The Mentalist 2.0: 10 Things to Know About Señor Jane, Chief Lisbon and Life 'In the Future'

The Mentalist SpoilersCBS’ The Mentalist begins a new life this Sunday at 10:30 pm/9:30c — life without you-know-who — and TVLine got a sneak peek at the first two episodes, titled “My Blue Heaven” and “Green Thumb.”

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As previously reported, the action picks up two years after the events of last week’s episode, with Jane now in a very different place, spiritually and geographically — and with a new woman about to enter his life. Lisbon, Van Pelt, Rigsby and Cho also followed new paths in the wake of the CBI’s disbandment, while the FBI isn’t done just yet trying to get their hands on ol’ whatshisname’s killer.

All told, here are 10 teases from The Mentalist‘s upcoming episodes.

♦ Laying low on an island where, he says, only one other person speaks English, Jane’s Spanish is atrocious — as is his choice in breakfast beverage — the locals privately snark. That said, he does look out for his neighbors’ best interests, especially in the wake of a horrible killing.

New series regular Emily Swallow (of TNT’s Monday Mornings) makes her debut this Sunday as Kim, a vacationer who catches Jane’s eye — even if she is reading a murder mystery (gah!) when they first meet. Kim also makes a very nice cup of tea; it’s up to you to decide if I mean that as a euphemism.My Blue Heaven

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♦ Lisbon for the past 18 months has been keeping “busy” as the police chief of a small Washington burg, where she hunts down… bicycle thieves and such. At night, she is known to catch up with private security firm owners Rigsby and Van Pelt, or curl up on the sofa with some wine and [spoiler].

♦ Cho? As full of bubbly personality as ever.

♦ FBI Special Agent Abbott (new series regular Rockmond Dunbar), even two years later, is anxious to once and for all track down Jane — and for a very specific reason.

♦ In the Dec. 8 episode, Azita Ghanizada — formerly of Syfy’s Alphas — plays a woman named Defiance, which amused me. Alphas. Defiance. All that’s missing is a warehouse numbered 13.

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♦ Things are quite hairy My Blue Heavenin the future. Jane’s beard. Lisbon’s longer locks (when not stowed away in police chief mode). Van Pelt’s bangs.

♦ Jane’s wedding ring and whether or not he still wears it is at one point a conversation topic.

♦ A loose thread from the Red John storyline at one point resurfaces. That said (as Simon Baker previously indicated), the words “Red John” are not once uttered — though the serial killer is referred to.

♦ At the close of the second episode, Lisbon surprises Jane with something.

Will you be tuning in for this new part of The Mentalist‘s journey?

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  1. Greyfit says:

    Didn’t Pete Lattimer of Warehouse 13 showed up in last season episode?

  2. DL says:

    It’s to the credit of Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, and the rest of the cast that I’m even considering watching Mentalist 2.0. I was one of the many fans disappointed in Heller’s wrap-up of the “He Who Shall Not Be Named” storyline. I’m still not sure how I feel about watching the show going forward.

    • m says:

      So well said. I get that there are people out there who were fine with the Red John episode because they would rather that story arc go away but that doesn’t change the fact that they really overhyped then dropped the ball on the finale. It was a major disappointment for viewers who enjoyed and followed that arc. A truly wasted opportunity for what had the potential to be one of the best episodes of television ever!

      • HHouston says:

        I don’t know what the complainers expected regarding this serial killer. As always such killers are defective twisted people who desire some unnatural control over others. I thought the end was the best scene on film and a unique ending. This killer ends with a whimper not a bang as he should. Baker’s acting in that scene was the best and strongest I have ever had the pleasure to watch. As the life leaves McCalester you can see the darkness leave Baker’s face replaced by relief at finally having done what he set out to do. It was the best death scene ever and so unique. You can keep all the spectacular fireworks scenes that have become so trite. This was the perfect ending for such a killer he declared war on other human beings. He was killed in broad daylight by a good man not in the dark as he had always done. The symbolism in this episode was by far the best. I wish the commenters who complain were up to the show’s level.

