Post Mortem: The Originals Bosses on Elijah and Hayley's Bond, Marcel's Strategy and Witch Woes

The Originals Season 1 SpoilersThe wolf’s out of the bag on The Originals — and Elijah is majorly crushing on her.

On Tuesday’s episode, a tryst with Rebekah – and a piece of once-forbidden fruit – leads Marcel to Klaus’ secret plantation home, where the King of New Orleans comes face-to-face with Hayley.

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But before that, the lasting living elder witch stabs Sophie with a cursed needle to induce a miscarriage in Hayley. Desperate to save her life and the baby, while also breaking their alliance with the duplicitous Sophie, Elijah cleverly uses Davina to unlink the two women.

Below, executive producer Julie Plec and Co-EP Michael Narducci sound off on Elijah and Hayley’s growing relationship, Marcel and Klaus’ war, the witches’ major dilemma and more.

THE VAMPIRE AND THE WEREWOLF | As if Elijah’s worry for Hayley this week, not to mention their palpable sexual tension, weren’t enough evidence, Plec confirms that “there’s definitely something” between the unlikely twosome. The Original, in particular, is “starting to have his own level of concern that it’s more than just the child that he is protecting and caring for.” Despite centuries of life experience, Elijah is just as flummoxed by those feelings as anyone else and doesn’t know “where they’re coming from or how to feel about them or what to do,” describes Narducci. Meanwhile, for Hayley, who’s never had anyone to rely on, the man of his word is “a great fantasy” come to life, says the Co-EP. “So how can she not be drawn to this protector who’s noble and a good man, something she’s never seen before?” Still, Plec warns that their budding feelings are “definitely not a good thing,” especially with a territorial brother in the mix. “It’ll stir up a lot of conflicted emotions for [Klaus], as well,” adds the EP. “When he starts to feel his family slipping away from him, or what he claims as his ‘own’ finding their interest elsewhere, he tends to act out in ways that are not necessarily the most mature or appropriate. He will definitely have an opinion.”

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The Originals Season 1 SpoilersCOMPLICATED FRENEMIES | Marcel will continue to catch on to more of “what Klaus’ game is and where he fits into all of it,” teases Plec. Adds Narducci: “He’s going to piece together more and more. He’s going to start to begin a counter-strategy as he realizes what’s going on.” And that all spells bad news for the Original, whose “house of cards start crumbling,” describes Plec. “All the clever machinations that he’s put into motion are getting ruined all around him.”

SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES | Elijah gave Sophie his word that he wouldn’t let Klaus kill Agnes — and then did the deed himself in classic, spectacular Elijah fashion — all while keeping his promise. Now that the coven’s last living elder is gone, the witches have a major problem on their hands. “They have hit rock bottom,” says Plec. “They’re going to nurse their wounds for a little bit and then gear up. Sophie is going to have a little bit of a spirit crisis that she’s going to have to snap herself out of” before she decides what to do. Her next course of action in trying to find a solution “will definitely put them back against the Originals and the vampires. Elijah’s going to have an opinion about that, as well.”

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TRAPPED IN THE ATTIC | Don’t expect to see Marcel’s little secret weapon outside her attic haven just because Agnes is dead. “Davina may or may not know that that last elder was killed,” teases Narducci, noting that the teen is Marcel’s key to controlling the French Quarter and, thus, he might not want to let her go. “If he were to be not so truthful to her, how might that affect their friendship?” poses Narducci.

MIND OVER MATTER | Cami and Klaus’ heated confrontation about his mind control is just the beginning. The show’s lone human will continue to do “anything and everything she can to break free” of Klaus’ compulsion, previews Plec. “She’s not a weak, little wilting flower, so she’s probably going to have a little bit of success at it.”