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Exclusive Walking Dead Midseason Finale Post Mortem: [Spoiler] Speaks, Shares Details on Emotional (and Gruesome) Farewell

The Walking Dead Hershel DeathWarning: If you have yet to watch Sunday’s Walking Dead midseason finale, steer clear of the following, spoiler-packed post mortem. Bookmark it and return after you have seen the episode. Everyone else, please proceed.

That noise you hear is the sound of millions of Walking Dead fans losing their heads (and then groaning about that pun).

As per tradition, the AMC hit’s latest midseason finale featured a high body count — and two series regulars were among the casualties. But while few tears will be shed over The Governor’s (David Morrissey) demise, the decapitation death of Scott Wilson‘s beloved Hershel will go down as one of the show’s most heartbreaking losses.

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In the following exclusive interview, Wilson reveals how — and when — he learned of Hershel’s sad fate, recalls his emotional final day of shooting, and confirms that, yep, he got to keep the head.

TVLINE | How long have you know this was going to be Hershel’s fate?
Knew or suspected? [Laughs]

TVLINE | Both.
I knew for certain after [we shot] Episode 4.05. And I suspected before that.

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Hershel prisonTVLINE | What led you to suspect the end was near?
In 4.03, Hershel took some very proactive positions. When he went into the prison with the elderberry tea I said, “Uh-oh.” [Laughs] And then in 4.05, it was a lot of Hershel being very proactive. I suspected it, and it was confirmed after we were through shooting that episode.

TVLINE | How was it confirmed to you?
[Scott] Gimple, the showrunner, had me come in. We sat down and had a conversation, and he explained what he was doing and why he was doing it. It’s not an easy position for him to be in. He is doing what he believes is best for the show. And so far I think he has been on point.

TVLINE | What was your initial reaction?
It was disorienting. It would be under any circumstance. There’s no good time to tell someone that they are expendable. I would have preferred to still be there. I’m not, and now I’ll just be a fan instead of a participant.

TVLINE | What explanation did Scott give you?
A lot of the conversation was confidential. If I were to talk too much about it, I wouldn’t be doing him any service or the show any service. But it was going to be someone. It’s the halfway point of the season — you know someone’s going. And it happened to be my turn.

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TVLINE | What was your reaction when you heard the way Hershel was going out?
The thing to me that is even more important than him being decapitated were the positions he took in 4.03 and 4.05. Those two episodes are more important than the way he lost his head at the end. I would assume that there will be some kind of Hershel amputationaudience response to Hershel losing his head. I would not want to be David Morrissey. [Laughs]

TVLINE | I’m guessing there was a replica of your head lying around on the set.
In fact, there was.

TVLINE | Did you hold it? Play with it? Take it home?
I didn’t play with it. I didn’t go bowling with it. [Laughs] But I do have [the head], which is very nice. I have it hidden in my closet.

TVLINE | Speaking of David, any thoughts on the Governor’s death?
He has done such a fantastic job. The more people are happy that he’s gone the more accolades he deserves.

TVLINE | Hershel cheated death so many times over these three years. He even survived an amputation. What do you think was the secret to his longevity?
I just know that he was a lot of fun to play. This is the first time that I’ve arced a character out for two-and-a-half seasons. Hershel went on quite a journey.

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TVLINE | You watched a lot of your co-stars get killed off over these three years. Was there one goodbye that was especially tough for you?
I miss every one of them. They helped build the fan base, they helped get people interested in watching the show every week. And when they go, you can’t forget their contribution to the show. We walk on their shoulders. And now I guess they’ll be walking on my shoulders. Or my head. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Which castmember took your departure the hardest?
It was such an interesting day, my last day on the set. Everyone came out wearing suspenders. [Laughs] The cast, the crew — everyone had suspenders on. It was very heartwarming to see that they cared that much about me leaving. There’s a bond there that will endure… The entire cast is just fantastic. And the show is going to do very well without Hershel.

The Walking Dead (Season 2)TVLINE | Will you continue to watch the show?
I will. As a matter of fact, I’ll probably watch it sooner now than I did before. I used to watch it after the season was over.

TVLINE | I hear your 99-year-old mother is a big Walking Dead fan. Did you warn her about this episode?
I did. [Laughs] I figured she wouldn’t tell anyone. I said, “If you don’t want to watch, don’t.” But she was going to watch.

TVLINE | Any concern about her watching her son get decapitated?
She’s seen her son get hanged [in 1967’s In Cold Blood]. I remember asking her, “How was it seeing your son get hanged?” She said, “That wasn’t my son. That was Richard Hickock.” [Laughs] She’s pretty aware of what’s going on. Amazingly so.

The Walking Dead Season 4 resumes Sunday, Feb. 9 on AMC.

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  1. Josh says:

    Can anyone really be shocked by Hershel’s death? Almost every time he’s on scream I’ve expected him to die.

  2. Matt C. says:

    R.I.P. Hershel…that scene was tragic. But The Governor FINALLY getting killed made up for losing Hershel. This episode made me love the series again, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.

