Sleepy Hollow's Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison Toy With 'Ichabbie,' Hint at Huge Season Finale

Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Spoilers Tom Mison Nicole BeharieOutside a nondescript soundstage tucked in a far corner of a Wilmington, N.C., backlot, it’s a stunning late-fall day. Cornflower blue sky. Chilly. Sunny. Quiet.

Inside, however, a different, sinister story unspools. A warren of dark tunnels snakes through the dimly lit space. Skulls, burned-down candles, cold case files and ancient demonic texts keep each other company in dark corners. A fog machine works overtime to ratchet up the creepy factor.

And in the center of a set where light filters through high, round windows and George Washington’s Delaware Crossing portrait watches over all, Sleepy Hollow‘s seven-year war against the forces of evil stealthily marches on.

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‘SOMETHING MASSIVE’ Because Fox would hand us over to Moloch in a heartbeat, we can’t divulge details of what Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie, the supernatural series’ leads, are shooting in the confines of the sheriff’s department archives. But we are at liberty to tell you that it contains a huge reveal – and during a break in filming, Mison lets us know that, like the Horseman himself, the exchange is a harbinger of even bigger twists to come.

“Every week, there’s going to be something massive,” he says, promising “a huge climax” in January’s Season 1 finale.

Though he doesn’t speak as archly as his 18th-century alter ego, and his manner is far more relaxed, Mison’s accent is the same as Ichabod’s. Add that to the fact that he’s still in wig and costume – though he’s traded Ich’s dusty overcoat for a zip-up hoodie – and it’s almost as though we’ve caught the time-traveler after a few tankards of that rum he likes so much.

“Since we came back from the hiatus, there’s been a really strong narrative arc,” he says, grinning. “It just builds and builds and builds.”

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WHITHER THE WITCH? | Executive producer Ken Olin echoes the actor’s excitement, foreshadowing a narrowing of the gap between purgatory and the present-day New York ‘burg. “In the finale, certainly there will be a more immediate kind of convergence between the two worlds that will not only involve Katrina and Crane, but Abbie, too,” he says.

sleepy-hollow-duo-katarina-longThe witch, her Revolutionary War captain husband and his beloved leftenant, possibly sharing the same space at the same time? Whether or not you’ve booked passage on the S.S. Ichabbie, you’ve got to admit that it’s a situation rife with potential drama… unless you’re Mison, and fond of messing with us.

“I don’t know what you’re suggesting,” the Brit says, his deadpan delivery undermined by his inability to keep a straight face. “It’s a business partnership! What, there will be calls back to Katrina? ‘I’m just staying late at the office darling. I’ll be in purgatory a little later’?”

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SYMPATHY PAINS | Witnesses of a feather keep mum together, apparently, because Beharie isn’t much more illuminating when the subject comes up. “Who knows what’s going to happen to Abbie and Crane?” she muses, pulling up a seat during some downtime. In Abbie’s quilted leather jacket and wielding a brook-no-fools expression, she is a petite badass. “I do feel like it’s a platonic relationship, and they are just working toward a common goal.”

And if Mrs. Crane plays a bigger part in the apocalyptic fight ahead, Beharie says, so much the better. “It’s really wonderful that they waited to reveal more about Katrina, because as the fan base is missing her [and is] sort of unsure of who she is, you start to feel almost like Crane does,” the actress says. “We’re separated from this person, you’re getting flashes of this person… and the answer is revealed.”

She smiles the smile of someone who knows exactly how the season is going to wrap – and who is well aware that you don’t. “It’s worth the wait,” she says. And then, as Beharie is called back to work, she offers her slender hand, fingers curled, in a parting expression of elation, teamwork: a fist bump.

Coming later this week: Mison and Beharie talk clothing – and lack thereof – and Orlando Jones evaluates fans’ theories about Irving’s backstory (Hint: You’re waaaay off)

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  1. Brendan says:

    Usually I despise name blends… But Ichabbie is actually pretty fun to say, haha

    • As long as the name blend isn’t “Crabbie”, it’s fine with me.

    • selina says:

      I loved the chemistry between Ichabod and Jenny. I;d like to see more of that.

      • Jo says:

        The hiatus breaks have been hurting the ratings. Fox and the producers are really risking the show with so many breaks. Especially when you consider its only 13 in total. Its nearly like the are daring the audience to go and find something else to watch. To come back again for 1 episode and then disappear again till January is ridiculous. The show hasnt had enough new episodes to find its feet and ratings are slipping big time.

        • Betsy says:

          The producers asked for the breaks because they are behind with production! I’m not sure its fair to blame Fox.

          • meem says:

            Nonsense. The long break in October was because of the World Series.

          • johnW says:

            That seems like very bad planning to me. As a viewer there’s nothing I hate more than getting weeks of filler repeats between new episodes. The show has lost its momentum because of the breaks.

      • Helen says:

        Mison has amazing chemistry with everyone he works with. The same applies to his previous work. The guy is an amazing actor.

        • Yeah Mison has great chemistry with NOT everyone because I am not feeling that supposed love story between Ichy and Katrina. I can’t blame him for that though. I really can’t with Katrina. The only flashbacks I really enjoyed was Abraham because the chemistry with Katrina is so bland.

      • maya321 says:

        jenny and Ichabod? are you blind how in the world do they like each other.

    • justine says:

      Its best if Ichabod just stays pals with Abbie. I’d still rather the wife died and he had a more passionate relationship with a newbie.

