The X Factor Top 12 Results Recap: Did the Right Acts Get Booted This Week?

X Factor Top 12 Results RecapX Factor contestants, I feel for you. (Yes, that was a Chaka Khan reference.)

Let’s be honest: Your mentors are constantly trying to upstage you with superfluous (sometimes ¡interpretive!) dancers. The apocalyptic on-stage lighting situation is probably only manageable with the use of alcohol, Prozac, intensive psychotherapy or all of the above. And you’re expected to not curl into the fetal position and cry “Mommy!” every time Paulina Rubio slurs into your eyes with a string of words including (but not limited to): “America!” “Nailed it!” “Loved it!” and some mutilated variation on your stage name.

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To make matters worse, your first full-length results telecast of the season wound up with inarguably two of the best vocalists in the competition going head-to-head in a sing-off for survival. As Kelly Rowland yelled into the camera, “America, let’s get it together guys!”

So why exactly are you doing this? Top 12 results night brought a significant reminder in the form of a performance from Season 2 finalists Fifth Harmony, the pre-fab group who occasionally overpowered the very loud track behind them on the cute (if gramatically wince-inducing) “Me and My Girls.” Yes, that Ally chick still kind of irks me by overexaggerating everything, but it’s hard to root against 5H’s patented brand of girl power — especially since all of its members can sing in tune. (Too bad the show’s producers didn’t suggest an a capella intro where each one could’ve proved it.)

Anyhow, before the sing-off, the first (and cruelest) elimination went down — with voters sending a strong signal to Simon Cowell that the “Groups” category doesn’t need no stinkin’ background singers (propped up by an even more aggressive backing track). Or perhaps it was a message that said, “We’ve got Fifth Harmony. We don’t need the Skipper doll to their Barbie.” In other words…

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First Act to Go Home (aka the Week’s Lowest Vote-Getter)
Sweet Suspense

After that, Selena Gomez took the stage and proved she needs to take some classes from RuPaul to improve her lipsynch game; Colton from Restless Road took first place in a contestant twerking competition (look at that body — he works out!) that was designed to sell shampoo; and Mario Lopez and His Dramatic Transitional “BUT!”s sent acts to safety while Simon served seven different flavors of grimace.

Sent to Safety (“IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER!” –Mario Lopez, channeling the Ghost of Steve Jones)
Carlito Olivero (¡!)
Josh Levi (Paulina: Note how Mario pronounces the child’s last name. Thank you.)
Rion Paige (HER?)
Jeff Gutt
Restless Road (drop it like it’s hot!)
Tim Olstad (HIM?)
Ellona Santiago (HER?)
Lillie McCloud (Look at Simon’s rageface!)
Alex & Sierra (Thank heavens!)

Singing for Survival (A Complete Cosmic Injustice in Two Acts)
Khaya Cohen: Solomon Burke’s “Don’t Give Up on Me” — Glorious, hearfelt, soulful…everything we’ve come to expect from Khaya, who admitted that while it “sucked” to be Bottom 2, she was happy to have a chance to sing her song.
Rachel Potter: Shania Twain’s “From This Moment” — A little unsteady in the opening verse — most likely due to the same emotions that caused her bloodshot eyes. I felt badly for Rachel, who shoulda been Top 4, not Bottom 3, but in terms of the sing-off, she got outsung.

Voting Breakdown
Kelly: Votes to send home Khaya
Paulina: Votes to send home Rachel
Demi: Votes to send home Rachel
Simon: Votes to send home Rachel

Rachel Potter

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  1. Kristi says:

    Who is voting for Lillie McCloud?? She performed first, which should have put her in danger. Happy that Khaya made it through.

    • Edward says:

      The bigger question is who the hell is the voting for Tim Olstad?

      • BenM says:

        I think the bigger question is why are those same people NOT voting for Khaya Cohen? That girl can really sing.

        • Laura says:

          It’s more like who would actually vote for Khaya she has an annoying nasal voice plus her looks aren’t too good either and Tim is a better singer than her.

          • kavyn says:

            Ditto, her nasally voice bothers me so much. Not to mention she keeps singing songs that are too old for her. I have a similar issue with Jacquie on The Voice but I think Jacquie sounds better.

          • darcy the slutty twin says:

            I agree. Her singing “style” also involves adding a “y” in the middle of every other word. Michael, why the HER?! beside Ellona’s name? I thought the kid was ok last night, certainly not Bottom 3 material. Jeff Gutt should STOP mentioning that he is a broke single father or something. It is so annoying. Anyway, I am glad that Restless Road is safe. I am hoping the jock-looking one performs shirtless next week.

          • Mary says:

            According to you, beside this show has never been about the singing, it is the whole package. Lets face it Tim is like a brown paper bag when he sings, just blah.

          • Chris says:

            @darcy – I think the HER next to Ellona’s name was a reference to one of Simon’s “seven different flavors of grimmace”

      • Dennis says:

        I am, I like his singing voice

    • jay says:

      Lillie McCloud is a great performer with the best voice on the show, so a lot of people ARE voting for her to remain on the show.

      • nhf7170 says:

        Her song choices are so not working. “I feel for you” (or even “Through the fire”) would have been a much better Chaka joint for her to sing if she wanted to go that way. She did look just like Whitney circa “So emotional,” though.

  2. Jim says:

    This show left such a bad taste in my mouth. This episode was cruel

  3. These results were SO WRONG! Rachel was the best vocal of the night, even if she played second fiddle to Carrie Underwood, and Khaya was good despite a shaky vocal. Sure, Sweet Suspense is no Fifth Harmony, but they were one of the few acts of the night I actually enjoyed. Can you honestly say they were better than Ellona’s butchering of Whitney Houston, or the Against All Odds performance straight out of a horror movie? Everything about this show is whack.

    • S. says:

      You really have it backwards. Khaya nailed it, Rachel was shaky. I think she heard Mario say Khaya’d set the bar really high and it threw her after she was already nervous.

      • MC says:

        Matthew is talking about Wednesday night; you’re talking about the sing-off. You are both correct imo, but you are comparing two different nights.

        • Yeah, Khaya definitely won the sing off. She was better than she was Wednesday.

