Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Arrow, HIMYM, Once, Good Wife, Hannibal, Scandal, Sleepy and More

Glee Season 5 Quinn ReturnsGot a scoop request? An anonymous tip you’re dying to share? Send any/all of the above to

Question: On Scandal, don’t you think Jake would be a good match for Mellie? —Sara
Ausiello: I’m not feeling it. Besides, if my hunch is correct (tee-hee, when isn’t it?!), the new fortysomething character the show is currently casting — a handsome, charismatic fella named Andrew — will be keeping company with Bellamy Young’s love-starved FLOTUS. And, if this is who they end up hiring, we deserve some kind of trophy or medal. Or something.

Question: Any scoop on the conclusion of How I Met Your Mother‘s slap-bet saga? —Troy
Ausiello: The penultimate slap will rain down on Barney’s face in “Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra” (airing in early 2014), and Jason Segel offered up this cryptic tease: “I’ll just say two words, and you can take them any way you want: Hillary. Clinton.” Thoughts, theories, role playing?!

Question: I recently saw that L-Fish has signed on to do an HBO show. How does this affect his role as Jack Crawford in Hannibal? I hope he’s doing Season 2. The show wouldn’t work without him. —Jared
Ausiello: It will have no impact on Lau-F’s Season 2 Hannibal schedule; he will appear in all episodes produced. However, if the HBO project gets ordered to series, it would probably limit his role in a possible third season. (His Hannibal contract is season-to-season.) Bonus Scoop: Gillian Anderson will be back as H-Lec’s shrink in S2’s first two episodes!

Clock King Arrow Season 2Question: Any update on new Arrow villains arriving soon? —Harry
Ausiello: Yes, Clock King’s time has come! Sources confirm that the CW hit will introduce the pivotal DC Comics baddie (aka William Tockman) later this season. The casting notice calls for an actor in his 40s or 50s to play the criminal mastermind who has “the mind of a chess grandmaster, and can envision all the interlocking pieces of Starling City and adjust them in favor of his crimes.” Got casting tips? Hit the comments!

Question: What’s the deal with particle accelerator Arrow keeps talking about in the background on the news? Is this a problem to come? —Savannah
Ausiello: It’s gonna be a problem for this guy, that’s for sure.

Question: Any romantic scoop on The Mentalist‘s Patrick Jane and Kim Fischer? I see sparks aplenty in the “My Blue Heaven” promo. –Amy
Ausiello: …and you have also since seen, I assume, that Fisher is a Fed — and not the friendliest one, at that. That said, in this Sunday’s episode, we’ll get the sense that her brief time with Jane on the island left an impression on her — and perhaps vice versa.

Question: Can you offer up any clues on the location/setting for the second half of Once Upon a Time Season 3 (premiering March 9)? Will it take place entirely in Storybrooke, or will there be trips to another never-before-seen world? — abz
Ausiello: Better than clues, we have cold, hard facts. More akin to Season 1’s storytelling, “The second half [of Season 3] will take place between Storybrooke and the Enchanted Forest,” series cocreator Eddy Kitsis told Matt Mitovich. In other words, EP Adam Horowitz underscored, “It’s not a ‘journey to another land’ paradigm” à la the Neverland arc concluding Dec. 15. “We always have the ability and the desire to dip into other lands, which it’s more than likely we shall do,” Horowitz added, “but it will be in the way that we’ve done it in the past, as opposed to locking all of our characters onto a boat and sending them [to a new realm].”

Question: Was Clay dying on Sons of Anarchy your Blind Item? Also, got any other SOA scoop? —Chris
Ausiello: I’m not making any Blind Item confirmations at this time. I can tell you that this week’s penultimate episode is the deadliest of the season and lays the groundwork for a doozy of a finale on the 10th.

zombie kyleQuestion: I binge-watched AHS: Coven this weekend and I am hooked. Is there any hope for Zombie Kyle? —Nikki
Ausiello: While still not a cunning linguist, Kyle’s speech is improving, although Madison isn’t exactly thrilled with what he says in this week’s episode.