    • Bob says:

      I agree! The series was starting to slow down! But this last episode kind of wrapped everything up! They’re finally out of the prison (and everyone is wondering what happens next)! Losing Hershel was my biggest disappointment! Someone asked, “Why didn’t the governor kill Michonne instead?” And the answer was, the governor knew Hershel was the father and the leader of the group and he had to go, which made sense! Oh yea! And Daryl really kicked @$$! One picture I saw showed the governor saying, “We have a tank!”; and Rick saying, “Yea, but we have a Daryl!”

    • giddy says:

      I just hate that he was shot…..too easy a death for him. The common goal of everyone on the show is not to be eaten, which is what was about to happen. I wanted to see his intestines torn out while his wide eyes watched. =sigh= directors.

  3. Pati says:

    This episode wow it was really good, it had me screaming at my TV, the way they cut the scene with Daryl omg I got scared for a second, the kids killing that girl and Rick wow that was really good acting, Andrew Lincoln was amazing

  4. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    HOLY SH*T!!!!!!!!! My blood was BOILING durning the first two mins. when the Gov. got michonne and hershal. I knew that girl was gonna be the next penny.

  5. omarid513 says:

    Pleased with the midseason finale. Good but not great and I think the Governor’s attack on the prison was wisely toned down, given the death count this attack when the prison was overrun in the comics. Had a feeling SOME-one would get the sword, but didn’t think it would be by the Governor’s hands. Assuming we’re spoiling here, I don’t buy people who believe that the baby is gone. Like Carol, if we don’t see a body when they die, they’re not dead. TV logic and all. So satisfied with the episode. Good, not great, and looking forward to the second half. As much as I liked the Governor and it does blow that he came back only two episodes ago and now he’s gone, it opens the door for the Hunters.

    • Dr. Opossum says:

      I can believe that the baby is dead (please TV Line, ask the showrunners about Judith!). Even this show would hesitate to show a devoured infant. But a surprise survival is possible as well.

      • Ellie says:

        Although, on talking dead they didn’t count Judith’s death. So we never know.

      • Mowat says:

        Omg I hope so too. This episode was tragic, suspensful and well deserved. But please tell me the baby is alive somewhere!

        • nemesis4670 says:

          The baby isn’t dead. The way they show the bloody car seat and then Carl getting angry shooting the walker, it’s trying too hard to make you think the baby was eaten by a walker. When Lori died they at least showed a zombie with a bloated belly and the ghost of Lori. If they truly wanted us to believe the baby was dead and make it impact us emotionally, they would of spelled it out for us like they did with Lori.

          I am willing to bet that someone from the governor’s group took the baby or someone on the bus. If you look closely you will see the strap for the car seat was unbuckled. I highly doubt a Zombie learned manners and unbuckled her first. Either it was a big oversight by the director or someone took the baby.

          Possibly the woman who killed the governor took her. It could be her daughter’s blood (which would be all over her arms) from carrying her before the governor put a bullet in her head. So seeing the baby might of been the trigger for her to find the governor and shoot him in the head. Taking the baby out of the car seat would also make Rick’s group think it was dead so they wouldn’t come after her. Because if they never found the car seat then they would continue looking.

          I bet many many episodes from now whoever took her will somehow bump into Rick’s group and be holding the baby. It’ll be this big dramatic moment just like when Rick accidentally stumbles across his family at the camp in Season 1.

          If you need any credibility I correctly guessed this entire episode. I said Hershell would be taken hostage and decapitated with Michonne’s katana by the governor, and that the governor would ultimately be killed by his new “wife” once she sees the kind of monster he is.

          • Sean says:

            Keep the hope alive, but a baby is a liability for the group as they head from the destroyed prison to the walled-off town of Alexandria by the end of season 4.

          • Shannon says:

            Early in season two T-Dog came across a car with a bloody car seat exactly like Judith’s. I really don’t think even this show is going to show a dead infant. If Judith is alive, where did all that blood inside the car seat come from?

            It’s possible she isn’t dead, but the reveal of the bloody car seat too closely mirrors the scene from season two for me to be very sure about that.

          • NightLight says:

            since the episode was almost a 100% copy of the comic that credibility is still in doubt, cause it wasn’t too hard to predict that will happen… shocking and unexpected moments where when lizzie killed alisha and the other dude, that was unexpected!

        • chuck says:

          baby isn’t dead tyree had her in his arms when he was running right before the tank blew the bridge towards the end of the episode after the two girls saved him

          • dilettante says:

            You need to watch this very carefully. I have this on dvr and I have watched it over and over. At exactly 56 minutes in the show, michonne slays the gov and then immediately the action cuts to tyreese running under the bridge. I have watched it frame by frame and it is plainly obvious that he does not have the baby. How could he? He just ran from the fire fight with nothing but the gear on his back and his rifle. What he is carrying is his rifle. Don’t jump to conclusions just because you think it’s wrong for a baby to die. There was blood all over her carseat and no one that could have picked her up was bleeding that bad. Ricks baby got eaten by a walker. Too bad…

      • Ava says:

        I don’t think she is dead. I think Lizzie and Mica were running to get her when Ty told them they were going the wrong way. Also, the twins that play Judith were seen on the set long after the mid-season finale was filmed.

