Sleepy Hollow Recap: Getting a Head

Sleepy Hollow Season 1 RecapYou know that frustrated feeling you get when you can’t find your keys? Sleepy Hollow‘s Headless Horseman hasn’t been able to find his head for the past several weeks – naturally, the guy’s a little cranky.

So when he encounters Ichabod and Abbie – and their new ally, Capt. Irving – in this episode, the horseman isn’t playing around. Good thing our heroes are ready for him, thanks to a tip from an undead friend (or is it foe?). Read on as we review the major developments of “The Midnight Ride.”

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HELLO AGAIN | After Abbie and Ichabod fortify Corbin’s cabin with supplies and better locks, he goes to meet his Mason brethren for some intel on how to stop the Headless Horseman. She heads back to the precinct, where Luke good-naturedly pesters her into agreeing to have coffee with him because he wants them to be friends. She grudgingly agrees but warns him to “Temper expectations, please.” (Side note: I’m totally stealing that phrase.)

Someone’s watching them from afar, and we later find out that it’s dead Moloch minion Andy Brooks. When he has Luke alone in a sketchy alley, Andy claims he can protect Abbie “from the end” and that a war is coming; everyone is going to have to take sides. When Brooks disappears, and for a long time after, Luke is understandably spooked.

DEAD MAN’S PARTY | One of the highlights of the episode is Ichabod’s voicemail to Abbie, which he not so much leaves as recites on her phone. He summons her to the Mason mansion because he’s realized that it’s total hogwash that women can’t be privy to the organization’s meetings; he signs off, “I am, most respectfully, Ichabod Crane.” (Love it.) But Headless has beat both of them there, which means the Masons who had secret information about how to best the beast are now dead. We see Ichabod get truly angry for the first time since he woke up from his dirt nap; he vows, “I will not leave this earth with [the horseman] still in it.”

Ichabod eventually realizes that Headless is searching for his missing noggin. So Capt. Irving goes to retrieve it from the lab where a Joey Lawrence-looking tech can’t figure out exactly what the skull is made of. Not to worry, lab tech; all of your experiments are about to come to a very abrupt end. The horseman strides in with his automatic rifle and strafes the room with bullets, killing the tech. He next heaves the scythe at Irving, who dodges it with Neo-like reflexes, grabs the head and then peels away in his car. Suffice to say, Abbie and Ichabod have a new member of Team WTF. And the more the merrier, because there’s a new wrinkle in this apocalypse: The horseman’s skull is indestructible.

LIGHT MY WAY | Ichabod is surprised to learn that Abbie is familiar with Paul Revere’s midnight ride; as it turns out, Crane was guarding a safehouse containing several Revolutionary boldface names on the evening of the historic event. And from that vantage point, he watched Revere receive a mystical manuscript that he carried on his ride; when the Then-Headed Horseman caught up to Revere’s party, as we see in flashback, he killed three men in his pursuit of the crucial pages. (Hey, I wasn’t that far off…) The secret to stopping ol’ No-Neck, Ichabod deduces, must be contained in those pages.

Abbie and Ichabod travel to a nearby colonial museum just long enough for Ichabod to school a tour guide who’s spreading more myth than fact. Abbie eventually pulls her pal away, notifying him that the manuscript is on loan in London (a three-month journey by sea, Ichabod quickly calculates – heh) but they’re in luck: It’s also available online.

CAUGHT IN THE ‘NET | Cue a lot of Tom Mison banging on a laptop and doing a really good impression of my mom, circa 2001, complete with pronouncements that he has catastrophically broken the Interwebs and lifting his hands far off the keyboard as though their mere proximity might cause something to short-circuit. (Though, to my knowledge, my mom never inadvertently called up a skin site called Hot Chixxx.) When all of the tech hijinks are done, Ichabod figures both that the manuscript is in code and that Revere – that cheeky silversmith – engraved the key (“Cicero”) in silver on the back of the horseman’s front teeth.

Another run-in with Brooks informs our duo that “You can’t kill Death, but you can trap him.” So, having sent the decaying deputy back to the horseman with a message to meet after dark, Mills, Crane and Irving go about laying out their trap. Moments before the sun goes down, Ichabod thinks it’s a really good time for a therapy session with the Leftenant. They bond about their Witness lonely hearts club – she says it would never work with Luke because she can’t tell him the truth about her life – and Ichabod responds that the sacrifices they must make might mean that “all we really get is one another.” Guys? That’s sweet and all, but maybe you wanna get to the graveyard for the showdown?