          • MC says:

            Absolutely. Khaya’s whole “retro-soul” approach was perfectly awesome and appropriate for “Don’t Give Up on Me.” It was much less effective on an iconic pop tune like “Borderline.” Sometimes when you change a classic too much, a portion of the audience can be alienated. However, Khaya’s “Don’t Give Up on Me” was one of the highlights of the season.

          • S. says:

            Ahh, makes more sense. Still, I was bothered by that one note Rachel screamed near the end of her song Wednesday. I couldn’t figure out why she did that. I wondered if Kelly told her to do it thinking it sounded good. The thing is that note might’ve been what put her in danger.

          • Screaming was the only way Rachel could have reached that note. Even Celine can’t hit that note live. Ann Wilson is impossible to emulate…she should’ve done what Carrie did and just not went for it.

          • HTGR says:

            I need to go back and listen to exactly what she did on it.
            And yeah it is a HELL of a note. For all the way some put down the 80s as sugar pop nonsense, the fact is, a great deal of them could really, really sing and some not only that but they were like in all the time best vocals ever class (and some, as the case here with Heart, had also done lots of earlier non-80s pop work too). Even many, probably even most, of the sometimes derided hair band singers could outsing and outplay most of the 90s grungers with ease despite all the mocking the grunge crowd heaped on them (and personally I didn’t find whining about life sucks to be any deeper than the light fun pop they all derided as being so shallow).

          • nhf7170 says:

            I second your comment about Ann Wilson. Probably the best female rock singer ever.

      • t k kokomo says:

        Being a Rachel Potter fan I regret having to agree that she was shaky. She had the purest and most beautiful voice on the show though. Sorry to see her go. The Country Music Nation was just waiting for the show to get back from the themes and she could dig into her country roots.

    • HTGR says:

      Maybe they show’s production is so helplessly messed up they tallied the results in reverse order!
      You had two of the best vocalists in the bottom three and the group that probably has the strongest vocalists (although not having given vocal show case songs the last two weeks granted) along with them. So two of the best vocalists and the ones who actually brought true, fun 80s pop energy, SS, all in the bottom. How? SS was even show on the live twitter poll just a week ago to have had strong support.
      Very odd.
      I’ve never seen such curious results this early on before over 13 idol seasons and a few on the XF and The Voice.

      • Getting rid of so many strong contestants early on is extremely rare, but it doesn’t set a precedent. Remember in Season 9 of AI when they got rid of Lilly Scott, Kaitlyn Epperly, and Alex Lambert in the Top 16 week? It doesn’t happen often, but season 9 of Idol suffered severely as a result, and the same will be true of this season of the X Factor. It’s odd and unfortunate, but I don’t think it’s a conspiracy, I think America just messed up again.

  4. kavyn says:

    The judges’ reactions when Carlito got saved was just disgusting and unprofessional.

    • VWW says:

      no it wasn’t, i was just as surprised; despite his wanting to win so he can help his family; which is laudable..Carlito can not sing that well…i definitely thought he should be going home

      • kavyn says:

        I’m not a fan of Carlito, but the faces they made were of disgust, not shock. It was really unpleasant to see and it left a bitter taste in my mouth.

  5. greysfan says:

    What the hell? Of all the contestants that was the bottom 2? Ridiculous results show if you ask me. Couldn’t believe what i was seeing. America have no idea about talent because the 2 that went home were more talented than half the contestants left. So glad Khaya was safe but sad to see Rachel go home because she is really good. Guess we’re going to end up with a nobody again win this show if America continues to get it wrong. Look at last year. Carly-Rose should have won and instead we got Tate who? Even Sweet Suspense was better than the 3 guys this week. Even on The Voice there has been some awful decisions made too. Cee-Lo and Xtina have some explaining to do after Tuesdays results show.

    I do agree the judges egos on this show and even on The Voice sometimes are overshadowing the talent and they need to stop it already. Its why i am not a huge fan of what Simon has done to his X Factor brand in America.

    • Dan (Haleyloony) says:

      I completely agree except for one little thing. I thought Kat proved she deserved to be save with Sail. But you are entitled to disagree.

    • Tess says:

      As is usual for competitions like this, the results don’t always reflect the views of the general viewing public because most people are casual viewers who don’t bother to actually vote, so really the results are dictated by an even smaller amount than the already small viewership of the show. We’re all here saying “WTF?” but really how many of us actually voted? I’m guessing few if any. I don’t agree that Sweet Suspense should’ve gone home or that Rachel and Khaya should’ve been in the sing-off because there were certainly worse acts last night. But I didn’t vote either.

      • LB says:

        I admit I didn’t vote. I was going to vote online but I didn’t want to them to have access to my Facebook account. I guess I will vote next week (perhaps via phone) to help avoid such screwed up results.

        • Mary says:

          I’m guilty I did not vote. Honestly none of them stand out to me. There are a few I enjoy watching but to be honest probably would never purchase their music. Having said that, the ones voting are they tone deaf. I can name at least 3 who should of been gone before them.

      • greysfan says:

        Living in a different country means i am not allowed to vote but what i am saying is this is the single worst bottom 3 i’ve seen in a long long time. I mean they didn’t even get one of the bottom 3 right which makes it even more disheartening that America isn’t voting properly. I guess it being a low rated show in the US makes things like this more probable but still the voting audience usually gets these things right and this time they got it horribly wrong.

        If i lived in the US i would have voted for Khaya out of the entire top 12. She is by far the most talented there. What baffles me is how Tim, Ellona, Restless Road and Jeff all escaped the bottom 3 is beyond me. I thought we’d see at least one of them and they all made it. Lets hope next week is a better result.

    • Joseph says:

      Personally I have come to feel these competitions are rigged from some point in the competition to allow the one to win whom the show has chosen NOT the voters. I have picked the winners on several occassions when I have watched just by listening to their interviews. As whith Tate Stevens last year with X-Factor. He kept saying ” If I don’t win this I will be out of work an my family will suffer.” ” I don’t know what will do.” He was a good performer, but they kept playing the OUT OF WORK CARD. SOUND FAMILIAR WITH THIS X-FACTOR….Just a note by the way. Tate won. But has anyone noticed that Emblem 3 released their album and has been on the charts with CHLOE. WHERE IS TATE?????

