Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Scenes from a Marriage

Grey's Anatomy Season 10Although this week’s Grey’s Anatomy has been advertised as the “Callie Stands Trial!” episode — and she does indeed have her day in court — it’s really more about how she and Arizona went from happily hitched to barely speaking. Can this marriage be saved? Or, um, could it have been? Scroll down a bit. Not only do both questions get asked in “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word,” but if we read between the lines, they get answered, too.

VIDEO | Grey’s Anatomy‘s Sara Ramirez Talks Her Own Expiring Contract, Life After Arizona (With… Owen?!)

LIKE A VIRGIN | The hour begins with Callie going off on a salesclerk while trying to find a pair of pantyhose. “No, no, no shimmer!” she hollers. But, of course, the doc isn’t really that upset about her inability to find a pair of plain stockings, she’s upset that she’s being sued by Olympic snowboarder Travis Reed. Er, make that former Olympic snowboarder Travis Reed. In flashbacks, we learn that the athlete was referred to Callie by Cristina (he was her first valve replacement), that he had her to do a “Peterson hip replacement” on him despite the fact that she’d never performed the procedure before, and that complications during surgery led to an infection that cost him both of his legs. As if that wasn’t bad enough — and, to be clear, it is — Callie’s lawyer goes all Olivia Pope on her, telling her what to wear to court — right down to pantyhose and her wedding ring!

COURTING DISASTER | The trial starts badly, with the bailiff instructing everyone to rise and wheelchair-bound Travis muttering, “I would if I could.” And, as flashbacks reveal Callie’s determination to save her patient’s career — “I am not turning an Olympic athlete into a doorstop!” — the present-tense proceedings only get worse. By the time Arizona finds Callie in the courthouse bathroom, she’s in tears. (On top of it all, her damn stockings have a run in them!) BUT, by the time the estranged spouses are done talking, Callie’s actually laughing — at the rhinestone butterfly pantyhose Arizona points out that she’s changed into!

THE ROAD NOT TAKEN | Off Calzona’s pleasant interaction, we flash back to their decision to have a second baby, one that Arizona volunteers to carry. Then, in an especially cute scene, the couple rule out potential sperm donors because of their taste in music and discuss the downside of pregnancy. (“Oh,” Arizona says, gazing longingly at her glass of pinot grigio, “I will miss you most of all.”) Back in present day, Callie is drinking away her woes when who should come knocking at her door but her father! Reluctantly, she admits that she and Arizona have split up. (“Apparently,” she sighs, “I marry people who cheat on me.”) Later, even more reluctantly, she admits that she’s the one who did the splitting.

VIDEO | Sandra Oh to Shonda Rhimes: Don’t Kill Off Cristina

THE VERDICT | In court the following day, Callie testifies that yes, she did apologize to Travis following his double amputation. Of course, she apologized. She cares. And, she adds, “That makes me human, that doesn’t make me negligent.” Meanwhile, in past tense, because Callie is operating on Travis, she misses the obstetrician appointment at which she and Arizona are supposed to see the first picture of their baby-to-be… a baby that, it turns out, never will be. Callie says they can try again, but Arizona doesn’t want to. (“I can’t take another loss,” she cries.) Back in the present, Meredith forbids Callie from confessing in court that she just that second turned up a letter dated three week’s before Travis’ surgery that states that the Peterson hip replacement was causing infections and therefore being discontinued. The next day, Callie is found not guilty. Hurrah!

BITTER SUITE | After Callie’s dad tells her that he once cheated on her mother, she’s incredulous. Why on earth did she forgive him? “Because,” he says, “she believed we were stronger than one mistake.” Message received, Callie makes a beeline for Arizona’s hotel room and, without asking for an answer right then and there, invites her to move back home. Of course, unbeknownst to Callie, hiding behind her wife’s door with a sheet around her lady parts is… Leah. “You should get dressed now,” Arizona says, “and leave.” But something tells me the damage from this dalliance may have already been done…

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Are you relieved that Calzona are finally going to address the problems in their marriage? Or do you think Arizona’s fling with Leah is going to kill any chance they have before it can even be put on life-support? Hit the comments.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Arizona has never been good enough for Callie and I hope they go their separate ways.

    • Emma says:

      Can we not do this? Both characters have their strengths and weaknesses.They’re both humans who have done dumb things and who have done really good things too. Arizona is not a crazy serial killer who kicks puppies and Callie is not a homicidal maniac who steals candy from babies. What exactly is “good enough?”

    • judith says:

      callie and arizona are mfeo. They have both made mistakes, but in the end they are soulmates.

    • loveCA says:

      Callie has a huge heart, and Arizona loves that.
      I think Callie is stronger than AZ in some ways, Arizona needs her to be there in her life.
      And, Callie loves Arizona, everything about her.
      They love each other for sure. It’s just that anger and hurt make them both into some sort of blind.
      I see their love, and that won’t go away.
      And none of the rest of it matters.

    • Jamie says:

      Agreed. I really hope Callie finds someone new who will treat her better.

  2. GS says:

    I absolutely despise Arizona and wish they’d write her off. Her character cannot be redeemed. It was an otherwise good episode but I still don’t get why she cheated. She’s horrible and I wish Callie would find someone else. I’m over their story and it’s dragging the show down more than the interns.