      • dilettante says:

        No, I don’t think that they would. The creators and writers of the walking dead did what most, at least up to the point that the show aired, others would not dare. From the very beginning, I knew that they were out to show people what no one else would in a television series. For one, they took a very dark genre and also a very grim and disturbing story and told it for what it was. The walking dead isn’t about happiness or a ridiculous fairy tale ending. It’s about suffering, agony, betrayal, loss and absolute morbid terror. It’s about disgusting ravenous undead corpses that brutally devour anyone or anything that they can. The undead do not hesitate. If they stumbled across Rick’s baby girl, they ate her. As sick and disturbing as that thought is, how is it any worse than seeing his wife’s hair hanging out of a bloated walker’s mouth? This story is also about the survival of the human spirit in a time when many people would just go insane, and many have. They would show her. They would do it because there is very little that is truly more disturbing and unnerving. Hershel’s death came close, though mainly because of the shocking, gruesome awfulness of it. I don’t “miss” characters when they are gone, I can only feel the emotion connected to all that it means and why it happened. People need to remember that these are characters in a fictitious story that is meant to illicit certain emotional responses. At this, the walking dead excels.

    • Peach says:

      I’m excited for where its going to go, but I’m pretty sure they killed the baby. I know in the comics the end of this arc has Judith and Lori getting shot by the woman from Woodbury before she turns on the governor. I don’t think AMC/The Walking Dead can even get away with shooting a baby on screen so they did the best approach they could.

      and i’m going to sit and be sad forever.

      • Sean says:

        In the comics, only Lori was shot. The baby (who was not named at the time) was smothered by Lori’s corpse. This can be found in the Walking Dead Encyclopedia by Robert Kirkman.

        • Ava says:

          She was named at the time. Her name was Judith in the comic as well. Also, she was not smothered. She died when Lori fell on her and it was assumed she had a head injury because she did not turn.

          • Sean says:

            She was not named in the comic, until the The Walking Dead Encyclopedia was released years later by Robert Kirkman. Do you know what smothered means? Lori’s corpse fell on the baby and she was smothered (couldn’t inhale oxygen through the nose or mouth) by her corpse. Get your facts straight or don’t criticize. How would you know it “was assumed she had a head injury because she did not turn”? No where in the comic or encyclopedia was a zombie version of Lori or the baby ever seen. Only Tyrese’s head was found undead.

          • Brian says:

            She was named in the comics, issue #40 to be exact. So please get YOUR facts straight if you’re going to be such a prick.

      • Ross Cooper says:

        I’m convinced Carol doubled back and picked Judith up, those other kids were getting orders from somewhere too.

    • BXbeast says:

      Ok listen Omar, that was a heart outstanding performance by three while cast. Umm just because it wasn’t up to ur standard means that ur really not a fan. Forget the comics and the scripts. Focus on the actual reality of the show. This isn’t spider man the movies or the comics, this episode was unbelievably in tensive so ur wing and adum fxxk to say good. If u dnt like wat went down then go write the script urself, oo ya wait u cnt because u only write good things not great. So we dnt value ur opinion bc ur a dum fxxk, and the only thing u need to worry is if ur patents let u keep watching the show. Happy holidays dumazz :)

      • omarid513 says:

        Kindly reread my post, then point out where I said it wasn’t up to any standards. Thanks ahead of time. Also, ‘reality’ kind of goes out the window on a show called ‘The Walking Dead,’ as you, I and everyone else know. Also, learn to use both spell check and recognize that TV shows HAVE scripts, so sort of ridiculous for you to say ‘forget’ the scripts. Don’t know it’s even worth responding to such a poorly written and worded response, but hey, you obviously had a good, albeit difficult, time coming up with it, so there you go.

  6. Doreen says:

    That episode was great- I was on the edge of my couch the whole time! And the kids killing that girl awesome, the governor getting the end of the sword and that other woman finishing him off…. Kinda sad Judith went out the way she did tho- simply being watched by kids and then forgotten? And then ate? I can’t imagine the scar that’s gonna leave on Carl. At least the governor/prison storyline is done.

    • Rook says:

      I’m not totally convinced that Judith is dead. Someone who was all bloody could have picked her up, it would be easier to run without the car seat. I Also think that Tara could possible be on the us with Glen, we didn’t see her die.

      • Ava says:

        Tara isn’t on the bus. First of all, she would not have known to get on there and secondly, it had already left when she was still hiding by the tank. She is definitely not dead though. She and Lily are supposed to be with one of the many prison groups as they all make a run for it.

        As for Judith, most likely still alive. The twins that play her were still on the set past the mid-season filming. I think Ty and the kids have her.