      • Matt says:

        Tate released his album, it made the top 20 on Billboard but not much more than that and he and his label “mutually” parted ways a couple of months later.

      • HTGR says:

        Yeah the background story and how they present someone is a big trick and can make a big difference. Carly Rose was well off and looked like she was acting when they had them do their little bits for show so that did nothing her for at all. Tate had the family man with a dream deferred, a story to pull some people in and yet nothing the slightest about it to remotely have a chance to upset middle america and he gets a bonus out of it. And he seemed like the guy to kick back and invite to the BBQ and have a beer with.
        Speaking of that latter bit, they say the same thing about politics too. I mean look at the presidential elections of the last few decades, ever since the everything became televised perhaps, is there a single time the candidate who didn’t seem more like the kick back and have a beer with guy ever lose? Dem or Rep, regardless of the situation in the world, it always seemed to be the guy at least a bit more like that who won, it does seem curious that’s how it worked out. It might also be why Team Blake does so well on The Voice too perhaps.
        The shows are sometimes more about trying to get viewer connection and create stories than directly trying to pick out the best. And they hope if the winner built enough connection that will lead to sales.

      • Kim Bernier says:

        apparently you do not listen to country music as Tates debut album was no 4 on the country charts in March

  6. rhydian zander says:

    Its so obvious that Rachel and Khaya were one if the beat vocalist in the competition. How?Why were they in the bottom and not the boys or Lillie.
    These is so annoying the right singer never makes it,
    Just like what happen to Carly Rose Sonenclar.
    All Im saying that if Carly would be in this season, then she would win hands down without a doubt

    • willow says:

      I totally agree 100%

    • HTGR says:

      The thing is by what we saw I think she’d end up even farther from winning if she were on it this season!
      At least last season some of the better like Carly and Fifth made the final three even dull as heck Tate rolled to a win regardless of what he did each week! This year they’d have been in the first bottom three of the entire season!
      If it is because of unlimited votes then they just sunk the show with that, if not, then I don’t know, I guess only the Tate voting crowd is left to even bother this season. So stick a fork in it, she’s done. Oh well.

    • Matt says:

      The problem is this is a reality show and not a singing competition. People are not voting for performances but for their favorite personalities/hard luck stories. Tim was bloody awful but he cried in his intro and thousands of maternal instincts kicked into gear and voted him to safety, Jeff was off pitch for 90% of his track but he is a broke single dad so we just have to save him. Meanwhile Khaya has been portrayed as entitled and arrogant in most of her clips, whether she really is or not it does nothing to make her popular with the voters.

      • LB says:

        I agree. Plus, voters seem to rally when Simon tells a contestant he thinks they’ll be going home. Likewise, when a contestant gets a lot of praise, voters seem to think they’re a shoe-in and don’t bother to vote.

      • HTGR says:

        Yeah and as I said above the same above actually ends up happening a great many other situations where votes are cast, even presidential elections, the guy who seems like would be more chill to kick back and have a beer with I believe has won ever single time since they started putting debates and tons of coverage on TV, doesn’t matter the politics, whoever seemed more chill to have a beer between the two contestants has won over decades now.
        Usually it hasn’t swung quite so far that eliminations like this happen in the very first week though.
        SS are perhaps the cute cheerleaders some voters were jealous of in high school and they didn’t have enough time to survive the dangerous early weeks for girl groups on these shows and build past that, if they had gotten to next week and been given a vocal powerhouse song they might have perhaps. Khaya has been shown as you said. Im not quite sure what Rachel’s scenario might be, no sob story true, although not everyone has had one this year, maybe Simon going on all the time about how uneven she is (even though it was really only that one time when she was sick when she made a real mess, the other time she wasn’t bad and actually hit the notes unlike his Restless Road even if maybe it wasn’t Simon’s thing) since being called inconsistent always seems to be the end of contestants on these shows, it’s more poison than be called consistently terrible, since you don’t get sympathy votes and it minimizes in people’s minds their great performances.
        It also sounds like so few are bothering to vote that it’s just a few specific types who go mad for a specific type of contestant voting like crazy and then a few single votes for the others leaves them with no chance, perhaps.

  7. Winkles says:

    I knew i was right to not watch this season.
    I hope the the series gets cancelled asap.
    Simon can go back to finding satisfaction that he can only produce a star when he spends half his networth on singers.
    Literally, anyone recognizable from last season is thriving off of Simon trying his best to sell them to the public.
    And that bottom is flat out wrong. Though I’ll miss Sweet Suspense. They only were good when they weren’t so insanely produced. They can actually harmonize and sing rather than sing in unison like 5H. They reminded me so much of Little Mix when they sang and simply sang.
    Carlito has to go, and Rion has to go too.

    • HTGR says:

      It is a shame 80s week wasn’t one week deeper into the season. Sweet Suspense really needed another vocal showcase this week before going energy again (although the latter worked for the theme night). Honestly they have better vocals than the other two groups and many of the soloists. They can go the vocal route or the energy route and yet they end up in very last of all places.
      And then Paulina with easily the weakest team of all is the one with the intact team left!

      • Laura says:

        I think America has finally got it right this time, Sweet Suspense didn’t look like a group to me yea the girls are pretty and are lots of fun but it was just three girls thrown together and I just don’t see then moving ob, Khaya is just plain annoying with her nasal voice and the way she pronounces her words I wish she would of left this week too she just doesn’t have the x factor I know Demi said that about Tim the other day but he is a much better singer than Khaya, and then Rachel there was nothing special about her I found her boring and she screamed too much.

        • Laura says:

          *them, *on

        • Winkles says:

          Meanwhile you’ve somehow failed to make any mention of Carlito (snore) or Rion (bigger snore).
          I don’t care if Rachel or Sweet Suspense had lost, but they certainly didn’t deserve to leave before those royal screw ups.

          • Laura says:

            Carlito is a hot guy and with the right song he has a lot of potential, and although I don’t really like Rion I do have to say to be 13 she really gets into the music you can feel her emotion in the song and I think that’s part of being a good singer.