Question: I’m really enjoying the second season of The Mindy Project. I have been wondering if we might ever see BFF Gwen (as played by Anna Camp) again? —Ally
Ausiello: No plans at the moment, but I don’t want you to go away empty-handed so here’s some scoop on Anna Gunn’s upcoming guest stint. “I play a very upscale doctor who tries to poach Mindy,” the Breaking Bad actress reveals to TVLine. “It was a lot of fun.”

Question: Ryan Murphy just tweeted that he invited all of the original Glee castmembers back for the show’s 100th episode. Please tell me that includes Dianna Agron (Quinn). —Tara
Ausiello: Not only does it include Dianna Agron, but I hear she wants to do it. Whether the dates work out is another question.

Question: I’m already having Good Wife withdrawals, so to help me get through the break please tell me if all these subtle Cary/Robyn scenes are a sign of a budding romance? —Mary
Ausiello: Here’s the deal — Cary is getting a new love interest in the second half of the season. But despite my best efforts to get him to crack, exec producer Robert King refused to share a single detail about the budding romance, on the grounds that “it would be giving too much away.” (FWIW, methinks you’re prediction is a good one, Mary.)

Question: Is Hunter Parrish returning to The Good Wife? The student murder case in Episode 7 was never resolved. —Christie
Ausiello: Nothing gets past you, Christie. Yes, Parrish will reprise his role as college student(/possible murderer) Jeffrey Grant in this season’s 15th episode. When the action picks up, he will have spent “six months in jail,” says King.

BRADLEY WHITFORD, MICHAELA WATKINS, MALIN AKERMAN, MARCIA GAY HARDENQuestion: I’m loving Trophy Wife — especially when Pete and Diane interact. Any chance of some scoop? –Anna
Ausiello: Anna, you must’ve been a very good girl this year, because Santa — or, rather, ABC’s freshman comedy — will be giving you exactly what you want during a Christmas episode that titular star Malin Akerman promises “is gonna blow your mind.” In that Dec. 10 outing, Kate, her hubby Pete (Bradley Whitford), his first wife Diane and his second wife Jackie (Michaela Watkins) will all be involved in a story arc involving “a bunch of adults who don’t usually drink absinthe and don’t know that they’re drinking absinthe on Christmas Eve,” teases Akerman. The next morning, “There might be a wolf-slash-coyote in the house. Nobody quite understands or knows how it got there. The Christmas tree is gone, the presents are gone, and there’s a lot of backtracking to do,” she adds. “And, of course, everybody’s a little hung over.”

Question: Anything Community-related? —Orla
Ausiello: The private investigator Walton Goggins is playing in the Jan. 16 outing — the comedy’s latest bottle episode — couldn’t be less like his Justified alter ego Boyd Crowder, says Joel McHale. “Totally, completely different,” he insists. “It’s like the difference between Jeff Daniels in The Newsroom and Jeff Daniels in Dumb and Dumber.” Furthermore, “There’s something he does — and it’s not the actual moment but something he does throughout the beginning [of the episode] — that is brilliant.” Trying to remember the last time WG did something that wasn’t brilliant. A little help here, please. Can’t you see I’m struggling?!

Question: On Sleepy Hollow, are we ever going to find out who vouched for Ichabod when Luke called Oxford? –Irene
Ausiello: Executive producer Ken Olin tells TVLine that the episode’s script originally revealed that Capt. Irving set up the charade to throw a suspicious Luke off Ichabod’s trail… but that tidbit never made it to screen. “I didn’t edit it, but I think it was probably removed for time,” Olin says. As for the loose end – whether created on purpose or by a pressed-for-time editing staff – the EP admits, “I don’t know whether now that will Tina Holmes Parenthoodbe paid off, but it was certainly left hanging.”

