Person of Interest EPs Defend Shocking Twist, Talk Unscripted Kiss, Tease 'Messy' Aftermath

Person of Interest Carter KilledPerson of Interest creator Jonah Nolan says that when he rounded up his cast almost three years ago, the message was clear: “Nothing lasts forever.” That in unspooling this tale of two men, a Machine and the others in their orbit, the mandate was to keep the stakes real.

That much was confirmed this Tuesday night, when the CBS drama killed off, in the episode’s final moments, the character of newly re-minted Detective Joss Carter, played by Taraji P. Henson. Here, Nolan and EP Greg Plageman reveal all that went into that difficult but preordained decision, share a secret behind Carter’s kiss before dying and succinctly tease Reese’s reaction to the loss.

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TVLINE | For starters, there’s some confusion out there, some debate about who knew what and when. Did Taraji sign onto the show knowing it’d be just a two- or three- year run? Did she find out after? At some point down the road…?
JONAH NOLAN | We didn’t have any explicit plans when we began the show in terms of, “Oh it’s going to happen at this moment,” but the promise we made to Taraji and all of our actors is we weren’t signing them up for a show where, even if everyone was wildly successful and the ratings were great, we’d have them spin wheels for 200 episodes. Greg and I talked a lot about shows like The X-Files – a show that I loved because you often got a satisfying self-contained story of the week, but there was always this this larger tectonic rumbling of “Anything can happen.” Same thing with 24 – in fact, I kept waiting for the episode where Kiefer Sutherland’s character bought it, in part because at the end of that run where Tony Almeida died, I read an interview where Kiefer said, “Someday they’ll write me out of the show,” and he was excited to see that.

TVLINE | Right, I even remember speculating that they were grooming Rick Schroder to be the “new Jack,” that they were ramping up to killing off Kiefer. But they never did.
NOLAN | I’ve worked in film for most of my career — this is my first experience with TV — and the tension in film [spans] two hours, especially in one of my films where everyone is dead at the end, story’s over. [Laughs] It’s a totally different format. On television, the emphasis is more like comics. In 70 years of Batman, no one has ever died, except for the second Robin — and he only, and tellingly, died because the readers voted for him to die. On some level, your viewers, even though they say they don’t, they want s–t to happen. They want drama, they want real stakes.
GREG PLAGEMAN | It’s funny you mention Rick Schroder because I came onto NYPD Blue when he came on to replace Jimmy Smits, and if you recall, [Bobby Simone’s] death on that show absolutely crushed half our audience — and they still watched the show, because they knew that anything could happen. And then [Danny] died! On that show there was a Case of the Week, but there was also the larger serialized story. The relationships between the characters mattered because you knew that they could die. It made it a richer show.

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TVLINE | All of that said, when it came time to pull the trigger, were there any second thoughts? Possibly a concern about preserving the diversity of the show’s cast?
NOLAN | There are a million concerns that go into this — from us, the network, everybody else. The primary concern is to tell a compelling and entertaining story. Everything else is secondary. I flew out early in the year to sit down with Taraji and say, “OK, here’s where we’re going,” and she knew [it’d been a possibility]. It was a wonderful but bittersweet conversation. These shows are hard to make, so when you find a great collaborator like Taraji, the last thing you want to do is shake it up — but the thing driving us from the beginning is that mandate of “Keep it f–king entertaining.” You’ve got to keep things moving. We have a bloodthirsty group of writers — you’ll walk into the room one day and they’ve devised a way in which Reese and Finch are killed in a fire. [Laughs] But what’s great is you’re sitting there confronting the possibilities of what the show could be. When they have the capacity to surprise us, we know that that will surprise the audience. That’s also why it’s great fun talking to you – because you, like us, watch a lot of TV, and the idea that we kept you on the edge of your seat for an episode, that’s the whole thing. That’s where broadcast has some lessons to learn from cable, in terms of stakes.

TVLINE | The kiss John gave Joss — what all was that about? Merely emotions in the moment, or romance, too?
PLAGEMAN | I think it was both. Carter and Reese had a very special relationship from the very beginning, from the moment he was fished out of the subway. You really felt that this was a deep relationship — that Carter cared about him on a different level, and that he came to care about her on a different level. The interesting part about the kiss is that it actually wasn’t scripted. It was just a swapping scars moment. So when the actors went there, it was all of their own volition, because in that moment they both felt it. And when you removed that element, the scene didn’t feel quite the same.

TVLINE | Wait, so Jim [Caviezel] and Taraji did it on the fly?
NOLAN | They just did it. What’s fun about that is I’m a bit of a control freak, so I get squirrelish when things happen on our set that aren’t scripted. And when I started hearing rumblings that the scene was “very powerful”…. I’ll be honest, Greg and I were not terribly interested in seeing that take because the moment on the page was about the enduring friendship between these characters. Yet from the beginning, I was kind of always rooting for that connection, that spark, so finally we sat down and looked at the take like, “Aww….” It’s very earned. It’s very real. And to answer your question, it’s a bit of both. It’s not a lascivious moment, it’s not a moment of seduction. We sort of crammed the edit suite with our writers and editors, like a clown car, making them watch this moment, and everyone agreed that it wasn’t unraveling three years of building a connection between them. The look on Taraji’s face, her reaction to it… a bit of surprise, a little bit of, “Oh!” She’s completely present in that moment, and the second we cut it out you could feel the power go out of it. For all the people like me who were rooting for these two people to find each other, you got a little moment of that. We didn’t want to deny them that.

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TVLINE | And moving forward, how would you sum up Reese’s reaction to losing Carter? Especially coming off him opening up to her about losing Jessica?
NOLAN | Messy.

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  1. Daisy says:

    Utterly heartbreaking. It sucks because I really loved their interaction but what a tremendously well done episode. Can’t wait for the next.

    • esimon says:

      sorry but I didn’t like the fact that you kill the alonely women of color I wiill not be watch and most of the people that I work with said the same.

      • Kitty says:

        Sorry, but that’s a racist comment. Sorry you feel that you can’t watch a show just because they killed the only black character off. Racist comment. If you chose the life of a police officer, chances are, you could possibly die. That’s the way it is. Black, white, Mexican, Asian, whatever your race is, if you are a police officer, it is highly probable that you will die. Miss Henson knew from the get go that her character would or might die, and she’s fine with it. She’s ready to tackle other acting jobs. If you don’t want to watch it because the only black character is killed off, then so be it, racist. It is still a good show and it will go on whether you watch it or not.

        • Babygate says:

          ‘Mexican’ is a nationality, not a race. In a perfect world, people would be color blind and these type of discussions would not be necessary. But in a perfect world, there would also be equal representation of the diversity found in the population that supports a show. Maybe killing Carter was a great dramatic twist. I just don’t think it was necessary. I won’t stop watching because of that. I am very much looking forward to see how this affects the group. But you do have to wonder about the show’s lack of diversity. Especially for a show that takes place in an urban environment.

          • KatsinOre says:

            Your last two sentences are exactly what my daughter and I both agreed on.

          • Lenny says:

            Black is a colour, Human is the race.

          • Amen to this responders comments. Its the fact that they killed her off that bothers me. In a world where the most mediocre shows continue on for decades with the same characters…amazing.

          • russell says:

            It kind of sucked for me because Carter added a different dimension to the show. I loved the character because she was principled, brave, and “civilized,” as my other favorite character Elias said. I didn’t really care much whether she was brown, black, white, or yellow. An interesting character played by a good actor is what matters to me.

        • avadams says:

          Fact of the matter is, we black women have very few choices to see us represented well on TV. Even less on major networks… dare you to name more than 5 on any of the big 4 networks (not including Scandal). So, when we can identify with a character we invest our time in watching and supporting the show. Just the truth.

          • James says:

            Sleepy Hollow is one of the most diverse shows on TV so you should give that a shot if that’s the reason you choose to watch a show.

          • Dan Hetland says:

            I’m a bit confused here. First, you want the blogger to offer a list of shows that include black women, but then you immediately tie their hands by disqualifying certain shows that the lead role is held by a black female. That’s akin to wanting a full press, Turkey dinner but requesting it be prepared using only vegetarian ingredients. Taraji Henson may have been the only black woman on the show, but there were other black characters, the head of HR being one and other rank and file police officers as well as Joss’s friend who was killed by HR earlier, that is the nature of the show you realize, people are killed in an action/drama. How about Grey’s Anatomy with Debbie Allen, or her sister Felicia Rashad, Oprah Winfrey, with her own show, not to mention her OWN network, pun intended. My question is, why are you limiting your sights to just these wonderful women on television, when they have far exceeded the limited reach that media has to offer. Just as Taraji Henson said in her recent interview, her goal was much more than television to begin with. I loved her in the role of Joss on POI, but I know I have much more to look forward to now with her free to explore her other options. The talents of Diana Ross, Gladys Knight, Eartha Kitt, Patti LaBelle, Brandy, Diahnn Carroll, Maya Angelou, Whoopi Goldberg, S Epatha Merckerson, the list goes on and on and their talents far eclipse television and even the widescreen. Broaden your horizons just a little and maybe even a few white actors might impress you. Stranger things have happened, I’m sure of it.

          • Dan Hetland says:

            I’ve taken the liberty of quoting from a great American’s speech from the March on Washington in 1963. In which Dr. Martin Luther King stated, “… I have a dream that my four little children, will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” Today I ask you, how will that ever be possible when there are so many people still so color conscious as to make their television viewing choices dependent on the color of the actors skin? This isn’t just for blacks, I know of white people who won’t watch shows with blacks in certain roles. This is hogwash, and I’m an old man in my sixties, one might think I would feel just the opposite, having grown from a different era. If I can learn from the mistakes of the past, anyone else can as well.

          • J. HARRIS says:

            I agree w you. The show was good because of the chemistry between the characters. I do not care for the two new females. My feelings about them replacing Carter was not wrong. I will miss the show. There will be another on a different channel to replace it.

          • ju says:

            I don’t care what color she was blue green or purple. I really enjoyed her acting and she made the show, the one they should of killed off is the other woman that was locked up in finch library, cant stand her

          • The correct grammar is: “should have killed off” not ‘should of.’

          • Kitty Kat says:

            Tell it Sister! I don’t care they can attempt to make me a racist all they want but it’ll never happen. We have close to zero representation on TV so I will not make them richer by watching shows that have none. Forget them.

          • Dan Hetland says:

            I am truly sorry that you feel under represented in film and weekly serials. Perhaps you should study acting, get involved with some of your local theater groups to gain your confidence, and then make a move to Hollywood to try your own hand at acting. I know of no other way to increase the representation of women of color in the movie and acting business.