        • Gleni says:

          I totally agree with you. So happy sweet suspense went home. And khaya and rachel are talentend but they absolutely dont have the x factor. They are forgettable. Everyone else may not have the best voices but they have something extra. Carlito is such a hot showman. Lilly has a certain spark. Rion has so much passion. Restless road are sexy. Alex and sierra are adorable. I totally get the results. And I love kelly rowland but her attitude tonight was so annoying. Respect your audience!

          • blah says:

            And this folks is why the results stink.

          • Mary says:

            Really @Gleni, you think Tim has the XFactor??? Lilly is a great singer but sorry past her prime.
            I guess this is why Xfactor does not work in the US. Personally this is what is wrong with today’s music, who cares if you can sing because of Auto tune and back tracking. As long as you pimp yourself on stage you can be a star.

        • HTGR says:

          So sending home someone who has been nominated for a Tony, someone with a very distinctive voice and the group where the vocalists can sing better than the ones in the other groups is America getting it right? (don’t forget 5th harmony didn’t even attempt a harmony until many weeks in, in that sense Sweet were actually a bit ahead).
          Even if you don’t think any of them should win, to be the very first to get booted?? really?
          I suppose Tate is something endlessly thrilling and unique?

          • Seike says:

            They did harmonies on their very first performance together (Impossible), when they got the chance to choose the song. Simon was in charge after that, which is why they didn’t do harmonies for a few weeks.

          • Dan (Haleyloony) says:

            You can see it this way and see their eliminations as a travesty. Or you can see it as them now getting out of a show that would likely not help their careers and they can audition for another one.
            And Rachel was nominated for a Tony???!!!

          • HTGR says:

            @Dan – actually I’m not sure, someone had posted that, but doing a quick google search just now I wonder if whoever was posting that didn’t mix up her having performed in a Tony nominated musical for having been nominated herself. A very quick look makes it seem like maybe she hasn’t been, although it looks like she may have gotten rave reviews for her part in Evita and it looks like she also toured the US in Wicked and was also in Adams Family. I see something about some broadway website saying she is getting a lot attention as a promising broadway up and comer and starting to catch some eyes in the country world.
            Anyway even if she possibly wasn’t nominated, the point is if you are getting cast in Evita on Broadway and doing major tours for well known major musicals like Wicked it’s not likely are you nothing but a talentless, dull screamer.

  8. This is a case, again, of young girls voting for cute young boys, regardless of their talent level! Sadly, this is never going to change! Last season’s IDOL made a conscious effort to prevent a WGWG from winning, but without this type of tinkering you’re always going to see this happen. I was surprised to see Khaya in the bottom two and sad to see Rachel go home; they are both among the best singers this season!

    • Do young people even really watch the X-Factor? I think the problem might be the geriatric crowd and not young girls. Simon is right about Tim Olstad appealing to a *much* older demographic.

      • Mary says:

        I guess I am consider in the older demographic and there is nothing appealing about Tim or to be honest 80% of the contestant. Tim might have received extra votes from the Modern Family girl followers. I listen with my ears thank God I haven’t lost that function yet.

  9. Dan (Haleyloony) says:

    This show confounds me. Among the sea of bad singing, screams, lights, flexible dancers, and gloriously awful amounts of confusion and nonsense, I find some good in hearing people like Khaya and Rachel (and Josh and Alex and Sierra). So how come two of these were in the bottom two, while Tim who sang the most awful song (in terms of overdoness) in the most awful way (save for Paige Mills) was saved?

    • Chris says:

      But you have to admit that Tim sang that “awful song” awfully well. I didn’t vote at all and I wouldn’t vote for Tim, but i can totally see why someone would. He is a good singer and his performances are an alternative to the ones with distracting dancers and lights that turn a lot of people off.

  10. Adam H. says:

    The old ladies and little girls must by dying for a male winner, therefore the result we got. After Idol shove a all-female final 5 and The Voice rigged 2 female winners back-to-back, this must be reason someone like Tim must be #1 in the rankings.

    • Al says:

      ^^^^ I completely agree. Also, Tim is getting the older vote and the gay vote so expect him to stick around awhile

    • kavyn says:

      The Voice rigged 2 female winners? If Cassadee wasn’t winning season 3, I’m pretty sure the title would (should) have gone to Amanda Brown or Melanie Martinez. Season 4 was Amber’s and Michelle’s, and this season Caroline and Jacquie are strong contenders for the crown.

      I’ve never been a fan of the male vocalists of the Voice except for a small group (Cody Belew and Christian Porter, the latter of which was robbed in favour of the Swan Brothers, come to mind). Cole is decent this season but otherwise the male vocalists are quite bland.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I can’t even stand to watch this episode. Sweet Suspense actually knew how to harmonize, I’m disappointed that they weren’t given another chance to work everything out, as I agree that their performances have deteriorated since “Wishing on a Star,” but there was SO MUCH potential in that one song. The guys aren’t even memorable to me; Tim Olstad who? Rion Page is not the best singer, and very shaky. I don’t see why a group like Sweet Suspense or an act like Rachel Potter would be sent home over Rion (well, actually, I do see).

  12. Dylan says:

    When I saw those two were bottom two it really infuriated me. America, or whoever the hell is voting, you’re doing it wrong. Those were two of the best acts in the competition and THEY are bottom two? Wow.

  13. HTGR says:

    Wow, this may be the single worst job the voting public has ever done on one of these. I can’t fathom that bottom three. I’d far sooner have taken them as the top three! WTH?!? I guess maybe only the Tate voters stuck around to both still watch and vote this season?
    Sad to say but I think the remaining voting public just stuck a fork in it. In a way it’s a little odd since this is actually the only show of the three that has produced anything close to chart hit success this year (believe it or not), although even then it was not the winner.

    • Dan (Haleyloony) says:

      Well, Mario did say “IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER!!!!” (cue lightning), so Alex and Sierra probably weren’t in the bottom 3 (am I seriously taking the teleprompters word for it?).