Question: Any chance we see Jason Ritter return to Parenthood since his Fox show is over before it began? —Evan
Ausiello: There’s an extremely good chance, seeing as how I reported his comeback two weeks ago. In much fresher P’hood news, the show is staging a Six Feet Under reunion! Tina Holmes — whose Maggie illicitly romanced Peter Krause’s Nate in Seasons 4 and 5 of the late, great HBO drama — is set to guest-star as the mother of an autistic teen who seeks out Kristina’s advice with some schooling issues. Sadly, Holmes doesn’t share any scenes with Krause, which totally undercuts my “Six Feet Under reunion!” declaration. Blerg.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman, Meg Masters, Kim Roots and Michael Slezak)

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  1. Esaul says:

    Can’t wait for that episode of HIMYM :D

  2. Will Oh says:

    Is Joe McHale Joel McHale’s non-union Canadian equivalent?

  3. F.R. says:

    Thank you for referring to the Blind Item!

    If we are to assume that you not confirming anything means the death haven’t aired yet, the only remaining dramas that have new episodes to air and aren’t on ABC/CBS/NBC/Spike/Logo/TVGN are:
    The Originals
    The Carrie Diaries
    The Vampire Diaries
    Sleepy Hollow
    Masters of Sex
    Sons of Anarchy (again, has more episodes to air)
    and of course, Homeland.

    The original item said the casting scoop will be announced the morning after the character meets his end. No such announcement happened after the big deaths on Sons of Anarchy, Boardwalk Empire or The Walking Dead.

    Based on the new hint, I’m now inclined to believe it’s either Sons of Anarchy (a death that has yet to happen) or Homeland.

    • person says:

      The Tomorrow People
      Almost Human

      • F.R. says:

        Most of these don’t apply for several reasons. Nikita, as well as Treme, are in their final seasons. Actors cast in other stuff in such a case won’t necessarily spoil a death, as it’s the final season.

        Bones is an option, I guess.

        Almost Human can’t be a “popular hour-long drama”, because first of all it’s not popular, and second of all, the item was posted before it even premiered, so even if one would claim it’s now popular, it wasn’t popular when the item was posted.

        Same with The Tomorrow People, the item was posted after like only 2 episodes of it have aired, it wasn’t a popular drama then.

        The only shows that apply are dramas still airing this month, have aired new episodes prior to October and aren’t on said networks.

        • person says:

          I agree with you, but you also included Reign, The Originals, Sleepy Hollow, and Masters of Sex, all of which are new as well, and The Carrie Diaries, which I wouldn’t call popular or even a drama necessarily. Bones is a better fit than any of those (although I agree Homeland is the most obvious choice).

    • Meg says:

      I think the series that are new to this season can be ruled out. To quote the blind item:

      You see, the headliner in question is currently starring on a popular hour-long drama series. And if word were to get out that he has committed himself to a new full-time gig, it could potentially ruin a major upcoming twist: his onscreen death.

      My opinion is that a popular show and shocking death would be more of an established show/character rather than a show in its freshman run.

      • Francine says:

        Absolutely. And I don’t think any CW show has what could be considered a big time actor.

        • dude says:

          Maybe not “big time actor” in terms of popular opinion but The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural could be considered in case they kill off someone like Paul Wesley or Misha Collins (not saying either of those things will happen), popular actors on shows with a cult following.

          • Francine says:

            True. And don’t get me wrong, I love my CW shows but I just wasn’t sure it would apply to them here. But you’re right, it could still be one of those. Hope its not though!

      • Peevesie says:

        Sleepy hollow won’t count then…unless irving or jenny are killed which won’t happen. and plus we can have dead people walking around like andy brooks… so.. no

    • nicademus11 says:

      It’s gonna be Brody.