      • Annette says:

        Bring in a sex character for Crane, are you kidding? Sounds like you need to watch a soap opera. This show is about the “end of days” not who should have sexing with whom. Geez…

        • Laura says:

          @ Annette I have to agree with you. If i wanted to see two people hoping in and out of someone’s be I would watch a freakin soap opera. Since when did Sleepy Hollow began a serial. I watch the show to learn more about the paranormal and about the evil they are going to fight. These shippers don’t care, as long as the have the minds so obsessed with Ichabod being hooked up with another woman for romance and dump his wife. If the writers go in that route, this show is done and Ichabod will turn out to be an unfaithful husband in which i don’t agree that a man should stop thinking about his wife whom is stuck between worlds in purgatory and form a relationship with someone else. Wrong just wrong.

          • Laura says:

            I meant to say hoping in and out of someone’s bed.

          • Laura says:

            Another typo. I also meant to say, these shippers don’t care, as long as they have their minds so obsessed.

          • Ashley says:

            You are making a lot of assumptions here. First of all, Ichabbie would be a slow burn, I doubt they’d just throw them together. Second of all, how do you know what they are going to do with the Katrina character, which way they are going to take that s/l? Ichabod doesn’t have to be “unfaithful” for Ichabbie to happen, eventually. Plus, as little as we know about Katrina at this point, her s/l could take a lot of turns that you should consider.

          • meem says:

            Ashley, there are fans who have claimed to have (I say that because I’m quite sure they’re lying), stopped watching because Katrina was featured prominently in recent episodes, and they don’t like the idea of Crane still loving and wanting his wife back. They don’t want the “slow burn,” as you say it, they want it NOW NOW NOW. For them, this show is nothing but a romance novel between Crane and Abbie. That’s all they’re interested in.

          • Annette says:

            But you’re clearly a hypocrite twisting my statement to hide your shipping too. He shouldn’t “be with” Katrina. He doesn’t have a marriage. Even if you ignore that she’s not even in this world. I don’t need to see him having sex with anyone, but the only relationship in that regard that makes sense would be Ichabod and Abbie. They are human, living in the same world, and what they have to face together is going to bring them so close that not even Katrina will be able to break that bond. Apparently I’m the only one that watches this show. Crane and Katrina’s relationship is not a love match and the writers are given us all the reasons not to believe in a love match for them. A marriage cannot be built on lies, secrets and mistrust then or now.

            I don’t care how many times he states he loves her. Ichabod doesn’t know her. Now does that mean I want him sexing Abbie. no, I don’t want him sexing Katrina. I don’t watch for sex but if it happens between Ichabod and Abbie I can understand why. I don’t see race that is clearly changing how you are viewing these people. I see two people that are going to have to depend on each other for their very lives and there is NO ONE ELSE, that either can trust. Ichabod is now discovering he can’t trust Katrina either. I don’t watch this show to see who’s going to go to bed with Ichabod, his private parts are not my concern. I watch because of the dynamic between the leads and the drama of a supernatural show.

          • SLD says:

            Point is, at SOME time there is going to have to be a resolution to the Katrina thing. She can’t hover between worlds forever and he can’t live in present day pining after her forever. While cheating isn’t sexy or admirable, neither is an endless lament. So whether you’re pro “Ichabbie” or not, both of them will need love interests and in the way of all great dynamic opposite sex duos, the “will they or won’t they” thing will be key in keeping viewers spellbound. Its a hook and a damn good one. I absolutely want them together as far as end game. I just don’t want the end any time soon.

          • I so agree. Shippers are usually teen girls who latch onto a crush and just keep pushing it to the end, regardless of how it affects the show they profess to love so much. The protagonists of this show have never been played as having even slightly romantic ties. We don’t know what type of chemistry Tom Mison and Katia Winter have because we haven’t been able to see them as a couple in any meaningful way. They are gorgeous together, though. I’m anxious to see them square off and get squared away and see the Katrina character develop along with the witchy properties she possesses. I also enjoy watching Mison and Beharie interact as the buddies they have become and the comic moments that come along with that. The Abbie character is the guide in this piece and she has her own story. To tie that character with another story line based on teen angst is disregarding the fact that her character is her own woman and has led her own life that includes her own backstory.

        • It’s not very fair to blame Justine for her comment about a relationship for Crane, when the entire article and everyone else’s posts are relationship-related. She said “passionate”, you said “sex”. Try not to be so harsh and put words in other people’s mouths.

        • Spn Dahne says:

          I agree that shipping should stay completely away from Sleepy Hollow. Why ruin yet another great show with shipping drama and annoying names? I can’t think of one show that ever got better by pandering to shippers.

          • Jesus crane says:

            Shows get ruined bcuz of bad acting, bad writing, and bad chemistry! Great actors can make u believe and love anything! Some of the greatest shows of all time has been about romantic relationships ( I love lucy , the honeymooners). Its simply unrealistic to think that in a normal world people do not fall in love! Its really sad that people would rather make every excuse in the world for all of Katrinas lies. Abbie has always been truthful to Crane , Abby is everything that Katrina is not. Katrina and Cranes relationship has been built on on a weak foundation from the start. She only started to like him cuz he is a witness. Abby believed in Crane when everyone thought he was crazy! That’s the kind of women I would want to have on my side not someone that lies about something as huge as having a child and being a freakin witch! Come on! Is that the kind of women u need in your life? Plz

          • meem says:

            Jesus, take a breath, why don’t you. It’s a TV show.

