father raped her? When Fitz cheated?

  12. Alexia says:

    Wow what an amazing episode tonight. Every second had a storyline happening that made me forgive some of the slow episodes the show has had this season which leave it up to the last 5mins to strike with an ‘OMG’ moment.

    Quinn and Charlie were cute though I fear if Charlie ends up in the hole, Liv has no motive or leverage to get him out. This also shows the non-psychotic side to Charlie but Quinn, I fear her days are numbered.

    So if Fitz helped Mama Pope get out of the country, won’t that ruin him as President? He just had to play hero for Liv.

    Cyrus, you want to feel sorry for him but it’s so hard. He didn’t think James would catch on and still go through with sleeping with Daniel Douglas. And I loved how James kept using innuendos and Daniel’s name to rile Cyrus.

    Sally had the most shocking twist. With all the bible-thumping advice she’s been doling out, you’d have thought she’d turn the other cheek and forgive Daniel. I am thinking that if Cyrus helps her with a cover story and she comes out as the grieving wife, she can still release the pictures and use the public’s sympathy and she could just win the Presidency.

  13. Cheyenne says:

    In the preview for next week, did I see Rowan all trussed up and duct-taped for Huck to have fun with? Or were my eyes deceiving me?

    • echinachea says:

      Where are you seeing these previews?

    • Charlie says:

      I watched next week’s preview (right after the show) in slow motion; Rowan was sitting in a chair with his hands tied behind him, and it was FITZ who was interrogating him!

      • Cheyenne says:

        Jesus take the wheel! FITZ?! Wow! This should be epic. And I hope Huck is standing nearby, drill in hand. It would serve Rowan right after everything he put Huck through.

  14. Jodi says:

    Aside from Sally, I was most surprised that James slept with Daniel. I originally thought James caught on that he was being watched and faked the compromising positions with Daniel to teach Cy a lesson on spying.
    Now that Sally killed Daniel, James will know Cy showed her the pictures..

    • AB says:

      I thought the same thing about James and Daniel. Kind of too bad they actually had sex–have to feel sorry for poor James. But sorrier for Daniel, winding up dead and all…

    • Overthinking says:

      I hear you. I am totally disappointed with James. Part of me knew that he may have slept with Daniel but I want it to be that he was toying with Cyrus. I know the show is Scandal, but it would have been nice just to have James/Cyrus go through regular everyday couple problems than have a scandal that could ruin their marriage.

  15. Anthony Rock says:

    Wow, first time I’m seeing posts with no negative comments. I’m impressed. Sally killing her husband… I didn’t see that one coming. Hmmmm I wonder what would Jesus say?

  16. Cheyenne says:

    So is Sally OPA’s next client?

  17. Jillian says:

    That’s what Ellis Grey gets for cheating on Thatcher with Richard.

    But seriously, the first 10 minutes and the last 5 minutes of Scandal every week are the best. Shonda never seems to fail with the shock factor. I was expecting that Liv’s mom was a terrorist the whole episode, but I was not expecting Sally to kill Daniel OR for Quinn to try and kill Papa Pope. It was hard to watch the Huck/Quinn torture scenes especially when Huck licked her. That was just creepy wrong on so many levels. I knew Huck was a sick puppy, but this episode completely ruined him for me. He didn’t even try to hear Quinn’s side of the story before he tied her down and starting torturing her. At one point, I even though he was about to rape her (the part where he straddled her to get to her teeth). While I love that Huck is so loyal to Liv, I just can’t handle him anymore.

  18. abz says:

    I swear every episode of Scandal feels like I’m watching a midseason or just plain season finale. And that’s what I love about this show. It just has me always on the edge of seat and blood pressure rising and eager for more. Rarely any fillers.
    Sally killed Daniel WTF?!?!?! And I thought we had gotten to the biggest shocker when we found out her mother was actually a terrorist. I definitely did not see that one coming.
    Huck torturing Quinn was so disturbing especially when he licked her. And guess I was wrong about James. I actually thought it was staged to get back at Cyrus but shocked he actually slept with him.

