Glee Recap: 'That Was the Most Sacrilegious and Profane Horror Show I Have Ever Seen' [Updated]

Glee-Christmas-Special-RecapA ripped, waxed bisexual Santa with an appetite for hot, buttered rum and grand larceny. A Supremes tribute featuring a sequined and pregnant transgendered student birthing out the Messiah — to the beat of “Love Child.” A living nativity kicked off with the announcement, “Virgin in the house, bitches!”

Nope, Glee‘s “Previously Unaired Christmas” wasn’t exactly traditional — and in some corners might be labeled blasphemous — but would you forgive me if I admitted to a couple of genuine belly laughs during the whole crazy, probably misguided hour?

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For those of you too busy waiting for a no-show mall Kris Kringle, here’s what you missed:

* Jane Lynch — stuffing her Emmy rivals’ stockings with coal — introduced the hour as a lost episode previously called “Rough Trade Santa” that was rejected by Fox in 2012, then recut and trimmed to make it palatable for 2013.

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* Rachel, Santana and Kurt scored jobs as elves at the Midtown Mall, but when their Santa colleague turned out to be a drunken mess, they were easily sucked in by a sexy, shirtless substitute (Popular‘s Bryce Johnson, who apparently has unlocked the secret to not aging one single bit over the course of a decade) who charmed his way into a dinner invite, some drunken tree-trimming, a makeout session with Kurt, and finally, a robbery of all of the Lima transplants’ holiday booty. The sight of a hogtied Kurt in reindeer headgear was darker than the show tried to play it, but the hour ended with all three robbery victims singing carols in a Bergdorf-Goodman window. Glamorous!

* Tina made it her obsession to have New Directions win a Christmas tree decoration contest with the prize of a lucky angel figurine. The show choir kids — adhering to a “green” theme — pulled out the win, but ultimately gave the prize to frenemy Becky Jackson, who wanted the statuette desperately, even if her own tree turned out to be “a bag of diapers.”

* There was also a contest to play Mary in a living nativity, a role that went to virginal Marley, until she realized hard-edged Kitty really coveted it. “I’m a Christian and I know what it means to have the holy spirit in your heart,” Kitty cried — noting she just wasn’t up for the task. Marley, Unique and Tina teamed up for the aforementioned Supremes tribute, though, in an effort to make Kitty crazy enough to snag the role she was too embarrassed to admit she coveted. (“That Was the Most Sacrilegious and Profane Horror Show I Have Ever Seen!” yelled the bitchiest Cheerio of 2012.) The plan worked — and with Becky frighteningly adding her own head to top off a Baby Jesus figure — the full Nativity blossomed on a snowy winter’s night.

Episode’s Best Zingers
“Shut up, Blaine!” –Everyone in New Directions shutting down the former Warbler’s rendition of “Joy to the World”

“Now you can relive all your Jeffrey Dahmer fantasies in the privacy of your own home.” –Santana, giving Kurt a “styling head” figure for his Christmas gift

“I’m sure it’s covered with condoms and dental dams and suicide-hotline pamphlets and at-home sex-change kits.” –Sue, envisioning the New Directions’ tree

“Why don’t we get you an iPad: You can’t even get porn on whatever you just asked me for.” –Santana, crossing about a dozen boundaries while hearing kids’ Christmas wish lists as Mrs. Claus

“Virgin in the house, bitches!” –Kitty, arriving in full Mary regalia for the Living Nativity

Grades for the Episode’s Musical Numbers
Kurt, Rachel and Santana, “Here Comes Santa Claus” — Grade: B+ | A cute, candy-colored set piece, but forgive me for craving something on par with Rachel’s “O Holy Night.”

New Directions, “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” — Grade: C+ | Too much sugar, not enough rum in the egg nog, if you know what I’m sayin’.

Unique, Tina and Marley, “Mary’s Boy Child” — Grade: B+ | A fun and unexpected number, but for the love of all that’s holy, would Tina and Marley really have worn leotards that skimpy to audition for the role of the Virgin Mary? Maybe if this was a “Single Ladies” Xmas Pageant.

