Nashville Recap: Friends in Low Places

Nashville Season 2 RecapThis time of year, our thoughts are supposed to be filled with visions of dancing sugarplums, angels earning their wings and all the Whos down in Whoville circling trees in song.

The thing is, knowing that a member of Nashville‘s ensemble is going to bite it next week means it’s much easier to picture the Grim Reaper – rather than Frosty the Snowman – running amok in Music City.

Is he cheering in the bar where Will attempts some ill-conceived crowd surfing? Is he lingering around the corner when Teddy and Deacon nearly come to blows again? Is he in the gleam of Rayna’s eye when she barely restrains herself from strangling an overly familiar Peggy? Is he sharing a cell with a fading Lamar? Only next week’s fall finale will tell. Until then, let’s review what happened in “I’m Tired of Pretending.”

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EXECUTIVE DECISIONS | At the beginning of the episode, Layla runs over the allotted time for her set, ticking off Juliette in the process. As Ju fumes in her dressing room, Charlie shows up and re-professes his love. “I think you like games,” she tells his pretty, pretty face, “and I’m not a toy.”

But later, he calls her and tells her to turn on Extra! She flips to the entertainment news show just in time to hear that “Charlivia” is no more: The Wentworths are divorcing. (Charlie, no one should have to have major news about his or her life delivered by Mario Lopez.) “Now do you believe me?” the Brit asks, but Ju still looks wary.

Meanwhile, Ms. Barnes decides to circumvent Glenn (and, once more, his wisdom) by confronting Layla about her set overage the evening before. “I think it’s better to have a boy between two girls,” Ju purrs, and for a fleeting moment, my dirty old recapper fantasy lives again. But no, Juliette means that she’s flipping Layla and Will’s sets, meaning that the reality show runner-up will play to an even smaller crowd in the near future.

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NICE TRY | After Will drinks too much and pretends he’s Cowboy Ugly-era Piper Perabo, he takes a header into a bar crowd that’s uninterested in holding up his lanky frame. In real life, the leap he takes into the hard floor would cost him some nose cartilage and at least a tooth or two; here, he barely has a scratch on him when a doc clears him for performing the next morning.

Brent swings by to announce that since Will can’t seem to keep himself out of shenanigans, the label has decided he’ll now have a “constant companion.” Guess who it is? In the spirit of the season, sing along with me, Roger, Mark, Mimi, Collins and the rest of the gang: Brent Brent Brent Brent Brennnnnnnt! Don’t look so peeved, Will; at least a tiny part of you is psyched about this development.

Will apologizes to Layla for his drunken tomfoolery, which caused them to miss an early morning press opportunity, and she maneuvers herself into a duet with him to close his set that night – thus thwarting Juliette’s set-flip. But THEN, JuJu turns the thwarter into the thwartee by swooping in right as Will announces that he’s bringing a guest to the stage. “You’re sittin’ this one out,” she chirps as she glides by the brunette and sidles up to Will, waving to the crowd. (Side note: I can only assume that with the high pony and the skintight red leather, Juliette is paying homage to “Oops!… I Did It Again”-era Britney, no?)

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RETRIBUTION | Later on, after a boozy (and too brief) conversation with Will, Juliette decides to give Charlie the heave-ho. “Love is wanting to help somebody be the best version of themselves,” she says sadly, counseling him to reunite with Olivia. As he leaves her Nashville pad, they both note how lucky they were no one caught wind of their relationship. However…

At Will’s place, where Layla is crashing, he rebuffs her aggressive attempt to disrobe him and hightails it to the shower instead. Still smarting from her duet ouster, Layla dials a tabloid (It sounded like TMZ, right? Does she have Harvey Levin on speed dial?) and is all too happy to spill the real reason behind Charlivia’s split. “Two words: Juliette Barnes.”

DADDY DRAMA REVISITED | Maddie gets both Teddy and Rayna to agree that she can take guitar lessons from Deacon, which leads us to the sweetest, best scene from the entire episode. (Despite the hilarity of Connie Britton’s reaction to it, we’re going to shove aside Peggy’s ridiculous cheek-kissing and aren’t-we-all-friends-now faux cheer when Rayna shows up at Two Old Hippies. Cool?) Maddie takes the stage at a kids’ open-mic session and surprises Deacon by inviting him up to sing his tune, “A Life That’s Good,” with her. He’s blindsided by the request but acquiesces, chiming in on the harmonies as his daughter absolutely nails the number. Man, I love that song. It’s a quiet moment – Teddy, Rayna and Deacon all gazing upon their performing daughter with love and pride – and the show handles it well.