  19. Chloe says:

    This episode was amazing. Did not see Sally killing her husband at all! Didn’t know what to expect so much from Liv’s mother but I hope we get details on what she did and why. The Huck & Quinn scenes were great, its about time Quinn got a dose of reality but after her last scene with the needle I think her character may be going back in the right direction to not being so annoying. But it seems like Harrison has been overlooked who is this guy he’s so scared of? When will we see him? What is the deal there? Hopefully this will be answered next week

    • Overthinking says:

      The guy Harrison is scared of they used to work together. He was mentioned in S1. If I remember correctly the guy hired Harrison either to sell luxury cars or do business trading. The business was shady that got Harrison into trouble and jail (Olivia was Harrison’s lawyer). The other guy left the country I guess in hiding but now apparently he is back.
      I think they are just laying groundwork for Harrison backstory in the next arc. Next week will be concluding the arc operation remington.

    • Anika says:

      People seem to think Harrison is really Liv’s brother… Hmmmm…

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  21. xx says:

    Huck is just a disgusting waste of air. I can’t watch his scenes anymore- that’s not a human, that’s a flesh and blood pain machine. Unless I’m really pulled back by the midseason finale, I’m out until Huck’s gone.

    • x says:

      THIS! he is getting to be too much. if he can torture Quinn, he can do the same with Olivia. he has no feels. there’s nothing left in him. all he likes is torture, inflicting pain, even to his dear ones. never once asked why she did it?! Quinn times and times again went to him for support and he turned his back on her. ppl hate on Quinn but i see no valid reason why.

      • Shenel says:

        How can you be sick of huck?!! I’m so done with Quinn she’s always getting herself into stuff!!!! She needs to sit down somewhere. I wish huck would rat her out to Liv bc she Isnt gladiator worthy in my eyes any more. I’m over her!

        • Overthinking says:

          Agree with you. Huck is a trained spy. And like he mentioned he was trained to do things we cannot even imagine. Look who the trainer was – Eli Pope. I admit the torture is gruesome but the guy is a spy and makes no apologies for it.

      • Jains says:

        To X and others: I think we will see Huck’s redemption. Why would he attend those “AA” meetings if he didn’t want help. Think of him in his back story. So so sad in the train station waiting to see his family. His heart is not all gone.

        • xx says:

          Some things can’t be redeemed. He takes joy in hurting somebody he calls “family.” And, frankly, it’s his fault Quinn’s in this mess. He gave her a taste of the evil torturer thing and then backed off and refused to engage with her- what did he think she would do? Something other than what he’d have done? His manipulation of Quinn is disgusting and the character’s nothing more than a deranged dog in need of putting down.

      • Cheyenne says:

        He’d never hurt Olivia; he practically worships her. But Quinn has turned into a part of himself that he hates but can’t get rid of.

  22. b says:

    Myspace? Really? Wow, biggest shock people still use Myspace!

  23. Mary says:

    The only thing that really surprised me was Sally/Daniel…never saw that coming! And James having actually cheated on Cyrus was a bit of a surprise, as I tought he hadn´t. Mama Pope being dirty was just predictable, at least for me (since I saw her on the cage I was sure she was the bad one and Eli/Rowan not so much).

  24. Overthinking says:

    Let’s see………the president unknowingly assisted a terrorist. The bible pushing vice-president killed her husband. A girl is caught between two spies and she must show where her loyalty lies. A terrorist is on a plane (weapon 1) with a gun (weapon 2) and might be on her way out of the country. A girl found out that her mother is a terrorist who her killer father was protecting her from. A guy found out that his checkered past is fast closing in on him. A marriage came to a heartbreaking crossroads. Killers got a taste of blood……….. This episode felt like 10 season finales all wrapped in 42 minutes. The production team seriously needs to think about telling people to watch the show (1) with a defibrillator and an oxygen tank handy (2) in the emergency room or with fingers on 911 ready to dial.