Kurt, Rachel, Santana and “Cody,” “The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late)” — Grade: N/A | I can’t properly score a lipsych to Alvin & The Chipmunks, but I’ll admit I giggled watching the former Lima residents flirt and frolic with a dude clearly casing out their pad. Over the top? Sure. But that was kinda the point.

Unique, Marley and Tina, “Love Child” — Grade: A | So wrong, and yet so right!

Rachel, Kurt, Santana and New Directions, “Away in a Manger” — Grade: B- | Call me Scrooge, but I’ve grown tired of musical numbers that get split between the Lima and NYC. Pick one, and then focus, people!

What did you think of “Previously Unaired Christmas”? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Brian says:

    God- This episode was Hilarious! Love it!

    • RobD381 says:

      absolutely the best episode since Finn died. Of course someone had to spoil it by making Sexy Santa a Sadistic Criminal. Oh the morality play nonsense. Almost everyone seemed to have fun in one way or another. Delayed from last year, this was a perfect episode, and not sacrilegious in the least. Come on. This is 2013 and a story about teens now. Maybe their priorities are way off, but I have a feeling the skin that is shown the rest of the year would make this particular episode downright tame. Sheesh. Michael I thought you didn’t need shock headlines to get people to read your articles, unlike Yahoo in my opinion.

      • CJ says:

        I can’t tell if you’re being serious or not so I’ll just say that the title is a direct quote from the episode. Also, the episode was not delayed from last year.

  2. Marie says:

    terrible episode, what shame, what was that between kurt and santa? and the drunk thing was not funny at all.

  3. kd86953 says:

    i LOVE when glee makes a complete idiot of themselves –and openly admits it! this episode was one of the funniest, crackiest, campiest, outrageous episodes they’ve done. and knowing that it was completely AU was even more brilliant. i enjoyed it a whole lot more than i was anticipating!

    • Rook says:

      I was pleasantly surprised at how funny it was. Love Child was the best part.

    • AdamJ says:

      Yep “Love Child” LOL funny!
      Lea in that purple gown in the last few scenes… well Hello Gorgeous! Just Stunning.
      Glee = music + comedy.
      Merry Christmas everyone.

  4. JJ says:

    I think Ryan is trying to get Fox to cancel Glee in S5 so he doesn’t have to do a S6. Loved the NY elves and hot Santa, but as usual HATED the Lima stuff and OMG Becca Tobin has a terrible voice. How do have Lea Michele and make her sing the Chimpmonk song and give the main part of Away in the Manger to someone that sounds THAT bad when she sings?

    • Jimena says:

      Absolutely agree with you, JJ! Becca Tobin’s voice is so annoying! She has one of the worst voices of the current cast, and yet she still got to sing in every episode, even having solos in most of them! Melissa Benoist has a great voice! And so does Jenna Ushkowitz. It pisses me off to think that a lot of the songs in this season could be beautifully sang by them, instead of being destroyed by Becca Tobin!

    • Nan Oscherwitz says:

      Yes, is Ryan Murphy burned out by Glee? It was so good at the start & I’m guessing more of us want original writers, original stars esp Lea Michele and natural evolving into NY scene. Too bad Zach Woodlee is gone too. The musical numbers were much better with his choreography. Such a shame to turn show over to less talented writers, etc. Glee is unique on TV and it’s a shame for it to end even in a year unless no one wants to do it anymore and have it continue as a quality show with terrific singing and dancing.

  5. Nicole says:

    Most offensive piece of craps episode

  6. Heather says:

    Disgusting with dubious consent issues. Happy holidays!

  7. glee sucks says:

    this episode was not funny or “glamorous” the scene with kurt and santa was awful and they tried to make sexual assault funny. you’d think they’d try to fix the load of crap of last season’s glee but they managed to make it worse. good job glee

  8. Romy says:

    I was watching the Live Sound of Music so didn’t watch it. How did they explained Brittany’s absence?

  9. Sheldon says:

    I was flipping back and forth between Glee & Sound of Music. I’m still trying to decide which was worse and a bigger waste of air time?

  10. Je says:

    So I thought Santana was a lesbian? I don’t really pay attention to her all that much, but didn’t she get so upset at Finn for “outing” her? Is she bi now, or always has been and I missed it?