    • ginger567 says:

      Hope they get rid of abbot. not a good fit.

  3. EL says:

    Please tell me we are not about to start some tired triangle story line with Jane, Lisbon and Kim.

    • liz says:

      my thoughts exactly. I’ll be very disappointed if they do that

      • Mike says:

        I agree the triangle thing makes no sense. The spoiler that could be interesting was that Lisbon cuddles up with something, and she surprises Jane with something. With a two year jump I hope there is not a little Jane/Lisbon 1 year and couple of months old baby in the storyline.

        • jujuba says:

          I hope the present lisbon gives to jane is a set of teacup, just like his old roken one. now that would be cute…

        • Mark Strong says:

          “With a two year jump I hope there is not a little Jane/Lisbon 1 year and couple of months old baby in the storyline.”

          The only way for that to happen would be if Lisbon and Jane had met sometime after Jane fled, and from the feel I get Jane and Lisbon haven’t seen each other since he left. Of course I could be wrong, but it’s just based on the feel.

          • Alice says:

            Me too guys, I hope there won’t be any triangle.. We’re sick & tired of Jane’s fans.. Ok, I’m one of them bu I’m not in the series XD We want more Jisbon. wHat’s the point of a new woman who falls head over heels for him? We had lots in these years and it’s gettin’ boring!

    • “Please tell me we are not about to start some tired triangle story line with Jane, Lisbon and Kim.”

      If Bruno Heller’s method of storytelling remains the same, he will not make a decision about that until halfway into this 2.0 season. ~smirk

    • Ed & Audrey Derby says:

      Right….do not bring in another woman with Jane. All these years waiting for Jane and Lisbon to realize they have more of a connection than only Red John….we are also wondering if we will still watch this new story line. The actors there now make the show. Bringing in new and regulars leaving? Not drawing ME back…

    • Mark Strong says:

      I’ve given up trying to figure out what is going on with this months ago. Because every time something is written about these three it seems to point to something different.

    • Mark Strong says:

      I’ve given up trying to figure out what will go on in that department, because every-time I seem to read something about it, it seems to point to something different. Like when I first heard about it, it seemed like Jane was in love with Kim and there would be a love triangle, then I read something else that came across as Jane doesn’t have feelings for Kim but she has feelings for Jane, and then I read something else that seemed to brush Kim off and that Jane and Lisbon will get together. So I’ve come to the point where I’m just going to wait and see what happens.

  4. enri says:

    Here’s hoping 2.0 works well. I agree with EL…no triangles please

  5. Gerry says:

    I was looking forward to Jane and Lisbon staying together, she could have gone to the island, he doesn’t need another woman in his life, and please not triangles,

    • liz says:

      If their plan is for Jane and Teresa to be together (and it probably is), I think it makes some sense that Jane actually date someone else before they get together. He’s spent well over a decade mourning his wife and hurting himself. Lisbon deserves better than being the rebound girl.

    • I want Lisbon and Jane to stay together, I don’t know if I can watch it again any other way, I’ve spent a lot of time hoping for that. Another woman would ruin it for me…

  6. Lisa says:

    I was disappointed with the ‘Red John’ episode…it really could have been soooo much better. I am curious on how they will bring the team back (Janes, Lisbon, Cho) but I have a feeling I might lose interest :(
    Please don’t have Jane & Lisbon hookup, keep them friends without relationship drama!

  7. liz says:

    looking forward to Mentalist 2.0!

  8. Charlie says:

    Yes, please, no triangles! Honestly, after everything that happened, all I want is to Jane and Lisbon solve their issues, and they’re a lot, and get finally together. Lisbon deserves better than that. I don’t care about the new girl until someone tells me what’s her business. I thought she was supposed to work with the FBI, no?