      • Manny says:


      • Ally_D says:

        I agree. Although I don’t watch the show there have been rumours here in the UK about him doing a TV show and even a stage musical. Given that his wife is British and a working actor, and they have young kids, the likelihood of his next project being in Britain IMO is quite high. Neither another TV gig or musical would fit in a hiatus so unless they are able to dramatically juggle his schedule to permit more time in the UK I could see it being Damian Lewis. Of course this is just conjecture and he’s been able to make it work with his family until now…

        • r0ckmypants says:

          If it is Brody dying, and if Damian Lewis does do a show in the UK, I sincerely hope it’s the TV adaptation of Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy. He’d be the most perfect Cubby Wall.

      • Fudgefase says:

        I’m terrified it’ll be Crowley from Supernatural. I love MS to bits – but he’s been knocking on the door of a starring lead role for a while now.

    • The Carpooler says:

      Thank you for pulling back from the blind item OP. That was written nearly 6 weeks ago. Way too long to tease a blind item like that, IMO.

    • sarah says:

      I am sure it was Clay on SOA he was referring too and maybe the show that Ron Pearlman is going to be on can not make any announcements yet!

    • JP says:

      I don’t see how the death can be from SOA. With Clay gone the only major male character that could die is Jax and while that would be CRAZY it would also basically end the show. How can there be SOA without Jax? So what are we left with? Brody? Are there any other options?

    • A.B. says:

      So here’s a thought everyone thinks it’s Brody on Homeland but I just saw a picture if Mandy Patakin(?), Saul, without his bread. He cut it off after having it for 2 years to stay in character. Now he’s says he’ll grow it back but that kind of send off some bells.

  4. Will says:

    The Good Wife: Cary getting a love interest? Unless they’re talking about Cary/Kalinda then I’m not interested. They’re struggling to include Kalinda in the storylines, so why not explore the two of them more? *facepalm*

    • Lucy says:

      Please, she’s already busy with her new girl. Writers will never give a chance to Cary and Kalinda. Period. Come on, they spent 10 episodes to talk about Will and Alicia thing and they didn’t even bother to devote 2 minutes to what’s going on between Cary and Kalinda after she screwed him over. It’s pretty clear they don’t give a damn about those two, no matter if there are people who like them.
      I was one of those who rooted for them. But I lost interest in Kalinda and mostly I’ve enough of how writers write her around Cary. Cary, even with little screentime and lousy scripts, got his smallish development. But she is always the same. Sexually flexible but emotionally frigid.
      For 5 ys Cary’s love life has revolved around Kalinda and while she kept getting a new love interest every damn season he kept getting a door slammed on his face everytime. Plus, Cary’s character rarely got a chance to show his private side. And that’s reason why Matt Czuchry rarelly got a chance to emote and show he’s able to do something else besides smirking. So, well, a love interest is better than nothing.

    • Tenney says:

      I am super excited about Cary getting a love interest. I don’t care who its with, as long as they finally give him some kind of storyline! He is completely underused on The Good Wife.

    • Ariana says:

      I completely disagree. Kalinda and Cary have nothing gong on. -_- They are a boring ass couple, in my opinion. Him and Robyn are actually great together AND they’re both funny together
      Besides, Kalinda is obviously more interested in women and is just using Cary. Ugh, hope Cary just forgets about her already.

  5. Tiffany Wilhelm says:

    As to your casting idea for Andrew on Scandal… Yes please! Plus it’s Shonda and we know she loves him, so extra hope now!

  6. Dominator of destruction says:

    When i get hungry i eat

  7. M says:

    Based on the picture next to the scoop, Michael Clarke Duncan would’ve been perfect as Clock King on Arrow. RIP

  8. Mark says:

    I miss The Good Wife already. This season is so good, almost perfect. As for Cary and Robyn, well I don’t know, but I miss Kalinda/Robyn scenes, they were a great duo.

  9. Brian says:

    Who the Hell wants Dianna Agron’s crappy acting and singing in a landmark episode? Vomiting.

    • What? says:

      Uh speak for yourself, she’s a great actress and I do miss Quinn.

      • dude says:

        I like Dianna but her acting is average at best. I enjoy seeing her success but I’ve never felt the loss of her character.

