Sons of Anarchy Recap: Magic Bullet

Sons of Anarchy Clay DiesWarning: If you have yet to watch Tuesday’s Sons of Anarchy, we strongly advise you to steer clear of the following recap. Major spoilers await. It bears repeating: Proceed only after you have seen “Aon Rud Persanta.” Everyone else, read on…

About halfway through Tuesday’s Sons of Anarchy, Jax pulls Nero aside and defends his recent actions thusly: “What went down here today was us burying the last piece of a very broken past.”

Loose translation: Jax killed Clay in front of Gemma! Shot him in the throat! He whacked archenemy Galen, too! WTF?! Let me shut off the itals lock and recap the 8 biggest moments from the craziest episode of SOA yet.

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1. Jax Kills Galen
Instead of turning his longtime Irish nemesis over to CCH Pounder, he shoots him (and a few of his cronies) to death — part one of an elaborate plan to get SAMCRO out of the gun business.

2. Jax Kills Clay
Part 2 of said plan involves breaking Clay out of prison (that much we knew about), shooting him in the throat (um, didn’t get the memo on that one), shooting him another dozen times in the chest (still no memo) and then zhuzhing the aforementioned crime scene to make it look like Clay killed Galen (it’s called killing two birds with one stone, people). Oh, and all of this transpired in an airport hangar in front of a stunned Gemma, Nero and Tara.

3. Tara Clutches Jax’s Hand
After watching Jax gun down Clay once and for all — and overhearing his genuine desire to take SAMCRO legit — she grabs hold of his hand before exiting the hangar with Gemma and Nero. Jax later confesses to his estranged wife, “I understand why you did everything you did. I’m sorry being with me took you to that place.” (Is there a person alive not rooting for these two?)

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4. Bobby Is Shot
Clay’s prison break was not without its hiccups. For one, Bobby was shot multiple times by a sheriff’s deputy while fleeing the scene (said sheriff’s deputy was promptly run over and killed by Juice). Jax reluctantly reaches out to Tara (via Gemma) to work her magic, leading to the episode’s best line: “So, what we just pretend nothing happened and I’m mob doctor again?!”

5. CCH Pounder Is Pissed
Jax promised her Galen on a silver platter. Instead she got a “stack of dead bodies.” As a result, the screwed-over DA decides to take Tara up on her offer to tattle on SAMCRO in exchange for immunity and protection for her and her children. Tara — fresh off of touching Jax’s hand — is in a less-desperate place now. But she’s not opposed to it.She asks for 24 hours. Just enough time for her to…

6. … Save Bobby…
… and collect a key piece of evidence in the process. Tara discretely pockets one of the bullets she removed from his chest — a bullet belonging to the now-dead sheriff’s deputy. A bullet that would put SAMCRO at the scene of the crime. A bullet that could be her ticket to a new life. What will she do?!

7. Wayne Tells Gemma He Loves Her
“I’m in love with you,” he quickly clarifies, rendering Gemma speechless.

8. Gemma Proposes to Nero
Sort of. She floats the idea of marriage by him, triggering this response: “No offense. I’ve seen what happens to your husbands. It ain’t pretty.”

Thoughts? Surprised Clay survived as long as he did? Think Tara will turn? Hit the comments!

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