    But I am excited for Mentalist 2.0. The show got too dark over the years, not that I’m complaining, I still love it, but it’s time to move past Red John and rebuild the characters.

    Can’t wait to see that this “surprise” is about!

  9. shuayb says:

    Laughed so hard at the Alphas defiance thing.
    I’m looking forward to Mentalist 2.0 simply to see what happens post Red John. For me the only good eps were the Red John eps and d few eps not based on Red John that were interesting.

  10. PPPG says:

    I’d wager by the season ending they are all working in the new security business.

    • Luanne says:

      Wouldn’t that be great? This FBI theme is heavy and depressing. A White Collar rip-off. Don’t want to spend every episode with the FBI putting Jane down. I want to see him soar solving crimes. Not continual bullying.

      • maria says:

        totally agree. The mentalist 2 is all about PLisbon getting romanticaly enganged. Cast that are not interesting. No crimes scenes like before,….they are missing 2 characters that we love in the scenes and crimes cases,. FBI robots is what we have now. Mean chiefs arguying all the time with PJ, kind of boring big time

  11. groveg says:

    Matt, murder mysteries are a pleasurable read, better than Fabio stories! I hope the new woman is adventurous and fits Jane’s personality. Knows to make tea? Jane will love that. But euphemism for what? She fills out a pair of t shirts well? Are the writers serious with a good woman for Patrick finally? Kim is making Patrick smile more than he ever has within a few seconds of meeting.

    I hope the episodes keep interesting because Rigsby VP Lisbon at Fbi too would be boring. New paths promised more exciting. Cho will be a kickass FBI!

    Lisbon has longer hair? Her hair was long pre RJ. Her surprise she has a cat or married does she hate life as a beat cop or love it?

  12. Chris H says:

    The story line is nonsense. The shutting down of CBI wouldn’t have lasted 2 weeks let alone 2 years. It was the top state law enforcement.. The federal judges order would have quickly been over turned by a higher judges as an infringement on state rights. Too many changes for no reason = last season of The Mentalist!

    • Luanne says:

      Yes. I do worry that for some reason they are trying to shut down the series.

    • Jim says:

      I agree with above. FBI does not just walk in and shut down a State agency—they probably would like that power– but do not have such. The interaction between the old cast members was what made the show for me. It appears that all but Jane will shortly be written out of the show. Why not just close this show and come up with a new show, since this new creation does not even resemble the previous show. I have seen every episode from the beginning of this show, but doubt I will see many more, as I did not care at all for the NEW improved version . I sure do not care for the Abbott character.

  13. Stephanie says:

    I am very much looking forward to The Mentalist 2.0. I enjoyed the Red John arc, but it was time they wrapped that up and moved forward. This should be very interesting. :)

  14. lame says:

    Tell me this was planned a year ago, cause it seems like they’re flying by the seat of their pants. End the main storyline at mid season to no ones satisfaction and pick up the following week with a two year jump, new characters, might have waited for the winter hiatus. This seems like a suicide mission.

  15. “Alphas. Defiance. All that’s missing is a warehouse numbered 13.” LOL

  16. JoyAnne says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing how it all pans out. In honesty I can’t understand why a 2 year flash forward. I hoped we would see Jane’s struggle to cope with life without you know who. However, I guess he had to get away the alternative being arrested for murder. Whoever/whatever type of person Kim turns out to be I agree with others. No triangle please. Too many shows have been there, done that. The Mentalist doesn’t need it. Jane and Lisbon have a future based on a real friendship and trust. I’m hoping to see that gradually turn into a loving commitment to each other. But slowly please. I want to see this lead into season 7. Interesting to see how Cho will fit in. I’ve always liked his character. Will miss Grace and Rigsby.