      • HTGR says:

        Yeah they probably were not bottom four and they could not be bottom three, as the bottom of the bottom three was already gone), but that still left us with Sweet Suspense (I know we didn’t see them show off their vocals in a showcase was the last couple weeks but you saw the potential the week before for pure vocals from them and they sure have the ability to bring the xfactor pop energy; considering who watches and votes it’s very hard for that sort of girls group to survive, they need to be perfectly built-up and supported with comments the first few weeks), Khaya and Rachel for the bottom three.
        So yeah A&S probably escaped the bottom four (but who knows, I almost doubt now!), but wow so one decent contestant avoids the bottom four. 1 out of 4 IS bad. And I mean when you saw those three A&S, Khaya and Rachel and were that two of them were in the bottom three, not a pretty sight, there was decent option.

        • Dan (Haleyloony) says:

          Oops, I misread your comment because I forgot it was a double elimination. I probably tried to suppress it from my memory.

    • Cassadee Pope and Danielle Bradbury have had moderate chart success in Country the past month, but Cassadee was already famous. You’re right about the voters sticking a fork in something already struggling though. It’s the perfect storm, and now the voters are almost as much to blame as the production team. Fortunately, I won’t miss the X Factor at all.

  14. Vetle says:

    This is a maaaaaaaaan’s world. ;/

  15. HTGR says:

    Sweet Suspense were basically the only ones who seemed 100% fully 80s last night and they get sent home on 80s night? And they had one of the stronger live audience reactions. I really thought they’d survive this week and then be given a vocal showcase song next week (they would need a song like that next I think, it’s tricky to build girl group support on these shows given the demo, and the way voters go their type would need to go back to a vocal showcase after two energy showcases and a rushed unexpected showcase of sorts last week, 5th just barely managed it to start and then managed to grow into it) and start building and manage to just hang on for some weeks to go (5th also started out low and slowly climbed, although it would’ve been a tougher road this time than they had). Although the song was not one that allowed for strong vocal showcases, I think they actually have the best voices out of the three groups (and most energy, restless road has the weakest stage presence of the three groups and the weakest vocals), although the way the three judges got on them did have me a bit worried (and then the same three judges tonight now they say they are shocked and loved them, a day too late).
    I’m sure the three female judges getting on their case sunk them all the way to the bottom, but then again…. when we saw who else was in the bottom three, wow, it would’ve been a mess anyway so the comments probably didn’t matter in the end I guess.

  16. HTGR says:

    But the results are very odd. How did those three end up last?
    Sweet Suspense had the strongest support of ANY of the acts relative to the others in their group during that live tweet your support thing just the other week. How on Earth do you go from that to dead last a couple weeks later? I’ve never seen that happen to any contestant on show in quite that fashion. Very odd.
    Sure Khaya had a few wonky bits, but with that vocal tone and all you’ve gotta at least be able to see some potential there, it’s absurd to toss that away into bottom three before things have barely begun. And maybe it was rough for some to hear a pop pop pop 80s hit turned Winehouse, but still, no way you toss her bottom three this week. Absurd.
    Rachel. OK the judges harped too much on being uneven, often a kiss of death, that seems to sink votes faster than anything (see how that was used, in far more absurd fashion, against Haley, who was uneven because only one performance each night was best of the night and not both even though the second was always upper mid-tier at worst and often maybe only one shy of second best). But still how do you send her home last night, did you listen to what else went on?????? Did the country crowd all get on her case for daring to sing Underwood (heard some talk about country backlash or something and she went on twitter to praise Underwood after Demi said Rachel did better).
    It is interesting that Khaya and Rachel were the two given wrong numbers last week. So did some people skip results, miss the first five minutes this week and dial wrong numbers?
    I’ve never seen basically at the beginning of lives shows for any of these singing competitions where someone went from first in type twitter support and didn’t do a sleepy song go to dead last votes just like that. I’ve never seen three like last start off as the bottom three at the start of voting just about.
    Did they have another screwup and was the tally system this time all crossed up?

    • BenM says:

      I do wonder and did wonder if the screw up could disadvantage Rachel and Khaya long term. After all, at the very start of last week’s show Mario beseeched contestants to ‘save those numbers in your phone because they will stay the same all season’.

  17. HTGR says:

    But if that is how whoever is left still watching is voting, why watch? Khaya and Alex and S gone next week I guess?
    Why not? Hey let’s cut Khaya, Alex and S, Rachel, Sweet Suspense all the first two weeks. Sounds like a great plan. And might as well pick off anyone else with a hint of promise the following week after.
    Maybe so few viewers are left that only VFW is voting?
    Oh well I guess it’s time for The Voice.
    I wonder if they limited voting to 10 votes like The Voice if the results would be way better, same or worse (although the latter seems barely possible)? Is unlimited voting at this point killing it? It’d be interesting to see the detailed stats.

  18. Robyn says:

    One of the best parts of the “redo” show last week was that most of the singers were singing. No time to put together all those major productions and it was refreshing, I really enjoyed it. Too bad we can’t have more of that and less of the dancers, costumes and productions.
    I personally don’t see anyone really original and someone that I might purchase their music outside of Alex and Sierra. When they are voted out, I’m gone and I won’t waste my time on this show in the future.

  19. Bob Barney says:

    I find the female judges to be totally disrespectful to each other and Simon. That is a TERRIBLE thing to be showing millions of young people. Our country is already too “uncivil” with each other. There’s no excuse for promoting it further. My vote? Keep the singers, and FIRE the judges!!!!

    • Mary says:

      Sorry I think Simon is way more disrespectful. To call them Witches because they say something against his groups, which by the way was correct is so demeaning. Are you saying that is okay?
      I have not heard any of the female judges be nasty to each other.

  20. Britt says:

    I was surprised that with who was in the bottom 3. That was definitely shocking! I also heard that young girls and older women vote the most on these types of shows.

    I agreed with what Demi said to Tim. He doesn’t have the X Factor. He has a nice voice, but he is soooooooooooo boring.

    Also Simon needs to stop making those faces. He is one of the reasons why these bad singers went through, when there were more talented people who auditioned.

    Lastly, I can’t wait for Reality Check!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Britt says:

      I also forgot to say that people booed Rachel really badly during the 4 chair challenge & a lot of people didn’t like Khaya’s attitude. A lot of people said she seemed like she was too good for the show. (All this is from comments I read and from watching Rachel get booed, but I don’t know how many people felt that way.) That might explain why they were in the bottom 3.