        • Sean says:

          Do you work on set? How do you know they were on set when they were filming episodes 9 through 16, as it is routine to film segments or whole episodes out of order. What proof do you have they were seen on set?

    • Luli says:

      I think Lily’s sister, I don’t remeber her name, took her… We saw how she backed away from the fight and maybe she had bloody hands…

      • Mazoo says:

        I think one of the kids could have her. They were running to the bus with Judith when Lizzie said they should help out and get guns, then they returned and shot the two people coming towards tyreese. Tyreese said they should go and the kids went off in the opposite direction possibly to get Judith who they had hidden somewhere safe earlier when they went to get guns.

  7. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    *Also……..I STRONGLY believe that baby judith IS on that bus and who the hell is driving the bus?

  8. Lilly says:

    “Rest in peace, Hershel. Rot in Hell, Governor.” – I agree with the Talking Dead summary. A satisfying mid-season finale that still was a cliff-hanger. Whew! How long ’till February…?

  9. Guest says:

    Oh Hershel, I liked him the best!

  10. TV Gord says:

    I’m as sad about the Governor as I am about Hershel. Great characters!

    • Leslie says:

      I’m very sad about the Governor. I thought his acting was amazing, as was Hershel’s. I’ll miss them both. I think Hershel’s sage advice would have grown irritating in the long run, always the man with the moral compass. There needs to be a strong person to guide the morality of the people’s behavior. Who?

      • Brian says:

        Rick, he has taken all of Hershel’s advice to heart. as seen via his speech to the governor and his militia. I do not think he loses that due to this.

        • Marge says:

          No, Rick has a long way to go to be Hershel. Case in point — kicking Carol out of camp for killing ‘2 of their own.’ Carol was ‘one of their own,’ and not diseased and not going to die and spread illness (like the 2 were that were removed).She was a core member of the group and IF it was a mistake (which it clearly was not), should have been permitted. Tyrese was angling for Karen basically because he was looking for some booty and should have been reprimanded for raising a hand to Carol (if he did).

          Also, when the governor & company came to the prison, Rick says ‘I don’t make the decisions anymore, we have a council.’ Bull, again, he kicked Carol out. And doesn’t take responsibility for the poor decisions, he does make, all on his own.

          Truly, I will be happy to see Rick gol.

      • maddSie says:

        Man I don’t know how anyone could like the governor .. the actor that played him was relay good and played the part amazingly well but to like the governor is insane. Its like he never learns he just kills and kills hoping to find the perfect world but now he’s dead and I can get sleep knowing that he no longer exists :)

  11. Tony says:

    Great episode. I knew the rat bastard was gonna kill Herschel. Just didn’t expect it to be so brutal.

    As for Judith, I hope the baby is alive. I’m sure most people don’t enjoy watching the death of kids on TV. And I know all we saw was a bloody car seat. So it could mean anything. But I think having become a dad recently, I found that scene to be almost too much to bear.

  12. yup says:

    Judith’s dead. You can’t have a baby on this show unless they were going to stay at the prison forever, which wouldn’t be terribly interesting. It was always just a matter of time.

    That said, I thought it was handled well.

  13. Hmmmm says:

    I’m a little frustrated that we had to spend the last two episodes with the governor if his story was going to end at the midseason finale anyways. I would have preferred spending more time with the other characters; however, I see the need to introduce who he has spent his time with lately, so that the events of this episode make sense and have a bigger impact.

  14. Teag says:

    Wait, Scott Wilson isn’t the blind item, is it?

  15. Juanita says:

    Was that a Zombie Lori at the end? Or another random zombie wearing flannels?

  16. A.B. says:

    So what surprised me after reading this interview is that his mother is 99. WOW! And a Walking Dead fan. Tuff old bird.

  17. Austin says:

    My theory is that Carol took Judith in the attack while she was overlooking the camp because she still was secretly looking over the girls. Either that or Judith is simply dead. :( Poor Hershel.

    • Rook says:

      No someone else grabbed Judith, I do think the Tyrese will get saved by Carol and then when he learns she killed Karen he will forgive her.

      • Ted says:

        Tyrese does not need to forgive Carol because she didn’t kill Karen. Carol was covering up for that psycho nut case little girl she promised to take care of when there father got bite. That girl is responsible for feeding the zombies the rats at the fences, for dissecting the squirrel and killing those two people who were sick in the prison. Carol knew Rick would have figured it out eventually so she admitted to it first to protect the girl.

        • Sean says:

          I totally agree about Lizzie being the one feeding rats to the zombies and dissecting the animal (squirrel?); earlier in the season I saw this being Bob’s role; but I am not totally convinced that Carol didn’t killed Karen and David. Two separate things, I believe. If Lizzie did kill them both, then Carol covered up the act by burning the bodies, taking the blame, etc.. I can see Lizzie killing her younger sister Mika, similar to the storyline of the twin boys in the comics, Ben (now Lizzie) and Billy (now Mika). Don’t worry, Carl will clean up this mess, unless the situation happens sooner than later. In that case, since the children are with Tyrese, he will kill Lizzie (maybe due to her part in Karen and Davis’s deaths?). As it appears Sasha and Bob are getting closer, perhaps their TV storylines will mirror the comics storylines of Tyrese’s daughter Julie and her boyfriend Chris?