        • Wake Up says:

          Kitty, you’re the racist because you refuse to see the point being made. “Color” never exists when it’s convenient to overlook it when people of color are treated unfairly. And she WAS treated unfairly. They wouldn’t write for her character until the network told them to, and then they only half did that up until right before she died. Can’t say that for the white women. They wrote for them right away and keep finding ridiculous ways to keep them in the center of the plot. This is television. So, your little “reality check” is moot. Realistically, Reese should have been dead long ago. How many times has be been what should have been fatally shot? How many times has he taken on 5-10 guys, with guns no less, all Bruce Lee style and lived? It’s no longer a “good show.” It stopped being that when these bad producers kept making bad decisions. Killing off Carter is merely the last straw for a lot of people, and I do think it’s the beginning of the end for the series.

          • Dan Hetland says:

            And please tell us all WAKE UP, how it is that you, and apparently only you, are privy to what and how the those who run the Networks go about their daily affairs and their communications with the Writers and Producers at the various television programs. Get real.

          • Wake Up says:

            @Dan, do a google search. You can find the articles for yourself. So, maybe you need to “get informed.” Since you can’t bother to check any kinds of facts BEFORE you ASSUME you know something (it was covered by multiple sources), I’ll do your homework for you this time:



            “The Reese (Jim Caviezel) and Finch (Michael Emerson) relationship was really beginning to take off, but we felt that the Carter (Taraji P. Henson) character was somewhat marginalized. Jonathan Nolan knows how to work characters within a bigger over-arching mystery, which we loved, but we felt that the Carter character was too peripheral. So, we sat down and had a great creative meeting with them, and asked them if they were open to bringing the Carter character into the superhero cave, if you will. It was a plan that they had in place, but more for the end of the season, and we asked them if they were open to moving that up. Now, as you now can see, Carter is sort of the Commissioner Gordon, if you will. We feel that that was a key ingredient to really letting the show build and expand. And, between the brains of Finch and the brawn of Reese, we feel that the Carter character adds the heart element. Creatively, we feel they’ve got the right dynamic in place, and we have very high hopes for the show.”

            “

            And the show did grow and expand, so Ms. Tassler quite obviously knows her stuff. Too bad the producers couldn’t stick with it because Carter was amazing! They really did have a perfect balance working before they screwed it over!

          • Dan Hetland says:

            Fictional programs like POI, Scandal, Criminal Minds, CSI, et al, are all, in my way of thinking at least, supposed to be entertainment. I tune in once a week, watch the show for an hour and then it is over until the following week. My life is not centered on the characters or on a single character. I obviously have favorite shows and within those shows, favorite actors, but I do not live their lives, nor do their lives or roles effect mine in any way. Do I have an opinion when a character is written out of a show, yes of course, do I let that dictate whether or not I will continue to watch that show, no, I don’t. I watch the show, then determine how that actor’s absence affects the destiny of that show, and then make a determination, one way, or the other. Have there been programs where an actors absence has adversely effected the show, sure there have. I can recall several where the star has actually passed away and the creators tried to continue without the lead and failed miserably, unfortunately, I have had a stroke and it affected certain parts of my memory and I don’t recall the particular actors at the moment. I’m sure I could Google them someway, but that isn’t the point for this post. Television is meant for entertainment value primarily, and then there are documentaries and newscast etc. We weren’t meant to be absorbed into the lives of the characters of the shows we choose to watch, especially now. Some years ago, series were known to last for many years. Now we are indeed fortunate if a series last for 4-5 years. It seems the actors or the creative staffs want to move on to other projects after just a few years. There are some notable exceptions of course, Law & Order; Special Victims Unit has produced just shy of 330 episodes since first airing in September of 1999, in fact all of the L&O series were particularly long lasting shows comparatively with most series today. I would really hate it if you were so personally involved with the characters of the show “Dexter.” That could mean some serious trouble.

          • Wake Up says:

            And another thing, Dan, I think it’s sad they couldn’t really do anything super meaty with Carter’s story until they were about to kill her. It’s interesting how they can come up with all kinds of crazy ideas for Shaw and Root, but the one that had the most logically interesting potential (Carter) was often left out in the cold or as Ms. Tassler noted, “marginalized.” The last half of season 2 had Carter very off to the side while Shaw and Root took center stage. Why is it they could do that for them, but not Carter (who’s been on fire this season up to her death, by the way)? It just smells funny and it doesn’t pass my sniff test. I so wish they had done better. Oh, well.

          • Wake Up says:

            And I guess I should point out that the quote above with the links to it come from CBS (the network) Entertainment President, Nina Tassler. So, there you have it, Dan.

          • Wake Up says:

            “Fictional programs like POI, Scandal, Criminal Minds, CSI, et al, are all, in my way of thinking at least, supposed to be entertainment. I tune in once a week, watch the show for an hour and then it is over until the following week. My life is not centered on the characters or on a single character… I would really hate it if you were so personally involved with the characters of the show “Dexter.” That could mean some serious trouble. ”

            @Dan, I’m not “personally involved,” Dan. And by the way, you’ve been posting here for days now, so you don’t seem to be so “casual” of a viewer yourself. One thing I do agree with is that POI was supposed to be entertainment. These producers keep talking about “reality,” and I wonder what kind of delusional thinking is that. I don’t watch a fictional television show for “reality,” but for entertainment. I don’t watch Dexter, but if I did I wouldn’t have a problem that this is a show about a serial killer who kills bad guys. That particular set up already lets you know that there might be some unpredictable death. Same with Game of Thrones, which I’ve heard a lot of people try to equate POI to, which is ridiculous because that show is literally about warring kingdoms. A person’s an idiot if they don’t think someone’s gonna die there. But POI just violated its own set up. This would be like one of the Avengers dying–it’s not supposed to happen. Well, like you said, there are shows that never recover from making major mistakes, and I do think POI is now one of them. My personal involvement in the show is now 0. I’m watching anymore, but have fun watching while it lasts because its days are numbered, Dan.

          • Dan Hetland says:

            Truth be told, my involvement is more in the blog than in the program, and quite honestly, this particular time it is more so than ever before, but only because I was interested in why someone was so deeply invested in a show as to quit watching after a particular character died or was killed off. As I said way back in the string, I admired Ms. Henson’s work and I will truly miss her portrayal of Det. Joss Carter. I will even go so far as to say that I wish the writers had found another means to achieve whatever goal, other than writing her out of the cast. If, as you predict the show is on its way out as a result of what you perceive as a blunder, I will miss watching it each week, but will likely find another show to take its place, or in lieu of that, maybe I’ll catch up on my reading. I seriously doubt that it will cause me to open a vein and await the reaper.

          • TNicole says:

            I could not agree more! It’s a shame really, for a show that started off so strong. The person of Interest brand was the 4 mix-n-match of individuals with such a rich tapestry of characters to write stories around and who started the show – Caviezel, Henson, Emerson and “Detective Fosco”. For Nolan, to rationalize their senseless decision to kill off the only black, strong, female character on the show, whose role as a single mother, portrayed the lived experience of many hard working women, who juggle a tough job and family, and think that brand will not loose viewers or remain “f…king entertaining” as he puts it, is completely arrogant. And citing shows like ’24’ and the ‘X-file’, that speculated, but never really did kill off their brand labels, perhaps to up ratings, or …keep us guessing just so we keep coming back, makes their reasoning even more bizarre to comprehend and accept. I will watch the next episode only to see how Reese mourns Carter’s death and closes the chapter on this storyline, and then I stop watching. The writer’s insistence on writing-up Amy Acker’s character while writing down Carter’s , started to nudge me to an exit door, killing off Carter, is just the last straw.

          • Wakeup2 says:

            I agree, that it is the beginning of the end for POI when they kill off Carter.

          • dee says:

            Funny how whites talk about being color blind, but find ways to get rid of or discredit all the color on these shows. They find ways to write black actors and actresses out of shows then attack anyone who mentions it. LOL. I’m not racist…just don’t live on my block or marry my family member.

        • dee says:

          Funny, Lost killed off its black actors as well, or sent them off the island, tv shows always want to get rid of its black actors or make them devious. I think Person of Interest may have just jumped the shark.

        • Tracy says:

          I don’t understand why some people go back and mention race. The races I know are human to human. We all breathe, eat, drink, sleep, feel, love, and care for our children and family. We want what makes our family stronger without judgement of race. We need to respect each other and live by what’s right and legal. What ever your race?? Don’t stoop to a low level thinking what you know is wrong; but your anger makes you feel like it’s right? and Then you act out by being hateful towards other’s. Be secure with yourself and Raise yourself to a higher respectful level. Change has to start somewhere’s and there should be no reason why it can’t be started with our generation? Everything has to have a New Start with a fresh beginning and we need to start now with RESPECT for THOSE THAT SHOW YOU RESPECT!!

        • stela gabriela says:

          has nothing to do with race because the head of HR is black also, and is not dead so dont play that card because i did like her too and i cried like a baby when she died , and is a movie and some of the characters die black or white , depending on the type of characters they play and just because they re black dont get to live ………………………………..i hope they bring her back somehow she is very popular in my book.

        • phdivadom says:

          1. You do not understand the concept of racism if you cannot tell the difference between challenging racism and being racist. Go read a book.
          2. Most police officers do not die in the line of duty. Go read another book.
          3. Stop watching tv altogether and go read some books because you have no idea what you are writing.

          • Give the people “bread and circuses” (or bread and games) (from Latin: panem et circenses) is a metaphor for a superficial means of appeasement. In the case of politics, the phrase is used to describe the creation of public approval, not through exemplary or excellent public service or public policy, but through diversion; distraction; or the mere satisfaction of the immediate, shallow requirements of a populace, as an offered “palliative.” Juvenal decried it as a simplistic motivation of common people. The phrase also implies the erosion or ignorance of civic duty among the concerns of the common man. In 100 AD it meant Gladiator Games; Now days it means the Television that fulfills this requirement and offers entertainment to all. You should not be surprised with idiotic and most unlikely scenarios on it! In addition, Television has also evolved into a mass propaganda machine that can make or brake even a presidential election! No wonder that some call it the IDIOT’S BOX and THE ONE EYED DEVIL!

        • DebraS says:

          You have no idea of the magnitude of the issue you’re addressing. CBS has been killing off the lone black character for years, and diminishing their roles. Look up Numbers, The Ghost Whisperer, Cold Cases, CSI, CSI: Miami, Dexter, The Unit, Blue Bloods, NCIS, and now Person of Interest. Having previously been a fan of all these shows, I can say with certainty this killing or maiming into a diminished role, or simply cutting black lead actors roles, has been prevalent on CBS. I’m about done with this network as well.