  11. Alli says:

    I feel so sorry for Lea, Naya and Chris being stuck in the nightmare that Glee has become. This was just awful, how is it the show keeps getting worse with each episode?

    • Boiler says:

      Don’t feel sorry for them!! If they didn’t like doing it they would walk away as they all have other stuff going on. Some parts of this were hilarious and some just not right. As to a comment above, except for Lea the voices in Lima are better for the most part.

      • Thomas says:

        Don’t agree about the voices in Lima being better except of Lea. Jenna, Kevin and Matt are close, Alex has a great voice but can’t act his way out of a paper bag. Becca’s voice is very weak, Melissa, Blake and Jacob, Darren and Chord are nothing special. Those Lima voices can’t match up to Lea, Naya, Chris, Adam or Demi. And they can’t walk away, they have contracts.

        • sam says:

          Lea, has a great voice but is also an incredible actor. A lot of the Lima side are performers and not actors. That is part of the problem right now, they can’t seem to sell a story based on their acting abilities. Maybe that is why there seem to be many more songs that really have nothing to support a story, there is no emotional depth any more.

          • Agreed! says:

            Yeah all they do now are music video with no meaning or depth or connection to the story line. Terrible acting with mediocre singing, and its not that they don’t have really good voices its that all they can do is sing the song. Lea acts through her singing and to some extent so do Chris and Naya. The talent separation between the NY side vs the Lima side is jarring!

      • Boiler says:

        Well I didn’t say anything about the acting differences! But I do disagree with comments on the singing.SORRY

  12. ugh says:

    So Unique can’t be the Virgin Mary because of being black, but Kitty or whatever her name is can be, even though she isn’t a virgin? I see where her logic is now, hypocritical.

    • Ruby says:

      LMAO Reeeeeeeach for that reason to hate! Gold medal effort there bud.

      • Red, Actually says:

        Not really, that is a perfectly logical connection. But of course people like you and your “kind” would try to act like that issue doesn’t exist. Typical.

    • l says:

      Well Unique is also a guy.. which doesnt quite work for the virgin Mary.

      • haifa says:

        unique is a girl asshole. also im pretty sure virgin mary was middle eastern so she most likely wasnt white.

        • Are you trying to be factual or state how he identifies/feels about himself. Because genetically unique is a dude. Doesn’t really matter in the least though because many men in theater have portrayed women, so why not the virgin mary. No biggie really.

          • haifa says:

            gender (not sex) is not genetic, it’s how one identifies. unique identifies as a woman, therefore, /she/ is a woman. misgendering and using wrong pronouns might not matter to you but that doesnt mean theyre not important.

          • Who said that it wasn’t important to me. Anyway, I was not pointing out gender identification, I was speaking strictly genetically. Perhaps I should not have used the word factual, because factually she identifies herself as female. However, chromosome-wise according to the show Unique is male and probably has a penis, though I couldn’t say for sure because I haven’t been in her pants. With that said, my point was that the only issue I could see people having with her portraying Virgin Mary is that Mary gave birth; which a chromosome male cannot do. What I meant by no biggie is that people should get over that issue because woman are portrayed by chromosome males all the time. Geesh.

          • gender is biological. That is the fact. If someone wants to identify with a different gender, they are welcome to do that but it doesn’t change what they are. You can be as politically correct as you want but it does not make you factually correct.

  13. Brian says:

    It was a hilarious episode. They prefaced it for a reason, Sensitive Sallys.

  14. Dan Sorenson says:

    I’ve always enjoyed Glee’s effort to push the envelope and champion issues, but this season has gotten into “jump the shark” territory.

  15. Jess says:

    It was actually a really funny episode! Best one yet this season, and last season, for that matter. Nice one, glee. Finally!

  16. Angela says:

    The version of the Chipmunks’ Christmas song amused me greatly. And “Love Child” was an inspired choice of song. I kind of wish the Santa that visited Kurt, Santana, and Rachel hadn’t turned out to be a robber, ’cause I was getting a kick out of both Santana and Kurt both flirting with him.
    Also. Sue had some great one-liners tonight.

  17. Pam says:

    I am not here for Kurt and dubious consent. He was drunk, then says no, and gets assaulted? I don’t find that funny. It is horrible.