Too bad Teddy and Deacon have to wreck it by nearly having a repeat of their season-ending dust-up on the corner outside the venue. Maddie sees her two dads fighting and storms off; Rayna later calls a summit of the pops and demands that they straighten up and fly right or risk losing their daughter forever. Teddy interprets that nugget of wisdom as, “I should cancel Deacon’s set at the city’s music festival.” Teddy, you deserve all the pig’s blood that oozes its way into your life.

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LAMAR’S LAMENT | Speaking of dads and daughters, Ms. Jaymes winds up testifying at the hearing that determines whether or not Lamar will be released on house arrest. (Request: Denied.) Tandy’s absence is noted by both Rayna and Lamar, who makes some comments during the episode that might indicate he’s the one who’ll go to the Grand Ole Opry in the sky next week.

ODD GIRL OUT | And that brings us to Scarlett’s newest reason to feel bad about herself: She feels like an outsider when Zoey and Avery drive to visit her and Gunnar on tour. She’s so sad that even though she gets some alone time in bed with Avery, all she can ask is, “You wanna watch some TV?” The look on his face says, “I did not drive five hours one-way just to soak up SVU reruns all night.” But he agrees, nevertheless.

Meanwhile, Gunnar and Zoey decide they’re “a thing,” but for it to be legit, they have to tell Scarlett. (I’d be more on board with their plan if it weren’t derailed completely by their inability to keep their hands off each other long enough to see it through. Focus, kids!) By the time Zoey gets around to hanging out with her bestie – and reassuring her that she won’t feel like an outsider forever – it’d be inappropriate to slip in, “Oh, and I’m banging the tall drink of sweet tea you used to call boo.” So she doesn’t – and of course, Scarlett catches the pair of them making out in the hallway right before Zoey and Avery head back to Nashville. Ouch.

Now it’s your turn. Were you disappointed that lawyer lady Megan clearly doesn’t understand what hallowed ground Deacon’s bed is? Do you actually want to see Zoey and Gunnar and/or Scarlett and Avery succeed as couples? And who has your vote for coffin fodder next week? Sound off in the comments!


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  1. Tara says:

    I think it will be Charlie or Glen. Based on the scream at the end of the teaser for next week that sounded a lot like Juliette, those are my guesses.

    • Shanag says:

      It was Juliette’s scream over her mother’s death from last season. Also, there was a “hit list” another site posted with possible candidates. They are not on it. Peggy is, though and I sure, hope to god it’s her. Don’t like pork blood :)

      • Amy says:

        Jup heard it too, definitely the scream from when she found her dead mother. Sneaky little promo makers trying to set us on the wrong foot!

        • Colombo says:

          I think it’s going to be Charles’ money who will help Rayna when she and Julliette start their own record label together, so I don’t think she’ll die. I hope it’s either Rayna’s dad, Ted or the wife of Brad Paisley’s character. The actress seems adorable, but the character is terrible.

  2. FatherOctavian says:

    Rayna’s all, you’ve got to find a way to make this work so Maddie has both of you in her life. Deacon’s like OK, no problem. Teddy’s like: Cancel his damn performance. Teddy, you turd.

    • Shanag says:

      It’s going to backfire big time…as it should. Do hope he will come to term with it eventually, since I think that part of this hatred is about his own drunken father and not even Deacon. He built his whole identity on the fact that he is better than his drunk father (and then better than his wife’s drunk ex) and now when that point of view is being shattered he is losing control.

      • JJ says:

        I think you’re right about Teddy’s dad. I also think that despite the fact they’re not presently together it probably still has a lot to do with the fact that Rayna was in love with Deacon the whole time they were married. He feels like he already lost Rayna to Deacon, now he feels like he’s losing Maddie as well.

        • Shanag says:

          Yes, I agree. His drunken father ruined the family reputation and probably made him want to be the best father in the world, and Deacon ruined his marriage by being in the back of Rayna’s mind all the time. Also thought that when Teddy told Rayna in the episode “don’t give me this biological crap” when she said, that Maddie and Teddy have special musical bond, he was also referring to her, and her “special bond” with Deacon that he just had to accept during their marriage.