  17. Walker says:

    Yes I am excited. Patrick finally gets a woman and I love him. I hope Kim is a wonderful influence on his life making him slowly become happy. If she makes great tea A plus Jane loves tea! Cho and Jane as partners? Yeah bb. Can I thank god they are not moving to jizbon no crumb of chemistry is present?! I love the beard and Pelt’s bangs. u.u

    • Tony Firth says:

      Once again another Thick person to reply to that’s You Walker.

      No Chemistry and yet over the Years they have saved each other they have hugged each other they have sent each other Letters whilst Jane was on the Island and Your saying like many others Jisbon doesn’t have Romantic Chemistry.

      Well You and Absolutely all the other Dumbo’s need Your Brains checking or You have a Blind eye to Chemistry or better Yet Your all Virgins with no open mind to what Love is.

      So You and the rest of You Dummies go away and learn what TV Shows are about because to me there not just about solving a Crime a plot there about Growing Characters backgrounds up and other things like that.


  18. d says:

    ZOMG! It’s Cho! Lisbon hangs out with wine and Cho! Please No to Cho! I hope I’m not right but I’ve got a bad feeling…

  19. Danny says:

    All I need is love… Jane & Lisbon love! I don’t need any other character between them, enough is enough. Looking forward for Mentalist 2.0, especially the reunion scene and how they’ll explore their relationship in a “real and adult way”, quoting SB.

  20. V. says:

    “At night, she is known to catch up with private security firm owners Rigsby and Van Pelt, or curl up on the sofa with some wine and [spoiler].”

    Ohhh, c’mon Matt, don’t be such a tease, that’s cruel! I guess… with something Jane sent to her? A letter? Meh, I don’t know haha.

    Her surprise at the end of the second episode, I have no idea. But, of course it won’t happen, I’d love if she takes Jane somewhere, pretend she’ll confess her love and ditch him there. “Payback is a b****, Paddy!” LOL

    I don’t know if I like this new woman, probably not. For now, at least. No triangles, please. Let Jane be happy with Lisbon, they’ve been torturing us for too long.

  21. Calishamanka says:

    Can I just say how happy, thrilled, delighted I am that the whole Red John schemozzle is FINALLY over! Hated it…. even considered no longer watching…. like others that have posted I’m not interested in seeing a triangle unfold with Patrick Jane. That will definitely have me turning the off button on this show forever.

  22. Marc says:

    The strength of this show was always Jane’s personality and specials talents, how the different members of the team interacted with him, and how they solved murders together. Red John was his motivation for being a CBI consultant, but the hunt had run its course, and its end over the course of the last dozen episodes was handled well. This is an above average mystery procedural, and the continuing Red John plot was handled so much better that the silly continuing storylines on the CSI spinoffs. Now, they need to move on with realistic character development and, if they so chose, a very different continuing storyline.

  23. Walker says:

    Denis Abbott chasing Jane for his services. You know that is WHY the feds are really following him. JC, Pathetic but most of the FBI are in desperate need of sense starting with glossing over the fact Smith their prized agent who was part of RJ’s association and possible more agents. Yet, Jane is colluding with the serial killer who killed his family because he called him. 3rd grade math.

    I like Jane taking off. Nothing is left for him in US and no trial because what jury would realistically convict him for killing a mass murderer. The shooting at least justified in defense.

  24. arial2 says:

    “…curls up with some wine and (spoiler)” – a cat? Walter Mashburn? (still hoping to see more of him). Looking forward to seeing the direction the show will take. I just hope CBS, even if it decides to cancel the show without giving it a chance to prove itself capable of moving on from Red John, will give us the rest of the season. Given how hard they’re pushing The Good Wife, sadly, I think they’ve already made that decision. Hope there are tons of viewers to start off the “new” Mentalist to prove CBS wrong.

    • Mark Strong says:

      If Lisbon curls up with a guy, I doubt it would be Mashburn because he doesn’t seem the type want to be in a small town (Somebody used a better name to call it but I can’t remember it), even if it were to be with Lisbon.