        • Camille says:

          There are many valid point that have been made. here’s the only valid point I want to make the show just HAS NOT BEEN AS INTERESTING WITHOUT HER IN ANY SHIP OR FORM AS IT WAS WITH THE CHARACTER OF JOSS CARTER! If the writers producers have idea’s to WOW us ……THEY NEED TO GET TO IT! ….. PRONTO because the last new esp. have SUCKED !

        • Ric OHara says:

          Iagree it is a racist comment. I, however, hated the fact that they kiled off Carter.The relationship between her and Reese was entertaiing. Plus the fact she was nice t loo at no matterwhat color she was. I as very sad, but it is my favoriteTV show Inever miss it

      • Aaron says:

        Wow that comment was racist and sexist in it’s own right. I actually thought your comment was funny, it is so arrogant and misinformed.

        • Shawn says:

          I think babygate was right on. It was nothing racist or sexist about it. Everytime someone points out the obvious it makes people uncomfortable. They wrote Carter (black) out to bring in Shaw and Root (white) plan and simple to make sure the show looks like every other show on TV. Its nothing wrong with African American wanting to see people of color on TV.

      • eridapo says:

        You should watch Letterman tonight (there is a clip out there already) where Tajari says that she knew when she signed up for the show that Carter would die. She just didn’t know when. She also says that her first priority has been feature films, and she didn’t want to do a tvshow where she would be stuck for 5 to 7 years….

        Can’t blame the producers for that…

        • Wake Up says:

          You can blame the producers for when THEY chose to get rid of the character. You can blame THEM for CHOOSING to kill her. She didn’t have to die. You can blame the producers for getting rid of her TOO SOON. All of this lies at the feet of the producers. Ms. Henson had nothing to do with that.

        • c maklo says:

          Of course thats what Henson have to say. You cant her to air her real feelings. Big big mistake by the EPs.POI was good cos of Emerson,Caviezel n Henson chemistry. Root is a turn off so i m going to turn off

      • patric says:

        she is a great actor but someone always has to bring up race its about her not her race would you be as upset if they had killed john off ? hope she lands on another show best of luck to her

        • preta4 says:

          patric, apparently Caviezel didn’t think about her ‘race’ either, as he was the one to “initiate” that “unscripted kiss” which told me a lot as well.

      • Turfgirl says:

        So odd that this is what you would focus on. I didn’t really think of her as a person of color or the other actors as non people of color – they were just great actors playing wonderful roles and I am sad to lose Carter, no matter what color her skin is.

        • Shawn says:

          Right you all can’t understand or go there because you are not a person of color. You see people that look like you on TV everyday. Alot of people of color watched and love the show and identified with the character. It was nice to see that so that is why fans and viewers are disappointed and not all African Americans. Listen we have a right to feel the way we feel and I think its ok to have different opinions and feeling on the subject. I just think they could have given her at least one more year.

          • Turfgirl says:

            I had a feeling that this would be the response to my post. You are correct – I am not a person of color and cannot ever know what it is like to be one. However, I feel as though we should be moving past seeing people for the the color of their skin or for their appearance in general. As such I focus on how well they act and what they bring to a show or a movie in general. That was my post about Henson – I did not see her as a person of color, I saw her as a wonderful actor that played a great character and that is what I am focusing on, that is what I will miss. To not watch the show because the person that they killed off happens to be a person of color is odd to me. Are we saying that she should have been kept just because she is a person of color? That does not seem right either. But yes, in the end, I can never know what it is like so we are therefore at an impasse about this…

          • Wake Up says:

            @Turfgurl, “I feel as though we should be moving past seeing people for the the color of their skin or for their appearance in general. As such I focus on how well they act and what they bring to a show or a movie in general.”
            I figured this would be your response before I looked down to read it. And that’s the problem. They didn’t focus on the fact that she was the best actress on the show, that her character was popular, and that she deserved to be treated just as well as the other actors on the show. If you think she was, then why was the ONLY person on the cast where the producers had to be told by the network to do more with her character because she was being marginalized? Huh? No one had to say anything when the white women were added. The unfortunate thing is that racism, especially that killer called subtle racism, still exists today and it affects people. Sadly, Ms. Henson looks to be one of them, and she’s way too talented to deserve that.

          • dee says:

            They’ll never understand. I’m not sure if its purposeful our stupidity, but their mind doesn’t work that way. They like their television sets, neighborhoods, and families free of negroes, then get surprised when people mention it. Look at these shows…need someone to flip out, que the black character. Need someone to go away (lost) queen the black character. Need someone to die…kill the black character. They use to do it in movies…they never changed the formula on tv.

        • Shawn says:

          I do believe that Carter was an excellent example of a multi-dimensional Black woman with a wide range of talents, flaws, skills, limitations, and heroic qualities. As such she was exceedingly rare in our modern literary form, television. Denying Carter’s racial identity is hurtful, as harmful as trying to pretend Carter was not a woman, or a veteran, or a mother.

        • mlavoraperry says:

          For all of those who are not people of color (POC) and say you never see color, that’s understandable. If you are white, you automatically enjoy privileges that POC are routinely denied. It’s like when you wear red tinted glasses; you can’t see the color red all around you.

          When your whole life is colored by white privilege, you can’t see the day-to-day denial of that privilege that POC experience. It takes a tremendous amount of conscious effort to take off the glasses and see what POC don’t have the luxury to ignore.

          A great primer on this subject is “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” by Peggy McIntosh

        • v2h2k says:

          I agree with you Turfgirl; and I am a minority. People choose to view the world through their own colored lenses…if one chooses to see race issues in something as “benign” as a darn good televison show knocking off a beloved character like Carter, then they are entitled to that, sad as that may be…

          • Wake Up says:

            Obviously you don’t know anything about the circumstances surrounding her departure. And what kind of “minority” are you? I’m serious here; I’m not being funny or rude. The way the actress was treated wasn’t “benign.” It was wrong. It just so happens that race was likely a factor in that treatment when you look at the fact that the white actresses haven’t had the same issues to go through as Ms. Henson on that series.

          • Dan Hetland says:

            Perhaps I am being naive here, but I honestly do not understand why it is that you feel Ms. Henson was singled out. I am looking at her role as Carter, not at her as a person, because I believe I believe that is how the creators would have been looking at her when they made their decision for the show. The writers would have looked at the direction they wanted the show to take and the best avenue for it to go in that direction. I’m pretty sure they would have investigated numerous paths to reach a certain point and made the best decision they could make. There would be absolutely no convincing me that they set the goal of getting rid of Teraji Henson/ piss off the most viewers they possibly could and then set the script. That concept is ludicrous, but it seems as if that’s the one you believe.

          • Wake Up says:

            @Dan ” There would be absolutely no convincing me that they set the goal of getting rid of Teraji Henson/ piss off the most viewers they possibly could and then set the script. That concept is ludicrous, but it seems as if that’s the one you believe.”
            Goodness, you don’t get it do you, Dan? They didn’t THINK anyone, or at least not that many people, would care. They are SURPRISED to see that people actually love the character and that she’s a fan favorite. I think they started figuring it out earlier this season during the conventions when they watched clips and episodes with the fans and saw the reactions, i.e., when people laughed, connected, who people showed concern over… It became apparent that Carter fit that bill. That’s why in an interview Michael Emerson said that the producers were “very nervous” about the Crossing episode. They had to be nervous because they knew they had made a mistake they couldn’t take back. The episode was filmed and was going to air. They should have just treated her right and done what was best for the character. Everyone would have been happy with that, and their show would have a much better chance of survival. Too bad they let their prejudice (yes!) get in the way.

      • Lisa says:

        After watching the Nolans whitewash TDKR and Once Upon a Time kill off or ignore all their black characters, I can’t help but notice how the entertainment industry makes people of color disposable or ignores them. So when Carter died, my knee jerk reaction is to ask, “was it because she’s black?” She was put in the fridge and out of character when she died. It is not racist to ask or assume someone or a group is racist when there is a prevalent pattern.

      • Deborah Stokes says:

        I won’t be watching either. I was wondering why they brought in that other female ccharacter. Now I know.

      • Ed Ice, Sr. says:

        I don’t pay any attention to the color of a person. I really liked her on the show. Joss, Lionel, John, Shaw & Harold all work well together. My wife & I have watched every episode since the first & we love it, but it won’t be the same without Joss.
        Maybe they are pretending she died to get HR off her back & she will come back. Let’s hope so.

        • preta4 says:

          Ed Ice, Sr. “Maybe they are pretending she died to get HR off her back Y she will come back. Let’s hope so”, believe it or not I’ve been wondering the exact same thing at the back of my mind for a while now, but from what I’ve been reading that doesn’t seem likely, especially since her “ex” magically appeared and I don’t ever remember hearing Carter even mention his name. As I’ve said this was probably done to end the story line with Carter for good, and killing two birds with one stone by bringing back ‘baby daddy’ was the icing on the cake (NOT, since she asked John to look in on her son from time to time, even though I’m quite sure we’ll never see Carter’s son again either). I LOVED the character of Carter as well and was so happy with how John was opening up when it came to the two of them, but had a feeling at the midway point of Season 2 that something was up with Joss’ character. That’s Hollywood I guess.
          PLEASE hear me when I ‘ask’ you folks NOT to get your hopes up when it comes to the characters on these shows, because it’s NOT about us ‘loyal’ fans but those who create and write these shows instead? Even though Taraji didn’t want to stay for seven years, to me at least “2 1/2” is short to me but what can you do? I was hoping that they’d let Carter’s son return later on down the line, perhaps as a rookie cop, Investigator, etc. to help out the ‘team’ but I don’t think that’s going to happen either.
          I will try to see if I can continue on with the show now that she’s gone, but I’m not how sure how long that’s going to be, especially since John has now lost two women that he’s come to love (Yes folks, in Joss’ case I really believe that he was finally coming into the realization that he loved her), and I just don’t want to see him turn into yet another shell of a man. “Can’t we ALL just get along?”

      • avadams says:

        Same here! Just lost alot of Taraji fans who supported her by watching the show. Trying so hard to keep the story line interesting just killed the show for alot of people.

      • Karen says:

        I did not want to see the character of Joss Carter (Taraji Henson) leave the show, but after watching Letterman and hearing her say she wanted to pursue another avenue and was ready to leave the show I totally understood. I will continue to watch Person of Interest, I will miss her character, and wish her best of luck in whatever avenue she travels.