          Don’t think Teddy is a bad guy, though; just someone who feel completely powerless and use everything he has to regain that power and control. That is, of course, not the right way, and I just hope he will come to terms with the current situation and not become the bad guy, that he is not..
          Divorce, parental disputes and addiction all combined can make one hell of an explosive situation…

  3. Jake Lipson says:

    I think Teddy will be the one to die. We know from earlier in the season that he suspects Teddy was involved in getting him jailed, and his comments about the guilty havving to watch out were followed immediately by a Teddy scene. Plus, this would make for plenty of drama with Rayna and both daughters, especially since Maddie won’t have ended on good terms with him if he does die next week. However, I’m prety sure it was Juliette’s voice was crying “No!” in the promo just like last year when her mom died, so who knows? Teddy is too easy of a guess, but would solve more storyline problems than killing anyone else on the show.

    • JJ says:

      It’s definitely going to be Peggy. Kimberly-Williams Paisley has got to want off this show. No one likes her character, and there’s really nowhere to go with it vs Teddy where there’s still lots more drama with Deacon/Maddie/Rayna to play out, and Lamar where the mother killer storyline has yet to be resolved.

  4. Drew says:

    That scream at the end of the promo is probably the one from Juliette back when her mom died. I hope it’s Tandy, Peggy, or Teddy. Such awful, awful characters. I really cannot stand that reality-star on Juliette’s tour! What a b***h! I loved when Jul took her duet spot with Will! LOL!

  5. mime says:

    I want Avery with Juliette. Thank goodness she realized he brought out the best version of her. And we all know JJ is a series regular so he is her characters’ only chance of having a long lasting relationship.

  6. Amber says:

    I hate Teddy!

    And I want Avery and Juliette together

  7. Lisa says:

    I ran the preview back several times. I believe the guy holding the gun was the guy talking to Lamar in jail. I hope it is Tandy (A useless character) that is shot. Did Lamar figure out she was the one who betrayed him? He has to get rid of her before she testifies. I suspect more than one person will be shot and we will have to wait until after hiatus to figure out who died.

    • Amy says:

      Ah good thinking, I hadn’t consider that obvious option yet. Of course they’re gonna make us wait the entire hiatus to find out who died. Can’t wait!

  8. Jenny says:

    Love this show but teddy and his wife NEED TO GO. Oh the dad too. Maybe I’m in the minority but I feel there was true potential with Charlie and Juliette but they just made him look like an ass and ended it all abruptly. Also I can’t decide if the addition of lyla or will has been a good thing….

  9. Ram510 says:

    Scarlett and Gunnar need to get back together ASAP

  10. mg714 says:

    I agree that Avery and Juliette should end up together and Scarlett needs to eventually end up with Gunnar. Zoey can go away.

  11. GeoDiva says:

    Hope it is a murder-suicide with Peggy and Teddy.

  12. Joey Connick says:

    I’m super-confused: how does Layla know about Juliette and Charlie? I have no recollection of her finding that out; I thought only the two of them and Charlie’s wife know.

    • Thomas says:

      I don’t know if she “knows” about Juliette and Charlie but I think she suspects and/or knows they’ve been spending enough time together lately that the press will run with the story anyway.

      • Joey Connick says:

        Thanks for your reply. If that’s the case, though, that strikes me as pretty lazy writing because they never set up that she either knows or suspects.

    • Cassie says:

      The scene where Juliette tells Layla that her and Will’s sets will be swapped – Juliette and Charlie had been walking together and walked away together. So maybe Layla suspects something or even if she doesn’t, any kind of gossip like that will spread like wildfire, considering Juliette’s a superstar.

  13. Guest says:

    Lamar puts a hit out on Teddy, so either Tandy gets it, which would be the worst thing in the world to happen to Lamar, or Peggy gets killed. It has to be someone orbiting Rayna’s life for dramatic purposes, so it’s not anyone that Juliet, Avery, Scarlett, etc. would care about.

  14. JJ says:

    I really wish it were going to be Teddy because I hate him so much, they’re really turning him into the most awful character. I think I yelled at the screen during his closing scene (Aw Teddy, why’d you have to do that to Deacon!) I’m hoping that the writers are just taking a slow approach to getting rid of all the extra characters on this show. First knocking off Peggy, then sending Lamar off to jail permanently and maybe he’ll turn on Tandy when he finds out she turned him in and he’ll take her with him to prison somehow since she was in on most of his shady dealings. Either that or Rayna will find out about everything and kick the rest of her family out of her life except for the girls and Deacon :) And by the way all the Maddie/Deacon scenes tonight were just adorable. I kept thinking how could Rayna not just want to go running back into his arms.

