Grey's Anatomy Recap: Sister Attacked

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 RecapIn this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, not only do Jackson and Matthew get competitive over a roadside tracheotomy, but the Kepner sisters descend on Grey+Sloan for April’s bridal shower. And, though the wife-to-be manages to make it through the hour without prescribing herself a sedative, she doesn’t do so without making a big change to her wedding party. Who’s in, and who’s out? Read on…

VIDEO | Grey’s Anatomy‘s Sara Ramirez Talks HerOwn Expiring Contract, Life After Arizona (With…Owen?!)

TWISTED SISTER | From the get-go, the Kepner girls are so annoying (fawning over Jackson and saying things like “O-M-gosh!”) that suddenly April seems downright tolerable by comparison. When at last she’s had enough of being called Duckie – because she used to be an ugly duckling, not because she loved Jon Cryer in Pretty in Pink – she declares, “I’m a swan!” fires them as her bridesmaids and replaces them with Meredith, Cristina and Arizona. Meanwhile, Jackson first disses the emergency tracheotomy that Matthew performs on a guy whose tie has gotten caught in a taxi door, then tells April that her fiancé did it exactly the way he would’ve. THEN – dizzy yet? – he tells Matthew that no, he did, in fact, botch it. Somehow, this all results in Matthew insisting that Jackson attend the wedding.

TIFF COMPETITION | When not having sex with Shane – yeah, that actually happens – Cristina implants her 3D-printed doodad in her infant patient, and at first, it doesn’t look like it’s going to work. At the same time, Stephanie helps Mer implant HER 3D-printed thingy in a sheep, and it looks like it IS going to work. Sulkypants over this turn of events, Shane rudely congratulates Mer on beating him and Cristina, prompting Mer to ask her ex-BFF WTH is up with him. “Are you saying I taught him to be mean?” Cristina asks. Fight No. 103 ensues. But at least afterwards, Cristina and Shane learn that their 3D-printed doodad is going to work after all. Mer and Stephanie’s 3D-printed thingy? Not so much. (RIP, sheep.)

VIDEO | Sandra Oh to Shonda Rhimes: Don’t Kill Off Cristina

ODDS AND ENDS | After spending most of the episode spatting with Arizona, Callie ends an argument by kissing her, and they realize that they’d probably bicker less if they simply talked less. (There’s a self-help book in there somewhere.) And finally Miranda takes the OCD medication that Illeana Douglas keeps recommending when Richard – newly discharged but still hanging out at Grey+Sloan – likens her condition to his alcoholism: incurable and yet treatable.

DAD ATTITUDE | Like a bad penny, Jimmy turns up again at Grey+Sloan telling Jo that he’s been trying to get clean since realizing that Alex is his son. She says that’s great and all, but he can’t detox there… so he collapses (unintentionally, mind you), prompting Owen to order Jo to take him on as a patient. This, in turn, makes Alex grumpy and puts Jo in the line of fire when Jimmy’s hallucinations make him violent.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were you surprised that the show really went there with Cristina and Shane? Can there be any doubt that Jackson is going to steal April from Matthew? Are you glad Callie and Arizona are getting along again (at least for the moment), or, since they never really addressed or resolved their issues, does it just feel like the calm before the next storm? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. April says:

    Still can’t stand April. I have sympathy for her but unless her sisters are now annoying regulars to distract us from how annoying April is, she’s still horribly annoying.

    • abz says:

      Lol I laughed at this because your name is April as well :P
      I have actually grown to really love and enjoy April. When she first came on I felt exactly like you did. Thought she was really annoying and whiny, but she has actually been a great character who was really funny especially in the past few seasons. I still remember the Boards episode and all her freak outs were hilarious. But if at this point after almost 5 seasons with her and she hasn’t grown on you, I don’t think she ever will.

  2. Tony says:

    Next to Karev, Bailey is my fav character. It actually hurts me to see her in so much pain. I have seen what trama can do and the fears and phobias that can haunt someone after something out of their control can happen.

    I hope they show the long road ahead for her but I need some happiness to be fire I get bummed out.

    Speaking of happiness after trama. Why not have Arizona taking part in some para-Olympic sport. She loved to run. That would help to shine a much needed light on some gray causes like the Wonded Warrior games

  3. Calzones says:


  4. Tammy says:

    Let’s just get to the wedding episode so we can see if Jackson stops the wedding. I can already see the cliffhanger of the winter finale.