  25. CBWBDK1 says:

    I hope Rockmond Dunbar isn’t leaving SOA.

  26. tessjanes says:

    You can say that in Lisbon will surprise Jane?

  27. Danielle H says:

    Going to TRY it out… but definitely very close to ending my run with this series. They need to go ahead and wrap it up at the end of this season. Especially with core cast members leaving here soon. It beyond ran its course and ended up with a very unsatisfying solution to the central mythology. It’s all just meh at this point.

  28. VB says:

    Thanks for these spoilers, Matt. I’m pretty curious to see how everyone has changed in the two year time jump. I’m also curious as to what Lisbon surprises Jane with. And I really hope the “really good cup of tea” is a euphemism. Jane and Lisbon are great together and I’d honestly prefer him with her.

  29. R says:

    I want to see how they start this out. I would like to see Jane & Lisbon together, but want it to feel organic, not just lets have them together because “Red John” is dead.

  30. Shaun says:

    So excited to see Azita again!!

  31. Maryann says:

    I can’t wait for the new episodes! I am really excited to see the reboot!

  32. I can’t stop thinking about the surprise! is it a good surprise or her revenge?
    why did I read this? it’s so cruel!!! I have 2 wait 8 days!!!!
    and If jane and kim got 2gether I don’t see a point on mentalist 2 rather RJ goes on!!!

  33. Scott says:

    The only thing I can think of for why Abbott really wants to find Jane is if the secondary storyline involving the Blake Association is still ongoing or if there’s new evidence which proves the person that Heller said was Red John wasn’t actually RJ. It’s not like there wasn’t a bait and switch before when Bradley Whitford guest starred a few seasons ago. But if the RJ storyline is still going, only 1 of the 7 on the list was still alive at the end of the last episode and it’s definitely not that person. I guess we’ll all find out tonight.

  34. redjane12 says:

    I am more excited to see The Mentalist + 2 years than I was about RJ in the end. Frankly it was always going to be anticlimactic to some degree… A total change in the status quo with Jane on the run (sort of right?), Lisbon sheriffing, Cho being awesome somewhere else, Van Pelt & Grisby pretty much gone (people do move on with their lives) and the addition of new characters, it is a good chance for the show to reinvent itself so I am excited to watch it.

    • RM Kulerman says:

      You mentioned new characters. I thought the FBI computer nerd who located Jane in Bklyn was clever without being “cute,” bright, and delivered his lines perfectly. Cannot locate his name on any cast list. Do you have any idea who he is? He would be much more interesting than Van Pelt and Rigsby combined.

      • redjane12 says:

        Van Pelt and Rigsby were fine but I think the writers got as much as they could from them… And with all the changes, it would not have made sense to reunite the same team again under FBI jurisdiction… I have no clue about the new analyst… I do like him as well as the obnoxious FBI boss guy but I hate that Kim woman. The writers have done an awful job writing her character from that contrived beach subterfuge to now being hardass agent in charge of Jane… Nothing about her makes sense and every scene with her is just annoying… I am also not liking too much how the seem to write Lisbon as a kind of pushover just letting Jane manipulate her which got worse this season with the whole ‘finally-catching-Red-John’ plot…
        Still… I do plan to give a shot….

  35. Bonnie Maynes says:

    The ending of Red John was very satisfying. I can’t wait to see what happens next. I think the FBI need Jane to solve crimes. I can’t wait to see how Jane, Lisbon, Cho, Grace and Wayne are all brought into it.

  36. Mark Strong says:

    My guess is that Lisbon cuddles up with a glass of wine and a boyfriend, and that the surprise she has for Jane is that the boyfriend proposed and that she is thinking or going to except. That would fit with the whole Jane having to decide things between him and Lisbon, meaning does he love her enough to proclaim his feelings for her or be a good friend and let her get married to another man, and if Lisbon really does love Jane, it would fit with Lisbon realizing that she isn’t following her feelings. (And assuming that the decision that this new woman helps Jane make isn’t about coming back and helping law enforcement, it could fit in with that decision.)