    • Tyler says:

      Her acting isn’t any worse than any of the actors on the Mckinley side of the show

    • Bridget says:

      I applaud your ability to type and vomit at the same time.

    • Thomas says:

      I’d be content to watch Quinn stare at a wall for half an episode if I could be spared some of the “acting” from the new kids. I mean the bad writing doesn’t help but you have to at least put some effort in.

      • Glee says:

        You realize they will probably just give them 10 second cameos while they let the new kids redo their songs. This is probably just a ploy to fool people into thinking they will get the real cast in significant parts only to kick them to the curb like they do every week to Lea, Naya and Chris. Glee is tanking in the ratings, they are desperate to get people to watch.

        • tim says:

          I have to wonder if they are promoting the original cast coming back after realizing that most people were not happy that the iconic songs would be sung by the newbies. Who thought that was a good idea. so are the originals going to sit back and watch Blee do all their songs?

          • TJ says:

            Yeah that is what I was wondering. Maybe they think people will assume it’s the Originals singing and use them as promotion hoping people will tune in. OR they realized what a mistake it would be to let a Newbie cast most people hate sing those iconic songs. The main thing is with this cast of 1000’s no way can they involve everyone w/o a everyone, big group of them will be nothing more then furniture. Look at The Quarterback, the newbies hardly spoke (as it should always be) and that episode was jam packed. `By the 100th the Newbies will have been in 34 episodes and the only thing they will have contributed to Glee is terrible singing, even worse acting and ratings tanking faster the the Titanic. If Ryan is smart he will have the Newbies and Blam sway in the background for the real talent aka Lea, Amber, Chris,Naya and the Original 11 that are left.

          • RichieS says:

            Don’t think the CW would let the originals sing on Glee, well maybe if they sang ” Once Bitten,Twice Shy ” lol.

      • LMAO says:

        OMG I agree! The Newbies ARE that bad! Total waste of screen time! Count me in the watch Quinn stare at wall if means no newbies camp! lolol!

        • Olivia says:

          Lol actually I would start to watch McKinley again. Quinn staring at a wall would be a zillion time better and more entertaining that having to endure just 10 seconds of the newbies (poor Becca though, she’s too good for this mess), or worse than anything: Blaine and Sam. So count me in too :P

          Although even my love for the originals wouldn’t be enough to tune in if Blaine and the peeps are the ones doing the iconic songs. I don’t want my memories to be tainted forever. No thanks, I’ll pass.

    • pria says:

      She was great in Malavita, and her episode in season 4 of Glee was the most enjoyable of the season, she was great in it. I’m REALLY hoping she comes back for it. It was bad enough she wasn’t in Cory’s tribute.

    • abz says:

      I want to see her. The episodes she was in last season were some of the best. Love Song was a great performance will all 3 of them. Would love to see another performance like that!

    • Alex says:

      I’d rather her crappy acting over the extra crappy acting of others in lima.

  10. jasie says:

    Hope for Glee the ALL original Glee cast includes Jessalyn Gilsig’s Terri.

  11. Paula8mirror says:

    OMG OMG Dianna

    • tim says:

      So why is the 100th episode all about Dianna, last I checked she is not the only original that is not currently on the show.? I am more concerned about who will be singing the iconic songs, most of which had Finn and Rachel as the leads.

      • Jes says:

        I hope if they have to do Don’t Stop Believing it’s another Lea solo because I really don’t want anyone singing Cory’s part and I don’t want the Newbies, Blaine or Sam anywhere near that song. It was Cory’s first and last performance.

        • Linda says:

          My biggest fear is they give Cory’s part of Don’t Stop Believing to Sam to keep pushing Chord as Cory’s replacement. Did anyone see that Ellen interview? Chord said he was replacing Cory, and they already did the Sam/Rachel thing in the Move Out episode. No one can replace Cory, especially someone as mediocre as Chord Overstreet. All the guy is good for is being shirtless.