  5. Dee says:

    Does anyone else feel as if Shane did something to Merediths sheep? Something is so off. I hate him. Meredith needs to go the chief about how Shane is speaking to her. Better yet, put his ass on probation. You can’t speak to a member of a hospital board (and your boss) like that. I hate this character!! He gets away with everything & has no repercussions. he also spoke horribly to Derek.

    • Shaun says:

      Not likely,guy was watching the sheep in case it coded.

    • abz says:

      Agreed. I can’t stand this character soooooooo much. I absolutely hate him and I really don’t think there is anything Shonda/writers can do to make him likable. I don’t think he messed with her sheep but Mer seriously needs to kick his ass for his behaviour towards her!! Ugh why couldn’t he have died instead of Brooks!

      • RC says:

        Agree with you 100%. I have watched Grey’s since day one, but I am about ready to jump ship. No way should Shane be so rude to Meredith. And please, Cristina would have done better with anyone else!!!!

    • Dasia says:

      Yes! I hate Shane’s character too! He gets away with way too much and he is a lot more “whiny” than April. He acts way out of line way too often. I wouldn’t put the whole sheep thing past him, I mean look what he did to Heather. Dude is shady!

  6. Please, cristina, dont leave says:

    Cant believe they are wasting the chemistry between kevin mckidd and sandra oh. Shanes character is ANNOYING and the writting has become reaaly bad. Its highly unlikely for a character like cristina to be imvolved in some kind of relationship with someone like shane. Plus, we all find it hard to believe that cristina and owen had moved on so fast. The fandom is just not buying it.

  7. Soopah Soopah Soopah says:

    Ross is so going to kill himself or someone else. That kid is unhiiiiiiiiiinged.

  8. Babygate says:

    First, Shane and Cristina?? GROSS! Like, I literally had to turn my head away. This man-child is absolutely insufferable. I cannot believe that Cristina let him get away with making ‘an executive decision’. Dude, YOU ARE NOT AN EXECUTIVE!! You are a runt. You take orders, you don’t make decisions. Shane really, really needs to go. I literally have to look away when he’s on the screen. Second, whoever this writer is, she did an outstanding job. She managed to present all the conflict in a way that is much more acceptable than what we have seen for weeks. There was a flow and a rhythm to the episode that was really great. I still hate the Bailey OCD story but tonight I was able to have sympathy for her and even laugh at her facial expressions. I hope she takes her meds and this will be over with. Finally Webber is out of the hospital! The Jackson/Matthew scenes were great. Wish they would have explored that further. I thought I would like the Kepner sisters more but I was only annoyed by them. Tonight I absolutely loved Mer and her voice of reason. I even enjoyed Stephanie which confirms my suspicion that the only thing I truly dislike about her is her relationship with Jackson. Great episode if you take out the Cristina with the baby seal scene. The Calzona kiss was kind of hot but once again, sweeping everything under the rug. Now Callie is taking a page from Arizona’s playbook and using sex to avoid the issues. Great…

  9. TEE says:

    i feel like they are making Meredith out to be the sucker just because they want Cristina to go out with a bang. it’s annoying.
    After years of the twisted sisters BOTH being the most talented, both the most brilliant all of a sudden cristina is the rock star surgeon and meredith is the bitter ex-best friend who can’t seem to get it right in her professional life. the only difference i see between her years of being brilliant and now is that she has a family. is this some “subtle” way of telling us that [like cristina told her] you can’t have it all: can’t have a family and still be the best? because that’s how i’m taking it! Theyre ruining Meredith’s character. it’s suppose to be GREY’S anatomy. it feels like Yang’s .

    • RC says:


    • Les says:

      Huge ditto from me too! Well put. I was really hoping that Mer’s sheep would survive and Cristina’s Hail Mary would fail… Like you said so well, they’ve always BOTH succeeded and genuinely supported each others success. What this season’s story line seems to say is that having a family means you can’t succeed; and however bad-ass you are, you still need a man (I.e. idiot intern Shane) to take you to the next level. It all feels pretty sexist. The way they let Shane speak to his female colleagues and superiors without repercussion, and how he’s shown to orchestrate Cristina’s brilliant medical achievements!?! It’s maddening! Doesn’t Shonda Rhimes have 3 kids (and as a single mother!) and manage to succeed a great deal?!? Aren’t most of the writers and producers women – many of whom have children too? Do they actually watch their own show?

