The Originals Preview: Can a 'Reckless and Fearless' Tyler Get the Upper Hand on Klaus?

The Originals Season 1 SpoilersVampire Diaries resident Tyler is coming to The Originals with revenge on the brain and a darker attitude.

No longer just the dutiful minion of his sire Klaus, Tyler is armed with some strategic intel on the Original. And he’s not the only one who may be on the receiving end of Tyler’s wrath.

Not to be outdone, Klaus has some feelings about a certain break-up back in Mystic Falls.

Here’s what you need to know about The CW’s first Originals/Vampire Diaries crossover, airing Tuesday at 8/7c — and who may be traveling between the series next.

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MAN ON A MISSION | Tyler arrives in New Orleans with one main objective: “Revenge against Klaus, which is a reoccurring theme,” Michael Trevino previews. “With this second act of revenge against Klaus, it’s going on his territory.” But how does one go about getting payback against a centuries-old, powerful hybrid, especially when his demise could lead to the death of your friends and loved ones? “Whoever wants Klaus out of the picture, he’ll probably be coming to join up with them, to make friends with them,” teases Joseph Morgan. For example, “Marcel might be one” of the new faces Tyler teams with, Charles Michael Davis hints. “He’ll shake things up and definitely have interactions with multiple characters.”

FILLING IN THE BLANKS | Although we won’t see flashbacks of Tyler’s time in the Appalachian range, “We will find out that he’s been, like you could imagine, roaming around with different wolf packs all around the mountains, and that’s how he’s been gathering his information,” Trevino says. “With that, he comes fully loaded with information not only to give to Hayley, but to back-stab Klaus – not in a physical way, but in a threatening way.”

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A DARKER TYLER | “I feel like he’s a little different,” Joseph Morgan says of Klaus’ former siree. “They’ve really turned him into this guy with nothing to lose. And the tone of our show, anyway, is more adult. … So [Tyler] really comes into this absolutely reckless and fearless [as] someone who’s lost everything.” Trevino also describes his Originals appearance as echoing “Tyler from [Vampire Diaries] Season 1” when “he wasn’t really a nice guy.” So could he be considered the villain of the episode given that he’s interfering with the show’s “hero”? “It depends on how you look at it,” concedes Morgan, noting that Originals viewers who haven’t watched Vampire Diaries might see him as a bad guy. But for his part, Morgan says, “I don’t think Tyler’s necessarily the villain, but he is as layered a character as Klaus or Marcel. They’ve given us reasons to root for him.”

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WOLFY COMPLICATED HISTORY | Having played a part in the murder of Tyler’s mother, Hayley’s “probably not on his good side right now,” says Trevino. So he sets out “to make her realize it.” And Hayley being pregnant with the baby of Tyler’s biggest enemy doesn’t help matters. Says Phoebe Tonkin: “We realize he’s a little disappointed in Hayley and the situation that she’s in.” Meanwhile, the mystery of the wolf that saved her life will also be addressed. “We learn a bit more in The Originals Season 1 Spoilersthe coming episodes exactly who that wolf is, why that wolf is following Hayley and why there are werewolves when it’s not a full moon,” Tonkin teases.

GIRL IN THE MIDDLE | The fact that Tyler broke up with the object of Klaus’ affection, Caroline, will likely come up during their confrontation. “You would figure that Klaus is going to take a jab or two,” Trevino previews. “He’s going to be a smartass and… ruffle Tyler’s feathers, so to speak.”

ANOTHER VISITOR | Who will be the next Mystic Falls resident to travel to The Originals? Davis is hoping for another witch, Bonnie, while Daniel Gillies jokes that maybe Katherine could come for “a hot weekend” with Elijah. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like a certain blonde will be making the trip any time soon. “It sounds like there’s a lot going on in New Orleans without throwing Caroline into the mix,” says Candice Accola. “Caroline’s really focused on staying in college right now and going through a break-up.”