          • DK says:

            “All the guy is good for is being shirtless.” Wow. You’re so kind. And Chord never said he was replacing Cory. They were best friends. All he said was that Cory was the leader of the show and held everyone together, and that Chord has felt challenged to take over that role now that he’s gone.

  12. phi says:

    Yesssss scandal – jeffrey dean Morgan for mellie!! Thank u shonda rhimes! Thank u!

  13. Susie says:

    I vote for Rick Worthy as the Clock King! He’d be perfect!

  14. Nicole says:

    Thanks for the Hannibal and Trophy Wife scoop. Looking forward to Pete, Diane, and Jackie letting their hair down:)

  15. Jeff says:

    Forrest Whitaker for Clock King he has that type of acting skill to play that chess minded role.

  16. K. says:

    I don’t want Jane and Kim together on The Mentalist! Rooting for Lisbon and Jane…

    • NotafanofNeverland says:

      First, Heller lets us down with Red John, and now I have to watch Jane flirt with Kim. Ugh, more like My Blue Nightmare.

      • lol says:

        Heller didn’t let anybody who watches the show down. He said months ago some will be disappointed on who RJ is and it is unlike everyone will be happy. He sees Jane and Lisbon as friends and Jane and Kim as more. It’s not hard why.
        Considering the ratings the current week with Jane/Kim heavily shown in the promo are higher and going higher past RJ’s killing, most fans found Red John conclusion invigorating and Jane with Kim anything but a let down.

    • lol says:

      Kim and Jane were together he likes her. Jane and Lisbon nothing between em.

  17. groveg says:

    Michael, you have made me the happiest woman with your answer to The Mentalist. Kim got to his heart, his real self not the guise he wears well. She was honest about her undecided promotion. Did she connect her promotion and learn of it? yes but she liked him without it. Vice versa. Jane fell for her for more reasons than he wants to admit. Jane is acting crazier for a reason. I like her tough on the job yet tender away from the clock not the foolishness of Lisbon’s meandering as boss. He needs an intellectual equal who can do the job and after leave it.

    • enri says:

      She’s been on one episode. We don’t know much about her yet. I personally think she was only there to flush him out and that’s it. He was lonely and needing companionship. I don’t see any sparks between them long term especially after that hug and eye contact he gave Lisbon.

  18. Glee Originals! says:

    I bet Ryan does a bait and switch again. Invite back the Cast that made Glee a huge hit, fool the audience into thinking we will get REAL Glee and then he will have them back sit, watch and clap as Blam and The Newbies destroy their Iconic songs. Very big of Ryan to let the cast that made Glee watch the new cast that ruined Glee.

    • Claire says:

      This is exactly what I fear. They’ll bring back the original members to have them ostensibly endorse the new versions of their songs so if any fans complain, Ryan Murphy can say “They’re ok with it, so you should be too!”

      • Sam says:

        Did anyone see the ratings the last few episodes? This is his desperate attempt to get the fans he crapped on and have left to watch to get those ratings up. Sorry but having the Originals back so they can sit and watch this crappy cast of Newbies , Blaine and Sam continue to ruin their legacy is just another slap in the face to the cast that made Glee great and the fans that loved what Glee used to be. And if they are stupid enough to have any of the newbies, Sam or Blaine sing Cory’s part of Don’t Stop Believing they deserve to lose the rest of their fan base.

        • Claire says:

          Whatever happens in the 100th episode, we’re no doubt stuck with McKinley for at least the rest of this season. RM has probably convinced Fox that the time slot, not retread high school stories, were the problem–hence the time slot change coming up.

          • ARGH! says:

            They are up against The Voice on Tuesdays. They will get slaughtered. And sadly even if they ditch McKinley, New York will become unwatchable as soon as Blam takes over that part of the show. Blaine and Sam have become as bad and as annoying as the Newbies.

    • Alex says:

      it’s going to take another dead to bring back the glee ratings. Bring back the originals affect the ratings much.