    • d says:

      Love this!!!!

  10. Dana says:

    Can’t stand Shane. Not even from day one. He makes me want to throw my remote at my tv. And when they slobber on each other, well I just throw up a little!

  11. Luli says:

    I can’t stand Shane anymore!!! Can Shonda please kill him already?!? He is rude, annoying.. and I just don’t like him at all! Also pleaseeeee stop this non sense that’s going on between Meredith and Cristina! I need the twisted sisters to be back. We don’t have Yang for long, and they are ruining this amazing frienship that’s been going on for years now… Why do this when it’s Cristina’s last season?

    April was hilarious in this episode, her sisters wow. they were annoying… but that last scene with April standing up for herself was great, funny, and just good. I hope she doesn’t marry Mathew. Pleaseeee don’t marry him! You belong with Jackson!

  12. trainwreck says:

    Shane is one of the most hate-able regular/recurring characters in Grey’s since Hahn and Stark. He is arrogant, downright stupid and a man-child! and if seriously Shonda, you want someone other than Owen for Cristina, please give her a man that is worthy of her!

    I was one of the biggest proponent of Grey’s beyond season 10 but as this season is progressing I am not so excited. It is NOTHING like the early years of MAGIC era where the drama was actually gripping! It is not even close to the post-MAGIC season 6, 7, 8 where it was still abut the characters staying true to what they are. Now it’s just bizarre! I am really sad to say that because I love Grey’s – but i think it’s “coding”!

  13. Alichat says:

    So this is a recap of the episode and not one mention was made of Alex and his dad? I find that odd. I thought those scenes were interesting, to hear about how things were on a daily basis in Alex’s home with his mentally impaired mother and alcoholic father.

    • Rachel says:

      Thank You!! To me that’s been the best storyline of the season and I thought the Alex/Jimmy/Jo scenes were some of the most interesting last night.

  14. esunrise says:

    Nevermind what the characters need, or what the writers need to do for Christina’s exit strategy. I NEED Christina and Meredith to lock themselves in a room with a bottle of tequila and not come out until they’re fixed. They’ve been friends for too long for this to go so long. Derek and/or Owen could also lock them in a room with tequila, and we could even skip the tequila and have a long surgery. But the tequila would bring laughter, and I miss them laughing together.

  15. Alichat says:

    Oh and the Cristina and Shane bed scenes made me throw up in my mouth a little. I just don’t like that pairing. And the Kepner sisters needed to be smacked.

  16. DavidSask says:

    Love Cristina and Shane, so sad Christina is leaving, perhaps this show should leave with her?!

    • abz says:

      You are the first commenter I’ve seen who likes the pairing. I find the pairing disgusting and he’s is such an insufferable character.

  17. Erin says:

    First, we’re supposed to care about Jackson and Stephanie, THEN we’re supposed to buy the completely unlikely pairing of Leah and Arizona, and NOW we’re meant to accept Cristina and Shane?? THIS is how Shonda thinks she can get fans to accept the new interns? By just having them sleep with whoever happens to be single?

  18. abz says:

    Did anyone else realize that this season’s Fall finale is going to almost be exactly like last season (wedding-themed)? Although, I’m pretty sure we all know that unlike Bailey’s wedding, April is probably not gonna go through with hers and is gonna decide that she loves Jackson. Let’s hope it’s at least a decent episode and maybe we get one or two surprises out of it.
    I still love Grey’s even though this season isn’t my favourite and I’ll probably stick with it till the bitter end, but I’m starting to feel like this really should be the final season. It seems that all the creativity and shock and intensity of Shonda’s mind is being put into Scandal completely (which don’t get me wrong I am really happy about) and she’s just not even trying with Grey’s any more. :(

    • Babygate says:

      Exactly! Last year’s winter’s finale fell flat in the ratings and this year’s will be even worse because people don’t care about these events. As much as we love Bailey, we love her as the soul of the hospital and a kickass surgeon. I don’t want to delve this much into her personal life. I don’t want to humanize her that much because it ruins the illusion. And April who in every poll comes out as the most disliked character will not change that perception by throwing a wedding.
      Shonda is giving her all to Scandal. As I was watching the scenes between Cy and James all I could think about was: THAT’S how you are supposed to tackle an infidelity storyline. Cy was devastated even though he put James in that position. And James was disgusted by Cy’s manipulation. They talked, they screamed. Cy said he was sorry (even if he was lying through his teeth). In one episode, there was more substance on such a storyline than the first 11 episodes of Grey’s has given to Callie and Arizona, who finally shared a kiss last night in an attempt to, once again, move on without addressing their issues. Scandal is so rich in their writing and storytelling and Grey’s is so, not.