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  1. Dennis says:

    The originals is so much better than TVD

    • kavyn says:

      Actually I’ve really been enjoying season 5 thanks to finally bringing back focus to Katherine. I enjoy the Originals as well but I think Season 5 of TVD has been better so far (except for the Jeremy/Bonnie storyline). The Originals is still trying to find it’s footing, and I’m not sure adding Tyler is a good choice for this show.

    • mara says:

      Well, TO is still in their first season and JP hasn’t ruined it yet, so wait until TO reaches S2/3 and then you can say that you like it more than TVD

      • kevin says:

        I feel like this season of TVD would be much better if I binge watch it. Same thing with scandal, if i watch all of the episodes in a row, it’s SO GOOD, but one ep per week, it’s just alright, not woah!

      • anonymousa says:

        no I like it better than TVD already I don’t need to wait for S2/3

  2. Master_K says:

    Hmmm I don’t know if I’m the only one who seems to remember this but Klaus is the grand sire of almost all the vamps in VD as well as Tyler himself.

    So if Tyler kills him…. Won’t he be killing himself? Same goes for Marcel. Unless I’m missing something…

  3. hanna says:

    I can’t understand why he gives hayley any information at all! she betrayed him and all her hybrid friends and now he is only a little bit disappointed?!

  4. Amber says:

    I HATE Tyler! Why must they ruin the Originals by bringing him on here too???

  5. Tina says:

    Bring Caroline for god’s sake!

    • Lea says:


      • milla says:

        Yeah, I’m ready to see Caroline and Klaus again. No pairing on either TVD or TO compares to them, in my opinion.

        • Olivia says:

          Sucks to be you then, Klaroline is never going to happen.

          • hilary says:

            how do ou know? are you psychic?

          • Olivia says:

            Nope. It’s pretty obvious though, they’re on different shows now and Candice Accola hates Klaroline, so I don’t see her signing up to join The Originals. Klaus already has his newest blonde obsession in Cami anyway, Caroline’s probably already been forgotten.

          • hallie says:

            Actually i disagree for one thing if the writters truley wanted to end klaroline and i think alot of fans would have accepted it and moved on (alot of shows don’t like to keep pairigs going if characters are on different shows because it is hard to maintain think buffy/angel) they could have ended them in season 4 they had the perfect opportunity but they didn’t in fact they did they exact opposit they pushed klaroline even further together by klaus telling caroline that “tyler was your first love i intend to be your last no matter how long that takes” right there did three things for the audience 1. That klaus would always only want caroline (which puts in question any pairing he would have in new orleans because character wise it wouldn’t make sense) 2. That klaus knew that forwood would end him allowing tyler back implyed he knew they would last so right there was foreshadowing for that 3. That the show was foreshadowing klaroline. As for candice she has never been a klaroline fan nor has julie but in the last few months she has been pushing this couple as well as telling fans that high school sweethearts rarely last. Also, Caroline has been very scarse on tvd she is in maybe one or two scenes the show has pretty much been all damon, stefan and elana and there dopplegangers.Honestly i am a klaroline fan and i can see the foreshadowing but i have no clue where they are going with it for me it seems really strange to keep a pairing going (because one thing is obvious they want to keep this pairing going) if they are keeping them on different shows the only thing that makes sense is that at some point (caroline might switch shows I think that klaus needed to build himself up there before they stick her in) I think the writters have a plan they could have ended it the way they end rebecca/matt or elijah/katherine i do think something is coming because otherwise it makes no sense to keep it going as much as we love them it is unfair to there fans as well there can never be a pairing for this unless they shut that door because it wouldn’t be true to the character.

          • Olivia says:

            It’s not strange for them to keep the “hope” of Klaroline alive, it keeps fans watching. Trust me, he’s already obsessed with Cami and they’re setting him up to be ~redeemed by her, there’s no way he’s ever going to get with Caroline, who’s not only on a different show, but, as people seem to keep forgetting, she doesn’t even like him. She’s plotted to try to kill him, she celebrated when she thought he was dead, why do people think she secretly lurves him? She likes that someone as powerful as him is attracted to her, but she doesn’t actually like *him* or want to be withhim. He nearly killed her to get back at Tyler for crying out loud, her kissing his ass and soothing his ego was the only thing that saved her.