  19. Kathy says:

    I was thinking about Mekhi Phifer for Clock King. I know he will be 39 by this December, but I think he would be great.

  20. LOL! says:

    Smart move Ryan Murphy, bring back the amazing Glee Cast and highlight how horrible the Newbies are!

  21. Karen says:

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan! Yes! & on my favorite show! Shonda lock him in!

  22. Angela says:

    It really makes me happy that we’re starting to get info on the next season of “Community”. They do well with the “bottle episode” format, so I look forward to seeing what they’ll do with it this time around.
    Also, nice to hear that they’re planning to get everyone back for the 100th episode of “Glee”. That should be fun!

  23. cas says:

    So glad Once will be back in Storybrooke. Would love for Jeffrey Dean Morgan to guest on Scandal. Lastly, the slap bet is pretty much all I am looking forward to in HIMYM.

  24. V. says:

    Sparks my a**. Fischer was only there for a reason. I don’t quite the both Feds they’re adding, but Abbott at least seems like he has potential. I’ll give it time, tho. But so far, I couldn’t care less for them, let’s see what happens next. I just know that I want Jane to be with Lisbon and ONLY Lisbon, no other character between them. Enough is enough.

  25. Sheila says:

    We have to wait til March for Once? Bleah!

  26. Amy says:

    It is I Amy Thank you for answering my Mentalist question. I see a real connection and the writers have given a good undercurrent to them in MBH. I watched and I knew before she was a Fed because I love spoilers and the second you posted picture I had a instinct of a personal relationship to Jane. Like Jane, she has a professional side and a lost/no SO side they bond over the gap in their lives. She sparks with Jane and Lisbon’s to him lasted for a season and fans’ obsession with the lackluster pair is nostalgia like me remembering Chips ahoy from the mart tasting better in my mind than from memory. I can’t stomach it now because it tastes bad. The writers wrote themselves in a corner with Lisbon joined to Jane for years because the characters together are uninspiring and Their friendship scenes are lackluster nowadays too.

  27. Zorkel says:

    I will be devastated if Laurenxe Fishburne doesn’t return for Hannibal Season 3. How is the show supposed to work without Jack Crawford?

  28. Humor says:

    Kevin Tran- Supernatural-Blind item

    • Fudgefase says:

      Do you think he’s a big enough star to carry a series? Love(d) Kevin, but not sure. Sadly, it could be Cass (which will upset me greatly) because MC might have a big enough following by now to provide a start-up audience for a new show.

  29. Jill says:

    Ausiello…did you really use the phrase “cunning linguist” HA!

  30. Charlie says:

    Hope you’re just trolling about Jane/Kim, Ausiello, because ewwww. No love triangles, just Jane and Lisbon, please. And actually, her character seems quite “meh”, like Jane would say. This question is the last thing I could care about, honestly.

  31. Paul says:

    Mindy & the Good Wife – two of the best shows on TV – thanks for the updates!

  32. Jessie says:

    I hope that Matt is I included in “the originals” from Glee! I was really hoping that Kristen Chenworth was going to be in the 100th.

  33. Britta Unfiltered says:

    “Cunning linguist”? I see what you did there, and you successfully have my attention.

  34. Kat says:

    Could the “Blind Item” be Matt Casey from “Chicago Fire”? I mean, he’s definitely one of the leading men and the preview clip for next week’s episode looked dramatically like they would get rid of Jesse Spencer… he’s definitely very popular I would say!

  35. TD says:

    “Cunning linguist”? My, my, aren’t you naughty!

  36. Terry Delp says:


  37. amanda says:

    cary getting a love interest…yayy..n i kinda hope it is robyn :D

  38. sk says:

    kim fisher character definitely meh at best. there something amphibianlike about the actress leaves audience cold.

  39. kath says:

    I’d like to see MIchael Shanks as the Clock KIng. Right age, and he plays creepy villains very well.