      • d says:

        Well said! It’s like shondaland and co is just phoning in their episodes for Grey’s, not Scandal. Grey’s hasn’t seen that amount of good writing since Bailey gave birth and the hospital shooting. There is absolutely no passion in any of Grey’s story lines anymore. Especially since last years and this years winter finale is basically the same situation give or take a few variables. And I get that this is Oh’s last year but her swan song right now is such an insult to herself and her character, not to mention the fans. Those writers should really look at these comments and other boards and realize just how pissed the fans truly are! Yes, we all get shonda’s life’s a roller coaster motif and it’s not all rainbows and butterflies, and just enjoy the ride, yada yada yada but Seriously?!?! Seriously, this season has been nothing but those tiny bunny hills at the end of the ride that make you nauseous and you can’t wait until the ride is finally over, hint hint, nudge nudge!

  19. Barnitude says:

    Clearly Matthew hasn’t learned a thing from Ted Mosby. “Never invite an ex to your wedding.”

  20. N says:

    I miss Grey’s Anatomy! =(

  21. mj says:

    lame episode

  22. diehard fan no more says:

    I think the writers are taking almost every character to a level of unredeemable. They are pushing the buttons way too far on everything, taking everything to the absolute extreme. As far as I am concerned, by trying so ridiculously hard to integrate the interns into the show, they have ruined almost every single character. Shane and Cristina? So ridiculously out of character for Cristina (and too gross to even watch.) She’s only ever gone for men who are her equal or higher. (then again, maybe they’ll stick a flashback of Cristina with interns, attempting to make us believe that’s her MO.) That pair up (just so they have something for these useless cast members to do) is so far fetched and contrived, I turned the channel last night, and I don’t miss Grey’s live……EVER. Arizona is unredeemable after hooking her up with that other stupid intern. Totally unredeemable. Cristina/Mer, the greatest friendship/love story, is also the point of unredeemable. And what, we don’t get any Mer/Der at all anymore? Looks like they are trying every episode to wean us off our favorites. Listen up ABC, nobody wants these new cast members. I am on twitter during the episodes and the last 2 weeks have been very quiet. They are losing the fan base, and losing it fast. I’m not really sure if the winter finale is really going help the cause or hurt it. I am actually looking forward to it. Can’t believe I even said that. The entire last 8 episodes (sans the Callie-centric) have been nothing but negative and mean. Callie said it in last nights episode, she is tired of being angry. Well, so are we. We are tired of every story line being nothing but negative and angry. There has been no balance in the show at all this season. if that’s what they were going for, they achieved it. What a terrible “great exit” for Sandra Oh. I keep hoping the tear inducing moment next week is all the interns in a multi car pile up. Put them in a hospital bed in a coma for the second half with little or no screen time, or better yet, Mr. Clark escapes from prison and goes on another shooting spree in the hospital and takes them out.

    • K. J. says:

      That was an awesome response and spot on. My thoughts exactly. So disappointed with this show. And the Christina thing with Shane is so completely out of character it is perplexing. Only way to redeem this season is to have Mer wake up in the shower having dreamed it all aka “Dallas”!

      • diehard fan no more says:

        You’re absolutely right, that is about the only way to redeem any of the characters. The writers, not so much. I could have gone on and on about this season, but hey, let the ratings scream how most of the fan base feels. I really feel like this season is targeting the 12-18 year old viewing audience. They seem to love the storylines and pairings. Another observation: It seems like they are trying to get the format to match that of Scandal. It doesn’t work for me. Mer/Der, the core couple-we used to at least get them as bookends. Now, we get nothing. Derek rolling his eyes at Mer in the 3 seconds they were together in 2 episodes. I guess we’re supposed to be grateful for that. “Hey Shonda Rhimes, stop being Ellis Grey with your 1st born, Grey’s Anatomy and do something to save this shipwreck you’ve ignored.”