        • Jesus crane says:

          Even in the bible people had sex! God said be fruitful and multiply! In fact in biblical times a man was considered wealthy by his wives, concubines, cattle etc. Deal! I guess u like being alone!

          • Annette says:

            Jesus crane is the only one making a logical assessment of this show. She/he is exactly right. We are watching a show and the writers are clearly stating and showing that Katrina is not the person Crane thought he knew. They are writing with every episode that Katrina is not the woman for Crane and Abbie is. All the excuses for him to be with Katrina are based on marriage and we are discovering he really doesn’t have a marriage. Yes it is a TV show and that’s where it’s hard to see why some many making illogical statements to justify their hidden bias.

      • Jesus crane says:

        Side eye! So u r acknowledging that Katrina sucks but Abbie is not good enough! Why would she not be good enough! Crane needs Abbie not a “newbie”. Strange u would rather him meet a perfect stranger than someone that’s had his back a thousand percent! I question your taste in women! How would this new relationship work? How would Crane explain his day with this newbie? What has his newbie done to get Cranes love? How has this newbie proven themselves? Next!

        • TammyLee says:

          Again, Jesus crane is talking sense. You can clearly see the bias and yes racism. Katrina is not the woman Ichabod thought she was and yes she “sucks” but no, there can’t be anything with Abbie because…. (insert anything but what they really think… race). So bring in a brand new person who can be a whore as long as she’s White. This is the only way anyone would say such when we have Abbie who is Crane’s equal, has his back, told him he had a son when even his “wife” didn’t tell him, risking his life for him over and over again but she’s not good enough for a personal relationship with him because of….why again?
          See now I’m talking like a want a relationship with them. I’m okay either way and if they do it will have to be slow and natural which in fact it is going that way. But to say that Katrina is the woman for him makes no sense and to say that Abbie isn’t makes no sense either.
          What is so wrong about all this is that I watched a show a few years ago in which the roles were reverse and people were so mad about that relationship that show had the woman kill herself to get her out of the way and she was his wife and she loved her husband but in that case she wasn’t White, not the lead. So I know clearly why Abbie is not good enough be a White woman in Abbie’s role would be. And don’t insult my intelligent and tell me it’s just a TV show when you don’t have a logical argument.

          • Annette says:

            I apologize. I share computers with a friend and I had to restart this computer. I’m Annette not Tammy

      • LOL with a Newbie? LMAO I think you want to say with a white actress. Why not Abbie? They ooze sex appeal. Good one though but it will be Abbie that is why they made sure the chemistry was right! There I ruined your day.. LOL Ichabod x Abbie are awesome.

    • jenferner8 says:

      Not sure about shipping but Tom’s hot enough to call “Icha-babe”

  2. Jenna says:

    I enjoy the platonic Ichabbie, and learning more about his history with Katrina. It allows me to root for both ships and appreciate a fun Ichabod and a mysterious romantic one.
    Love your reviews, and this article. The reveals just keep on coming every week in this series. Can’t wait for the finale, but sad then to have such a long hiatus before it returns.

    And I have to say, I’m having trouble picturing Mison in a zip up hoodie. lol

    • Jo says:

      If you go on tumblr there are a few of him on set with a blue hoodie. He’s gorgeous either way.

    • Rosy says:

      As viewers we tend to accept what they give us and if the writers are good they can make us accept anything…case in point, the premise of the whole show. So if they made Ichabod and Abbie an “item” it’s likely to work if they are good enough writers to pull off a better relationship than what they’re doing with him and Katrina.

    • Leigh says:

      I like Ichabad and Abbie as platonic partners in crime. It’s far too early in the series for there to be talk of romance between these two. Later, perhaps, and only if the business with Katrina is resolved to let it be honorable for Crane.

  3. Dav says:

    I knew this series had to film in the South somewhere. The last episode with the tree monster had scenes of them driving by trees with Spanish moss. There is no way Spanish moss grows in New York.

  4. TaMara says:

    The one time I wished this was a video instead of just a written interview. Sigh. And I like Ichabbie as platonic friends, like siblings, best. I don’t know why, but they do have great chemistry, so if evolved, I’d be on board.

    • Cy says:

      I’d have loved to have seen Tom Mison grinning saying those comments about working late at the office. Sigh he’s such a dreamboat.

  5. b says:

    Ichabbie <3 : ) They have chemistry and the show is so good. The wait between seasons will suck but I have a feeling it will be worth the wait. A shorter season allows them to make each episode an event. This show is must watch tv.

  6. Sam says:

    “… because as the fan base is missing her [and is] sort of unsure of who she is, you start to feel almost like Crane does.” No, not really. I appreciate what Nicole is trying to do, but the less Katrina is featured, the more I enjoy the show.

    • MichaelZ says:

      I find Abbie’s one note voice a bit of a bore. Can’t she put more emotion into the lines.

    • Maryann says:

      I really REALLY want to see more of Ichabod’s relationship with his wife explored, and for her to have more screen time.

      • Spn Dahne says:

        I want to see more of Katrina as well because she has more answers than the rest of the characters. For the mytharc to really keep moving at such a fast pace, they need to increase Katrina’s role.

        • Jesus crane says:

          Katrina doesn’t have answers she just needs to explain her lies! Molach is the God of child sacrifice ( from the parents). I think katrina sacrificed the baby. That’s proberby why she’s not telling the truth! She just needs to come clean..