    • Ruby says:

      Oh lord. He didn’t get assaulted. They were role-playing, with consent, and when Kurt said no, dude left him tied up and robbed the place.

  18. Annie says:

    Don’t care about the offensive stuff. But this was just a big old stinky piece of crap! Alex Newel is a HORRIBLE actor and so annoying! Since Lima has most of the screen time maybe if they had better acting from the Newbies Lima wouldn’t keep sucking the air out of the show.

  19. Kate says:

    That was hilarious. It’s been so long since you were that funny, Glee. I don’t know who wrote it but if she/he can do more like that one, bring it on. Chris Colfer deserves a special mention too. His face during the drunk Santa bit was hilarious. I laughed so hard during the Love Child thing. Alex and Becca and really all of them were so funny. I usually hate the Lima side, but I actually enjoyed it tonight. A lot of what they did in this episode filled in some of the missing plot from last year. I even liked the sappy ending. I’m shocked.

  20. Jenna says:

    This episode was HILARIOUS! Not like the way-too-sappy Christmas eps from the past. Yay to Kurt for making out with Sexy Santa. Nay for the apartment being robbed. Yay for Blaine being shut down!

    I LOVED IT! And I haven’t liked an episode as much since Asian F. Hope that says something.

  21. Lola says:

    Some of it was funny, most of it was terrible! I agree with the comments about the bad acting. I find it very distracting and i think that is why I just can’t stomach the Lima stuff. So much of Lima is just really bad acting and mediocre singing.

  22. KC says:

    This was funny and I laughed out loud a lot. Glee knows how to poke fun at themselves. I loved Santana playing Mrs. Claus with the kids on her lap! I could have done without the whole drunk Kurt making out with the Santa dude… Just no…

  23. Amy says:

    Best part was Santana playing Mrs. Claus i’m sorry but her telling the little boy he looked too Jewish made me bust up laughing and her talking to the little girl about Brittany made me LOL.

  24. I LOVE LEA says:

    I just can’t quit Lea otherwise I would be gone faster then Sue can toss an insult! It was better then the last 3 episodes but that bar was already pretty low.

  25. SHUT UP BLAINE! says:

    SHUT UP BLAINE! That was the best part of the episode…nuff said!

  26. gleemark says:

    I really liked this episode, is one of the best of the season! It was sooooo funny and with great performances for all the cast. Love NY part, loved Sam and Tina, loved Becky and Sue!!!

  27. Carmen says:

    Laughed out loud through most of the episode,especially the NYC scenes. Santana was priceless.

  28. Sean C. says:

    It figures that the one time they manage a good Christmas episode it isn’t canon.

    Brittany not being there is one positive, because the writers used all of the previous Christmas episodes as an occasion to give her some of her most idiotic plots and write her at her dumbest and most childlike.

    The NYC side of the show should be like that all the time, with crazy antics and schemes to get noticed.

    Lima was actually enjoyable too for once, and this version of a Christmas episode actually makes some effort to explain why Kitty became nicer last season, which just sort of happened in canon.

  29. Dina says:

    Wow – people thought this episode was funny? So sexual assault, robbing and racist jokes are funny? Glee has really gone down the tubes. Worst Christmas episode they’ve done yet. This should have stayed unaired.

    • Ruby says:

      Honestly, what on earth are you doing watching a Ryan Murphy show expecting perfect political correctness? Go back to the Disney channel, Polyanna.

    • Kim says:

      Glee has been doing this for years. Sam just made a racist joke two episodes ago. Last season, Artie and Sam talked about how awesome it is for boys to get molested by their female babysitters. They’ve made so many rape jokes at Brittany’s expanse.

    • dcl33 says:

      Actually this episode, as crazy as this will sounds, was one of the funniest since season 4. Yeah made no sense but in some ways that made it so damn funny. Besides, drunk Santana, Kurt and Rachel… what more could you ask for?

    • KC says:

      There was no sexual assault! Why don’t people realize this!

  30. samikate says:

    This is probably the most offensive and idiotic episodes to date. I hated it. Alex Newell shouldn’t have been on the show in the first place. My whole family hates him. The Nativity scene was ridiculous even though I’m an atheist. The Sexy Santa idea was stupid. I hate Glee now. Not worth my time anymore.