        • Lilly says:

          I have been against this theory from the beginning – mostly because the writers hadn’t fleshed out Lizzie as capable of being psycho. But I have to admit that Lizzie putting the bullet through that girl’s brain brought me closer to the possibility!
          But I still can’t reconcile Carol’s complete and immediate taking of responsibility for Karen & David’s deaths, though, as just covering for Lizzie. I think Carol honestly believed killing Karen/David would save the prison guests. When she kicked over those water barrels, it really felt like she was mad that the illness spread anyway and their deaths were for nothing. Besides, if Carol cared so much for the girls that she was willing to accept exile because of Lizzie, why would she not insist in making Rick let her take the girls?
          We’ll see….

          • xK says:

            She did tell Rick she wanted them; he told her no.

          • Brian says:

            how else did the girl get sick? she wasn’t in the cell block that got invaded… she killed them and carol was covering it up. I agree with this theory.

          • Dav says:

            She did insist that the girls go with her but Rick wouldn’t allow it. And actually, this supports the theory that Carol knew Lizzie had problems. Why would she want the girls with her if she wanted them safe? It would be safer for them in the prison than on the road and on the run. (and less safe for Carol having to watch out for two kids on her own.) I think Carol wanted the girls with her because she knew Lizzie was bad and would eventually hurt the group or get discovered and killed.

        • aaron says:

          That’s good thinking

      • nitasexton says:

        The look on Tyrese’ face when the little girl killed the woman (don’t remember name) was going to kill him was priceless. It was nuanced but very effective. I’m sure he was thinking, “Damn, those little girls are tough.”

      • Mazoo says:

        Tyreese did get saved by Carole. If Carole had not taught Lizzie weaponry, to be strong and not to hesitate, Tyreese would have been shot.

    • Ava says:

      No way did Carol show up and if she did – she would have taken Mica and Lizzie, not Judith. I think Carol is with Abraham, Rosita and Eugene. She is supposed to be in ep 9 and so are they.

    • I McHunt says:

      I’m sure Carol will be back, but I don’t think we’ll see her until everyone eventually regroups at their next location (Alexandria?).

      Am I the only one that was disappointed in this season so far? The Governor should have gone last season, his only purpose seemed to be to set up the mid-season battle, which has already been done once before. Oh, and so the writers could waste two (pointless) episodes dedicated to him. I can’t help feeling the story has kind of stalled this season, I hope the second half moves things in the right direction.

      • Lilly says:

        Oh, I was quite vocal about my dislike of a two-week hiatus to watch the Governor’s “rehabilitation.” But that said, in hindsight, it all came together full circle in a satisfying way last night. (I would have been SCREAMING if the Governor had survived this battle; I’m so glad they ended him.) And I’ve also finally had time to get used to the idea that the comfort of the prison wasn’t to last forever….
        As a person who hasn’t read the comics, I think this season has been very well done. Of course, last season was agonizing, IMO, so there was a lot of room to go up from there!

      • Jason says:

        I wouldn’t say pointless, other wise we would all be asking how the Gov got a tank… I actually enjoyed the two episodes focusing on the governor, but was glad to get back to the prison group.

      • Yes. You’re the only one disappointed in this season so far.

  18. Katie says:

    I literally almost cried when Hershel died, and cheered when the governor was stabbed by michonne. Two great characters, polar opposites, played by two amazing actors. The emotions they were able to pull from the viewers speaks volumes for the story writing, character development, and the actors themselves. Bravo! I will truly miss hating the governor and will surely miss loving hershel :(

  19. Rose hernandez says:

    I hope Judith is alive….viewers need a sense of hope otherwise the show becomes a bad horror movie where the bad guy wins…. Not cool!

  20. Jillian says:

    I’ve been expecting them to off Hershel from the beginning of last season, but it still hurt. What a great episode! Now that the governor is dead we don’t have to worry about boring governor centric episodes anymore. It was fitting that Michonne was the one who stabbed him and left him there to suffer. Hershel by far is the death that has affected me the most on this show. Andrea, Lori, and Shane I could care less about but Hershel was the heart of the camp. Can’t wait for February to see how the group survives separated from each other

  21. lovemunkey187 says:

    Why, oh why couldn’t it have been Carl.

    I’ve been wanting that little scrote to be killed of since the first episode.

  22. Sheila Rogge says:

    Please let that baby be alive. I honestly don’t know if I can keep watching twd after they killed off that baby…. Lil ass kicker. I’m a mother 2 three baby boys! I can’t handle that. Seriously……..

    • Sheila Rogge says:

      Okkkaaaayyyyy I’d still watch it but……damn it people find lilasskicker and bring her chubby non fitting in that small ass carseat back!….. Plz.

