Ratings: Almost Human and Sleepy Hollow Slip, Voice Lowers But Blacklist Returns Steady

Ratings Almost HumanFox’s Almost Human in Week 2 drew 6.1 million total viewers and a 1.9 rating (per finals), down 10 and 17 percent from its Monday time slot premiere.

Leading out of that, Sleepy Hollow did 6.6 mil and a 2.2, sliding 7 and 12 percent.

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Over on NBC, The Voice‘s Top 8 sing-off (11.5 mil/3.4) added some eyeballs week-to-week but dipped a tenth in the demo. The Blacklist returned from its week off, though, with 11 mil and a 3.0 — ticking up in audience and steady in the demo. Next Monday: Blacklist‘s fall finale!

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ABC’s Dancing With the Stars finale, Night 1 (14.6 mil/2.2) and Castle (11.4 mil/2.1) both rose in viewers while gaining two tenths in the demo. (ABC notes that Castle drew its best-since-season premiere audience, and season-to-date is up 15 percent in the demo.)

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The fall finales for The CW’s Hart of Dixie (1.01 mil/0.4) and Beauty and the Beast (740K/0.3) were both flat in the demo, though the latter added a literal handful of viewers.

CBS’ How I Met Your Mother (7.6 mil/2.9) by two tenths is down, but those steady Broke Girls (7.8 mil/2.7) have no reason to frown. Up two tenths in the demo, Mike & Molly hit 2.5, while Mom’s 21 percent gain showed its numbers are alive. Capping things off for the Eye’s Monday night, Hostages (4.6 mil/1.1) was up a tenth, which seems about right.

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  1. jasie says:

    Blacklist was great last night. The weak link still is Agent Keen. They always make her do such dumb decisions.

    • Aprilcot says:

      I haven’t yet seen last night’s episode, but I have to agree. I also find her wig so incredibly distracting. Other than that, I love the show!

      • tp says:

        That wig is killing me! But, jasie, I don’t think she’s a weak link. She just got out of training. You gotta give her a chance.

        • Jon says:

          Agree About Megan Boone/Agent Keen. We’ve learned so much about her sad life that her initial reserve on the job makes perfect sense. She’s been reprimanded by her boss for her bad decisions, which is a smart choice by the writers. And I kind of loved her Sarah Connor moments in yesterday’s episode (which was awesomely intense, and IMO the best episode yet). Can’t wait for part 2 next week!

          • Rich Abey says:

            The writers might not write her character in the best light but still I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Megan Boone’s performance. Some fans say that she is the weakest link in the otherwise excellent cast of Blacklist, but I really don’t see it that way. She manages to bring an amazing sense of vulnerability & strength to the character..a bit like what Jennifer Lawrence brings to Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games (though Jenn as an actress is a league above Megan). Plus my favorite scenes of Blacklist are ones where Keen seeks emotional solace from Red despite her outward distrust & dislike of the man..she senses deep down that he is a man whom she can confide in despite his obvious faults (they didn’t need to tell us in the previous episode that Red was her real father..you can sense in a mile away especially when you see how Red looks at her with such adoration!).

    • Eliza says:

      I love James Spader and Diego Klattenhoff! So having their characters paired together made this one of my favorite episodes by far.

  2. sarah says:

    Blacklist was so good!

    • Kim R says:

      Agreed. When Red was listing the things he wanted to experience again, it was so well written. I could feel everything he said. James Spader is da bomb! (Do people still say that??) :D

  3. DL says:

    I’m quite enjoying Almost Human. Hopefully it’ll bounce back so FOX’s awesome genre Mondays can continue (at least until Sleepy Hollow ends its abbreviated season).

    • Nichole says:

      I’m loving Almost Human too, and Sleepy Hollow :) surprised at the numbers though, would think they would both do so much better, but then have never really understood the numbers thing on American TV, just hope they are good enough to ensure that both shows continue!! It’s great to see Michael Ealy back on the TV (still miss Common Law), he and Karl Urban play off each other so well, loving the show :)

    • Nona says:

      Bounce back after getting a 1.9 in its third episode? Don’t hold your breath!

      Bones actually turns out to be a better fit with Sleepy Hollow.

      • Megan says:

        Not impossible to bounce back, not back at his premiere level, but at least at 2 and stabilize.There’s couple of show who dropped the first episodes and either stay at their level or bounce back at episode 4 (like Dracula and Grimm on NBC friday). If it can stay around 2.0, Almost Human will have a fighting chance

    • I agree! I have been loving the Almost Human/Sleepy Hollow combination on Mondays these last two weeks.

  4. Sarah says:

    Wow Almost Human. I expected it to fall against The Voice, but I also expected it to stay at at least a 2.0. It will probably be adjusted up, though.

    • Delirious says:

      TBH, I think it was how they jumped the shark in episode 2. The premise of the show was great up until the start of said episode – Kennex slowly having to adapt to working with a robot, despite hating everything synthetic. But no, they decided to turn the whole thing into a buddy cop show, with loads of CGI.

      I was looking forward to it before it was released, since I like scifi investigation COTW shows, but after last monday… It’s gonna take a bit of effort to keep me interested. And I can see how many others feel the same way, making its ratings drop week after week.

  5. Dani says:

    THE BLACKLIST was so good last night. Must-See-TV. Can’t wait for next week’s fall finale.

  6. Larry Yun says:

    I’m surprised by Sleepy Hollow slip, though. Was it because of Almost Human or the super serialized mythology heavy format is finally tiring the audience?

    • CBS executive says:

      Yeah! Remembering stuff from the week before is hard! They should do a show where people solve new crimes every week! Then they can do another show where they solve new crimes every week but in a different town!