GOTCHA! | The plan works exactly the way Crane and Mills want it to: Using several decoy heads, they lure Headless into a chamber in the tunnels, then switch on huge UV lights that simulate sunlight and freeze him in place. Abbie kicks the Hessian’s giant blade out of the way and Ichabod shackles him as Irving watches… there’s no way trapping Death is this easy, is it?

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Which instance of Ichabod taking umbrage had you laughing the hardest? Sally Hemings? Bottled water?  Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Morisot says:

    “I’m still here.” LOL

    The ep had an almost Dr. Who vibe at the end.

    This show is, well, … fun. Glad Fox is having it as a Fall show — it just seems to fit.

    • Temperance says:

      That’s exactly it – I’d love multiple 13 episode seasons, only airing in the fall. It’s suitably American revolution/Halloween-y, boldly far-fetched and a little PG, but also quite scary to watch in the dark at night at times. More than 13 a year would probably be too much, though.

      • Alice says:

        I would love for it to keep to the 13 episode model. I feel like each episode is of higher quality, like cable series or UK series.

      • meem says:

        The only problem with being on Fox in the fall is the World Series. Sleepy Hollow hemorrhaged a lot of viewers during their forced hiatus. A show like this shouldn’t take a 3-week break like that. Kills momentum.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Lol a little PG? Be-headings, a walking around exposed beheaded neck, a evil scull, demons, basically satan, possessed people, magic, tons of gun shooting and blood, a character whos head was snapped backwards and hes still creepily around and undead, last nights ep which had multiple hollowed out decapitated heads being used as lanterns that the main character was picking up and staring at easily then blowing out the flames from inside them?…lol PG? So this is on par with…”Brave”? A pixar PG movie? lol. If anything this show pushes what PG-13 is.

  2. Jess says:

    Lol’d at the computer scene. ‘This is highly inappropriate…I am espoused to another.’
    I also enjoy his ‘opinion’ of historical figures. This is a fun show if you are an American history buff.

  3. JP says:

    My new favorite show.. Just takes itself seriously enough. I was laughing quite loudly over the inappropriate website. Great chemistry between Iccaabby. Glad cap’n Irving is in on it now… Now bring back John Noble ASAP!!!!!

  4. TVPeong says:

    “Water is free” “So is the arsenic that’s in it” hahahahaha
    This show is so good.

    • meem says:

      Except that’s TOTALLY untrue. The fact that the show espoused that tap water is unsafe to drink without any push back really pissed me off. (Are they sponsored by Poland Spring, by any chance?) The bottled water industry is a sham, people. Crane is absolutely right.

      • Weezy says:

        Lol you’ve obviously never heard of fluoride (although I guess I’m not surprised people don’t understand fluoride since any mention of it by the mainstream media is completely devoid of the scientific studies including Harvard’s backing up it’s impact on the brain and a 20% IQ reduction over prolonged exposure). Of course people also don’t realize that fluoride is a waste product of the nuclear/aluminum industry and the kind in our water is a different form than the kind in your toothpaste. Not to mention chlorine and metals regularly testing at high levels in public water supplies (there’s plenty of videos showing people lighting their tap water on fire that proves chemical agents). Of course arsenic is of minimal concern with the amount of fluoride everyone’s guzzling, but it’s rare for a TV show to really tackle any “politically incorrect” issues so any mention is positive in my book.

      • Danielle says:

        So it pissed you off. So what? Stop being so picky. It was for a laugh. If someone is THAT concerned about it, they can look into it themselves. Pipe down and enjoy the episode.

      • CA says:

        wow… so totally missed the point!

      • Jill says:

        Yes, but Crane ridiculed the idea of paying for water, and also lamented the destruction to the planet that we have caused. The script captured perfectly the feeling of virtue-meets-guilt-meets-resentment I have every time I open a bottle of water.

  5. Alichat says:

    Team WTF! LOL!! That is such a perfect name! I’d say Ichabod’s voice mail message was just one of many highlights in this episode. I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard before at a show that wants to scare and horrify me! His rant about buying water, and interruption of the tour guide speaking about Paul Revere were hysterical! And then there were the small moments like when his “What are you going to tell him?” question sends Irving into a full tilt, and Ichabod quietly replies “It was a mere inquiry.” And the internet porn! LOL! I just love an irritated and exasperated Ichabod! I felt like Abbie’s ‘Crane-like’ reply to Luke to “temper expectations” was a subtle nod to how much they are rubbing off on each other. Did anyone get a good look at the cop who was dusting a doorknob at the masons’ crime scene? He heard Irving make the headless comment, and looked over. He reminded me of Luke’s partner, the blonde guy. But he wouldn’t be dusting a crime scene since he’s a detective. I think that moment stood out because there’s something about the partner that I don’t trust. Weird I know. This ep would have been perfect with just a little John Noble.