      • DUKEofDUBUQUE says:

        She’s alive. They tried too hard to make it look like she’s dead without PROVING she’s dead. Which of course means that she’s really alive, and she’ll turn up in some dramatic fashion.

      • Luli says:

        I think Lily’s sister, I don’t remember her name, took Judith…. we saw her leave in the middle of the fight…. She is the lesbian one that was with the women Lizzie killed.

  23. Lisa says:

    Kind of a moot point to warn people that there are spoilers when the title reveals one of the biggest spoilers of all. That comes up in a Google Search for merely “Walking Dead”, btw. Fortunately, I was looking for spoilers. I bet others aren’t.

  24. Ainsley says:

    OMG I just saw the episode I gonna go to school tommorow and burst into tears and my teacher will be like whats wrong and I will be like judith died on the walking dead last night and everyone will laugh at me

  25. David Her says:

    Will say that Hershel’s death hit me as much as when Dale died. The death of the MORAL characters… Which brings another topic, whose going to be the new moral character? Will there be one?

  26. Walker says:

    I really think judith is alived. When mika and lizzie ran off they ran away from the exit and Tyreese followed. I think they found Judith, took her and ran. If Judith was eaten the crib would have been damaged a lot more from the zombies and some evidence would have been left rather than a few blood spots that could have been from the others when rescuing her. When the groups discover eachother again Rick will find that Judith is still kicking ass.

  27. Karen says:

    Ok food for thought: if zombies would’ve attacked Judith they would’ve still been hovering over her car seat. Zombies don’t pick food up and run off with it. They would’ve still been kneeling there w flesh hanging from their faces if Judith was attacked in the car seat. Plus flesh and guys would be in the car seat not just blood. Anyone shot could’ve grabbed her which would explain the blood.

  28. Kylie G says:

    It looks like Tyrese might have Judith. If you watch the scene where the tank gets it’s last shot off, you can see him running under the archway with something in his arms. If i were running for my life, that’s exactly how I would carry my baby. Wishful thinking maybe? I mean, the kids dropped the baby and ran off before they came to his rescue (with two, incredibly accurate headshots for kids, btw), then took off BACK that way afterwards. Tyrese, being the kind of guy that he is, obviously followed them. That’s why I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if it turned out that he had her.

    • Ryudo says:

      Tyrese was holding his rifle when he was running off when the last tank shot was fired. If you watch the episode again and pause it you can see him carrying it. It wasn’t Judith that he was holding.

  29. Carrie Evans says:

    Ok seriously? Was bob holding the little rat box not enough clue that he’s the rat guy? Obviously they are harbouring a serial killer.

    • nitasexton says:

      I figured Bob had booze in there. That part of the story line isn’t over since Daryl asked Bob before he handed him a gun “You OK?” Will Bob booze it up somewhere along the line and cause a big problem?

    • Katie says:

      THANK YOU! That is my theory and everyone shoots me down like I’m crazy for mentioning it. He told Daryl he was the lone survivor of two previous groups!! What more proof do you need??

      • Lilly says:

        Unless they’re introducing a new kind of psyche that is both a cold-blooded killer with no empathy AND simultaneously hates himself to the point of drinking to forget, Bob is not the psycho killer. That’s really laughable, IMO. I’m more inclined to believe Bob’s actions as a drunkard caused people to die in groups he was with previously. (Sort of like the alcoholic who kills people in drunk driving accidents seems always to survive his own accidents.)
        Although I didn’t buy it at first, I’m thinking Lizzie is more likely our bad seed, especially since people mention it parallels twin brothers from the comics.

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  32. Martin says:

    A sad but good episode…

    It kept me sitting on the end of my seat while ramming the table with my fists out of pure frustration. Watching the Governor brutally kill my beloved character on the show sure made my blood boil. I can’t believe he’s gone, dammit!

    Am I the only one who was disappointed in the way the Governor died? I expected Michonne finishing him off but instead that Maggie look alike shoots him. It just wasn’t very satisfying because we didn’t exactly see him die. I rather would have liked him eaten alive by a bunch of hungry walkers!

    Well, I guess we have to wait until february to see what happens next.

  33. nitasexton says:

    It was funny how the baby was being bounced back and forth in the carrier when the little girls were trying to get her to her to the bus. Poor baby.

    It was a really clever scene where Daryl “almost” gets bitten then used the walker as a shield and the hand grenade into the tank was a-maz-ing.

    I loved when they were sitting in the camper that Michonne said to the Governor, “I’m going to kill you.” and Hershel shushed her. Go Michonne.

    If the Governor hadn’t been a nut case, I would much rather have him as a leader than Rick. I suppose tho’ that since Morrisey was the most physically imposing character on the show, he had to be a bad guy. I like Rick but he’s a little wishy-washy and Daryl nodded for him to go talk to the Governor, a decision I would have thought Rick would make on his own.