  23. Miss Rozie says:

    Cristina is acting like an 18 year old bedding Shane. When the scene came on I said out loud “oh you have got to be effing kidding me Shonda.” That this character has been allowed to sink this low – I don’t find it cute or funny – it’s very insulting to me as a viewer that it gave me an uneasy feeling & I don’t insult that easily. Cristina’s reputation of being the “great Dr. Yang”, being a hospital board member & part owner of the hospital & this is the BEST she can do for herself – bedding Shane & giving him “extra credit” for sexual moves??? Dr. Thomas, her one true mentor, did NOT teach her that when she was at Mayo …. now that half the season is almost over – I hope it gets better for this character – maybe we saw a glimpse of it last night where the surgery she performed was live-streamed & has anyone noticed just how many babies she has taken care of this season? It’s as if she somehow mourns what she passed up on with Owen. I know a patient is a patient but most of the patients have seemed to be children. Love the OCD story with Bailey – finally a true storyline for her – sure hope it continues to be with Ben in the picture, even though Jason George is p/t on Grey’s. April’s sisters were downright rude & mean to their sister – so happy to see April really stand up for herself & “fire” them – good as gone – but the burning question is WHO will be the groom? – maybe there won’t be a bride! You know Shonda – anything can happen & will …. they said on the promo for next week’s show – the last 5 minutes will want us wanting more – we’ll see.

    • Babygate says:

      As soon as that scene opened I turned my head away. I have no idea if they even kissed (since Arizona and Leah never kissed or have any actual physical contact). The sound of my disgusted screams drowned whatever was being said or done. This is not the Cristina we have known for 9+ seasons. The way that she allowed Shane to make ‘an executive decision’ without calling him out on it? And the way she’s questioning her every decision? Who is this new character???

  24. LaLa says:

    First of all, NOT THE KID -N- PLAY!!! Cristina & Ross dancing after the good news about the baby – Loved it! Oh, Sandra Oh, what fun you’ve brought to this character. I do not mind the pairing, but I am a little put off by Ross’ rudeness and sense of entitlement.
    I’m glad Chief Webber and Bailey’s relationship is on the mend and he was able to help her cope with her onset of OCD. I hope better days are ahead for Bailey, but I know her marriage problems are still lingering. I really don’t like Calzona anymore, but, you know, whatever. Totally expect the “A Different World” wedding episode respin for April, Matthew and Jackson.
    Now – is it just me? Or does anyone else have a BBBAAAAAAADDDD feeling about Leah’s obsession with Arizona? I hope I’m wrong, but I’m getting a murder/suicide vibe, though I don’t expect it to come to a head until after the break.

  25. Rae says:

    I have been holding this in for too long and I can’t stand it any longer so here goes.

    Bailey is one of my favorite characters but this storyline is absolutely ridiculous. Last season, Bailey got married and she had the incident with her gloves and giving the patients an infection. Out of the sky the writers/Shonda just pluck out that now Bailey has OCD!! She had a good storyline last season and this season she was helping Richard with recovery. Aside from Richard’s recovery, Bailey should have been moved to the back burner. With such a large cast being shifted around is going to happen. This happened with no build up…suddenly Bailey was in surgery and Ben discovered that Bailey was having OCD tendencies. This came out of nowhere!!!

    What happened to the romance…no MerDer tonight; Alex is with Jo but doesn’t even treat her like his girlfriend. He had an attitude the entire episode and two weeks ago all they shared was a quick peck of a kiss. Shane and Cristina is not considered romance. I can’t even believe that Cristina stooped to that level. I agree with an above poster, when would Cristina or anyone allow an intern/first year resident to make an executive decision about live streaming a surgery. Especially, the chief of surgery! I don’t feel that Cristina and Owen moved on too fast because this has been a long time coming. The kid issue cannot be resolved between them. They are too different to be together.

    Where is Catherine Avery? I know it could be Debbie Allen’s schedule. Richard was talking about being alone at his house. I know they don’t live together but what is their relationship status.