      • I AM NOT GOING TO WATCH IT ANYMORE. No Carter. No Intrest

      • J Colman says:

        I’m always dubious when people claim to be colourblind but I truly never ever thought of Joss as a woman of colour. She was the inside “man” for the police department just like Fusco was the inside man for HR.

        However, I sympathise with you that there is a lack of balanced representation on TV.

        Something I do find somewhat objectionable is the overwhelming portrayal of black women in antagonist roles such as rude and surly clerks in sitcoms and young black men portrayed as aggressive ghetto types.

        Personally, I’d like to see more ordinary people on TV who happen to be black – just like Joss was.

      • Romane says:

        I thought they might just leave Carter as dead so they stop looking to get her, and bring her back after all the bad cop’s are caught or killed to take the heat off her from the cops out to get her…They did that in an episode of Criminal Minds. Would be nice to see her back…


      • Daisy says:

        Why are you yelling?

      • preta4 says:

        JERRY FRAISER, Then ‘you’d’ better ‘blame’ Caviezel for that kiss because ‘he called for it’ (it wasn’t in the script but even I realize why he did it), and shocked the Creator of the show, Writers, Taraji, etc. by doing it but even I understood why he did it, if he hadn’t (in my book at least) the ‘rest’ of all he and Joss had been through would NOT have been ‘credible’. Caviezel knew exactly what to do and when to do it and if I could I’d kiss him myself, GREAT insight and I applaud him for what he did. He and Emerson just might be the ones to get me to come back to this show.

    • Ellee says:

      I agree, Daisy.

    • sheena says:

      I can’t wait either. but it was upseting that carter was the one killed fosco was the one I thought sure it was . but when john asked for a weapon then i knew who would get killed and it sucked. I will continue to watch but im not sure if it will be the same without carter. You always want to know that the hero being John can be happy with someone at some time but it was a shocking ending and it would have been nice to see those two happy for a while at least.

    • V.S. says:

      I was very upset that they killed off Carter and I’m white.

      • Dan Hetland says:

        I don’t think that any regular viewer of POI was particularly thrilled to see Carter killed off. Her role has been instrumental since the beginning of the show and her character was, at least to me, vital to the storyline thus far. I have trusted the writers and producers of the show to provide an excellent product thus far and I will continue to look forward to an exciting future with POI. While I am saddened to see Ms. Henson leave the cast, if that does indeed happen, I thank her for her outstanding work with the show, and I will be looking forward to whatever future endeavors she takes on.

        • preta4 says:

          Dan Hetland, “I don’t think that any regular viewer of POI was particularly thrilled to see Carter killed off”, don’t count on it as there are already sites being set up saying that Carter should have died from the ‘very beginning’, because she was nothing but a hot headed stupid cop who got what she deserved. Isn’t that something for you??

    • Robin says:

      While I am glad the goal of Person of Interesting is to keep the show entertaining, it’s said that they only way that could be done was to kill off one of my favorite characters on television. So, as you are moving on, so am I and will not be watching POI moving forward.

    • I was waiting for that touching moment too cause I knew about half way through their working together they started to connect but I wanted it to go further!! darn…I love both those actors!!! she is so pretty…it was a GREAT MOMENT though…

    • TinaTina says:

      I was SHOCKED. I’m also ashamed to admit I shed real tears. Just as Carter and Reese were moving in the direction we all always knew they would, she’s killed off!? Really? She had Reese wiling to kill AND die for her and, having earned his respect, Elias willing to kill for her. Who else on that show had that kind of power?
      I kind of understand why – only Carter was the glue that held Fusco,Finch and Reese together. They are going to have to do some h3llafied writing to recover from this…

    • SDS says:

      WOW, now Carter. TV doesn’t care for intelligent, strong, beautiful, women this season. The first hit was Ziva on NCIS who’s now permanently off to never-never land, And then poor Carter, they killed her off, and in the same week Kensi in NCIS-LA is transferred to another assignment to gawd know where and for how long.

      Come on TV guys, stop taking the women we have grown “close” to on our favorite shows. Funny how the men aren’t so disposable!

    • joe boo says:

      The fact they killed off Det. Carter is a real blow to a good tv show. Will miss her on POI.

    • preta4 says:

      Don’t understand why they keep killing off the women that Reese “loves”, are they intentionally trying to turn him into a shell of a man? Finch standing by his side is one thing but Joss was able to penetrate a part of John that NO other woman (other than the 1st one he fell for) was able to do, and that’s the other thing that gets on my nerves about this crazy scenario. I hope and pray that I’m wrong here but I see four things happening here for John, either they’ll bring the first woman that he loved back from the dead to ‘save’ him, he’ll ultimately commit suicide because he can’t take it any more, he’ll die by the hands of someone we never saw coming, or both he and Finch will die being miles apart and the screen will fade to black (can’t think of any other scenario but if I do, I’ll post it here). Let’s see how close I come this time around. Miss Joss so much.

    • sandra says:

      yeah I am was some concern about the way you killed off Carter I didn’t appreciate the fact that you let her go that quickly after all the job is she headed for the company and the friends that she works with um I’m not going to watch the program anymore because now U brought two women in one with a killing freak brought into women want thats locked up in finches place gone of prison in the finches office that thinks the machine is hers and now I guess pretty soon you will knock off of finch and make him um make her the one that who’s taken over the machines quest following the the Machine you know you writers get so emotional with your work that you don’t realize that the people that are following you want to do something that they can depend on and rely on so now you can forget my watching your program and my friends because we all decided to boycott you because of what you did so I suggest maybe you better put Carter in protective custody and bring her back cause she’s a single mother doing an excellent job after she served the country and then you just blaster off and you have crooked cops working up in there and you didn’t take them to their asses off so let’s get real now you know sit down and really think what you did it as a rightr you know you you think you know of that the public okay let me see your ratings go down and you’ll see how much you do thought of what was going on will work for you if it works for you great I’ll just watch something else in your place thank you very much. P.s. we didn’t actually want carter And john to have a sexual relationship! We get enough of that sex stuff on the daytime shows. They do a job and they keep it professional let us use our imaginations! The people that read this need to stop watching to cuz we aren’t getting what we want. They are writing for us!

    • sandra says:

      yeah I am was some concern about the way you killed off Carter I didn’t appreciate the fact that you let her go that quickly after all the job is she headed for the company and the friends that she works with um I’m not going to watch the program anymore because now U brought two women in one with a killing freak brought into women want thats locked up in finches place gone of prison in the finches office that thinks the machine is hers and now I guess pretty soon you will knock off of finch and make him um make her the one that who’s taken over the machines quest following the the Machine you know you writers get so emotional with your work that you don’t realize that the people that are following you want to do something that they can depend on and rely on so now you can forget my watching your program and my friends because we all decided to boycott you because of what you did so I suggest maybe you better put Carter in protective custody and bring her back cause she’s a single mother doing an excellent job after she served the country and then you just blaster off and you have crooked cops working up in there and you didn’t take them to their asses off so let’s get real now you know sit down and really think what you did it as a rightr you know you you think you know of that the public okay let me see your ratings go down and you’ll see how much you do thought of what was on will work for you if it works for you great I’ll just watch something else in your place thank you very much. P.s. we didn’t actually want carter And john to have a sexual relationship! We get enough of that sex stuff on the daytime shows. They do a job and they keep it professional let us use our imaginations! The people that read this need to stop watching to cuz we aren’t getting what we want. They are writing for us!

    • White Male TV Geek says:

      Carter is one of the most “real” female characters on TV. Taraji is one hell of an authentic actress. Always in the moment, always ‘giving and being’ as the character and scene demands, minimum posing and pouting at camera. Can’t say the same for all the other female actors on this show, packaging first, content second. Too bad they killed her off. All the best to Taraji. You go girl.

  2. Jerry says:

    Person of Interest as a whole doesn’t generally have sloppy writing, something I am eternally grateful of. And while I’m not angry at what happened last night, the way it did could have used some.. finesse. Both Reese and Carter knew that Simmons was dangerous to begin with, and now he was being hunted and out for blood. I just can’t imagine that they would walk alone together at night like that, especially not even wearing any vests.

    • Cheryl says:

      I agree it was silly them walking about at night with Simmons out for blood Don’t agree at all that killing off Carter is entertaining it was a bad move as was keeping Root and making her a regular seriously? Carter was as important as Resse and Finch in the balance of this show and driving it. Foolish and big headed move

      ed move

      • Kitty says:

        I agree. I don’t like Root or whoever that crazy loon girl is. I didn’t like her when she was on last season and hoped to see the last of her when she disappeared and was sad when I realized this season that she is going to be a part of it. I was partial to the original foursome, and I like Shaw a lot, find her humorous and a bad ass and if I could be anyone, I would want to be Shaw, but I guess they decided this season to deal with all of them now. I wish they would write off the crazy loon girl Root, and get on with the rest of the season. Was REALLY shocked that Carter died. I really liked her, too. Now, I’m mourning her character’s passing and wonder what the show will be without her, but I will not stop watching it.

      • max says:

        I agree , I could not picture them both unprepaired for something, after all what happen that night and early morning . Most of all when that crazy other cop was still out thier . I hated , and I mean hated when they killed Carter . She was the part of the show that gave it that special balance . She was as important, if not more so as any of the main players on the show . I will miss her great acting and what special thing of her own she brought to the show . One last comment CBS is know for screwing a good show by taking a main person of the show . this is not the six or seven time they have done it . Iam to the point of not getting involve with any new show . thanks for the space to express my thoughts

        • ron says:

          It’s not CBS’s decision; this is up to those producing the show, so put the blame on who made the actual decision; and by mthe way, it was a bold move.

      • Brenda says:

        You are so right the balance is gone now. Carter was a good cop that tip toed into the dark side , while Finch was a bad cop redeeming himself, John, is John good or bad and Harold a rich man trying to make up for building the machine. Each of these help balance the other out.

        • ` says:

          This is for my comment, I had the wrong name it should have being Fusco redeeming himself and not Finch. I will see where POI go from here, I might have to fine another show to watch. The bad thing about TV and writers that write the show they always destroy somethings that’s good. The TV shows that are on now most of them don’t really have substance, they are about a bunch of loosers, children talking back to their parents, there is no respect for the father figure, the father figure is cluless, the whole family looks like a group of misfits; everything is suppose to be funny but it’s blah. All the good drama and action has left primetime TV. The HBO shows are the bomb, to many reality TV shows which are just trash. When a new show come on I will look for who wrote it before I start watching it and if its Jonah Nolan, I may not watch at all.