    I don’t see the Surprise being Lisbon finally admitting any feelings that she may have for Jane, nor do I see the surprise being that Lisbon has had Jane’s child, because that would mean that Jane and Lisbon had to have met up sometime after Jane left. And based on the feel from all the spoilers and what not, I don’t think that would happen. (Even though I see Lisbon having had Jane’s child as unlikely, I have to admit that it could explain the meaning of what Heller meant by “(but) after two years she finds she’s thinking about Jane all the time”.)

  37. Kath says:

    The surprise is that she saved Jane’s vintage car. Duh.

  38. miranda says:

    If the powers that be have any desire to see this show get a seventh season, they won’t go the love triangle/quadrangle route with Jane/Lisbon/Kim/Whoever. It’s an absolute show killer, especially for one that is trying to reboot itself.

  39. KC says:

    In “My Blue Heaven”, there’s a brief shot of the letter that Jane is about to seal and mail to Lisbon. It’s really hard to read even when pausing the screen, but looks like the last paragraph and sign-off say something like this: “I’ve been meaning to apologize for leaving you on the beach that night. You being absent is the one thing (can’t read two words) this new chapter strange and sad. Miss you. U are hot.”

  40. DWR says:

    I’m hoping that the writing for 2.0 gets better than it has been of late. The RJ finale wasn’t any worse than expected, it seems like over the seasons RJ morphed from a malevolent, scary, secretive killer to the CEO of a vast political criminal enterprise. The finale reflected that, so as disappointing as it was, it was fitting. What concerned me in “My blue heaven” is the Mentalist could not see that Kim was more than she appeared to be or couldn’t figure out that sending mail to Lisbon was inviting trouble. I’m hoping he gets back on track, and soon.

    • Mark Strong says:

      I think Jane did know that sending letters to Lisbon would cause trouble which is why he had his carnie friends give them to her, and why he probably signed the letter he sent in the episode as U no hoo. or You Know Who.

  41. Diana says:

    Love the Mentalist.

  42. JH says:

    Switching from the CBI to the FBI is unrealistic as well as the FBI arresting criminals in South America. The storylne reminds me of the “White Collar” premise. Jane would never have been conficted of killing Red John as it was self defence. All Lisbon needs is a dog and a new husband if she work with Jane. Yawn! I’m bored already.

  43. Art Faucett says:

    They will do the same tired thing every over network does. Lisbon is ready to tell Jane she loves him, only to walk up on him and another woman messing around. Jane finds out, then can’t decide which one to hurt. He ends up pissing them both off. Or 2, Jane ready to tell Lisbon, same end result or 3, my choice. Jane is ready to tell Lisbon he loves her, and finds her and another woman messing around with each other.

    • Mark Strong says:

      It was said awhile ago that Jane knows Lisbon is in love with him, HOWEVER it was never specifically said when he learned that. (When I read it I had assumed that it meant that he knew before the time jump, though after seeing last weeks episode, I can see it meaning that he learns it after the time jump.)

  44. Tahonia says:

    <<>> Eureka!

  45. Steve says:

    So far, so good. The writing has been better, Lisbon has been sprouting a brain (reading case files and making recommendations to the computer geek about fingerprint search), and Cho actually smiled. Kim Fisher is a smart character. The procedural part is getting a little tighter, which is a HUGE breath of fresh air after Lisbon walked in on a Red John kill last season without a single car of backup.

    We’ll be watching.

  46. tina tessina says:

    I love it that the old, mischievous, mentalist Jane is back. Why is there a break in episodes right now? I was so sick of the dark, Red John episodes, I never watched the last two. Thank the TV gods that the writing is good again, the stupid, senseless violence is gone, and there’s hope that episodes will be fun to watch again….

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