    I don’t even know where to begin with Cristina and Meredith. I can’t not even believe this is happening and this is Sandra Oh’s last season. Cristina told Meredith that she was too distracted for a surgery and not ready for it because of Zola. Face the facts and don’t shut Cristina out. I am team Cristina! Following that episode was the Halloween episode and Meredith shut Cristina out because she doesn’t want kids. She didn’t invite Cristina over to the house for the pre-party trick or treating. Meredith says, “I didn’t think you would want to come because of the kids.” You are her person, her best friend; she may not want to be a mother but that doesn’t mean that she never wants to be around kids; it doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t help you out or support your decision to have a family. Meredith shutting Cristina out because she doesn’t want kids of her own was despicable. She has always know how Cristina has felt about kids; confided in Owen to stand by Cristina’s choice to abort because her mother, Ellis, didn’t want her and she knows how it feels not to be wanted. Last night, inadvertently saying that Cristina is mean well she has always known that Cristina was sharp. Meredith went along with it all those years and accepted that is who her friend was. Even though Cristina can be sharp along the edges she has always bee there for Meredith.

    When there are reruns on/holidays/summers I like to go back and watch the good ‘ole Grey’s. I started with season 1 and right now I am close to the end of season 3. It is unbelievable the quality that has dropped in this show. I know, I know, I don’t have to continue watching but I am going to watch Grey’s until the end. This is going down, along with season 4, as the worst Grey’s season of the series.

    I really hope that someone from the writing team/Shondaland gets word of how the fans are feeling about the show. On another note…Scandal is on fire!

    • Merfan says:

      She did invite her to the Halloween party..remember the cupcakes. Cristina chose not to stay but Mer did invite her even though she knew she probably wouldn’t want to come

    • Monica4185 says:

      Meredith did not say that Cristina is mean. She was telling Cristina that something is wrong with Shane (Meredith is right, something is wrong with shane) and Cristina needs to pain attention to that and Cristina took it as if Mer was saying she is mean. Meredith shut Cristina out because she felt that Cristina was judging her desicion of having children and just assumed that Mer wasn’t focus because she was attending to Zola, minutes ealier. Meredith did not expect Cristina out of people to doubt her ability as surgeon. If anyone else had said those thing, Meredith wouldn’t had take it personally, but it was Cristina her BFF someone who suppose to know her intimately. For Cristina to just assume that Meredith wasn’t focus was huge to Meredith. Last night it showed that they are having a huge misunderstanding. They are both taking what they are saying to each other twisting it and making it personal.

    • Monica4185 says:

      Also Mer is not shutting Cris out because Cris doesn’t want children of her own. Mer is shutting Cris out because she felt that Cristina was judging her life choices when she kicked her off the surgery by assuming that Meredith wasn’t focus. By the way Meredith has always been there for Cristina as well.

  26. ninina8 says:

    The only thing I want is April won’t marry Matthew… He is too perfect and perfection is boring! I want Japril and I would like April and Jackson finally say they are fallen in love… It hasn’t happened yet!

  27. watcherinsanity says:

    The episode as whole s*** big time. The only things I liked was Derek and Callie storyline and the fact that whoever wrote last night episode actually show what really going on between Meredith and Cristina. The writer actually made the effort to show us that Mer and Cris have really grown apart. Their fight is not about the printer or even about who is the best surgeon. The problem is that they don’t connect with each other anymore, they can’t read each other like they use to. The both of them misunderstood why they were saying to each other. Cristina thought Meredith was calling her mean and Meredith thought that Cristina was saying that she wasn’t as driving. When did that happened before? Never. Mer and Cris no longer see things the same way, they don’t believe in the things, and don’t have the same priorities anymore and they clash because they deep down can’t accept it.

  28. Azerty says:

    Is it just me or the storyline about April and her sisters is the same kind that George and his brothers back in season 2 or 3? (“Stop calling me Georgie!”)

  29. Shaun says:

    Been reading the comments,not much mention of Alex/Jo/His dad

    • Babygate says:

      That’s because there’s so much going on this season that is hard to get invested in anything new and Jo/Alex are new. This entire show is being turned upside down. Crowen/MerDer/Calzona/Japril and especially MerTina fans are looking for something they can be excited about and it’s not happening. Add to that Bailey’s OCD which is an incredibly unpleasant and disturbing story to follow. It’s hard to add something else to the mix. Also, unfortunately, neither Justin nor Camilla are strong enough actors to carry a focused storyline so this pretty much feels like an after-thought.