    • amy says:

      arizona lost her brother, had her fiancee and new born baby nearly die, then her best friend nick died, then she was in a horrific plane crash losing 2 of her close friends mark and lexie AND her leg, resulting in her ptsd and then we find out just as she and callie are happy again she loses her baby. She is NOT horrible, she CAN be redeemed.

      • B says:

        Callie nearly lost her baby and had a horrible accident, had to make the hardest decision ever by amputating her wife’s leg and dealt with her wife’s ptsd afterward, had her first husband cheat on her, had her fiance tell her she does not want her in Africa with her, had her child’s husband and best friend die in Mark, and lost her baby with Arizona…. yet somehow she did not cheat. A coin has two sides and so does every accident and incident.

        While she can be redeemed it seems ill fitting that Callie take someone back that not only cheated on her once but twice! Plus, Arizona was the person that oce told Callie she was not a true lesbian, and yet she is hooking up with Leah who is known for sleeping around with many men at the hospital. Not fair for Callie to take her back at all.

        • Ashleah Youn says:

          To be fair, Arizona only cheated once, with Lauren. She’s not cheating currently with Leah, since they’re separated and Callie was calling Arizona her “ex.”

          • GS says:

            If they are still married, it’s cheating! I don’t understand people who think it’s not. Especially since Arizona, cried and whined about staying with Callie but then the minute Callie kicks her out and needs time, she jumps in bed with someone else. She’s still cheating b/c Callie needed time and never was it said the marriage is over for good. Arizona has turned into basically a lesbian slut who sleeps with any woman who looks at her and smiles. I am so over her all about me attitude.

          • snowflake says:

            Just wanted to add, that Callie told people her wife died. It’s not like Callie said she needed time, to me it came across as she was not interested in getting together with Arizona at all. So hook-up sex in this case is nothing like cheating. It’s not like with Ross and Rachel ;)

        • loveCA says:

          People are different, we may have different reactions.
          That’s the way human being is.
          I don’t feel surprised, I tell myself “I can deal
          with it” whenever whatever Arizona did.
          But every time I watch C&A arguing, fighting or being sad , my heart broken, it’s just too hurt.

          BTW, Mark (R.I.P.) and Alex are basically whores
          from the beginning, but now I am OK with them.
          And I found Mark very cute when he is FRIEND with Callie.

          BUT, it’s a TV show, right?

      • Larc says:

        If she hadn’t been so spiteful toward Alex, she wouldn’t have been on the plane. It was her fault she was there, but she blamed everybody else.

      • Pam says:

        We don’t know that Arizona has PTSD. We’re just going off what’s been said in interviews with Shonda and Jessica Capshaw. That is not canon yet.

      • Sam says:

        Arizona was a horror show before this stuff even happened. She was so childish and ridiculous throughout Callie’s pregnancy – I hoped they would break up then. Her behavior has just gotten worse throughout the years.

  3. Juan says:

    My favorite episode of the season, Sara Ramirez did an awesome job. And that verdict was hard, it’s no ones fault that these things happen bit it doesn’t make it any better. I’m still so pissed at Arizona. Her behavior and how she has dealt with everything is truly selfish.

  4. ashley says:

    They were split up…both callie and Arizona mentioned not being a couple anymore. I’m sure it will be brought up but don’t think it will keep them from getting back together. It’s pretty clear Arizona wants to be with Callie…she barely hesitated in telling Leah to leave. I can’t wait for more calzona scenes. Its gonna take awhile to get good again but at least they are gonna try.

  5. amy says:

    one of the best episodes of greys.. wonderfully acted by both ladies. i pray callie and arizona work it out. come on writers.

    • Olive says:

      Agreed. This episode was very strong. The writer’s room did a great job with this one. My favorite episode of the season by far and one of my favorite episodes of Grey’s period.

    • canadian ninja says:

      Couldn’t disagree more.

      The court case was a beginner’s course in manipulation where we only hear the case going from bad to worse, the plaintiff’s attorney is over-the-top with his subtle as a sledgehammer homey folksy plain talk to the jury. Jo is so flustered she’s just sputtering to add more stuff but oooh, that darned clever attorney with is fancy lawyer talk!

      The attempt to retcon Arizona’s emotional state before she cheated by adding in the miscarriage undercuts the real value of Callie forgiving her after her dad gives her a talking to.

      Even the one interesting thing they did with finding the letter is ruined because Callie sent the German guys an email – so they obviously have email and why wouldn’t they have replied that way.

      I will say that Callie’s heartfelt speech on the stand was well handled and showed more restraint than I would have guessed this episode’s writer capable of.