          • Spn Dahne says:

            You are obviously a majorr Ichabbie fan and thus it seems to be coloring your view of Katrina. I think Katrina is fascinating and I bet there is far more to her story than we have seen yet. In fact, I am hoping for a Katrina-centric episode so that we can learn more about her. I highly doubt that she sacrificed her son to Moloch given that she has spent so much time trying to fight him. You are grasping.

        • Jesus crane says:

          I am grasping! Molach is the god of child sacrifice! If Crane did not know about his son the only other parent is Katrina! She has been shady! Everything around her evil! There is thin line between a good witch and a bad witch! She can write a whole book about Cranes life and leave for the Masons but she can’t tell her beloved husband about their son! Sorry! It seems u r letting this Ichatrina garbage mess with good sense! U want to believe she’s good when everything around her reaks of a sour smell! I guess u wouldn’t have a problem with your spouse holding secrets but most people wouuld! Ps: there’s no excuse for bad acting and my ichabbie fondness has nada to do with that!

    • jim says:

      That Katrina character is killing the show for me.

      • Laura says:

        Jim, seriously. Katrina is not killing the show. Why can’t people stop blaming Katrina for everything. She is barely seen in episodes and already is getting hated on. If the writers would come up with a good storyline and show more of her acting skills than everyone needs to shut up about it. Gosh, ever since this damn show came on there have nothing but a lot of shipping, complaining and now she is the cause of the show being killed. Unbelievable. People really need to get over themselves and watch the show for what it is. If you have a problem with her and don’t like her, quit watchng the show entirely. Katrina is getting the bad end and not enough interaction with the rest of the cast. I really like katrina and for the writers to give more stories to the main leads is not fair to the other people on the show like Irving and Jenny as well. They need to show more of Jenny. I rather watch her than Abbie. Jenny seems more older and much smarter. Loved her on Nikita.

        • Jesus crane says:

          R u serious? We have seen Katrina watch Icahbod die, watched her fight demons, given birth and she’s still boring as hell! What else can tptb do? The actress sucks and it is not bcuz of bad writing! They either need to make her evil or kill her off! Sleepy Hollows ratings have declined a lot! The sanctuary episode was a series low! I wonder why? Too much Katrina that’s why! It has nothing to do with shipping! Bottom line is everybody else is on top of their game! I would rather watch Luke read a book than see Katrina try to save the word!

          • Laura says:

            Let me to you one thing, All you shippers and so obsessed this is getting annoying and out hof hans. Katrina had nothing to do with the ratings declining. Have anybody conisdered that the show has been on hiatus do to showing repeats. You people are so delustional you have to sit up here and blame Katrina for the ratings. Just for the record, you Abbie fans have no consideration for the Katrina fans at all. This is not the Abbie show and it will never be. The are other characters on the show as well.I have nothing more to say to any of you shippers. You people act like your in high school and so immature.

        • Rosy says:

          Laura, WTH? Jim stated Katrina is killing the show “FOR ME”. Now how you are going to tell him that Katrina is not killing the show FOR HIM when he just said it has? My goodness, you are clearing losing your mind over a dang TV show. Get a grip, have a glass of wine and calm the hell down.

          • Laura says:

            Rosy, I don’t have to answer to you for my comment from before. You are one of these shipper viewers who do nothing but ruin the show when it comes to two leads with chemistry. My advice to you is you’re the one that needs to calm the hell down along with the rest of these Ichabbie shippers. You do nothing but reply to people who don’t agree with all you Ichabbie fans and try to trash them. You come back here almost the end of the month later to reply to my comment and tell me to calm myself. You are something else. All i know is that you shippers are always complaining and using Katrina as an excuse to blame her for the ratings to drop, she is too boring, and she doesn’t have chemistry with Ichabod. Seems to me all you haters want nothing but the leads to hook up and to jump in and out of each others bed. There are some fans that don’t want to see a great show ruined being of that and i hope the writers keep it the way it is. If i really wanted to see two characters getting it on in a show, i would go watch a soap opera like i stated before. To make myself clear, Ichabod is married and always want to be with his wife. People like you are not grasping the concept of the show. There is no romantic feelings between Ichabod and Abbie. Get that through your head. All you shippers do is spend so much time hating on a character and have nothing else better to do with your life. It seems that the Katrina haters always have their panties all in a bunch. People who obviously complains about Katrina should really grow up. This comment board has gotten out of hand, which is pathetic and childish. It seems that things will never change. Sooner or later down the road, you shippers who likes to hate and judge a character will be proven wrong with her in later episodes. I am very happy with Katrina and we have not seen what she can actually do, acting wise, because of what little she’s had to work with and less screen time.

          • Really says:

            Rosy, who the hell are you to tell someone to calm themselves. Yes, it is a tv show, but do i see you replying to these shippers who is constantly obsessing over Ichabod with Abbie, I think not. A person have just a right to make his or her comment when it comes to defending a character they like. Katrina have fans just a much as Abbie does. I agree, shipping should stay away from a show like Sleepy Hollow, and with the fact that iIchabod is a married man. Some people think Ichabod does not have a marriage to Katrina, but it seems that he told her they will be together in the last episode, If that is not a marriage, then what is it then. From what i am seeing, people think this is the Abby show, which it is not. Katrina is part of the cast who is connected to the story and needs to be shown as well. So just get over it and deal with it. Also, i would like to point out to people who keeps saying Katrina is boring and is killing the show for them. If that is the case, people should not be watching it. I think Katrina is doing a great job. How is she supposed to act since she is in purgatory and being held by a demon for 200 something odd years. You call that bad acting. Stop the complaining and get a life. Don’t bother replying back to me, because i am not going to reply to such nonsense.