    • Gail says:

      It could be Teddy gets killed and Deacon gets accused of doing it because they were seen fighting. Then there will be another trial and everyone will find out that Maddie is Deacon’s biological father. I hope not because another trial for Deacon is one too many. The surprise will be that Peggy killed Teddy after he founds out when she miscarried and they have a fight.

  15. Can I vote for a 2-for-1 deal? Take Teddy and Peggy out in one swoop? Anyone have a coupon I can cash in? Nothing against the actors, but the characters are such a waste of air time. An episode can be rolling along and as soon as they appear it screeches to a halt. Ugh!

  16. Kat says:

    I hate Teddy so much and I wish it was him. With him dead Peggy will go away on her own since she doesn’t have any connection to the family. Unfortunately there is so much hate towards Teddy thy just may keep him, since he is the show bad guy at this point. Tandy on the other hand may be the one to die. This would solve Lamar’s problems because they wouldn’t have start witness against him anymore.
    One more thing, what does it say about the character if I prefer wife killer and criminal ( Lamar) over mr. Mayor (teddy). I really really can’t stand him

  17. la merde!!! says:

    i dunno understand why people see teddy as the bad guy. he’s a good father to 2 kids, one who isn’t is. he embezzled money, which he had da decency to return. he was a good husband to a married wife in love with someone else. and is a good mayor, who had da courage to stand against a powerful man and father in law. he’s not perfect but still does not da hate. Rayna can’t stick to one man, and before da marriage troubles, she was not always there for her children and still…i wish she’ s da one, even though it is not gonna happen.

    • la merde!!! says:

      ” meant he does not deserve all dat hate.”

      • meah says:

        Great I the only one that ended up actually liking charlie?it was just wrong timing for him and julliette
        Yessss at julliette now wanting to be closer to avery,since the season started hav been shipping both of them,it just sucks that the writers woulld make it a juliette-Avrey-scarlett love triangle
        I really felt bad for Teddy this ep,he felt he was loosing his daughter to someone else,this happens with women on tv a lot,so its cool that they are doing it from a male perspective.
        Loose zoe,rayna’s sister,asap.I even enjoyed brad paisely’s wife in this ep.

    • Euvee says:


  18. Ava says:

    I love this show!

  19. luli303 says:

    I definitely think it will be Tandy to bite the dust. With her dead, the case against Lamar will fall apart and he will be out of jail. Somewhere down the line, Rayna finds out Daddy killed her momma and her sister.

  20. Sue M says:

    I liked it better when both Teddy and Deacon were basically good guys. Now they are turning Teddy into a villain, and it becomes trite and less interesting. It doesn’t fit with how he was presented at the beginning of the show.

  21. Liz says:

    I think it will be Tandy who gets killed off. Peggy would be nice though too. I am also hoping for a Juliette/Avery pairing and Scarlett and Gunnar to get back together. I agree that Zoey can go back to whenever she came from.

    • RichieS says:

      Yeah, the thing about Scarlett though is she thinks it’s all right for her to flaunt her and Avery in front of Gunnar but she’s gonna go postal over seeing him with Zoey? Double standard much? Besides, Zoey is hot,she has flawless skin, and she doesn’t (at least yet) seem to be playing Gunnar.

  22. I think Lamar’s the one who dies. They made a big deal about how his health is failing. He’ll die, Rayna will find out Tandy’s the one who put him in jail and the second half of the season will be the two of them fighting over Lamar’s will.

  23. Lisa says:

    If the person who gets killed has anything to do with Juliette…. it would be ridiculous because she has clearly been through enough. I think it will be Lamar or Tandy also. I can’t see them getting rid of Teddy with all that is going on with him, Deacon and Maddie. Peggy would be a nice person to go as well. ;) I love both Avery & Gunnar. Not a big Scarlett or Zoey fan at all. But I totally agree – Scarlett being lovey dovey with Avery in front of Gunnar… she might be upset she didn’t know her friend is with her ex. But she needs to get over it since She has moved on too. pps – I can’t stand Luke Wheeler and I would love Rayna & Deacon back together. But… what happened to Liam? Did I blink and miss the explanation to that?? =)

  24. PFitzDC says:

    My bet is on Teddy, especially given Ausiello’s blind item. Eric Close has been around long enough to be considered for a starring part in another pilot. Not to mention the fact that this plot line is simply reviled by anyone watching the show. I think they are setting up a murder mystery–Teddy will die and suspects will include Deacon, Lamar, Rayna, Peggy, Maddie, Tandy. Juliette’s scream in the promo, a pick up from last season, is just a red herring from the network.