  6. rebecca says:

    I love Callie & Arizona, hoping they can work it out. Arizona can always use the “we were on a break” card when Callie finds out about Leah. ;)

  7. Babygate says:

    This was an exceptional episode in many ways. Sara was phenomenal and the writing was pretty flawless. But, Oy! That stuff with the pregnancy feels too contrived. It has Olivia Pope written all over it with Shonda playing Olivia. She had to be on fixer mode since the stink bomb of Arizona’s cheating and now she goes back to create a context in order to ameliorate the backlash. Lazy, poor, storytelling. It would have been magnifically compelling last season. Now, not so much. I don’t buy it. And now, Callie makes a huge move thinking Arizona just cheated once. What’s going to happen when she finds out about Leah? Withholding this from Callie could blow up worse than Lauren. Arizona just goes from bad to worse. And the pregnancy and miscarriage is such an afterthought that I can’t even feel bad for her. Because like everything else, we are just getting glimpses. Actually, now it feels even worse because now we know there’s a whole lot more that is not being discussed. I’m seriously about to give up on this show. And, can anyone tell me how is it that with the snipets that we got of Callie and Arizona as a couple, even with the news of the pregnancy, they don’t share one single kiss? So much for equality. I’m beginning to think Sara and Jessica just hate each other or feel uncomfortable with the kissing because the lack of physical contact between these two, even when the story calls for it, its ridiculous.

    • Linderella says:

      After struggling to get through last season, I also gave up on Grey’s. I do read the recaps in case I change my mind and decide to go back, but the show really feels tired. Callie is one of my favorite characters, and I like Arizona, but they just don’t feel like they belong together.

    • MLO says:

      Bonus points for using the word ameliorate and for NOT saying Calzona!!!!

    • LOWG says:

      I understand that this is a TV Show. I also understand that the writers miss a lot of medical terminology. That being said, watching the scenes of the trial made me cringe. I’m an attorney and I know not to expect complete reality from televised court shows but some of the dialogue and terminology was so bad and so wrong that it ruined the episode for me. In a civil case, the person suing is called the Plaintiff. At the end of their case in chief, the attorney said “Prosecution rests.” While it doesn’t seem as such a large error, it shows the writers’ laziness. The snowboarder’s comments could have easily led to a mistrial. He tainted the hearing from the very first minute. The way the Plaintiff’s attorney asked questions of his witnesses was completely wrong. They also never showed a cross-examination by the Defense.
      I suspend reality often with television. Heck, it’s one episode and I don’t expect the writing team to go to law school to write just this one episode but the examples I listed are just the tip of the iceberg. That letter at the end, the one regarding the Peterson complications, there is no chance whatsoever of the Plaintiff not knowing about it. Any attorney would have contacted the people whose research was relied upon.
      All I’m saying is if they can’t research it, why not show the script to one of their attorneys. I’m sure they could afford it.
      End of Rant. Sorry, but this ruined the episode for me.

      • Ben says:

        I completely agree. I’m an attorney too, and was shocked by the misuse of legal terminology and the misrepresentation of the entire legal system. The letter was just a joke – as you rightly said, there is no way that such information could ever possible have been concealed. I think they just wanted to use the situation to add some drama to the whole Callie/Arizona relationship. But for anyone with a reasonable knowledge of the law, this was just a huge joke !!

      • Babygate says:

        I am not an attorney, but I am a huge fan of The Good Wife because of the legal cases. I love the courtroom drama. From the beginning of the trial I thought, they should have consulted with an attorney to write this. When Travis said ‘wish I could’ I thought, what they heck? How is that being allowed? But alas, I was too preoccupied with all the other inconsistencies throughout the episode so this didn’t exactly make it to the top of my complaints list. But yes, I think it was rather noticeable that the entire legal arc of the epi was really off.

      • Felix russo says:

        If you were attorney for plaintiff wouldn’t you consult w Peterson study to ensure defendant communicated with them? Letter would have come out as evidence then.

      • Magically Suspicious says:

        The part that grated most on my nerves was the ‘not guilty’ verdict in a civil trial.

    • M. says:

      I agree 100%. The baby/miscarriage storyline could have been amazing had they done it last season and given it the screen-time and development it deserved. Instead, Callie and Arizona basically disappeared into other people’s storylines for the back-half of season 9, then Arizona cheated out of nowhere. This storyline was clearly never considered last year. Otherwise, we would’ve seen glimpses of something going on, even if we didn’t get actual details. But we got nothing because this storyline didn’t exist until they screwed up the narrative so badly last year. I applaud Sara and Jessica for making the most of the mess they’ve been given, but I’m just not invested anymore. I still love both characters but at this point, I don’t care if they stay together or not. Their relationship was great for 3 seasons, then Shonda and co. destroyed/ignored it in season 9 and gave us this ridiculous ret-con to try and fix their mistakes. Alas, it is too little, too late.

  8. Mark says:


    • Stacie says:

      Haha. As much as I agree with that, I hope that it does end for Callie and Arizona as it did for Ross and Rachel. Even though Ross was on a break with Rachel, it didn’t matter and they didn’t end up getting back together until 7 years later. So…let’s hoping it doesn’t take 7 years for Callie and Arizona to recover, and more like 7 episodes. That would be at least tolerable.

    • Julie says:

      Ha! Yes…great reference!

    • Leigh says:

      Exactly. And Callie used basically the same excuse when she slept with Mark after Arizona left for Africa. Another break, another shag. Personally, of all the rotten things Arizona has done since losing her leg, sleeping with Leah is the least offensive. It did start *after* Callie was telling the world her wife was dead, so…

      • McCat says:

        Callie and Arizona both agreed they were “OVER” in the airport. They were dating. So they broke up. Over. So Callie was free to see whomever she wanted. This time- they’re still married, not “OVER”- big difference. No one should be dating or sleeping with anyone else….