    • Tal says:

      Agree about Alex, he is the worst actor Glee has ever hired bar none! None of the Newbies are worth watching and Chord and Darren aren’t much better.

      • tim says:

        Dean Geyer was the worst actor Glee ever hired, that is why they made his character a male prostitute to get rid of him quicker.

  31. GleeNy says:

    Glad I decided not to watch it live. The NY stuff was hilarious but I ended up FF through almost all of the Lima stuff. Amazing how Glee used to be must see TV for me but with each new episode that airs I find the show less and less entertaining.

  32. Carlos Alvarez says:

    I thought it was so freaking hilarious. Glee just proved with that episode it can be funny. I have never been a fan of the Christmas episodes that Glee does but this one was my favorite one. So many funny moments Santana had Mrs Claus, Kurt with the sexy Santa even the Ohio part was good. To me it seemed like Oho and New York shared equal screen time.

  33. Babygate says:

    The NY stuff was funny, especially Santana. It’s been a while since she’s been given enough screen time to let her snarky alter ego come out. The Lima stuff I couldn’t fast forward through fast enough. Just looking at the images was disturbing enough. I thought the trio singing would be interesting until I realized that the half naked divas were auditioning for the role of Mary. And what I saw of Becky with her head over the baby Jesus, good lord, this show has really scrapped the bottom of the barrel. Beyond irreverent and offensive.

    • Brigitte says:

      I find it amazjng the diservice they are doing to Becky. They have made a very sweet character almost intolerable. And if this was supposed to be a flashback episode, she was nothing like that last season.

      • Susan Sentilles says:

        Can anyone explain why the Becky character has become so foul?

      • I agree. Maybe a little sass now and then, but she is foulmouthed and sex crazed all the time. Come on, they can do better than that!

        • Ally_D says:

          Can someone also explain to me how offensive ‘bitch’ is in the US? Here in the UK it’s pretty bad – kind of on a level with ho. No way would you get away with saying it to a teacher like Becky did a few episodes when she yelled at Shue to get out of Sue’s office BITCH!

  34. Meh says:

    I’m usually a big fan of offensive humor, when it’s funny that is! I did enjoy the NY stuff, their comedic timing is soooo good they can sell really bad writing. Lima and those characters I can do without. My dream Glee show would be with just Rachel, Kurt and Santana while dumping Blaine, Sam and the rest of the Lima cast. Send Sue to NY to be Rachel’s agent so she can terrorize Broadway.

  35. LOL says:

    Any episode that insults Blaine and doesn’t suck up to Darren Criss by giving him all the songs is ok by me. Too bad that and the NY elves were the only things entertaining about it lol

  36. Kobe Busia says:

    Ok so honestly, during the first 20 minutes of this episode, I was actually confused as to what kind of significance this would bring to anyone of the characters. Then when I started to grasp a tighter sense of what what happening here, I became apathetic for the rest of the night. Sure there were a few lines that made me laugh at certain points, but with the overall storylines for the episodes, I just didn’t get invested in any way at all. Once Again, this wasn’t a bad episode, but I didn’t care for what everyone was doing, and the whole “Oh Kitty, u have to be the Virgin Mary, or Marley got the part”, whatever, I didn’t care. This is not necessarily a terrible episode, but I found it hard to be interested in what was going on throughout. Even the songs were mediocre at best, and rather forgettable, with exception of the song from Alvin and the Chipmunk song, that was cute and Rockin Around the Christmas Tree was fun to dance along to and get jingly with it. I also think this episode didn’t capture the Christmas spirit at all, and I felt nothing towards the events of this episode, what they were all doing was so apathetic for me, so what does this episode get on a scale of 1-10? 6.5

  37. kd86953 says:

    glee would be silly not to use this episode for the emmys/golden globes! same with chris colfer!!

  38. Bri says:

    What a crap sandwich. Glee is the finest example of jumping the shark, since Fonzie!

  39. melly says:

    From the very beginning Glee has walked that fine line between funny and offensive. Sometimes they get it right and the results are hilarious, sometimes they get it wrong and the results are disastrous.