    • Kitty says:

      I was thinking the same thing–WHERE’S HER VEST?

      • preta4 says:

        Kitty and others who’ve asked about “that vest” issue, do you know I still wonder about it (look at how many times John ‘warned’ her about NOT doing so, how when she came out of that station she kept looking around, as if she ‘knew’ something was coming, didn’t have police ‘escort’ with a murderer on the loose, et etc.).
        Also, can someone PLEASE explain why EVERY one who had something to do with this case is dead, except “the REAL person in charge”, who’s still sitting in person?? I DON’T get this all this time later.

    • Barbara says:

      I agree. You have a dangerous person hunting for Carter and John, and yet they are walking down the street unprotected. It’s out of character since they both live their lives looking over their shoulders. If Carter was going to die at least have her die while hunting down Simmons. Have her go down fighting!

      • ron says:

        She did go down fighting, she even put a bullet in Simmons. They were being picked up by Fich outside a federal building; it wasn’t like they were taking a walk in the park.

    • Turfgirl says:

      I couldn’t agree more. I was wondering the same thing and it seemed so uncharacteristic of both of them. I’m surprised that they let Fusco live and Carter die… but Henson might have wanted out anyway. I’ll miss her on the show either way…

    • gmo says:

      My feelings exactly. Reese is sooo good at so many things, he’s wanted by every villain in town but he walks out of custody without his vest What happen to the saying once a mercenary always a mercenary. The writers and producer should know better. They should take tips from Shonda Rhimes oblivious they don’t know how to keep a good thing going. But then again that’s the story line. It was meant to happen as it did. But the writers shouldn’t have built up Reese character as they did and then at the end give him that fatal flaw that got Carter killed. Now we only have Scandal, and Sleepy Hollow. I don’t think deception is coming back either.

  3. opheliablack says:

    I have to say that this episode was a great bit of TV. I didn’t want Carter to die, especially since she had such a great story going on. I had never thought of Carter and Reese romantically, but they definitely clicked and understood each other. I figured I’d just enjoy it in fanfiction and leave it there. I hope the writing and acting stays as sharp as it was last night. So sorry to see TPH go. But boy, for once you have a lot of strong female actors (continuously passing the Bechdel test) who have writers that can provide them with depth of story and character. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the season turns out.

    • RBA says:

      I agree….

      As to the interview I have to say I agree with them… For a long time all of us who watch television have been condition that nothing can really happen to the leads of our show, so when they get in tight spots we always know they will be okay. The shows that challenged that assumption (Lost and The Walking Dead) are the type of shows that keep you riveted and have you coming back for more. If going in our actors knew this was a possibility and it will not be a one time deal, I’m more than willing to stick with the show as long as what they do makes sense from a story stand point and is done as well as the episode last night. Also I fully expect that Carter’s death will have repercussions not only in the next episode but going forward with the show and all the characters. Knowing this show I know her death will not be forgotten nor that in a couple of episodes the show will drop the impact of her death..

  4. judy southerland says:

    I was shocked,love the show but that ruined it. I am not happy with last night show at all. bring her back some way.

    • CMB says:

      I agree – bring her back! Love the show, but we will really miss her character.

      • Lyn says:

        Yeah, I was JUST thinking, “man, this woman plays a great, kick-ass character, I like her so much” ….and now she’s gone! No coming back, though — just have to hope they create another strong character & dynamic to keep the show interesting.

    • KatsinOre says:

      In my house, we agreed that maybe they should have just moved Carter to Witness Protection, they didn’t have to kill her.

      • gmo says:

        Yea, they could of revisited the ideal of her going to the FBI Academy in Quantico, like before they shot and killed her boyfriend Kyle After Tuesday’s show I will not be watching POI. Oh and yes, I’m a POC Female. If they would have made Ms. Henson an offer she couldn’t refuse in the beginning she would not have had any intention of leaving the show. Carter, Reese and Harold made the show with Fusco lingering in the background. They did not need those other two women (extra’s) If they were to be used Shaw and Root it should only been for guest appearances. But now I see why they remain.

  5. Rick A says:

    The character of Detective Carter had more to offer in the show and Taraji Henson was a strong actor, an integral part of the show and one that could exploit this character more. Regardless of the EP’s rationale/excuses, this is a foul ball at best and maybe even a strikeout!

    • Jade says:

      Totally agree. Why Carter? I hope Taraji wanted off the show because a lot of people watched POI because of her presence. I love the show and all the characters but this definitely makes a difference in my continuing to be invested in it.

      • Big Mike says:

        When she was the cop that was AFTER Reese, as opposed to working WITH him, it made an interesting dynamic. Especially with Fusco already the man on the inside. When she joined the crew, it essentially made Fusco and Carter the same character. I’ve been waiting for a while for someone to realize the redundency, and it looks like they finally did.

        • Lena120 says:

          I completely disagree. John and Shaw are practically the same character, Fusco and Carter not so much. They were both detectives but served completely different purposes. That’s why John was able to have them both on the inside without the other knowing (in season 1) about the other. They were doing different things. Also, the relationship between Carter and John was unique to them. John didn’t have that connection with Fusco.

    • darissa says:

      I was looking for someone to say exactly what I was feeling and you just did….Thanks…It pisses me off that writers draw you in with characters and then choose at their leisure to eliminate them with no warning! If I wanted REAL LIFE I wouldn’t watch TV…

      • SNAPP says:

        I totally agree about your statement that if you wanted REAL LIFE you wouldn’t watch TV. I think
        Jonah Nolan is an idiot.

  6. Dorn Hetzel says:

    They need to let Root off her chain and aim her at Simmons :)

  7. Sharon says:

    Finally…..a well written, wonderfully acted TV show that has depth of characters. It doesn’t need sex and nudity or foul language. To lose a beloved character hurts, but that is what makes this show what it is…full of twists, surprises and humanity. Thank you!

  8. WishIKnew says:

    I wish I had known you were going to kill off all the characters, I wouldn’t have bothered watching it in the first place. So now that I know, no point in continuing to watch such a tragic show.

    • Guest says:

      Sounds like you were the wrong kind of person to be tuning into Person of Interest. Might want to stay away from The Wire, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones while you’re at it. Maybe next year will be more your speed with NCIS: Houston, CSI: Anchorage, Law & Order: Chicago.

      • Helene says:

        I love Homeland, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and above all The Wire. And I used to love Person of Interest because it boldly showcased a dynamic, layered, flawed and heroic woman of color. The long brewing romantic chemistry between Carter and Reese was plausible, palpable and sensitively executed over the entire two and a half season run, beginning in the pilot episode. And learning that this kiss was spontaneous and unscripted just illustrates how magical the chemistry between Caveziel and Henson was. Too bad it was crushed before it could catch fire. POI is no longer appointment a TV in our house.

      • ben says:

        I’d watch CSI: Anchorage!! At least for a couple of episodes. It would be at least slightly different from all the others.

    • Keith says:

      Don’t ever watch Lost either

  9. Former Person of Interest Fan says:

    The loss of Carter is a game ender for me. The other characters are good, but I do not relate to them as much…….
    I feel better knowing a kiss shared between two wonderful actors was meaningful and heartfelt. I will never watch the show again.

    • ron says:

      yOUR LOSS.

      • Shawn says:

        How is that a loss for her? The POI fan is tuning out because the draw for her was Carter then what’s the big deal. I agree if they killed of John then I bet alot of people would tune out as well. To each his own.

        • Dan Hetland says:

          Actually, you only saw the episode last night, where it appeared that Joss died. There have been many shows of episodic television where it seems apparent that a character has died, only to turn up in a later episode, alive and kicking. “Emily” on “Criminal Minds,” or most of all “Bobby Ewing” on “Dallas’ who reappeared in the shower, an entire after his supposed death. Someone on this thread has already suggested it; perhaps she’s only feigning her death as a self-protection from “Simmons.” It is a bit early to tell for certain, we haven’t even seen a single episode since she was purportedly shot down. So, at this point, she’s still lying in the street, with a bullet in her and hasn’t even been pronounced dead. We haven’t even left the dock, yet so many people are already jumping ship.

          • Dan Hetland says:

            Actually, you only saw the episode last night, where it appeared that Joss died. There have been many shows of episodic television where it seems apparent that a character has died, only to turn up in a later episode, alive and kicking. “Emily” on “Criminal Minds,” or most of all “Bobby Ewing” on “Dallas’ who reappeared in the shower, an entire SEASON after his supposed death.

            My apologies, the post got away from me before editing it.

          • darissa says:

            Taraji P Henson discussed in full detail the visit from the producer informing her that her character would be eliminated….you can find this discussion online so there is no doubt she is off the show…..I always felt stressed when I watched this show, disjointed, but my husband liked it so I watched with him….Now my senses have been confirmed….Carter was a key figure in this show! Since the one the PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD the first season you’d think they would understand that it’s their audience that made that happen….I hope the ratings go straight to the bottom…..kind of arrogant to just assume they can play with a show that is AUDIENCE supported!!!!

          • Dan Hetland says:

            Darrisa, if you felt such a negative influence regarding the show, perhaps you should have found something else to entertain yourself during the hour the show was on. I have never understood why people do things such as bitch and complain about how they can’t stand to watch a program, yet there they are, week after week, complaining about how bad this or that was during this or that episode. Some folks just live to complain and it really gets old. If you don’t like it, most homes in the 21st century have multiple television sets in them, watch something else.

          • preta4 says:

            Dan Hetland, Knowing the way these Writers, Creators, etc. think I really don’t believe they’d resurrect Joss’ character, no matter how loud the out cry was. They’re moving on and we’d better get used to that, I’m as upset as the next person but NOT too much surprises me when it comes to any of these shows any more, I’m a black woman who’s been watching these shows for “years”, and knew that Joss’ number was up a while ago (sometimes the entrance of new characters can be a tip off), but it is what it is and I’m really not expecting too much to change at this point in time when it comes to a ‘replacement’ either. Finch, John, Joss and Fusco gave me so real laughs and made me want to continue on with this show, so now that she’s really gone I’m just trying to decide if it really will be worth it to hang on in there and watch John continue to fall apart without her? Finch can only help John but so much, that ‘female’ touch that Carter gave I don’t see Zoe or Shaw being any where near that, but I guess they’ll take care of that soon enough too huh???

  10. KCC says:

    Awwwww… the kiss wasn’t scripted. It makes me appreciate that moment so much more. Thank you Taraji P Henson and Jim Caviezel!

