Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Arrow, HIMYM, Once, Good Wife, Hannibal, Scandal, Sleepy and More

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Question: On Scandal, don’t you think Jake would be a good match for Mellie? —Sara
Ausiello: I’m not feeling it. Besides, if my hunch is correct (tee-hee, when isn’t it?!), the new fortysomething character the show is currently casting — a handsome, charismatic fella named Andrew — will be keeping company with Bellamy Young’s love-starved FLOTUS. And, if this is who they end up hiring, we deserve some kind of trophy or medal. Or something.

Question: Any scoop on the conclusion of How I Met Your Mother‘s slap-bet saga? —Troy
Ausiello: The penultimate slap will rain down on Barney’s face in “Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra” (airing in early 2014), and Jason Segel offered up this cryptic tease: “I’ll just say two words, and you can take them any way you want: Hillary. Clinton.” Thoughts, theories, role playing?!

Question: I recently saw that L-Fish has signed on to do an HBO show. How does this affect his role as Jack Crawford in Hannibal? I hope he’s doing Season 2. The show wouldn’t work without him. —Jared
Ausiello: It will have no impact on Lau-F’s Season 2 Hannibal schedule; he will appear in all episodes produced. However, if the HBO project gets ordered to series, it would probably limit his role in a possible third season. (His Hannibal contract is season-to-season.) Bonus Scoop: Gillian Anderson will be back as H-Lec’s shrink in S2’s first two episodes!

Clock King Arrow Season 2Question: Any update on new Arrow villains arriving soon? —Harry
Ausiello: Yes, Clock King’s time has come! Sources confirm that the CW hit will introduce the pivotal DC Comics baddie (aka William Tockman) later this season. The casting notice calls for an actor in his 40s or 50s to play the criminal mastermind who has “the mind of a chess grandmaster, and can envision all the interlocking pieces of Starling City and adjust them in favor of his crimes.” Got casting tips? Hit the comments!

Question: What’s the deal with particle accelerator Arrow keeps talking about in the background on the news? Is this a problem to come? —Savannah
Ausiello: It’s gonna be a problem for this guy, that’s for sure.

Question: Any romantic scoop on The Mentalist‘s Patrick Jane and Kim Fischer? I see sparks aplenty in the “My Blue Heaven” promo. –Amy
Ausiello: …and you have also since seen, I assume, that Fisher is a Fed — and not the friendliest one, at that. That said, in this Sunday’s episode, we’ll get the sense that her brief time with Jane on the island left an impression on her — and perhaps vice versa.

Question: Can you offer up any clues on the location/setting for the second half of Once Upon a Time Season 3 (premiering March 9)? Will it take place entirely in Storybrooke, or will there be trips to another never-before-seen world? — abz
Ausiello: Better than clues, we have cold, hard facts. More akin to Season 1’s storytelling, “The second half [of Season 3] will take place between Storybrooke and the Enchanted Forest,” series cocreator Eddy Kitsis told Matt Mitovich. In other words, EP Adam Horowitz underscored, “It’s not a ‘journey to another land’ paradigm” à la the Neverland arc concluding Dec. 15. “We always have the ability and the desire to dip into other lands, which it’s more than likely we shall do,” Horowitz added, “but it will be in the way that we’ve done it in the past, as opposed to locking all of our characters onto a boat and sending them [to a new realm].”

Question: Was Clay dying on Sons of Anarchy your Blind Item? Also, got any other SOA scoop? —Chris
Ausiello: I’m not making any Blind Item confirmations at this time. I can tell you that this week’s penultimate episode is the deadliest of the season and lays the groundwork for a doozy of a finale on the 10th.

zombie kyleQuestion: I binge-watched AHS: Coven this weekend and I am hooked. Is there any hope for Zombie Kyle? —Nikki
Ausiello: While still not a cunning linguist, Kyle’s speech is improving, although Madison isn’t exactly thrilled with what he says in this week’s episode.

Question: I’m really enjoying the second season of The Mindy Project. I have been wondering if we might ever see BFF Gwen (as played by Anna Camp) again? —Ally
Ausiello: No plans at the moment, but I don’t want you to go away empty-handed so here’s some scoop on Anna Gunn’s upcoming guest stint. “I play a very upscale doctor who tries to poach Mindy,” the Breaking Bad actress reveals to TVLine. “It was a lot of fun.”