    • Jesus crane says:

      I think the powers that be proberbly told her to say that! I find missing Katrina hard to swallow! What I missed seeing was jirving and ichabbie bantering at the Thanksgiving table! That would of been epic! I miss seeing undead Andy Brooks or Corbin! I am mad that those flashbacks took time away from Crane and Abby fighting over fries! To me… those moments r epic

    • Ashley says:

      Yeah, this is just not true. Katrina is just not interesting to me, she’s right now just a plot device that appears when needed to give vague advice and move the story forward. Abbie is the much more well rounded and fleshed out character.

    • SLD says:

      Agreed. I know quite a few folks who watch and discuss. None of us have been pining for Katrina’s missing scenes LOL.

  7. sladewilson says:

    I agree with TaMara – I really wish this was a video interview. And, I still say Sleepy Hollow is The Best New Show of the season. An absolute hit. And FOX – don’t mess up the flow – leave it to a 13 episode season. It works this way. The cast absolutely rocks but I still think Irving and Jenny would make one insanely unique couple….

    • Barb says:

      Ditto on keeping it at 13 eppies. I’ll take quality over quantity any time. In the UK, you have between 6 – 13 episodes and it works fine there. I also like Irving and Jenny. As for Crane and Abbie, leave them as best friends. There is no reason to go the romantic route. The guy is married and still in love with his wife.

  8. JessB says:

    Mison is such a funny guy. I love his droll wit.

  9. olivia says:

    I hope the last line means we get to see Tom Mison without his clothes. I;d like to see more of that gorgeous body Mr Producer.

    • Belindatheblonde says:

      Yes please I demand we see Mison sans everything. Can we also get him having a snog with someone. Even if he’s been bewitched. The show needs some passion. Its all too polite. I’d like to see Ichabod have some fun.

      • Annette says:

        He did with Katrina. Did you miss it? No, I bet you didn’t, it was so boring and dry I’m sure you didn’t even realize what they doing for about 3 seconds. Too funny.

        • A.Rae says:

          I have to agree, that was one of the most uncomfortable on-screen kisses I have seen in a while. I hope Katrina starts to grow on me….

        • Pat says:

          Hi All:

          I think we might have to remember that Crane and Katrina lived in a period close to 250 years ago. “Passion” back then meant something far different than it does now. That period, people were more reserved (even husbands and wives) and I think that impacted how they displayed their passion in public. I think the two actors are taking that into account with their respective acting. So maybe what we see as a lack of chemistry, are the actors portraying themselves in the 1700 period and acting accordingly to those influences.

          In today’s period, people are more open about how they display themselves in public. I think we see chemistry between Crane and Abby based on our experiences of today. It would be difficult to interpret chemistry when people in a period 200 years ago were influence by different societal influences that we would have difficulty understanding.

          The actors might be taking all these factors into account with their acting choices. I think that might be the reason for “lack of chemistry” between the two actors, Crane and Katrina.

          • Anna says:

            I think you’re forgetting that sex wasn’t invented a hundred years ago. Have you ever heard of the Bible? There are sex references all through it. Read Song of Solomon, reach about Sodom and Gomorrah and many other references. Read Elizabeth Barrett Browning sonnets. Even in Hamlet there are sexual references. Come on. Even in fiction writing sex has been the theme, i.e. Scarlett Letter. People have been having passionate sexual ever since there have been people. That’s why you’re here and the human race hasn’t become extinct.

  10. Fudgefase says:

    Sorry, but that’s a horrible idea. Part of Ichabod’s charm is that he’s still deeply in love with his wife.

    • mia says:

      I count that as a flaw. Only because there is nothing lovable about the wife. Bad taste, bad judgment.

    • Spn Dahne says:

      Agreed. If TPTB listen to shippers, they will ruin this show. I hope they are smarter than that. To have him become romantic with Abbie would be completely out of character.

    • Jesus crane says:

      How can he have charm from a relationship? He has charm because of himself! Katrina is faaaaarrrr from charming so how can she make anybody charming? Now if he starts telling lies and being very vague then yup that would be Katrinas doing!

    • Ashley says:

      This show is going to go on for a while. Things change, and they can happen naturally. I just hate it when ppl assume that if writers do things it’s because the shippers demanded it. They have NEVER said they weren’t ever going to go in the Ichabbie direction or said that Ichabod and Abbie would only be just friends. From the beginning they’ve been hinting on Twitter and in interviews that it “could happen” one day, which is usually obvious code for it will. It wouldn’t be right away, of course, but who knows what will happen with Katrina and her storline? Like I said, things change.

  11. CourtTV says:

    I really like the details from this article. They seem like a charming pair in real life as well as onscreen.

  12. Cdn_fuzz says:

    Perhaps the reveal is that Abbie and Ichabod are related a la his newly revealed offspring…

    • A.Rae says:

      My money says she’s descended from him via his son… so all this shipping will be for naught!

      • Jesus crane says:

        U would like that right? U would feel safer knowing that they r related! It would be so much better for him to pine over his evil lying half dead wife! Sad!

        • cjinsd says:

          You should stop watching this show. It’s making you completely overinvolved and you’re sounding insane. Get a life. This is a TV show, not reality. God, ‘shippers are fun-sucking idiots.