  7. Apples says:

    I think AH will crater. I couldn’t even make it through the pilot.
    Glad to see Castle tick up again, and to see show grow in its 6th season is a strong testament to the cast and crew doing a wonderful job.

    • Rich Abey says:

      Right here with you on Castle’s growth. Ratings up from last season..Caskett rearing a baby together (at least for a few days)…can this season get any better? Hats off to cast & crew of Castle for keeping up the excellent work six seasons in!

  8. Nice job, Matt, taking advantage of HIMYM’s rhyming episode to rhyme CBS’s ratings.

  9. Matt says:

    The Blacklist was awesome last night, but man was it a bloody episode or what! I must say, even though the scene where Luli and Dembe were killed was kind of hard to watch, it was such an emotional scene because you could tell how profoundly affected he was by it.

    • I couldn’t figure out who the woman was at first (I’m not the most observant), but when Garrick put Dembe there I realised. The whole episode shocked me. On multiple occasions I had to do an eyes wide open stare at the screen.

    • Jon says:

      I admit that I got a little teary-eyed when Dembe and Red were saying the Muslim prayer together, and calling each other “brothers.” I also admit to yelling “Not Dembe! No!” loud enough to startle the neighbors. What a great episode…

    • I was listening to Red’s wanting to experience things again. I was so immersed in what he was saying. That background music reminded me of that episode of Walking Dead where Rick is apologizing to that walker crawling through the park. Anyways, I want to experience things again too. Haha…time to travel again! Also, that goodbye message between Red and his bodyguard, even though I didn’t even understand the language…I felt that. Man…this was such a great episode!

  10. tp says:

    Almost Human, Sleepy Hollow and The Blacklist were good last night. Blacklist was awesome and I wish there was a recap of this here. The discussions with people here are better because we all feel the same way about tv. :)

  11. Shaun says:

    Castle was really strong last night.Almost Human needs a bigger plot I think,they are playing it way too simple.

  12. Drewer says:

    The rhyming was awesome, I was talking in cuplettes for like 20 minutes after that aired last night.

  13. Matuse says:

    Loved Sleepy Hollow, haven’t watched Almost Human from last night but have it ready to go. Blacklist was great when Spader was in the scenes. Also enough of these over the top crazed villains with their ‘kneel before Zod’ mentalities. They want us to believe that the crazy eyed guy begging Reddington to come out and play was able to put together a small army that could take out all the FBI armed team members when it appears he can’t even put together a coherent sentence. Take him down a notch.

  14. JulieAnn says:

    Matt, are these final numbers or there will be an update later?

  15. Meg says:

    I really like Almost Human and Sleepy Hollow and I expected the rating to be much higher. However, I am not fan of Blacklist because of Megan Boone. However, I love James Spader and if they write her out then I would be a real fan of the show.

    • Katherine215 says:

      No offense, but she’s basically the main character, I sincerely doubt she’s being written out anytime soon. What don’t you like about the actress?

  16. Dragonfly says:

    AH and Sleepy Hollow rocks! I love both and I hope they will stay (Not like Firefly and Defying Gravity) Loved Castle, not sure about the Blacklist – I cannot make up my mind about it

  17. John 1138 says:

    2 Broke Girls keeps delivering laughs, much, I have to admit, to my amazement….

  18. tali says:

    not like I don’t feel schadenfreude that AH’s ratings are lower than Bones’, nooooo

  19. Jlopie1 says:

    Have to say, it was hard for me to get into Almost Human last night – it did feel like an hour long action sequence with not a lot actually happening. Black List had a great deal of “shock and awe” but just a bit too much blood for my taste. Still, a very gripping episode. Sleepy Hollow was awesome. Yes, you have to sit on the edge of your seat and practically take notes to catch everything going on, but it’s worth it! Love how the show is tying Abby and Ichabod together historically. Oh! If anyone is on Twitter, follow Orlando T. Jones! His tweets are single-handedly creating over-the-top buzz for this show that Fox promos could never have done! He tweeted live during last night’s episode and he was hysterical! He can raise the ratings numbers all by himself.

  20. Sarah says:

    I cannot get into this season of a Hart of Dixie. The new characters are a big snooze fest ( I’m looking at you Joel and Linley). And now viewers are losing Lemon for five episodes with Jaime King’s maternity leave. Rough days ahead…

  21. lshepard47 says:

    I hope this means Fox will change Bones back to Monday nights instead of Fridays as Bones pulled about 7 million views on Mondays and Almost Human is only doing about 6 million especially because on Fridays Bones has only been doing 5-5.5 million views so it is better for the show and network to move Bones back to Mondays with Sleepy Hollow/The Following

  22. Heather says:

    I’m absolutely loving Almost Human, and I hope the numbers pick back up!

  23. DavidSask says:

    I like the ongoing budding relationship between the cops on Almost Human, however last night’s episode with the victim woman hiding in the walls she made me cringe with her role/acting, I was just raging but still kept the show on. I don’t get why Minka Kelly is hired for anything acting wise either she is the worst. I sadly don’t think this show is going to make it for the long haul and Fox should be smart and put Bones back on Mondays!

  24. prish says:

    Almost Human is brilliant acting and storytelling. I am appreciating every moment because it could go poof, like Keyser Söze, never to be seen again. It is such a fun buddy cop show, one of the best. I was a big fan of Common Law and Terra Nova, so I’m hoping the third time is a charm. I’ve read tons of scifi in my life, so I get it. Maybe, the young demo needs a procedural formula, with the initial premise.

  25. Adrienne says:

    Castle nerver appealed to me, and just as I stopped watching The View after O left, I no longer watch SH since Bones moved.