    • ThatKiss says:

      The kiss was awesome. I’m glad it was in there, it felt so right in that moment.

    • lll says:

      Absolutely LOVED the fact that Jim and Taraji’s characters’ kiss was unscripted. Even more glad that the producers didn’t have control over it and they kept it. Shows that not everything should be written.

      • Shawn says:

        Totally agree. Loved how they just went for it. That is how comfortable they are with each other and their characters. They will be missed.

  11. lame says:

    Shocked, totally shocked! You bastards killed off one of the most interesting characters on tv. The chemistry between Reese and Carter was palpable. It would flow off the screen and fill the room like a fog. You might have killed the dog instead. Now what’s left had better be good. You’ve got half a season to to make good.

  12. ner says:

    Yeah. I read this because someone linked me to it, but I’m sad today. Very sad. Because yesterday I had a favorite tv show, that was appointment tv. Today I have an extra hour to fill another way. I no longer even want to watch re-runs, which is unusual for me. I may force myself to watch next week, but, yeah. Just don’t care any more. I’m sure the ratings will be great, and everyone will give the producers kudos about how daring they are to kill off the woman who was the heart of the show (/sarcasm.) But I watched this show in large part FOR Carter. So talk about “real” all you damn well want, but what it comes down to is same old, same old. Killing Finch or Reese? That might have been new and different. Me actually commenting on this site is new. But I want you producers to know, you’re asses. I KNEW I shouldn’t have started out watching another damn J.J.Abrams (mr. convoluted hack-job) show, but damn it, Carter sucked me in. I guess I’m free again. But I’m sad to lose a show I loved so much.

  13. Drewgo says:

    I knew the minute he kissed it she was a “dead cop walkin”…….

    • Claudia Burley says:

      WelI, I would like you to find away to put her Carter back on POI . I like the show but have messed up now!

    • gmo says:

      I know right. Look at Tom Cruise and Tandy Newton, Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner, Billy Bob and Halley Berry and Pierce Brosnan. It maybe 2013 but people still have that slave mentality.
      Once a Caucasian male locks lips with a African Queen have you notice his ratings and likeability goes down the toilet. They are black balled secretly and it takes them years before they can get back to top billing status. And you see they save the emotions for her last episode, for they knew she would not be around and that peck on the lips would not upset their Caucasian viewers as much. Shonda Rhimes people Shonda Rhimes. Producers and writers check her out. She turns night time into gold. Some of these producers are not ready for primetime. Ya gotta push the envelope. Shake things up. get people talking, and watching. And learn how to keep devoted fans.

  14. monieet says:

    Very bad move killing off Carter. I watched the show because of John and Joss connection. Now that it does not exist anymore, I do not think I will continue to watch. I believe it is more to it than what is being said. Killing off a main character who is vital to the show. Who did she piss off?

    • causticCatnip says:

      I watch the show for the Finch and Reese connection, which was so thick in the first two seasons but awkwardly absent so far in the third, but I’ll always watch the show regardless. It’s generally good writing – aren’t you curious to see where it all leads? Character deaths are part of good writing when dealing in this level of dangerous activity. She pissed of HR, obviously. She was a great character and I am sorry to see her go, but when it hurts, that’s how you know the writing is phenomenal.

    • ron says:

      Carter was never a main character, that belongs to Reese and Finch. She was a secondary character that grew over the years to having one goal, taking down HR, and she succeeded (with the lone exception of Simmons) which will provide Reese with his opportunity for revenge.

    • Jo james says:

      Why didn’t Carter’s number show up? Hymmmmm!

  15. lll says:

    The fact that these producers are doing media interviews to defend their actions proves to me that they weren’t expecting this much backlash.

    • Babygate says:

      Considering that the episode just aired last it is more likely that this interview had been completed before and ready to post after the episode aired. Like it normally happens. Writers/bloggers get information and interviews they cannot reveal ahead of time because it would spoil the show and they have to hold on to that information until after the show airs.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      These interviews were set up at least a week ago.

    • Leah says:

      Yes, because the existence of media interviews hinge on the opinion of the peanut gallery.

  16. Mardeen says:

    Iam done with person of interest just when a show start to get my attention they have to kill the wrong person off what’s the point in giving a person a job and then pull the rug from under them I know there will be no other person who can act as well as taraji did this idea stinks

  17. Shawn says:

    I don’t think she pissed off anyone. I do think it was set in motion from the beginning to get rid of Carter once the nooze fest of Root and Shaw became main characters. Right now I think Nolan and Plagemen are basically doing damaged control interviews because they did not know that fans would be this affected and upset. But these people have to realize we are the reason they are on. I understand there has to be change and things have to be shaken up but the diversity and awesome dynamic of this show to me is gone. The core 4 just clicked. If these writers are so amazing then they could have found a way to make things more interesting instead of killing Carter. I won’t be watching after next week but this was a great show for me until last night and I only speak for me.

  18. connerc says:

    The show must be doing something right for us to care this much. I will trust them to continue to make us care…even about Root.

  19. Louise says:

    First off, I love your talk smart about TV instructions when leaving a reply. So here goes: please stop talking about Reese’s dead wife! She was never his wife. She was his girlfriend. She was the woman who made him want to be someone better, but she was never his wife.

    As for killing Carter, it was absolutely the right thing to do. Will I miss her? Absolutely, every single episode I watch I will miss her, but I fully intend to watch. This show will only be better by shaking all the characters to their core.

    • Shawn says:

      Please explain how the borning Shaw and Root will make it better. Now the murder Root is suppose to be a replacement or good guy. Sorry not buying it.

      • Dennis says:

        Odd, I find the show much better since adding Root and Shaw. i’m going to miss Carter and I liked the dynamic and balance of having 3 men and 3 women but her death was the best one for the series no one else except Reese or Harold would have had as much of an impact.

      • Why? says:

        I’m not buying it either. Neither Shaw (especially Shaw) nor Root can replace Carter. They made a big mistake. Big.

  20. CBWBDK1 says:

    This is the best show on tv!

  21. Kel says:

    I am sad but Carter went out on top. This show is so much more than Carter, or Carter and Reese. I hated the kiss, felt like it was just pandering to the shippers while the ship was sinking. Never saw them as a romantic pairing. So that was weird and random to me. But other than that it was fantastic acting by all the cast. I cannot wait to see what happens next.

    • Shawn says:

      Read up above it was all on Jim with that kiss. He gave it and she took it.

      • kel says:

        That was kind of my point. It felt very “Well, Carter’s getting whacked, so why not?” Sorry if I never saw romance between them…especially since they’ve gone out of their way to let us know Reese and Zoe are having sex. For me it was out of the blue. If you veiw it differently, that is your right. As is my right to not like it. I will never be convinced they were the most tragic love story this side of Romeo and Juliet. Especially since the show runners did not intend that to happen.

    • jj says:

      I don’t think the kiss was a romantic thing. It was an expression of an emotional connection.

      • brenna says:

        I absolutely agree. They were in a situation where they were surrounded and could both die. I saw it as an emotional connection and expression of the deep friendship and caring they had developed. He was also thanking her for making such a great difference in his life. I thought it was very sweet. And knowing that the actors put it in, it also shows that they had a good friendship and it was their goodbye also. The death scene made me cry with them.

  22. Helene says:

    I am devastated by the killing of Carter, such a cheap and unnecessary trick that undermines this show’s claim to be intelligent, edgy TV. Unconventional writing would have had the nerve to explore how two damaged and reticent people as Carter and Reese, dancing along the edges of the law, try to make a relationship work. That would have been TV pushing the envelope. Having the cowboy find true love in act two and then kill off the school marm in act four is the oldest trope in television. Every episode of Bonanza, the Virginian, and Cheyanne was exactly the same way!
    I loved the spontaneity and soft sexiness of this kiss. Caviezel and Zhenson had superb chemistry together. Too bad the show was so afraid of that.

  23. michael says:

    i’m done watching the show,joss was one of the best characters on it,she stood for everything that was right,one less show out of my rotation, you ruined a good show.

    • BabyFirefly says:

      I’m curious about the backlash with this. The fact is, they are doing incredibly dangerous work, and on some episodes it seemed almost ludicrous when all the bad guys are killed and our heroes walk away unscathed (for the most part). Personally I would have preferred Fusco over Carter to get killed, he seemed like he was on the road to a redemption ending in him sacrificing himself. Great job on the red herrings and lack of spoilers, I felt genuinely gut punched when I realized she wasn’t going to make it.

    • BabyFirefly says:

      Sorry Michael, I didn’t mean to respond to you as if I was singling you out.

  24. Big Mike says:

    To all the people angrily saying “I WILL NEVER WATCH THE SHOW AGAIN!!!!”……have you never seen a TV show? Especially in the past 10 or so years? Because main characters die all the time.

    I mean, it is your right to watch what you want, and not watch what you don’t want to watch…..but to act as though you’ve been sucker punched….by a tv show…..

    Some people need to get a life.

    • johnhelvete says:

      I think the reaction to the death of Carter on POI shows why so many shows on Network TV are mediocre at best. Fans have a right to have an opinion and if they don’t want to continue watching a show because of one character than that is their decision, but I hate the idea that a network might interfere with these kinds of creative decisions out of fear of losing viewers.

      • Dot Bryant says:

        I am glad the word “opinion” was used by johnhhelvete, as my opinion is much different from many noted here. I did not like Henson’s performance on POI! She overacted, and reminded me of Shirley Temple. I don’t believe that she is knew her character would be short-lived. I was often irritated because Henson’s performance seemed labored rather than natural. I really do enjoy the concept of the show, however. I think the creators felt similarly because she was not included in ads/trailers, etc. She made them aware that she did not agree with their decision not to include her via her FB page. On the Letterman show she said that she didn’t want to be involved in a long TV show but with roles being quite difficult for our actresses to come by, I hardly believe or understand her reasoning. For me Taraji simply was not believable. Again, this is my opinion. I wish her the best in her future endeavors.

    • jj says:

      especially on a show like this. I really liked Carter, but on a show like POI in which the character’s lives are in jeopardy on a weekly basis, it’s not surprising that at some point one of them will die. If say, a character from Big Bang Theory was shot and killed by a corrupted cop, I think fans would be justifiably outraged. But on a show like POI, fans should have been expecting it.

      • Geo says:

        “If say, a character from Big Bang Theory was shot and killed by a corrupted cop…”

        Best. episode. ever.

      • Lyn says:

        Yeah, if Wallowitz’s astronaut gig on BBT had ended up like the disaster on “Gravity,” that would have been a little jarring! With rare exceptions, I wouldn’t say the death of a major character is really “expected” … I personally like the drama of it and the creative options it presents, but obviously some people find it hard to handle.