        • shoes says:

          1oo percent agree klaus and caroline best couple on either show no one else does anything for me,,,, love klaus / joseph morgan an unbelievable amount.. originals is a better show now than tvd nd i hate tyler..touches klaus nd hes dead!

    • Lara says:

      I agree, they were by far the most interesting paring and they have so much potential.

  6. mara says:

    I will only start watching this show when Caroline comes over. I am not interested in a weird magical werebaby

  7. Jonas says:


  8. Esperanza says:

    I’m the only one who thinks Caroline and Klaus has no future? Although Caroline break with Tyler or can somehow forgive Klaus, can never forget who killed Tyler’s mother, the man she loved.

    • Maryann says:

      Klaus is a monster. I would lose all respect for Caroline if she seriously gave in to him.

      • huda says:

        Why would you lose Respect for Caroline? like Elena get’s with Damon or Stefan..But it’s okay..But when Caroline want to be with Klaus…you lose respect for her? Yeah whatever…!

      • Mina says:

        They are all monsters! there is no black or white in this show. they are all grey! and if you were to hate caroline if she gets with klaus, then you also have to hate Elena, Rebekah, Matt and Elijah because they all forgave persons who harmed them or their family

    • Daniel says:

      this is no argument in the TVD/TO universe. Damon broke Jeremys neck and tried to kill elena’s friends (caroline, Bonnie etc) countless times and still elena ended up with him. Matt killed Finn and Rebekah protected him and traveled through europe with him. If all these characters had a chance so can klaus and caroline

    • Melinda says:

      Yeah I really dislike the moral argument in this show because they are all monsters. All of them have done terrible things to each other. Name me one couple where one hasn’t done anything to intentionally or unintentionally hurt the other. Every single couple has their major faults. That doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t or shouldn’t be together.

    • hallie says:

      I get it i am a fan of klaroline it is hard to remember all the bad things but damon did some horrible things to and look at delanna (although i don’t think they will last) I think caroline actually answered that when klaus bit her she said something on the lines that “I know you are in love with me and anyone that is capable of love can be forgiven” which i think was to implyed that he could be forgiven as well by the end of season 4 she had forgiven him so it really wouldn’t be that much of stretch to see them together especially since the writters seem to want to show the originals (more so elijah and klaus) are on the path of redemption. The best scene was with caroline and stefan after klaus killed the hybrids where she said she felt guilty for setting klaus up and stefan said he did to because they were no different i think all characters are not black and white they are good and bad and i think that is the point. Also, I think also one of the main reasons that caroline stayed on tvd was that klaus didn’t to somewhat be redeemed so that we could see caroline with him. I think the convo with klaus and tyler will be interesting and it will foreshadow where or if klaroline is a go but from what mt said that klaus is still very much interested in that so for him to say that something must come up

  9. milla says:

    This is going to be good. Can’t wait.

  10. huda says:


  11. Alex says:

    Tyler? P.U.!

  12. Keep Caroline in Mystic Falls we dont need her in Nola her pure heart does not have a place there Klaley ftw!

  13. Mari says:

    I can’t wait for Klaroline to happen. Those two actually have chemistry, unlike his other two options.

  14. sarah says:

    why the hell would you bring that god awful actor/ character to the awesome originals.
    just to bring it down.?
    Tyler is such a little bitch,
    really hope tyler is killed by klaus just get rid off him please.
    as for caroline, she wont come to the originals until the finale or if (hopefully not) the originals ratings go down.

  15. kat says:

    Tyler is soo Stupid he had the one thing that Klaus don’t have and it’s Caroline..and know he broke her heart and im sure when Caroline goes to NOLA she will go to hookup with Klaus..Lol just watch and see..! :P

  16. jessi says:

    Yes, keep Caroline far, FAR away!

