Sleepy Hollow: 5 Ways Fox's Supernatural Hit Can Keep Twisting History

Now that Fox’s Sleepy Hollow has educated us about the true reason for the Boston Tea Party (to retrieve a mystical weapon from the British) and the real source of George Washington’s brilliant strategy (a local coven, of course), we at TVLine started wondering what else would be on Professor Crane’s lesson plan once the season resumes on Nov. 4 (at 9/8c). 

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So we’ve chosen a handful of well-known moments from the American Revolution and then imagined how the show’s evolving mythology might explain them. They’re all a little out there, but really: Once you show a headless Redcoat brandishing a machine gun, anything is fair game.

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Click through the gallery below for a quick history (and revisionist history) lesson, then hit the comments with the historical events you’d like to see Abbie and Ichabod address!

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