Person of Interest Recap: A Hero's Number Is Up

Person of Interest Carter DiesWarning: The following contains major spoilers from this Tuesday’s episode of Person of Interest.

Earlier this month, CBS’ Person of Interest offered warning that a “hero will fall” – and midway through this three-episode “Endgame” arc, one did.

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Tasked with making their way to the Federal Building downtown while every dirty cop and gangbanger sought the bounty on their head — shades of The Warriors — Reese and Carter, with wounded Alonzo Quinn in tow, amazingly get as far as the City Morgue, where they hole up for a bit.

Meanwhile, Fusco and Shaw, in the course of assisting their colleagues, are separated when Simmons gets the drop on the former. Tied up in a fortune cookie factory, Fusco is tortured for the location of the safe deposit box where Carter keeps her intel on HR. Fusco keeps mum, suffering broken fingers and beatings along the way — and then sends Simmons on a wild goose chase by “confessing” a bogus lead. Simmons orders Petersen to kill Fusco, while Lin is assigned to snuff his son Lee. Shaw, though, takes out Lee’s would-be killer, while Fusco makes the most of his busted fingers, wrests out of his cuffs and overpowers Petersen. Looks like he isn’t the hero to fall.

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Back at the morgue, while bracing for the final leg of their impossible journey, Reese and Carter compare war stories and the scars that came with them. Discussing such brushes with death, Joss asks, “What was your closest?” John produces the bullet he nearly took his life with, after losing his wife. “What stopped you?” He answers: “A fight with punks on a subway. A cop detained me… and brought me to you,” as in the events of the series premiere. John leans in, his hand caressing Joss’ face, and attests, “You changed my mind, Joss… You changed me” — and they share a warm kiss.

Reese soon thereafter gives Carter the slip, to protect her, as he begins shooting kneecaps and draws the last dirty cop away from the building, affording Carter safe passage for the final four blocks. But at the end of the proverbial day, even after HR had been rounded up and jailed en masse, the criminal organization would claim one final casualty.

After springing Reese from jail, newly re-minted Detective Carter notes that they have yet to locate Simmons. Reflecting on his turn as the POI, John Person of Interest Carter Diessays, “If my number was up, I’m just glad I was with you. No one I’d rather be with at the end.” And then the end comes. Just as a payphone rings across the street, with Finch poised to answer, Simmons pops up out of an alley with gun a-blazing. Reese is shot, Carter, too. But only one of them will walk away.

“I need to see my boy…,” Carter insists amidst her final breaths. “Promise me you’ll tell him….” Reese cradles her and assures,”He knows… He knows.” And as Joss fades away, the Man in the Suit sobs.

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