  30. BriDeSi says:

    I literally laughed at loud at the shower scene with April and her terrible sisters. Webber, Stephanie, and that other intern randomly yelling out compliments on the wedding gifts was hysterical. Yang cracking up at April and the pearled thong made me laugh even harder. What’s funny is that Grey and Arizona always get duped into being someone’s bridesmaids.
    I have actually grown to like April although I prefer her with Jackson.
    I agree with everybody on here about the Shane/Yang pairing. I get that Cristina is hurting over letting Owen go but bedding the insufferable Shane is not the way to go! Where does he get off speaking to a member of the board like that. Mer should have his @$$. Also will there ever be any type of punishment for his involvement in Brooks death?!? Or is he just going to keep stomping around the hospital making “executive decisions”? Put us out of our misery and bench him puhleazzeee!

  31. Paloma says:

    That Shane and Cristina would knock boots was foretold and obvious. Though I find it icky. I can’t stand Shane. I didn’t like him before Heather died and I like him less now. No resident would yell at an attending let alone a board member/hospital owner. Not if he was planning to stay in medicine. And now he’s setting up tele-surgery for Cristina without asking. “I made an executive decision.” And he is mean and arrogant (unsupported by any superior skills). Cristina always had redeeming graces and the surgical chops to support her arrogance, and she was never really mean until this season.

    April and her sisters. Now I understand a whole lot more about April. You can’t pick your blood relatives but you can pick your family. I have grown to like April but her “I am a swan” explosion” is like graduation day in her growth. And her “I pretty much run the place,” when taking her sisters through the ER. Though I don’t think they were impressed by April’s accomplishments. Their bad.

    I like Justin Bruenig and would love to see more of him, but I am rooting for April and Jackson. They are great together. Chemistry. Definitely not feeling Jackson with Stephanie, though I loved her with Meredith and the sheep. Hoping for some high drama at the wedding.

    Bailey. This is the serious storyline. Chandra Wilson is absolutely amazing. I can feel what Bailey is experiencing and it hurts. It feels real and right. And would love to see Wilson get an emmy for her work on these episodes.

    Great episode.

  32. rellers says:

    Did anyone else think that the music in this episode really threw everything off?

  33. scottydog says:

    I am a long time Grey’s fan and have to say that’s one of the most boring episodes i have ever seen. There is almost too much characters to focus on everyone is barely present – Derek and Owen have gone AWOL this season (Derek professionally i am glad his cases have always bored me sightly!) and there is WAY TOO MUCH focus on the interns partcularly Shane, Steph and Jackson have NO chemistry but Shane is the worst! (He has become such a twat this season glad Mer has noticed!) The whole Mer/Cristina argument is getting so boring (I know they have have fallen out in previous seasons and Cristina has been the cold hearted cow before but now she is just soooo unlikeable its unreal!). The Calzona fighting is bizarre too , they are two of my favourite characters but are being written so negatively (I may be in the minority and think Callie is actually worse bar the stand alone ep so bitchy and cold – just dump AZ if you hate her so much!!) and the whole Alex and his dad is so dull as well (this storyline is making Jo annoying as well! I kinda wish they would make the chief leave with Jackson’s mum he is so unnecessary now! I also would have moved the storylines around a bit – Bailey (if she has to have a story i always prefered her as a supporting character!) having the miscarriage and AZ having OCD /not quite right behaviour at work. It annoys me Callie mentioned therapy to Arizona and it has been ignored AGAIN (where the hell was her therapist after the crash!!!!) and Bailey could flesh that out and still be resentful towards Ben if that’s what the writers wanted and giver Chandra a good bit to act! Loved April ditching her sisters but WHY would Cristina be a bridesmaid??? She has always been a bitch to April would have preferred the other two only!

  34. lauren says:

    pretty bored with this one. probably because it seemed to be building up to this wedding that i have no interest in. i know i’m in the minority but i don’t get the april/jackson love at all and i really hope she gets married so we don’t have to deal with their will they won’t they bs again. sometimes she’s funny but only in work related stories. she’s always annoying in any stories related to her relationships. i don’t really like jackson with stephanie either but i’m definitely against him getting back with april. it seems like that’s definitely where they’re headed and i’d be surprised if it went another way but i really hope i’m wrong.

  35. Tholhu says:

    Seriously have always love gray anatomybut cing yang and mer on this verge really pierce my heart i think shondes want to replace existing cast , yang and shane is just annoying unbelieveable and i love jackson and april 2gether