Question: Ryan Murphy just tweeted that he invited all of the original Glee castmembers back for the show’s 100th episode. Please tell me that includes Dianna Agron (Quinn). —Tara
Ausiello: Not only does it include Dianna Agron, but I hear she wants to do it. Whether the dates work out is another question.

Question: I’m already having Good Wife withdrawals, so to help me get through the break please tell me if all these subtle Cary/Robyn scenes are a sign of a budding romance? —Mary
Ausiello: Here’s the deal — Cary is getting a new love interest in the second half of the season. But despite my best efforts to get him to crack, exec producer Robert King refused to share a single detail about the budding romance, on the grounds that “it would be giving too much away.” (FWIW, methinks you’re prediction is a good one, Mary.)

Question: Is Hunter Parrish returning to The Good Wife? The student murder case in Episode 7 was never resolved. —Christie
Ausiello: Nothing gets past you, Christie. Yes, Parrish will reprise his role as college student(/possible murderer) Jeffrey Grant in this season’s 15th episode. When the action picks up, he will have spent “six months in jail,” says King.

BRADLEY WHITFORD, MICHAELA WATKINS, MALIN AKERMAN, MARCIA GAY HARDENQuestion: I’m loving Trophy Wife — especially when Pete and Diane interact. Any chance of some scoop? –Anna
Ausiello: Anna, you must’ve been a very good girl this year, because Santa — or, rather, ABC’s freshman comedy — will be giving you exactly what you want during a Christmas episode that titular star Malin Akerman promises “is gonna blow your mind.” In that Dec. 10 outing, Kate, her hubby Pete (Bradley Whitford), his first wife Diane and his second wife Jackie (Michaela Watkins) will all be involved in a story arc involving “a bunch of adults who don’t usually drink absinthe and don’t know that they’re drinking absinthe on Christmas Eve,” teases Akerman. The next morning, “There might be a wolf-slash-coyote in the house. Nobody quite understands or knows how it got there. The Christmas tree is gone, the presents are gone, and there’s a lot of backtracking to do,” she adds. “And, of course, everybody’s a little hung over.”

Question: Anything Community-related? —Orla
Ausiello: The private investigator Walton Goggins is playing in the Jan. 16 outing — the comedy’s latest bottle episode — couldn’t be less like his Justified alter ego Boyd Crowder, says Joel McHale. “Totally, completely different,” he insists. “It’s like the difference between Jeff Daniels in The Newsroom and Jeff Daniels in Dumb and Dumber.” Furthermore, “There’s something he does — and it’s not the actual moment but something he does throughout the beginning [of the episode] — that is brilliant.” Trying to remember the last time WG did something that wasn’t brilliant. A little help here, please. Can’t you see I’m struggling?!

Question: On Sleepy Hollow, are we ever going to find out who vouched for Ichabod when Luke called Oxford? –Irene
Ausiello: Executive producer Ken Olin tells TVLine that the episode’s script originally revealed that Capt. Irving set up the charade to throw a suspicious Luke off Ichabod’s trail… but that tidbit never made it to screen. “I didn’t edit it, but I think it was probably removed for time,” Olin says. As for the loose end – whether created on purpose or by a pressed-for-time editing staff – the EP admits, “I don’t know whether now that will Tina Holmes Parenthoodbe paid off, but it was certainly left hanging.”

Question: Any chance we see Jason Ritter return to Parenthood since his Fox show is over before it began? —Evan
Ausiello: There’s an extremely good chance, seeing as how I reported his comeback two weeks ago. In much fresher P’hood news, the show is staging a Six Feet Under reunion! Tina Holmes — whose Maggie illicitly romanced Peter Krause’s Nate in Seasons 4 and 5 of the late, great HBO drama — is set to guest-star as the mother of an autistic teen who seeks out Kristina’s advice with some schooling issues. Sadly, Holmes doesn’t share any scenes with Krause, which totally undercuts my “Six Feet Under reunion!” declaration. Blerg.

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