      • M. says:

        Yeah…not so much. That wasn’t a break, it was a break-up. Arizona left Callie behind to go to Africa for 1-3 years. Callie didn’t know if she was ever coming back and Arizona herself said the relationship was over. That’s the end of a relationship and if they weren’t together, both people could’ve slept with anyone they wanted and it wouldn’t be cheating. So while I think there could be wiggle room with the Leah thing, Callie sleeping with Mark was definitely not cheating.

      • Sam says:

        Not the same. They broke up, and Arizona moved to another country. Callie was free to screw whomever she pleased. Here, they are separated, but still technically married. So for Arizona to act all hurt and like she wants Callie back, it makes her seem really ridiculous to be banging one of the interns.

  9. louise says:

    my faith in arizona and callie has been restored. poor arizona :(

  10. bronagh says:

    wow the chemistry between sara and jessica is so electric… every scene between them is tv gold. come on shonda you are back on track with calzona… keep up the good work

    • Olivia says:

      Yup, totally. Until the episode I was one of the people enjoying the breakup (and somehow I still do, because it gives us some insight into Arizona’s life without Callie, something we haven’t seen since she first appeared on the show). And Callie pissed me off so much many, many times. But the way she was written tonight? Awesome. I wish it was more like that (thank God for Stacy McKee, she usually writes good Callie, good Arizona and good Calzona). Now I am rooting for them again. Also, the baby plot hit close to home, maybe that’s part of the sudden “back to shipping Calzona”. It’s gonna be interesting to see how the story develops, with Callie finding out about Leah (pretty sure she’s gonne rub it in Callie’s face herself), and how they deal with their relationship when they inevitably get back together. The optimistic part of me sees a legal marriage and another shot at pregnancy at the end of the season/beginning of S11. The pessimistic part sees Shonda trying to write some kind of divorced women trying to coparent. Eh, we’ll see. I’m enjoying the ride anyway. Thanks Grey’s for letting me appreciate Callie again, I’ve missed that. And awesome acting from both actresses.

      • Lolita says:

        Arizona to me is a tramp. She is quick to hop into bed with anybody. Sure you have all kinds of problems in a marriage, but hopping in and out of other people’s bed is not the way to work through them. She should stop feeling sorry for herself and stop self destruction herself.i will be glad when Yang leaves because she treated Meridith very bad and said ugly things to her when she had been nothing but a friend to her. Telling her she was not as good as a surgeon as her was below the belt.

        • CDENO says:

          Are you forgeetin Mark. Callie jumped into bed right away when Arizona left for Arfica. I am not excusing Arizona in any way. But I don’t blame her for thinking the marriage was over especially cause Callie has told people her wife is dead. If I heard my husband/wife say that about me I would think the relationship is over too.

          I am also not a fan of the baby storyline. There was no hint of any of that last season. And what the hell happened to Arizona having PTSD?

          This episode was a lot better than I expected it to be, but now I just have more questions.

          • Leigh says:

            Precisely! And Mark was supposedly in love with Lexie when he slept with Callie, hence Lexie’s huge disappointment when she found out Callie was pregnant with his baby. *They* were on a break, too. So, Arizona gets a pass on the Leah front. But not for sleeping with Lauren. I still don’t trust her for that alone.

          • Babygate says:

            The entire Mar/Callie and Arizona/Leah comparison is completely inaccurate and built of false premises. In S7 Callie and Arizona were not married and during their airport exchange it was very, very clear they were over. Callie said, if you walk away we are over (and Arizona did walk away) and Arizona responded, we are already over. There was nothing ambiguous about their break up. When Arizona hooked up with Leah, they were still married. Whether or not their union is legal, Arizona was still wearing her ring which shows irrefutable intent. And last week when Emma questioned her she could not say with any certainty that they were in fact divorced. She said they were separated. Which means that even though Arizona knew and felt married, she still slept with Leah AND kept it a secret. If she was single and free to mingle she could hook up with whoever and have no qualms about it and there was nothing Callie could say. Arizona stood there and allowed Callie to think that Lauren was the only ‘mistake’ when she knows darn well she’s been sleeping around. AND, she turns around and tells Leah to get dressed and go home. No explanations. No remorse. Nothing. Arizona is acting like a cold, stone-hearted, despicable human being. No made up baby backstory can erase that.

          • McCat says:


  11. Sara says:

    Here’s my problem with this whole baby/miscarriage thing. There was A LOT of time devoted last season to Callie and Arizona. Sure, not every single episode was about them, but their relationship post-amputation was a major season-long storyline. There was absolutely NO indication whatsoever that this whole “let’s have a baby” thing was even on their radar. To throw it in there now feels, to me, as if Shonda sees that a lot of fans are not happy with Arizona and the cheating thing and she is retroactively trying to make Arizona more relate-able. Like this makes her horrible behavior more understandable. And, in this fan’s humble little opinion, it just feels contrived. This could have been a really interesting storyline, had we seen it last season, instead of just randomly throwing it in there and giving us the bare bones of it now to somehow justify character behaviors.

  12. Tiffany says:

    So the writer had time to make up stuff about Callie and Arizona, yet they didn’t have time to flashback on everybody reaction to Lexie death and her funeral. Go figure. We know who the favorite are. Besides that Sara was great in this episode.