          • Linda Wess says:

            Theres nothing wrong with getting overincolved in a show , if u think this is bad , the show The Walking Dead has more groups on FB than any other show and even has walker stalker conventions which i just got back from and the best group of fans … TWD isnt just a show its a way of life !!

          • Nathan says:

            @Linda. Wow. A way of life, huh? I’d say that’s because they have no life of their own. A symptom of overinvolvement, and not healthy IMNSHO. Sounds like therapy might be in order.

          • Linda Wess says:

            well then there must be 12.5 million of us TWD fans that need therapy , its the number 1 rated show on tv !

  13. b says:

    The network is to blame for the breaks. I”ll watch whenever it’s on it’s that good. It’s one of the best
    new shows this year in any order with The Black List and The Crazy Ones.

  14. Sasha says:

    I NEED more Katrina. The tiny bits of info aren’t enough for me. She seems so interesting.

    • Jesus crane says:

      R we watching the same show! No more Katrina unless she is War (horseman) becuz Death and War r a perfect match!

  15. Jen says:

    So those of you who think / want Ichabod & Abbie to be related, think about this: if that turns out to be the case then be prepared for a mass exodus by Team Ichabbie, which like it or not is a large and vocal part of the show. Whining about the ratings going down now? If that happens it would be bye bye Sleepy Hollow.
    I am firmly on Team Ichabbie but I agree that right now is not the time to make them a couple. We need to resolve the Katrina mess first. Face it there is nada there no matter how hard the writers are pushing that storyline and making the actors tow that line as well. Two things about that: 1) if you were meeting your soulmate after thinking they had died would you really just give that person a quick awkward peck and then stand awkwardly while slowly explaining a minute part of the story? No! You would kiss and hug and cry and quickly explain as much of what the heck is going on as possible! 2. Katia Winter must have dirt on someone if they are shoving this story down our throats so much. She is so frickin boring. She finally showed life in the scene with the baby but even then I was wondering what her deal was and still not really liking her all that much. I think she needs to get out of Purgatory, be revealed for the shady character she is and then have her sacrifice herself for the greater good, paving the way for Ichabod and Abbie. However I don’t want them together until season 4 or 5. She has a LOT of growing and changing to do before she is ready for a relationship of that magnitude and he would have to come to terms with the sham of his “perfect” marriage and overcome a lot of trust issues and then I want them to come together. Either way Katrina is dead weight. Yes she has answers but beyond that is a total bore and drags the story down whenever she pops on screen.

    • Spn Dahne says:

      It never fails to amaze me how much an inflated sense of importance the online fandom of shows have. Online fandom is a very small segment of any show (an even more minute segment of Nielsen viewers) and Ichabbie shippers are only a portion of the SH online fandom. To think that Sleepy Hollow would automatically crash and burn if they do not pander to shippers makes no sense. You obviously dislike Katrina and it is probably because of your shipping preference. As someone who ships no one, I quite like Katrina. She and Irving are the most intriguing characters to me and I hope she continues to be a major presence on this show. What I don’t want is contrived drama, love triangle nonsense. Men and women can indeed be partners and friends without always having romance tied to it. I wish TV would remember that because shipping ruins far too many great shows.

      • Jesus crane says:

        Who said anything about a triangle? Make Katrina evil or kill her off! Crane can mourn her death and eventually move or come to terms with the bad relationship he felt obligated to get into! He told her to marry his friend he didn’t want her! He fought his best friend over her and for what? Lies and more lies!

      • Ashley says:

        I agree with you about online fandom, however it is perfectly valid to point out that Katrina is right now acting only as a plot device, that’s why a lot of people find her boring. It’s not unreasonable to assume that at least some of the audience may feel the same way. She pretty much only pops up in dreams to give vague advice, and isn’t in every episode. An already established relationship via fbs isn’t exciting and can be hard to root for, too. And, you have to admit, she’s kind of suspicious. She’s not told Crane huge pieces of info at least three times that we know of by now. I’m just pointing out that they could go in lots of directions with Katrina’s character and there are valid reasons not to be invested up to this point. I ship Ichabbie but I wouldn’t want them to just throw them together all of a sudden, I think most people that want them together feel that way.

        • Nathan says:

          I suspect that the reason Katrina has been forthcoming with info up till now is that until recently Ichabod and the Headless Horseman were entwined, so whatever Ichabod knew, the Horseman probably knew as well. If my theory proves correct, Katrina’s character will probably develop faster and have more significance in the future. O ye of little faith. And wtf are “shippers”? You people LIVE in these fictional stories instead of living your lives.

      • SLD says:

        I don’t think that’s too far off, to be honest. Even the most popular shows need all the viewership they can get when they’re new. Would it continue? Sure. Would it have the numbers it enjoys now/ No. Theres no doubting that, no matter how you see those fans. Online fandom represents a cross section of viewership just like good old Nielsons always have. You get a section that represents the same type of percentage you could expect across the board. Will it be a majority? Ofcourse not. Would it be enough to make a dent? Ofcourse it would. Execs like money, therefore OFCOURSE they will try to please as many as possible. That spells keeping “shippers” hanging on and also appeasing those who want Crane to stay loyal to wifey.

        All that simply spells slow burn. Nobody wants to linger in purgatory either figuratively and literally lol. Eventually, something will have to happen. If they are going to have Katrina and Crane reunited, that’s as sure fire END to the show as him hooking up with Abbie right off the jump would be.