    I don’t find pedophiles to be any laughing matter, but (right or wrong) I laughed my tail off at Sandy Ryerson’s character in Season 1. Likewise, sexual assault is not funny, but I couldn’t help but laugh at Kurt’s escapades with Sexy Santa. Right or wrong, I’m more offended when Glee tries to romanticize these things like they did in The First Time episode.

    So call me crazy, but I actually laughed out loud during this episode, something I haven’t done while watching Glee in a long time.

  40. Jillian says:

    This episode was really funny (which every episode should be because Glee is a comedy) especially Santana as Mrs Claus. It was nice for her to have more than 2 lines like in the past few episodes. The New York side was better than Lima as usual. I can’t wait for the second half of the season so that we hopefully don’t have to deal with Ohio anymore after episode 14 (according to Chord Overstreet’s spoilery interview)

  41. Monica says:

    This episode was introduced as too hot for tv, but it was so dang offensive on so many levels and tried to play it off as jokes. Kink bloggers were offended by the Kurt drunk scene so that tells you right there how completely off putting and very triggering this episode happened to be. I dont know what kind of crack the writers were on but it was so bad. It had a few laughs but the rest was way too offensive to enjoy. Every tv show has that one episode that you are never to talk about or rewatch and this is definitely it!

  42. Larry says:

    The point of having a closing song involving both locations is to bring closure for both at the same time. It’s to give focus on everyone at the end. This episode’s narrative was split between NY and Lima -so it makes sense. Michael, I know you are desperate for a NY only ending song -your bias is very obvious -but the producers are trying to incorporate all the characters when they have a closing number -not just the ones you like better. When the narrative is more NY dominate then that’s when we should get a closing song entirely on that side to close an episode.

  43. Ruby says:

    I had a particularly rotten day today and this ep of Glee is the first thing that has made me smile. So many brilliant things here…basically every single thing that Santana did or said (and I’m not usually a fan of hers!), the “Love child” segment, and especially Blake’s lion king pose when he held up Unique’s baby Jesus, Becky’s GROSS attempt at getting people to make out with her ( how did “One of my special needs is mouth sex with your face” not make the best quotes list?) Kurt, Santana, and Rachel all tripping over their tongues at Sexy Santa…the whole thing was hilarious. Sue was particularly awesome this ep too. My only tiny gripe is what they turned Tina into..why did she turn into such a shrill psycho? Anyway, great ep, maybe in my top 5 of all time…probably BECAUSE of how offensive and ridiculous it was. Hater tears are delicious!!

  44. Carlos Alvarez says:

    Well explained Larry about the ending songs being split. I for one love them when they split the ending songs between Ohio and New York and yes I know everyone wants the Ohio part of the show dumped but complaining about it all the time isn’t gonna really help much so just sit back. Shut up and watch the show for what it is. If you don’t like it. Don’t watch.

    • Thomas says:

      I HATE the split numbers. I don’t like the new kids and the split numbers ruin the small parts of the show I do like and I won’t buy music the Newbies are part of Glee loses in that area too. And people have stopped watching. Last nights ratings were disaster so you are getting your wish.
      Each aired episode Glee loses viewers. At some point Fox is going to say enough and cancel or shorten S6 because at this rate Glee will be lucky to have 2 mil viewers by the end of S5.

  45. I Loved it. (Only the NY parts, of course, I FF the entire Lima parts (except for the songs), so boring it hurts).
    Kurt being crazy and the sexy santa and Santana… really great, made me laugh.

  46. megs says:

    Agree with the split musical numbers comment, Michael! They’re fun, but as soon as I get into one, they smash-cut to a completely different set! Not great television.

    I do have to disagree with the “Here Comes Santa Claus” grade(although the “O, Holy Night” comment was on point). I love what they did with that song!
    “Mary’s Boy Child” was very fun too. Love when Glee can infuse some extra ‘umph’ into a song.
    Those two have definitely earned a spot in my Christmas playlist!

  47. abz says:

    This is the first episode of Glee in a while where I was laughing out loud pretty much at different points of the episode. First it was the crickets comment to Marley from Kitty, then Santana as Mrs. Claus (that was hilarious) and all the scenes with the Santa Claus guy were pretty funny.