  13. chris says:

    Sara Ramirez needs a show of her own, the woman is pure gold on screen or stage. She just knocks it out of the park every time. The ret-con of the Callie-Arizona story however seemed a cruel joke (pulled from the pages of poorly written fan faction) being played on the Calzona fans. In fact the characters in these flashbacks seemed totally incongruent with the Callie and Arizona shown on screen for the last two seasons.

    I could only wonder who the doppelgangers from a pink bubble alternate universe were on my screen. The only things consistent between the then and now of it were the fact that these characters never shared affection (not so much as even a kiss or hug), even at the most emotional moments of any relationship (a positive pregnancy test, or the loss there of), and of course Callie was absent from and insensitive to her wife’s struggles with loss (leg and pregnancy).

    Callie threw AZ out and now Callie asks her back. Its always Callie’s way or the highway.
    Callie could have prevented the operation from happening/saved the snow boarders legs, but she was distracted and missed the letter. Does this echo the situation with Arizona’s loss of leg?
    Arizona swallowed her pride and Mark’s presence and made herself available for Callie’s untra sounds. Callie forgot and missed her wife’s ultrasound and failed to support her in the loss of child. Again making it about her/Callie’s loss and failing to support her wife who was reeling/falling apart from a second major loss of part of herself.

    Arizona took note of Callie wearing her ring again and continued to support Callie (sweet scene at the courthouse), but reminiscent of Callie’s baby-resulting sexcapades with Mark to assuage the hurt of breaking up with Arizona, now Arizona is also self medicating by using others for sex. If these two are going to have a chance to heal what is broken between them, then serious changes are going to have to come to pass. Given the amount of damage done and Callie’s continual tone deafness to Arizona’s POV, I really can’t see that happening without some major and painful introspections and breakthroughs for these two.

    Arizona has lost a leg, a child, her self image, and her way. If anyone deserves a POV and character centric episode its JCAP/Arizona. I hope we finally get to hear her story told from her POV rather thru the constant “Callie lens.”

  14. mandy says:

    A Double Header win for ABC tonite. Both Grey’s and Scandal were epic.

  15. Alichat says:

    Callie’s father was driving me nuts in this episode. I mean, the day your daughter has to testify in a malpractice suit against her, you decide to berate her endlessly about her marriage? Insane.

  16. marie says:

    That was so upsetting what happened to the snowboarder. I know, I know, just a tv show, but still, so upsetting!

  17. James says:

    If Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pomepo got fully paid for this episode ($350,000 EACH), that is a travesty. Sara Ramirez is extremely talented, but I can’t help but feel as if Grey’s has gone downhill recently.

    • madhatter360 says:

      I believe that they would be paid in full. My understanding is that series regulars are paid for every episode, even if they don’t appear, or if they appear only briefly, because they have to be available for every episode. They are being paid for their time, to ensure that they don’t go and book an arc on some other show when they are needed on their show.

    • MLO says:

      Tonight’s episode was refreshing – so sick of Meredith and Derek and their kids. And can’t even remember the last time I liked Cristina.

  18. Rosaline says:

    Woah – does anyone else think she shouldn’t have ignored the letter ? Wouldn’t the researchers have tried to contact her ?

    • madhatter360 says:

      She should have told her lawyer about it at the very least.

      • Meeee says:

        The lawyer would have told her not to mention it. Besides, it seems unrealistic that the researchers would have sent her a letter. She emailed them, didn’t she? So they would have responded via email at least to let her know they were ending it. More likely they would have emailed it to her, not via a letter…

  19. H.Houston says:

    Something no one has mentioned – Cristina’s reaction to the verdict. Did you see everyone else up and clapping and being happy. All the while Cristina sat there silently and upset. This is character number two that she is pulling away from. The first was with Meredith (the whole you aren’t a good doctor and then screwing up her machine) and now Callie (Callie destroys her prize case by almost killing her prize patient). I though that Sara Ramirez was absolutely stunning in this episode. I am finding it interesting how the core characters are being written into stories together that slowly but surely push Cristina out of the group. I think this is all part of the exit plan for Sandra Oh. Who would stick around a group of people that they have nothing in common with and have no ties to?

    • Babygate says:

      I did notice that. She’s the only one that didn’t get up and cheered when the verdict was read. My immediate impression was that Cristina did not agree with it. She obviously thought Callie did something wrong. And I noticed also that Callie and Meredith were hanging out together, outside of the hospital. And Meredith supported her. And not in the ‘black and white’ way that Cristina has, but in typical “everything just falls in a continuum of gray” way that Mer has. I do feel like they are setting these two up to become besties. Now that they’re grown up, they have more in common and Cristina with her tunnel vision is becoming the outsider.

      • Terry says:

        And Cristina did say that the hospital should settle, and she said Callie should have settled too. There must be more to this story that maybe will be revealed later. When Meredith said to Callie, you didn’t do anything wrong, Callie said yes I did. That made be go hmmmmm.

    • kimski says:

      Actually Callie is the third person Christina has pulled away from, first Owen, then Meredith and now Callie. She thinks she knows more than everyone, which her character always has. I did like that it showed her supporting Meredith at the end of the show. They walked off arm in arm. I do hope that their friendship Is salvaged.
      As far as Callie and Arizona go, Callie refused to communicate with Arizona or have anything to do with her and was done with her, they were separated so I think Arizona deserves a pass but I feel she must come clean to Callie.