  25. Amy says:

    This show needs to get back to it’s basic storyline. I mean I get that a story has to move forward and stuff, but there’s just too much going on. There are just so many side characters stories going on right now, that the main people’s stories are just not satisfying anymore. Deacon needs to be Deacon again. Sure he can be another version of Deacon seeing all his character has been through, but he needs to be something more that just a stumbling dad, come on his character deserves more than that. And Ryana needs to get back to being about music. I mean I still love the show with everything that’s going on, so not really complaining, but I’m just worried that it’s spinning a little bit out of control and it’d be a shame if such a great show would lose its greatness. Oh and yes indeed, please do kill off Peggy. Little piggy lost her added value to the story (as far as she had that) as soon as the pork blood came pouring out, she needs to go!

  26. meem says:

    Can it be Maddie, please? Hate all the teen drama crap with her and now with Layla. Enough! This show is on at 10pm, it’s about and for grownups.

  27. Love me some Deacon! says:

    Don’t you all think that little Peggy is going to totally exploit the fact that Deacon is Maddie’s birth father? I could just see the little wheels clicking in her head when Teddy finally told her. Love Kimberly Williams-Paisley (and Brad!), and she sure is playing a snaky character in this show – some pretty good acting there. She keeps Peggy transparent so we can see her for what she really is.

    I was glad to see Juliette call Avery and hope that goes in the right direction now. Scarlett is a waste of time for him. Put her back with Gunnar and let them annoy each other instead of us.

    I liked how Charlie gave up so easily at Juliettes suggestion, and was surprised at the promo’s for next week showing all the hate-mongers in her audience. Real country fans don’t do that – if they don’t like it, they just stay away instead of holding up giant signs and booing.

    My guess on the loss is that Lamar sicced someone on Teddy, and somehow Tandy gets in the way.

    Can’t wait for next week but am not looking forward to the “winter hiatus”!

  28. Yes, what is lawyer lady doing there? Doesn’t she understand that Deacon has no time for her anymore? He’s got his music back, he has Maddie, and a little bit of Rayna. Just tell her it’s over! Hope we won’t get into any legal actions like suing because of her…

  29. shar says:

    I would love to see Avery with Juliet. I kind of like Zoey and Gunnary together. Scarlett is different, not as crazy about her as I used to be. Don’t like Teddy. I am glad Maddie is getting close to Deacon. Still waiting for Rayna and Deacon to get back together.

  30. Gail says:

    Maybe the head of Edgehill Records gets killed and Rayna is accused. She is seen arguing with him when he puts out her record which she wanted to release herself.
    Maybe Juliet finds the body and screams.

  31. Love me some Deacon! says:

    Oh, Sweet! It would be great to get rid of Jeff (Mr. Edgehill Records)! What a jerk!

  32. Sam says:

    The girl who plays Layla is such an awful actress. Hope she dies!

  33. Kim says:

    They showed Peggy laying on the ground getting shot. In the previews for January it shows Teddy having a tragedy in his life. Lamar, Teddy and Tandy are all involved in a scam. Tandy got off because she turned in her father. Teddy still hasn’t gone through the audit so that has to happen which will ruin him. Rayna and Deacon will get back together soon because of Maddie and they love each other. If Peggy does live, they will find out she lost the baby before they got married…while she is still unconscious. I do believe that Peggy will live. I’m thinking it is going to be Will that dies because he is a loose canon with his bi-sexual behavior…he is gay and won’t give in to that because of what it would do to him in the record business. Layla will lose her contract because they will find out she is the one that told the tabloids. She knows because she overheard Juliette talking to Charlie telling him to go back to his wife. We shall see in January. Love this show, hope they don’t take it off!!

  34. Pam says:

    I hate Scarlett, she is like little miss prefect, and nothing is ever good enough for her, she is like a little girl…. I really hope Avery and Juliet get together, I know Juliet can be a bitch but she is real, she has her good and bad moments, and is not always so incredibly annoyingly perfect as Scarlett, and for the record I don´t like the actress Clare Bowen either!

  35. Charlotte says:

    I’m desperate for scarlet and Gunnar to get back together again! They made the cutest couple ever, and I loved their music!:( I definitely think Zoey can get lost because I don’t like her, and she doesn’t suit Gunnar.