  6. TaMara says:

    The many attempts at destroying the head were priceless. As was the voice message. Such a great show. Fun, scary and winking at you the whole time.

  7. Cal says:

    Great episode. And DAMMNNNNNN Abbie is looking extra good.

  8. MotorCityGirl says:

    Yup, just enjoying the ride of this show :)
    Thank you for the awesome recaps, Kimberly; when I miss a show and want to catch up, it’s always nice to see your name in the byline (beside Michael & Matt, of course!).

  9. Mark says:

    Great episode. I really liked that Ichabod was so perturbed by the false information about Paul Revere. :)

  10. This article’s headline would be far funnier if it weren’t for the indefinite article.

  11. tiger says:

    Love the looks Abby gives Crane, she’s amazing in every scene. Another great suspenseful epi with great actors.

  12. sladewilson says:

    Best new show of the season. Smart, funny, action packed, great chemistry with the leads – it all fits and 13 eppys a season is perfect. This episode is a game changer because what’s coming next should prove to be most interesting. “Wait, you want to interrogate Death?” I think Capt. Irving is starting to properly fear one Lieutenant Abigail Mills as well he should…. And yeah, Nicole was looking very fine this episode…

  13. Sara says:

    Don’t forget how Abbie and Irving had to ‘correct’ Ichabod on Jefferson’s true story. :)

  14. Liz says:

    I absolutely love Ichabod! Hilarious commentary on the mundane aspects of our world. Excellent show!

  15. Jenna says:

    TVLine could devote their whole quotes-of-the-week column to this episode. LOL
    Loved it!

    • meem says:

      My favorite Ichabodism: “Flummoxed by a foreign concept that resembles close to *nothing* of what you know? . . . . Can’t imagine how that feels.”

    • gdv says:

      Agreed! There were so many good ones! What did Ich tell that security guard about his water? Something like, “Did you pay for that? It should be an inalienable right!”

      I love this show more with every episode.

  16. MLO says:

    Team TV Line. Your video ads are getting me in trouble at work. How am I supposed to sneakily read your site when these stupid ads keep starting up and don’t allow you to stop them or control the volume. Please get rid of them.

  17. LaLa says:

    This episode was so fun! The voicemail “letter” was hysterical. I thought the XXX website was a little cheap and predictable, but I guess it had to be done. I died over the whole Thomas Jefferson/Sally Hemmings “debate” and at how self-righteous Icabod was, since he knew Thomas and Paul Revere.
    So what do we think is going on with Luke? He looked pretty tortured – even if it was just that he hadn’t gotten any sleep. I mean, dark circles under the eyes and unkempt. Any chance he was infected with something?
    It appears that the ball is starting to roll . . .

    • Morisot says:

      This Luke scene is what I like about this show–They don’t drag every little thing out.

      A real-world explanation for Luke: He became a drug-user and is hearing voices. (Don’t turn down a dark alley, even if an old friend is beckoning you!)

  18. Marc says:

    So the Horseman’s skull is like a horcrux or The One Ring? Kudos to the writers for finding a good way of keeping it in the game.

  19. Marc says:

    OKaay, I’m back…
    Crane called the Internet, the “Innernet” right? That’s what I heard. Plus the ‘London is a three month voyage by sea” line, OMG. I can’t take it, this show, I love it!!!!

  20. Amilah says:

    The whole Sally Hemmings thing was hilarious. Everything Ichabod thought he knew about Thomas Jefferson was basically a lie. And Irvining and Abbie just kept hitting him with more facts. He had six kids with a slave and stole Ichabod’s quote. Almost as funny as when Madame Lalaurie found out there was a black president…lies, lies, that evil box tells lies!

  21. Babybop says:

    This episode was hilarious! Him saying “I’ve done something catastrophic!” and holding his arms up in surrender to the computer had me laughing out loud.

  22. LS says:

    Is Abbie ever going to take Ichabod clothes shopping? They need a spa and shopping day. ;)

  23. Sheldon W. says:

    Loving it – almost as much as I’m loving that it’s Captain Irving (also glad his first name isn’t Nathan – that would be way too on the nose).

  24. michelle says:

    Is it just me or did Ichabod’s inner “Sheldon Cooper” come out in the cipher scene?

  25. Pati says:

    this episode was very good. the voice mail he left her was hilarious and the computer/porn thing very funny. I really love this show.

  26. Jill says:

    You don’t have to ask me about one episode vs. another: I am obsessed with this show, period. This has the feel that Grimm occasionally has – when it has the guts, that is.