    • Jesus crane says:

      Co-sign a billion! I just cannot watch the Icatrina debacle! I could nnot watch this Katrina and Crane nonsense! Even if Katrina is as pure as snow I still can not watch the actress! It is just so painful! I have endured Lori Grimes and Andreas (Walking Dead) bad acting for 3 years and have given up on the Walking Dead. If they don’t get this Katrina thing together by making her evil or dead I’ll find something else to watch! The show is bleeding viewers bcuz they r trying to force feed this epic love crap.

      • Really says:

        Good. No one is stopping you for not watching the show. Do us all a favor and just go away with your useless comments.

      • meem says:

        Ahhh, there it is. “I’ll stop watching if I don’t get my way!”
        No, you won’t. You’ve posted FAR too many comments in this thread–you are obviously wildly invested in this show, so we all know you aren’t going anywhere. Your threats are obviously empty.

      • Cheri Ross says:

        Oh, you should come back to The Walking Dead! Both Lori and Andrea are are irreversibly dead and won’t even be Walkers. I didn’t like those two characters, but stayed with the show. It is quite pleasing now that they are gone.

  16. KatrinaRoks says:

    Jesus Crane…you’re nuts!! Get some help! And I agree, I think Ichabod and Katrina are the central love of the show. Shippers should go kill themselves now.

    • Ashley says:

      Telling people to go kill themselves is completely unwarranted and sick and I would hardly call Ichabod and Katrina the central love…Katrina is a plot device (she only shows up in dreams to move the story forward by giving warnings/advice) that isn’t in every episode. That’s not how you treat a central love story.

  17. Jesus crane says:

    Katrina roks what? She almost kills everyone she drags into purgatory to give half baked riddles! The shippers ship for a reason! Katrinas ways rsuspicous even Crane got questions that’s not crazy lonely heart that’s just good sense!

    • meem says:

      Yes, shippers like you ship because you have the mentality and emotional maturity of 12-year-olds, and are incapable of seeing and/or appreciating the MUCH MUCH bigger themes of this show. All you care about is kissy kissy love love schmoopy crap. Go read a romance novel and leave the rest of us alone.

  18. Jesus crane says:

    Katrina is a ccmplete plot device! She is like army boot camp completely breaking Crane down and stripping of the truth he thought he knew! Abbie will rebuild him back up over time! I adore Ichabbie but I feel that Crane will eventually have to choose between Katrina and Abbie! I feel he is going to betray Abbie in a way and then realize his mistake but then his relationship with both ladies will be damaged! I feel Abbie is gonna lose her trust in Crane which is fine bcuz its suppose to be seven years of turbulation! U know in the original sh Katrina marries Abraham/Brom Bones! I feel the writers will use this idea and twist it in their own way! My problem is bad acting and people not picking up the crumbs the writers drop then wanna talk about all shippers must die! People make personal attacks when good reasoning cuts to the bone. Its like first grade antics! Guess what when SH takes its break its the rabid fanboys, fangirls,shippers etc that’s gonna keep the party going! Why do think they go to Comic Con! Ps: its Cranes arrogence and pride that won’t. Allow him to c what his mind already knows! He was a good soldier n spy do u think he doesn’t think his wife is a liar? His pride won’t let him show it! Abbie knows it 2 but is proberly letting him find his truth! That’s not nuts that’s just sense! Bwah ha ha

    • Really says:

      I agree with KatrinaRoks. You do need to get some help. You are very delusional and nuts talking like something is frying your brains. My point is, why would someone or anyone spend so much time being obsess with hating on a character and blaming her for the ratings to drop. The network is the blame. This show has been on hiatus a few times with repeats. Your attitude sounds so ridiculous and annoying. I don’t know how people can go on with this revenge kick against Katrina.The last I have read, that this story will be centered around Katrina weather you or your fellow shippers like it or not. You are going around acting like this the Abbie show and everything needs to be focused on her. They alaready devoted much of the season on her and it is time for other characters to be developed and fleshed out more, like Katrina.

    • Really says:

      Another thing, change your name Jesus. You are not Jesus or fit to have his name. You are a complete bumbling idiot who have no life but spool his ignorance on a comment board thinking people will bow down to you for your so called nonsense.

  19. Jesus crane says:

    When someone sits for one hour and watchs a show they can nit pick the points they do not like! I like everyone in the whole cast but the katrina saga is dragging and it has nothing to do with my ship! I already said that I feel Crane will some how betray Abbie and its suppose to be 7 years of turbalation what I hate is bad acting! Crane was almost dying n even though she’s a nurse all she does is hold him! No teying to stop the bleeding! She sees her husband in 250 years n there is no passion! Nada! Their second encounter is Crane kissin Katrina! Everytime she pops up its just so dry! Crane was dying and she’s just so emotionless! Yeah the show took a break but the bad acting doesn’t help. People believe waht their eyes see n someone telling u the love is epic and non emotions of the scene says other wise! Tom Mison has chemistry has a lot of chemistry with anybody else except Katrina! The writers should not have to work so hard to sell this love! It is simply not there! That’s not obsession! People have shipped Icabbie from scene 1! They did not have to sell us it the. Crazy chemistry was there! Sorry not all actors or people have that natural chemistry and now we r suppose to believe the love epic? Nope sorry! It would of been believable if maybe they cast a different actress!

  20. R.O.B. says:

    Much better that they are platonic friends. The chemistry between these two actors is perfect the way their relationship is now. How rare is it to find two actors that have such a great synergy on screen.