    • Why? says:

      “have you never seen a TV show?”

      Yes, and it’ s a TV show, not real life. She was supposed to live. If Fusco could escape that ridiculous setup, then Carter surely should have made it by having on a vest. The core team should have stayed in tact, and there are plenty of shows that last for years and that’s the case. These show runners don’t seem to be happy with success. This is just awful.

      If they have to kill of beloved characters to keep things “fresh” then they’re not that good to begin with.

      • darissa says:

        Why? thanks for stating the obvious….I totally agree with you as I stated earlier….If I wanted real life I would just watch the news or read the News paper! These shows should give us a brief respite from Real Life! As for those who have said ongoing characters are boring or mocked NCIS let these producers TRY to keep up with the ratings and years these shows have SATISFIED their LOYAL watchers…..good luck!

  25. Dorf says:

    It may be fair to surmise that Nolan and Co. underestimated the outrage over Carter’s death, at least in social media. I don’t believe that most of the people who say they will never watch again will stop watching. But I’m not sure that writing Carter’s death just to show that “anything can happen” is a good enough reason to do it. On this show, anything that can happen does happen most of the time anyway. If she HAD to leave the show, I would have much preferred to see Carter kidnapped, maybe by the mysterious British guy from last season. And then there’d always be the chance she could resurface in some sure-to-be shocking way at the end of the series. And maybe the unscripted kiss could have led to a very cool series finale of the TWO of them actually happy on some remote island… before the machine calls Finch one last time, with their numbers.. or maybe calls Reese himself, and he realizes he cannot avoid his destiny and must leave the love of his life behind. The dynamic between the two characters is what they really sacrificed the most.

  26. tahina says:

    Only thing happy about this is the unscripted kiss. Very sweet of the actors. I just wonder if CBS and the show creator will take their heads out of their asses, and think over and bring Carter back.The reaction has been overwhelming! O.O

    • ron says:

      One more time – this has nothing to do with CBS; every show controls its own agenda, the only the network controls is their future.

      • darissa says:

        Ron…you are almost correct….the network does not control the writing or the show but the network also DOES NOT control the FUTURE of a show….WE DO….I’m glad so many people are letting the shows producers know they screwed up! Someone said ‘they don’t believe’ the people saying they will drop the show mean it….R U KIDDING? The DELETE button on my DVR is working just fine!

        • Dan Hetland says:

          Darissa, Please forgive my misspelling your name in the previous post, I usually try to be more careful, but it got away from me. Nonetheless, You said you don’t like the show in the first place, so why are you even watching it? Could it be just so you have something to complain about on this board?

  27. Ella says:

    I think the character of Carter was cut to make room for their newest additions. Love the Shaw character, not interested in Root at all. Who is going to interact with Enrico Colantoni’s character now? And why didn’t he have guys on the street protecting her? I agree with the person that said with Simmons on the loose, why would Carter and Reese have been hanging on a street corner without vests or paying attention to what was going on around them. Again, I’m going for budget cuts.

  28. Tatiana Monet says:

    Will not be watching this show ever again… Don’t care about what is coming next… WTF??? Why not explore the relationship between these two which would of made for television history… DUMMIES…

    • Lula Surber says:

      It sounds like an awful lot of people out there think that this show was going to eventually evolve into one where Reese & Carter turned into a couple. I personally was caught completely off guard by the kiss. Like – where the hell did that come from? I’ve never gotten a romantic vibe off of either of those characters at all. I always got the mutual respect vibe (with them both having common ground from soldiering & combat). Where exactly would the story have gone if she lived? How were they going to explain who John was when HR went to trial? You don’t think that the head of HR wouldn’t try to throw mud at Carter and say she was working with the man in the suit (they have a photo of them together now). It’s like some of the viewers expected John & Carter to move in together after the kiss. I don’t see how the show would have moved forward (with the same level of interest and writing) if they had kept Carter. The story arc was completed there wasn’t anything left. I don’t think that Root or Shaw are going to suddenly replace Carter (that can’t be done). I think the show is just headed in a new direction and there’s room for anything to happen (including introducing a new character). I would hate to see this show turn into another Burn Notice where nobody ever has the possibility of getting killed even though they do outrageously dangerous things week after week. Boring and unrealistic. I’m tuning in next week because I want to know what’s next.

  29. stevie says:

    that was a bold move. here’s to you, POI.
    thank u for not being bones, castle or any of the lets-keep-everyone-happy shows.

    • tp says:

      Only thing is, if they don’t keep people happy ratings will drop. I’m sure next week will be fine but I’m really curious what the ratings will be like after the winter hiatus.

      • ben says:

        You can’t keep everyone happy and if the ratings drop they will drop. I’m aware of plenty of TV boffins who have stopped watching PoI as appointment viewing precisely because it doesn’t feel like what just happened could ever happen. The move may alienate some fans, it may also attract others for its audacity.

      • Shawn says:

        hopefully they will go downhill.

      • ron says:

        It’s not about keeping the audience happy; it’s about giving them an excellent product to enjoy and become invested in; and Person of Interest succeeded in doing just that.

  30. Ange says:

    in the end jesus could not save carter.

  31. tp says:

    I noticed they danced around the diversity part of the question. Doesn’t surprise me. Brought on Root, got rid of Carter. Not the first time and it won’t be the last.

    • BabyFirefly says:

      I really hadn’t thought of it that way before, I was just sad she was killed. She brought a warmth and genuineness to the role that I think the other females lack, possibly due to the characters they play. It’s a good point, and to me (for whatever that’s worth) much more valid than the general outrage over killing off a character. But then again, I’m a big fan of Joss Whedon so I might just be numb to character death by now.

    • ben says:

      So you conveniently forgot that they brought on Shaw, then?

      • tp says:

        No, there’s no way to ignore any of that. I know Sara is not white but when you look at the cast there is no diversity. I mean as in with your eyes. Not with the knowledge of the background of the people playing the characters. For this loyal viewer Henson was half the reason I started watching. I was amazed at how Carter was portrayed as strong, caring, loving, no nonsense cop that was generally a good person. That is very rare for a black woman to have the opportunity to play such a role. Sarah will get to play those roles more often than Henson. It was cool to me that they had two of each character. Two cops, assassins and hum interfaces. Say what you want but this was a bad decision.

        • ben says:

          I do understand the point, and I agree that diversity is important across the tv landscape as a whole and that Taraji was an amazing shining light for the black acting community, and in some ways the best part of this show and it is a tragedy she was killed off, but… and I possibly say this because I am not American and so to me ‘diverse’ does not equal ‘black’ but equals ‘not white’ – with my eyes as much as with anything else, Sarah is as individually diverse as Taraji.

          My comment was more intending to point out that saying ‘they brought on Root and killed Carter’ – thus neglecting to mention Shaw – is the kind of comment that makes it appear that you are intending to be misleading, and so it undermines the point you were making, no matter how accurate or legitimate it is.

  32. lame says:

    If you want the sensation that anything can happen, finish the season with a Game of Thrones, Red Wedding style massacre. Kill off all the HR cops in a gunfight with the FBI along with Root, Zoe Morgan, special agent Donnelly, Hersh and Special Council. Now that would be memorable!

  33. dvivster says:

    To kill off one of the only strong smart women of color ever to appear on network television was cheap, shoddy and lazy! I really only watched the show because of Carter, the rarity of her development as a black female detective and main character of a drama was astounding. My interest is now gone. I felt kicked in the shins, the person of color dying first is an old cliche that I thought this show was riding above. More of the same old same old. I’ll find something else to watch that doesn’t make me feel insulted and robbed.

    • CMB says:

      She should have been the last main character to be killed! Big mistake.

      • ron says:

        I stopped watching the A-Team because nobody died (even the bad guys) and found that to be unrealistic; so I applaud the decision makers to create new storylines even at the expense of a main xharacter (like Kate on NCIS), though Carter was a secondary character whose stock grew over the years. I will miss Carter but I am anxious to see where the show goes from here because it is an exceptional array of good writing and superb storytelling.

        • You Aren't Being Watched says:

          Plenty of people had already died before Carter did, so it was already realistic enough. You know what’s unrealistic though? Everytime when one of these shows has a smart, skilled, and useful good guy or gal character that just happens to be Black, that character also just happens to not be able to live. Well now isn’t that too bad for them? And of course it just happens to be the case EVERY single time. How boring and unrealistic is that. I guess that’s why I’ve stopped watching this show. The array of storytelling is exceptionally tired and cliche.

    • Cheryl says:

      I’m looking for something else to watch too killing off Carter took the heart out of this show.

    • Joseph says:

      the only strong woman of color on tv.. what the hell you talking about you even watch TV

  34. POI Gone says:

    EP’s didn’t address diversity issue, so it makes me wonder why Ms. Henson’s character, the one who is a good cop, gets wasted. That may have been shocking, but unique? Original? (see other comments) NOT!! I guess the writers can’t fathom the possibility of sucessful single mom, who is played by a black woman. Well, this country had a lot more heroes& sheroes than they think. I guess their reasoning just doesn’t explain why they ruined a good show. Oh, well, at least it’s not up against Scandal anymore.

    • Shawn says:

      Of course they were not going to address the diversity issue. Its like the elephant in the room. We know exactly where they are coming from but they think we are not smart enough to know it. Best way to make them understand is to just stop watching if you can. Can you really get into Root and Shaw every week.

      • Sean says:

        I’m a white guy and I thought (and still do think) Carter was one sexy and smart woman. Color has noting to do with it. Brains and beauty know no color.

  35. You know what, ballsy move and I think they did it pretty well. Pity the arguably most interesting character on the show died, especially since she was a beaten down idealist and really the heart to a degree, but she in no way felt like a victim. Last episode she kicked nine kinds of ass, this week she held her own pretty well and to finally take down one of the many institutions that had helped beat down her idealism in the first place. Hell of a legacy.

    Carter will be missed, but not forgotten.

  36. Melanie says:

    Wow. There is such outrage. I thought the episode was great. Love the red herring of thinking through the whole episode that Fusco was not gonna make it. Then realizing that “of course it can’t be an all smiling, bright, happy ending … Something must be coming in the shows last seconds” … But not to realize until seconds before that Joss was gonna die. I like that this is a show where that can happen. Sure, I was heartbroken and will miss her character. I think there was a lot more that could be developed. However, as someone mentioned there was a redundancy with two detectives working for the team. And lest we all forget – the writing and casting on this show is amazing. Let’s give them a chance to see what comes next. I am sure it will be terrific. My only vine to pic with this episode was the kiss. I like that it was NOT scripted, because to me it rang false. (Esp. considering how they write Zoe and Reese in scenes together) But…

  37. Alba says:

    OK you kill off her boyfriend, Black, you kill her off, Black and keep the Black criminal, had of HR. . . . what is the thought here????