      • MC says:

        I think it was a combination of those factors plus the confusion with the voting numbers from last week. Also, Khaya’s take on Borderline was rather strange and disconcerting. Khaya, however, used the sing-off to her advantage and now more people know how talented she is. Rachel has been on Broadway and has been nominated for Tony awards. I think she’ll be okay.

        • MC says:

          Oops. Someone posted that Rachel had been nominated for Tonys, but research shows that’s not exactly true. She had a major role in the revival of Evita and the whole production was nominated for a Best Musical Tony. Rachel also played Glinda in a Broadway production of Wicked. Rachel was personally nominated in the category of Best Country Song earlier this year at the 12th Independent Music Awards (The IMAs). She was nominated for her unreleased original single, “The Verdict.”

  21. DavidSask says:

    Does anyone care anymore, cancel the show!

  22. Jim Welker says:

    If voting went exactly as people think it should, then the show would be worse than it already is! I wasn’t totally “shocked” at the results! I have the last few comments on the post on Wednesday’s show! In it I said I felt Cohen has a “twang” in her voice I didn’t like! To me I think dhe has an annoying, nausiating voice! I was happy to see her in bottom tonight! I’m not saying she should have been there…Tim and Rion were worse as well as the singer of Paulina’s who was sub-pa! I feel Cohen isn’t ALL THAT! AND JOSH ISN’T AS GOOD AS WHAT THE JUDGES SAY EITHER! Everyone thought Lillie would go! That’s absurd! Surprises adds to an already crappy show as I stated above!

  23. Brendan says:

    I’m happy that Khaya was in the bottom two. I find her very unlikable and the way she performs is annoying and baffling to me… an American girl that sings like British singers Duffy and Amy Winehouse makes NO sense to me. Why does she sing that way? Is she a tribute signer? It drives me so crazy.

  24. Jim Welker says:

    Also, why is everybody so surprised? We have sub-par talen that is still in the competition! The group AKNU got the best hand and praises from all the judges yet Simon put together 3 crummy groups instead of advancing AKNU….THE BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER! This shows you the show isn’t on the level….VERY FISHY! I HAVE STATED IN MANY PREVIOUS POSTS I HAVE PROOF THE TALENT SHOWS AREN’T ON THE LEVEL BUT NOT ONE COMMENT SO I’LL KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT ABOUT THAT!

  25. Laura Henderson says:

    Khaya Cohen was Awesome Tonight 11/14/2013 I want that SONG !!!!!

  26. Gordo says:

    I think part of the problem with shows like this is the judges. When They dog on someone like Tim, I think it upsets voters and they go to the voting lines Because they disagree. Just like last year when Demi kept doggin vino people started voting for him. And when they hype up certain singers voters seem to disagree so they vote for the ones that are getting bad reviews.

    • HTGR says:

      Perhaps. All who have been sent home have received mixed very strong and very blah from the judges while the ones with all praise or all hate are still there hah (if I’m recalling correctly, and maybe I’m not)

    • Chris says:

      I agree. It makes absolutely no sense to put an act in the top 12 and then say that they are no good.

  27. Jim Welker says:

    I actually thought Simon was going to somehow keep his group that got eliminated! He is so manipulative! I hope Restless Road leaves next….THEY ARE SO OVERRATED! Next to go Rion! She should never have gone this far! Hope there are more surprises next week in the voting….keeps me watching! Hope a good singer eventually wins!

  28. Laura says:

    I think to make it as a singer you have got to have the voice and the LOOKS the only ones I see that could have a lasting career would be Josh Levi, Alex & Sierra, Jeff Gutt, Carlito Olivero, and maybe Restless Road but just watch no matter what happens Josh is going to become a star and I wish Jeff would already get a contract he already looks and sings like a freaking rocker, he is just so hot. Some might say that Carlito is not good and although his vocals sometimes aren’t I think with practice he has a lot of potential. Sweet Suspense I’m glad is gone because they had no chemistry if you are going to be a group you have got to know each other first and form a bond, Khaya has annoying nasal voice, that is why she was in the bottom 3 if you look at all the contestants social media sites you will see that Alex and Sierra are the most liked so I’m betting that they will win this season. Just look at last year’s contestants what ever happened to last year’s winner tate? Or to carly rose? Everybody said she should have won well I still haven’t heard no number 1 single from her and look at how far 5th harmony and emblem3 have come they have their CDs and are even going on tours and everybody kept saying that 5th harmony wouldn’t get no where.

    • Winkles says:

      That’s if you’re going to be a popstar. But then again the Xfactor simply isn’t friend to anyone with questionable physical aesthetics.
      As someone who enjoys music and just singing in general I simply want someone the best because they’ve got the ability to be their best vocally. There are plenty who’ve gotten somewhere in the business without being noticed for their looks. Adele is a prime example, though she isn’t ugly or anything. But the fact is, I’d rather these people be recognized for their voices and I prefer those singers and feel they shouldn’t be preferred less simply because of your skewed idea that someone has to look good and sing…at least good enough.
      And nasally tone doesn’t bother everyone, the reason Khaya isn’t liked is because the show played her off as some fake/irritable individual and people can’t get past that. She has a wonderful Amy Whinehouse-esque voice.
      You just sound saturated in this pop culture society.

    • blah says:

      OK, so you say that you need the voice and the looks and then quickly proceed to include in your mix of contestants to praise, two guys who are hot but with often questionable voices but they are great because they have the looks and the umm well oh who cares. And then you name Sweet Suspense who have the looks and better voices (than the guys in Restless Road or even Alex or Sierra most likely) and then use them as the example for what a bad group/contestant is because of some whatever about how they supposedly don’t have some magical bond. (BTW nobody in Fifth Harmony knew each other first and the same goes for Restless Road) (OTOH, who said Fifth Harmony wouldn’t get anywhere? OK, plenty at the start of the show (although I wasn’t one), just as some have said about Sweet Suspense, but not many were saying that by the end.)(Carly and some others had tons more likes on social media than Tate and look who won.)