  20. Katie says:

    This is the first episode I’ve been able to watch live in a while and I was so disappointed. It did absolutely nothing except try to justify Arizona’s cheating. Like, I get it. Shonda realizes that most of the fandom considers Arizona absolutely irredeemable at this point, and she wants to fix her mistake. Calzona is a huge ship, I get it. But at this point there is absolutely no way whatsoever that I want them to get back together. I have not forgiven Arizona’s treatment of Callie last season and the only thing that could make me support this couple is for them to take serious time away from each other (a year at least) or for Arizona to stop blaming other people for her mistakes (I’m sorry, but going around confiding in others that Callie isn’t very nice, JFC you have got to be kidding me). I used to love this ship, but now the only reason at all that I tune is to see if Callie is sustaining her backbone or if she’s going to go crawling back to Arizona. I have nothing against the ship, I just don’t think that now is the right time for them to try to patch up their relationship. Callie is the one who should be having fun, let her have some fun.

    • Babygate says:

      Agreed. This episode, as great as it was, was all about trying to redeem Arizona. Doing damage control to stop the bleeding from the infidelity. And in my mind, it failed to accomplish this. Arizona is now more despicable than ever because she allowed Callie to stand there and call it a mistake while she had a naked woman in the room. You know what we didn’t get in the flashback? One single “I’m sorry” from Arizona. She obviously still wants to be with Callie but she also wants to sleep around. It’s gross. And that baby story makes everything worse. It’s a joke and it just shows how screwed up this couple is and how sloppy Shonda has been at trying to put together a coherent and credible story for them. I don’t feel sorry for Arizona. Now I feel more upset and I want her to just go back to trolling residents and leave Callie alone.

  21. McCat says:

    In my mind- they are still married, separated, but married. Neither of them should be sleeping with anyone else until they’re officially split up, done, divorced. So yah- the “on a break” thing doesn’t work when you’re MARRIED! If Callie finds out- she has every right to be hurt because they’re still married, and she’s not sleeping with anyone. If she should be forgiving Arizona because they took vows to be married and be a family like Callie’s dad said, than Arizona should also still be honoring those same vows until it’s finalized. And a big one is not sleeping with other people! Arizona has issues and I don’t see her being truly faithful to anyone, not even Callie. Move alone Callie- move along. And my favorite part of last night’s episode that had me fist pump for the first time in my life- Callie’s dad asked what happened to her being a GOOD MAN IN A STORM! YAH!

  22. Julie says:

    I actually liked the episode better than I thought I would. Callie and Arizona are not my favorite characters on Grey’s but they both, especially Sara Ramirez, did a fantastic job last night. Did they ever actually tell us whether the hospital settled or not? I can’t imagine they wouldn’t have even if they believed Callie wasn’t at fault. I guess not the most important take away but there’s no way that would’ve gone to trial in real life.

  23. Abby says:

    Sara’s performance was spectacular. Feel she is underrated as an actress. I think Arizona pregancy flashbacks are a little out of nowhere but I don’t care. What ever it takes to get Calzona back together works for me. I now have hope that Calzona will be together before the Obamacare websites is up and working correctly.

    I know some fans are upset about the writers making Christina out to be the bad person but I look at it this way. If the writers don’t cut her ties in Seattle and give her a reason to leave then Shonda going to kill her off and I would not want that. We all know how she loves to do that.

    • Babygate says:

      “Before the Obamacare website is up and running”… Bwahhh!!!! ROTFL!!!! That is a very real possibility… Thanks for the laugh…

  24. Kat says:

    I’m just super uninterested in this whole “They were trying to have a baby but couldn’t and it all happened off screen so nobody knew about it but we’ve come back to tell you now because we realize Arizona needs a reason to have cheated”. It just feels cheap.

    • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

      Arizona had plenty of reason to cheat before they introduced the baby story, because Callie is so self-absorbed. Both of them have issues, but it’s unfair to act like Arizona’s selfish behavior is any worse than the selfish behavior that Callie has demonstrated for years on the show, especially after Arizona lost so much and Callie kept acting like her suffering was equivalent to Arizona’s. Granted, I don’t think that her cheating was RIGHT, but she had plenty before this.

      What feels cheap is so many people writing off Arizona, who has been an amazing character for years, because of one mistake fueled by two people whose communication and consideration for the other had fallen by the wayside. Arizona may have been the one that cheated, but they are BOTH responsible for the problems in the relationship.

      • Olivia says:

        Don’t bother, you’re talking to people who see things through stan goggles. Anyone with half a brain can see that it’s a two way street.

      • Babygate says:

        You understand that when you get married you make vows, like, ‘for better or for worse’. If Arizona was unhappy she had every right to walk away. Make clear your intentions, end the marriage and go find your happiness. Instead, Arizona continues to be a duplicitous, adulterous, self-absorbed woman who is driven only by what she wants. In spite of treating Callie like trash, she wants to be with her. So if Callie gives her a chance, even if it’s premised on a lie, she takes it. That would have been the time for Arizona to say, you know, I don’t think that’s a good idea. That would have been the honorable thing to do. I just feel sorry for JCap. I really do. She’s being such a trooper having to portray a person that just continues to show how despicalble and unredeemable she has become.