  38. Melanie says:

    … the knowledge that Caviezel did it spontaneously makes it alright. It makes it seem like he wanted to give Carter the kiss that she deserved for all that she has for to change him (and to represent the audience, who will dearly miss TPH’s beloved character). I can’t wait to see what the writers bring us next!!! I will NOT be leaving the POI viewership.

  39. Chris from Raleigh says:

    I believe Carter getting killed off was definitely surprising but I think the writers will find a way to bring her back. But for now, let’s see what Mr. Reese and Finch do to Simmons

  40. F. Packer says:

    I know our thoughts on last night show probably does not matter but you made a bad decision. I have followed your show thru all the different night changes. Now I guess it’s on to a different network on Tuesday. THANKS A LOT.

  41. I find all the people who say they won’t watch anymore hysterical. I loved carter, she might have been my favorite character, but I’m not going to stop watching the show. And neither will most of you that said you will. You might for a week or 2 but you will be back.

  42. barbara says:

    i agree about the kiss being unscripted just awesome. as far as what someone said killing carter was the right thing to do NOWAY!!!!! when she started helping john with numbers that’s when the great chemistry started between them so who going to do that not i like fusco but it just won’t work like with carter. fusco did do a good job last nite tho. shaw not too bad she did save the son and you could tell she was upset she couldn’t help fusco too. I’m hoping john doesnt spiral down now like when harold found him. finally for the ones that say this is just a tv show when shows are this good you get involved and thats what watching tv is all about

  43. barbara says:

    sorry forgot to add get rid of root unless harold cuts her loose and she gets all the bad guys. plus mayb elias will do something he liked carter he has enough power to get rid of anyone love enricio

  44. E says:

    The only reason me and my mother were watching the show was bc of Tarajis dynamic role. We were deeply sadend by her being killed off and even shed some tears. POI just lost 2 more viewers of “appointment tv”

  45. Mom says:

    Best show on TV! I will keep watching, keeps me on the edge of my seat. But I really hope they don’t kill Reese, I don’t think I could take that.

  46. prish says:

    “The primary concern is to tell a compelling and entertaining…” Blah, blah, blah…meaning good luck viewers with the hit and miss we’re going to serve you. I am so bummed with Carter’s death. I prefer to count on my TV characters remaining constant, meaning at least we viewers could count on something in this messed up time in the world.

    • prish says:

      OK, I read about Taraji ‘s David Letterman interview, so I’m ok with the character’s death. We will miss her acting, though. Producers, you are off the hook. Thanks for a good show the whole family enjoys.

    • darissa says:

      WELL SAID….nothing to add….you hit the nail on the head…..

      • darissa says:

        Prish……your first comment about something to count on in this messed up world was ‘well said’ as for Letterman interview, that was her response to the producers flying out to tell her she was going to get killed off….that was not her choice, she just reacted positively and is moving on. She has an interview on line that talks about the emotional and sad feelings about leaving her family on the show….

  47. How much color does a person of color need to be? The actor who plays Shaw is Iranian. Does that count?

    • bleezy says:

      It does count if you have knowledge of oneself but there are a lot of people who don’t know Iranians can be different shades of color

  48. Maria says:

    Yeah. That’s a huge pile of bs. After all the same showrunners justifed the arrival of Shaw by the need for “more empowered women” and then they kill one of said empowered women. And I’m glad I actually stopped watching that show after S2.

    • Warren says:

      Love when people make up bs. Shaw was brought in to replace the Kara Stanton storyline when the actress playing her landed a lead role in The Following.

      I love the outrage over this considering people felt in season 1 she was a weak link. It’s amazing how things can change if you let the storyline actually develop (cough Shaw/Root haters cough).

      • Shawn says:

        Its not Shaw/Root hate. They are not strong characters like Carter. Hey it is what it is. Enjoy the show.

      • `Brenda says:

        Roots is a joke everything she play in she is crazy, there is no diversity there if the character can’t act but one way. They didn’t have to kill Carter off she could have moved away after bring HR down and that way she could make guess appearance on the show. I’m sure with Elias out there, there will be something going on where her character as law enforcement would cross and she would have to go visit Fusco, John and Finch to close a case. Jonah Nolan need to listen at his viewers and rethink this, she could have had a vest on and she is not dead but she moves away.

  49. Mattie says:

    Completely bad writing to kill off Carter. Makes me want to stop watching anything on CBS because they don’t care about key characters. I’ve taken the show off my scheduled recordings. Real life has enough BS in it. I don’t need it in my entertainment.

    • ron says:

      One more time; this has nothing to do with CBS, it is a production decision by the showrunners. If you want happy endings get a bedtime children’s book; the minds behind NCIS have killed off two strong female characters, yet the show has grown into the number one show on tv. Sometimes you need to inject some of life’s realities into a show to keep it as real as possible.

  50. Wez says:

    People, watch the David Letterman interview tonight with Henson. She says that she did not want to be involved in a 7 year TV show, 2 to 3 yrs at the max. She would rather be doing movies. Hence, they killed off her character

    • Shawn says:

      Damage Control interview. I really do believe that. They could have given her another year or so. I think they ask her to get out there and help with the interviews because of the outrage that her character had been killed off.

      • Betty says:

        I looked at Taraji’s page on IMDB and she has 2 movies in post-production and 1 currently filming. Doesn’t sound like “damage control” to me.

        • mlavoraperry says:

          The fact that she has 2 movies in post-production and 1 pending indicates to me that she has been perfectly capable of balancing her TV and film careers. I agree with Shawn about the Letterman interview. She seemed to be trying to save face–hers, POI producers, or both. She did not at all appear relieved to be free of her POI contract. She seemed like she’d miss the job, the people and her role.

          • darissa says:

            you are right….I don’t have the address for the interview, but anyone who wants to hear the story from her point of view just look her up….she explains that the producers flew out to tell her she was going to die….she talks about the real tears and cast being sad and emotional the last night of shooting….responding in a positive way does not mean you chose the circumstances…..

          • preta4 says:

            mlavoraperry and darissa, Well Caviezel said he shed some tears as well when he read the script and found out Joss was going to die. He also said that Henson “put him at ease” all the time they were on the set, and he must know what he’s talking about because when I saw the out takes, that were cracking jokes like old friends. So very sad all the way around. Folks will move on but I’m telling you things really won’t be the same ever again on this show. The show ‘should’ be about ALL of them, I just wish this would have been realized and thought out better, but maybe the Creator and Writers didn’t realize one person’s popularity could flourish like this. Oh my goodness.

    • Paula says:

      Be real! Henson “HAS” to agree with the setup. If she wants to continue to land paying gigs. Was she supposed to go on Letterman and “Bad Mouth” the show. NO. Not if she wants to continue to act. She may have even been paid extra to help with damage control. What you see is not always what you get. At any rate – I AM DONE! My heart sank in disbelief and the interest is no longer there, I love the dynamic duo but the other two ladies have no pulse and the one with all of the action iand ACTING is gone. So I AM GONE. (Got pissed off as a child at an incident in my neighorhood store at 10 years old. Vowed never to return! I am 45 now and have never stepped foot in that place again.) Some of us truly mean it.

      • Dan Hetland says:

        Well Paula, I’ve always found in situations such as yours, when people feel as strongly as you appear too, it’s always best to simply say a short goodbye. Actors don’t have to do anything. They are free to do as they please, but you… never mind you’re right of course and no one could convince you otherwise. SO, goodbye, go and enjoy whatever else you choose to watch and when something happens you don’t like, get all pissy with them too. It just fries my frijoles, when there is such a well-crafted show and others attempt to dictate how the writers and producers should direct the course of the show. If so many people think they could do such a better job, quit what you do for a living, move to Hollywood, and take over the Studios. If you are so damn talented, it should be easy for you and you would be millionaires in no time flat. BUT, rest assured, very soon folks will be slammin your work on TV/ Line, no one is immune.

        • Get Real says:

          Oh, shut up Dan. If this had been Reese or Finch you’d probably be blowing a pissy little gasket right now. Carter was just as important. Plus, Hollywood works off of “who you know” not necessarily how good you are. Sorry, but you just come off as an idiot. This isn’t a “well crafted” show when they have to resort to the lame trope of killing off one of the most popular main characters just for shock value and a short-lived revenge plot. Oh, how creative–sarcasm! Not everyone will eat at the trough when they start filling it with garbage, but it’s obvious that’s how you like it, so keep eating there since you like it so much!

          • Dan Hetland says:

            GET REAL, If you don’t believe it was a well crafted show as I suggested, then why on earth would you waste your precious time watching it? AND, BTW, I am a grown man and likely a great deal older than you. I haven’t disrespected you and have given you no reason to disrespect me. If you disagree with what I have to say, fine you are at liberty to rebut my comments, if you purely dislike me for some reason or my comments, like I suggested with the show, you are again free to no longer waste your time reading them. BUT, telling me to shut up, is clearly rude and uncalled for. If your momma didn’t teach you any better, she should have.

          • Get Real says:

            @Dan, if you want respect then you should give it. You were rude to the previous poster and I treated you in kind. If you want something then you should be willing to give it. Your momma should have taught you that. As for POI, I didn’t say the entire run of the show was bad. The first year and a half was good. Things started dropping with Relevance or whatever that Shaw takeover episode was called. Then things started getting weird and convoluted. By the time we got to the season 2 finale it was all kinds of messed up. But still, I had watched a good show for a year and a half, and it had only had problems for half a season. So, maybe the people in charge would listen to feed back from fans and get things back on track. Well, that didn’t happen. They added to unnecessary characters to the cast and decided to kill off their best and strongest female character, someone who had been there since the beginning and was loved. Why? So Reese could be damaged and on a rampage again for a few episodes. That’s so cheap, and I love what someone called what they seemed to be doing on the show now with their darker, more twisted themes–It’s “misery porn.” Well, I didn’t sign up for that. This show has changed drastically, and the one person who was the positive glue that held the hope aspect of the show together is now gone so they can go full-blown “dark.” That may be your thing, Dan, but it certainly isn’t mine. I’ll miss Ms. Henson in her awesome and inspiring and irreplaceable performance as Detective Joss Carter. She was a main reason why I watched, and now I just can’t.