Nashville Recap: This Kiss, This Kiss?

Nashville Season 2 RecapWhat you should remember about this week’s Nashville: Juliette strikes a blow for female artists’ rights, Deacon makes significant progress in redefining both his career and his relationship with his daughter, Teddy officially makes the worst decision of his life, and Luke and Rayna get a little aw-yeah going on all over his sprawling estate.

What you will remember about this week’s Nashville: The hot, rich wife of the hot, rich guy Juliette’s been sleeping with… wants to sleep with Juliette, as well.

You know you want details, so read on for what goes down in “She’s Got You.”

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DUET (AND DADDY) DRAMA | After Rayna flirts it up on the phone with Luke, Tandy teases her about like-liking the country megastar. “Men are my last priority right now, God bless ’em,” Rayna says, which makes sense: Why make something a priority when it keeps falling into your bed with stunning regularity? That would be like me making Dunkin’ Donuts Boston Kremes a priority; they’re gonna end up in my paws no matter what, so why devote any time to wondering how that’ll happen?

Plus, the First Lady of Country Music has other stuff to worry about – namely, the fact that Maddie is having a little bit of a crisis about her dad’s upcoming wedding to Crazy Eyes McPegs. The upshot: She wants to get to know Deacon better, a development that makes both Deke and Rayna nervous.

See, Ms. Jaymes is rapidly realizing that the distance she and Deacon are trying to maintain must necessarily shrink the minute Maddie comes into the picture. “I wish I could just put him in a box somewhere,” Rayna muses to Tandy. (Side note: Take that box and FedEx it to me c/o TVLine, Ray; I’ll even pay COD.) In her keyed-up state, she visits Luke, who gives her a tour of his immense home that ends in the bedroom. Rayna Jaymes! Save some for the rest of us!

But back to Maddie: I give her credit that she doesn’t go all annoying-teen-angst on us. Instead, she quietly refuses to play at Teddy’s reception and worries that, as the only non-bloodlined kid in the bunch, she’ll be cast off once Peggy starts popping out little Mayors. (And she doesn’t even know about Pegs’ alleged pregnancy, a recap Rayna and Tandy deliver in a very funny string of whispers and hand gestures.)

Eventually, even though I am muttering “Don’t do it” at the TV the whole time, Teddy marries Peggy. And Maddie decides to be a big girl and perform a duet with Daphne at the bash. But she still wants to know Deacon better, so Rayna makes a call. (More on that later.)

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YOU BETTER WATCH OUT, YOU BETTER NOT CRY | Juliette’s tour has stopped in Houston, where she’s not looking forward to sucking up to a powerful local DJ in order to garner more airplay. Fortunately, Charlie shows up – sans Olivia — to take her mind off things. During a hot interlude in her dressing room, he points out that she’s the “new queen of country music” and that she shouldn’t have to kowtow to anyone; she likes the idea so much, she sinks to her knees and takes him down an octave.

Later that day, Juliette joins Layla and Will at a media event where the DJ, named Bobby Delmont, is holding court. Glenn sees the look in his artist’s eye and resignedly says, “I’m not gonna like what happens next, am I?” moments before Juliette marches up to Delmont and announces that she’s no longer going to giggle and allow him to put his meaty hands all over her just to ensure he spins her discs on the air. The DJ, who’s nickname is Santa Claus because “young girls have to sit on his lap to get airplay,” repays Ju’s diss with some mean tweets, a whisper campaign among local media and an increased infatuation with Layla – who eats it all up.

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RETRIBUTION | After Juliette complains to Charlie, who owns the subsidiary that owns the DJ’s station, Santa Claus gets sent to the North Pole permanently. But that incenses the blonde, who argues that being a girl in the music biz really blows and demands that Charlie give Delmont his job back.

It all works out when Juliette summons Santa to her dressing room and informs him that she’s the reason he was fired and rehired, and if he values his job, he’ll stop being such a letch… oh, and he’ll cut back on the Layla tunes in favor of some Juliette jams. He agrees, and when Ju sees her labelmate later that night, she kindly offers to help if Layla’s ever in a sketchy situation with someone like Delmont. “Guess what? I’m not you,” the younger woman sasses back as she exits the elevator she and Juliette share. “Go save someone else.” Line of the night just may have to go to a stymied Juliette’s response: “I guess nice just ain’t my color.”

Back in her hotel room, JuJu answers a knock at the door to find Olivia Wentworth there with this announcement: “I know you’re sleeping with my husband, but what I don’t understand… is why you’re not sleeping with me.” June Carter Cash almighty, I did not see that coming at all. Before Juliette can get one word out, Olivia is sucking her face like a Roomba gone rogue. It’s probably pretty skeezy of me to hope that the natural outcome of this is a Barnes sandwich on Wentworth bread, but yeah, I’m going there anyway.

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DEKE’S NEW PATH | Deacon’s not overjoyed when he runs into Avery in the kitchen in the morning (and therefore realizes that Scarlett and her ex are a thing again), but the greasy-haired one’s presence facilitates a favor: Deacon asks Avery to play guitar for him at an open-mic night in nearby Murfreesboro. After some funny rehearsal — Deke + a microphone – a guitar in his hand = arm-flapping awkwardness – and an unforeseen setback, they perform “You’re the Kind of Trouble” at The Bluebird. And, thanks to the call Rayna makes earlier, Maddie and Ray are on hand to see his comeback. Everything goes well, and afterward, daddy and daughter have sweetly stilted conversation while Rayna looks on, pleased.

THE UP-AND-COMERS | Jeff still wants Edgehill to have Gunnar’s song, so he sets up a meeting that Gunny hopes will lead to his big break. Long story short: Jeff offers a mentorship with an Edgehill artist on the road as well as a slot at the upcoming music festival, and Gunnar signs over his song. But as Scarlett’s doing her usual “aw-shucks” thing on the tour bus just as it’s about to leave, she’s thrown for a country-fried loop when Gunnar boards the vehicle. Guess who’s going on tour together, y’all?

Speaking of uncomfortable encounters, Will runs into Brent, who has brought his boyfriend Craig along for the Houston tour date. When Will goads him, Brent snarks, “Unlike someone, I like my romantic relationships to actually mean something.” Ooh, beard burn! Though Will makes a big show of holding Layla’s hand, and despite his choice not to interfere when some Neanderthals at a bar harass Brent and Craig, he’s still super conflicted. That’s why he picks a fight with some of the jackasses as they leave, then beelines it to Layla’s room to prove exactly how straight he is.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? How much longer can Peggy keep up her faux fertile state? What’s Layla’s endgame? And was Deacon’s song good, or what? Sound off in the comments!