        • McCat says:

          BABYGATE- you think like I do! PERFECT!

        • CarrieB says:

          Arizona is not a despicable and unredeemable character. To each their own…seriously. Arizona is 10 times better than boring, whiny Callie. I hope she never goes back to Callie. She is much more interesting with Leah and Lauren than with Callie.

  25. Carolina says:

    Watch Leah go all ‘Fatal Attraction’ on Arizona now.

  26. LaLa says:

    I enjoyed the episode. When she was testifying and explaining her decisions, I thought to myself, There’s the Callie we all know and love. I don’t know how I feel about the whole baby storyline, but I can go with it. It still doesn’t make me want to see them together, especially since Arizona has been having a relationship with Leah. And then, how cold was she when she told Leah to leave? Yeah, while I hope Arizona can work on pulling herself together, I don’t want to see her and Callie back together. Next week looks fun!

  27. cas says:

    I just feel most of you are way too judgmental. I love Grey’s but I guess I just am not as passionate about it as I am other shows. I like Callie and I like Arizona but in all honesty I really didn’t give a crap if they ended up together or not. I liked them together but I liked them a part too. I always loved Callie and Mark but obviously he died so that isn’t an option. I think Callie was amazing in this episode though. I like that we are learning more about Arizona and who she is without Callie. However, I felt so bad for Callie in this episode and honestly I actually started rooting for them. I enjoyed their scenes together. In fact when they were arguing because Arizona lost the baby and one of them got paged and had to leave, wasn’t that moment in one of the last episode’s last season? I just thought so because I thought I remembered them arguing about something and having no idea what they were arguing about but then all of a sudden it made sense. I could be wrong though. We can all argue all day that Arizona was continuing to cheat on Callie with Leah, but maybe she really did think it was over?

    • loveCA says:

      The slept with Leah thing, there are two statements both are correct.
      1.(Callie&Arizona) They are still married. 2.They are going to divorce.
      So no need to blame Arizona for that.
      The importance is how much they want to be together after all these happened.

  28. Annie says:

    They lost me when they referred to the snowboarder and his lawyer as the “prosecution” and talked about “guilty/not guilty.” NO. This was a civil case, snowboard dude was the PLAINTIFF, and the jury either finds in favor of the plaintiff or the defendant – there’s no guilty. I mean, this is the most basic crap. Ninth graders know the difference. You can’t even hire one measly lawyer as a consultant to get this right? I can’t even begin to deal with the retconning and the questionable Cristina elements (in what universe is she NOT happy Callie wins??).

    • Sara says:

      Seriously! Thank you so much for pointing out the lawyer crap! I was so super annoyed by it.

    • Leigh says:

      I know. It’s so court case basic I’m surprised they messed up on that so completely. They have researchers on the show, I’ve met one.

    • Felix russo says:

      TV audiences understand guilty or not guilty, they don’t understand civil v criminal jargon. I’m sure it was deliberate to use guilty. The bigger issue I have is that this is a Multimillion dollar case and no one bothered to go back to the Peterson study people to make sure that Callie did indeed consult with them? During discovery, it would have been found out that they sent the letter to Callie 3 weeks preop about discontinuing it. And it’s laughable that she just so happens to find the letter on the day of the verdict but I will get past that. Also, saw a mistake. Arizona goes to pick up the baby in the beginning of the episode at the apartment and she creeps by the baby room. You see a full body shot and you can tell both of those legs were hers. Also when she is pregnant and they are looking at the house, you see both functioning legs – was this supposed to be pre plane crash? I thought they were using the failed pregnancy as a reason why she cheated. Timeframe is all wrong. Sloppy editing.

      • McCat says:

        I suppose one could argue that it’s a budgeted, weekly tv series that can only do so much with special effects… So Arizona’s leg- we just do our best to look past “errors” and just enjoy the show. Only so much they can do.

  29. It’s weird, I’m on an epic Grey’s catch-up just finished S3 – wow that hurt. Anyway, I know there are loads more seasons for me to catch-up on, S1-3 has been great so far (filled with lots of drama of course!). I decided to watch season 10 alongside catching up because people have spoiled the previous seasons on Twitter for me anyway so I pretty much know what happens, I don’t want the same for S10. Getting to the point…even though I’ve only watched three seasons of the show so far, this episode was incredible. Sara Ramirez belongs on television, she makes everything so believable, herself and Jessica Capshaw on-screen together make you forget about the real world because their acting is so real and so full of emotion – whether that be them shouting at each other or showing their love for one another. I also liked how Meredith was doing her best to look out for Callie, she stood up for her because she believed in Callie. Great great episode! Kudos Shonda & team :)

  30. Lauren says:

    Arizona should have been written off in the plane crash . They should have saved Mark instead !

  31. Kate says:

    I had a problem with the letter from behind the couch. First, why was the letter sent to Callie’s home address and not the hospital’s? And, why wasn’t that information either faxed or emailed to the hospital? Just didn’t make sense to me.

    • Felix russo says:

      Exactly. Things like that are sent certified to show proof of delivery. And why didn’t plaintiff follow up with Peterson study just as a matter of course to make sure Callie did really consult with them? They would have found out then that they sent a letter.