  25. mirvin365 says:

    I really thought you might title this recap “The Monster At the End of This Ep”. That was one of my favorite books as a kid! :). Anyway, Scandal was fantastic. Emmy caliber work from Jeff Perry IMHO.

    • Jodi says:

      All episodes are Emmy winning caliber for Jeff Perry. His expressions, his delivery.. He just knocks it out of the park every single week.

  26. alisonblogg says:

    This episode was sooo good!!!!!!

  27. Bobbi says:

    Found Huck’s scenes with Quinn absolutely excruciating to watch. I don’t hate him, but not really eager to see more of that.

    Matt, loved your recap, but just one thing. Sally only “commented a sin” when she called Cyrus. She actually “committed a sin.” lol

    • Sam says:

      I read the recap before I watched the episode (sometimes I like to know what I’m in for especially the Huck torture scenes…uugh) I had to read that line a few times “commented”?? What’s that supposed to mean?! Lol. Typos happen.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      The mistakes we make at 11 pm after two Christmas parties, and that SpellCheck cannot catch. Fixed!

  28. kim says:

    The ONLY thing I hated bout this episode was it ended!!! LOVE THIS SHOW!!!

  29. LaLa says:

    Look, I had to jump through hoops to watch this episode – damn you ABC 13 – Houston – but it was SOOO worth it. I loved the heart to heart Mama Pope was trying to have with Liv, though I wasn’t surprised at the twist in the end. Huck if a dang nabbit FOOL. He and Quinn were so fun – though I cringed alot – to watch. And go Quinn for that “come hither” look she gave Charlie right before they did the do. His reaction shot when she dropped that towel was priceless. James giving it to Cyrus was a nice turn, though I felt bad for him when Cyrus told him he wouldn’t leave because he never does. I guess I like confrontation because I loved Jake and Fitz going at it too.
    But here is my question, because NO ONE is addressing it, not even on the tweets I went back and read: Who is the chick that came to drop off the info to Harrison? You know, the one who did the flirty eyes and smirks with him? I’m guessing that Harrison’s backstory, and her involvement, and the guy who put the fear of God into him, will come to the forefront after the break. Although we may get teased in next week’s mid season finale. There’s just SO MUCH happening.

  30. JB says:

    I tried watching this show for the first time, but the first scene was so utterly disturbing (and quite honestly doesn’t belong on network tv) that I switched the channel and will never go back. Not to mention my 13 year old son walked into the room during this and was equally horrified.

    • Ram510 says:

      I guess the show just wasn’t for you, perhaps something on the Disney channel is more your speed. Might as well bit even attempt watching The Blacklist either, 10pm shows are tough

  31. Cheyenne says:

    Mellie to Cyrus: “Sally is a weed in our garden. Deal with it” or words to that effect. You kill weeds in the garden. Was she telling Cyrus to set up Daniel’s murder and frame Sally for it?

  32. Karen says:

    It doesn’t make sense to me that Huck would torture Quinn. But what equally doesn’t make sense was Quinn’s journey to the dark side in the first place. Sure she was interested in what Huck did, but to go SO far over the line?…it doesn’t follow, at least to my way of thinking.

  33. Queen says:

    I think Cyrus did it on ourpose knowing that simething might happen between Sally and her husband. He probably didn’t think she would go so far though…

  34. bend22 says:

    Of course the mother is evil!
    It was obvious from the very beginning, because it was one (major) storyline of Alias… And Scandal picks up A LOT from Alias (but they do it right, so that’s cool).

    Now I hope they kill Quinn.

  35. Kate says:

    The pull your tooth episode crossed the line. Will no longer be watching what was my favorite show. It was over the top. Over half of the people I work with are done.

    • jains says:

      Please don’t slam the door on your way out. The rest of us are listening and watching intently.

      Who has had a tooth pulled out without drugs? Who has had one knocked out by accident? Actually not so excruciating. What happened here was the extremely top notch acting of Quinn and the awful (but very effective) screams!

  36. Dasia says:

    You people leaving Scandal over a tooth pull KIILL me because as mentioned in the show and by Jains, it’s not that big of a deal!