      • Laura says:

        I did say Sweet Suspense have the looks they are really pretty girls but as a group I just don’t feel their bond I don’t know why Simon put them together because when a group works together then they work and when you don’t feel their chemistry then they won’t work. I know 5th Harmony didn’t know each other but they had such a good bond together I think simon wanted another girl group and that just won’t work every year. I also never said that Sweet Suspense has better voices than Restless Road or Alex & Sierra, I think their vocals are good but they aren’t great they would of worked better as solo artists.

    • waterbug says:

      I would love to see Lillie McCloud on Broadway…she would kill it!

  29. Alex says:

    That Restless Road group is just awful. Why are they still in this competition?

  30. darcy the slutty twin says:

    Michael, I agree with you that the Ally chick on Fifth Harmony is infinitely annoying! I was secretly hoping they would dump her before they recorded their album and replace her with another singer. Bea Miller perhaps? Ellona?

  31. darcy the slutty twin says:

    How do I start a petition to convince the pole vaulter sexy guy from Restless Road to perform shirtless next week?

  32. Feel sorry for Rachel as this is her last chance whereas as Khaya has all the time in the world. Adolescent girls don’t vote for rivals, so Sweet Suspense was out and all the guys are in. So glad Jeff gets another chance to bring his A game and Alex & Sierra can prove Simon wrong when he dissed Sierra’s singing. Which Tim would sing a Christian song or another Phil Collins song “Just Another Day in Paradise” to show he is not just another vacuous pop singer.

  33. jason says:

    Not surprised Sweet suspense was voted out! Simon made a safe song choice which required no singing! Hey mickey is one of worst song choices in history of the show! He should have thought out of the box with something like ” love bites” or photograph from Def Leopard! Rachel made the mistake of being a country artist following in Carrie underwood footsteps! Bad song choice! She should have done
    Edge of seventeen by Stevie nicks or stand back!

  34. jason says:

    Michael Slezak you cant seriously say that fifth harmony was any better thanbthe other pop acts you always complain about (kesha; Katy Perry) that was a manufactured out of tune mess! Just awful and unoriginal!

    • MC says:

      One of the girls was out of tune last night, but 5H are usually much better than that. I wouldn’t judge them by that one number. 5H have appeared live on many other shows since last season ended and they have almost always done well.

  35. Mary says:

    This show has become comically in so many ways. I actually thought we were being punked. I can name at least 4 who should be gone before any of those contestants. Oh well if the good ones go, watch the ratings fall more.

  36. waterbug says:

    I think we still have some old “vote for the worst” alumni at play here. Simon cannot escape his demons! LOL!

  37. Wen says:

    Every time I ‘drive-by ‘ this show, I am shocked at how cheesy it is, how bad the singers sound, then judges act like they heard something entirely different from me. It truly is the bargain basement of singing shows.

  38. Guy says:

    While I was surprised by the results, I’ve come to expect that by now, after having watched Voice, Idol, past X Factors, etc, plus, I’ll admit that I’m a hypocrite, because I complain, yet didn’t vote! What concerned me more was Kelly Rowland…if she honestly thought, as she said last night that “…based on tonite’s performance I have to send Khaya home (over Rachael) then she has absolutely no concept of talent!!! I’d have rather that she said that she had to vote for her girl, instead of trying to convince everyone that Rachael did a better job than Khaya in singing for her life!

  39. mai says:

    The thing about Rachael is that she overestimates herself. She is a good singer but she pushes it trying these high notes and always fails. You ain’t no Mariah, homegirl! Her performance on the 4 chair challengue should’ve sent her home in the first place. There were far better singers that got cut early on because of her. Then she comes on stage looking like a cheap 2 dollar waitress from Hoesville in a big budget production and literally yells on stage… God. And she even compared herself with Carrie Underwood!
    So there’s a few reasons why she got voted off. I don’t understand why people are so shocked by it. Maybe other people just got the same vibes from her as I did.

  40. Jared says:

    I was getting serious Latoya,Fantasia,Jennifer flashbacks when Mario announced Alex & Sierra,Khaya and Rachel being in the bottom. It was a lose/lose/lose scenario. Khaya deserved to stay after the singoff, but Rachel got seriously screwed overall.
    I can see Rachel using this exposure to get an album out there, but Khaya could seriously be a real star. That voice is unreal. She just needs more performance training and a better makeover. (but I have a feeling in a few years, she’s going to be someone to reckon with!)

    • Laura says:

      Its not like Alex & Sierra were really in the bottom its just that they were last to go through because Mario said that they were in no particular order.

    • The only difference between this bottom 3 and the Jennifer/Fantasia/Latoya bottom three is that the Jennifer/Fantasia/Latoya bottom 3 made sense. Of course none of them SHOULD have been in the bottom 3, but looking back, it’s easy to tell what obvious four factors put them there. First, the three of them had similar fanbases and split the vote. Second, Diana Degarmo, Jasmine, and John Stevens turned in their best performances, even though all three of them were weaker the week before. Third, George Huff had a bad show, and his fanbase was gunning for him to stay because they all assumed the three divas were safe anyway. Fourth, there was some kind of storm in Jennifer Hudson’s hometown, and it kept people from voting.

      This bottom 3, on the other hand, had no rhyme or reason. There wasn’t any vote splitting, it couldn’t have been sexism because there were girls who did worse than them, and there were so many bad acts that, in theory, no one should have been rabidly saved just because they had a bad week. For one of those girls to end up in the bottom 3 would have been normal, but for ALL of them to be there makes no sense. The whole thing is baffling.

  41. Titina says:

    Who the hell is voting for Tim Olstas?
    Damn it people! Get it together! Tim & Carlito should have gone way before Rachel Potter.
    And I hope Restless Road is on his way to get the boot too. THey are just not good, period.

  42. HundleyFan says:

    It’s interesting reading the various opinions as to who should have been eliminated.

    What people are not keeping in mind is we have no idea how close or far the voting margins between the acts were this week. It’s *always* dicey in these early rounds. With 12 acts splitting the vote, an act can advance to the next round with as little as 8.34 percent of the vote. Conversely, an act can be sent home with as little as 8.32 percent of the vote.