    I was surprised at Daryl’s reaction to Carol being gone… or lack of reaction.

    I don’t think the show drags at all. I love the time they take to develop the characters.

    I’ll miss Morrisey just for the acting ability, Hershel too.

    Long time ’til February!

  34. Stacie says:

    Last night’s episode was bitter sweet. Thank god that the governor is dead. He should’ve died last season. But Hershel? Really! Plus the baby. I truely believe that she is still alive. She is all Rick and Carl have left of Lori. If the group from the prison could have got to Hershel, he could’ve been saved.

  35. kczar says:

    Can you please check how these articles are posted on Flipboard via Twitter? Every time one of your stories post, the spoiler shows up in the headline. I watched the episode before seeing this article, but I’ve had several story lines spoiled because of this. It’s either that or I’ll have to stop following. Thanks!

  36. Denny says:

    OK, first thing, little ass kicker ain’t dead. Second thing, I so cheered when the Governor got ‘run through’ by Michon, but, in a way, I’m sorry to see him go because you SO loved to hate that guy. Third thing, Michon did kill the governor, and had one brief moment where she was deciding whether to finish him off or let him turn. She decided to let him turn, and that damned Lily finished him off. That is a shame, because I think everyone would have loved to see him turn.

  37. RHINOWSO says:

    Tyreese saved Judith, you can see him running under the prison bridge with his rifle slung on his back and cradling something, as you would cradle a baby, in his arms as he runs away. It’s a short scene right before the tank fires knocking part of the bridge down. Its right where Judith’s car seat was found.

    Plus the car seat straps were unbuckled, not torn, and she was last seen buckled in the seat. A walker would have torn her from the seat, not unbuckled, so someone got her.

    Yeah, you heard it from me first.

  38. BXbeast says:

    Ok so to be quit honest this episode was simply EPIC! Absolutely Magnificent spectacular and all the above, ya’ll need to know that the baby is not dead. Beth is alive and how I know all this bc they didn’t show the Lil ass kicker dead. Also YouTube. They all meet up in a house in the upcoming season, and in the cut scene Carl is yelling@ Rick to wake up. My 2cents is that (well that I’m hoping for) is that its all a dream that Rick or some ones had. But from the new season its not looking like that obviously. Hershel most likely signed a contract to a new show like Lori did.. So dnt weep, unlike Paul Walker whose no longer with us in real life, RIP may God show u the real party up in the skies. Anyways Carol is still alive & so is Lil azz kicker. And honestly if Darryl or Michonne dies then the show is over w/o a doubt! On the ending note.. Rich, and erne who survived last will meet up in three next season most likely in that big house that they found for shelter which I explained there is a YouTube video already posted. And as for the bus that took off they will also meet up w/ the crew but knowing quite allot more ppl & deaths will come. They’ll show that they’ve been caught by the zombies or something like that and then the hunt behind again wen new Hunters and bosses start to take over.

  39. Sarah says:

    I think Judith being alive is a good possibility. Watching how a child born in this world will turn out is interesting to me.

  40. paul says:

    seriously, anyone else beginning to diskie characters a bit? Daryl, Carl and the two girls have now murdered someone in cold blood (thats just off the top of my head). Okay granted they attacked, but they ere surrendering. Also Carol doing what she did, rick pretty much killed someone by leaving the hitchiker. I duno it just seems as this show goes on people seem to kill each other over pointless things AND MOST OF ALL some of the problems on this show could be talked out.seriously rewatch the show and you’l notice there are so many times where in REAL life people would talk over there issue. Iknow its a show about zombies but with hersh gone we have again lost the only good person on the show,

    • Sarah says:

      Tara and lily seem to be good people. But out of the main characters they are both good and bad. Like real people. The governor wouldn’t have a leg to stand on if it wasn’t for the guy with the tank. The little girl is clearly a psychopath and it will be interesting to see how that plays out.

      • paul says:

        any need tokill tank guy tho? have a feeling he’d been immesnly useful and tho he took his borthers death alot better than anyone would in real life, he wasn’t exactly thrilled. him and thegirl psycho girl killed were a little outofline but in fairness it will be interesting with psycho girl. I duno just didnt seem like daryl tokill something in cold blood.Also totally forgot what Rick did to Andrew, if he hadnt done that maybe his wife would still be with us……and you say that they’re real and true people are good and bad. its just if merle, shane or the Govenor and his men do something bad its presented as bad to the viewer. When anyone in the group does something it isn’t exactly presented as ‘bad’ (take Daryl’s tank guy killing) except maybe barring Carol but thats because she killed someone IN the gorup

        • Sarah says:

          Yeah, I guess he didn’t have to kill the guy in the tank but I think Daryl was more than pissed at that point. And I think why we dislike the governor and Merle when they do bad things is their lack of remorse and their propensity to do more bad than good. Also we always view the protagonists in a story as better than the ones who threaten them. Especially when you’ve formed a bond with the characters they threaten.