  21. hana says:

    Holy effing sh, people. THIS SHOW HAS ALREADY BEEN RENEWED FOR SEASON 2. Stop obsessing over relatively small ratings drops. Sleepy Hollow is in NO danger of cancellation… it’s the best drama hit Fox has seen in years. You don’t think Fox knows that?

  22. They ruined Katrina for me when they revealed that she was nothing more than a carrot for the Horsemen. You want to talk about unnecessary love triangles? That’s one right there. I was hoping she was locked up in Purgatory because, as a white witch she posed a legitimate threat against Moloch, or that the whole thing was a sham and she was secretly working for Moloch all the time. Either of those storylines, to me, would have been fine, but instead they completely robbed her of any semblance of agency by making her imprisonment the result of being nothing more than an object of unrequited love.

    Now, I will retract all this if the last four episodes give her back some agency. But, for me, that episode killed the character for me. It’ll be even worse if her son turns out to be more important to the storyline than she is. I have such a hard time swallowing the party line that Katrina is a central part to the story and she’s super important not only to the quest but to the characters as well, because it feels like writers care more about developing Abbie. Abbie is much more well rounded — she feels like a whole character, with realistic flaws and virtues, rather than the plot device Katrina has been reduced to.

    • Anna says:

      Well the fact that Abbie is a lead and Katrina is not automatically makes Abbie more important than Katrina and thus have to be more well rounded and the center of the show.

  23. nikki says:

    They work great as friends. I don’t think either see each other romantically. He’s completely in love with his wife and Abby has no jealousy towards Katrina. I just don’t see any romantic tension between the two. And I would love to see a platonic opposite-sex relationship on TV. I think they will become extremely close friends, they already are starting to see each other as family (with this last episode where Abby’s ancestor helped deliver Ichabod’s son). Just because one is male and one is female doesn’t mean they need to eventually fall into bed together. Abby is such a strong, amazing character and I hope she wouldn’t be the type to sleep with a married man. Unless Katrina turns out to be a back-stabber who has been lying to Ichabod this whole time, but I doubt that. Maybe they can get a yummy guy or two on the show for Abby in the future. Even though it shouldn’t be the focus of the show, I don’t think any of us wants the show to end in 7 or so years with her still alone. But for now, Abby has enough on her mind.

  24. Ron says:

    It would be nice if we could wait and see what the writers have in store for us before making predictions that may or may not be true. I feel they have done a great job of keeping us interested and I hope that continues. All of this conjecture will either happen or not. I’m willing to wait and see what they come up with next. I may or may not like it but I sure can’t control it. There are so many options and I really like the surprises the writers have come up with.

  25. KD94025 says:

    i love the on screen chemistry between mison and beharie. And, yeah, i could watch one entire episode of mison reading or pretty much anything. I think i originally was really in favor of ichabbie. I’m still not opposed, but they’ve done a good job of developing the backstory between her and her ex. It is also very possible to have a work relationship develop, it happens all the time, even when you are not saving someone’s life – which only makes them more committed to each other. I think the casting has been fantastic, even with Katrina. And, i do worry that ichabod is near a little breakdown, since so much has happened and he likely really does feel deeply betrayed by Katrina, you could see that in his face (thanks Tom for being such a fine actor). I wanted and expected the Thanksgiving meal scene – very clever writing to have the episode end that way, without it. It’s good Abbie could coax a smile out of him. (and i loved the “another gift from the Amazon” LOL!). Finally, I think we get 2 episodes in December and then the final 2 in January. It’s a good thing that the episodes are VERY “rewatchable”. It will be a LONG wait until next September.

  26. Nathan says:

    Has no one considered the fact that if Katrina is in Purgatory, then she must be dead? And perhaps Abbie is the reincarnation of Katrina? Hmm. Ye of little imaginations.

  27. Abbie needs to dream of Ichabod and he walk in seeing her call his name.. LOL

  28. Valerie says:

    Keep it classy and keep it clean. Enough with the sex talk. Let the writers do their job. This is a great show and it is casted perfectly! Tom Mison is extremely convincing as Icabod. Love the show and hope it stays interesting.

  29. SLD says:

    I’m just wondering why anyone who isn’t a Katrina fan is auto-labeled a “shipper”. I see the chemistry between the leads and I’ve watched television long enough to know that execs aren’t stupid-they’ll capitalize on it. It is what it is. I enjoy their banter and think they work great together so absolutely, I’d be fine with a pairing EVENTUALLY. Quite obviously, the show works even without a romance between them. But realistically, they can only play the will they/won’t they vibe for so long. Sooner or later, Katrina will have to either be brought forward, or take her ass to the light. That’s all their is to it. I liked her at first, I think the actress is beautiful. But theres only so many cryptic warnings and half truths viewers are going to want to deal with. So either they will do something to make her character more firmly likeable and rootworthy, or she’ll slip further into the background. I’m fine either way because the show keeps my interest. But truth be told, if/when she’s gone, I will not miss her. That’s not shipping, that’s just truth. She’s not bringing anything to my viewing table.

  30. Don'tChaseWaterfalls says:

    I personally am a Ichabbie fan, but I also favor the relationship with Katrina and Ichabod. I’m glad she is now out of purgatory, now maybe she can help Ichabod, and Abbie fend off the apocalypse using her witchy ways. Although I ship Ichabbie, I hope, for Ichabod’s sake, Katrina has revealed everything to him. It would really suck if it turns out that Katrina had been playing everyone this entire time.

    Can’t wait for season 2! :D