  32. JM says:

    I really do not like the Callie/Arizona storyline at all. I am not particularly fond of Arizona’s character and rather see her off the show. I am so tired of all the focus on hooking up with this show. I do also agree with everyone else the pregnancy storyline is a bit farfetched to come up only in flashbacks. Seems like it would have been another point for Callie to throw back at Arizona when they were breaking up.

  33. scottydog says:

    This has defiantly been the best episode of the season maybe excluding the premiere. OK there were major timing issues with the whole Calzona side of the story (all this wanting to have a baby, getting the sperm donor, her becoming pregnant must have happened in the space between eps 18 and 21 which i am sure can’t have been more than a month. Also I would really like to see more of the story from Arizona’s POV she has gone from being all sad about the split albeit in denial to a sex obsessed person (granted I do think she was like this before her and Callie judging by the ep with all her exes which must have happened in the space of like 4 episodes before she kissed Callie in the bathroom) using a naive intern 10 years her junior! I hope they still go down the therapy route with her – she has lost so much and never really dealt with it but i can’t see this happening – their whole relationship has been from Callie’s view as she is more of a main character.

    I was so pleased with the lack of interns in this ep – it was great! Ok i like Jo and i don’t mind the others being there for work reasons (the attendings have to teach somebody) but them not being forced into every scene was great. I have always thought the characters have had a sort of hierarchy major players, to ones who sometimes get their own storyline but are usually there to support. Heck you can see this in that big season 10 pic of them. Although I am not the biggest Derek fan (I like him but find his research/surgery storylines a bit crap) i think they should have the characters – the major ones – Mer Cristina Callie, Derek then the next lot Alex, Arizona, Owen (where has he been this season he is barely there!) with their own stories too not just in AZ and Owens case there to prop up another character, then April, Jackson, the Chief and Bailey (dreading her story I love her more when she is a wisecracking woman with plenty of attitide!) and the interns only being there like Lexie’s class were as unlikely as that will ever be!

    • McCat says:

      The timelines get me too. I always wondered how the new Peds attending shagged so many women in the short time before Callie! And the artificial insemination- yah it takes months. But who knows how long those handful of eps were… So I’ll suspend disbelief and be entertained. So is this why there was tension from Arizona around the time Lauren popped up?

  34. cas says:

    Yeah I don’t like this whole Bailey storyline either. Seems kind of stupid. Also kind of reminds me of the Izzie storyline that was many seasons ago, especially if they go the brain tumor route.

  35. CarrieB says:

    What a disappointing episode. I’m sad to see Calzona back together. They are probably the most boring couple on the show short of Jolex. Can’t stand them. Never could. They have zero chemistry. I kind of liked Arizona and Leah. I’ll go back to recording the show and fast forwarding through Calzona scenes. Grey’s Anatomy needs to hang it up.

  36. Felix russo says:

    Was it me or did Arizona have two functioning legs when she picked up the baby on trial day and also when they were looking at house when she was pregnant.

    • canadian ninja says:

      Arizona wears a prosthetic.

      • Felix russo says:

        I understand that bit in those scenes, you can tell they were two functioning legs and there was no prosthetic. That’s my point.

        • canadian ninja says:

          The reason you “can tell” that is that the actress decided not to go method and have her limb removed and good prosthetics are hard to notice anyway so why CG in a subtle hitch in her giddyup?

          • Felix russo says:

            They could have avoided showing a full body shot just as they’ve always done . In the earlier scene she is literally creeping past the baby’s room in leggings and heels. Sloppy editing.

  37. Absurdist says:

    Actually, the hip replacement is the Smith PetersEn “improvement” on the anterior iliofemoral approach.

    Just a nitpick, I know. It’s a recent revival/revision of the anterior procedure, which no one had been doing for a while, and explains why Callie wouldn’t have known it.

  38. Ang says:

    Callie and Arizona belong together in the show. They are great together. Sure they have their problems just like any other married couple. They can get thru this IF the writers allow them to. PLEASE let them be together the show just isnt the same if there not. They make the show what it is and bring same sex couples to reality for people. Lets hear it for Callie and Arizona YEAH

  39. Calzonalover says:

    I think everyone has missed the point. The reason this whole storyline for Callie and Arizona has gone so far off the deep end is because Shonda is all wrapped up in her new baby, Scandal, and has failed her Grey’s fans by not keeping her usual creative and committed self engaged enough to keep the writers on track! If she gets back to Grey’s; Calzona will work through the hard stuff (suffering expected) and be a real couple again!! Maybe even have more kids and a real house!

  40. Patti says:

    Yeah! I agree, Callie and Arizona do belong together. They both have flaws as we all do. I would like to see Arizona come clean about Leah before they move back in so they have a clean start. Maybe Arizona should tell her about Leah then ask her (how about now) to the moving back home. I like the chemistry they have together and both are awesome actors. Callie rocked this weeks episode.

  41. Frozen says:

    Who played Travis, the Olympic athlete who had his legs cut-off? No one’s mentioned how absolutely GORGEOUS he is!

  42. Abby says:

    Im so late but I think this might have been the best episode out of the entire s10. Discounting the MerXtina scenes from the finale. I think the calzona couple is so unique and besutiful and natural amd flawed that I just cant stop shipping them. Moreover, I think the two actresses have so killer chemistry, dont think any other couple on the show (including merder) share that.