    In general, the judges will not diss their own acts. I was surprised Simon was honest with Alex & Sierra on performance night when he said she lost the melody at the top of the song, especially after his heaping pile of overpraise for Sweet Suspense’s execrable performance of “Hey Mickey.” (Really, Simon? You picked *that* song for them to “sing”?) For TPTB to have Mario ask Kelly and Demi each who they would be sending home was pointless and a waste of time. All that hemming and hawing, and for what? Kelly will not send her own act home; ditto for Demi. Their votes cancel each other out, so it’s up to the other two judges to decide.

  43. iamjsm says:

    I liked Demi last season, but this season she has been annoying. It’s like she’s a kid sitting at the grown-ups table and doesn’t know how to act. Thought it was so rude of her to tell Mario in that voice to “let her speak”. It’s not his fault the show is live and Kelly kept rambling on when you know she was going to save Rachel.

  44. Jim Welker says:


  45. Jim Welker says:


  46. donald nope says:

    the last 2(bottom) singers were much superior-better singers than at least
    half of the ones chosen to move ahead. Rachel Potter being sent home was a
    TRAGEDY! She’s a power-house singer. If alex and sierra gets sent home-
    I won’t be watching any more!

  47. John Anthony says:

    I agree! The voting on this show is a disgrace as is the judges opinions. They vote singers off the show who are a threat to their less talented group. Demi, Simon, and Paulina vote the best off the show so their less talented contestants have a chance to win and completely flop in the public forum. Maybe that works in the UK’s small forum but not here Simon! You will soon be back in the UK as a judge and the X-Factor will be a sour memory with voting like this. Sweetsuccess, and Racheal Potter were clearly better that six or seven of the other acts.Carlito was awful as was Tim Olstad. You bring back a young black performer who couldn’t possibly make a career out of singing because he’s black and you didn’t represent the black forum as much as you would like to get them watching the show. He’s do better on the streets of New York were he belongs as a street act. Then you put through LIlly who belongs in a church choir. Alex & Sierra who sounded more like a back yard act then professionals and think we will watch this tragedy unfold. Did you ever hear of The Voice? They might not get it right but they surely do not send their best home by being voting off by three idiots who can’t even make their own careers work!! Elvis and Whitney would have left your show this season for the lowly bunch you have left now!!!! Simon would have led the no vote so his made up groups stand a chance. The X-Factor where the worst gets first!!!!!!!

    • Laura says:

      First of all you should learn how to spell because there are a lot of words you misspelled and also the group was called sweet suspense not success. Also just because Josh Levi is black does not mean he can’t be a successful artist there are many young black male artists that have been successful race has nothing to do with it and I do think josh is really talented to be so young. And I have never seen anybody from the voice become successful its always the ones from AI or xfactor that have a career, nit usually the winners but look at 5th Harmony, and emblem3 they have both released CDs and are going on tours can you say that about anybody that has been on the voice?

  48. John Anthony says:

    Laura, I slowed down and made sure I spelled every word exactly right for you. You should learn to punctuate correctly. I’ve never seen such a long, wrong, sentence and the X-Factor is not one word with a lower case X. English lesson number one. I have nothing against black singers and you must be one of those who think criticism of any black person has to be tainted with prejudice. Must be a democrat. Let’s let the future speak for us. Remember, Simon can put out CD’s for any performer he likes but I do like 5th Harmony. If you put singers like Aliki, Matt Cardle, Danielle Bradbery, and Susan Boyle in this group anyone could easily see they are average at best. They have to be this good to become stars. People like Kevin Skinner and Tate Stevens are winners and are both having their problems. Average does not mean unsuccessful either. Many performers make an average living in the music business and disappear after time. Search your past life. How many singers are one hit wonders? They even had an hour television show some years back full of average performers who faded after rising high on the Billboard charts. One last comment. These talent shows are immediately criticized when all white performers are left but nothing is said if all black performers are left. Look what happened when several young, white, performers won The Voice. Comments soared of prejudice. They better hope Matthew wins this year. I do respect your view even if you do not punctuate properly. Have a very nice holiday season. I wish you and yours the best, honestly!

    • Laura says:

      Yeah I know I don’t always punctuate especially not when I’m on my phone, but anyways I never said you were prejudice but you did talk really bad about Josh in your previous post you said ” you bring back a young black male performer who couldn’t possibly make a career because he’s black”. So that’s why I said just because someone is black doesn’t mean they can’t have a good career. I also think that nobody that has been on the voice has made a good career. I’m not saying that the winners or even the runner-up of the X-factor have made good careers either because I really don’t think that Tate should have won and I never wanted Carly Rose to win either, but look at One Direction, Cher Lloyd, Emblem3, Fifth Harmony, I know the first two were from the UK X-factor but still all successful. Also many that have been on AI are successful look at Kelly Clarkson she’s still around, Carrie Underwood, and Jennifer Hudson just to name a few. I can’t name one person from the Voice that has made it in the industry, they are not in magazines, I don’t hear their songs on the radios, I don’t hear about them going on tours. So I guess everybody has their opinion of who they like, or what show they like better. Hope you have a great holiday season too.

      • John Anthony says:

        I like the Laura I read this time around much better. Do keep in mind that The Voice is relatively new compared to American Idol. Most of your names came from the UK version and American version. You must not be a country music fan. D. Bradbery and C. Pope both have songs on the radio and in the top ten CMT Country Hits. Danielle has only been out there a few months and Pope released her first single record and it is a hit as well as her own CMT show. I think these shows give performers a chance many do not get but they also have to fill their shows with a lot of average performers. Once in awhile a star is born on these shows. I’m simply saying that this season, on both shows, there is no future star. Time can either prove me wrong or right we will have to see. Both Bradbery and Pope have been on tour but I still respect your choice of which shows are best. As far as black performers go some of my favorite performers are African American.
        I grew up in the time of Nat King Cole, Smokey Robinson, Little Richard, as well as many super groups. I think you should only bring back someone who can honestly win the show and I don’t think they would have brought back Josh if were white. He doesn’t have a chance of winning but The X-Factor would like to see him stick around no matter what level his singing skill is. I could be wrong since no one can be certain of anyone’s intentions. Keep in mind, it’s only my opinion. Thank you for your criticism. At least you are honest and I believe that!