        • Lauren says:

          Kill someone in cold blood? That guy in the tank attacked his home, killed his people. Put children’s lives in danger, and after Sophia and his help when Judith was born, we all know Daryl does not play that crap.

          • Lilly says:

            I agree, Lauren. This isn’t paint-ball battles in the neighborhood. This is a form of war for survival. When a person drives a tank into your home and fires artillery at it, he’s pretty much declared his side. He’s the enemy. He doesn’t get to declare “time out” to discuss his change of heart in the middle of battle! Sure, in a real war, maybe prisoners are feasible, but in the zombie apocalypse, they don’t have that luxury. Besides, TWD writers made it a little easier for us to be okay with Mitch’s death because we knew he was a bit of a jerk who took up arms with the evil man who killed his BROTHER anyway!

  41. bkjay says:

    I really hope the governor is actually dead they didn’t show him getting shot. As for the Judith I’m guessing Maggie and her group took her remember Bob got shot and was bleeding that could be a possibility. And RIP Hershel a real OG

  42. cutice says:

    I Think Hershel deaerved a better death and a funeral. He was my fav char. :(

    I Hope the governor gets impaled on a spear and left to suffer in hell for eternity.

    Yes, thats how much I hate him right now.

  43. Lauren says:

    I don’t think little ass kicker is dead. After the older sister of the two girls left in Carols care shot the two people who were shooting at tyrese, they ran off in the opposite direction of the bus, in the same direction the other two kids ran after she shot the first guy. Judith was with them before. They most likely went and got her. Judith is probably with tyrese and the other children and the blood on that the car seat is just to keep people wondering for two months

  44. gilkana says:

    I knew Hershel was going to die when he had such amazing episodes with the flu storyline.
    I was hoping the governor to have a more painful dead… maybe get eaten by a walker or something.

  45. tainá says:

    Hershel <3

  46. Miguel says:

    Don’t know if the governor is dead. Maybe the sword failed all vital organs and at the end, she’s shooting a walker and not the governor.

  47. Becky says:

    Reality check: Obama is ruining America. Wake up sound off!

  48. Penny says:

    The recent interview with Robert Kirkman gave a few clues. He has said repeatedly that the show does not follow the comics. He also said that the writers do take pieces here and there directly from the comics to keep the stories there for the fans, they just change them up, so it keeps everyone guessing. Hershels beheading was actually how Tyresse dies in the comics. Hershel loosing his leg, was actually something that happened to Dale in the comics. Also, Rick looses his hand in the comics, and this is something that Kirkman has said repeatedly that he regrets, and it will not happen on the show. During this interview, he said in the comics, Lilly was sent to kill Lori and baby Judith by the Governor. Lilly shot Lori, who then fell, and smothered Judith, and that is how they died. He said the show took a different turn, so they had Lilly give the Governor the final shot to the head, and as not to give too much away, viewers and comic fans will be surprised as to how Lillys future pans out. I think this means, Lilly is the one that took Judith. She was in shock over the death of Megan, and saw the baby, took her, and will be found, or meet up with everyone in Alexandria, and she will have Judith. I think it is too easy to say Tyresse or Beth or Carol have her. The writers are trying to be clever, and its too predictable to think anyone from the group has her. My money is on Lilly.

  49. Angie says:

    Hershel was and will always be THE BEST character on the show and possibly on tv EVER! The character himself was amazing in every single way-giving us so much of what this world needs to see because we just don’t see people like him anymore unfortunately… And Scott Wilson was THE PERFECT actor to give Hershel life and to make all of us fall totally in love with him. I will always miss Hershel… Always. <3

  50. rosa says:

    I’m not convinced the govenor is even dead. Never saw her shoot him in the head …. never saw him come back a walker and he was not interviewed after the show like Scott. They never spared the gore of killing the others so why didn’t they show him being shot?? Maybe he took the baby to replace the ones he lost or because he knew they would come looking for the baby. That explains blood on the car seat.

    • Penny says:

      Argh, if one more person says this. Yes, the Governor is dead. Don’t be ridiculous. Just because he wasn’t on a talk show doesn’t mean his character isn’t dead. Sorry to burst your theory, but he is gone. He will not return. The memorium in the Talking Dead included the Governor, he is DEAD. He did not pick up Judith, he got stabbed with a Katana, then shot in the head.

    • Dav says:

      A sword went through his chest! Even if it missed his heart it still would have gone through one of his lungs and…oh yeah, left two big bleeding wounds. Even with proper medical care there is still a good chance someone with wounds like that would die. He didn’t have proper medical care. He was left in a field surrounded by zombies. Dude is dead.

    • nan says:

      The govener might not be dead.lily is a skilled nurse, maybe lilly annd the govener took judith, lol

      • Miguel says:

        Like I said here:

        Don’t know if the governor is dead. Maybe the sword failed all vital organs and at the end, she’s shooting a walker and not the governor.
        Comment by Miguel – December 4, 2013 11:24 AM PST REPLY TO THIS POST

        I also agree with you. The gov is not dead!