  48. abz says:

    Also, Here Comes Santa Claus was my favorite number of the episode. I really love the three of them together. They work so well off each other and the chemistry is all there. With the Lima side I find that I like Kitty and I can somewhat tolerate characters like Marley, Unique, Jake, and Artie if I have to. But. it’s actually the older characters like Blaine, Sam, and Tina and Ryder (even though he hasn’t been on that long, I included him because I just dislike the character) that are bringing that whole side down IMO.

    • HundleyFan says:

      That “Here Comes Santa Claus” arrangement sounded so familiar. When I watched it the second time, I realized it’s based on The Andrews Sisters & Bing Crosby version, which put an even bigger smile on my face.

      I though the episode crossed the line multiple times but was so hysterical. The “Love Child” number was the high point for me. Kudos to Alex for his spot-on lead vocals on that song.

  49. Joey says:

    I was absolutely disgusted with the sexual assault between the Santa and Kurt, and how it was played as a joke. This show is a disgrace. It figures they can show a creepy, shameful gay makeout session that ends with drunk/high Kurt tied up against his will and robbed, but a loving couple can’t kiss hello!

    • lotte says:

      Want to see an actual sexual assault that triggered real victims? Watch ‘the first time’, take off your blaine googles and stop complainig when kurt was obviously tricked BUT he agreed on the sexual acts. Big and important difference!

      You are just mad klaine was dismissed and many viewers have legitimate complaints about them as a couple.

      • Erin says:

        Maybe YOU need to of your Blaine-hating goggles and see that Kurt wasn’t tricked in anything and he actually initiated their first time. So do please explain how that is supposedly bigger assault then Kurt clearly saying no during roleplaying and getting tied up and gagged for it? Something, unlike the events in TFT, he was later completely ashamed of.
        Do you want to know what sexual assault is? Karofsky kissing Kurt. That was sexual assault. But I’ve seen enough Blaine-haters not only talk it right for Karofsky, I’ve even seen some say it was Kurt’s own fault for not walking away when Karofsky told him to. And let’s not forget how Adam dismissing Kurt’s confused and conflicted feelings by shoving his hand into Kurt’s and demaning they go see a movie was considered cute. If Blaine was in either of their places or in that of this creepy Santa, hell would’ve broken loose!

        • Naomi says:

          Um… i’m a Blaine fan and… i agree with lotte. I mean, the scene in the car in The First Time was technically sexual assault.

        • Lotte says:

          1) One evil does excuse another one.

          2) This is Glee full with inappropriate jokes. That scene was in its entirety Season 1, on the likes of Terry faking a pregnancy and Sandy being a pedophile. Basically, very dark humor! More importantly, the entire scene was presented as very wrong and Kurt being a victim. “The First Time” ended with Kurt having sex nad apologizing to Blaine, even though he said numerous times (up to 15 times!) “NO”. Heck, he screamed it at certain points while he was touched AGAINST his will. TFT romanticized sexual assault and even worse, totally dismissed it by never admitting to it.

          Also “something he was clearly ashamed of” –> tell me the scene and I’ll watch it! Because that scene doesn’t exist. There is one scene Kurt telling how amazing Blaine was as Tony, HE apologized for not being fun and Blaine then made some half-assed comment about Sebastian, but he never, ever apologized for assaulting him.

          3) Agreed that Karofsky also was assault. It was always presented as such once again. Also Karofsky was played by a great actor and actually got some proper dialogue, so the entire storyline was actually balanced nicely and handled well. There was clear regret and a sincere apology.

          4) Oh, I hate Blaine. I admit that. I actually stopped watching but returned just for this episode. Darren is an awful actor and Blaine an annoying character. Yes, I have hate googles, but believe me, I have every reason to. And the fact that many Klainers still dismiss the car park scene and are willing to judge the last episode (because you didn’t get your Klaine duet) really makes me sick. Sexual assault is a very serious matter and all the denial from you and everyone else, is just dismissing real victims and apologizing the offenders.

    • l says:

      It wasnt portrayed as a sexual assault… Kurt was totally into the makeout stuff… and when he was tied up the guy robbed them, he didnt rape him.

  50. Britta Unfiltered says:

    They didn’t all get coal. Merrit Wever got a nice full stocking full of treats. Which I thought was pretty awesome because she is the most adorable Emmy winner ever.