  17. Linda H. says:

    Please make Caroline go to Nola!!!!

  18. i am not the biggest tyler fan in tvd, and i’ve seen myself hoping for his death in the sow alot of times… so i decided to think and came to this conclusion: tyler doesn’t belong to the vampire diaries anymore, and that’s why i’m super excited to watch him in the originals and i also think there’s huge chance for him to stick around new orleans big time, because there’s nothing for him back at mystic falls (and don’t say caroline). So I really hope things work for Tyler in NO because i want him there

  19. enhle says:

    klaroline s goin to happen wtch ds space. Chemistry s chemistry. Dy will gt together n its goin to be epic. Jst lyk stelena. Delena dznt du it for mi, dz no connection dr. I want cara to come to TO. Cnt wait

  20. Brittany says:

    Okay klaroline fans we get you’re not a fan of Tyler, but if you haven’t noticed, romance isn’t exactly the driving force for “The Originals like for TVD. So enough of those shipper desires please :)

    I’m excited Tyler is over there, he deserves to get even with Klaus and Hayley, they could use some shaking up! I don’t think he wants to kill him necessarily, but he wants to make his life so bad that he wishes he was dead. Let’s give Tyler a bit of credit here people, I am sure he hasn’t forgotten in the span of time he’s been away from Mystic Falls that if Klaus kicks the bucket, he and Caroline will too. (No sense in mentioning Damon, Stefan & Elena as Tyler doesn’t much care for any of them.)

    And I hope the writers don’t bring Caroline in just for klaroline kicks, if she comes down there I would hope it would be to assist Tyler. She’s got no love for Hayley either last I checked :D

    Oh and Charles, it would be awesome if Bonnie made her way down there! But with the way they want to seemingly keep her tied to the Gilberts, I doubt it :(

    • lolita says:

      @Britanny, I am in total agreement with you. i don’t think having klaroline on this show will be great coz we got too much going on and klaus is in no way fit for a relationship,they’ll end up turning it into tvd with love stories all over the show. i don’t care much for klaroline and whether it happens or nor #shrug# the show ain’t called “caroline and klaus”,so I don’t get ppl who say they won’t watch it until caroline comes, but when you think about it,what would her role even be right now?klaus’ eye candy or soulmate or whatever?lol,no,for now she doesn’t have a purpose in TO even though they slept together. so far TO uses every character in an intricate manner, like everything fits so well and…I just can’t see her there yet. maybe later,but not now. and she needs to have a strong storyline and not just be there because of whatever she shares with Klaus.

      btw,i love tyler and i think ppl hate him bcoz they thot he was the one getting in the way of “klaroline”.but they have broken up and “Klaroline” finally slept together,so there. but enuf said i got equal love for my original hybrid and his former siree so let’s see where this goes!

  21. This design is incredible! You definitely know how to keep a reader entertained. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog well, almost…HaHa! Wonderful job. I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

  22. adrianna says:

    Caroline nd klaus
    take her to The Originals plz
    i want to see love not hayley flirt with Elija that’s boring or not some weird blonde gettingher memory erased then it comes back ..
    and get tyler out of there none like him

  23. Ayanna says:

    lol when did the show become about klaroline?gee,i love klaroline but i have to admit that for me it takes the backseat to the entire plot of TO. i mean it’s all the love stories in tvd that kinda made it unbearable to watch,i mean even the silas what-not started with a love triangle(boring…)so excuse me if I am not in a hurry to see TO bombared with love stories just yet. there is so much going on right now I want to see the stories unfold first.
    And what is it with the Tyler hate?i realized that most people who love klaroline hate Tyler. i love klaroline but i also love Tyler,he is in my opinion one of the few characters on tvd that we really saw evolve. and lets not forget that it’s partly klaus’ fault that he is the way he is. I really like the idea of klaroline and how good they look together but right now klaus is not relationship material,sorry.
    and since it’s a show where witches are central,where the hell is bonnie coz her character is badly written in tvd,maybe a crossover would do her good.